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In this episode, we highlight a few star moments from our constellation of past shows.

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This is filled with secrets in industries. Raising this with many questions to be answered. We find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space science and society are converging here for the first time. What what What did you see the domain? The brakes, daddy, you going to do Grandma South Nasty Brenda get lab. Welcome back to start talk, radio and Neil. The this is a special best of star talk. Radio we'd like to call on our time. Capsule show today
we're going to highlight some of our celebrity interviews from the first two seasons. Will we Are you the interview segments with Stephen Colbert from Comedy Central Colbert report? Then what follow that with legendary comedian, Joan Rivers and finally, we wrap up with tv host authoring comedian. John Stewart, let's start with my friend Stephen Cold, this takes us all the way back to our exciting times for science show from season one check it out right now with Stephen Colbert in his office, and I think, he's out of character moment, we'll find out let's see how I feel about science like given any credence at all. You know I'm not care so Stephen, as of today I've been on your show six times now I might otherwise get big head about that, but I've I've seen scientists on your show. Often so I'm led to think that you actually have a soft spot, for
I am I am I delusional there. Were I loves eyes. Might I wasn't immunology damn. I I'm fine, I'm thrilled by science when I was a kid it was. Education was valued in my house in and because I was the son of an academic and, and somebody with medical researcher. Science was number one. Though we are also very devout family to, like my mother is sort of Mr Bowe Catholic. My father sort of intellectual August, any owner like. A quiet and catholic. Would you understood the value of science in your life and society will absolutely at hates me. He s absolutely My father, no fan of herbal medicine no rip, eatable results. Repeatable results. That was the mantra. Oh, are you a science geek or just a science enthusiast number complete geek? it wouldn't I wouldn't I wouldn't give my
of the honour of call myself a science geek, because I think You have to have more knowledge of science, I've appreciation for science. I really I love hearing scientist talk, I love. I love love new discoveries. I love people who are full of questions at all times. I think you ve transformed the landscape of of community. Show or talk, shows that all the fact it's you reckon scientists as having a role in the dialogue of how what drives the nation but scientists heart. When you put it that way, unless you protein. I think from what I know less you approach it with joy. And fascination and drive and all of us, things hint to me that the thing the scientists are trying to explain- must must be pretty interesting, and so I take them at their word. And I have them on to try to exploit Kate, that open of the rose but of their knowledge desire in front of us, so the weakened
the beauty of the rose ourselves. If you know what I mean, that's beautiful. Thank you. I'm very beautiful, beautiful mind what a beautiful mind so wasted. I dont approach on the spot like paint a picture, your favorite children, but among all of the the frontiers of sites which science, which branch of science excite you most of astrophysics vehicle, stuck up fishing, its habits, drill visit. A kind of his astrophysics, a kind of his two astrophysics, because it asks such enormous questions. You know the the the the so not just saying that cause I'm sitting here right next to you, of course I am, but I also mean it. I love like first questions. Why are we here or rather how are we hear, and then you can interpret your why? But the how the hell are. We here question is, is enormous and and fills us with awe and
and that is certainly a cosmology national physicists approach. Those and that's what we do is we live that we live in, that that's there's a it's! It's a high calling Stephen CO beer that he's a cool. Do see. You need more Stephen Cobb errors in the science world. You really do because he is he's sexy and he's charming, but he was raised by a scientist, so he speak seemed Lange. So let's that's. My point pointed behind the make up a unique queer eye for the fine you're talking to a woman who gets a lot of her stuff from tv, but it can also stimulated in another direction for example, get member have dinner viewers, Stephen Colbert, for this for the show an him he can. But you science fiction with somebody Tenaya, let's hear what you say about what role it played in his argument. Science fiction was incredibly Listen to me. You know when I was ten a mirage. Tremendous headache one day and I
other adds house, I'm one of eleven kids and he's the second old eleven I'm one of eleven children? Yes- and there was and sciences that my parents in practice and I was on lying on his bed at his house or a guest bedroom and house trying to sleep office, headache and he's a huge, fiction fan and he grew up in the nineteen fifties and had all these or Greece. The original pulp science fiction and some from this Doesn't seventy two and I picked one of those, though the books off the shelf? robot had level, and it was the long arm of Gill Hamilton, bye, bye, Larry, Niven and Read it lying there after my headache was gone and I was hooked IRA. Add nothing but science fiction and at this aim time, the Cosmos came out by Carl Sagan. So had you not gotten this headache, you might not have stare that book to write it had never known as Rita. I would not have been captured by
Can like the romance of science of my talk, but the dragons of Eden, bye, bye sake, but also in the area of meditation than the romance of science is now it's called. That's the subtitle of the area Sweden. Marriage, the Romans of science, which either non on that one- No, no, it's broken broke his brain hell. Yes, what I've got well anyway, I read both of them. I read a ton of things I including cause motion and some of his nose, a summons fiction. So I'm just pull. Into what was a pre existing ripe condition for you out she s? I mean I, I love it, I'm a completely captivated. I mean before before I knew you. I knew you because I and I knew of you because I'm I'm a huge fan, I'm a huge fan of the way you express I'm science. I showed your work to my kids, and aids distressing that Americans don't know or care enough about. Science was when I was a child science captivated young people because it had become. It was hot
he was adventurous, was ventures what I think people don't feel today, maybe not. I think I think it's because we were promised things like that televisions and the jet pacts and an income fat and the bubble, cars and the right yeah and the public are all that. You know we were promised too much by the Hollywood ASEAN of Science, when we get people which side it is to try to get scientists to get to suit against about it, but their entertainers, I think, can play. Their role is well in my time escape. Stephen Colbert, which, out of everything, no we did which added about here He marshalled the Colbert nation, his supporters, his fan base too to take action to try to influence What NASA was gonna do with their next voyage to the space station. I this is remarkable
that he would value it enough to then Marshall? His people is people to do this, but that, in the end that I want to hear about that because that's my whole point is eight. It is our responsibility once you know something, and you have a voice like we do right now to make that voice known at the sight of him. This is really important and it must go to restrict our picking up on my interview, Stephen Colbert in his office, your listening to start talks on my official, but For years I wrote that my birthday was the date of the moon landing justice. If anybody would ask me and see what we would like catch, what day I was using, which is that it twenty. That's a geek thing to do before that, not one twentieth of twenty two July. I bet I put down twentieth of July That's a geek thing to do is hold the car. Can cargo and geek I dont, number. I don't. APOLLO eleven? Even though my mother swears, I was I guess I was five. My mother swears that no, you were up like every other child in the world and you are in front of a tv, but I dont remember my first remember:
of space. Was the nineteen seven d, eclipse bad a clip Look there's couple big eclipses than in the seventy one. That's the I think. That's the Carly, Simon Eclipse, which want both tone eclipse of the sun yea. Went to Nova Scotia right right that one went up the New England and but through the middle of it would have gone up. We would have been where you live right. Yes, I think my mother thought, when I say outside my eyes would burst into flame. In my side, my head: the latter for like a second or something like that, I I remember the launches. I remember I remember the president welcoming people back eight space food sticks Do you know from pills very ethical carnation ever got who made them and I add little moon modules, I was, I was thrilled. I remember we were. We were allowed, the very for shuttle when the enterprise came off the back
The enterprise was a non orbiting shuttle. It was just a testing aerodynamics actually and sell NASA through a bound to the gate. This does STAR trek fans and colored enterprise. We will impressed by but you were able to mobilise the cobbler nation to vote on your behalf for the space station, and I looked up and First. You have five times the number of votes and the next highest vote, getting name for it base station module so does this is this is impressive? It's a little scary actually, well. All I can say is whatever the nation was like harmony or cooperation or something like that they can get legion of rapid fans, they need They need a robot army to attack people like I would do that, Twond, surprise you or did you because no your phone, I am. I am. I have tremendous faith in the nation and am I I was surprised and two thousand six when we got a fifteen million votes for the bridge over.
The Danube in Hungary to be named after me when there are only ten million people in Hungary that surprised me a little bed at once. Once we achieve that I thought like I've been to be careful where I point this, so it also means you you: can you have the power to change in society that others wouldn't so Could you so to the humanitarian aspect of yourself to to do that one day, perhaps if my character morning hideously selfish that would work out for fortunately, every things just related do he's the most insecure person. Let me show what I just guy. I'm sure it is a pleasure to play on the radio, but this is the path I'm holding the patch that is actually and to be put on What's called the coal bear the combined operational load bearing external resistance treadmill, This is the treadmill they got named after you, the consolation for NASA renewed to me ever NASA lied to me in America, and
their own rules, so much for scientists. They need. The new treadmill after which is being launched in August? I hoped to go down there for large, but I just looked at them, Treadmill answer, as a cartoon of me and my head on top of the cartoon running on a treadmill and rounded has my name as all things must from my character, and I saw it today- and I thought, my goodness is he insecure? does? He need reaffirmation at all times, That's why he'll never achieve anything good for them to be about him so going forward you not without power of and so people's feelings and mood I'm enormously powerful. Neil now your character, I forgot When did you get your characters, got the proud exactly so will? What do you think you can do?
going for. We all know what the rest of us can do, but you have a unique platform. I actually I love having scientists on and if I can have them on and and add comedy to the fascination of their subjects that Well, that's that's just a honey ball that might make people swallow. What I think is the real treat, which is excitement and engagement. My question in the world around you, because all the world was so full of a number of things. I think we should all be happy is kings, and all you have to do is look for the question. In that? You want to ask about the net the world around you and dumb, while the New York, given the gift of lifetime of entertainment and enjoyment just by being life, Stephen Colbert, extra be announced our as my pleasure. Thank you,
with great listening to my interview with Stephen Colbert back from season. One of start OC don't forget to follow suit. Talk on Twitter at STAR, talk, radio and like us on Facebook, just search for start operating go there and you ll, find out more about a brand new show for next week also go to start radio, that net and find our archive page you can go back and listen to all our shows. You can also subscribe to. I cast on Itunes, tell a friend coming up interracial. We sit down with comic loyalty, Joan Rivers, daily show funny Man, John Stewart, don't go anywhere more. Our talk radio after this
breathing space inside it down to earth. You were listening to start. I welcome back to start operating a meal, the grass taking your list me too. I first time capsule. We wind on summer comedic friends who have visited the show my co host links What's an I sat down with comic icon, Joan Rivers and talk to her about almost anything and everything from our first reason, sit back and enjoy Joan Rivers being Joe rivers, stock radio is here in Joan Rivers, library and I'm Neil digress. Thyssen, with linked bullets and Joan rivers me don't just my library I should be in here
what makes it so Sir John start talk. As you know, we we talk to anybody, got some say about the universe. We know you had stuff to say about everything, including the universe so it started. I do like a bunch of questions I want to ask you you realize in space prickly in orbit around earth is like no gravity with this like zero, and on the moon is like one sixty g and so you realising its with less gravity, things flowed the deafening thoughts about that you ever living in space because things float network that is. I know that if you go and the earth. If you go backwards, you get younger. There was and in the movie Superman we habitat, we all know that just Superman. Well, apparently, at his answer,
was now lives in Iraq and checks. So now I don't like the efforts, someone living aerospace. It was all about the clothes. Yes, I agree, but I like the idea of zero gravity Jemmy his on without zero gravity, gravities, what put everything down so it does give us that that more up. That's the only reason I would even consider going in space is the idea of I don't have that dragged down so don't you don't anymore uplift! Apparently the finest yeah I say you will have things up reserved whether stupid space suits or good point. They look like a exterminators. I dont like this report, so even if your floating no one knows cause you were in a spanish zero suicides. Is there you can get your toes down as big votes the gravity It is so rapidly. So it's so you won't open toad gravity, but I would like, if I was there, way to go on the moon, Angela figure.
We could look nice now, I I could They see you doing for accuracy, something but something designer in the hole, the aerospace line? We did. You differ in and it makes you look thinner, Jonas, whoever it wouldn't. I see great and I think it sadly, I love was tainted. Ask of you know why haven't heard yet and it sounds like return, and I are too little kids and you keep coming and liked to Papa, like the teacher, like really astrophysics, that's good. I'm set the between the two of you during that interview I felt like like. Why am I even here you know cause you I'll just like resonating, because you were keeping as both the down. Earthen, saying ignoring, puts Jones been around for many decades as we know, and your pc
Is it one though she appreciated? Mr then she's a course around for them in the nineteen sixties, and we recently had in June twentieth joy twentieth, two thousand, and I was of course the fortieth anniversary of the APOLLO eleven landing and so always want to know what people were thinking and doing back then, and so very much and wanted to know that it's fine when she have to toss is. I was a fire, Ireland that we had a wonderful little house. Why hasn't I and we had remember, city and watching as we all do on television watching the land and the moon and then all same who started they were led, landed the mood I get it jersey and hang on hang on their role as stability, and it was very and I remember that China do remember this came out and said we have our own space plan and we will have a medically a restaurant up on the moon in two thousand and one China made a big unanswered.
And is Israel already made reservations, never China sailor, you think you're. So smart, we will have a restaurant upon the moon in twenty five years, as I just said smart, we will have to say, but it would have no atmosphere. Now am I love it fucking joke. Every now, you're allowed to tribe Amy was really bankers. I got to go back to some of the issues that I really love, and then I thought were comically read that I find someone really enjoy in it. You know like one of the best funds was averted. Lack of base strange worrisome. We have to bring that subject to wages had two because I just you know. I interviewed people on the street for that show an arm d, so people at home now we're talking out it was on space. Tourism and richer brand fan has virgin galactic displacement of the
radiation on four printer, Richard billionaire he's not going on the first point, but he's been what really pleased to take two hundred grand from you to put you on a sewing tickets to yeah and and everyone. I interviewed people on the street and and a lot of seniors. We're all for it, and a lot of the young people were like a Hackney in U yours. That's me off said now: you're like I'll, try, the fifth or sixth. Why are you her too much about maiden voyages of ships, since I think that we ve seen blimp while at no thank you. I've seen those doors I wanted to know what zone at seventy five years are whether her reaction growers find out only there was a first class action. Space right now and we know what she thought about that. Do you think that, not even have a bathroom because it just a flight up and then back you just like
it's a sub orbital when you come back now. I get me like first class. I, like my own bathroom, I wanna, be given air plugs our regions, I would echo what did you being reviewed and get a window seat? That was my hoping for two hundred Verdure and where I was this, did you go to sleep on sleep busy, the tenant for twenty grand rubbing your feet, a writer. I three game and lined up. So we asked Joan about aliens in space visiting us, and you know what she thought about that. Do you think that there is like out and aerospace, as we know, life that Britain perfect question actually question and if you look at how big the universe is and how common the chemist years of life we made of ingredients, you find everywhere in the universe, carbon, nitrogen oxide. It is the most common ingredients in the universe and universes vast. It's been around a long time. It would be inexcusably
geocentric to suggest that life on earth is alone in the cosmos by we keep thinking this searches for intelligent life. What we might find is like ponds. I give this point: we're dumbing down: Rousillon Swine! Might anything so so an interesting point. If we find life out there, it could be smarter than us or dumber right. Do you haven't like a feeling about that if you're smarter than us go your way. My treat us the way we treat that would make us pets tonight, but I wonder oh universe, Sunday. So incomprehensible leads to me because it where is it stop? Where do you fall off? Your I'd ever goes on forever. Are there other planets did eventually. Connect with, should we fear aliens coming to us or should they fear us if we visit them now, I think we should treat horrified that coming to us tariff I know about. I don't have to make with them. I don't. Our dog collar
residents ain't. You used to be a funny person at earth, but the way what would tat could interpret that someone's house agate a rescue package. You can rest yeah well, I wish tat. I Haven T had me one heck of a rescue comedians. Our observers of Monterrey and culture in science is, I think, when its material for comedians I charge and tickled to realise that it can be a code of conduct substance. Now we asked Joan Gauss curious what her educate
background is because no one ever ask that of recovered, but no one cares that I've missed dance monkey but she's, a very smart woman, very smart businesswoman embarrassment. You know, Joan, is how rare breed of book smart and common sense smart and compliment you. Can you can you can turn into a fortune? I asked her what what scientists who started with fighter lugged biology is very good. My algae hours, very good geometry, direct challenger soon, because very logical or I like the logical. If you have you use geometry using majored and geometry, invidious gamut, I've never used her. I just love it
because it may. I love things that make sense and you can control and geometers a very controllable science. What's ok, since always huge, always humor and comedy right, so you do. Did you come here really is not controllable biggest! You too vague setting is very funny and nobody else does drone audience. You can never control eyes, but geometry. Yes, you can control this too that equals this is probably not said, and you can change it and I can change and that's a comedy. You have some any in the front row your whole show. So nothing do. Nea was talking Niels, always asking me if there's a formula to joke riding and my type of joke riding, there's no formula crimes. Can I dont more that aren't? I don't think so.
And strangers things they think of. Finally, here you're right work answer that using is all areas is and then you said Lizzie and although you got that's funny, ok, that's the is the act. I always have a market, the set up, the girl set up a joke and now laugh and freedom like really, I haven't even got. No, yet we concluded, somebody is not geometry. It is not a. It is not a science. There is no such thing as a scientist and people that try to teach us, I feel as so cruel. So if anyone is living out there, if you got any kind of a logical mind, don't take a course in comedy lessons further and further for those in school? Your listening to our first time, capsule show I'm a host of stock, talk, radio, Neil, the grass Thyssen, a quick reminder to those
haven't been following me on Twitter, I tweeted at meal at the end of every show. I do my tweet It's my chance to share my thoughts on the topic of the ship in a hundred and forty characters or was found. I'd love to reach the funniest responsive. You know it's Superbowl weakened, but did you know Football is thrown a kick in the air. It always follows a curve parabolic trajectory because the movement of the ball in the vertical direction is influenced by gravity. On its way up the gravity slows down on its way down gravity speeds up at that. Some forward velocity, you ve, got a parabola sure with your Superbowl party, we'll be back, or Joan Rivers and John Stewart coming up. Don't you go any
marking the secrets of your world and everything orbiting around. It start out. This star talk radio meal. The rest, I will come back to our first time: capsule shit. Let's finish up our interview with Joan Rivers, all. I want to know if somebody owns a telescope in what people's reactions are to them. So I ask that of jealousy which, we did a whole show on telescopes. Those, in fact, are opening show Yeah so causes the anniversary of Galileo, fortieth anniversary Galileo in his telescope and gave him a telescope. He had a very slow euro was, and so he made this law was. It was an extent
You know how men telescope the smaller the telescope, are, are listening, crowd, Airbnb right now, killing Spock years back, hymning sewing thing. We're not gonna wants a rose. I daresay did you ever own a telescope? Yes, as amendment I have one, I have a country as and I have used the mountains. I loved you look at them. I origin. Also again, it is a great joy, providing for up when you say you love me and look about you have to look at them. You have to look at the sky or you left the mountains, not the other neighbours I like to match. The fork is pretty. I don't care what you know, but I think it's think it's wonderful. I love the Heavens. Having a very beautiful. I can't even vine stupid milky way that I'm not very good will not from New York Joachim Foreign. Looking for you
I kinda buoys for that they are better than I can't find the Northstar. I was stuck in about ivy school like giving GPS and then you're good, oh yeah, Stephen Cabanas, understand we ask you, ask them a great question. I love about about about science and where does he feel we should be my now Yahoo and he was fast food because he said he thought we would. He would have his own robot and flying cars, so we asked down the same thing. What she wanted for science. What was he knew? What she expect Alcoa Fujikura, my cousin married, a woman who is a Harvard who worked on making space ships edible, because if anybody guts work- and this is the day she died in a programmer Harvard because if they went up and they got second space- would take the like eight or ten
here's to get somebody else up there to bring back since you are. How are you showing you say we made the most delicious, let tee desk, that's messed with its work, really make sense, though, when you think about it, what it because it their stock of them, is a lonely keg. We start right now in can figure out how to get you down will be up there in two thousand fourteen. What are you gonna? Do you going start eating your spaceship that's what I was going to say is. First of all, I would lose weight before I went up cause I'm. I would not want people look at me with a bottle of anyone going she's got the big goody we start. Where were we, MR that little wonder whether this will always start when I asked if she had ever seen you ok listlessly with she has never. I have a friend who is doing Jackie, mentoring, Addis and she is interviewed somebody really smart, P
who will not give out the names because they view will be heard them by saying they have seen? I am not a friend of mine in Connecticut, I saw them and their various Sheila hasn't sword in there. Altogether, but arrow. I never had any one either a Yale ever some of his safe ice, Are you ever is those are two areas no cheese, I saw it. I was you know I was getting a rabbit. There was a problem or they use it as some sort of excuse for some come home. By airlines improve. Also another friend was very smart. Oh he goes out. You never asked me really look how the show that the tv show out we show in the carriage and he writes out
and he's where's? He was in his house Malibu any opening his eyes and there was a thing hovering right outside his window and then work is widely shared her and then again it went away and then again people went respected, have seen him and then allow either asses that I don't respect that have seen of dragged like an alien carcass in front of you. Look at now that cousin Sheila, claims, they did, however Starbucks and they took towards as English Venus and they let it because you can say how are we? The idea, We asked for one last question was what what what did you want to see happen in her lifetime scientifically were kind of discovery? What just inner liked. I got I'm more year. She's got: what did she tell us? they have already made of gets out of jail cause. The average tells you with a sixty two billion dollars.
Then you can die after very nice vendor bigger than the flap like to see us. As I would like to see. The planet cleaned up I think it would be very serious Zack. I shouldn't we, but I think it's a disgrace. We are doing our atmosphere to disgrace we're doing our planet and I think we better clean our cells and also I like to I like to live until I can't tell me nothing is going to fly in from out of space and destroy that is very scary. When they say a meteorite may come down, may kill you. I that's terrors makes one charger Mauro, my Mammy S, car I have the same. Can you tell me exactly women's go ahead on where we actually certain
the day will tell you it'll. Never here is the day. We tell you that if its headed towards us, we can do something about it. Yes, yes, yes, I just wanna science. I think way so much time on stupid things. I think we should clean up the universal clamped space and don't worry we're going out into space. There are common, find us so John any parting thoughts, further stark audience. Just I think how wonderful d, if there were seven out there, single in Jewish, a billion thanks to Joan Rivers for joining us on start talk. Radio. Now, let's get to our next interview with tee star and comedian John Stewart. He sat down with us to talk about it, then new book earth, a visitors guide to the human race check it out, it's his book. That's out now earth a visitors guide to the human race, and in this book it and its imagined, as just something that we leave behind after we're extinct and aliens come and find it that's how they learn all
the idea that we ve been talking. The universe for all this time, so look, let's begin met interview. In effect, it was I tasted live in his office, three weeks ago and we're slicing it into our programme and we can chat about it as we interrupted at will to comment on where to go in and where its common, let started off of your book man. What what a concept that is, I don't why nobody did it. Thirty forty years ago. Is nobody wanted to waste that much time its economic show every night when everything is in that book is hilarious, is fun at the full titles earth the the book and I miss there is civilizations gone. All that's left us here is the book, and pick up the book, and this is how they learn about us. This is our record of the entirety of an existence you're on the surface is like a forger record that went out into space captured culture started
The only difference is it's obviously abbreviated. Somehow another two and thirty four which it what's your favorite part of that. But I have my favorite ports, not share them with you in a minute, the fair price. For me the smallest jokes that we came up with in pure of delirium like it was never good idea to judge, but by its cover and its picture of weathering heights on it was a picture of a dog or the bath lacking. So just some of the most ridiculous little silly jokes, I saw my friend and what I like about. It is its breadth of subjects that cover, for example, in that section psychology there's no real psychology listed. Why was the psychology major? So I know just how there is the less nothing, so you have always like pseudoscientific stuff listed there. That's you just tell it like. It is It's taken me in essence, we always in their place.
It was. I ere I will not back down from political uses I'm gone over. Can I say something that we did you couldn't keep it out of your book. We did call to transcend obtaining that's good. We did not. Although planet get the science right, that's good with enormous, when my favorite part as we take about how we all thought everything revolved around us and the evolution of that thought and remained after it like Ok, so we learn or not in the centre of everything, but they still sort of a hold out right. It's like an arrogance arrogance so, but we nonetheless named the planet's after guy. We learned that we want to draw our destiny, that there was no real were drafted. It was all a series of chemical interaction between the planet's ever got just to be sure. You just did now, as we think that, at the end of the day, let's say were wrong. Saturn House, at view Saturn saddles you don't piss off to bear as exactly so. We work Lothar. The people who think there's is actually a face on Mars. Who are these people? Did they watch your show
I would assume. I would hope that what we know, the man on the moon there's always a big thing that there is a face and among the Ouse graders from this distance, but they dont think was actually a man on the moon. It just look like the people are thinking, there's actual, obligations on mark or that word, Rushmore was naturally car, who do you know them outright, actually is probably because people are concerned Mt Rushmore or something else. So the hearing Mount Russian. It's a lie: have knowledge of what Mount Rushmore as more than you would show them of mountain with president ads on it and then they would go. It's gotta be wind right. That is so hopeful for this country out. That's what it is. That is several hopeful. Ever they ask us was not goes like this, not Rushmore inaction. And people are using like right now rush. I was just thinking of a different. I wish I had that much hope actually went round the other. My kid still believed the moon is falling and hold it twenty twenty six,
but what they believe that the moon is via their while the daddy is powerless to stop. Why don't they credit daddy with the power for having in the first? But here's how they credit that it with the power to tint our windows, so that we were all about announcing the moon mad at you, missed out on a design on a power opportunity over your kids to say I have it. Is the power that I have over the cosmos that I make the moon. All of us and nobody else? I put the milk as Rapporteur for believe me. I have the ban, we'll never get out of the man ass if they can't open juice box. I need a Lord it over them anymore. It more with Johns. Coming up. This is talk radios special time capsule he'll digress, Thyssen, astrophysicist and director of New York, hidden planetary, morph,
our talk ready after this the future of space and the secrets of our planet reveal start. I welcome back to start operating, I'm here the grass Thyssen right before the break. Listening to John Stewart talk about new book, but rejoice that an of you right now no topic is left and untouched and John Stewart Book, including gin, and I don't know that he's ever been charitable to religious thinking. I shall ever the he is. Definitely a comical has a point of view. I am I like it so
our next segment that we get it. I talk to him about the religious card content of the book and see where he, where his points of view, take US interests. So, let's go ran on it and find out which is so in this book. It touches on parts of culture and people in time made an ETA and religious. What you say about religion and they remember mention is being a one hundred percent purely positive thing and nothing ever going wrong. I sank: haven't I am backing rhythm, not I'll. Tell you what it says that there was a religion provide a great comfort to a world torn apart by relate ending expert period, that's all that and address Here's the thing here is a good question, Where are we going with side? What, if scientists, just leading us to a religious epiphany, Deborah wonder about that. Well, people speculated about it like. We find the God particle or that Syria everything or have big, bang or and we hand science- has it sort of God. Like figures in your book. You
science, gods, Newton and Einstein: you had Edison in their Marie Curie yeah. So science has its idols and has it martyrs, and this has its idols, its martyrs and its faith to some extent, isn't a hypothesis to some extent. Yeah the differences when you find out TAT Papa will, when you find a hypothesis, is wrong. You stop believing in so that the different the divisions. You will, but no one knows. Yet if religion is wrong, no one, yet to figure. They may figure Europe that the books that man created for the wrong, but they have yet to prove religion itself. As the Erika is hard to prove a negative yeah, that's it set up the obvious, I'm just saying. Ok, do the scientists have just pure faith and methodology? Well its work before so we keep at it. I mean you need to face if you try to perform it never work, but you keep trying to that would require faith, but if it's What do you want to call that face? I call it pay. It worked before each automatic, that's experience. Yes, I do. The math
those are my love the sight of its awesome people over define it people over define He noted is it do whatever it takes to national yourself period that the scientific method? I was that it was to create something regrettable yeah, but to know that done it successfully. You have to make sure your buys didn't affect your measurement, so So you write it down instead of just trying to remember cause your brain of that brings to other things and theoretical physics. Other theoretical physics is that you are uncomfortable with there. Relying on site method and do they ever anyway, veer into the lane of faith dark matter No, we measure you no matter what was about this dark energy, this matter, the string theory yeah. Well, there's some branches of science not really susceptible to experiment, and so these folks are out there on the dangling leading edge of inquiry, but that's a pencil and paper, maybe a laptop you're, not expensive, to keep
business? My so I don't. I don't lose sleep over that, These are the climate. Stuff is at least the climate stuff, man, people, here's the problem, becomes a political here's. The problem people think that the criterion for believing something is whether or not it feels good that that's the measure of truth. If it makes you feel good and there's something, about that. That's a recipe for disaster this to Austria. With the hidden Samuel. I don't want to know about, because it made me feel bad. I will only believe living and listen to the stuff. That makes me feel good and if I have this, sl in the oil industry. I believe what makes me feel good about that. Let me go the other way, though is it also, though people have become calloused dire warnings that no longer valid? Is it ostrich head in the sand or boy cried because the resolve what sky forming here we got all the media we got off and trying to discern between those can be very difficult area. I so I guess, when the science has
fuzzy edge where we can say this, might happen in the next fifty years. People the people know how to deal with that that uncertainty the pressure to summarize also its difficult now, because there is no organization that has earned credibility anymore, There is no Walter Cronkite of Science someone wherever one turns to it. So this is the man who tells it like it is, and I believe that, even if its announced right and who will also tell us the things uncomfortable that are not so. We need of water Cronkite of Science done. I have a nomination What are you about? Nomination version Avenue no heavy sigh? and that's the way it will be not in view of what the content that's the way it once was a big party appendix rage on stewards book, explore
there's ways that we might have gone extinct and I wanted to find out what inventive ways he came up. He and his staff of riders came up with to explore. Just talk about that now. Just that possibility, let's check it out. But the appendix of your book. But does it actually say how humans dire? You know you hate to be explained, now. Do we know that the only to come into the earth with no people, so some are still happen. You want them to get to the end. The book you don't they dont know why were gone so you want to give them a different. Possible. A was the top scenario: shark be hybrid Jeanette. Shortly killer shot back. What is that it's a fly killers These are the geneticists gone wild, geneticist, unwelcome what nobody you know in the meetings they said he what, if we combine a killer, be with a killer. Nobody raise their hands it. You know I'm not
that's so the planet! Anybody know what said: let's not do that and wouldn't you know I imagine killer charge that live in giant hives and come out and they can wait, fly and swim nature. The git you no matter what you do in any case, there's knowing in London as the number one that's the number one, we would like. I can but yeah look able scared. That's pretty, like that's a scary thing, really like shocks that hang out in hives. That's why they're, not necessarily to shorten the shark piece. Of course, of course, majority hybrid and they ve been bred. Bread to render us extinct. That's right, yes, okay, so what else is on? Obviously technology overtaken us accepted, never has in the past, while no itself towards the future, his future book This is comments on my part. Yes, example. Now, I am not suggesting that in the future you won't be able to send yourself back to the past to stop the robots
kill the grandmother of the robot. Zeinab doesn't come back naked. That's right, God. This is radio, others that obviously super bug I'm not gonna, aligning like a like a virus cared about like a drama restrain their yokels call disorder dust, but those who are not old enough and drama strains of the virus renders amount is led into powder. Bear here and like instantaneously were, like you walk down the street in your life, it would still be there everything everything your invaluable we're just frozen in situ death. What a great movie here oh debt, by black hole, hadron collider, the guy like I was gonna go right. Bank is wrong or we're not going to create a molecule. The Eads all other molecules it wrong. If the world ends. In that scenario, the last, uttered on earth by man will be hey. It worked John Stewart. Thank you. Our inaugural guess, stop
join worth our talk, radio, a big shot out to all the guests You enjoyed our first time. Capsule shell star, talk radios, firstly funded by the National Science Foundation the old addressed ice, astrophysicist and director of New York City planetarium. Until next time he I have taken up, lockdown lay all job the organs. You can listen, the star talk, commercial, free, joint start talking, Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com, slap star talk, radio
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