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The Best of Both Worlds

2013-03-28 | 🔗
Neil deGrasse Tyson takes us where no fan has gone before: an exclusive interview with Star Trek: TNG stars LeVar Burton and Brent Spiner at San Diego Comic-Con 2012.

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welcome to start or read your whose new cigarettes Thyssen nomination, physicist, Americans, even natural history museum- we are also serve as director of the hidden planetarium and I've got with me. In the studio, one of my favorite color, so that the favourite Karlsruhe, your Iraq's ensemble of say, recovers, landlord, hello man in an ensemble, hence have welcome back, I'm so glad it's been two. My watch more view Thank you, my number com, where we got you on this one, because I happen to have separate knowledge that there's a geek side of you that is like totally into size
yeah. Earlier this year I went to COMECON San Diego from my very first time. I was a comecon virgin only My heart beats mildly got as a flutter, it is a million, is a woman. Here only goes, and so what was because, as I was wandering the floor will first I was warmed by the reception that I got just being asked about the thing we ve been considered a superstar. I didn't know because you're famous actors go there right and I'm not an actor. I now hear that is cash and they're, not they don't have any real in a geek street crime. While that's interesting, you say that because when people came up to me, I would have judged his famous one walk and they would see him, but then they stay with me Actually, I could like tell em stuff about the universe exactly as yet, the other people can pretend to tell them things. They presented scraps, no, actually not good at midday.
About the real knowledge, and so I felt as there's an emissary of my professional community of astrophysicist. Emissary of science is out on you presenting my community and in that way I was re infusing. This deeply inspired and active organization that all these people who love science in hand as it is captured in the story telling of science fiction, though I wish I could have been there and I was it was it was courts, and you know why bumped into love our burden, Emirates, finer, I'm having a statute of what does that mean biophysical to you can neither confirm or deny that certain biophysical things are happening to me at the moment when they are so for those of you, If you didn't know, ok, I love our burden on start track,
Shorty La Forge, Georgie, the forage and Brent Spine. It was Lieutenant Commander Data Data love data. Do you know, he's one person, I thought he should mainly be data, Lieutenant Commander Data, the singular of data, but that's another well. I think you ve hit the outer level of geek them. Sir anything I was rather than they were in STAR Trek next generation series and then A boost signing autographs on him and so by medicine, have them and get them to talk to me for start talk, he seriously on the floor of COMECON. So let's get anymore awesome sucks. So I got tired of you and that's gonna be this hour, so let's in fact go straight there and find out how in fact my lives at intersected with there. In the past? So what a privileged happen? you guys here Lavoro. Let me start with you. What you might not have known is that in Europe, As with reading rainbow did a programme profiling. The closest publics
to ground zero? from the terrorist attacks. September, eleventh right- and it was my daughter's school says to thirty four p m to thirty four, your daughter. She was first grade everything was her third day of school was September, eleven, two thousand and one and two obviously have to leave the school. The camp returned to the school. The school is used as a go away, this accusation centre, and a year later we came we came with the reading rainbow cameras and that the point was really show our audience the progress of that community that lived right there at ground zero? That's important, because the school is part of a community absolutely, and that was a large part of the message that this community was effected and and this school was a large part of the healing that needed to be done and
how the community really was able to use the school and the staff, and equally as a resource for the healing of of trauma from that day. So it's publicly. Thank you. For that ever have so because you know come and go and people don't But you remember, I am so you re you created a beautiful they are, and we still have it. Then, if I was the age ass back that right, you can guess he has. I believe I can get you a dvd, now, also bread. You know we have. We haven't an intersection, you have some years back. I remember get a phone call that there's a play being produced on Broadway, that featured so just astrophysicist in particular the new guy show up at my doorstep and you and Helen Hunt the UP and Georgia, to arrange a deterrent Linda Eamon, is a fantastic actress. Matthew watches was a world class director. We all came your office and
the postal lifetimes three lifetimes three as mean arisen, eroded road, God of Carnage and art, not amazing, play about astrophysicist. So I guess you could, to me because we needed acting. You know what we needed to know. What are these people like these crazy Astro billions heads, you know, and I want to know how to portray them effectively and my character by Way was a real son of a bitch, and I based in totally on new, nicely money. You know. Told me that no not solely just givers nobody, nobody! I once saw the play it was. It was interesting because it was circumstances three different views. Exactly the premise of the plague was really that they also base All is a game of inches. I think life is a game event
really, and that sort of what it was about is that at any given moment something can happen, something and be said that will completely into the dynamic of the moment and the rest of the time after that, and so the play was about a young guy and his wife. He wasn't astrophysicist invited his boss and his wife to dinner, and they one night to early and in each of the three different than you the exact same seen played out, but at some point in the same, someone said something different and it all change and went off in another direction. You're going to realise that could happen anywhere at any time that there are built possibilities for every single moment of all different variations on a theme that yeah yeah and so on. Is honoured that you guys felt that I could contribute to your perform.
And I mean all three of you. I mean you, don't know how and hunt all their sitting in my office at the haven, planetarium ally. I remember you, you couldn't even listen to me because you we're looking at her, though I thought I was hiding that I sent you a transparent as they say desire, so I feel pseudo genetically connected to the two of you. So thank you for coming to start out here. Let me marking the secrets of your world and everything orbiting around it. Stereotypes welcome back to us
our talk. Radio, I needed a grass Thyssen in this show we listening to my interview with Laval Burton and bring spider on the floor of COMECON twenty two. The San, Diego landlord you ve never been were comecon. I have never been so common girl. I ask what I'm I'm broke. Geek girl? How is this chance banning of ice? If you want to send our nation to get Leon COMECON feel free? Will you know? Comecon is not just sort of started. Maybe the STAR Trek Fan base began. This whole I'm in charge of conventional exactly but of course, COMECON is like the super set. You have all these, so their advancement some other superheroes Batman, Spiderman X, men doctor who even end in supernaturalist. Yes, if tv series so what an experience it is to go there and
nobody is as crazy as you think they would allow way to paint a picture, but we're featuring my interview with love our burden, infringement- or you know they were in the next generation- start track, which was the resurrected form of the show that came up the ladys and early nineties. So let's pick up more with my interview with them just cause: they they agree to do this from the floor of calm economies. Seal the engines and in the air I haven't. I good rumour, leviathan, and one other character in, next generation were the only ones in the group. There were actual star trek fans from way back. Is that is it Firstly, I think that is a fair statement and in the other, actor would would have been, will be gold where it was or was it was we're up. There will be, and I both were largely influenced by genes vision of the future, mainly because it was a representation of a future that included people of color, which
No one else is doing would not know what I mean. There are a couple of instances in science fiction, Literature Arthur Clark, notably ok, but to do it right, but it was re, was very rare, very rare, to see representations of the future that that featured heroes who looked like US growth, and for that There was a very easy future to embrace, and so you became a part of it. Do you not only saw it as if It could happen. You actually jacketed right. How many people to do that reality and a lot of my life vocation of the rest of these guys, then dance like learn the stuff. Why the culture right is that right, brain learned the lines that I still I know what it's about to be honest with you. I guess the actor or they just have to me, believe. That's all! That's it! That's all you have to make yourself believe and then everybody else believes
That's ok, right on your behalf, the ball in Europe for trial exactly right. You have to do it with with absolute conviction and once you do that and make real choices and how to do it, then the audience of along with you. Now who would wear a game of chess between you and Spock Data. Well, let me think spot was smart day, you know we could probably for cars. You said Bernardo Data, so data can kick some spot, but now maybe a cage match kind of thing right now. You do not like to see that it's a curse. You know he's much older than I know I did zayigo and Lamar? I mean I was especially in by your visor and everyone was and that's an extraordinary device
I would just one right: you know who would want to see the whole world in every possible way linked of light the closer to the citizen, a white one year. They just took off yes, always maintained, and I loved device is very conning piece of STAR Trek hardware to actually right and requirements. We maintain that the visor was one of those ways that we telegraph the nature of the technological sophistication of the twenty first century and had to agree, however, that gives richest people walking around it just a place. In the future is not that's not a participant in the future, but I always wonder that its art, analogy- was so damn sophisticated. Why couldn't we put technology and something a lot smaller than the visor say the seismic theirs. I had a similar thing when I first met Jean run. Berries
would you mind changing your appearance and I thought well he's gonna get me. Couple of barriers or something whenever any said, no I'd like to change the color of your skin. I'd like you to be a different view and I thought well our I! Why not by said, but you know, don't you think in the future that they would be able to devise skin that look like skin and he says what makes you think what you have is better than skin That was the Enron vary, so there was no way to argue right there. We area so when I wondered was if you could get one those visor but put it as the window on the deck right, right and he's ever dial just dial up the lens through which we also, we all see not just you right, because the telescopes They are about how we use We get our data from all the ban. We're right! That's That's right! You know what this is interesting and not many people know this, and I wonder if you remember, There were signs that gene wrote for
this process of next year. And there was a scene between Jordi and data where they discuss. They were just meaning for the first time in and they discussed how day brain and George. His eyes, saw the world from a similar perspective they solve through to the truth. And so they decided to form a team. And call themselves, but where were they the perceived feverish. This is an early concept. Here is the audition dishes and receivers never made it into the pilot, but the relationship, enjoying data, absolutely law, because then that gives me a place to come through into the showed I feel like I'm connected. Reality of the real universe- Marine, that's overstretched metaphor, but day there's so much non viewing the truth. You know in politics in the world
and there you guys were just seeing it as it is laid bare in fact laid bare and the facts laid bare in its appearance, and so, when I think of the fur series setting a watermark for just exploring culture, but in a new kind of way, where you can get sir to it. Without having your guards rain. Getting closer through the lens of the future. Yes right! Yes, you know any other many things. I admire about you and always have I been enormous. Besides, you were my guy, but now seeing that you have starfleet sideburns, makes me even more very few people notice, a snake you come to appoint is my. It gets my or Marge it's my alma, but when I see a little bit, we are starting right here on begins with you knew it begins to tease Riddick, but I can't
I can't do you. I think that is really start menu cornerstone, and so you be an excellent corroding. Ok, so if the acting moment arises, I want to call on the two of you please and I want to say you may circle that help you. You inform my character, help you have. I hope you up, I'm gonna call on you. I want to come to the hidden planetarium and bring my reading rainbow cameras, and I would like to sit down. I will so in sheer, so we weren't you with the reading rainbow audience. You will sober oil to. I love that, but you gotta know somebody to get you won't get my palm Oh my god. You guys guys so tell me about science growing up with you when you grow up sacrament, what really California, California and decides mean anything to you as a kid
inspection meant a lot science outside of regular student, the street had a chemistry set learning, not so's. I could actually be held legally, so your character came in the legal document, disclaimer absolving. There wasn't disclaim absolutely made stink bomb in high spirits rose, so we nerd kid always always I mean I don't have a pocket protector, but some of my best friends, that you admit to react, and you do you have any scientist attribution taxes. Also, you know space Y know. Space from I had a tv We used to watch on the space yacht being in Houston and having space programme move there in my lifetime was unbelievably excite
but my relationship of science. We live in a very hot climate. You know in Houston and basically my total assertion nation was using a magnifying glass to torture. Doodle bugs you know. Do you
the sun and exploited its presence exact. I learned so much about solar energy. From that experience about. I confess that I got a lot of mileage out of my magnifying glass completely useless. They are magic, so any anything else that really is quite rocks or anything. You know I didn't really collect. Unlike Lamar, I was actually very cool collecting rocks. I didn't really do that collecting checked my condition does not alter secret for you. I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one
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Welcome back to start talk, radio, I'm your host, Neil digressed, hasten envision. We listening to my interview with STAR Trek actors, love our burden and rents, finer from the floor of COMECON, twenty twill Sandy in this next clip we're gonna, learn about the roles that they have taken on far away from the STAR Trek Universe so from New York where you know new Yorkers, care about their broadway, guys thinking to doing any broadway anytime. You know what I'm dying to do. Another Broadway just suggest to reconnect with Samuel I and I love doing, and I love being on stage and having alive audience, and you know this in New York that doesn't exist in the movie business, but it is in the theater you're in a play and you go after the show to Joe Islands or whatever, and you see all the other actors from all the other shows everybody's like how you do it. What do you do? I'm coming to see your show it? It's it's a real community! You have you ever thought about it, I used to think about nothing else. I mean when I
the job and routes. I was a sophomore year, studying and even measure any talk about. What's wrong, You know I'm reading. Roach looking here is the connection that seen that happened every time with a new child, the father taking the childbirth. Of lifting the title to the Heavens and saying we hope that became iconic. The only thing break your son when my daughter was born. The same gesture, as did I got a photo over too This is what you like five pounds. So it's like large hands. Jazeera was held it up. How could you not run right with that? One My initial desire was to graduate with a bachelor
Mr Rehn and drama from USA moved to New York and I am aware the Broadway stage been Marine was my on our shores. This assignment who lives in the original jeez cry, superstar real. You say that, like no you're that what you said was that transparency desires sire site. No, it's amazing connection between science fiction and science Fine line is almost non existent. At this point, I just did a thing for you know the experts. No you're currency area, really many of them now should be just who can send up a ship in back now. Can you go to the moon, ok and they also added fields so their biology x prize it now the book of all of the things they want to accomplish. The thing that I participated in was their offering a prize
anybody who can come up with a medical, try quarter that will scan the body and to give in diagnosed thirteen different diagnoses and be affordable to the consumer that I've got three years to come up with an whoever can do it ten million dollars, they're pretty sure someone's gonna do it. You know I worry that the world ever loses science fiction, that dreams and innovation. You lose without question the the link between science fiction, literature, our donations and our ability to manifest in this room is inextricable It is our imaginations that produce everything that we have accomplished.
It's not really imagination. You gotta see something that you want to have that's: what's causing futures they're, just topics, even hours, you're right now, absolutely but I've gotta be so tasty. Oh, I was trying to talk these guys X prize. I said next time you ve gotta, go for the transporter, because doesn't everybody wanna go from one place to another link of an eye and a nation will work? And now you know that's not. Tomorrow I write tomorrow. They said two thousand twenty though, but the fact is Eighteen, sixty five Would Jules Verne Road trip to the moon some of ammonia the you're going to the moon was inconceivable. The idea of a rocket was inconceivable, and yet we did it. Not only did we do it, we went there on the back within a hundred years, you're, essentially right. Have to ask: was their particular everything that impressed either view that you were in a kind of like the most significant ones, he was so it was an episode called measure of a man which, in which my character was
trial. Basically did. Side whether or not he was sentient, whether it was essentially being won. The best acknowledged best. Besides, in the seven year run of action and whether if he was race of slaves, a different kind of race of slaves, or did he have its own right to its own existence? And it's a fascinating for me really. It is probably not a single episode, but the idea that gene infuse STAR Trek with there's an acronym getting idea. I see infinite diversity and infinite combination, and this new, that's a core tenant of the STAR Trek Philosophy: infinite diversity, in infinite combination and that we have respect for all of the diversity that life presents, throughout creation and start. Diversity is far greater
the diverse where we find here on earth, so what a model that would serve has absolutely no. We hopefully reach a time where we celebrated differences in people instead of letting them separate in what I love about STAR Trek is, if you reverse engineer that idea, then it has to begin here on earth. We can get out What concerns me as people say, let's have a new rules where all friendly in space, not thinking about that succeeds. Why couldn't you that down here, we would otherwise. I got no confidence. We would have to do it here before we get out just as in existence proves that we any working capable networks,
this is stored, welcome back to start for radio and television stations, and I bet with me and you tweeting at least more against. I am but she's Ellie. I e g h a and yes, my parents got feed and thereby bringing all right. Well will do I follow you, thank you, I follow. You need only the occasional laugh in my day, just the occasional opalescent. Why haven't? They are worked out? You wanna show because your start, your gates. I am stature, gig and loving it unabashed a geek tricks, for that on.
In the show. As you know, we're preaching my interview with all our Burton and burnt spider from STAR Trek next generation. I ran into them at COMECON, twenty twelve, those my first ever COMECON staff ragging, I'm sorry it was in San Diego, and we learned in the previous segment because anyone listening knows that so much science fiction, especially that of STAR Trek, influenced technologies, yeah that are with us today. For me, the favourite when those the flip found, which are Motorola flap bunch of horse was in so you know that was inspired why? That's really knows the communicate heard communicator, but now it's like, if you gotta foot phone what's wrong with you with had already had a special needs right there give up, I found out of on even over a key. They move on, not just as I have often said that technology, an inspiration for the future can be fuelled by the space programme,
Oh yes, and the Prince Minor and Laval burden have had intersections with NASA that reflect some of this. In fact, if they ve had paths that cross with Massa astronauts judge. I ve met the next moment. I have not any astronauts Lena opened, you gotta get out my need to go to COMECON what I need to get out. Well, yes, let's find out find out how in spite of some of our borders lives, intersected NASA. Gas, We had an amazing experience. We went to Washington the castle star. Trek was invited for the thirtieth anniversary of Alan Shepherds. First space so there we all were along with nineteen ninety one
yeah I mean pragmatically, and we were there we're out of me for no banks. You didn't, I might just awesome women there with all the mercury astronauts, all of them with the exception, of course, Gus Bruce right, but his wife was that's right and it was crazy. They were treating us like. We were heroes and they reports where the real heroes we were, the Britannia. It was exciting. Well, that's! You know, of course, here comical the actor is the person right. I mean it. I used to think that was creepy, but then I thought you did since they have to the real thing. If you do it good job as an actor there. Having a fantasy, that's what they're doing it sort of like Joseph Campbells stuff. You know it's
our men. That is your is turning right. That's that's really wanted the power to want to believe absolutely absolutely and Jean really tapped into that in terms of the universe and the mythology than he created in STAR Trek and the idea that there would come a time in the evolution of humanity where we would have resolved all issues of race class in a right, We are right that we have the replicator, I guess, and so so the scarcity of resources was not as it does now, and it's amazing we don't read, makes out of the equation outside and that subsequent said that point, our evolution. We would really pool our resources planetara early and go exploring. So so the message here I mean it's deeper than I think most people embrace they may know it, but they don't think it that science and technology might be our only path that allow just to reach a future.
Even normally that's that's different standards and real. That is given how many actors get to say that there is a series that taps those what we were just lucky the fall into it. It was a give them. You really want when did you think it was just a short revival and it would get forgotten again. I thought we were going to one year because it was resolved for one year. I thought that's it it'll be one year because cancel the originally right people after seventy two, the stuff got cancer, and so it's our dangerous to say I can come back again better than that really caught fire. You know when we, on the air. I think we were the only psycho that was on the point now. It's all siphoned fantasy, it's all over the earlier and, of course
New York City got the enterprise the space shuttle israeli. I was there when it came at Kennedy, so it goes on this piggy back down the seven forty seven summit, J, F K and it comes in and adjusted a low ass it and took off a gateway to show, and I watched high blocks to ban on tv. I watched ass. It did the heart leapt, I mean it was able to end the culture feeling the future through the myth That's right. The future of space and the secrets of our planet reveal this star tie.
If you haven't problems, that you signed ninety nine problems, but a breaching wine I got rests on a weighty. So don't worry if I hadn't Mc Caskey flung welcome back to start or radio and your hosts me your grasp choices We ve been listening to my interview with love our burden and grant spider from STAR Trek. The next generation right from the floor of COMECON, twenty twill San, Diego in this final segment, will hear about what's been keeping them busy these days, is proving then, of course. After all, there is life after STAR Trek so what projects you do know, but I've got a web series undoing called fresh hell, it's sort of you know it Let me tell you about fresh because my friend much too modest to to do, justice will actually he's not, but I'm tired of hearing him talk every kid between long time runs fresh hell is.
Web series- and I have said for a long time, that very few people, social media and understand new technology and its power. The way the brain does and it is some of the funniest stuff you will ever find on the internet. Fresh hell series, dotcom ochre. I have to say that of all the episodes, probably the funniest one we ve done is one which were born. Remember what happened to their relation with the basic premises. I've done something horrible that we call the Don't we dont say what it is, but it is ruined my life, my career and I have lost everything all my money, all my friends, everything and I'm trying desperately to get myself back to where I once belong, and we call this by the way I sit, dredge
because it's both so calm, similar tragedies will its heart breaking underneath it. There is a sub text that really a sort of heart breaking, but in this one particular episode, I go to the bar to borrow some money, because I've got this idea about teaching porno actors how to act and labelling is the person you gotta, give me something: the old friend who gets hit up yet again for development for alone, and in some point in almost every episode Someone has reason to say at least I'm not rents by And then you know you succeed in exact adds, but you know what honestly think so innocent. I feel good, that's what it is, and it really is about. Everyone goes
this there's another incident that we don't talk about. That's an even bigger incident, which is that I made the mistake of getting older, so I've been dismissed from this fraternity than I've always wanted to be a part of it is not just about show business or it could be anyone in any field a lot of people through this right. Now, that's the Trans border, you know, so what you formalize is what was happening. Naturally, in the press. We all some kind of psychological pleasure that bad things I've been into an accurate or singer performer, whose at the cracks are car. Bores shy, left early. Why is that? So? Unless you going to say well, I'm better than them in this way, will it even though I will have their money, it's true and its kind. There is a sad reality that we love to put people on pedestals, but we love even better to knock em off. Yet that's
we're I you know. I don't even know that southern Freud right, I don't know what that's about, but it's a part of the humans, very human thing, airy human and about you what projects release the reading rebel; ok, a bottom up, reinvent the television series as an interactive, a journey of exploration and discovery for kids and the charter of the computers to target age is one of the three to nine year old that China is in the process of making a decision as to whether he or she will be a reader for life or not so wicked. She'd go in there. I mean that's course noble, but not everybody does that I grew up in a house where readings like red my mother, was an english teacher and you pretty much either read books, enormous householder yet with them, because Lapierre you're going to have an account of the relationship with its really beautiful lab, though I mean really they do smashing job would spend.
If we get it is popular, is angry birds. I love angry as actually reduces real physical does, and I don't know anymore, just space angry words in Spain as I believe that all this media We are so fond of consuming what it is. It is all education. The question is what and so we know that our kids are as attracted to the tablet devises as wheel and that they are. Engaged by them, as we are in that gene is out of the buggy we're not going to be able to put Jimmy back in and so our goal is to be a part of a balanced diet of what our kids consume beautifully worded Turkestan. That would get in me. Rephrase
you gotta love STAR Trek what influence has had on the country on the world of people's dreams for the future? You know, and I see COMECON I see that as the continuation of the spreading of the continuation of the dream of geeks extreme, what's geeks GMO out here and no need of just say, and I think that if they took over the world tomorrow, that would not be a bad idea of bitter be much
Faced with these to say we have not already you speaking from yours. Highly position in the ranks as I am a member of an answer starts work rating find us on the web. It starts with Yoda and we also tweaks, I tweeted thrice and check that we brought you report by from the National Science Foundation and give your twitter the weak, a simple and the geek shower. As always, This is neither grass ties and saying keep looking signing off for start fires like Galileo job, the orange wish. You could listen. The star talk, commercial, free, joint start talking. Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriarch doc. Coms last star talk radio
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