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2013-03-28 | 🔗
A hit TV sitcom about science geeks? Neil talks with the co-creator and science advisor for "The Big Bang Theory."

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free, welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Dartle begin right now welcome to start talk, radio, I'm your host, kneeled grass, Thyssen astrophysicist, endured tour of New York cities. Hayden planetarium this week. We're gonna talk about the CBS Television Series, the Big bang theory for those they have never seen it. It follows the pictures of for scientists, Leonard Sheldon, Roger and Howard, as well as the girl next door whose an aspiring actress and a waitress at the Cheesecake factory will
more about all these characters later in the programme, but I should let you know that if you do a Google search on big bang theory, number one is this tv show we're too, is the origin of the universe. I sat down with bill. Pretty co creator and writer of the show in his office, in LOS Angeles and joining us, was David so bird and astrophysicist at you see outlay and science advisor to the show. The first question I had to ask was: what were you thinking creating a show about geeky scientist, and why did you think anyone would watch as I am you stand the world. There are nothing but geeky people in South Asia and the people I know so to me- it's a depiction of the world as I see it, so you have geeky routes to lead to the eye of the gps to birds. Before I was a television writer, I was a computer programmer. Missus Barry in the early pc days when before they were called me,
these when they were called micro computers, am I programmed in Z, eighty assembler what is so your card carrying? I am card carrying absolutely and I've been to my share of STAR trek conventions, but did you Don Spock years? That's the question. I have done Spock years, but I've done Spock years on television If you had through reruns of Darwin Gregg, I have a recurring mute character of a guy, a forty year old Virgin who went to start. Conventions I sat in the chair and got the Spock years. If you have a mega person, take about forty five minutes to put odds I've had that experience, I doesn't get much give you. Ok, you ve got the roots, that's one thing to be of the geek mould and but its very different. To then have
non geek populations in bracing, a show that is a celebration of geek. Like did you predict that? Because the big bang theory could not be the successful, unless quote regular, people were watching it. If I had the ability to predict what things would make a television show, just for then we would be speaking for my home in the cloud city. I wouldn't be built on Mount Olympus. Mount Olympus, hovering in gold, hover throne, settle it. So no there's! No without a picture hover throne, I love it. But you know you can't predict You can do is ultimately say I'm going to do an honest portrayal of characters. That interest me I'm going to do stories that I find honest and you hope that people find them. I'm fond of the the mission of Geek, as not necessarily being somebody where it has to be science or science fiction, but it's that unbridled passion toward knowledge
an area. So I think that there are just as legitimately, gardening geeks and rock climbing geeks you just listed you next, who shows you that's right? Well, gardening, Hake is gonna, be a very exciting show and dry cleaning geek is gonna, be the next project is a dry clean. Procedural and we don't get to know the character? It's all really about just stain with a lot CS. I type photography you heard here. Don't start on radio. So I think the two things that people identify with one is a passion about an area of interest, and the other thing is that the field you're on the outside and that other people, a sort of haven't figured out, turns out to be the unit. So human condition that you know every go home and assumes their other people who have life figured out better I'll talk to people who are clearly the high school football fleet or supermodel the high school cheerily, the type and they say. Oh, my god.
Show. Is me and I look at them say of really hoping to find fundamentalist, I'm, U R slammed into the locker there. That's right, but we're everybody! You know it it's the two trains at that giving of the Woody Allen Movie where one train seems to have the party on the other drain goes by and with peoples are appearing through the window, and I think that feeling is one of the things that is an emotional underpinning the big bang theory. So, presumably you don't carry all this physics you, even though your card carrying geek, presumably you get help. If we get help Chuck lorry, who is the coach, of the Big Bang theory with me. We will often sit as were writing and we're trying to come up with something scientific and will be firm. Our brows and I will say to check what is it were trying to do now? By far growing? Our brows is somehow the knowledge of physics it going to a in our brains? So we have from the beginning of this project reached out
and starting with the first episode after the pilot, it's been two Doktor David Saltzburg, who is that a woman who was seated to your levied at this moment of my left right now, who is professor of astrophysics? It you see allay David and welcome on test our target of thanks for having me just so you're in astrophysics but there's more than astrophysics. On the show this particle physics there's some biology. Be thrown in material physics, so you jack of all trade, or do you have your lifeline when Your calls you. I am not an expert in all areas of science by any means, and certainly not even all areas of physics. So one of these donations are getting a phd, is too big to learn more and more about as narrow subject until you know, actually everything about nothing, but being that I am a professor of physics. It is incumbent on me to try to be broad with whatever about the shows is actually forcing me to learn. Things actually learn a lot from the questions that I
it asked by bill and another writers, and so when you there's a writing. What comes first is this relying forces and we need a science infusion here, that's comical or Does the science then dictate what the characters are doing with each other both Sometimes the moment of science is incidental and there you're just looking for. I had a great day at work. You know ex happen, and then we're doing something like that, and nothing really turns on the specific then, whereas we re we'll literally put science to come it right dialogue and sometimes will be a little more specific. Times will say obscure science to come, sometimes will say discredit in science, the kind of stability, because you want to write a line. That is my God thinking that we get the movies in twenty minutes is the same as thinking and then we might write. I did in science the commons, that's a message to David. We communicate
through those notes in the script and he'll provide a couple of things and we'll pick one. So that's the simplest thing so Dave you have to know the goods and the bad science to slip into the plot lines. Right there was one. Wonderful moment where they had put in brain dynamic theory for children to be? with Leonards mother Beverly, and I was really nervous because it's not the most accepted theory, let's say, but the whole episode river around it. I didn't want to say you can't use it, so I did mention that this wasn't really in published in referee journals, and they thought that the cuban one word instead of working together on this topic of quantum brain dynamic theory Don't work, none disproving area go here that works well, sometimes will do a little internet punting around and and that sort of the second way things happen. Sometimes we, a new kind of no something here. You know every now and then we'll have a vague handle on it. So we'll put something in take a shot at it and then it's like turning in a paper will get a great battle and sometimes we get it right and sometime. We're close in that case we
this by a hundred eighty degrees, but that's easy by adding the word not Follow the word not that way, but that's exactly what it is a word not selves. They one hundred eighty clean air, what's going on or other of toxic waste After my own silent tomato Arabella, reflector and everything I thought you might want to see. That makes no sense of new balances of the moon. There's no gravity Leonard, sacks Leonard sorry, I didn't know you were busy, maybe another time maybe I want to see this laser thing but about party to surprise, for it doesn't matter. There are a lot of guys. Friends back whoa whoa. Wait
vision in nineteen. Seventeen, when Albert Einstein establishes the erratic foundations and the laser in his papers or quantity, radio straw loom is fondest hope was that the resultant device be vision mission accomplished. Let me explain what we are doing here and nineteen sixty nine, the astronauts on a pile of eleven position, reflectors on the surface of the moon and working to shoot a laser off one of them and let the light bounced back in this vote. A Walter player very calm, one question: how can it be, terrible blow up? Laser That's great questions. No, it's not play? Nice was a great
question. How can somebody possibly think we're going to blow up the new? That's a great question: don't worry about them, we, set our laser to start. Smart will be able to see the beam when it leaves, but it won't be strong enough when it comes back to be seen by the naked eye get in that device there will measure the photons not return, and what a seat on this computer basket them some glasses cool too to be freed. Hearing to fire. Laser wrap them make it. So there's this by two point five seconds for the liked order? that's your biggest,
line on the street. You think about what this represents. The fact that we can do this is the only way of definitively proving that there are man made objects of the moon put there by a member of a species that only sixty years before just invented the airplane with species. Is that of all episodes that I've seen that one is so good. Can you tell me what went through your mind? Had you come up with an idea? I don't think we have a lot of polluting go agenda on the show other than there. Is a shared feeling that there has been wave of anti intellectual ism that somehow moved through american society where it became cool to be uneducated, and I find that frustrating I want my president's in my scientists and my doctors all to be smarter than me, and I think that is a value in being smart
the great advances that we ve lived through, come from. Smart people so one of the things that any discoveries is that education and intelligence tends to make people more interesting. It also at the same time granted makes them gig. Here there are two: when you asked Sheldon what time it is any tells you how to make a watch, and I think that that sort of one of the things, the baggage that adds right- that's a little bit of the baggage, the other writers accused me of teaching things to people against their will and all right. There are the things, but there is also when you talk about guys who do what our guys do, which is to Mars the underlying structure of matter and the universe and beyond that quest, and I think that's a more interesting quest to be on that success in beer power, not that that doesn't have its value. I think one of the reasons why this sequence works so well. Is that this stupid guy is
stupider than any one. You actually know and that allow someone who might not be as well educated to still point to that person is being really stupid. I think he fits a good sort of ecological match of our darwinian finches of character. I just want to mention that when I saw that I also thought okay, this is clearly dumber Anybody you come across well, the head of the experiment that does bout. The laser off the moon for commerce. He at least these anti agar wrote to me and the part where access that is afraid of blowing up the moon present Murphy's as he gets a question all the time from a city or from people he meets all from civilians who are already exists or could be We think of lasers has the most powerful weapon that you can ever marry explains. In any sense, they actually it's a follow up question which is, but why risk it, but while So this really is going on out there. So you guys are the pulse of all that is brilliant and stupid in the country. I think we are You been listening to my
loose interview with bill, pretty cool creator and writer for the hit television series, the Big Bang theory and David Salzburg actual and science advisor for the show, what STAR talk, radio continue you have more visible and some of our favorite see gallows before you, I'm gonna- consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one and where to get out of hearing there, go to patriarch arms last star talk and support Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen. The star talk ad free you can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never we're here, another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying
Welcome back to start operating under hopes for this episode. I've been talking with bill prayed, creator and writer of the hit television series, the big bang- fear along with David SALT. Burke, and you see allay astrophysicist and shows science adviser. I actually had a cameo on the show during its fourth season, playing myself, since, in some circles, I'm known as the guy who demoted PLUTO from its planetary status, they had me visit Reggie, Cutthroat, Polly or Roger. Has his friend call him on the show, he's an astrophysicist who studies objects in the farthest reaches of our solar system in this scene. Roger gets to be in people magazine thanks to one of his astrand. Nickel discoveries planetary object. I spotted beyond the capability.
Two zero zero Iraqis up, seventy or, as I got it planet bollywood anyway, because of my discovery, people magazine is naming me one of the thirty under thirty to watch raw. Excuse me for thirty, what under thirty one What sort of visionaries under thirty years of age to watch is the challenge to preconceptions other fields, but a million gases. Gotten it's pretty good. God mean with guys doing something about hunger in Indonesia and the psychotherapist using dolphins to rehabilitate prisoners and Ellen Badge style. The charming independent filled Juno get an honourable mention for designing the telescope camera mounting bragging. He is sorry, it's not part of my heartwarming impersonal narrative, in which a humble boys from New Delhi overcame poverty and prejudice and journey to amend
to reach with stars comforting your father's gynecologists. He drives a badly it's a lease confused with some sort of Peer Review Committee to determine which scientists will be included peer review, its people magazine. People picked me what people could people from exactly who are these people? What are their credentials? How are they qualify you? What makes accidentally noticing a hunk of wrong? That's been traipsing around the solar system for billions of years, more noteworthy than any other scientific accomplish remained by someone under thirty boy about advantageous friends on genetic gotta, crap. Survived from India and that's not a stretch, because we know many,
nears and scientists to come from, not the sub continent, but the far EAST as well. I was surprised when I met him: his action, is not as strong as the action he portrays on the show. Actually, if you spend time with him, his accent, out somewhere between London and New Delhi and I'll tell you when he has a couple of drinks, it moves back to New Dallas, but he works hard, basically just to keep the UK out of his accent the best those when canal tries to do an american exit. He talks about hamburgers entered this. Now didn't know until the show that there is actually an affliction where you cannot speak to some people are tied. The people there is certain surveillance. Selective nudism is real which to remind the listener. So he has the inability to speak, run women, yeah and critically, attractive and- and this was based on a fellow. I knew who had this problem not quite to the extreme that Raj does, but he would stop talking when women came in the room. When why you tell me the big theory is your autobiography
now, but there are certainly people I now who are well reflected in the show, but people who were afflicted by it it wines being in one of those anxiety feedback loops where the Zaire, the that the problem will occur becomes the cause of the problem and the brain gets sort of lock in that and it similar to golfer a bowler getting the Europe's and the that's interesting. There's some baseball players who You step precision, arms and lose it. You lose it and they can't find it and selective muted is the same kind of peace of suffering It is psychosomatic, doesn't mean that it's not real psychosomatic means having its origin in the mind and he's used by alcohol. We ve discovered, but that's not a practical, Lucian, but it is a drug that works for him in the episode I was on, PETE didn't have the Uck also, he ate the rum cake created from the networks and the fact that he could speak the ins
and he chewed it is eighty clearly is clearly a psychological problem and we think he oughta get help. Them is tried a couple of days bad like speaking of being socially awkward the character Sheldon Cooper pushes the boundaries of anti social behaviour, although, as played by Jim Parsons, he's hilarious, showed is a theoretical physicist, so, as will hear in this scene, he struggles to answers to some of the deepest mysteries of the universe So what do you want? I came to tell you. I've got the answer. Really. You figured out the grassy problem. Now extra hopelessly stuck on that figured out how to figure it out, and I set it get here you're, remained, but I was wrong. We're gonna have to break up talking about Einstein, yeah, but I need a little more outward
stop Kelly Albert Einstein came up special relativity. He was working at the patent office, so you're gonna go work at the patent office sir? I can wash ing ton now. I could never live in a city straight through laid out. No Wieland spoke pattern. How simple, really new job, where my base will gain we are occupied with a routine tasks, free my prefrontal cortex, where quietly in the background on my problem, like a great plan course against even talking to use. Maybe I could feel the proverbial juice is starting to fly tax for sharing with us tonight. Ok I'll get the streets for you. They did behind you, something you didn't
I'm trying to get these tables cleared were slammed weak. Knowing why doing a reasonable question? I ask myself what he's them as mine? numbing s dream job conceivable and three answers came to mind, told with attendant an apple changes and what penny Now, since I dont, like touching other people's coins- and I refuse to contribute to the devaluation of the word genius Iraq just walked in and they hired. You think that's what happens now since I dont need to be paid. I didn't need to be hired. I simply
man of trains darted lemmings that played out anyway, it's ridiculous or is it just a moment ago I had a minor epiphany regarding polymer degradation phenomenon. Twa scraping, congealed nachos offer played briefly necessary, good Lord, the interference patent fracture. The motion of gave to the molecular structure. I've been looking at it all wrong. I consider the elect Francis particles thing The grass is a way. The moment? what we? Now, where are you going mechanically massage I'm sorry, I work.
So that was a brilliant sequence. Was that done before after the Nobel Prize was given for the grassy discovery of the that was before the sweet, on top of things why Turkey david- and I always I wanna guys about twenty feet back behind the cutting edge. I dont want them accidently on the bird, The discovery where we have to have big bang theory exist in a parallel universe, where Discovery has been made that hasn't been made. An hour's grafting transmit newtonian option we were a little bit ahead on some stuff that actually happen, and my favorite is that the toilet in the interim. Colonel space Station broke about two weeks, after we aired in episode where wallow it's his eye, assess toilet broke and it broke in almost the our total. It was to have broken. No, you guys get spooky, that's right by the mother grafting clip that you play. That was a great example of David having a real
puzzled to look for a piece of science every now and then you sort of work backwards from an idea, and the question was: is there ever anything that would take Sheldon into working at the Cheesecake Factory and that we started talking but Einstein in the patent office and there's a logic to it. If you're focused on something. It isn't your work, maybe it sort of freeze up the mind a little, but then we went to David and said: look, there's a problem he's working on it, and here is the progression. It starts with marbles on the floor, and then Progress is to balls in a Chuckie cheese, ball pit and then ultimately, it solve by something he sees working at a restaurant, so we gave him and I think it was a couple of days before you came back with great theme that what I'm just curious, how you, given those so this is how you got what you made it easy because he had marbles on the floor, which is clearly a plainer structure, Griffin as carbon, and
I plan to reason a chicken wire of carbon, a single layer completely missed by the theories, There are many of us made it basically by pulling pencil let off a paper with scotch tape and the person who did it. One of the two who won the Nobel Prize Constantino, the seller, actually came to show afterwards. Here are you also mentioned big Bang in his thereby lecture in his acquired, noble lecture when you receive the prize and he showed Sheldon working at the whiteboard wait, wait, wait. First, you break the international space station toilet now you showing up in people's acceptance remarks for the Nobel Prize there we were adopt scared you out of control where we ve had a number of Nobel laureates. I've never say that, where the sick concept it's been visited by more Nobel laureates than any other sitcom sat ever given that we stay and its three- and I think that the previous record is zero cells JANET.
Only a prize for the optical comb. Among other things drop by to visit, you had George smooth, actually well George Boat. We guessed Does he sent a letter asking if it could be on the show and then later and his assistant had sent the letter by the position that someone else has to send the letters we ve heard that before that's, I have to say a letter saying maybe the director of the Hayden Planetarium could be on. The show is like my mother reporting that she had a dream that I invite. Her to the Emmys instead of my wife after the break this more MIKE we would fill prairie and David Saltzburg about tv series, banks. Welcome back to start operating your host overdraft station. I've been talking with due prayed for creator and writer for the big banks here, along with David Saltzburg inaction,
a physicist and science advisor to the tv show in this segment we discussed there. Actors. Howard wallow, it's an engineer, and only one of the lead characters without a phd along with penny, the girl next door, who also happens, it leonards love interest both Howard and penny. The loop eight, some fascinating aspects, the interplay between science and society. So how does an interesting character because he's the only engineer he doesn't have the phd We very handy with robotics and the fact that he's jewish is a fundamental part of his character, So how is religion in general treated in the show? I think there's no overt intent to of a religion, science debate of any kind on the show, but because religion is an aspect of This is a modern society. The coexistence the Jenin. Science is something that you are aware of and the show at all. If it comes up
and we are comfortable with the spectrum of experiences, so you have, for example, Sheldon who grew up in a fundamentalist christian home, and he has the hardest time reconciling. His mother's beliefs with his own knowledge of the universe, and we ve seen it in moments where His mother has referred to her belief in creationism, an intelligent design and things like that letter. Upbringing was atheistic. His parents reject errors of religion, so he comes at village as an as an outsider, and I think there are moments like a Christmas tree where he kind of MRS the warmth that it might about it to his childhood. They doesn't have to be much worse. His childhood at all. Powered is culturally. Religious. Jews are a represented among scientists because of a cultural predisposition. George academic career is so here's a character whose religion is cultural for him, but not particularly significant and coo through Polly seems to be the
character whose Hinduism actually seems to inform his life, so in terms of their relationship with religion. Therefore, different approaches not by design just by accident by get You know the character of a happy accident, because clearly many viewers would be religious and be curious to them. How that plugs and absolute I think one of the things that you find is something most people there's an assumption made that religion is in two parts. The life experiences of scientists and I think what you find is that scientists were represent the spectrum of humanity, like any other group, and these things are incompatible with the poorest if science, the other wonderful thing that Howard gives us, is that engineers often here bit of a chip on their shoulder that their hands on doing the scientific work, but there sometimes look that as the grease monkeys of the group shall then can and engineers as the Umbrel Loan of science.
seen emergency. I got the Mars are stuck in a ditch dusty highway. Just outside bakers, see, where do you think are everything. Ok, yeah, baby I'll be right. You brought your role to the Mars Rover Control Room I picked her up in the bar she's, a doktor one free, very my mother won't care she's, not jewish. So what exactly do you want us to do any of you and rushed to help me get the rover the ditch, and I need you to get Stephanie out before somebody noticed she's here she doesn't exactly how Clarence freely they don't. Let strange women from Honky dogs come in you got your checks on distant planets. Yes, was bad, maybe she'll. Spanked me tell me: please it's getting late, so do I guess, drive this thing or what I'm sorry, but something's come up kind of Mars. Rover Mars Rover can how're come
So my friend Leonard, it's gonna, take you home anything Actually I was just checking my email. The rover is not responding. There's gotta be other options. It try going to believe but these unnecessary does timetable. They won't get there for thirty five years, because I understand you have me standing next to the vehicle with your card when they arrive Snapple, I guess we have to turn a plan b. What's then be erase all the hard drive, rather surveillance states, wiper fingerprints off every surface and run. I wasn't that plan and, lastly, spokesmen states that do
the loss of data. They will most likely be unable to determine the cause of the Marsh rivers. Malfunction Mars is goes for, plan, be cowardly, you say, Mars Rover, know you're missing, only first. Ninety seven said that if I went you, I you drive a car a horse on who we'd never felt was an until person, but uneducated. Her knowledge was an interesting and important distinction is very important and that her knowledge is pragmatic and useful. We ve created any situations where our guys extreme education wasn't useful, but penny His knowledge of the real world was, and if that were true, then these characters wooden at each other and they very much do
in which he also has which our guys lack, and I think they lack, because in the case of because he doesn't want it, but in the case of the other guys, because they ve spent a lot of time, I saw ITALY and academic fields. Is they lack an ability to move through the Muddle world says she can often be a guide to that and using Harry Potter, two reference characters in the bay frankly yes deal with rising you have no safety, math authorities of stickers to allow for verges on the surface of the local visions, a static friction jobs are slippery series of whimsical. Docks figures on the bottom of my two thousand there. Holding umbrellas done
Tat their whimsical, because dogs have neither a need for your the ability to use umbrellas guy the emergency room, you're correct that Iraq humorous is no longer seated in the green light socket. I certainly think so. I dont dry driving since we reached an impasse. You will have an ambulance. Help me help me please, right? Let it never be said that shall delete Cooper, ignored the pleas of a damsel and distress. Tell dusting rather ironic. Therefore Ninety nine scented he's stocks will die in a fiery car crash right this nobody to park at me, according to the inexplicably
nurse behind a desk he'll, be seen after the man who claims to be having a heart attack. That appears to be well enough to play. Doodle jump on his I found a way of facilities. Out describe illness or injury dislocated my shoulder our rights, and how did the accident occurred? You already know that cause of accident lack of it. She said: ducks, ok, medical history. Have you ever been diagnosed with diabetes, Sal Kidney Disease, how Migraines why are you currently pregnant? How are you sure you look a bit puffy change, migrants
yes monsieur lash menstrual period next question I'll, put in programmes failing to psychiatric disorders, list, all major behavioral diagnoses, e g, depression, anxiety, etc. But what the hell you ve got to do with my Stiglitz, episodes of Serbs, cosmic rays. She can almost Penny and Sheldon as opposites in every possible metric of humanity absolutely are, whereas Sheldon on the scale of intelligence? On that you do not want eighty seven does. Is it right that I q and but mostly in terms of education, he has the most with multiple postgraduate degrees and penny. Having dropped out of commute. The college has the least education on the books, but then, if you talk about their ability to
I'm should in the real world. The positions are reversed, Sheldon is almost self infantilism. The point of it ability to function on his own. He doesn't dr he's a groan, and it doesn't drive so he's dependent other people to take an places colony Yorker by the Heavens. Well, that's right, you absolutely, but in California, your very dependent on other people and so in terms of his ability to function on his own he's, he seems to be about ten, whereas penny, on the other hand, grew up out of arm. She has the ability to repair and automobile. Engine and things like that at all but she has the social skills that of fun, shooting in the real world of a place that Sheldon doesn't care for Sheldon when one of the other characters Let's go outside. He doesn't get what the big deal. About outside of outside were so great. Why did mankind about so much energy to inventing inside which is typical of Sheldon. His motion said Gore Phobic
and misanthropic its away from places and people, whereas penny is social, so they represent the extreme and its by design, because they were sent a crater scripting fertility for now that, but they also represent the two poles on Leonard who is the character who sits in the middle of them? Who long for the world any longer ability to function in the world. Any exists at appointed balance between a penny pulling him into the world, and shouting Paul him out of it after the break more of my interview with Bill Pretty and David Salzburg about the hit tv series, the Big bang theory, but first, let's Your shoulders thoughts about being a scientist after he's had a few drinks Let's get serious for a moment because we're scientists What do you scientists, studying the universe? universe made ass. I am so glad
ass. They antimony, arsenic, aluminum, Selina, oxygen, nitrogen, raining technical me Jimmy Juny, ABLE Germania everybody iron amorous Miriam Euro, a colony of the TAC vanadium, just the Asians, welcome back to start operating, I'm your hosting Neil Degrasse Tyson. I've been talking with goop, pretty cool creator and writer for the Big Bang theory and David Salzburg. An astrophysicist and the tv shows science adviser in this next scene. Well here in emotional argument about competing scientific theory she is an arrogant some power scientist. Actually believes loop, quantum gravity, but it unites quantum mechanics with general relativity than does string theory are either.
Taught me. I got a well. There is a Latin America, both theory snow, Only lukewarm gravity calculates the entropy of black holes. Don't make that noise is disrespectful, a snort of derision. You agree with me right, lukewarm, Bradley ease the future fittings Mary Leslie. I guess I prefer my space stringy not be. I find out the truth about you for this. When I further from the truth, about untested hypotheses like it's. No big deal doesn't really later we raise the children, I guess we wait until their old nothing less than two years
in theory? Choose their children? That's a hilarious scene. I note way back from season and level is not a recurring character anymore, but it's a fascinating analogue, obviously to discussions that parents have about what religion they might raise their children in. So what was the genesis of that? Seen? No pun intended. No, it's exactly that here. We have as was moving much faster in the dating relationship with Leonard than was reasonable, and we said, let's have them, find stumbling block in the relationship. This debate is something We certainly new in the writers room. We went to David for the specifics of the debate, but were found. Donated in general about Sheldon work in what was
then string theory and became M theory to during the cries of the series. But what's really going on is the people are afraid of relationships, and so people pick arguments with their potential partners to create emotional distance. This case it happened to be the physics about physics, but people pick arguments with their potential partner to push them away to see. If the person will come back, you ask: will that person climb a mountain back to me, and this is one of those cases where what they're talking about almost doesn't matter. David D, probably many conflicting physics theories that you could have selected for this. What led you to look quantum gravity and string theory will actually his bill setting the writers who minority peoples, but I should say the Scheele actually does quite a bit of fun? It string theory which has made me a little scared in the beginning, because there are a lot of string theorists. You think them advantages The storm is that I don't know what they can.
Untie matter they might have now are you haven't, dreamt of that that they know where the strings error they on nodded? And you simply drift apart this hasn't gone unnoticed and I've gotten a number of emails about it, but they often under the topic of giving help, Brian greener read the elegant universe appeared on the show, ought by Sheldon and maybe for the absurd. Fishing in their minds of trying to explain signs to the masses that was it and when he was giving his book talk at the local bookstore right and they were sitting the back snickering right, like they ve gone to see a comedian perform, but that's also fun. I mean part of the sort of normalization of science as a career means that you revere it Sometimes you market, sometimes it simply an ordinary. Part of their world. As we said when we first sat down degree, isn't necessarily about science and science fiction, it's a passion to under Dan than area beyond the general level of knowledge that exists,
it's an intensity of attention and it has one subject or to a field and it come from an underlying fondness of knowing to me that kind of passion toward the world is very appealing, maybe even, dare I say timeless and transportable one might age and a big bang theory counterpart in another set of fields where the dynamics of the characters are just the same. Absolutely look. We see an entertainment, all the I to call it a formula. You know when you have a law, should those characters are lawyers because it in point they had a passion about the law with a law is fiercely geeky. If you if we start pursuing it, you can find those aspects of the law that have the same kind of
ass, a nation is figuring out. You know why cling on look different in one STAR Trek Series verses another by my favorite parts of the Big bang theory are the ferocious arguments over fictitious constructs. Ferocious argue over fictitious constructs are absolutely a part of the Big bang theory. There also the socratic dialogues a fictional construct allows you to have a simplified discussion of something happening in the real world. Whether it's in the physical world, whether it's in the ethics or morality, and the fact that our guy, reference points are star characters or Superman is because that's their mythology, when their having an argument about Superman's, more Compass and his exercising of great power there not doing anything differently than the converse. In Greeks would have had about their gods, which are simply ways of examining moral quandaries. So there's a
the weather and argument is logically and internally consent? The yes, that's right, where you can break down and simplifying argument, not to say that any of this discussion happens in the writers room. The discussion in the writers room is geeky. Is the discussion on the show and one of the very first things that we Was the question about Superman catching Lois Lane, which is something that's trouble me all my life as she fell off the issued a broken every bone in urban well. I maintain in fact, that she's coming down so fast that, when Superman sticks out the two arms of steel, well she's, try sector it up. We had shown more false left one through the middle and alarm and went off to the right, and I have always said if he really loved area. The letter hit the ground into more merciful debts. But it gives way exchequer He then also happens in one of the matrix series right, but then you could argue in the matrix that you're in a world with modified or adjustable rules of physics, Superman isn't any well there you go. I look this event when I thought about this philammon to say this is
kind of argument that scientists will have all the time. We're will say take him impossible given and now work with it, because it makes Superman example. You say well, let's take the given that a man can fly now, given that and we're not with salt that you have a situation? Where will look the rest of this doesn't work but take a look at what is happening in high energy and quantum physics, where you say, let's make it impossible assumption, for example, that the position. And speed of a particle are not mutually knowable, and that is absurd. That is linguistic the absurd. That is conceptually absurd, but you discover, if you will to make that assumption that all of us a whole lot of other math falls into play and as the founding principle economy can that's right, so you say all right: well, maybe the ability to hold in your mind, let's say Superman can fly, is a building block to the kind of thinking leads to science. I wish I were towards a manifestation of that kind of brain. Why are the right now I wish I could,
we sat around and said: look here: is our educational go whenever I talk to a scientist and say we're we'd like to use you or your material, I always begin by saying you understand, wherein the Sooner envisage that is, primary goal I've got a wrap up the show. So that means it's time for my tweet of the weak. Let's see here about ok, the Big Bang theory, when geeky scientists can be main characters in a hit, prime time series you know there is hope for the world. You ve been listening to start talk, radio or two in part by a generous grant national Science Foundation, as always until next keep looking wish. You'd. Listen, the star talk, commercial, free joint start talking patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star talk, radio
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