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The Evolution of Personal Technology, with Marques Brownlee

2018-02-09 | 🔗
How has personal technology changed our world? Neil deGrasse Tyson sits down with tech vlogger and YouTube star Marques Brownlee, comic co-host Chuck Nice, and tech journalist Clive Thompson to explore Internet identity, hacking, Moore’s law, self-driving cars, and technological evolution.Image Credit: robypangy/iStock.NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free here: https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/season-premiere-the-evolution-of-personal-technology-with-marques-brownlee/

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide knocked off begin right now. Welcome to start talks on your host, neither grass station your personal astrophysicist and also the rector of New York Cities, Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural Hiss, and I got with me my coat jackknife- that's right. Certainties comic, tweeting! Thank you, sir. Yes, there is indeed correct. There you go at Chuck. Nice comic. Was there a truck nice already taken? Yes, it was me what'd. I absolutely didn't like myself enough to cancel that inside
started a whole new one kind, just go to start all over again set my complicate. You didn't laugh it. Might. We just remember that its truck nice Conrad braver? That's how that works, that you also hosted a spin off of start talk that we're all quite proud of yes weighing Lange with Science Yak as wait. What happened was we had of our guests, the portfolio of our guests, the the ones that were professional athletes develop their own following? Basically, let spawn that through its own sure I have spawned with professional, I don't know what to say those. Yes, sir, and your calls on matters is a Gary O Reilly who had a performer pay former professional football footballer for the UK, foregoing Crystal Palace and very cool. Today we are talking about the evolution of personal technology. La indeed had it that's a
very rapid evolution. Yes, it is, and a future my interview with Youtube of vulgar and all around sensation in this niche rhythm of Mark has Brownlee featuring my interview, the kid s that yes does already on boxing and do a lot for years and is also an unknown online, is what can be aimed K. Be H, dig there you go I love there could be there. You go featuring my interview with him. That's fine! Just because I feel, like you know ok go to bed. Now it's a patch of back to his father, but now he's got his own world creators onward he's big stuff. Now, since I only have marginal expertise in this generally, we go out and find the real expertise as we do today in studio, we have science and tech writer for the New York and other outlets, including wired, Clive Thomson Clock
the debate on my friend welcome its greater me here. Do do so you you, you have a book from a few years yeah yeah smarter than you think how technology is changing our minds for the better. Yes, Sir, why that is so counter intuitive you're, the only one I have only one holding down at origin. We, as everybody else thinks, is making a safe at home. If you need that book, I haven't for a ride with we'd on. None of us agree with what you couldn't possibly vote in there. My interview, Marquez Brownlee Humans, a Youtube gentle and K, be hd yeah as a utopian five million subscribers. Seven hundred million video views- and he reviews new tech in gadgets that you might think of buying or that you already bought, and then you learned you shouldn't have so so any idea what makes makes it so.
I'm, not a first adopter. So I don't. I don't have to chase the latest but sit down. I think so popular one is what you do said I'm not a first a doctor, he is the first. The doll you need in yours, just somebody has somebody's gotta, be the first, the first to dine. That's what this kid does and also, frankly, I'm not gonna. Stop calling him a kid. It's a grown man, I'm this guy he's he's is also in our energies, urban exemplar of what's happening. This new generation of of broadcasters are growing up. Tv, but our online and and there really anything really good at it. You look at it like it's just beautifully shot he's just using charisma. So in modern times one perhaps shouldn't even make the distinction between being
On tv or being on, we are in a weird way. May Youtube is such a funny or phrase right, because tuba mean who actually watching you two remembers what occurred tat. None of them have not my barely do it's like you know. I've gotta hold young kids and grateful middle school and enough for them in a what they watch where they learn things from, as you too, like you know that the network we got a tv box, it hooked up to you to it's, just you to Bonn TV like US actual tv being. Why would they don't make the distinction? That's right evidently driver. So that's the that's an emergent fact. I think it's beyond just not making the distinction, because I have also an eleven year old He is resistant to television right. You have the fact that he has to Do it on their time and there are scheduled, as laid down in front of a thing attached to the way that it upsets like how dare you and there's also a sort of I mean, I think, there's carbon authenticity. That comes or apparent authenticity hard to say, however, that it really is, but from
You know seeing someone who looks maybe more like someone, you might actually know doing this. You know like it might my kids, what are these minecraft videos and just someone do in mine craft now little box. And the cornerstone them in their crappy little room. That's what my son does very well, and that is how to play that game. Better! That's right! Yeah right! So but so that they may you too feels more authentic and more inasmuch as a real person there than ever glossy tv show and they get liked wild and on how to execute some maneuver ends that situation right. So I sat down with mark is so pities well known on the web. Course, and I just ask him how he got started on Youtube so check it out. So markets so, you ve been doing this. Since you were three years Alderson, for a while a number of years more than majority my life, the nature of your life, you actually more than everyone and hold. You know some twenty to begin, an old utter. Whatever happens, litter
down twenty two, so so you're into gadgets and all kinds attack. I got in the cameras and I got into all the Tec around me and then the sort of merged into making videos about the Tec you to trim little hugely popular place for people to go right and it didn't start thy way. It started is just me making videos for like myself, just to have that exist somewhere and slowly. People sergeant discover in a sort of grew from that it doesn't cost to review a gadget you got on the gadget. Rats somehow obtain it rat would how'd you do what you do. I was in school ass I was. I was using a laptop for school sigh reviewed, the laptop. I read a bunch of free software on a laptop and I started viewing paintings and I bought. Maybe the cooler for the laptop, that's the kind of stuff that got got off the ground, and then he saw proceed to check out more elaborate, extravagant things and the people
to depend on you little yeah because of this market is something he uses Daily is like a smartphone, for example. That's the kind of thing you do actually put a lot of research into and watch a whole bunch of videos on for you actually buy. So why did you realize you started happening following? I think one of the turning point of view I did about a web browser wants a fiery by apple, came to windows. I made a video about that woke up the next morning and had a couple of thousand views from people who warrant subscribed now it's kind of a light bulb moment, like people actually kind of care about this timely information to Britain. Just turn. Five years old outcry about fifteen arguments, indifference, but I just wondered: did did. Did your parents worry about you if you just plain gadgets, whoever amount to anything he's playing with these
Yes, yes, I dont actually know the answer, but I would be our guest here, such as always the case when the next generation defined with the future will be so Clive. How would you distinguish your childhood from his cause? You you go, you started writing and you cared about the same. Gadgets and software that he did not in that era says right. Yet I mean this is lacking. I grew up in the eighties and then, when I get a college in the nineties, there's Noah Smartphones, yet there's barely any internet right. There was like a lot of these texts by be more had invented first, absolutely message: boards and messages: you that's what it was yes, yes, I kind of them end like psych. I could see the future coming with message. Boards agitated figure was happening right, but yeah my my uses very, very different- and I think you know you- you would have come of age during the earlier cellphones them-
correct and I was not nineties was there I was I was in fact. I was well into my twenties when that when them, when the mobile phones came out based, so it was mounted one sexually other ones are ones you can use to deflect bullocks. I know I M calling its exact. No, I mean, I think it was very different and I think I think there's some things. I would have liked about a man look at the online world now, and I think I wish I had some of this stuff has an abandoned high school right. So you know maker. We make a couple Oh you know a small piece of music who heard that no one Roca Absolute opening born fifteen years late, yeah really, which are sites in some respects and would have put the thing. I want you to learn a great deal easier, founded and before you know it is just like well look here, so I tried to take a cosmic view on these matters and I just try to imagine. In twenty years Mark cares: Brownlee, Saint James
there's more fifteen years later right because some mouse, what else would I would have made some next generation? Even more potent you too, but the mind of the mind we are hardly at all usb. Is you just Jack Anna you'd closer? I only have a closer edges sends to reverence and automatic right implants it in April and wood. Back in these days, is how how archaic they were set. So I'm curious the in terms of Youtube as a site other other sites. Now, as I understand it, a facebook is now a sheet. Huge access point for videos, I would say also snapchat actually or snap as they now call. It is a really big deal. There are like they started this channel, it's kind of like you know. Where we'll do like step rational videos, but there's people. It's kind of blown up on on on snap, have trouble calling itself on Snapchat. That's that's. A very, very big video area for young people now to Youtube, is still in the
guerrilla, in the room, but other others. So Snapchat at the things smart array. Crackled part, that's what I know what I say now, but the snapped the thing is there It seems like all of their technology there there quite innovative policies. Technology just got stolen by other site. That's right, you're. How are they gonna stay imprisonment? I don't know equally because Facebook basic Instagram essentially copied everything they did and now it turns out that Instagram blowing up is people doing that kind of quick viral video thing on Instagram I'd die. That's a good question. I dont know. Ok, ok, if you don't what we do meet a guy who does now examine if we remain so so with funds coming out generation of phones look pretty expensive. The next is going to be up there.
How influential do you think those reviews are in people's barring Boeing decision? I think they're awfully big. I mean like when I talk to people and ask them how they learn about like I'll. Ask him. Another gets all you to all you too, like there, they immediately go there, try and figure out what something looks like what it feels like what it work. Like him, whether or not they should spend money on it. So Youtube has become the condom for learning about something before you buy it, so I asked a mark has to just sort of reflect on how technology it has evolved over his short Number of years site reviewing its let's check it out. Such a Europe? Europe? Twenty two now so
And you're a long career as reviewer. What what is it? What would you say? Change most since you were fifteen, let's say whether impressed you most yeah for what has changed. I can argue two things. One eyed. I talked about a lot: a handheld electronics, like smartphones tablets, laptops displays have impress me a lot and the quality resolution. The girl smooth detail, the Crispin US all that stuff a lot in the last couple years and also more recently, cameras, cameras and smartphones cameras in laptops stood the threat facing cameras, but especially in smartphones, within a lot better. But the number one thing I says, the displays and quality displays has enabled a whole industry to land in the media doesn't occur.
It's not just making. What you saw previously better. It is opening up entire new industries. Is that a fierce in virtual reality is an example where you- and you wouldn't have a super high resolution- display right up against are faced with a lens to focus on it. To put you another world that would not be possible with the displays for five years ago, because that close to your face, the lower resolution would be unsolvable to interfere. So we pressed certain threshold device. Innovation, yeah apple might use the term written a display to describe a display where the pixel density is so great that your I cannot discern individual pixels. Pretty much. Every phone has a retina display at this point where five years ago, that was not the case and even the photos you take with the cameras getting so detailed in such high resolution that again the type of images you can take over
on your smartphone are often better than something you get from a dedicated camera like seventy years ago. Yes, two Clive. What can you explain why this is happening? yeah me its demand and supply, right, so one. No. I didn't noted demand stuff that I'm buying. Now I mean it's like oh my gosh. I guess it's kind of cool ones. People start once it at once. I phoned came out and people realize they want and yet do not act in ten years ago. Right elbow Iphone comes out and they don't want a little flipped on anymore. They want something as a screen on right, so Pretties is an enormous demand for those screens and over in you know, Asia, the factory start working and working working working. The price drops dramatic and so the high end is always chasing more and more pixels, more resolution and greater brightness, but even that has dropped and dropped and dropped and drop the point we're like
it's it's an expensive part of the phone, but it's it's. It's amazing how cheap you can get really nice screens now over, and so so I know I have a nice ring but, like I said this I never would have imagined using. My son phone Saint GM, I want to take a picture with myself. I see this was not an urge their nets or anything any body had that original. No, I think what might have driven that everything. I thought they were fortunate on me initial, they did their work. I remember, and I think what did it was a believe it or not. Apps. What did they do? The advent of apps in these photo apps allowed you to do your own little like photos, shopping and man that only legitimate s repent and impose them you it's like me. I think in many ways a tipping point was probably Instagram right, so that was a first first thing where you could take a picture and you could do it, but a filter make it look prettier than what you did right, and this is an intentional thing that cabin system the gathered and invented it was tat king about with his girlfriend remedies, designing it about sharing photos.
And she said to him- they were talking about issues like the promise. I want to show my photos. Look as good as yours he's he's a big analogue camera guy, and He said well, that's because I'm using all these these films that produces lovely filtering of factories at what you need to put some filters that thing. Lo and behold, that's exactly what work, because you could take pictures, make em pretty instantly share them that took off? Are we gonna go up against? Is there some moors law of personal technology? You either they're going to end well level reservoir guys. Let me just say that there are some people who may not be familiar with what mirrors lies. I mean I know other people might not enough. People may, and I are what is more as law in brief Moors law is the observation of several decades ago that computer keep forgetting bass, be twice as fast every eighteen months right and that's because they could make the components smaller and smaller and smaller they are now at the atomic level. Those wires are so tiny. You can't make him any smaller. That is what the end of more law, so will the devices?
stop getting the message warden more Gordon, more that's right! Yet one of the founders of Hewlett Packard, I think, you're a yeah, oh boy, you put me on the spot here. Was it either astern tech, journalism, warfare, child semiconductor, I'm anyone the point being that the question is you know, but you know that you're the issue Why is it so small and they re an atomic distances right? Then quantum effects between one restart taking those rights we did? Is we added? So irony is pretty much lighter that its independent of the wire sitting next to absolutely the wave function to them. Both students phase love, it look at physics. That's it now ass, I say yes at their essentially haven't figured out how to make things faster without making them smaller. Ok, to fight. So, even if you do level off it, Moors law, other fine, but
Presumably design can change. Are there and other limits price natural near Shepherd design at the moment? Actually weirdly one. The big limits is: how fast can you get data to that device? Unlike a cell phone tar right, you know, like lighted, that's almost a bigger limit now than the speed of the phone right like cable tv. That's right now to me like that they talk about how great you're, able, as we have this fiber optic and whatever else aghast about copper remnants of my house, who gives a damn it's like. I actually fell for that crap and I was just like this. The exacting cable I have before so. Can we think of these smartphone whose, as augment in our human physiology, apps Sure I mean every technology we ve had has to a certain extent, as Marshall Mcluhan put it be, being an extension of man right. You know so tv extended our vision, the phone extended our ability to speak and talk these things are the strongest extensions of of humanity that way we're had- and I would say that you
think of them. Ass, almost a sense apparatus there, like a form of s p by which we tapping What money is paean that is being examined at at at at at a speed that that you could think it was a form yes be by which we sense what other people are thinking and talk about, doing like all the time for good and for ill right, because on the one hand, while you learn a lot of great things and they had it's almost like having telepathy in being able to shut being on able to shut other people's voices off in your head. In fact, when I tweet and I look at the responses, today too easily tweet, something now educational at my intent and I try a little funny, and if I have little to design a puff of smoke, I get be parliament I could be pleasantly looks ok, so I look at the response to it and that formed. I see that as a neuron synaptic snapshot of the instantaneous reaction to words. I used to phrases I composed two ideas, I put out there and then, when I give a public talk,
for those in and I'm way better communication service at assets, my e s, p, and a sense of ridding inside the head of a million people. At this further I'm doing it all wrong. What so coming up. More of my interview with marked cares. And it's an all in his capacity to tell us what thrown down technology. Hey I've got no secret for you. I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this show, There's just one way to get out a hearing there go to
patriarch arms last startled and supporters at the five dollar level or higher to listen. The star talk ad free. You can download all current episodes into your favorite park has player and never hear another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me seeing if you're supporters Patria Dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thing, and I mean I'm just saying. We're back on start, arguably overdraft, hasten because those Jack nice in studio yesterday Clyde Thomson attack writer, furthermore times in wired and then other venues, I oughta do a few others. If you, as we feature my interview with Marquez, roundly he's a twentysomething early, twenties review, Of tech device- that you might think of getting it does is on the internet has millions of followers, and so
I got here sort of it interesting sort of perspective, Ok, on what role is this portable technologies might play today? I just had to ask him what that relationship was between these technologies in our lives just check it out. only really ever known the internet as a thing in your life right then having to have transition from one into the library to get information and data, so your life is practically define, enabled the information you get on the internet, what those apps for you, as you conduct your life, So there's a sermon of trust that you place in this information in the integrity of this information yeah. I have an app on my phone call, Google now and if I go
to class enough times? And I my phone, my pocket. It knows that I go there every day, so it puts down as where work, but I gotta every day and if it's far enough I drive their everyday it'll start to show a card in the morning when I should leave based on traffic to get there on time, because I go to the same time every day. Now it's helping me get there on time, because it knows where I go: every if there is an accident, but no logical. Wake me up earlier to tell me you she had on had out earlier, because there is an accident on the road that has an action on the road you're about to take to get at the place you're about to go. I'm ok with all of it, because it's helping me affair. You noticed people, don't like to think that Google knows all this about us, they're gonna! Use them nation Raven machines that are collecting information can turn and use it. I feel like if they're giving back this information to help me in this way. That's actually really useful. I'm ok, So I'm a senior citizen among the three of us in my day, privacy
was paramount. That absolutely- and I dont know that this next generation gives a rat ass about. I was not all that stuff is on internet. We at what do you know that the way their sexual preference there, their gender pronoun and good. Can you just offer some reflections on the meaning of privacy in the era of quote helpful, as it's definitely changed a lot for exactly the reasons we ve been talking about it is then pass what you're young right now to have a social life without participate. And you know all these acts in a year. If social approach elapse exactly like, whether that's snapchat or Facebook, or whatever you're kind of off the grid. And there are. There are abstainers kind of funny you you will find young people who are like. I why it will have no truck with this.
But they're the ones who are like kind of the iconoclast who don't really care about you know about having you know about a big, a big group of friends, so I think one of the problems young people have. Is it like their? It's, not it's not even necessary that they have a fundamentally different attitude towards privacy, but they have no choice but to do these types of things in the same way that For us, when we were younger, not getting a driver's licence was sort of basic a vow of I'm never going anywhere that the cool kids are going right. You know you could have said hey. I think I grew up in New York City. Ok, I promise of urban drawn us online video to drive you. I am so you know, if you back, then that if you opted out that technology, you are real. Your troubles right. So these are cultural, social forces rate absolute and, if you're in the middle of it, you don't even know that there is another option yet, but my problem is that there is, at you heard in his statement, was resident a certain amount of trust in the responsibility that Google has yeah yeah, distrusting these companies very trust there are huge. Do you trust what your trust level, while you know?
our trust, anybody you say you're not and not in a conspiracy. I don't want you, no one is about me because its power- and we all know be our corrupt status. But I'm knowledge is knowledge about you with power. You, as you know, Frank. Unfortunately, all people- and I believe it is the only way this could have got worse appears appears golden. Ok, especially the black community. Here's Google, if they have been invented, twenty five years ago, Google in the black community how'd, you make your damn business. That's that's the response, but goes on, might go to my Franklin. Forces came up the book. He talks with big tack right and he means the great big companies that massive amounts of power in a facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Google. And he makes a distinction between that and like kind of smaller tech which are companies, you might ask you know and trust, and I think that's a good distinction, because you know
You guys are not one of those big ones used to be little. Don't tell me I could just big now I agree, but like so the problem. We are improving. The probably epithet their small tech, you can completely trust liking to open source stuff, like the tore project right. Their whole point is to try and make it easier for you'd have privacy online and its open source, and it's a it's like a run for non profit. Civic minded hackers there technology out there that you can trust it's not the stuff that is big and is rewarded heavily by that by the by the market of matter by commerce, by commercial like it's all about the commercial entities in analysing these are advertising. Is there anything out there that you ve said Arthur cross the line. Oh yeah, sure if women are now giving example like so there was there. I came home from a summer vacation and I open up my android phone and Google said hey. You know we just put together a slide show of food.
Was an like points on a map of all that I done last week's just because we thought you might like it was so Crete and which I believe is super creep in, and I always turn my locations off right. Ok, sometimes you forget a hand where I got that same Douglas, Slideshow freaked me. It doesn't matter Ottawa why? What are your own has? As I understand it, ok can't google. Now you put your picture up in the cloud, do an image recognition of your surroundings compared with all their nonaligned minor and with this in the plaza Dippy, also of the dark and shall we'd idea. That way, absolutely in fact, actually, if you ask that affect like, of course, if you ask me from the technology right now that most unsettles me it's the gallop rule out a face reckoning technology into everything into every and, like you, I don't want my microwave. You know recognising my
face and I dont want omnipresence face recognition all over the place, but it's getting so easy to do that. I mean just the other day. Google, hopefully said: hey guys, we just made tensor flow, are a framework so I can run, unlike basically a raspberry pie. That's crazy and eggs tragedy. Saying there you by the way- and let me tell you, sell something else, this here's. What really scares me about the facial recognition. Aside from the fact that I don't like you said I want my microwave recognising my face, you know is the fact that once. Somebody learns how to have that and make my face: like face off. Ok now they could just walk round and be made. However, as I understand it, it's not just its better Then what you would think it's better than how you would do thinking that you're looking at self, because it's actually measuring ratios of dimensions of your face that are extremely hard oh no! I'm not talking about the I'm talking about going beyond the actual facial recognition. Where that
I go in and tell Software that I mean I d rather Thyssen hack. I happy so now everywhere, Neil digress TAT, whether where I go, you know that I'm real progress rather than to scare, also show that will happen. This money is going to have. This brings us to because you can't out program, if you can just happen, in the back. I always go around. This brings me to the concept of internet identity. Ok Are you on the internet and how and privacy breaches the sort of thing, and so so I had to ask him Marquez Brownlee, just these the that, not only helping us put now defining defining our identities and what it can do. That's it. Let's check out the interview. Was your life being defined by what all the ways the internet inserts its way into here and to your router
Because of my generation, it still, this It's a luxury, it's a convenience to tool. It is not me right Has it become you site? I would say? Yes, I would say the internet is part of our life and always has been in a way that other generations exist alongside you're not may go over and use it once in a while everything we do whether its communication or sharing anything with anyone, whether someone, I know, urges posting something for the world. All of it goes through the internet. The convenience stuff, like I said where a normal going to work routine, would have no internet involved in it in ninety ninety. Today, its Loran upon Google MAPS in and my alarm clock on my phone and everything telling me one to wake up and went to leave and how to get there. So in that way, I do think we are completely to tune into the internet and away that's not
The same as any other guys, but can I say it's not it's what you are tuned into the internet interests tuned into you that that also is trail, do have an identity outside of how you are represented on the internet. I think these are faced page. The array of this. This is how I want the world to see it's almost like a pair of identities where you, you have your social life, but you have here social media life as well and sometimes are different in these apprise. How different there, with a single person having an online life forces and offline life, which kind of weird huh. Ok, how closer the two for you for me on the same person will be that areas will be the judge of looking. You can look it up out there. It's all the same you saw. I wonder if I'm one of my favorite comics from Was nineteen nineties, New Yorker, there's a dog the computer in another on China and when it sets the dog
Next one good thing about the internet: no one knows your dog ass, pretty ass, so so What does it mean and how real is it for people to just have a dual identity? The and identity and then their actual themselves well I'll buy back, are bought by that our first I mean we ve always had: multiple identities, in fact in the in the early twentyth century. Late nineteenth century it, migration of people from small towns, cities and one of the things I loved about it was in the end Malta, town, everyone knew your business and it was sort of impossible to reinvent yourself or discover other sides yourself. Could I was no. That's not who you really. I know you are Clive Thompson right, you got big city and suddenly, lo and behold, while I could be someone differently alone or I could be a couple of different people and one person at work and I go off and I do my thing with my crab just sitting there, people who say the city is so crowded? I want to go out into rural, suburban area where no one will know me yeah.
The opposite. They will be. I got you out in fifteen minutes yet origin, a city where I know one gives a care residents who medical men began to know you you're right right, tightening having multiple again he's is actually healthy and and a good thing. Frankly, I'm just a repeat: I think, having multiple identities. You know as long as you're, not you know. Sociopath again, you have like a different postal box where you, where you sort of No oil shock at the moment I was getting anyway, the that that's healthy and and others in the extent to which I think you see people trying to do that. On line and kind of failing, because large corporations don't want you to have that they want to know everything about you. They one assembled all place. They can target adds at you in India is Mark Zuckerberg, original statement. Facebook audio having different selves is a sign of in authenticity and, of course, he's going to say that, because he wants to have everything about using and target adds at you right now
but but what he's? Where he's I was once they fail miserably, but then I thought Probably this is who I am, and I'm saying that he's feeling there are so that doesn't make sense, but I think what not taking into account is the fact that when You do have you're different cells, it can also be authentic sure absolutely have different cells that are authentic, sound! That's my points you got so I play an airplane bands, I'm a journalist, often to crow. Have no idea about the other party right like and when I go on, hang with musicians, someone read the stuff, I do there, just that's Clive the guitar player right in exactly right. So is ultimately there are legal ramifications to access to your private information, well, meaning Good question: I'm not a lawyer who reads the you know that disclaimer, there's gonna be legal disclaimer that way
and I always thought that when you click yes, I agree that some type of really weird things should happen. Like you hear a knock on the door. Somebody's like yeah we're here for your wife. What and when you click a great crazy stuff, the I mean I saw I'm not layers, I'm not gonna. Give you a good legal answer, but but Eddie. It's definitely true that I think one of the biggest is right now is like you know what what protection legal order do. We have for the Our data is used right now over in Europe. They are to have a much. Aren't you, Germany, particularly as they have the Stasi rights that they are there? they have a lot of laws and Google runs against ease and hates them and lobbies against them. You know, I think, We probably need much much better. Protection of this kind can and should an employer hold your social media life against you. I don't think they should know. I don't. I really don't think they should most of the time the hiring level right. Thank you and I'm talking about yesterday at the level of hiring ok and then they say what are they posted and what drunken picture area?
I think I don't think I don't think that they should be doing that stuff, because that would be tantamount to been printed era say: hey. Can we come home and of roaming around or size? You know- and you know that was that was considered unreasonable back damage. It should be similarly considered unreasonable, NASA comedian today, because I must therefore social media can't get its half hour, no, not at all jokes about excitedly we'll take a break but- we have more on the future technology. We're back on Startalk and my expert guest wired magazine in your times, colonist Clive Thompson for the future of technology jackknife, as I said so, we're not exports of this, but we have strong opinions on yes and he's got expertise so we're good and what future my interview with Marquez Brownlee he's the something you're old has been reviewing technology for everybody on the internet. So I
ask him. Where does he think technologies headed? check it out so what are you gonna be telling your kids? back in my day when I was twenty two we had Oh my god can have sympathy. Please honestly unthinking carts, I'm hoping cars, how we drive cars and we know this to be really began his account as economic out. I count that I say anything with an on buttons game. Technically, not every car has an on button, but if you look at some of the more high ankara's today, they ve got electrical systems galore plenty of high tech. I feel like a lot of stuff. We have now that's inside of a Carly, have control like the steering wheel, even fear, and a softer having car. They still wants you at the controls In case something might go wrong because it's a computer and it's a system for funding, because then the threat that you see that implies the something would go wrong with the machine that the human
correct, rather than something or north, with a human at the machine, its current gas, because last I check all those accidents on the street or by Jean Louis, mercenary for share, but even the canvas systems getting to the point where everyone has a car that is capable of driving itself known, even needs that space a steering wheel in the car he just gonna sit down- it's maybe a bench facing other benches and just kind of right along to destinations. I feel like that's way down the road where, where at the point, where a car a sort of fusing into the next generation of vehicle, at this point, so of course to all the driving on the rude principle, you could look dispute.
Absolutely right, you're, not at risk of reaction time. Exactly so I'm imagining you go hundred fifty two animals. Now you have known room, no problem and not just with interest seamlessly with each other in a way that would be scary if a human was trying to do it, but always be told him all the tripe because of all the cars are going two hundred any high speed. Then it's a moving coordinate system so that a car can move in and out of, assessing all the cars, a sort of talking to each other S as points in the matrix sort of avoiding shouted because they already know if car onawandah right lane with a bunch of stuff and between it knows it wants to go the left and car onawandah left, no
Also go to the right and I can tell the car surrounded on trying to get the right. I'm trying on the left human couldn't do that with another car on the other side of the road. Will you from home, but Emily try by those those machines can work with each other, much more efficient, never considered. So it's it's! It's a ban on the freeway sudanese people it's beautiful, that's really beautiful, set so Clive. What is but you know why do we get software updates because there exit are found by the many users that, The testing is just what put it out there. You see what comes back right. So, driving cars were lives, are at risk. What is the risk of their being some kind of bug where kills people or or
or on top of that which the risk of hacking into a car to create the accident in the first, but I think the hacking might be a bigger risk and the bugs I mean regulatory, it's gonna be tricky for them to get those cars on the road, because cars are prey. Be tightly regulated unless can demonstrate you know pretty, basic there's, not a bugs now. Hacking is a different thing, because now gotta human person that trying actively to break something right and that's a much more volatile there is already being situations or cars wrote there, and you know why I didn't wired hired a couple hackers it literally too. Over car, what's going on the highway and they didn't get problem right it so I'm so I think I've driven and self driving cars as an entire Balkans division. Exactly the ivory. I've I've written in Google Self driving cars felt pretty comfortable to actually in we re almost a cautious drivers like it's like being there with her grandmother. The hail right now could get faster. As you point bottom
overall, the and if I were to compare it to the dangers of humans driving cars, I'm probably ok. You know with the self driving cars. If it's well regulated, that's a big. If right, so that's the future. I think so. Yeah I mean I I think it might be. It might take longer than we think you're getting these rosy predictions five years, the odyssey five you now, but the fact is that they are. Road right now they do work, which I forget, their trucking company bottle so now Otto has gone cross country traverse the country several times with there. There are some I and the only thing the human being is doing is monetary. They have I bet sits there and monitors that in it, and you could also me frankly to the reason I'm kind of in favour of it, as it has potentially great environmental benefits right, because you get way less idling way less Jack rabbit starts. These are things that burn huge amounts which are generally when you're just your ear at rest, any sudden, forced off rarity of humans humans want accelerate fast, Rebecca
ignoring human, getting he's forward, while after another testosterone, infused boy, human rights, I guess I didn't want to address those twenty five and that after that, the boy human testosterone forces right have dissipated rashly don t. I was very and any get lower ongoing need not be able to do anything until their exactly ice. It says there were three months in here. We noted the right right you're under twenty five, and you have a penis, you're, f increase other is too ok. There's some deeply wrong with you. You need help. You should talk to somebody else, everything every one of you. Ok, so I would intrigues me whenever self driving car and is talking to other cars, their signals. Theirs I just learned that Tesla is talks or the tassels. So if you come on
to a bumpy road, and then you make the adjustment to change or suspension which, of course, you can do that information goes to the next Tesla, the that will be on that road to adjust the suspension before it enters the dangerous, caught sight of danger and what that does not just don't you want to know if there's a hazard and in the road, nor would I dont want, is their other tests were saying. You know your own, it doesn't love and, and the interesting points going to be will there comes a point when the government decides that the self driving cars are so much safer that its illegal for human to drive a car? They could surely do that. However, I thought this, it's not. You cannot take a horse on the interstate right even other today, when horses were the only thing driving cars are so much safer that its illegal for a human driver. They could surely do that. However, I thought about this: it's not you cannot take a horse on the interstate
right, even others a day when horses were the only things. Aren't you around Linden points over now? If you like horses, you go to a stable ray. I, where you said, there's a place for you to exact. Allow have race track every tracks where then, if you still sports car collector night- and you want to control your own car, you take it to the sports that you have a birth at the sports track, right at this at the driving track and that's where you drive and you get your thrills just like the horse right back writers. Do so. The Mustang will just be just like a real mustang. You'd have to go to re, establish the polio Mustang out of the garage take a ride area of man. I just I asked Marquez. Is there any any other future technology that he's excited about her and treat by the Czech it out
when you the ripe old age of thirty two. How do you want to be living life? What technology you wanna be surrounding tenuous analyses? I hope I hope Car Tec is on another level out. That's the most exciting part list. The red horizon for this took too can do it. I hope the handheld devices we have are no longer hell, that's pretty ambitious for ten years, I think but Irrigation Wilson. What are you there like in your arm or alike, are attacked you seen where will text my watches economy shrink down in an end up on your wrist wrong, your ear on your neck, or something like that. I have noted the biology technology is voted. Interfusions its little usb thing right here right in making the code to do that, and let no one called it happened. They were. They were usb ponytail avatar
I'm not ready to take the lead, their hair, down there. They would communicate with one another. That's it. I think I see, though, is like a much more portable, but complete version of here you're digital self to just exist. And be able to move around, so Clive. Is this? How real is this interview? to biology and technology, and I ask because do I need my Iphone new. Logically attached to me when it sitting at my fingertips. To begin with, I mean: is that the same thing? It's it's awfully internet right now, right! It's it's right! There, Tom politely near they talk about wearable technology. We already have wearable technology, we ve all world caring phones with us right into my pocket. You know, but there's people working on Google's working on these. You know like contact lenses that have like technology display technology and on their work and their quite seriously for any ethical frontiers here that we don't know about yet
bio ethical amid that did the bioethical frontiers. Concerns are always do pretty something that's great for intelligence, performance and ability, but is so expensive. Only rich people get it right that that's ok tends to be the I have. My answer is yes, I heard a rebuttal today from Ray Kurzweil, because we had a month startled her here, No, that's not a problem. They have has not said why he said, because when it first comes out, it never works well anyway, and its stupendously expensive. It is not an end. So yes, only a few people have it, but only when it becomes mass market or does it become truly functional. Ezra he's right Peter. When phones first came out, you know you have to be pretty writs thing at first, computers are pretty, most computers are useless in the first phones are completely useless and the ones that are mass market are the ones that are most. So that's why I don't see. That is a problem I mean, I hope, he's right, shall we sat near here, so
Clothes and great heavier operating on so conversation guys. We gotta bring you back with, but surely find some other excuse. You excuse better than the other right, we'll call chalk and if any final thought here now. I just think that this is a very scary time. You're. If we thought alongside technology is wonderful, it I'm so happy that we have a gas and we think the human race is so much better off now there were others have our faces stuck in some stupid phone instead of talking to one another. I think I think we don't think you're still in our infancy, Dino it took multiple centuries ass the printing press before anyone figured out that you can make thing called a newspaper. True,
so it was, you have brought sheets and things, but it at every teen leap, produce newspaper and adapt the area that was took four hundred years at three hundred something years. So here we are at the dawn of the internet, even though Fifteen, twenty years old, I think we don't yet No, we still playing with ourselves right, and I don't think we have we have. I there's a level of maturity of how to use the power of this technology that we have yet to attend? it just love that you said level a majority at ease they play with yourself, and I was like kind away the number one thing that the internet causes will play. What comes of so I just think, there's there's a level of technological mature that we have yet to achieve and I don't know when fifty years at a hundred years. Hundred years? I dont know, but only then can
We really say that it doesnt own ass. We, I you been watching and probably more likely listening to start talking and I've been your house near the grass Thyssen, your personal astrophysics job it would be her always applied. I've gotta be a publicly thank Marquez, roundly for agreeing to that end of you and until next time, as always, looking at. We should listen. The star talk commercial, free, joint star talk on patriarch for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com, slash star talk, radio,
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