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The Future of Humanity with Elon Musk

2015-03-22 | 🔗
Neil deGrasse Tyson explores the future of humanity with one of the men forging that future: billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors. Co-hosted by Chuck Nice and guest starring Bill Nye.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free, welcome to start off your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide dartle begin right now this is start talking. I'm your host reveal the grass facing your personal astrophysicist, and I have with me check nice ads hey: hey Neil tweeting, Chuck nice that is correct or has always good Have you on the shock to be here? You know, you know what this topic is today the trolley more important topic we ve ever addressed, then this topic on the future of humanity ok, that's what it is future of human and we are featuring my interview with the one and the only Elon Musk, a man who is concerned
Looking to the future of human rights is not contribute to a. He is that it is not something that everybody else is doing in on it now now he's he's he's he's making it: ok, ok, Sometimes these referred to as the real life iron man Tony Stark. I have to agree with that. Actually and he's the founder of pay pal internet companies a founder, Spacex rocket company, he found of Tesla Motors, an electric car company and its chairman of solar city, solar energy company. He is the real tony stark. Did you go and I That does mean I don't love you, but I thought I should bring in some help on this one: ok, ok, another man who is someone else in my life now that now this is awkward
that will bite in my lip. Is Doctor Thyssen get introduce me, or should I say anything at all about you re talking about eleven months, coomsdale good! Thank you for the good to have you here, because you ve got some serious engineering background I answer a lot of showing your time of engineering, the future of our civilization, the sittings, the flattering, but I'd rather duped say what real stuff and put your writing a book on. Like was sustainability, climate change under end up doing more with less you know, it's gonna be called unbar, did I unbounded and I What's a good subtitle here, Britain Idiot, if you don't believe in climate junctures, have what it is.
Might as well be so it is an extraordinary time. I mean we're talking about alone mosque in his vision for the future of humanity, but is an extraordinary times. We record this state of Florida. Just Forbad were made kept, would not allow state a fish to use the phrase. Climate change has real yeah or sea level rise or seal up and they're gonna. So what is it? What's? Gonna happen to states of Georgia Missis, dip in our bambridge gonna build fences like we have in Texas gas already in both the seminars, and I think no one knows this respect. Anybody who lives in Florida, Georgia or alabaster, but I got appeal in it's gonna- be a chain link. Then still, let's give this water out worth finer, so little Let's get to the bottom of what created the lawnmowers gray, I wanted to find out you don't wait, wait!
come from where, where you grow up, I do know anything about the man. Let's find out what egg hatched you into this we were you before you. Well, is born in South Africa, one each other, When you come to America and make a billion dollars, I mean I don't expect of us, make boy no expert group in South Africa honestly seeing a lot of the same tv and movies and reading comic books and- and I really didn't feel all that different from say, southern California. Honestly she had a kind of baptism into american pop culture at the time Yeah yeah, I know a lot of hamburgers and when steakhouses in red, like every comic book, you know my father Bovina trip to the high said when I got my ten members really awesome experience, because the hotels all had case someone on one thing was wherewith to new hotel, a motel wherever it is curious case and silver.
Any other services for yet whether they had bedbugs you're. Looking from arcane games yeah, what had video games do for you but another crib engaging and they made me want to learn how to program computers than other work to make my own games, and then I could also. I went to see how games work ahead of you create a video game. That's what led me to learn how to program computers GB our programme. Yes, I had one of the first videogame consuls didn't haven't: have cartridges had like for games that you can play, and you could pick one short of the four games play it. I was it and then went from there to the regional authorities and then in television and then I was in a store and saw a comedy twenty and, as a colleague cry, you can actually have and make your own games. I thought this was just one of the most incredible things possible took all of my saved alone and it has my father until we gotta come over twenty and I came with this manual or how to program and basic strives for a all night today's neurologist, observing that and on your own no enforced. You know
Those who sell motivated gotta know this. This is for me. I've spent like nine, nine or ten or something to appoint and basic at age. Nine or ten yeah I gotta went got o city on the thing is a technically o serious but actually get of Sesar low, but that police, the airport. Programming hunting house, you get to control something ache, instructor little universe and first do it like. While this incredible you can actually make things happen like you type these commands and then something happens on the screen. That's pretty amazing, so there is hope for all the parents who have middle school. Children we're lost in a video. Absolutely they too can be a billionaire. I'm sorry. What I was just plan were over here with a video game now that your ps3 the down, yet you know actually that's my son video game, craze, Ball Powell:
he's ninety nine drag. It doesn't get better get better, but his favorite game is something called minecraft yeah. I know nothing about it. However, I started watching him play this and I want you know what this is in bad disguise: learning how to it is our universe, it's very imagination. Driven and now he wants now to code. We love the recovery of the could go diabolical. If you want, create its own universe, disease on the radio, create your search it just a quick razumihin of of of even more so You don't ninety ninety nine, he founded the company that would become Paypal, then solar to Ebay, and he we're not with a hundred eighty million dollars in, and it was thirty two years old. How do we make a living between University and thirty two well
is more of this interview that we will find out but idle night. He would like making companies and selling them and then the way they do. Of course, that's how you do it. That's the great! Let's find out that's hard, so What I wanted to know was, while he was in college, what what was he thinking about? in the most recent cause. You wanna major get a job when you come out. Why not what he was thinking about? no one has encouraged us with. A lot of things that are most can affect the future of humanity and the electric car saw power is sustainable. Most people think, and I just want a job when I get out in China. Humanity as an undergraduate. I mean it's pretty in America's pretty easy. Keep yourself a lot. So my threshold for existing, pretty low suffering acted like the sun dingy apartment with my computer and be okay and not start effect. When I first came to North America and Canada, when a seventeen and justice
see what it takes to live. I'd try to live on one dollar a day which has helped if you search by food in bulk at the mark, rice and means I want more for the hot dogs, rugs and oranges. You get really tired. Hydrogen oranges after oil and recrossed IKEA passed a green paper and a big thing of source, and that can go pretty far too serves like Cato backing for a dollar a day. Then, at least for a food costume point was pretty easy earn. Like thirty dollars a month,
how things are five yoke? Okay, so that allowed. You do not have to worry about money because the experiment gathered the experiment exactly so. This was important psychological, philosophical anchor for you know yet, but words in your mouth, but that's a starting point to launch anywhere. You want to go yeah absolutely and certain I've got a baseline of life baseline from which to go new places. Intellectually, psychologically, financially so what came first, thoughts of an electric car or thought of space when deciding on cars like
pressure sophomore year like easily sort of South America, philosophical wanderings and try think of one of the things that it would seem to me would most affect the future of humanity. There really five things, three of which I thought would be interesting to be involved in the three that I thought were were definitely positive would be the internet, the stable energy, both production and consumption and space exploration, more specifically the eccentric like the under on proto basis, and then, although I never thought I would actually be involved in that, that's that was based on Africa's important in the abstract, but not something I thought I would ever have been option to be and then the fourth one was artificial intelligence and the first one was rewriting human genetics. These are just the five things that are most effective, future humanity subtracted you, change dramatically when you went to college. I didn't want to do my underwear when I was at times- are you kidding Bill engineer. Man do you agree with this list? Yes, be cool ass, cool ass. I would have included,
Educating women and girls raising still living women girls so that the human population of the world will slowly become more manageable, a greater tapping, the loss, intellectual capital right among those who have been disenfranchised from it, or franchised ragged he'll. Never answer is intrinsically France, which is where I live. I love when you say that, because it it's basically you you will women are educated, they dont have, as many babies that's all. There is a or more loved and better careful, and so that's where the the burden. Society happens with mom being. A happier, healthier person more educated end up with a better educated kids end up with a better world just like that. It's like that. Furthermore, The woman has a higher quality of life. She has a better job, she's happier, which just makes everybody happy.
Oh so you on after he sold Paypal headed by Julian Zoe. But see now. That's where I stop you look like you. That's why I'm just a couple hundred dollar two hundred and eighty billion dollars. You know you're good, you goodbye not that kind of guy that was pushed pushed whispered. So we what he wanted to do. He wanted to go into space. Let's find out how I guess when I started out? My goal was to do a philanthropic mission with the intent of increasing NASA's budget. That was my I was confused to. I would not yet sent person to Mars seem like this was always the goal after the moon and were not made progress on that and when it became clear that pebbles gets hold of him and asked What am I doing next inside? Well, I mean I don't know what to do next, but I'm most curious about what's going on with space, and why have you made progress? I just wonder when we're going to send a person to Mars.
A website where I can find a day like. Well. Maybe it's here somewhere and I can't find him the date nets and wants to land mark. Yet that's got to be like some schedule or something like that game plan or it's the state, even if, as far as the future night, there was not to be found anywhere and erase S resettling about that back history and that all ok, maybe there's something that I can do to stand a small missions, the serfs amazed that would get the public excited and as a result of that public excitement, NASA's budget will be increased and we can resume process of sending people to Mars. Essentially she thought you can do that with your lousy billion dollars, not an outgoing does the time I had about it, hundred eighty million sola and- and I figured maybe I could spend half of that on a mission to Mars suspend every time this year,
in the space industry and virtually cited on this idea of setting a smoking, has surface of Mars, recalled the Mars OASIS mission and seizing dehydrated jailer. Land, you hydrate Joppa, letting you have this great shot of green plants on red background and public response to precedents in support of this would be the first like another planet for this, that lifesaver traveled. So as you know and you get a headline yeah, exactly it's gotta, be something new or something similar, and if it will now maybe reinvigorate excitement in the result would be masses. Budgets increased, so the whole go getting was just how do we get more money for NASA? But after Spain have time on this? I can imagine that I was incorrect. My initial assumption is wrong because I thought that with as well as way and that we just sort of last hour will that was that false there's plenty of will people needed.
There is a way in a way that would not bankrupt the country or mean that they have to sacrifice something of critical importance like healthcare. So it became clear that the space transport problem to be solved unless there was a dramatic improvement in the cost of space transport, then none of it would matter so in your first successful launch. What was the cost per pound through orbit about six thousand dollars? Six thousand ok improvement. Yet about not a hundred out of hell, no its honour. Those part. You need a big rocket that fully reusable argued area. Now we're making progress were spent five years so far coming to stage, but I think will recover sage within the next year and the odds replied there a date on your website. There were some one can say, he's an alarm. Crochet good point. This out, I know. Well I mean I stand up,
likely many times, although maybe we should put something on the website, which is that I think we ve got a decent shot of mail sent a person to Mars in about eleven or twelve years so built. What is he gonna do this to reuse stage, and then I get the costs down and costs down to where Who's gonna get us to Mars, Elon, musk or NASA. So let us keep in mind. Please at NASA pays Spacex look at about two billion box before. Ok, so Spacex is now a contractor for ness. Look, it's our tax money is going to that space ex ok. So what is this vehicle? That's gonna get us to Mars, so there's a couple. Innovations just two or three three innovations it I've seen with my own eyes, which must hide another hundred thousand nations that are very much more subtle. First thing is all the same engines
first stage, second stage how many stages it's the same engine, so why somebody else do that as a good questions. Everything was one off in the hour of five off Saturn five off So then the other thing is: let's see if we can reuse stage and this assisting almost work? The other day tried to let he accompanied right the land on a barge just Easter? Cape Canaveral and ITALY. On the bar sure, Sir all fascinated by workers out of fuel to slow itself down? Ok, but can you actually get faster and if you going fat, Eugene generally new fuel to slow down and what you gonna Arrow breaker Cynthia about would come to atmosphere after lunch at source and the thing is not shaped Ferrero breaking room, but it is shaped for retro rocketing. North African coined the verb data, but then the other fundamental thing. You guys when you just dumb. When NASA was created, I believe
Doktor Thyssen on the year of your birth, just within a week or so the same week. Yes aim man weak, I come out of my mother, NASA comes out and comes in and out of Congress. Perhaps anyway. The idea was to think I feel masses pen, massive centres all over the Eu S soul. I want to manufacture rockets, they put pieces of the rock and all over the Eu S. Solid things are made a rear. Liquid things are made a rear, their tested over there. They are in cars and go down there just write that just the expression we have a problem. Why isn't it Florida we a cape can ever we have a problem. Jutting Ando. We have available instant. The spacecraft. Clears the country in that instance, full control, transfers to Houston, if there's a human being on global Hauser nautical miles or write all all the whole countdown and everything or go to launch go to. All of that is key
but its invasion moment. It takes the moment pass a thing like guys will take it from me that's exactly runs luxury work. Spacex. It's just south of our citizens. International airport train car drives up for stainless steel for titanium, for let's make rocket atrium parts, when it comes to drink, are in the shape of men, do their own thing well rugged premium. I want somebody What you can get it sixty sixty one to six aluminum t, seven, sometimes tempered seven aluminum. So then it he's down. They make the tank. They make the very attached the plumbing. They comes arrears, bunch of electronics, the attacks that vacuum that's the, but then it goes back on the train car to either. Abe. Canaveral, closer waiters, the! U S can get more of the Van DEN Burg, for space, which is north. Now you ask requires closer,
because we're sauntering company has not an extraordinary drink army area and so hovered train an awkward, but the bills exit What I want is a fundamental lowering of cost fungus, huge reduction in costs. Oh enough, to buy, go to Mars. Like everybody says he wants to go to Mars. He still wants to go to him. Well, I would like to go to Mars, but I want to come back and I don't want to go to more. Wanna go to Mars to live. I think that is not all the way thought through. In my opinion, we choose to go to Mars. Earthrise its not easy ride, not even if it does, it will kill you right. It saw minutes. It was just ass bar for your consideration. What do you love the Mars but for your consideration. We talk about this after the break, but Bertillon Mosque is a native of South Africa. South Africa, colonized by dutch people,
I am a descended from people from northern and Central Europe. You guys are much more recently descended from Africa. This human tradition of just spreading out. We I could here we're gonna go over. There will keeps, which means, of course, of your descended of Africans is well. Oh yes, We offer you have arbitrarily elected, I say more recent descent Where is our recent with the record show that was a completely arbitrary line that you drew job. Arbitrary, but historically not insignificant self interest, I'm just so. Anyway. Humankind is this numbers this table cloth foster. Ice age has the slow froze not just keep going north american right. Peering mammals, partying, it's what we do and so it's not clear that you will be able to leave the earth and go live on Mars, so you are sceptical of this, but you would not interfere with the dream state.
However, we do not want to violate in STAR Trek in terms the prime directive just so damn which is we don't want to mess up the eager? system on Mars, why waves illusory and we have no qualms Singapore Damn because system? What doesn't really get a good thing when, after why should Mars be the sacred players, are not our own theirs it's a rule is our own backyards, an arbitrary but the sun, arbitrary, a reasonable rule, weaken poop there, after we determine whether or not there something alive Mars. More than a toilet with that I'll be back a brilliant note to scrutinise your listening to start work future of humanity. Addition we'll be right back
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table for me serious. Are I got bill, neither science guy so good to be here and since we're radio, I must alert that even in studio you are in boat. I let the record well? What you see is what you get, maybe he's like the guy in Terminator to wear Polly Metal CALL now, but nobody his his his police uniform. Yes right as part of metal, that is the matter of how I role so maybe pill and the boat, but watch out now return my arm into an adjoining savers, sword whack, leaving thing of death thing which is shining written, we're talking about the future of humanity where future. My interview with eleven months does not feature appalling, not did not yet not yet yet I sneer that interview when I visited him at Spacex headquarters, which is what the name towns, cities and his crew, Crenshaw Hawthorne Hawthorne Calvin
it near Monsanto, ok, New Yorker Airlines, Hawthorne horse worth or hard foreign, but vine, fine, soap, so built. If we're gonna go to Mars Do you see engineering challenges to that or Ojo before should only not opt whereby it is a very serious question. Engineers love a challenge. So don't tell me, don't don't play with me, a big worry it. I don't. I don't bring it don't. Even so, my question is: is it just a matter of money would or if I gave you as much money as you want. You might not be able to solve some the engineering. Now we can solve the problem that there's no, we concisely as we land Rover Roma Freakin rocket grain right we can solve the problems. Route as far as this colony idea. Everybody I mean, there's no liquid water as such,
Over moors was once very whether we found evidence of ice all good, but it's not like there's a river there go. Then the arise its underground unknown is founded. Okay, and, let me go on to say it's on this summer day at the equator, its twenty below okay, yeah You can get what does everybody wherein this year art a crew. There was a goose down goes down brand jacket, all very good. That's dead, that's one thing really good. That's all you gotta admit that midsummer Midsummer attired, the main thing. I think you would pick up on right away through you would suffocate in a second? What does air but no oxygen in the air was? Are you you just have to make all that stuff once you get there. Is that a good shock? But me-
carbon dioxide seo too, is one of the most tightly bound molecules ever may I mean you can do it, but you gotta, put in the energy get unwittingly and then your hand living everybody. You're gonna be living in a submarine, but which has to be clear. However, may I mean you can do it, but you gotta put it the energy get unwittingly and then your hand living everybody, you're gonna be living in a submarine just to be clear, so you have to get that energy from somewhere right right. So just just this means a free lunch and your one and a half times the distance that we are from the sun, so you're solar energy- if you just want to run, if you wanted to run solar panels, was fifteen squared sorts to turn a quarter times more less outlined. The court at times more solar power, In light of this conversation, why good, its own role,
why? What is the next logical poised to look for sure? Didn't I picture the reason you want to go you're going to explore and when you swore to things happen, those two things Doc jock one you'll make you're making Gabarus. Ok you'll, never find something you never found before our eyes. But the other thing is you will have an adventure you haven't, century will engage you like nothing else, whether your back are the video game, or the surface of Mars now die. But it'll be doubted whether or not we want to do as an engineer, and this is what astronaut say part of their pride as being astronauts is coming back. That's like landing gear plane is part of a pilot's pride. I mean injecting and letting the three hundred and fifty million dollar fighter plane explode is kind of cool on video, but it's not really your goal as a pilot or an astronaut. So if we
where to go. There were the human we would be able to. Make discoveries at an extraordinary rate is estimated ten. I was in times faster than our best robot spacecraft right now, but if the day comes, when we have a ten thousand times better, robot you'd still problem want to explore. You'll want to sending okay. So then here's the thing we found evidence of life fossil eyes, bacterial mats or cooler. Yet something so alive somewhere Mars crab. Then the queen, it would be- and I want to know, do those Armed groups have dna like you, and I do or are they a whole nother? Another of otherness, Mars, Chrome, Martians lying around on origin, microbe, Merv, Chrome and then, if they idea and there's so much like us. Does that mean Moors was by an impact or horrible went off the space in you and I are descent of Martians Rinaldo emerging Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, doo. Ok, so you know he's trying to chain,
humanity. By reinventing space exploration, I get that they get that. But he's also word about problems on earth. Ok, that's, ok! Meanwhile bizarre is allow I've noise. They bring about. Ok, so you know he's co founder of Tesla the electric car companies, Mars. Just sex with wheels are very cool, is also sex with speed test is also share of solar city. Let's hear how we just got into this from a terrestrial standpoint, the biggest problem when he saw it century is sustainable production and consumption of energy. This really is quite a serious problem. People really should take us quite seriously. Even if you put the environmental consequences of dramatically changing the chemical composition of the oceans and atmosphere is we will eventually run out of boy, although that is well. If we don't find solution to burning oil for transport, and we then run
out of oil, the economy will collapse and civilization wool continent or, as we know it and with it without global warming. So that what is happening I mean- and so, if we know that we have to ultimately get of oil. No matter what we know that that is an inescapable outcome is simply a question of. Why not it Then why would you run this crazy experiment of changing the chemical composition of the Amazon oceans by adding enormous amounts of co2 that have been buried since the pre cambrian era? That's crazy! That is the dumbest experiment in history by far and promised it's not even think of a dumber experiment. I honestly tonight what good could possibly come of it. So therefore We need another solution here, but of course, electric car still uses call. That's why I need sustainable production like solar and wind. Would still charger your car get well now you shall have your house, in California, yes studio City, yes, I've been there. Yes are you
like a native, your new Yorker. Now not NATO, but you'd living near saliva. Somebody else's living in your house has greatly house that you live it's cool. It's completely alive with self generated. Electricity has got for lots of sore. That's great. Which is more than enough of fur love ten months of the year, maybe ten and a half months of the year, and I would have more about my neighbour's house shadows, my panel ally factor. Going to say your neighbors. Stealing, your electricity, stealing sunlight the same further isolation rivals a lot and I thought maybe while she was out of town, I could just cut off like this. One part of the second story leaves your ask forgiveness and permission rebuild, but we're sorry. This tonnes of oil still serve. That is yet to be drilled or here's. The bad new, ok, but will never run out of fossil fuels, the bad news as terrible. It really is.
It's burning and burning. It is just the worst thing for all of us of you LAN, which are plan so the plan is because, as long as our is cheap and cheaper than my solar panels had expect people to so, if you're rich, you can, you can buy the car that saves bear in mind the really caused you more than the car. That doesn't say Robert Debris, on we'll the section on wheels reason you want sex on wheels electric car lasting how much our hundred two hundred we have never before her Thou Brescia. According to my mattress deeper us, it's nice, five percent efficient or ninety three percent efficient, whereas aghast powered car constrained by the second thermodynamics is at best twenty eight percent. Thirty, percent. So your squandering energy- you just can't get back when you try to get it out of heated low temperature differences, so with that said
there is, has been estimated that we could save about thirty percent of the energy we use through conservation. We can have electric cars We can improve transportation systems to be sure, but the big thing. You guys, I just if, as we say about climate change, if you are Oh two government regulation: now you dont, like governments now just wait. I'll stuff gets bad. Just weight off, Floridians have to abandon their homes, Miami so half underwater and then there's gonna be regularly about giving an example of this world war. Two regulation happened like crazy and everybody was very proud of, it want to create the next great generation. So what I neglected to mention here- and I think you should amount to Why is it you can start out with one hundred thousand dollars car cuz? It's a test of concept. People like it wealthy can buy it, but the real test is: can you make an electric car that's competitive and price,
to absolute, and I'm told us a Tesla model, three expected to come out and that's a price that thirty five thousand I drove a Nissan leave for three years very at that same prior brought that same price, so that that there I mean I I you know I did other stuff so I went to sleep. I had meals, as I didn't just drive reveal. What I really want is the flying car flying cars, a real tough problems. It is, but I think Ilan on cured me of my urgent. I find a fine car oh, what just wait everybody's in traffic flying comment on another, not he. He told me what the deal is with wine cars ring loading, let's find out of course, what we really want or flying cars? Do you actually? Yes, sir, are you sure you want no, but it was just look cool coming You know what have you seen citizen like some futuristic concept, those throughout the planned coroner
and I can't I'm you never thought of it. Not a about. Ok and this some people, another working on land, cars flying cars or flying coastal transport devices if board had been. But I'm not a sort of one or two, the interview you can show me your overboard I won't tell anybody epithet. The microphone is on mutant asset. You can just between just between us. It's wasn, I'm debating like should every five cars pushing through find cause, I'm of two minds on that, because if there are flying cars them well I'll see you have out of this additional dimension where it now could potentially for in your head and will be susceptible to weather. And of course you have to have flying heart where it would be like an auto pilot because otherwise forget it between people.
Navigating? He s got a flying Mary, it's gotta be autopilot, but even in order pass. Neither, and even if you got redundant motors and blades, you saw gone from near zero chance of something falling and you had to some greater than that and this also noise challenge. So I see we know how to fly quietly right. Ok, so I waited out someone something that I do think would definitely help alight in cities is more tunnels essential with my colleagues who met going three d and there's a fundamental flaw with cities where you got dense office, buildings and apartment buildings and duplexes, and there are operating on three dimensions. But then you go to the street and suddenly you two dimensional, because it reflects a surface, doesn't happen. You're citys,
this with the subway go right. Underneath multiple layers of subway right, so we are actually travelling in three dimensions but below the ground. Relatives in the air, but I think, if you were to extrapolate that two cars and have more car tunnels, then you would leave yet congestion completely and you wouldn't need the flying car. You would not need a fine kindly case and it would always work even if one is bad. And whenever I sat here whenever I sat and would not for your head, we're gonna, get started on that right away. I think those sound like the words of a man who owns a car company- all I'm saying a non flying five. If I had a company that made man flooring cars, I probably wouldn't want to have a flying cars I build, moreover, exactly built on you don't have car fallen on. You had plus appointed came out with in my car. Furthermore, we didn't make it makes a clip. Was wheat halfway cars today the call her
after here and there really noisy, and in fact, if you want something, is heavy as a car to levitate. You go in peace, making. Some noise was also gonna use a lot of energy and a lot of energy by that's because in the word of another physicist, I know who flies his own plane. He said the helicopters don't fly as much as they beat the air into submission. I hope what would push through all its complete air doesn't submit it just flows down having enough to hold the helicopter up. He also. We want must brings up another good point: where were we of humans operating the Thyssen, flying car, which the choice nice subterranean who's, gonna drive the thing without all kinds of trouble, and so it always fascinates. When you look at highways from the air when you're an airplane or helicopter,
look so orderly, he does cars. All these murders are going very cool but you're using a human brain. This thing is capable of radio shows and and rock companies you're using this brain to do nothing but operate this car on this right of way. Stay in a straight line. Statements its aim is to enjoy his discovery, shorter working, hedgerow, catcher, Chihuahua Hedge, and so very high level. Reliability now used work at Boeing and you get a triple you weren't on assent, forty six and forty seven a little bit. Seventy seven, three, seven, five, seven but yeah what you want lot of impoverishment. Want dr relationship, you don't you dont, want humans driving cart. You want driverless cars yeah that a very I love a rely building. I used to work at Boeing and you get it for you, weren't on some forty six and forty seven little bit. Seventy seven, three, seven, five, seven, but yeah what you,
it is linked to now. All I saw you he showed that off now am I gonna give me a number of these. Are all planes from Boeing has seven seven some seventy yeah, but this interesting point of interest the seventeen seven, the seven thirty, seven, seven, fifty seven have the same tube seven hundred one seven, which was the seventy seven Casey one. Thirty five have the same tube, I saw a barbarous I'm going to put it people redundant autopilot. You can count on it's gonna land, the plane got it, but problem with cars is not, have nearly the traffic control that you You have in airplane, putting things you know when this Tesla with it a driver car, perhaps coming out of their shop or Google, will test or makes cars. Google makes
software you cannot have one without the other to be drawing room. This is like a chocolate, peanut butter thing exactly. Oh, you got your car and the software yourself wait. You're, both rock I love said in Europe. Wait, there's more when you think about the automotive industry writ large Everybody uses the same parts, where the gas gauge censor the speedometer, no tyres that nuts, all the bolts same standard? There's little competition? you can get a lot of commonality. And so we will see what friends in the near future, and when we come back we're gonna find out what Elon Musk is really worried about. You know, should I give you a hint go ahead I'm not when we come back when out what keeps Elon musk awake at night on starting
we're back. You start talking telegraph station coach at nice in the house. I hate in the house, and then I got bill now in the house. CO, housing, go house, dawning about I, as usual, never leave segment. We were sure that it is so the italian Mental Polly metal surgically attached to him revision, my interview with Elon Musk and just before the break teased you to tell you, that we would be saving for this final segment, yeah what he fears, the most fear now, if you're dead, he's a confident guy he's, a confident guy and to quote bill if you ve been scoring along with us You may remember: in our first segment we listed the things he wanted to introduce to change humanity right and one thing he does not want to touch.
Let's check it out, milkwhite word but artificial superintendence these days. I think- and I say this publicly- I think it's maybe something more dangerous than nuclear weapons, so we should be very careful about that. If there was a very deep super digital super intelligence that was created that could going to rapid recursive self improvement in a non logarithmic way, then that would in itself why? Yes, so like it just could reprogram itself to be smarter and very quickly in do that. Twenty four hours a day on millions of computers. Well then, I then that's all she wrote that until she right I mean we will be like a pat labrador for like you, I haven't been labrador by their pets. Look like the friendliest greater look. It's not domesticated! We will be exactly lap pets to them. Yes, Let me know, or something strange is gonna happen, though keep the Basle human
You can get rid of the violent ones and I read a docile humans yet emulate the utility function of the little superintendents is of stupendous import this. What is it try to optimize and we need to be really cap always saying oh habit, human happiness, because it in our made conclude that all unhappy human should be terminated and in which it will be just be captured and with don't mean, insert her indirectly inject intemperance maximize happy happiness because its concluded that doping? It's your turn our course happen therefore they have therefore maximize. I'm just saying I say we should exercise caution. Would you think if that were so so just to be clear, he's not talking about artificial intelligence about artificial super, don't tell the kind that can self learn Ok, so twenty percent of the world's population of people does not have electricity.
They ve never made a phone call, not a cell phone call. They ve never made a phone call so when the super intelligence takes over Chicago or whatever, what people in EAST Africa, gonna give a rap about ok, so regionalize managed to kill yourselves way to go where we go. We're looking for some corn here, so I get it, but I think people have. Keep in mind, we all take computers are so reliable and so much part of everyday life. Now we take them for grid Somebody is innocent, it literally or innocent shovelling. The call what happens if you unplugged, supercomputer intelligence thing, It will mean a new source of energy are not yours, but it has its own nuclear reactor. The failure of that logic is the assumption that it would let you unplug it right, ok, but how to create that thing to keep it from abducent. Aren't you know, I'm with you here seems like a solvable problem so
look here. We have three three levels: themselves: artificial, narrow intelligence, computer. Doing one thing better than anything is not. Many bodies way calculator calculate lemme. Tell you plug one Windsor jeopardy Debbie Artificial General intelligence, which would be general intelligence, but it's not it's not hell, bent on taking over the work of this is that IBM, computer right, yeah, yeah yeah goes across the yard, which one was that lots and lots of its Watson. Ok, what's this was the super intelligence, that scares him and again I can agree with your bill. You could add some pointers unplug the dude and I just think about the other colossus project forbidden the colossus project, and so this is where these the two superpowers on earth have We are not they control a computer, so they connected to computers. Anthea enough trouble, and so you tried on board.
But they have their own nuclear reactors that run the debts of the Movie war games like all over your rather more was before word apple and so, and then a movie, but the deal is that running a nuclear power plant is not straightforward, you take some somebody shovelling the coal or rate stuff around in the waste in the pile PA. Yes, so others also much much ado about the singularity rakers loss I gotta get amongst our talk. Is I don't know, I'm just not way, shame on this, but I do want to ban MAO them unless he stood in front of me. Everybody when I was in their mouths me back. How can this happen? You know when I do a college talk. Somebody asked me about the singular. I know people as smart as a human right it would be always plugged in and has no arms or leg Brian does something right read some what does it give chase you down the street by what you're gonna do? Well now it's going to actually
the machines to do it's bidding for s little. I can terminate your Lancaster right now with all your thermostat yourself, driving cool with that, but this notion that somehow the world is fundamentally different. Before and after the single historical standpoint I could buy it will different, but we're not gonna, be let's not we're. Gonna be run and out of the scream out of out of the apartment, know what, when machine took over our physical labour. Did we say? Oh my gosh theirs crazy? No, no! What happened slowly and we're fine right. Now we get people. Repairing machines have also ends are still artisans carving. The thing we gotta get him on the show I wanna get him on the show and it will give her a piece of my mind, but we can't lie people freaked out over their faith of the machines that we create and their capacity to turn us into domesticated pet. Let's find out, if Elon has any
does it have thought about the future, and I think I'm I'm quite optimistic that future I mean, I don't think we're about to enter a dark age. It could happen, but it's not, I think, not likely anytime soon before you go to Mars, hopefully not because it was but bear in mind that the import of the active trying to get to Mars is forced to keep us out of the dark ages. This is a chance that something collapses could happen to earth, are either natural manmade catastrophe. Suddenly we see that in the fossil record- and we ve invented also to ways of doing this that sort of where we are right now and any other people better. Some really smart people that are not more pessimistic and I am likes you never Stephen Hawking, so the world and what an reach the rose to strike him a little, that, of course, the briar extinctions and you ve added new ones. You ve got improve the situation, that sort of where we are right now and any other people?
there are some really smart people that are a lot more pessimistic and I am likes you never Stephen hawking. So the world and mutton reach their Allister astronomy. They will quite pessimistic internationally optimistic person, but I do think that this value in establishing like insurance, which is life. Is we notice on more than one planet? Then them the light of consciousness, as we know it is likely preserved in the future. For much longer of consciousness. Most this talk like that. That was set up in one word. Without them. Is that all you know that thing that took out the dinosaurs that still a thing Herod and by the way, we're probably take ourselves our poor, that I still think too much about what a pretty optimistic gonna make you guys it back in the day There were no humans when the ancient dinosaurs were taken out, yeah, there's no end instead the ancient dinosaurs outer had a space programme at all. They do you have a possible thumbs and what does this might it, and so we have that
I got also there are going on nine billion people. If you kill off everybody through broadening remains somebody's gonna leak through much more Is it a week through here on earth than on here's? What I'm saying want to become a multi plant species? Whatever effort that takes it, I've said this before it seems there will be less effort to deflect the asteroid yeah than to terrify Mars and ship a billion people. Deflected am asteroid, get all we have the power to tariff for Mars. You have the power to fix earth Martian I must fear, is getting scraped off all the tabs on saying. Our fears about what fidget amongst we got it. We got a rapid confusion. Amongst the talk, the sorry I go with the simple stop it through the monster under your back build a future, the most climate change than asteroids. You don't, I fear the most, let that we lack the wisdom to understand our own fate so that we then become victims of it.
Rather than conquerors. This sounds like those who do not know the past are condemned. To repeat. It is a version of that. I think we got a call acquits their bill nigh thanks for being honest, Joe nice as always always a pleasure, but my co host. You been listening to start our radio and I've been your host photograph taken here it always to keep looking up, which you can listen to start talking: commercial, free, joint start, compatriots for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star talk, radio,
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