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2018-07-13 | 🔗
“In fact, it is the geek that shall inherit the Earth.” Explore the geekiverse with Neil deGrasse Tyson, filmmaker and superfan Kevin Smith, comic co-host Chuck Nice, astrophysicist Charles Liu, and physicist James Kakalios, author of The Physics of Superheroes.NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free here: https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/the-geekiverse-with-kevin-smith/Photo Credit: Brandon Royal.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free, welcome start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture color dartle, begin right now. Workers could a holiday universe. I'm your host, the other s face in your personal after tonight, we're going to explore the farthest reaches of the geek averse feature, my interview with Filmmaker comic book fanatic and basically, all round geek ambassador caverns
miss. So let's do this. Hoboes tonight lies just such a baby to be reading a chuck. Nice comic love. You man, let me to love you man, twelve you get off thing. We do and dislike you're a hundred times expert witness on happy to be here today? You are totally tickling, my geek underbelly. What for that particular episode? We have you want, because you are our resident deacon cheese. So we'll be released heavily on this sort of the geeks expertise
tape, tee who just felt good name, because we're feature may innovative. Kevin Smith, he's director of the cult classics clerks member that when there is an interesting one, more ass, the movie dogma he's a lifelong science fiction and comic book fan and he stopped by my office recently. I said: let me number snatching put him in a chair and talk to that man right here at the American Museum of natural history of chicken. Ok, I'm I dive into I saying this. I've never been here. I grew up in New Jersey, so I hops, a jump away from Manhattan? Telling me you never came. I've never been the Museum of Natural history. I literally add as the lady who brought man, I was tone ass. I can do I've never been here really that's the end of the state of you, I'm sorry, but this is this: is it someone science? So I said: is this the place where they airing the big? Well, I've seen it movies and she goes that movie place so I've, that's my way of saying
I'm an ignorant man. Neil, like I know pretend area addition: that's not mine and science and math we're always my weakest subjects and school, my wife, the mass of science, but I I like like ice it. I've never been here, and I grew so close. That tells you that science is the last thing right now we're not even out of school trip. Never can you believe it, I went to eight years of a catholic school, so very there. Is your problem right? There is no there's no sides of my life because when I was a kid- and this is absolutely true- everything could explained by faith. So you know when and there wasn't like it, it was not. Tv movie, where my young, child soul and school was being pulled toward God or science but There was no natural curiosity stirred in me. I think, because I went to catholic School because I was
work in every Sunday, I was in church and I was an altar boy them. Here is the universe to me, we're just like, well God and that's So are you now that's good enough? I'm a lazy man so, and I was a lazy kid. So? I never really went beyond that. Science entered my life only through the fictional realm, like Only I cared about was like. Oh, they ve got spaceships in space, the empire via the rebellion, and they have lied. Savers and laser pistols in phases and stuff like their communicators, so my interest in I was always kind of based and pop culture, but I realises when they are mean honestly Ivan docking. You for work is people like you should talk to me on my eye. I care because I'll be revealed. Utterly ignorant disappointingly turning pop culture into science, interest rate,
what we do here on smarter ran. Just saying he's the perfect start talk candid and that's right. That's what you think of his excuse for not have. Science, not to be harsh to him, but bachelor. We, is about to be Hearkeneth what s actually get right s like that's the class it just like. Look, I'm not races, but he's been always right result. You got the floor. The professor that taught me he radical cosmology was a Jesuit preached, oh Catholicism, has nothing to do with a lack of curiosity, but I do note that what he said was that math and science, where his weakest subjects and therefore he didn't have an inn historic curiosity in it, because you didn't think was any good at it and so on adsense since I give Kevin a lot of credit Has now he s bypass that challenge, that the expectation others that he's not any good at it and instead embraced it through what he likes,
in joint, which is fiction and pop culture and come so he took what he knew was a product of something and assign the wrong cause. Yes, I think that's what it was at its core science is not in conflict with religion. It's only a matter of people use it as an excuse or as an idea that makes it a conflict with religion does not make sense to you. That's how I feel strongly. As a result, I think caverns, really could do so, maybe he's vest recognised for playing a recurrent character, called silent Bob inefficient alongside his stoner, but name J. I think we have an image of this without environment elevating Vienna Comical yet so, even though Kevin's rip is a huge pop culture fan and science fiction fan, He remained science curious
did he challenged yeah. I have evidence of that. Let's check it out here. You know a man who are aged forty, six is still not quite sure. How the waterworks, when I turn on his big so when I got one of the universe, I got what really ready the refrigerator light, would imposes. Although you about my science begins it, but it takes them. Curiosity the false it like it's not plugged into and, like so wait, this pressure is just waiting at all times, like isn't as a ticking time bomb, go off and I realize I'm not smart enough. I've smart about one thing, things that don't exist: comic books, movies, tv. I was a smart about liked it that's where invest so much not even in sports. Another unreal thing. I My life early life and cartoons and comics movies tv in fun, things in cipher, and so it just work
I don't know what I've been doing right of the world If all the way it did, but it just words that right now, people are interested in those things. Culturally, it's no longer pop culture. It is the culture and because I was raised, and I am well versed in it suddenly there's this weird. Universal lines, as you know, one sometimes a moment's, and it has given me a path. It's like so I could literally just be a fan of things for living. This is a job that's kind of what I've I've. You know. I love take a separate, really that's only one, my the rest of it is just spent mostly celebrating things that I enjoy largely, of course, lot of its centred around the unreal cipher thats, where my sigh and with a
You ve made a brilliant career out of the sky. Well, I've use people such as yourself, communities that you represent might and explored ways to attach real science to it, and I have found that if you, if you identify a fan base that has rabid interest a thing and I find a way to attach something real to it. Oh my god, Gimme give me all of that. You can so trials do do some of that. I do on stuff in and when you when, when it lays down a given Dunstan. That's right! I must dispute cabin when he says that he's not scientific curious. He is just in his own way for is pretty clear that he doesn't think that he is you say, even me forty six years old. How does us picket work? I drove universe vacant were absolutely there's water pressure. Wait. A minute now make this really interesting occurred is unknown,
Charles actually loves comic books. Yes, I did a really intense level. Can you explain to Kevin Smith how spigot works, but in a comic book story it's already been done. In the marble universe Times. Would anyone do exactly? I never heard a split. No, I'm spigot man, I'm here representing the water, were actually in the modern on water and rigour, but it comes out all that is this desk Jerry. I love the in the marble universe. There was a villain in the olden days called Hydro me. I drew turned self into water at will and would attack like Spiderman Soforth by turning liquids, whose punches will be ineffective in a swarm all over. He would attack secretly by going through. The water pipes and so forth, and the moment you turn on the water you pop out and start taking your but real
This is real mandate. Should our universe, you'd? Yes, that's amazing, so aware spigot and only half of them comes out more quickly turned about and cut him in. Here. That's, ok, that's right, but then the one arm comes in turns the spigot and then the other half comes out like a terminator two year, liquid metal reassemble into shapes? Were they For rice farm from hides hearts, excellent, so carefully, we know is curious, but why is anymore scientifically? let's find out you're an astrophysics salaam, ask you this Why aren't I more curious about signing? why did it never hook me why? You know it's there's more interesting stuff, going on in the real world than there is in someone's machination in the movie and account book and I was so close same with everything that I love, but why why?
but I have my head so far my meal, but I dont care. You know, that's weird, I should care more. So are you curious how much Thor's hammer ways now are you see? I know I know I'm sorry, I know, but Why not Lookit, so so I feel like. Well, it's magic! This is curiosity, one or one. I know that that's not united gee. I wonder what would happen if the black hole intersected the centre? No, it is Thor's he's gotta. Ok, why might the HAWK turn green, Is there something about Gamma Ray Gamma Rays, but aren't you and others are real and selecting years? What are these are? Somebody was galleries actually we're another. Not marble created that low doses. Real anti matter is real without real, completely real
Did you see my logistics impassioned? My mother is serious and we propose we, my scientific brethren right proposed. It discovered it long before it ever entered science fiction Lex. Really and Fanny mounted by up what is it exactly so it is. It's amazing that it exists forcible and its even more raising that we know enough about the universe to predict its existence. So if you take a particle like an electron k, has a negative charge here. So this, I remember Anti Matter- is an electron in every way, accept it as a positive charge. So we called it a positrons positron, so turned out every particle as an antibiotic counterpart and fun part about it is. If you bring them together, they will annihilate and become pure energy. They annihilate
and then they both particles disappear, is a stunning fact of nature. Can you gonna be weapon eyes because I worry about dark side or family Miranda. Jesse word about it, the nemesis that superhero nemesis. So here's the problem. If you have an anti matter, what you gonna carried around in it's gotta, be touching your suitcase which has made a matter in this, so have you hold. It asks that the signatories curious homer. That's how they journeyed assigns dagger snarling that I feel right now is sized area you brought into decided alike so trove. What scientific curiosity feel like it's really great, I mean you start.
You work hard. You know just while I do Neil you working hard spending alive. The effort. You sometimes you're getting there you're heading towards something you're, not sure, but as the unknown slowly becomes known, your excitement builds things move forward and then you reach, something that's really calling you like There is also. I felt that many yeah really feels it is. Is the sarcasm Basically, I guess Charles have Europe fake the cycle whether are not using your lab, their hope. You achieved there wasn't limbless. Now that you mention it. Was this one time in graduate school So there is, there is a premature cycle not just astronomy classes but also various research methods, classes that include site?
just astronomy classes, but also various research methods, classes that include sciences like biology, chemistry, biochemistry physics, psychology. So really these days I can achieve multiple. So I got your questions about the science of superheroes wins: that's all you have done this before you I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one, and where to get out of hearing there, go to patriarch arms last star, talk and sub, where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen? The star talk ad free,
you can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never we're here. Another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying: I will briefly my interview with a good writer and superhero Super Van Kevin Smith check it out. I don't know I have participated a little bit in this with Superman you're in the conduct of our memory, of course, of course, plan and I
movie to Batman V Superman. So for me it wasn't simply that I was portrayed in the comic which was an honour and privilege and Superman. After all, he's done for New York. I thought he'd unforgotten gives Gotham City I get asked about that. He's done, for metropolis least I could do was helped the guy out another visit it right here, the hidden planetarium power, and but for me, what mattered most was. I was able to tell them the creators of this story that I can find a real star in the sky that they read. That would be the right, since. Given his travel time, then I said: do you want me to do that? There's a year
and so I say it wasn't. What was it yet? A few hours ago have catalogues and access to data so found in the star. I gave two stars to choose from and they said will pick that, one in the constellation Corpus and civil. Why that one corpus here between the north don't know about corpus, it's mostly seen from the southern hemisphere, its core quarters the crown, and they said what smaller crows. That's what they said really is. They said they said, small, real high mass God was the crow. So they were like hoping that would protect one, and I said there it is. I gather that coordinates on the sky gave a photo of it and I felt privilege to contribute real science to a law, my privilege. Do your part of the soup men universe from now on all time, because these, taken can literally points in sky and that we got the Sars real, it's got, a name is going to coordinate its it's it's real and so
weight as the master physicist. What in your expert opinion happening Krypton while their explanation is never mind them? What about what would you think he was plug proximity to read Sunday that much The red sun helps Manga powers in what you what I know. I know so what you can do. What we know is up that planet you can the host the homes star when it's ready to die, it will expand and it can expand so large that old, mostly fill the orbit of the home planet. Now, if that happens, it's very hot on the home planet. The whole planet could be made inventing is up taking it. This moment this is jazz, did it's what's between the note could be the magic so if tat were made of a mixture of materials and and wars that pass through its structure where different materials response
differently to the same amount of heat. So, for example, iron will expand more when he did. And a diamond will k just, for example, ok! Well, if have wars moving through your planet, the planet starts getting hot. Pieces of a plant, will expand more than other parts. So so the planet will not just uniformly grow. Different pieces will want to bust out and you can destabilize an entire planet that way, if you have particular ores of minerals that go through it or metals and minerals that where this expands more than that, then you basically lost all structural integrity of your planet, and then you could. Basically, report and if somebody had done that to me in high school explained the science of how
Krypton might have exploded could be assigned dusted. Such ass. Is this a big secret here? Should we be teaching superhero physics does? Of course Absolutely, I do it all. The time superheroes are just an exaggeration of what real physics does there because Superman lifts mountains, we lift little rock right. We can imagine us lifting mountains. So let's just ask if where did try to lift a mountain? What would happen to it by the way explanation of krypton exploding, sucked but that's ok. It was a good try and that's what matters are. Let let me let me say what are you about mobilizing? How? How could it possibly happen, but I know that
Right now we hear that explanation, United known the problems you need a volatile inside of you being. We might have the passing great for sure what you need, something that actually keeps up in such a way that it creates a explosion, ok right, but never minding that. That's really! Ok! The point is when we imagine that exaggerated physics of a superhero taking to the extreme gives us a chance to distil the coolness factor, the really special part of the science that can be explained to everyone, regardless of their but here's a coolness factor that really is not exaggerated at all, which is
Basically, the corpus constellation. Actually exist, if you actually made Superman live in the corpus comes delays. If that is the real thing now, anybody who picks up a Superman's comic book is going to not get it. Do you think? I still think it actually go and look up the corpus constellations there now chuck you and I one of our most viewed videos, yes from a star talk from back when we were just in the radio. Yes, we are like a camera sort of parked on the side. Yes, a most viewed videos, we have a deep and intellectual conversation about Superman. So I have to equip here's. Some Superman's would be cool if he could do this, you know his breath can freezing suggesting that I've never seen his breath turn things on fire,
it has, where eyes did the methane workers each focuses a laser raises three methane that comes out and out of the added, but effluence methane is surely flammable? Yes, it is so he can uses laser to light the far to turn into a flame thrower, No one can unclear that lie, or rather, Bell has been invaded Edith. These yields, the is the rest of the world. The clerk meal goes through the great detail about Superman. First of all, he has to eat this is where his targets he has to wear these tests.
What these two buttons, where you can pull a flat he's, got the handle of the capitalist. God knows where point, but then he's gotta, chinaware, look and then, when he will, he emits his gases. He then, like makes his lazy. And the flame road legs outages like. If I was Superman, does only when I would defeat the ever. Let me pay less right. We move on to a part of our show called cousin.
Where we take questions about the science of superior, but he's a big solicited from our fan base on the internet and elsewhere, and we have a resident super geeks. Were Charles Lou help us out so chocolate we have in the before we go. This is Chris Real, or rather you from Newton England. He says: Captain America she'll is made of a fictional material name, Vibrio, capable of sore being Any vibrations or kinetic energy bring the laws of physics. What do you think would be the best usage of such a material first of his shield is not pure vibrate him, it's an advantage thy brainier mixture Our group has always it's probably just as an owl is even stronger than pure, Adam Antium, which is what Wolverines clause are made out of it, but the vibration
it absorbs any impact, so imagine this put it under a rocket respiration right and if this thing is tat off all that Russia has to go somewhere? You see this huge space underneath right, which you can't be near, because all that thrust, all that heat is going away, imagined absorbing all that wonder impact so that we could launch spacecraft from pretty much anyway, our backyard anywhere. We would not have to worry about having to go only to this so that what is actually only use of this material? This is my favorite use the material I can send stuff into space man from my back yard. There It would be so cool. Ok, I'm ahead in the face with a sigh That's what I'm saying somebody right right? Yet that's ok! I believe, the majority leader next one never really been pointed out, Nicholas
when, for all four from us a brook journey, it says if Man shrink so much that his density reaches the high enough point. Would heat? Its form into a black hole is such a size for which that will happen, but the he has to be much much smaller than the ant that he becomes given the weight that started with the message. To become a black hole. Charles you have you done a calculation you had doing right now, assuming that he's a bow say, a hundred and fifty pounds reasonably muscular and he shrinks the social radius of an object of a hundred fifty pounds- is smaller than an atomic nuclei. Okay, so he would not be able to be kind of guy called because he can't get some smaller than even the solemn nuclear would gather together in he's, gonna get smaller than the sum of its nuclear programme was very fat mess when he started that helps so the bigger
Twenty begins. The bigger is the black hole he can become and that increases the chance of that happening. You're right, but Paul Rudd, whose actually we ve had a monster talk before his size would not do this unfortunately not so wrangle as disappointing touched by the way you dont want to become a black hole. Could then it's kind of the end of all things coming ass? We try to explain the stunning rise. Then it was an american start off with it.
The american Innovative, naturally we're preacher might have. You would make her a big hero, Peak Saint Kavin Smith, and I asked me about the rise of comic book phantom in pop culture. Today, especially among adults check it out. When did it become ok for grown ups to lie, comic I remember, that guy it's gotta, be the recent pat, I would say it's gotta be the last marvelous nation of of our culture, starting with ice, man like when I love this stuff is a kid was easy when he went to high school
I want I want to meet girls like a migratory, this complex stuff, nobody else does was one guy, my class James Burn, who did not respect the hell out of that man. He would sit there and draw an ability. You John the Falcon like he would jaw deep cuts, characters from Marvel now two decades later, There is a cultural shift where the things that most people, like that's for a grudge bans. I mean grudge bans, break big, unlike comics we're just a garage ban that broke very big and in this this very natural world that everybody is familiar with, come these unnatural creatures, built out of science in the marble It's the DC case, you got sorrow, builds their characters. Krypton will explode submit loses everybody ever knows and then comes earth becomes movement that man loses parents and that's what makes it the orphan motif wars. If they big recurring marvel, is all about. You know that the age of the atom like when science started capturing p, imagination, though I didn't know enough about the split anatomy. You can sell somebody in the sirens science,
tell someone in the suburbs, like they split the atom like I left plague, meant what you know that sound science, and so the folks at marble we're like. Let's build our stores on that. So this kid he gets bitten by radioactive spider in these radio activity. These another cats are open and in space and they go through a negative zone of some sort and get battered by cosmic rays, this guy they become offences, For this guy here, gamma rays turn him into the whole cap, America? It isn't even like I've done it through wholesome training, the given the needle supercilium, so marvels characters all based in in science and right at the time when people are waking to it. In the end, I think in the Post war, but but these cats when they were built in this world they weren't thinking of building a world. Now that has become a world like the phantoms, where the science, if you will a phantom, turn something disposable into something industry
just by their passion for access superheroes, the bedrock of pop culture. Today, yes, thanks to super fans like Kevin Smith, but Charles. I want to ask shouldn't: we also think science forgiving comic book writers, such which material to work with lots, an easy one, of course, but remember that everything inspires everything else right. Scientists are inspired by fiction and fiction. There's our inspired by science and it's been a given take for a long time Remember that Superman in bad men have been around for almost eighty years now right. So it's not that they suddenly appeared right. Now we have this proliferation of this media, but a long time coming. So we share a ladder. Alternating runs absolutely that's beautiful, beginning what here's the thing it's the good stuff in science that causes
the inspiration economy, so Gamma rays give us the hawk, and then we have particle sailor raiders, and you know that might be the flask you know. But what about the stuff that isn't sexy lay as the eyes that nobody would right for you. I will write a story about ok like, for instance, you know all these developments in the market by on every one of us now we know we have a micro biome. Yes right, I touch you. Your biome becomes part of my bio and vice versa. Right, I give you, but tell me, also She is not a bacterium. Her power is the transmission of bacteria. Yes, exactly that Yes, that's what I was could be awesome if you have digestive issues,
It can help you re going by Allah Almighty adjusts. Your name really got. My lantos intolerance is cure. Your absent certain bacteria that she could just supply Gimme some time to digest this morning, moving along next up, I want to bring bring in via video call one of my favorite people are gonna. Change could carry out he's a professor physics and this a book he wrote. Be ten years ago the physics of superhero super cool, a physicist, writes a the physics of superheroes, so J to have you I'm alive, Sir James, you, you have quite the resume you put together with your also yeah. You are now a resource to filmmakers who have superheroes stories. They don't want to mess up and have you talkin
smack about among the internet that what's goin on their right, so the Academy of Sciences. Has this programme the size and entertainment exchange, and they have academics consult with the Hollywood creators. Do try to get their science right enough that it doesn't take people out of the movie I get. So let me ask you: what is your favorite bit of imagine science and all the superhero stories you ve seen Well, I have to get a little personal and Neil. You Are these signs advisor for the DC universe? Ah, I actually a consultant in the marble universe. So what am I Favorite examples is from indestructible hope. Number. Ten, a few years ago, were Bruce banner was describing discussing Why only worthy people can
the horse hair. It's not that it's heavy. If you are worthy, you could lift the hammer at an atomic captain. America has wielded at times, ah in the comic book in account bookings indestructible hawk number two written by Mark way. Ah, he says Bruce Banner, says physicists Kelly, as has my favorite science based theory. Ah, will you try to live the hammer and the text that you're not worthy the metal, the hammer emit access, gravitons and, would increase the mass and the weight of the hammer to exactly I once out the upward lifting force, and There is no net force. There's no motion. If someone
who is worthy twice alive, the hammer, no gravitons normal late, you didn't with the hammer world, so it's a source of its own capacity to change its mass You know it since metal doesn't exist, who's gonna, say I'm wrong. I'm I like that. I we were of a calculation. I did to establish the massive doors hammer I am. I know, because I got wrecked over the calls for that we all we all sometimes step love, rod, curves and if so, what? What can you tell us anything insight onto the powers of wonder woman. Wonder woman, I'm so have one woman is an amazonian goddess. She has great strength and reflexes.
And she also has these bracelets- that enable her to deflect bullets and she has the reflexes and her wrist. The strong enough to deflect the bullet the metal that is made of that can easily deflect the bullet in the comics? when a woman climate, it is editor bracelets are made of amazonian metal and We can actually do a calculation of how the mass of a bullet is. Going say a thousand feet per second six hundred eighty miles per hour, ricocheted a millisecond, how much force did they about twenty seven, hundred pounds over point, though, or in where'd, you get the pressure, of about seventy thousand p s, I seventy thousand, per square inch. What kind of metal can withstand that compressive pressure, pretty much all of em
hives, how a strength alloy steel I can withstand seventy five thousand PS. I so apparent We and is only in metal, is nothing more exotic, then call rolled steel, but there's still a matter of having reflexes fast enough of what the boy you In all these cases, you have to grant a one time miracle exemption from the laws of nature. Otherwise, not getting anywhere even characters without superpowers. You have to grant them a suspension of disbelief. The number times that bad men had been knocked unconscious in here. Eighty year crime fighting career, he should be permanently brain.
Average apparently has a super power, some sort of Homer Simpson Extra, they padding that protects his brain. So, Sir James, you have a bit, it just came out, but continues this kind of dialogue remind me of the title right it's cold day it's called the physics of everyday things: the extraordinary science behind an ordinary day. It follows you, as you get up in the morning and you make breakfast you driving. Where you use your gps and an uneasy pass on the expressway. Are you go to the doktor for a up you go to the airport, You pass through t say you flight: city gave a business presentation and you white close at the day in a hotel and at every step, when you check your fit, when you use a touch screen when you're taking a digital photograph, your smartphone plain the science of how that works, which are in fact, would be far talk.
Will you take it inside? Look at the geek mecca known as COMECON on start? I thought only american dream of natural history. Primarily your theory. We are facing the expansion of the geek averse feature, my interview with geek culture, superstar, Kevin Smith. I ask him about the MECCA for comic book and pop culture fans. No, as COMECON check it out not more than a couple of decades ago. Comecon conventions, what does it mean? A few thousand p They were gonna nerdy. If you are lucky continuity, it may be get one celebrity person
That was it now. There are hundreds of thousands of people in multiple cities. So who are these people that are being touched by this culture? I think what's happening as most people who grew up the staff are now looking close, to the end than the beginning. You know what I'm saying like when it is the conundrum of when your kid, you can't wait to be an adult when you're an adult you like pen, it was so much easier back then, but I think it comes down the nearest I can figure unscientific is the older one. Gets the more one wants be close to the best time of their life Yoni for times of simplicity, total and sometimes like out there, isn't that we look. You tell me you're. The Ashraf is this: there is no. Time travel that we know of any time soon. Railing, condemn and COS thing we get is new driving and somebody plays a song Elect man like takes you right back to that moment. I think that works the same for everybody. So when you're a forty year old parents- and you
kids and somebody's like hey, you wanna, go see if the war movie you'll come of thought. I was a kid it neither making these movies. That could be why I just learned that in San Diego, during COMECON crime rate drops in the city really that the COMECON audience the COMECON community is the most peace. Loving. Community that ever descends on a city for any reason at all, all other convent. Is this a rowdy thing there? The cops have to check the bars at two o clock, gotta go about my Lord, your right, and so why would it be peaceful unless in fact, p o r channeling the travelled and so they're channel and I'm Putnams people, and they are also my life. That's there, channeling of a morality? You don't sound like your written carnivals woody written about there's a good and evil good people verses. Well defined good and evil
They and good usually proven that aids better be good. Sometimes does we battle expand, but being good is the right path? If these. Fundamentally fans of crime fighters and costumes. Yet imagine there, sir they're, probably peace, loving people in real life to some degree or if they're, not some other superhero costume person is going to take it cause play him down to the ground, making one shot up, Are they really peace, loving people or is it that nerd fights are just awful endured? Fights are also now have you decided you re, like the lights are good sites. You never know what is in this new hypotheses. Tribute has been to a comical of coal as yeah, you haven't of you, but not as a thing I just accurately, but a metal, you
probably have to put on a mass but Phil amazing meal comecon. Our God is not interested Kennicott as they show that point they will value people who work content create no less than the movies Zeb descend from Hollywood to attend an end that tells you that they really think but the content rang with not just the celebrity thing that's going on. They want to know the content created. The writers, the producers, the original comic book illustrators over the real god- is it's the The guy was only two thousand years old, still alive: Stanley Stanley family. Yes, that is true. Well, and when he walks the comic, does it there's a glow halo around him, yeah ass? He walked through the reason
a deal is and in the COMECON Deaf, that's the point you have really Heaven was make coming up next director Kevin Psmith reveals what superpower he'd want when he not return far from the american revision of natural history revision? My interview with superhero Super fan, Super GIG, Kevin Psmith, and I asked what superpower he would most likely want to have here's a you now a thousand, don't be man. I wouldn't said this. My twenty is in fact twenty year old May is about to make fun of me for forty six year old me saying this, but like the power to change a person's heart, take out the Back I'd stick in the good and not my idea of good, but just like whatever else them, whatever funnels.
Negative in their life adjust flip. It like you, wouldn't need to fight super criminals, because you just give me your hand, you know like don't you feel better, even but you can kind of accomplish that life with conversation use after care. Kevin too sometimes tell somebody like haste. Another bank haven't what you just said is profound, no economically why'd. You profess think about it. Their Superman, trying to capture Lex Luther and then when it captures, and what did he do brings him to prison with what is that too? But you want to change his heart. We nice it changes, heart you'll, be prisons. Lex Luther. You need to change our disease, gouges. They fundamentally billing really wrong them. He hates Superman like if he could just get over that you can do so much good for so much good, see. Change comes up, so lock them up in prison. Now this was deep. This has come, and that is the greatest power, because it is that they are not acts of punishment, their acts of reliability.
Action plans also comes from a guy. Just as one can find, an unfair advantage should gather them. They feel better. Like ok go along you everywhere, it's me lay his is real power is chilling, comic books you'd be four page warmer everyone, like page, you know what I mean. I ended up every with with empathy man, empathy man shows the comic book, the comic book, as always I am destructive. You shall all NEA before me. Well, you some powers, don't you feel better now, Father, never loved me you're, not your fault, but I one last attempt to extract some scientific curiosity out of Kevin Smith.
Where he left my office. I gotta believe there's some science in you somehow somewhere I mean if I've, of course, like the decipher curiosity, that in other comes longings, Iphone, and that led you to science, a lie in cipher. Five aside, if you will, I now for me like if I was practice in any signs and about become practice in later in life thing it's something you only occurs to with age now, I'm kind of into the science of positivity a real euro site there. Is it so that the psychology of what it is to feel positive and good about yourself in the world and other it's an absolute choice like I've made so many people in my life. I feel bad. If your band, I felt bad times too, but sometimes meant play you just wake up and, like my do my life, I feel all. What am I going do next? What my megantic? friends my make an impact, although self doubt literally just kind of
turning it on and just ban like no like just be happy like good day, you woke up wrong with the world and you're gonna see people again. Some things my make exciting might learn a thing or two and stuff so still but you have to say it out loud to yourself, but sometimes it's easy way to conquer. What is the droning voice of negativity, we have that on blast, your entire life That way, when you have a good idea, there's a voice shouts it right down gone somebody's done that already. Why do you think you can do that? Why you then that's positivity is more about where one not loaded is we live in a time, especially the modern way people use the internet where we have multiple channels of Riddick anger opened to us. You said what not your name this or that in there
alleged attack them, because they don't agree with what it and watch what the Hell's going on out there now there's to pass in life. I always felt, got your creation, and you got your destruction and the destruction is packed. You can't move because that's the easiest lane to take everybody can some ten or Billig ass stupid or take it down nor lobby against it once you're on the path of creation, you, don't sit around and that discharge badly look round your hate, always people aid everything. When you're on the move, you love everything man, World looks hallway different. This is the essence of positivity that science
Carl Sagan once worried that if we embraced the superhero culture too deeply that we might use them as an excuse to solve our problems rather than take those tasks upon ourselves- and there may be some truth in that. But for me, what really matters here is the community. We ve got a sense of what that community is the answer policy of that community. The fact of crime rates drop the fact that everyone- that's a participant in the community.
A champion of good over evil, and I mean how many communities are like that, whilst simultaneously not standing in judgment of others. Perhaps the buyer is a mistranslation of that famous phrase. In fact, it is the geek It shall inherit the grim watching me to visit. You wish you can listen. Star talk commercial free, joint start. Talking
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