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The Impact of Twitter on Society with Biz Stone

2015-06-14 | 🔗
Explore social media’s impact on society when Neil deGrasse Tyson chats with Twitter co-founder, Biz Stone. Sociologist Dr. Alondra Nelson and journalist Clive Thompson also join Neil and Eugene Mirman, while Bill Nye “likes” the revolution.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free. Welcome to start off your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide knocked off begin right now, I'm your hosts, the other ground patient entered my servant Coast Eugene, Merman Eugene thanks, would be back on start off. It is great to be back excellent, excellent, so use you'd still do stand up around town. All doing stand up are now your seat. It you're doing sit down here right now for this, yet normally I would stand as a general men, so we're featuring my interview with this stone. Oh that's, first that just and some name Yoda matter what he did and life doesn't ask. If I've ass, he could easily transition pornography? Nobody exactly so
he's one of their co founders of twitter. Twitter has a huge impact on society, not only in social media. But also in its moving entire cultures, to communicate as one and I don't want to have that conversation about culture and and and and social media without getting some expertise or laundry Nelson. Looking back to start talks of aid to be bad, had you before, yes, excellent, and so you, professor of sociology of sociology up at Columbia University, so we become a vacuum many times in this conversation great because social media is a sociological from absolutely sure common word roots. There absolutely will just be ready for the ok ring on and not only that quite taunting welcome to start talk to be so Clive your journalist the New York Times, your kids examine wired magazine and wired magazine, and you haven't, you been rear professional drivers
in writing, but social media and the internet for about twenty years now, really, since it sort of became the internet, you I didn't know it was that twenty years ago now you know how are you writing about ten years of email, armed alone person on ur email account? I will be a professor on this I'll, be the head of of division of the new order and another thing about Netscape, and so so we turned my twitter. I tweet I tweet under Neil Touch, you tweet Eugene Merman and you tweet, a laundry Furthermore, laundress now its thoughts like Madonna, Shakira, I just theirs. Andrews, I just got there first, which matters on Twitter and Youtube At Pomeranian, ninety nine,
I know, there's a story behind that. Suddenly you're late adopter for that for twitter handle. Actually what happened is I got permanently? Ninety nine. In nineteen I mean I, when I signed up for AOL, instant messenger and there's a there's, a complicated story and why, like palm radiance, but I do- and it was ninety, ninety nine. So there you go while and so we're gonna take advice from you. Precisely the other pomeranian the really crazy cute dogs yeah that their little flat. They look. Burnt marshmallows these fluffy little things are completely here because I have if I were a wolf, and I saw that dog what by, I would just be so disappointed with humans, turn my dna into that they serve. They serve no function so a laundry. This is. This is technology arising that enables people to communicate without actually being with one another. Yes, and not even seeing one another is good or bad. You're sociologist you care about
interaction. I don't know, but I think that the answer is its social right it. So it's people, interacting with one another what's also interesting about Twitter- is that you can follow someone without them following you, it doesn't unlike Facebook, it doesn't have to be reciprocal, so it opens up all sorts of interest a cemeteries and in the way that people relate to one another and your computer, it would be terrible to follow all the people of Guatemala. You on Twitter, the out and you'd have to seal stuff about their food and some of those people are bought. Some of those people are bought, but some have like families and it's just pictures of their kids and you're. Like a get it. You have a kid great so Twitter is create. A kind of a revolution and we heard about it in the arab spring, how people are communicating with one another. We leaving learned later in the show that it is responsible for massive flocking behaviour exhibited by human. Something that we only ever really previously seen in other animals, other vertebrates fashion, birds and things so
I'm just fascinated by that, but in my interview with big stone, because I knew he was a college drop out and I'm an educator, so I asked him I said I said if people like you continue to be six it puts bad light on me who is trying to get people to go to college? Let's check out, What happened when I asked him this look at as dropping out what I did was. I chose to mentor. I chose them a mentor. I chose the apprentice, that's just a different way of learning and you know that's sinners For me, I didn't get a piece of paper, but I did learn a lot from my meant because that's the whole point of going to college anyway, why? He offered me a job, then Why don't you go to college? I get this kind of job. Aren't I kind of skippin ahead in life? You know I'd. Take the job and then he became, My man is actually really funny story. How I got a job on the job,
I was, I was at college and I wasn't really loving. I get a job moving. Every boxes, remote from the attic to the lobby of this publishing house called Little brown company and they all go out to lunch. One day, like this small departments department that does the book jacket I'll go to lunch, and I sneak onto the art, directors, workstation and I find a jacket that needs designing. There's like a it's a transmittal. So I design and I printed out- I'm mad it up, and I slipped anymore, first of all for approval, New York City and sales, and Then I go back over the bus and where Nobody knew. You didn't know another, and until the tractor comes back from New York, and he says who designed this jacket. And I said me any said the box kid and that's all to job offered to be a book jacket, I know so you can understand why and well. I got this free rider college. I got this full ride for our actions in the arts,
but I'm not loving cards and are being offered this the school job. So I made my first one way for it big decisions, life drop out, take the job as a desire, so Clive Three out of the four founders of Twitter College, drop out. What are you have to eat? You write about these people, these people, crook people- provide your journalistic employment, what they so so what what? What gives here? While you know to some extent, this is really about the fact. People who have a really interesting burning idea have trouble making that happen in a college situation, it's not. The college was invaluable to them. You look at all the they got amazing things out of being in college mark Zuckerberg he essentially sort of cut his teeth. Muttered word facebook, Facebook try p m there. He created a little a little social networking game. They gave me a taste of how to do this. You know before he sort of could get together to make Facebook so
you know before he sort of could get together to make Facebook, so they get something out of that. But I agree: it is secondary post, secondary education whenever earns bill gates. You know another another famous dropper sort. So I, if what I'm curious about is you are also an educator, I'm not an educator university setting, and might it be that college harmonizing force on the creativity of students, and these people are anything but the homogeneity of what a college would would turn out. So I think it's true that college create some path dependency, so you know teaching at Columbia. Payments have dependent on for you. He studied phenomenon, it is studied phenomena and social sciences. So, if you you're learning Iraq, Europe geared more likely to stay on that track, so the path dependency in college for undergraduates. As you know, us, as first year, students percent want to be either pre matter, pre law. So if that's your path, dependency, that's your track.
Not gonna become mark Zuckerberg or bestowed Everett ever right. Until you flunked out of organic chemistry, we become a billiard, they gotta, but I will say you know, let's not forget that mark Zuckerberg has just started a book club, and so I think that you know he didn't finish college, but now he sort of having a liberal arts oh man, so I want to hang onto that where's your clock, people with this kind of kind of artistic backroom art, or do they make more successful internet companies than others who does it's a little hard to say for sure, but in my experience the other people who people designed technologies and understand You know human behavior, human psychology. Human passions tend to make the things that we really. Enjoy doing that bring out our best. I mean, I think one of the one of the things that happened with Twitter was that they they created. Something is really simple: the developed people's desire to communicate to each other in a really simple way, an end. So whenever someone has an understanding of what people really like
do what they really want do that they can make good technologies. Is there another way to shame. Somebody who made some weird mistake that you can watch over and over and write about twitter is the best way to feign, be so Clive you. I think you made up a moment ago that Twitter, DVD, so simple and it's me wondering why, if it's as simple and that received by the entire social media community, why wasn't it invented? years earlier are right at the beginning, when you're the only one in the universe that had an email account, but I'm gonna find out we'll find out more about the birth of twitter. When startle bitter.
Not back garter Eugene, very good. A laundry clive, my people, a people for today s that we're talking about twitter and future my interview with bestow so two thousand and five and bestowing is working with some of his partners. One of them is Jack. Dorsey on a pod casting company called Audio audio the actors who didn't do very well and it's not doing well and they try to think of something else and they come up with an idea that would ultimately become twitter. So I had to ask what is the genesis of this? What is the back story of twitter check? It out tat, teamed up? He took me over to his desk. I said you see here on my AOL: Instant MESSENGER chat in our back when we used to use Amazon, chatter, AOL China, whenever you could see,
your friend's name whether they were online or offline. I was their status, but you can also right whenever you want to go there, and some people were climb online listening to the white Stripes feeling like crap I hate Monday's. What is this This is as bad as messenger status. That would go out to someone who's trying to chat with you so. They would know what your state of being right and subject to table this. I guess- people on here, and I don't have to ask him. And I know what they're I know, what they're thinking it looked. This guy is having a bad day. I don't even have to ask him- and I was like they send makes their people automatically keeping a short, because it's just a quick at just the collecting and so Jack said you ve built networks before a bill on early social networks. Belly worked on blogger. All is that do you. We can make a whole thing out, and just this now and I was like yeah: let's do it because that simple, so your magic Dorsey, which was one of his co founders at the beginning,
So this not this idea- and I remember that, seeing these little notices, what are you? What are you up to? What are you not up to and if you have a friend and your curious, this is these are info bits and an Alonzo. Isn't this for your risk, and is that good or bad, or or neutral, it's, not voyeurs dick, if you're putting it out their rights a year, this you're making a kind of very risk from you to want to know this about you. We all want. That about each other, I mean you know where we're all social animals. We know sniff each other I got some of the other animals. Do I mean there's ways you sometimes it's fine, and sometimes it's inappropriate about exactly true. There is about each other. I know you you're running you can spend you you you seeing a status update is like sniffing there, but I didn't say that
It's it's you, I think. That's a brilliant analogy. Did she sniffing someone? It's because smell comes at a distance, and you you get to know what they're doing or what their circumstances are. But that's a brilliant analogy. Please please continue. I just think that curious curious about each other. There is a reason why you can, while away many hours sitting in him watching people walk by, you know sit on the subway watch. People sit at the beach watch people because we're are inherently interesting, and it's not where is take? If people are out in public space and there's not much more public, then you know putting out to the world to ten thousand or five a half a billion users that This is what I am doing. This is what I'm feeling right now, Clive you have a book smarter than you think you can speak about ambient awareness as a kind of social. Sixth sense. Is that what this is yams loosely? It's it's the idea that you said it EL the mental picture of what's going on in someone's life. What there's someone else's like someone else's live yeah you're like so what is my friend thinking about, or
beating about are wondering about and dockers. I thought apparently nobly illegal, illegal under said this is kind of a natural thing. We are. We ve always done this in our everyday lives. We couldn't do it over a long distance right, you could start and know what someone's doing down the hall, the nosey neighbour, looking in the window. Yes, there you go odor break into behind out in though with permanent. So so, basically it's a way of sort of figuring out, what's going on, not through like a big long conversation but a whole bunch of little messages. You know like it if you were to sort of when you start following someone on twitter, you know a little thing, they say and then another thing they say, and after two months you have this kind of really keep sending, your area rap. Sometimes you find a little more than you need to know. So Twitter is really something that people connect to deeply and its connecting millions, hundreds of millions of people around the world
ask them all right: when did you realize it would take off? So I wanted to know what was that moment check it out? so we built we rush to. We had together at first. Vision of what would become twitter and it was a toy. It was fun. It was just for fun, just like it made us laugh one of the very first things that, while we're prototyping This is another key lesson learned while we're a my wife and I had made just enough money off the Google to get me myself out of debt and get an get fifty thousand dollars to put down on a foreigners wherever house in Berkeley? I got this house and I had washed Bob Vila this old house when I was a kid to realise that when you rip up the carpenter ass. He reveal the beautiful hybrid for the during this hot, really hot. Wave day while we're so
on the weekend. I decided I would like start. The middle undecided cut. The rug right, open and report show that our report no harbour force. I was ruining my house and I was sweating, and I was cursing and my phone Bosnia Anna was a tweet, and it said thinking Anwar after massaging nap a valley I felt allow, and when I laughed aloud, I realize women on laughing at something I'm working on. I must be working on the right thing. It's making me laugh so we're having fun, and it wasn't until already people have a twitter account at this point. Nobody, like just revolt. The compass Mosaic well told me so this you're describing the emergence of a species twitter started is basically a toy for business friends to just play with. But there was a moment when all that chain that story. When start,
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We put up with my view at this stone, CO founder of Twitter, so you they are just havin fun, inventing this new way for his buddies to communicate with one another, and then the idea took a turn a whole new trajectory for this project emerged, check it out. Everything changed in March, two thousand seven in Texas and that's when the toy became important in an then, and I that's when I realized. Oh, my gosh we have created something that has never, it is a lie, is really really now here's the story. It felt alive because this would happen. I heard the story. It was that
It was at its it's a festival called self myself where it still running strong. Today back then, it was kind of like Noirtier right so was the first chance to really see twitter out in the wild. So to speak. Because of that at that point is about fifty thousand people using twitter and Most of them were concentrated nerds in this area, so we got see it being used, and I heard the story that just made the hairs on back. My next stand up and really transform my thinking. It was a story about a guy who was and he really wanted to talk to the car to his colleagues about they were working up in the Bay area, but it was loud noise in those music there, so he sent out a tweet. That said let's move this other poverty named. So we can talk. And in the eight minutes it took him to move to another pub. Eight hundred people had shown there was the line at the door of the place is totally filled the capacity, and I realized that the
metaphor. There came to mind. Merely was that of a flock of birds, a bunch of individuals so becoming one and then become. Individuals again? Do you think a flocking you think of like birds? Typically, where are they all kind of move together like this and yet like that how we gotta go. That's all members ones will and so so, what walk me. Well, you're individuals until you become a flock and then when the flocking time is over your back to individuals again. So it's not it's not like the before proverbial lemming behaviour, which watched all do the same thing, because we don't have a brain, etc. This one moment in time where the occasion is just right, where we all need to do the same thing at the same time, and after that we go back to being individuals, and I had never thought about that. The way he described this,
The first is the first example of mobs, but in a social setting, I guess so its head and use the word mob people descending monster to destroy a right, but a little right. How much discussion has there been? I guess Mobs- is the closest early psychology to actually sociology social scientist use mob as a category. So altogether it's called collective behaviour and social scientists talk about mobs. They talk about crowds, but you know this that there is a sensitive these spaces where the kind of normal social norms may break down, and so because you have so many bull and they're. Not it's not clear. Why did they or their? Therefore, a different category of activity serve a revival South South West or some kind of venom. So how are we supposed to behave in this way or how we supposed to behave when we get a cue to go to the certain cub, but is it at a different phenomenon? Or is it just a change of timescale? So I can
go to the opera and everybody else would at the opera together and presumably we all like this opera and were all clapping at the same time and wall tearing at the same time, but we bought our tickets a year in advance and paid scads of money, for it is that mob behavior my behaviour would be. We all go to the opera all at once, because perhaps we get a tweet on Wednesday at two p m. We not only have tweets, but what I M trying to do anguish and between people doing everything together right, which took months to organise and people doing things together, things together because it took minutes to organise, and yes, yes, that is that, does that's sociologically different to yours, yes at one is at one has norms, and when does it so when something takes moments to organize, it's not clear. What's supposed to happen next or why this is happening right, and so that kind of get to the working out the new rules. There's no rules or the rules are being well be worked out and a source of that social policy to climber you do so is this financing
you guys right about and talk about the thing I found in my researches. How often this kind of flocking behaviour happens in really interesting, small internet but he's like someone will mention? You know a random tracked. Some be tracked, some band they leg and lo and behold, discover the twenty other weirdos one in Russia, you no one in one in Texas who also like to talk about that and suddenly there having this little happening talking. But this will be track and let's have it something was hard really hard to do. Maybe impossible to do beforehand happens all the time on Twitter now so clearly, bringing huge numbers of people together is cool, but it can also be powerful like bringing down entire governments, we're on that. When start talking to
we're back on Startalk we're talking about the twitter Revolution and how Twitter can enhance social interactions and also bring down governance, Let me let me ask you something in between there. There and other things that have happened with twitter. Twitter has become a new source. Clive, you are journalists, you will definitely gets scooped by a store hurriedly, someone's gotta Twitter account and they see something that you might be interested in. We learned about Michael Jackson's, death. First on Twitter, when the plane was flung down in the Hudson someone tweeted, I just saw plane crash on that day. Is it old, sometimes citizen journalism, but it's quite powerful and it's very fat and much faster than traditional media. Is it only an issue of speed, as opposed to whether a phenomenon would happen at all?
a wanderer, could you have a resolution, such as the arab spring without Twitter? Sure we'd have evolutions before without twitter, but they have won. I don't know the french Revolution of the American revolution level. One was enough for me, but I believe you know seventeen. Eighty nine have been murdered. There was a, the team so surely can happen without twitter repose. The question Yes, we have revolution that, with or without twitter are Revolutions triggered by twitter of a different social nature. Then the funds that are not that? I have not been indeed because. The whole world is watching right or reading on their screen and rights. Are there watching videos they're watching their seeing images that are still on their timelines? And people are also, beating about her haven't. I might have sixty eight democratic convention the whole I was watching. The whole world is watching the militarized police outside so
Oh, but everyone didn't how television in nineteen sixty eight I mean you know that the penetration of twitter is talk about half a billion users means that there are people all of the world who are watching this thing experiencing this in real time to adjust to spread of revolution or is the nation? of the revolution. Different in Sudan are being used at the revolution. Whether or not a real level revolution ever happens. I think depends on what's happening on the ground. So Twitter is one piece I think of social, social action that can lead to revolution. So we can ask what is the responsibility of such a efficient, such an media? Look you tube source, that's a hard core. I mean you know they have algorithms, they have the ability to censor hashtags that are getting popularity or not, as is there. We want people to do. You know that programmers commanding the programmers here know that can create the other. Thirteen people enjoy genuine trends, all about Justin Bieber sensors.
But there are ethical issues that arise with how Twitter is used and how news is disseminated in which cases are being because I had to ask Bristow, confound or twitter what he thought about people referring to these revolutions as twitter? Revolutions check it out we were getting locked in the headlines with every important thing I was going on in the world, but I made sure to tell people on Twitter because the newspapers reported Twitter Revolution and Alice, and I so it's not the tuna revolution. You gotta, keep in mind everybody that these powers our bleeding in the streets and people are dying they reached for the closest tour. Night evening. Talk shows that all the stuff- and I said now- this would be an appropriate. I dont, first of all and annoyed about what's going on We ourselves were doing there, he's, getting invite him to go, and always you know night,
talk shows at all. Is that what I said now this would be an appropriate I dont. First of all, I don't know anything about. What's going on to look like an idiot, you will ask you to comment apart and well, I know about a second of all these people dying and and bleeding and suffer, am desperate and I'm not gonna hotline. Where is on the back of that, so I wrote to you, but at the same time I was getting sir pressure from my board. Hey man, you gotta, go on his shoulders and we're gonna grow the arena and please I'm gonna end it and I was cast. Because the board has to do with boards do and that's a MAC. The company that right and so what you did. So I felt that I shouldn't I got told me doggone issues browser than one percent. Media folks, because yeah I do want to go on the showers later and yeah do one I bought the product and get the brand out there and everything else. So I ll down with one word I chose one word that was
appropriate word, which was inappropriate. I said feel it would be inappropriate for me to come on. We often talk about this and that worked because I got back universally another one word answer from a lot of these producers was understood, and so I ask that way. Later I didn't go on all issues, but you know four brighter sunny or things, and I didn't want. Obviously it's it's to it. It was inappropriate and, and anyone who at the time was going on there and claiming that there you know- and I would say I said yeah- the Berlin Wall when when the Berlin Wall fell, were telephones used, yes did. Eighty in t say we brought down the Berlin Y know, but were falling phone calls major that after that comment, I fell in love with the guy. That was that was noble was righteous was humble. It was
That's why they call him is still so. The arab Spring Twitter was used to organise protest efficiently and effectively in effect the hill. What the newspapers in Washington DC described Twitter as a strategic weapon. I think the simultaneity of what you can do on Twitter is unprecedented. So a while it's true that other revolutions or other social movements were able to get eventually, five hundred people, five thousand people to get them to a march or a protest to be able to do that. All at once. Is this tremendous kind of leap frog and the sort of evolution of how social theorists think about social movements. So typically you do person by person. You do em there's this Yeah I'll, just name Alden Morris, who talks about the civil rights movement, movement being an institution of institutions right these sort of social building blocks twitter That's wound around the demagogues nomadic
churches community center school? You know building building, building right, that's typically how we think of social revolutions. Social movements happening twitter, puts everything, that's how people connects others these little pods or these at all. You know hives that come and connected to a big I've with twitter. You connect the hive and then you have to in some instances, go back and do all of that boot leather work to make the revolution of the social change sort of take hold. Of course, when something like Twitter takes on a life of its own. Even the creators themselves don't know. It's gonna leave more on that when star talk contained, We highlighted, in my view, this zone of Twitter and we just talking about Twitter as a social fund social movement, a social media,
illusionary force and I'm always entreat when someone who creates something They try to think of all the ways it could be used and they can't, because if everyone has access, the creativity of the masses exceeds the creativity of the creator himself. That's a big stone tells us about that. Our software sat several things one I thought celebrities would never used with no way because I thought the whole when you're a celebrity was you had limited access to a celebrity? You don't get to know my personal life you want to see me reality meal. In the movies I get to lay a little crazy. As of this recording tampering with Congress and others, senators have to end celebrities, no top number one is, I think it's any patting her another two. I've no go after Justin, Bieber number. Three, I don't know anything Barack Obama before
Taylor. Swift, then you to the only on human entity Newton, then lady, Gaga, just interrelated This fear is Rihanna rang out the top down a musician Ellen Degenerous. Do you know where she had a famous ralphie himself? He doing I am here. Yes, So this is everything is not even any thing you would have imagined no way. I thought no way. There's no way are music, but then it then as I said, oh well now it seems obvious they want to connect. They do want to connect directly, their fans, So a laundry is there is there's some usage of twitter that you can imagine that others haven't yet. I think, from a sociological perspective, with interesting as that, Twitter has created whose social role, so what your conversation with big stone suggests is now that to be a celebrity or to be a public person means that you have to have a performance of a euro. Authentic self. The world's and a different sort of way, but ones that have to be authentic. Well, do it has
same authentic enough for people to one of the value of an exorbitant powers will centre. It has to be celebrating an authentic, fair enough in the same way that you know the idea of the Facebook friend has changed the social category. A friend I mean some of us probably have hundreds of friends on face Couldn't we don't now we don't know if we hardly know them it's. Surely it's changed the way that we think about what a run redefine. The word has been redefined and I'd say so. Twitter has brought. It s a whole other ways of having to interact with other people's support celebrities and for you no non celebrities alike. For me, one of the cruellest things about twitter is its impact. On science, communication there's someone I go on to its, not just the believers, what you call it just to mimic! That's right! That's the Justin, Bieber followers, the believers. Now there there's like science, real science communication going on and what charmed?
was that in my interview with this stone, he cited what he thought was the coolest twitter account ever and it's not even on earth check it out? There was one really fun account that I like the law, which was in two thousand seven, the as Phoenix Landor, the woman who is working to GPS. Her name escapes me now, but she created at a cow thinking, wrote to me about it and said I want to create a twitter account for the Morrow Phoenix Lander did it would be good if I anthropomorphized, the little guy and made it sound like he was tweeting eyes all that's a great idea. What was so cool about that was that could follow along. You know that the little guy was an stuff like ok, my my landing gear, the boy. My now I just that's down. So what was what happened was so cool. Was that back then
or any kind of news from Japan. Had to go through communications in that it had. If you were gonna, find water ice on Mars. You're gonna go through the communication his department. This was gonna, be a press release. This we're gonna, be all thing, but back then Twitter was like whatever, who cares and, and- and it was this the little thing I never was. I was dumb and was just for nerds before long and the woman who is running the account asked your boss, you said it can, I can I tweet staff stuff have to run through calm, vary between our don't worry about it. So tweeted found water ice on Mars wooed best day ever so the news about discovering water ice on Mars was tweeted first and we as opposed to other kinds of that, not these are given. She just skip the whole thing an end, and that was a huge thing for us, because in about- was big news and it was
based on our platform, the so I actually played a role in some of that not with the Phoenix Lander but with Mars Curiosity- and I just by I- was building my we are following at the time it might have been around a million or so, and I thought to myself wouldn't be cool if, as Mars, curiosity, which is this Suv sized Laboratory, the largest thing we ve ever plug down on Mars, fainted needed special landing apparatus to make this happen with joists. Retro Rockets and whose a whole rube Goldberg in engineering marvel to get this thing to point out safely, and so I got from Japan to open up a private, publicly fuel, but one on one communication channels with curiosity Rover and it was the funniest thing like ever and then they got store fide. Is that with what you call a story
yet when you collect together a whole bunch of tweets that are all related together going overly. Otherwise, you have to peace. This with this isn't a utility that helps you term one story arc and so the story fight is now on the internet, and I was I was delighted and honoured to be given this opportunity. Did you see this is a good future In fact, I think this is a fantastic time for scientists. I ain't, you be a lot of them. You emphasise journalist and at its amazing how many of them have started. Have these really active presence on twitter on blogs whatever and it used to be they would sit there in their room alone for in a year is until maybe a journalist or someone called them up to ask one question, and now they can just sort of inner pour out stuff there doing talk. It develop their own audiences and they all talk about it in incredibly exciting ways, because they're making these connections that to the public that wasn't before positive, they actually are excited. It's not.
No, not their complete, while avoiding tax is authentic, child life and in the other thing is. The latest EU finds that a lot of scientists are actually pretty good writers and some are really good. Twitters too, like there, they think about languages. They have to communicate and they're they're, pretty funny that their good in this medium and would start here, turns we're gonna hear from my good friend bill. Neither science guy get his take the impact of social media which are, in my view, a big stone and everything about Twitter that co founder of Twitter, guys, the guy's amazing. Just a hearing talk to hear his thoughts. Describe what became this revolution with half a billion twitter followers. I've got a good friend bill,
I, the science guys a friend of the show, is a friend of mine and, let's find out what is take, is on the impact of social media Hashtag Times where afternoon hath says, grew people, love To look at other people. That's why we have gossip magazines and all sections and libraries called biography when it comes to people looking and other people it's happening now. Faster however, and instead of just words and images You can create a whole persona for yourself online line ancient Greek, I narcissist drowned. We cannot as his own reflection in a pool you started a couple guys tweeting about what they had for breakfast, but now its soul. One place. Even the NASA Rover will tell you what it's up to even how its feeling revolutionary tool, that's overthrow, entire government, its
organizing the world and there is no escaping it's everywhere. Like eighty likes, you know me overdue in this or be like a thousand works. We are people come on how we are going to catch up here we go. Well, my so here's an interesting thing about Twitter. I was always curious about this hundred forty character limit. Did you take two hundred, characters you, you used to long form pieces in the New York Times magazine. None of those are forty characters so that this staff yet No. Actually, I discovered what a lot of people discovered, which is that it it kind of solve the blank page problem. You know when we all think about. Write? Something on? You know, blogger Facebook, they might think. Well. What have I got to say, bye,
shortening the length of the utterance to like a hundred of a single sentence, barely a sentence they made a perfect box at anyone could fill Phil over and over and over again and That is really what a lot of people have told me they loved about Twitter. Is it by forcing the think about every effort were they sort of enjoy crafting a little sends a little witticism and the problem is some people still don't know how to do that, and so they will have five consecutive tweet one of five to know: you're, not tweeting, your blogging, get off the highway, a tweet storm, it's called twitched ordinances. He hasn't got that we'd storm here. Do you know how they came about with the Decide one hundred and forty two all I wanted to get to the bottom of that as well, so that a zigzag What I ask its creator, biz stone: where did this hundred forty characters come from? What's up with that check it out, I actually a strong belief, constraint, inspires creativity when people are when people have.
Back to the wall. They usually come up with really creative things. Suddenly, that applies even through the engineering work. The last thing you want to do is tell an engineer bill. Whatever you want yeah, I know the fail. This you have to say here is the link we're money limit as to fit in this volume right it's gotta be. This is like pop the movie APOLLO thirteen. We got this this the nest and we need to make this go. Go member that ground thousand grades go so long. I didn't forty comes from the fact that on text messages, there's a hundred and sixty character limit, that's the universally text messaging. That's it! you gotta be true, and we wanted our idea. Our earliest idea for twitter was that you would update your tweets with a text message not on the web, but with your because with the idea was that you could do it anytime anywhere waiting for the train and even happened bows the beauty of it right. So at first it was just one hundred.
Takes the characters minus, however long your name was so My mind was busy and Jackson was done. And I said Jack back one I said I I extra letter on you is like a letter to use to communicate. I mean. Certainly, one letter by I said you know Somebody's name is longer. I got more space, it doesnt seem first Moderns. In fact, Second of all, its effect, in a form of neither one of us like that non uniformity things? So the limit is one forty, but The limit on names as fifteen characters. So is you heard it from the man himself hundred forty characters, but I think the opportunity as Twitter as a bar has come to play a role in how the hundred and forty characters work so you're not gonna. Retweet sweet storm as Clive called it and you're not going to be to which we in an elegant near a tweet, that's an elegant and has a lot of abbreviations. We have to figure out what all the abbreviations me.
I'm gonna, go viral and not gonna get retweeted a lot. So that's the community sort of choosing what send alarms within two hundred and forty characters. What is a good tweet look like, and so would you say? Is this good or bad for literacy? They've done a lot of studies now in short forms in texting and they found that it actually because you have to think about what the short form means you have to think about language there. It doesnt I'd anyway, Harmon it might actually help with aspects of learning. But I think just on as wander set on a literary level. It's been this kind of fun renaissance in people trying to be optimistic to say something short and terse, an end there's something on a lovely, but that moment I several Christmas day tweets. They will have very different reactions from one another, but one I'm quite proud of- was about Santa Claus and excited exactly into the make to measure so excited Santa knows physics, red light penetrates fog better than any other color of light.
That's why Benny, the Blue knows reindeer didn't get the gig. So what's the future of this tool, is, you know, is well established now, but these companies always eventually stumble biggest something new comes along that turns out to be in an even more fun or gets us took community in some weird interesting new way. I can predict that I mean I think. If I could, I the out inventing a right now and I'd be the next willing immature predicting the demise of twitter. Yes, twitter will eventually fall down when someone does something even more interesting and find them what they're doing right now. Can you imagine what they need is probably some form of looking up, it's that unless new of all the things that used to just happened behind closed doors and ivory towers. Now everybody has accents guys thanks for being a star talk, I've been your host meal, the grass Thyssen,
cuz? I wonder. Maybe this is the future of the democratization of all the things that used to just happened behind closed doors and ivory towers. Everybody has accents guys thanks on star I've, been your host meal, the grass and, as always, I bid you Keep looking you wish, you can listen! The star talk, commercial, free, joint start compatriots for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star, talk, radio,
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