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The Physics and Fantasy of Time Travel

2016-10-21 | 🔗
Neil deGrasse Tyson unravels time travel with the help of theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, “Back to the Future’s” Doc Brown, aka Christopher Lloyd, “Doctor Who’s” Missy, aka Michelle Gomez, and co-host Chuck Nice. Plus, Bill Nye takes a ride in the DeLorean.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free from the American Museum of Natural history in New York City. Beaming air base and start with science Remember I'm your outfit start. I feel that we are facing a personal astrophysicist and tonight we're gonna be talking about the science and fantasy of time travel, because we're featuring my interview with Christopher Lloyd, who played
Brown on back to the future. Not only that I've got my interview with Michel Gomes, whose elite actress in the BBC Call Series Doctor who so Let's do this right, I'm a brilliant and help to talk about the Chuck microbes tonight, community, whose thanks would join and, of course, always pleasure be earlier, and I also got a good friend and colleague professor meets Yo Kokoo, who is professor of theoretical physics at the City University of New York, so meet your cock and thanks for being on start on land to be unusual. Now I've got you on here, because you are an expert on so many things that transcend ordinary fought at the frontier, the bleeding frontier physics. You got several books here and wanted to perhaps more relevant to us tonight, physics of the impossible, and I just I just one
the title, I said: if it's impossible, how could it have physics that applies? Well? That's the whole point right. That's what you want to buy the book now, but is there really is a logic behind time, travel and impossible things like jet backs in flying cars starships, we physicist taking seriously, we have work, designs in the literature for potential time machines, of course, was there ever got into one to find out whether they work- and I am one of those famous time, travel movies of all time- is back to the future. Absolutely course was a trilogy, but its focus first one for the moment which started at all and actually is the most beloved, the most beloved for sure, and it was nineteen. Eighty five, I remember when it came out and was so well thought out so well acted and perform and conceived, and let's just refresh your memory, let's check out a clip,
From back to the future they are probably wasn't it Where are they yeah. That's not. Where are you? When are you and so effect I sign does come back. That was not the door driving the car. Although it look it's kind of look with the kind of that, and I think Michael J Fox was a little too muted on his response to seeing is dogged, disintegrate or to see a car come accurate. Eighty eight miles an hour, eighty eight miles an hour, and you said they understood that out of trust in the dark, so dark brown that I met up with four of my interview. Four star talk and he's a deep thinker, and- and we just talked about that iconic role that he gave us in that film restrictive. No,
can imagine anybody else play that role, but you so what were you doing? What's a secret come up, I love the whole concept of scientists, deal with insoluble problem. Another story of of us noted seiners, who is trying to find a solution to some problem and then the comedy worth for months and that one days that is very on a bus, cobblestones and dark Brown trying to figure out how to produce a time. Falls down about from his head against the thing he suddenly a vision for a passer by
I'll love a kind of financial, because his car on the way it works it. So it's basically the Eureka effect, yeah get hidden ahead or something happens to abruptly, and then the idea pops in, but I'm a fan of the way Isaac Asthma interpret the year. A fact which is which is go ahead. Ok you're ready the most exciting phrase to hear in science the one that heralds the most discoveries is not Eureka, but rather that's funny that will that makes sense, meta? Do you agree with this? Yes, I had exactly that moment. I first was working on string theory that nineteen sixties and it consisted of hundreds of random formulas that he had to memorize in a book, but Einstein One an equation one inch long. It would allow him to quote Ray the mind of God. I said to myself.
That's funny! How come this theory has so many random equations, theirs we? Thus, when did she equation? One day I found it is called string. Feel theory, that's my equation. The co founder of string feel very and its summarizes, theory beyond Einstein in one inch long by book, but was that a Eureka moment, or did you just say It was a very funny moment that that no one was looking for it. No one was looking for this one inch equation right, because people were so busy memory. And using all these little hundreds of little formulas that he would memorize no one Looking for that, one is equation, so my famous that's funny story is with William Herschel who wanted to measure the temperature of the different colors of light that come through a prism. Ok, just even think to do. That is less than that gas lesson that
all I can say is a mushroom tonight for me. So he's got the spectrum later. It's got to spectrum when it is put a thermometer in each color and then he says, aren't I need a control from. So I put that some amateur beyond the red side of the spectrum where no light at any watch the temperatures and the war and where there was no light, just beyond the red rose to the highest- and he said that's funny like they re a man discovered infrared which is not visible. There was life I couldn't say authority putting in a safe place, Rosa that's funny moment and then Icy Newton, which I think is. Moreover, Eureka moment the man is sitting outside is backyard great in Lincolnshire right, we feel part of cosmos there. That's. It was almost like a pilgrimage grown up. Our feeling of feel that I like that
that's your favorite! That's your favorite guy! That's my business man Mamma s! You may have a visible man ragged and his apple tree is still in the back yard. Okay. So so so after, like gotta hold it myself, I bit in apple next to his tree, and then I floated up with no story is true, but you know what happened: was he saw an apple for eating it hidden ahead with it I saw the apple for I'm doctor. I'm gonna have a race that we raise the race to raise head, any saw the moon in the sky, knowing that it orbits the earth, and so here's an apple for went straight to the earth and some
some other Arab going around the earth and in a moment he recognised that the same force is making both things happen. So it takes Newton, have an apple falling in a straight line and a cosmic object going in orbit to drop it into one equation: he's wanting using your one equation club as right, you know that's the first unified feel theory because a unified earth, like physics with heavenly physics when the church says they were two separate things, one heavenly physics that that guy would have obey and then the venal and mortal sin. That we live. Then he created the first unification in all of science, interesting you so that God obeys the laws of physics. That's an interesting inversion of how most people think of God. Yes, because most people think that God actually created the laws of physics
about meet your has separate access to today. It is back to my interview with RIP Christopher Lloyd. I turned out though he plays a geeky scientist is actually gets some geek in M, unlike in real life, oh yeah, I love finding that people are checked, it out. Unlike in real life. Oh you look, fine it around people a check it out time always kind of amazes me, those amazes at all, but we are here: No, please call this and there's a railroad station. I spend a lot. I'm doing mine mine, what are they fought? Experiments you're good dog experts, there was a trains will win through as having drops a ball balances, how fast to dinner and how relates to the world outside the EU and on the other, is the genesis of relativity. Otherwise,
It was cocktail of the railroad station soldiers, time travel, all kinds of power are so we love himself some Einstein and info. In nineteen o five special theory relativity which involve the trains in the clocks and the timing? And then ten years later, eleven years later, the general theory of relativity, which had yet another affirmation of its real I would be in the discovery of gravity waves. Just recently could could you describe in thirty seconds or less not lessen, now wait, media I've done this with him. So now I gotta do it with you? Ok, can you in less than twenty? Second, what is less than twenty seconds? Can you explain? Gravity waves, ok, but first you gotta. Let me get my clock now. I have my clock. Ok, we I have my start was and you
twenty seconds and go gravity ways. If space time is like the surface upon a new Thrall Rock in the pond. Ripples radiates just like gravity waves. Gravity waves are like ripples on the space time of a pond. That was thirteen. You must do something about it or not. It was our weight limits. Let me take his remaining six seconds. I add to what you're gonna give you another twenty seconds: ok, regular! No! No! I just need that. Actually, six! I just want to see the six seconds to me. The senator row when I read it called on the differences, the surface of upon is in two dimensions, but gravity waves occupying the four dimensional continue of space time radiates in every direction.
Nine seconds you lost her fair, fair supplement. Yes, now also, if you spin that pon and get a whirlpool that is the beginning of the first time machine there was, not a nineteen, forty, nine, the first time machine the whirlpool a whirlpool on the surface of the pond right, which is not really a pond at all. If I found when you didn't fit in a manner that is actually the fabric, space is self Ray and war dimension. I did it for dimension in four demand, all three space dimensions and a time at a time to answer right, always x, Y, see and some other stuff call t t is an actual
Was that MAX's, but is this? Is it our access to stand for time time right so could you get that close to it and not to X Y see and something that represents time, because we cannot do this? I liked to alight to keep it on a low man so so Mitya. Did you pop a bottle of champagne when, when they bravery ways were discovered, we just knew they were gonna come anyway was predicted a hundred years ago. We knew it we're going to find, in fact, if we didn't find those gravity way, we would have been indeed do do if there is any way in deep coca soon from the theoretical physics everyone about in a way that was the end of Einstein's actual fairy. If this doesn't work, indeed it is in German. What is so meet your relativity?
This is a modern idea of how the world works and it doesn't seem to emanate from anyone's sort of chair, because it is not part of anybody's common sense and that's right. Send says that time is like an arrow, you fire, it never comes back one second, on the earth, on? Second, on the moon, Einstein says: no time is like a river river- that meanders and speed, speed up and slows down New wrinkle on this that I work on is the fact that the river of time can have whirlpools and fork into two rivers, and that, of course, is back to the jerk whirlpools in the river of time banner sounds like a really cool. So
opera that now, when the next episode of whirlpools river of you're, not so in your book, the physics of the impossible, you actually class, you classify impossible things and you classified time travel as a class to impossibility. What the hell does that mean class one impossibility are things that are actually possible, but most thing most people think they're not like, for example, Jed packs, starships teleportation there physically possible in the laboratory. We actually teleport Adams. So there's no law of physics preventing them. That's right, but people think they're impossible, because that you see them and start track if only ever seen them in a science fiction store That's right! Jet packs we have, we can make flying cars. We can do all that stuff, except we go to class,
now where we really are problems now we're at the cutting edge of physics, where I do my research that includes wormholes higher dimensional travel. This includes a black holes and what happens at the centre of a black hole. Wormholes time travel he's your class to impossible on the contrary, to learn what class three years after here in that
just darn impossible, Bulgaria played like violation of the conservation of modern energy, getting something from nothing rocky that would be a class three impossibility or my wife. Let me go to Strip that's whereby three or four your lifetime, even people who try to make time machines in the past and most famous video hd wells gasoline. Ninety five rising story called the times the time machine. As I read that was very sort of esteem punk. You know it has like police and believers in an handles. Yes, and that was that there was very cold up as Pre Einstein was pre. I'm trying to do the fourth dimension, he's as flatly the fourth dimension in the opening in the opening I paragraphs of the novel. I you know what I love about that is. He had to move the time machine in order
to move the place that he went in time just just so they set of equals thought that he thought that threaten like that, like it was a very by the way. This is something that most people think about going to say. I want to put myself I wanna go. I want to go back to ours. Ok, if I do that, then I'm in space because earth has moved in its orbit right. So you can't just move in time. You gotta move in space. You wanna keep your, but in the chair that you started in so hd wells. Eighteen, ninety, five, the time machine time is at one to two people to new places, psychologically, intellectually scientifically, and that wasn't the last time people try to do this. The most successful and longest running science fiction Series doctor who true it's got it's gotta rabid fan base in the UK, frightening people
just gonna end up and a fan base. We got a strong, fair base here and in our states, gas looting. My daughter, who was a movie and listen words, would wish you all a who here and it's and they started in nineteen, sixty three guess. So, if you, if you knew about those you're classical within they reboot series in all five: if your internet, then your new who know who you're, not so that freeze involves time travel. Yes, let's check out what they do. You see. So what have you got? Us comes, I'm much more useful. You alive evil.
That is a frightening xo doctor who follows the adventures of humanoid alien called the doctor. Ok, that was not the doctor. That was the doctors nemesis that, This is called the master and they occasionally will face off to one another and all of their adventures involve moving through time in some way. That is always intriguing. Always this. They force you to think about the consequences of having done so and what they're doing in that time and place and what effect that will have on everything else in the universe and so that zap that woman, whose zap this other women out of existence, the woman places call Michel Gomes, and she is the first woman to play the role of a time more time. Lord she's, the four, and so I had she came by my office, and I had to ask about this.
What are the powers that you have because we all know about the doctors powers they both time lords with their nemesis sees nemesis, I mean this is of one another: the sugar, the actual powers of the master. Could you list for me the powers of the master S being able to tear time travel but with your for tax, be here at the moment, with their vortex, with your work easier, not hardest for tat, very ugly. I so Cellarstairs thought I would say is basically that stress the fact that that's the thing I mean she has lots of there's other gizmos and gimmicks and things that she has at its disposal to delete you. So there's so much joy, but believe that sells worse than just killing me. You didn't just show me my body: might there but he is here the as yet to bury me without about me manufacturing here we're cosmology mildly, my sense of self.
In memory of me is there. If you delete me yeah, you never existed that scary wealth. So so here's what interesting the fact that she can delete you get just kill. You mean she has access to your prior existence right, the deleted. It means no one even knew that you existed yet some really angry girlfriend should you sound like those like admin? Dear I'm just saying as they are often was that there is a lot of places on Facebook. I don't exist so so so the the the doktor uses a tortoise, which is a core box Missy, which is her name the master. She uses a vortex manipulator to travel through time that basically her time machine at the time
This, though, is that's act. You know, that's an acronym tortoise. I didn't know that time and relative dimension in space. That's why you always see capitalized right, and it's looks for all the world, like all both a police foamed with the police call vote, but you walk in and is bigger on the inside right. That is an entire place on the inside me show that clearly involves and other dimension. That's right. These are called multiply connected spaces. If you get a scissors and paper and scotch tape and start to cut and then reform in different ways. You can get wormholes you can get tortoises multiply connected spaces which wraparound themselves. We physicists have catalogue these things, and so, if you have enough energy, perhaps you can war time and space into a pretzel threats, or do you think you're going someplace about
We turn around your back where you started that's right near the, whereas whirlpools in the river of time- and you can see this by taking a sheet of paper and folding it on itself and then punching through it and that's called a wormhole connecting this part of Europe I continue to support cheating really by not having to go through the full length that actually build something like this. You need a machine bigger than the super collider. Ingenious so let the large hadron collider how much bigger quadrillion times bigger than the large Adrian get. So that's not. I vigorously James I'm a lot better than the lodge lot bigger than the city of Geneva. That energy then yeah you to my bill to rip a hole in the fabric of space and time. In fact, we think energy is perhaps the energy of the Big Bang, a big bang. The creation of the universe itself might have come through a wormhole, so let the record show that meet. You wants it
no one in the universe. We come back more on the physics and fantasy of time travel on, hey I've got a little secret for you. I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star talk and support, Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen, the star talk ad free, You can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never,
we're here. Another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me sing if you support us at Patria. Dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying. Free space and saw him down to earth you're listening to start that's all right. We're talking about time travel the physics of the fantasy of pop culture
fishery. My interview with Christopher Lloyd, who played dark Brown on back to the future, check it out my fiance, the tiny gently, warm anthology, adept socialist. I try. All these posts will be on a plane and she says it's driving me crazy she's how to get rid of a criminal law set out a book. Be taken so large data was Steve horses a short history of time, refrigerator history, I urge you to something: that's fun. I said this is fun it is. I am I don't I don't. I don't ask me to export aid about black holes readily, but I love ready so also so meet you. A brief
We have time Stephen Hawking, that single handedly put physics back on the map and pop culture. Ever since I Stein was a pop pop culture icon, he proposes chronology protection. Conjecture, tat even say that right, that's right! However, we think he's wrong and this one, but I would like first of all so he's saying that backwards time travel is impossible, be you're, saying we think is wrong. Does that mean you think he's with when the word we comes out and meet your mouth? Who is the we? I don't know, but I just think this is a thumb
like this sitting here. Listening to astrophysicist talk about the fact that Stephen Hawking is wrong. He himself has stated that he is unable to prove that. I part this is, which would disproved time travel, but that's why it's a conjecture is a conjecture but has never been proven, and that's why he cannot say that time travels impossible. He tried to, modify the impossibility of time travel. He failed, meaning that it could be possible, and that was a steamer this matter, but there's no other way to some other arguments here. There's this or the practical arguments. So, for example, if in the future a time machine is invented where you can go back, words in time. Presumably they would have already done so. Where are they today?
We're gonna have invisibility in the next few decades, so maybe they're invisible. So you make your post of outer you're very right here. You know you're right it hawkins wrong because they ve actually come back in time and they made themselves invisible. That's right now. If you went back in time you wouldn't let people know that you are from the future. Would you are amazing? You, you would not go back because, first of all, I wish they would take you and put you in a room, Bonanno Chuck. As you know, there are many times in the history of this civilization that you were. I ever want to go back to. Well, isn't commissary right now felt Michael J Fox went back to nineteen. Fifty five there's no way in Hell, I'm goin anywhere near nineteen. Fifty anything that might novel impact pass. Nineteen. Eighty
get a little Skippy for me right after they invented hammer pants. I have ever go back and I don't see have appears on Y know, I'm going back now, so so, ok, so they're they're invisible. I put through other interesting things about backward time. Travel, for example. I remember the film I don't know popular it was but somewhere in time there was a film. It had a Christopher, even right reefs and he fell in love with a woman he's young and dashing and there's an eighty year old woman who he encounters and says she says to him, come back to me and he wants what's going on edge and she gives him a ring and she finds out She existed seventy years earlier earlier in the century. He sees pictures of her. Then he figured out how to send em so back in time and he goes back in time and then he meets her and he s a bit. Introduce himself to cry. She doesn't know we is, and then then
in each other, and he gives her that ring, fits he had later, given him in the future, which means the ring was never created in only exists in this Lou at the loop of talents and so Laurel Paul in the river of time They need to match dot com. This right that when I hear that one was doors, intrigue that you can have a thing that exists when you have backward time travel that was actually never create nicely worse than that, if you have time travel, you can be your own mother and your own daughter, your own father and your own son. Well, now I'm down what time travel. Let's say I have learned. Wait, wait, wait, wait! So what you're saying as these paradoxes are not really paradoxes if they're allowed by the laws of physics. Yet we think that Dame
we allowed by the laws of physics, because the river of time, forks, forks into two rivers and that's how you get babies to burp end consequence, you ve changed somebody else's past that one, that you made in the past to lose a teenager that falls in love with you looked genetically similar. Your mother as a teenager, but is not the river of time, has forth into two rivers and you ve just stream to another time line. Ok, so how so now get back to your ear? Your ear, your situation here we feel this is a basic taken that pair, a part that you can in fact be your own mother and your own daughter, while Engram, other angry granddaughter that would even confuse lady gaga. You know I'm speechless so
so it any of these scenarios. Does the universe split that right we get what is called a multi verse of universities a word time. Travel is possible without any contradictions, if you saw back at the future part to where they go backwards in time, bid steals that Almanac Stock Brown goes with the blackboard draws, a horizontal line, and then he forks that line where Bibbs, deals, the almanac that is a physically correct description of all time, travel paradigm. Ok, let me go direct you from no it's not. That is correct is that it doesnt violate laws of physics. We don't know if it can ever happen. That way. That's right! Ok, there's a safe, correct concerns like like you.
Confirmed. This is consistent with what we know about the laws of quantum mechanics and general activity is consistent. So therefore cannot be excluded. That right and that's why hawking has since backtracked on is chronology protection hypothesis. We have not been able to prove that time travels impossible, so so acts of now. I was just going to say that see once again, Stephen hawking wrong. What you're thing is, if the time machine is invented in the future, and all this is happening, we start splitting the universe every time there's something that would have been a paradox right. They usually people would say that story and are going to be out of a living, because history can be changed any time and the unemployment lines would have, historians on them now,
the historian on every time line is a and they have a job. So history is still possible in each timeline. So so, ok, so what you're saying is, if I go back into my own time, wanted to something different, a whole other universe purse. For me. Cried the multi verse for me? That's right! You haven't you until I required it of the laws of physics. A parallel universe emerges. When go backwards in time, and this is consistent with quantum mechanics. Where we talk about Multiverse as all that,
that if our universe is a bubble, as Einstein said in the bubbles expanding there are other bubbles out there we'll come here. The science fiction of time travel meets the science facts, and what am I interviewed, featured Michel Gomes from the pop series doctor who the BBC called classic. Let's check it out answer me this time words always tend to have companions travelling with them, so people can travel with them that they too are travelling through time. He saw the actress through time is not unique to time honoured. If you can bring people along with you, yes, and that does seem to be happening now, amuse you just said with anybody- can just jump at the time is now right before it takes off, and then you know that the fun of it you gotta, take there's something about the shared experience that that we need, as humans is well there's something about. Turning to about one person, the dog,
and and and sharing that experience em, so I think that's where the doktor and the master entirely deaf different than the doktor shares that with somebody get to tell the story in the story then gets to propagate yes to propagate, whereas the, whereas with the master, am knockabout it there's no companion to travel through time alone. Yeah space time allow here so mature. When you ve been ventured machine? Are you taken friends with you know? I don't think so. I think it say a personal thought of personal journey and I do
be deleted, if they make a mistake so time lords on the show there they're all from an? I guess: it's the planet galifron and they form a community of people and their capable of manipulating space and time is just a feature of their identity and its their most defining property of who and what they are and what they do and what the show is done. Is it split that identity into good and evil right? So you have the doktor and you have the master right so so meet show here is an interesting question that I've physics and our understanding of the universe has advanced. Greatly as it always does all every year every decade, and so it's almost come to the point where we are now taking time travel a little more seriously than ever before we're at a time when people ask people like you are actually thinking this. Yes, things have happened. First of all, we discover numerous black holes in the universe. There's one in our backyard.
The milky way? Galaxy weighs two to three million times of massive our side of the centre of the milky way as ride these black holes collide. Giving is ripples in the fabric of a space in this context means thirty five thousand light years away. Ok, that's that's backyard! Cosmical right and these black holes rip the fabric of space and time and according to the theory of a black holes rotating very rapidly, it doesn't collapse to what thought eclipses to a ring a ring. Of neutron circulating very wrathful ring you may, like. I don't know anything. All through the ring. You do not you not crushed to death you why in another universe, so there is a wormhole mathematically, speaking at the centre of every black hole. That is rotating very rapidly, and if you go HU, the wormhole a second time you wind up on a second layer of a parallel universe. Now Why don't we go to university? All the way down is what you're saying this universe has all the way down, maybe
even Elvis Presley is alive at one of those universes right. So very much the same thing. It is. There is a universe where his eldest brother, you know, I'm not thankful this evil. Every right, I'm applying for the Lisbon summit. We stopped in IRAN No way I mean you're gonna go ahead of the other reason for taking this very seriously, as we have the large hadron collider. Now this gigantic atom smasher. You know fourteen trillion electron, voles worthy of energy, we can create a mini, a any black hole, many big bang at the centre of the large hadron collider, and so we had to take them seriously. Now what at what point does known physics? Breakdown go up? Next, we're gonna come to one of my favorite segments of STAR Talk, the cosmic queries where we feel all the questions
on time travel view, and I do this all the time or the timing of the questions that solicited from our fan base. I will Certainly no all these answers, but I got Machu as backup. Yes, you do. They ve got my bell. You gave us I've checked about, we got elsewhere somewhere, and yet I re courting number one is from a theatrical is time just the universe is way of organizing spent years so that it doesn't run into it ooh Mitya, wants you hit that time is a parameter that measures change? That's what time is a parameter that measures change and because herbaceous change, it means that things don't collide is separate things. So, yes, the answers I queried number two is from at Katy Argotiers. What would happen if your Adams to your Adams, if you travel back in time, surely there within you already exist elsewhere in the past to meet you. I want you take that what you like. I could answer these, but I do want to meet your chance. The river
the questions solicited from our fan base. I will necessarily know all these answers, but I got meets YO as backup. Yes, you do, they ve got my other time line, so there no paradoxes, no paradox! So when you yourself as a child. That is not really you. It is genetically equivalent to you but it is you and indifferent timelines. Your Adams exist simultaneously with the active going back in time, split the space time continuum so you were meeting you, but they're, not your Adams, my god he's got I've gotta, thickness we'd go back and meet me laptop. How that got our nets query from Ramen pinzon in late California, let's say you can write a photon. How would you surroundings look like while you are on it will be able to perceive movement and time? Let me take half witted I'll, give you ever have to meet you. Ok, voters have no concept of time. Time does not exist
those acorns. If you are emitted any place in the universe, you are absorbed at your destination, that very same instant yet to the rest of us. You'll see the photon move at the speed of light across the thousands and, in some cases, millions and billions of light years to its destination. So I'm at a telescope and I'm observing the center of the galaxy, as I did for my phd thesis, those photons wandering through space, ended up in my detector. They hit that in their mind the instant they were omitted from the stars at the centre of the galaxy. What would the universe look like? If you are, if you are surfing that photon you're right, the universe would be stopped because time as we know, what as a parameter of change, does not exist on the line being so you are correct borders with over the universe, looked like to you over to stocks. It is thought to be frozen, frozen right, wow, that's very cool it. The bell
fr at energy ten. Eighty three is a true. We may be able to see into the future but will never be actually able to time travel I met a telescope and I'm observing the center of the galaxy, as I did for my phd thesis. Those photons wandering through space ended up in my detector if they had one on the planet earth. I tweeted how much younger Scott Kelly is than any twin that he left here on earth after you, ve been in space for ten months, and it is one that straight starting calculations of the learned that in broad relatively one or one right and if you travel to Jupiter since time is distorted around Jupiter time slows down. It means you go forwards in
I'm going around Jupiter, so you can become a time travel or into the future is going in the past. That's the big problem, but forward time travel takes place with all or astronauts right. There you have it Isabel covered up. We ve got bill nigh the science guy and guess what he got his hands on the actual delorean from back to the few man, I don't know what you're gonna do it, and I did you invite me on a trip, I'm not. When we come back. We will find out what he does without more honesty, do you know The future is space and the secrets of our planet risk
start on science crackers and we're talking about a science and pop culture of time travel and who better to ask about that than doctor who STAR Michel Gomes check it out. Does the prospect of time travel intrigue you
Yes, absolutely out of your whole life we have refrained from the moment. I think my first thought will have been obsessed about really being somewhere else and is only until now that I'm starting to realise that right here, right now in this moment, lace in this moment- everything's just fine and perfect, but has taken me a few years together. Show your timeline was a work in progress until this moment. Yes, because I had to be beaten into submission, my very serve humanness has had to be beaten, to me the years while its true for anyone. We are the sum of everything we ve experience yet right, and but not everyone put it together now into a new unconsciousness anew consciousness, a new conscious lab you guys got really Phyllis
Ethical, I'm just saying you know if you gotta, go to you gotta, go to in a moment requires it of you so Mitya. What is this? If there's time travel? What does that say about free? Will? It means perhaps theirs, such thing as free will. We have no one wants to believe that right. Whoever you know I do in my life is a wreck, I'm a quantum physicist and the quantum mechanics. There is uncertainty, and it certainly means that we're not robots, we're not it uncertainty the way we normally use that word. This is the uncertainty in position. And the city of electrons. But since we are made of electrons, it means that there is uncertainty with regards to whom we are. We exist in multiple stays at the same time, and in some sense you can be two places at the same time. So, for Us Quantum physicists having multiple universes is commonplace. Does it if you're gonna give yourself multiple universes
then I do have freewill there's a universe where some have I sat and want to do that. I want that to happen. Let me go change that and I burst another universe. Where can do some different? That's right if there is didn t, then there are parallel universes different time streams and that's that resolves all the paradoxes of time. Travel and it means that free will can exist because the time of the timeline, can fork into many roads each one of those time lies actually represents a dear friend reaction to a choice. If you were this person, so I got up and I went one way to work as opposed to another way to work. I have created a different, more multiverse by we create multiple universe is simply by making decisions. Rather, we wake up in the morning or asleep another hour in bed we buy for it we split in half and so for us the time travel paradox is a very easy took to resolve, because we work with parallel
The universe is every time we work with a transistor, the the internet, The internet is based on parallel universes, as some people do not like it, but hey get used to it after mature. I think you are invoking parallel universes to make everything. You say work out, ok, a I think, he's got. It does exactly right. We believe in a unification of all physical law, and we think that Quantum mechanics is the framework that even unites Einstein's theory to relative to quantum mechanics and the highest version of quantum mechanics is string. Theory. So I worry that you know you can make another universe rather than commit yourself to this one and make it better Can I talk to that question I so before we bring this to a close, you know we can't do it without like a video visit from nine times in the city. Ass filled neither science guy good friend in
and now he was a resident of New York, and I finally got Livy finally got to hear- and I run around town, do a cool stuff, and I'm still here stuck in the chair is totally got his hands on an actual the lorry in that used in the movie, let's check this out, but how It is time, travel possible, no, probably because if you go back in time and change history, maybe you could go back to the titanic, then the captain to slow down or maybe just go back to last weekend in up yourself from having one more two kilos shot or maybe, Send a colleague back in time to have sex with a waitress. Who turns out to be your own mother?
in the terminator series in order to prevent worldwide nuclear war living cool science fiction is replete with travel stories by thing for Neil me, our favours gonna be the back to the future series. Ass were dark brown. Turn the Delorean sports car into a time machine? What, if you could travel through time gray sky. Suppose every everyone. You know and love or actually part of someone else's time travel adventure how would mean that you and I don't even exist and, as I finish this night,
in the city segment, everything would just disappear. That would be weird we saw this right. Let's ride a land is playing so so check. If you were what you're? What are you reflections on time? Drown? I think it's great to think about, and it's a lot of fun, but what I actually want to go back in time to be honest and change something now that scares the hell out of me to be honest we would wish them to. You have to drop on us for visas is time. Travel is like children's Paradise, being a toy stores, a child, all the toys to play with all the laws of physics that we might be able to break or extend
so we're talking about a whole new terrain opening up. So this is a great time to be a physicist because we're like children in a toy store. So your time machine tools and methods are in like a paper for you. That's why we get the test. The boundaries of theoretical physics we get to play God we get that change the laws of physics, because the old ones don quite work right. Where clearly
nothing wrong can ever go. There are maybe try machines have been invented in the future and they are sending people back, but they're, not sending them back invisible, you're, sending them back as those who walk among us and end of transforming our world, whose ideas or well ahead of that of anything else, that's going on around them, such as Isaac, Newton himself, Einstein, Jimi, Hendrix Marie Curie. Maybe these people, who we write stories about
these people who were ahead of their time the cost of people when they did something. No one understood it. We have to keep moving the timeline forward until somebody said hey, they were onto something. Maybe they are the time travelers in our culture and we don't even know it, and so, if you see someone making discoveries give him a hug to try to help us save us from ourselves. That's how I think about it. Just a thought from the hall of the universe,
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