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The Physics of Superheroes, the Sequel

2013-03-28 | 🔗
Holy Δx Δp ≥ ℏ/2 Batman! Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku joins us for another discussion of superheroes and the amazing physics behind their incredible powers.

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Welcome back to start or radio on your hosts astrophysicist meal, the grass Thyssen, I also serve as new cities, Hayden Planetarium at the american dream of natural history, my committee and call home this week is checked nice welcome that he needs to be bad man chapter. I have to say I was channel surfing the other day. Yes, some obscure cable channel and it was like the top thirty videos of drunken people at parties and there you were commenting. Yes, we can give you better gigs than that. You know. That's! That's my wheel, house, man, that's where I'm like a kind of an expert on smoking
come on drunken, but bones idiots. That's, as was a fun, shows great to see where excel in that's. That's where I know my careers going well, the more obscure the cable network. A better off, and do it back where, as you may know, in a previous show, we spoke with Professor James colleagues of the universe in Minnesota. You might ask why he's up professor physics, any author, the book, the physics of superheroes, and we had enough material there. We made it into two shows this being the second of those to us, and that first show was immensely popular, I'm sure and we're going to try to do that again, and you know it turns out that superheroes, if you think about him through the lens of a physicist, you can learn a lot of science. By looking at what laws they obey, what laws they violate, I'm sure they violate. Wasn't. I helped you now, there's like house
stress strong. They are how fast they move, how well they dislike bullets, and so all this is about ex answer: either vision. Laser vision- and so wanted to like bringing some help on this one, and so who other to bring in for this than my friend and colleague professor meet your car can reach a welcome to start on radio led to be. I know this is actually not your first time on the show we had. You wants to comment on the on the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. So thanks for us, the land beyond that many months ago. So I've got you want here, not just cause, your any all ordinary physicist, but of course, you ve written about the relationship of physics to culture in life that your recent book, the physics of the future, how science will shape human destiny and our daily lives by the or twenty one hundred, and I just realized that date is far enough.
Future that known alive today will be alive. Then so you could say whatever you wanted in that, but I dont know by some people think that something of a life today will see the year twenty one hundred. Does it a chapter in the book or how to test? If this book is correct, voluntary simply don't die, don't die for a hundred years. Don't die scientist thought if that books, as you know, in the year twenty thirty. Maybe we could hold you to that, but I will give it the pass on that. So, in this section of my conversations, James to colleagues who I had met up with in LOS Angeles, we're both it and educators conference. Coincidentally, and he he wrote a book, the amazing story of quantum mechanics and that got him thinking about whether any superheroes tapped the quantum universe, insult Meta with every physicists knows quantum. But you live the stuff right,
and so what does the freaky is thing about quantum? You would help top three figures things you would share of the public. Well, first of all, that's my day job Hindu, Quantum Physics for a living. That's what I get paid to do by the city of New York, but if you think about the superpowers of the Ex man, almost all of them are we just seconds not that the city has has Hunton physicist alarming that the borders of how to say the United and realise that we needed a quantum physicist on staff. Here only are these professor physics. At the sitting, University of New York City College we go. I just thought it was the Bloomberg administration, but you know what we need. We later phrases so quantum for. I interrupted mutual gone. Well, if you Could control the laws of the quantum? Then you could in fact have most of the superpowers of the x men most of the superpowers of science fiction teleportation.
Example is something we already do at the atomic level being me up. Scotty arrived, he says we like this everybody's house. We have a tulip tulip, tell upon her and invisibility, we physicists are using the quantum theory to create objects that are invisible. The Pentagon, of course, is not stupid they're, giving as millions of dollars to perfect this art and that the human torch might be possible. If you have nanotechnology graphic could give you that our of super man, that is indestructible material refugees that news that new flat carbon. It is the strongest substance known to physics You could take an elephant, no, no man, but no notice of his forget about man right, put an elephant, I'm a pencil and put the pen, Andrew, I feel angry I feel, will not rip it. Is the strongest material not decide? it's what Superman's cape is made of, or should be if they didn't think so. At the time a pencil shout shattering the question, the elephants
also x, Ray vision that we already have what is called back scattered x rays. I could give you the x ray vision. Superman almost identical to the power scene in the comic books will see what change Precario says about his favorite quantum, Superhero biomechanics is the branch of Physics that deals with the properties of atoms and how they interact with lunch or the signs of a small, very small. That's right. There are some superheroes that basically have quantum mechanical properties unlike organise, while Doktor Manhattan and the comic book and movie Watchmen, oh yeah, I saw them indeed the graphic novel, but I saw the movie. I think that's what best of John eight way what a stunning film that was well, I must say then I thank you very much cause. I was the science consultant. I'm are now, of course they followed very closely to the graphic novel so if I told them to some science was wrong, but it was in the comic book. They were gonna go
they are going to book? And not you? That's right. You just physics, professor from Minnesota, at exactly but there's a character who has taken part at the subatomic level through sheer force of well is able to reassemble himself, and now he has independent control over this wave particle duality by tell putting himself. He can extend his wave old way to Mars that how there and then he basically quantum mechanically tunnel he's a can make his wave show up as some distant location, and then he would appear there. So what you say is in quantum mechanics since a particle can also be a wave. The wave can move across space and then become a particle again in another spot without the particle ever physically moving from one location to another. I couldn't have set it that ok and so in watchman he has become a macroscopic quantum quantum object. There
we can say I can become this particle wave duality myself yet and I can at will become the wave and show up with a wave travelled in another spot and reassemble myself and there I am exactly inquired. What can we do that No, because because we don't have you d, better control over our court of mechanical way, our quantum mechanical waves? We have them they're a trillion trillion times smaller than a nucleus, and so there undetectable their unobservant.
Till big, where two were too big and we have a small way because the opposite of their size, exactly my small particles, have big way. Here is another thing the doktor Manhattan can do shorting. I will say that the quantum mechanical way function contains all information past present and future about the evolution of the system. Doktor Manhattan has knowledge about the past present and his future too. That's why he would sort adrift often and everything I dont know what was going to happen because he had can independent control over his quantum mechanical. What's all this
all this through a bit. You know what I've talked to the artist and noted shaped they filling. I stumbled but it'll, just because some choices were bade for random reasons. Does it mean that I can't obsess over the physics under the if it was done delivered a meteor? Must back up for a minute? Let me ask you something: I don't think most people think about or reflect on the difference between classical physics, which is really are everyday experience and quantum physics. So could you give me like out of one minute version of how we should think about the difference between the two? Well, if I had a supermarket scope and could look at an electron, I would see a disappear reappear someplace
I could see it being two places at the same time really useful stuff to have the power to do. Isn't that right? In fact, that's why we have lasers, that's why we have transistors lades, lasers and transistors violate every single aspect of common sense. The totally are non commonsensical for common sense issued forth from the classical physics. That's right. Common sense is wrong when you believe in its common said everybody, no. Those common sense is wrong at the atomic level, electrons can beam across we with this now regularly with our devices are, we can be an election and six hundred metres as the world's record now for a quantum teleportation, and they can be two places at the same time and they can enter parallel universes. So these are parallel stew. Which Einstein forward so freaky, so bizarre, so spooky that he couldn't get his head around it?
even Einstein had a hard time, but hey that's why we have laser. That's why we have I pause in and JP as, if no hope for the rest of us. He asked I could not represent around me, but if you could master that at a mockery sky, a global at you and me at our level. You would have the power of a god. You would be to manipulate matter at will. Then everyone would be a garden. We have to invent a new kind of power that none of us had its. Who do you play through that available to God the media Ochre guy guy with no powers at all? If I will take us, our God now, James colleagues chatted a bit with me about just the role of quantum physics and modern technology
and see where he takes us here. We are in the twenty first century we were promised jet packs and flying cars, and we got cellphones laptop computers. Instead, the difference is the writers of the science fiction, pops in kind of books, thought that we'd have a revolution in energy, necessary fur, jet Paxton, Deathrays and flying cars, and what we got instead was a revolution and information. That patient ages, but made possible by semi conductors and solves the physics we all of which is founded on on quantum mechanics, all of which has made possible quantum mechanics exactly right. The first science fiction pop magazine, amazing story, starts publishing in the beginning of nineteen. Twenty six also publishing a nineteen twenty six berwin shorting her publishing the shorter equation that
the foundation of one quantum theory. So this is where he says. Not only is matter matter, it's also a wave correct any found it basic wave particle duality. He guessed the equation that would describe these waves. You tell me the forces acting on the electrons in the autumn and I'll. Tell you what this wave particle. Reality function is doing, and so from this basic physics, a generation later we get the transistor and the laser agenda, patient later? Still we get. I pods cell phones laptops dvds, everything without which life is not worth living. None of these are possible without the transistor, the laser, neither which is possible without quantum mechanics. If you went to Schroeder and said no equation. Berwin, what's a good for even he's, not gonna, say well, if you want to store music and a compact digital form right,
right, but we want to make an Iphone one day, but without this basic curiosity driven research, the world, we live in Wood Lee profoundly deaf lasts, tells a lucky. That is also I just like the fact that he mocked him with his own name. Where is our Mitchell most people when we get back to our common sense in the world, most people you'd, let go of an object, drops you walk. There's a force in a rain, fall from the sky and how we build our common sense of the world through I newtons Laws and Galileo, and all these folks operated in this classical world but a hundred years ago, or so People realise that the fundamental identity. The world is not prescriptive this way, and what of naval that wasn't microscopes or accelerators? Did you make a particle accelerator house one day?
That's right! When I was in high school, I built an atom smasher. Six kilowatts, two point: three million electrical atom smasher in the garage. I only white, every single sugar breaker in the house. My poor mom got all my god he's blowing at the circuit breakers again and she thought why can't I give him a baseball or a basketball. Why can't you data nice, japanese girl. I mean what's wrong with him. He bills and measures in the garage, but it can't complain about meat the Harvard, so you were early on trying to develop a new kind of common sense that was not founded in classical physics. That's right, our common sense conception of the world is totally wrong. When I look at myself in the mirror, I dont really see mice. If, as I really am first of all, I see myself as a billionth of a second ago, because at the time it takes for light, took over my face to the mirror and back Second of all, I'm actually a wave, I'm actually vibrating and some of my waves do go to Mars and Venus when we come back after the break, we're gonna find out how much time each year does
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The future of space and the secrets of our planet reveal this star die. If you recognize your face, music you'll know this is our superhero show STAR talk, radio. Hosting the old Grass Thyssen. I got with me Chuck nice, yes, good citizen meeting check nice tweeting at Chuck. Nice comic, that's right, Jack. And also with me, our special guess. Professor meet GEO Kokoo Mitchell, you also tweet. Tweeting physicist it's on our many of those out there, you tweeting out of course meteor Kokoo. In their first said what we talked about. Quantum mechanics and superheroes thought there was such a com
a connection in my day running interview with James, could colleague, professor physics at the university Minnesota. He wrote the book on superheroes called the physics of super here. He actually describes a connection between superheroes, their powers, the subatomic world and astrophysics, sweet it sweet and that's what my favourite subject so check out where he takes us. What am I all time gave it has to be the Adam a decent. Like superhero, who could shrink down to subatomic size, not just because his size changing was cool power, but in secret identity? He was re Palmer physics per therefore, you have a secret passion that he was a role model and- and this will limit the shape because, as in astrophysics connection, re Palmer developed a device to shrink that used a lens created from a white dwarf star this, start. The end of its evolution to the sun is going to become a white or by the ring
the core of what we now enjoy. The full site will one day lose all its outer layers and lay bare a dead core and life on earth long gone by their enemies, origin story. He finds this white dwarf meteorite any struggling huffing and puffing as he brings it to his, because white dwarf matter is very dense. It's extremely dense. It weighs about three million grams per cubic centimeter, whereas waterways, one gram, keep accepted three million times the density of water correct- and we look at this rock and if we assume its sphere with a radius of six inches, we can understand by Re Palmer's, huffing and puffing, because it should weigh over fifty thousand tonnes. But I must point out that this is not actually a blueprint, and that is because we physics professors, Just that strong size does matter than right I submit your? U that strong, no,
but maybe Superman might be people say: Superman came from a planet going around a red star. Why not coming from a white star, is super. Men were made out of white drove material, he would be invulnerable, he could take any bullet, he could take any kind of explosion, and you come out smelling like arose. Of course is up He had also sink to the centre. The earlier this morning there, which are break. You mentioned something you are reflecting on this way particle duality about what, if you could do that as a full up human being yeah, because Mitchell said that died, Adams, actually existence places at one time and spark to me remembering the movie Watchmen, where a document hat and was very engrossed in this experiment that he was working on and realise that we have been neglect. His wife and so him making love to his wife. Only for her to realise that he was all
those still working on his experiment in the next room. They hear the science experiment. Take an electron haven't, make it. Love is to his wife, with their. It could. Also co exist. Someplace else equal. Is that what you're doing your lab entrepreneurs can build on electron, poor little atomic porn? Writing Mitchell. You gotta man, Jeeves precarious, also talks about a power over the periodic table of elements. You remember that mysterious charter boxes they s hand they come in your chemistry class wild. I went to a public school afford to chart. Those are the kind of penalty has his high school sitting of the periodic child, my high school, the broad sightless eyes. There was a periodic table elements and Jim Class. Let's see what he tells us about control over the properties of L,
Themselves, there was another character published by gold, key doktor solar. You notice that when these physicists are disassembled managed to reassemble themselves with a quantum powers, they still insist on being cold. Doctor I suppose it is an interesting fact. I suppose you could survive graduate school system. He came first long before Doktor Manhattan. Anything he touched suddenly changed into another element. Times of textile alchemists match is checked out. He was a textile, reverse baited decay highest. He was basically only transforming things, one up the periodic table, and there is Asia. He would touch an element and we become a heavier element that was before you touch like just one space heavier only one proton more ok and since he was inducing a neutron in the nucleus,
an element to decay into a proton and an electron thus becoming the next element over. This is unknown. Real physical phenomena and the fact that they limited only to that implies that they were fact invoking this nuclear removed, somebody took physics, one or one. Well, I don't know what to do. I want this more heads there will transmit one element to another become highly radioactive. There's a burst of neutrons it'll disintegrate your button and you will die in the process of how about that, but ignoring their complication at why you gotta be such a killjoy arts. We quantum powers, we got superabundance powers, we have possibly powers locked within stars. The universe, habits, supernova power mature. What you think of that? Can we it's that one day. Well, there is a superhero there does. The Phoenix Phoenix is the most powerful of all superheroes ever conceived, though, by the human mind
so actually was of appeared in India, alas, the Ex Ante movie x men three. I thank and Phoenix Good, destroying entire planets yeah. It was the strongest most powerful superhero, we'll just to clarify so supernova or high master at the end of its life goes on stable, after runs out of fuel in score. It collapses and there's heat generated from collapse. The blows the groups of the star to whereas butts the rings right and guess, what's that power? Of course, in the x men resides in a woman a woman scorn asked I end of below a plan c. Hurry up like that. So we do have so supernova power about a black hole power. I've never seen that in the movies, because that would be kind of a dual power. There's like the. If you go to close, you get lost, but in the vicinity of a black hole is quite radiance,
because all this matter is trying to get in and the whole is very small starts spiral in get hot from spiralling and it gets so I didn't radiates x ray. However, There is a theory that says that, at the centre of a spinning black hall, there may be a gateway to another universe, that that's a solution of Einstein, said patient. If you follow the Math and Alice in Wonderland, formulated at night yards letter that math went right by me, you follow that will meet you. You think this is what happened in out and wonder with that, I die. I was when alone was written by a professional mathematician, Professor Charles Dodson of Oxford University. Writing! the pen name of Lewis Carroll the looking glass could be. The centre of a black hole is math politically it there's a one to one correspondence between the centre of a black hole and the looking glass of ATLAS. Spinning
spinning blackening lighting live on that right rewrite. It could be that that doctor found his way into some. Really cool mushroom women, like about this is that the doktor jack- all MR hide revision of that, so this power over the periodic table, that's an and that I think that an untapped talent that no one's talked much about now now, of course, as the stupid guy in the room. What would be the purpose of that? You had goal nothing I'll have it? Thank you very much. I have sufficient educated makes perfect. I want that power so meet you I know your brilliant lecturer and though I have actually tended one of your lectures, have certainly seen you speak and lecture in person and on television. Do you ever invoke superhero powers in Europe in your physics, wanna one? Well,
yes in the sense that does people ask me. How did I get into theoretical physics and string theory and stuff like that? When I was a kid, I used to idolized Albert Einstein, but also used to watch Flash Gordon on television and not the only one mesmerized by these figures, Carl Sagan Carl Sagan, used to read the joy, Carter of Mars series. What does that John Carter Marser, was created by EDGAR Rice Borough, oriented Tarzan. And that he goes. John Carter goes to Mars and becomes a superhero on Mars. Cause of low gravity, now remember that was back in the twenties and thirty's. Later. Some people said: hey, let's make a comic book around John Carter of Mars, except what am I crept on instead, so you tell me Superman's derivative products. That's right! Superman is thy rip off a rip off John Carter of Mars, who is coming back next year. Disney is coming out with a movie on John Carter of Mars. Next year to John Carter, the cape
nothing in the comic book you dead. We re into a comic book. I used to be their John Carter, Mars, comic books. When I was a kid and yeah, he had a cape and he has superpowers and he he battle the tharks of Mars and save the princess Dejah Thoris, and that became Lois Lane. But cousin of Deja VU danger for major chalk. If you had a superpower, what would be your top superpower wow man a good one. I don't like how to love teleportation hurry. I read it, but I don't want to. I don't want it to be just teleportation here on earth. I want to be able to teleport to anywhere in the universe without any ill effects
it's all right. No knowledge of observation right, manhandling signal radiation, sick with no constipation masterpiece, right, exact reach. You have our jobs right now fly. The answer is obvious: if your green lantern, you control the power of a God, you can materialise energy in any shape or form and absorb all superpowers of everybody else. Well, there you go, let's see that's too much power from you're responsible are talking. I know I didn't want to God. I know I couldn't handle that I will end with more modest, with I'm gonna, be old red minds than you read the mind of the criminal before the crimes committed and you just like. Let out the air, their tyres a precautionary argued cause, that's pretty right! You never get muggers you'll, see rhythm. When we come back much more on star talk, radio, the physics of superhero they'll go
I'm working the secrets of your world and everything orbiting around it. Stereotypes are taught radio returns and the second part of it to part theories on the physics of superhero. Yes, I'm here near the grandson with Chuck NICE Adrian Chuck, nice and professor meets Yoko. Thanks again for being my special guess, STAR talk radio could not be happier yet so leaving the we're joining my interview that I conducted with a physics professor at the university Minnesota James Cook, Galileo's, and he wrote the book the physics of superheroes, and I couldn't help it ask him about all the different powers in all the different branches of physics represented among the superheroes. So let's
see what this latest segment tells us about: electromagnetism, the signs of life, but better acts of the x men conveyed minds. That's not so crazy, either right now, when we're thinking there are electrical current in our brain and these electrical current create electromagnetic fields that radio, outside of the brain and reassure everyone whose thinking has electrical currents going on an impression. I we all know over which they probably not the cakes and more or less? Let's just stipulated as lawyers with its other electromagnetic waves that are being emanated Now these waves are we so in other words, when you have electrical currents, which we know is going on across the synopsis of the brain, there's electro magnetic field. That are associated with those currently does changing alleged, ok, and so they feel would get out of your head a can. This is the what's the machine. I read your brain php, electro in several around that's exactly what that is doing. It doesn't have to dig open,
call. It now is picking up those electromagnetic waves under emanating from your breast of vat can do within. Surely Mr X can do it? Professor acts professors, It ain't gonna graduate school, so you will be made by the waves that we generate from these electromagnetic fields are about a billion times weaker than the radio waves there in the room right now, which is how you are able to listen to the radio. So one billion a strong, you need some awesome decoders for so you had in some very sensitive receptors, YO and the X men movie. He uses a device cerebral in order to find a distant Newton and the room is in a large spherical here. If sphere, a planetarium don't exist.
Under your feet as well as above? I think the purpose of that shielded circle room is not amplify his powers, both a shield, the radio way, as the famous Faraday K, it'll start oxen, which was about a fair decade. Ok, so affair in a cage is basing aimed after Michael Faraday, who is one of the founding fathers of electromagnetism. You not. I heard that if you value all the industries and technologies that derive from his inventions it's more than a trillion dollars, I believe it is only the easily and its amid eighty hundreds were well when he was actually asked, I think, by King George. What is the purpose of this device that he made using his principles of letter magnetism? He said I know sir, but I am sure you will find a way to tax it sort of already authority. Cage is basically a shielded room so that, if any the electromagnetic way- strike the wall from the outside on the outside. They are sent down to ground and don't make it inside the center of the room,
straight this, I had a radio on in the classroom, but the whole thing was inside a large middle cage that was grounded so that none of the radio waves that were present in the room made it to the intense, and I pointed out to the students that, right now we don't notice it. We don't realize it were inside a sea of electromagnetic waves of radio ways. We don't see this, but we dont real as it were, surrounded by an I raise the cage off, freeing the and had to record the signal. At that moment, Tony Bennett melted out the word law. It's ok! You don't realize that we are surrounded by c of luggage, Senor Physics, glad I did it once it I'll, never be able to do that again. Yourselves. Sometimes timing is everything so Basically, that room wasn't just a cool visual effect, further cinematography, its hasn't foundations in the physics of electricity in bank electromagnetism. Why not.
So what we have here is this obviously much more to light and which manages and them was in their clip meet, show Superman an X, ray vision. This is electromagnetism on trying to think of anything. Any other sort of much remain netteke powers they won't visible girl has, power of invisibility, which we will harness in the coming decades. The Pentagon is giving us businesses hundreds of men of dollars to perfect invisibility, Allah, Harry Potter and the invisible girl the cloak. That is absolutely clear. That comment and also a mind waiting. I hadn't I had. My might read. Bbc television put me in M or I machine had shot radio into my brain and they look for echoes from my brain. I counted down one two, three four five and build go are becoming up. My birthday
one and then you can actually see apart in my brain light up like a Christmas tree inside my thinking, Moraine, showing that I was thinking of certain thought in the future. We will have the power of telepathy will be able to look into people's minds, see with their thinking or not thinking about it and be able to reproduces with a computer. I gotta tell you that future is now. They don't know. If you ve ever met my wife. We tell you, relies every move and then you're the invisible man so when she actually actually ask where have you been to night? She already know he already knows, which de facto that's why she tells me that she already knows. I'm like I'm nothing. I was just hang announces that you don't think I love So what I wonder here is if Mitya, what you're describing comes true, then whole branches of superhero powers become uninteresting to be written into. Superhero characters
what how to fund what kind of world are you doing you creating for us Well, we will attain. Many of these Hooper behaved still need no heat vision, eyes x, Ray Vision, but it still need that those power. I want superheroes to have not ordinary people and you're telling us that ordinary. I saw you on tv the other day talking about a superhero outfit that we I'd have one day the same proposal with one of any one of us could lift a car with power coming from nanotech now energy will have the ability to manipulate individual items with Graftin, as I mentioned, will be able to create super suits with national muscles and be able to live like the Hulk gigantic object. And the Pentagon again is pioneering this with exoskeleton technology. They want to create the super soldier of the battlefield. You'll have the internet in your contact lens. Your blink and you'll be online you'll be able to recognise objects. People's faith
wait a minute at that level. What you need the person in the suit for to send out the Sioux sentences plus you don't want to be able to give people the internet in their brains, because people were just sit around with their eyes closed all day. Looking at poor military thought it that when all the latter think they add soldiers fighting you know is another really important part of superhero culture and that the fact that every one of them that I've ever seen has a nemesis some kind of compliment. I dreamt tonight of power and let's see where James Localhost takes us on that. One important from a storyteller because of a character, has no vulnerabilities. You know weakness than there's nothing to challenge them and there's nothing for them to overcome, but is also important from the physics. Whatever
force sure exerting there always has to be some counterbalancing force. The flash who could run at super speed, one of his art nemesis, was captain cold who could create frozen regions and if you put ice underneath the flash you could be as fast as you but if there is no friction between your boat in the ground, is we're not going anywhere spinning his wheels he's been in his wheels we'd be like in the flintstones where, before the car starts, definite that reaches guy in a constant circle, lurking burglar and so very often, what you might find is that the villains have a power, that's kind of like the aunt. I urge the counterbalancing force for the hero strengths, and so it provides an illustration
that there's always to size to coin. So that reminds me that famous wine from Batman Dark night were Keith Ledger. As Joker says, I complete you. That's right. Joker in fact, is a perfect villain, for that meant that man is the world's greatest detected. He's all about control, he's all about rationality and jokers all about. Yes and insanity and unreason, and that's why they're the union, Yang together with Batman, ever retires the Joker in the comic books, kind of goes catatonic because without Batman to push again Forces come in pairs, so even so, Adviser Newton only knew at his laws of motion, we're being tat in deep, so soft little cultural ways. I know he Polly start drinking, have it so the opposite force I like that, has for every There is an equal opposite reaction. Is the full up? Even more philosophical level dies
It's like I can they be good without good or evil right can they be beautiful without, ugly cannot be ugly without, but ugly cannot be bought. Ugly without fog live forever. Nowhere where'd you get that worry about either They were all superheroes. If we're all gods replied that it gets it'll boring after you get so completely boring right. In fact, I must say that in the end, the Ex watchman there's a fight between two of them, beach with superhero strength, and that's just got me He boring yeah right I mean I needed some difference of strength going on there. That's why they Good guys always seem to be less powerful. Then the bad guys, except for Superman I'll supermodel, almost all power to see Superman too. That's probably the best of other Superman movies, where he goes up against three super villains.
Simultaneously exactly his power right for you just want to smart ass. He was a threat it right right. So when you have this power- and you have your nemesis, then you could actually right stories around it and then in and have superheroes behave in a year in Yang Sort of way. I handle that just that's beautiful. I think I'd like your listening to start talk. Radio. You can actually like us on Facebook. Just find Us Star talk radio, I actually tweet the universe, it Neil Thyssen, but you can follow specifically to start talk tweets at what other than STAR Talk: radio, you're listening to start on radio and our second part of our interview with Professor James MC caully us on the physics of superheroes. When we come back, there is much more
especially when we talk about when we talk about superheroes in pop culture and what it means to how we behave green space and sat down to earth you're, this need to start. You will believe that ban can fly. I think that was the tagline of that one. Yes, indeed, I think that's the thing to Superman to just that. We, that is the end of the break We can add about three that the three. Who prevailings yes hours of super man just agree cap. Where aren't talking about the physics of superheroes, Star top radio on your host kneeled Grass Thyssen astrophysicist. We professional comedian checking
yes, of course. How can we do this? Without meet your cock and professor physics at the Sea University of New York? And up till now we talked about quantum physics in astrophysics, intellectual magnetism and physical concept of forces, this alike, to visit one or one going out on this programme, and we're not done with you yet because This is an interview that I had with James Cook, Galileo's Professor Physics University of Minnesota about his book, the physics of superheroes, and then this next clip. He talks about how superheroes stories kind of reflect people's anxieties about the progress I end of the day we see where he takes us back in the forties. The world was a much bigger place. They will lots of parts that were unexplored so often characterised by get powers from finding some hidden artifact in some lost city or some part of the world that had never been studied in the sixties,
radio activity that gave powers to those the new fear about radioactive fallout. You can actually in there now you have its more genetic manipulation and its more molecular biology. Leads to these paths. Retorted superheroes attract the progress of science, they track the progress of science and their way of almost binding the cultural anxiety, whether it's the distant other, were atomic power or genetic manipulation, its give us trying to control these fears and by, I think, giving these we'll amazing powers. Humiliating and by making them where the long underwear helping the pantyhose standards is a very unforgiving fabric. Scrapbooks your garden We look at some of the old Superman TV shows. Its kind is really a little bit. As a little regular. You know he's wearing cod stock causing stockings right. There was not the quite spandex we have today, so I'm entreat by this idea that superhero
powers are derived from the frontier of science. The people still a little bit afraid of me. Some great examples here me stupid Spiderman. What is it powers from radioactive spider, a radioactive spider? You know and are looking God, Scylla Godzilla comes directly honour. Radio active fall out, so I hear he's waiting to find out having its revenge on society, and not only that, of course, I mean Chapin was the only country against which an atomic bomb was ever used right and all of these monster movies that we're traceable to japanese film industry admit it's not an accident. I presume whom that there's a sensitivity to the role that radio activity played creative super monsters. Yes, I guess, if only I understand why they never moved worrying, because he tat Japan, as I'm out of Gothenburg Lama, almost wait. Let me also say that there is a good site to mutants, because As we are all mutants, mutant, monkeys. If it wasn't for me,
patients will be swinging the trees right now and of some people who still are what I wonder is that when you speak about Newt Newton properties, but still admit that your human rights Superman was not human, but Peter Parker was human right and Green least rematch in all these people are human. So what s interesting to me? Is there some of these superhero stories that decided to look at the social ramifications of being different right? this is the foundation of the storytelling and x men- that's true, yeah! That's the marble revolution right that Stanley introduce before then. Everyone wants a quite goody goody, insoluble a boring after for they were very predictable. You predict exactly what the next Superman Comic Book was gonna. Do then marble comes along and makes him quote human with ethical, Superman's Dc Comics horrible brings up a whole other dimension rise, so that model was in your face reflecting the times of the Sixtys and Seventys.
That's why marble overtook Deasey Comics, because of that fact that in all these were vulnerable people that had identity crises, Peter Parker always wants it about the spider man. Yes, he remembered never do that. Given suit the Deasey guys, always just filled with virtue you know I never. Would anybody receive powers and go? Oh, my god. This is amazing. You are now all my slaves, every one of you kneel before his eyes like I would have been tsar. That's why I don't have anything I gotta be on his sober, so. In this I mean it's a way to tell stories that through other means might not have been so, for example, you see the you have make NATO where he realizes powers emerging from a concentration camp and in Nazi Germany, didn't the Nazi Germany, and so so
what fascinating there is. You could have told the story, just of them being different, but they have these other layers. They go deeper into our culture of what it was be jewish in a time of Nazi Germany, what it is to be gay in a time of homophobia that what it is to be a different skin, color or when it is a year, is a reflection of society. For example, the gods look at Hercules. Hercules was the first superhero Greek super sign of authority on that when you go all the way back and did the superheroes of old were basically the gods of, but I guess I just want to you just made me realize That may need, though, is the first jewish superhero realise that now wait a minute wait, a minute of it, Simon and just Simon, and see her created Superman Superman
nonsense was the person issue is really just because its creators reduced doesnt, mean Cinema himself, a man with joy, because he can't rejoices from Krypton from Croatia. You know, I'm journalism equipped, where's magneto came out of a concentration became ass explicitly. He was explicitly ratio, which is also to have a jewish superhero like I'm gonna rip this bridge from its foundation, and then I'm gonna have a bigger with a smear, and I'm a guy like that. Awesome, it doesn't even still have the first circumcised superhero. Does it gonna get that far? Yet I was going to say- and I said no, let me not mitya option. I will not question wire that evidence So I also mitya discern super collider night uses the word super in it is then you think there's some.
That will discover that will give a superpower here that superpowers of the future well there's gotta be some way to make physics. Professor sexy in our captain Physics, Professor, the service, the super collider, it's the least the European Centre, for clear research and academic dispel CERN in French, but out of there is that settles powerful accelerator the world's right seventeen miles in circumference, recreating a miniature big bang right before our eyes. It's not. The earth is no black hole. This can be coming out of that right, but if the word you'd be in charge of it, I get it back turned it into a Super Europe in your garage. It is out of the forest mitya minute. We ve got a wind down this wonderful episode start out, radio, where we focused on superhero, strengthened the physics derive from it
I've gotta go my tweeted a week. Let me see when I got here, how ok, I always wondered if superheroes are actually bad for society, because somehow give the rest of us cause to do nothing. I've been listening to start or radio and Ivan Ando at Ellis Superman. Actual nice thing for being here pleasure. Kokoo always greatly, have you on start radios brought you in part by a grant from the nationals. Foundation, as always keep looking up. Lock down on my old job the organs which you can listen, the star talk, commercial, free joint start, our compatriots for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com, slash star talk, radio,
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