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The Power of Political Satire, with Bill Maher

2017-10-27 | 🔗
Neil deGrasse Tyson sits down with Bill Maher to discuss satire and the state of society. Featuring comic co-host Maeve Higgins, political scientists Alison Dagnes and John Hibbing, and Greg Lukianoff, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights and Education.NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can listen to this entire episode commercial-free. https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/the-power-of-political-satire-with-bill-maher/EXCLUSIVE: Hear host Neil deGrasse Tyson’s extended interview with Bill Maher: https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/extended-interview-bill-maher/

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide dartle begin right now. Are you hold your personal we're featuring my interview, the comedian bill? Mar we talked about everything under the sun from aliens to religion, to what it is to be politically correct. So
Let's do this and, as you know, I never do this alone might comedic. Almost maybe goods may walk out with a political science at shipping's Burg University in Pennsylvania, and you search, the effect of media on american politics. I do yet that's marry you. The right person for this show as we ve got my interview with no more and at his asked. He criticizes the state of society, so I had to ask him whether their path to Carmody start so check it out I could always be a glass clad. I always knew what I was going to be. We would have wanted to median- and you said frankly, yes when I was it, but I took physic, for there was literally a course of Cornell Physics for poets I remember the speed of light say right, nice.
Lowercase right if a man is travelling at three fifths c on his wedding night, how appointed, will as white cause length shrinks as we approach the speed of light right? Yes, it is out, It's a joke that isn't it ok, so you know when a beacon, your whole life. I really and I was very young when I thought this is my destiny, and I of course was too shy and not confident enough to ever even say it. Anybody, because I thought they would just laugh at me, which, of course they did when I finally have to say it added me not with me at actual yes. So when you look to fight humour, of course, you you're you're famous for reaching into politics, but I'm just wanting either put might
giants beer the place that you can reach for sorrow your humor going forward. That's why we have you hook. You may want to me. That's all right. We are here at my studio. You did my Jonah night. No, I mean you bring humor into a which is great but think the universe is hilarious, and I get I get a lot of timing. Cues from you guys, when you answered well prose at it- and I mean you- are somewhat of a natural at that you really are, and but my advantages, if I'm giving a lecture and any my humor fails, still learning something right, I mean, We are totally way better off than you. As professor you're totally plane with the house money. Any laugh you is greatest modus you're not expected to get hold of black out like being a comedian. Where that there the look in that for right to do that right, yeah right by things great you, you still go on the road and you still don't you think. They'll Cleveland tomorrow, because there's no need to say There's nothing! Sadder than someone who I knew was a sharp stand, a comedian than they do
these and tv, and then they try to go back on the stage and it's not there, the it's not as that didn't did they miss something. That's a muscle, the muscle in I mean you have to work at it all the time, you have to enjoy it. I mean I enjoy it a lot and you gonna feel the risk of not not getting your audience meant that part of the challenge. When you stand up in front of her, I mean that not much of a challenge anymore. When people ask me about stand up and they say it so hard, I always tell them the truth, which is that it's hard at the beginning, its painful at the beginning and the beginning of last year's, a plus anyone who comes to you is a fan, Yours said a core: he made anyone who pays money right and good money, yet yeah. It's a money, theatre, money. You know, of course they are absolutely want me to do what I want to do for them. Yes, that is why there is such a love s using because they have a is a specific thing. I can
for them, and they want me to do it and makes me want to do it and that's true of any performer anybody and it's very rare in any field to show business where at they quit very few people ever walked away. Gretta Garbo Cary Grant done everybody else anxiety as long as they can, even at the expense of their dignity, labour rights. Do reality. Tv, I'm in the jungle get me out, show whatever show it is. They would rather be Humiliated then not be famous, not stay in the game, but back to work. A course has nothing that makes people want to put their guard down and unless to something like humor, whether its politics or so or anything anything. So maybe humor opens doors. I think it does that's. Why there's the famous stoke knock knock.
And all kinds of our group, so a guy think is its uprising, often hear very surprising thing, and I wasn't expecting that and it is in those moments that you're open to like learning something else. So our son I mean, there's humour, that is political humor, which I think is a little riskier, because it's one of those never talk politics and religion and the best committee Live in, both of those fears are like became, think you're, somebody's preaching at me. I just shut down. You know if I feel like somebody just like telling movement. But if somebody makes me laugh, then I like pretty much believe anything better so I've been invited. Often to these shows and some of it just an easy date, because we're here in New York City and compare here in the daily show? Was here so I got the sense they would bring me in so that they have a lifeline to science, something to anchor what my
otherwise be the hot air politics. You don't think it's a bit of a candy. So I haven't had a clip from my reach, appearance on Bill Mars real time and you get a sense how he's bringing my science into his stick, this check it out, what I do is I want to use science each time you never know when I need two references in conversation riding actually, that's good remain Saturn right for our joint planets have rings, but this is likely said now. I watch here's your show, cosmos
Over I love that, thank you and you referred to Saturn on that shows the crown jewel of our of our solar causes, its butte beautiful, its if you ve ever seen. I don't want you to get me credit for remembering all. Thank you heard of her memory. You ve ever seen Saturn through a telescope. It is jawdropping really can transform your life as it did mine. Why Saturn
it's a planet with the ring and other moves around it. Ok, just around eighty, they weren't we're not all nerd. We don't like the telescope within orgasm about making sure that just ain't never seen through telescope this evidence, but even if I had you wouldn't was speaking that. Why wouldn't I am thus is our universe. Solve would come out and let me ask you get political pundits on and they're going to argue about something they don't agree with or green. Is there a roll of object? really true science in the political discourse absent.
Firstly, of course there is. The problem would like there to be a re but Israel away. There is, I think, that the problem now is that we have sort of siloed ourselves and we talk just to people who think like men we reaffirm our own believes in and that feeds on our confirmation. Biases I it I an end so much easier. It's it's it's easier and it's it's more relaxing yeah! You don't have to think too much, unlike you feel so rice. You really do you really really do with your shoulders tunes right, but that leads to a problem, because then you have one group of people who believe something about science and a different group of people who believe something different about science, and so we have a hard time. I think we have a rejection of truth right now, and the rejection of fact and that's difficult, and so my plutonium failure. My job, I am absolutely not telling you that you're feeling. So how do you
science should infuse that dialogue, because if people, of course, you would expect people to have different political views, but when they also take political views of a scientific fact right and then choose sides. Do you have in from your research that could inform and my colleagues, how we, better show that times- is true whether or not you believe in it. Then I jump about this. If you can't just pick the science that you want, you can't say I gained a few pounds last week. I want you You, the gravity right here right now. That's exactly right, and I think that another thing that we ve done is kind of this policy. The Valencia of of opinion. You know everyone's entitled to their own opinion. That's what we like to say and now they're so many plans, Arms out there were. You can get your opinion out and so when you do in somebody likes it. Then it's a good thing, and you know that you're right and if some
disagrees with you. Then they are wrong and what you ve done is used. Kind of moved. Everybody in two separate can paying arise exactly, and so I think we need an asterisk system with with opinion, and so if we were to get into a debate about funding for science than you- and I would come to this debate with facts- and we would be an interesting and informed debate. But if you and I have a debate- and you are talking about astrophysics- and I say I don't believe in it- is that I think that you deserve asterisks. Next, to your view is worse than an asterisk through it go grave, somebody that everybody else could read, it could kind of look at that and say this is a person who has studied astrophysics and this the person who has not and who was dumb, dumb and therefore my opinion is not equal to yours. Ok, this precedent in point, but I would answer them little differently. Tommy, don't answer that! I have a different outlook on this, because You have to believe me because I'm an astrophysicist, then I fail there's an educator.
Even after four, not Mamma. I wanted a convinced wonders why it's true! So you after reference me after I've shared that information, which I understand now move on and you can tell others, but don't you think that if you're looking at two opinions that we should be able to way where those opinions are coming from that we should be able just to gauge tiny. I'll bet little bit just it just a just dismiss this major, maybe because this is what you ve spent your life, doing You clearly know more about this than someone who says there is no speaks right, so can't we just source this is the earth is flat exactly right, right, and do what you want us to also be able to use that in just one about which latter through I mean sure round- we met, but it's great
The pull out a name in an argument do not mean to be like little Carl Sagan said boom, like I make me who's gonna, listen to me, but I cannot leave point to somebody else. You like knows more than I do broker, so here's more of my interview with comedian, no more or less jacket and my twenties when I look back like what was the thing that was as driving but don't be a failure succeed. You know, thirties get girls, sixties, live deep, living, don't die. If if you could live forever, would you? Yes? Absolutely? I don't you yeah? I, like life, a maimed,
that's a good life I got you dont know is: had you known, you could live forever when you were younger. Would you life have been focused enough to have succeeded in the way you well, maybe not right, because there's always a tomorrow, you get lazy, fattened lazy. If you live forever, may be no, that you're gonna die is focused here. What I will do, what I want would want to know is if I live forever at some point, what I get bored of the things that I have yet to get bored with like if I was eight hundred, would I be like man I'm doing this crossword puzzle for seven hundred and forty eight year is it I'm just over it. You know I did was good for that amount of time or sex. You know what I'd be like yeah boy, I never thought I'd get but in a thousand years running our hopes
thousand ear tags and I feel like I've done at all. Well, when we come back, we try to push your buttons. Conversation about political correctness. Startalk I've got a little secret for you, I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one: and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star talk and sub. Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free, You can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never
we're here, another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying with more on he's, made his career sending people? So there's a rising tide of political correctness everywhere, specially a college campuses, and I had to ask about it just what is up with this nickel correctness, let's check it out. Are you track this? This wave of political correctness I now see on campus often, and so it is more than I've ever seen it before it's worse than ever at its.
Humiliating to me because I did a show called politically incorrect, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three? I was trying to drive a stake through this beast hard and obviously failed miserably. The internet certainly did not help because of the anonymity, but You know I'm always on liberals about this. I think rules got extremely lazy. People get DIS, invited from universities off, they don't want and they don't understand. What free speech is the first time It should be to liberals what the second amendment is concerned. It should be what they prize the most, but they only want to hear expressly on campus, is where it is the worst. What is their approved view on any particular subject, if that is not, that view, is either not job or a crazy person or whatever else, and there like beyond sensitive, I mean you can't wear. Oh god, it's Halloween costume, because that would defend Indians and this one in this and it's just richest, Halloween costume, I mean
they have no idea how to lighten up. I mean I get it here in my studio, audience margarita, but that will begin a joke. I people react. Three react. They pray react needs there used to be a phrase knee jerk liberal, that's what it met your need. Jerks before you even think, and we this happens all the time when so many comedians among them Jerry Seinfeld, whose whose act is so clean it whitens teeth its triple will not do campuses anymore, because not things funny nothing's funny and that's not sensitive bats. You can't laugh, you can't live freely. It maybe there's another way to bring humour to that generation and in Europe and you don't wanna. Well it s. Tat energy, soviet humor or a puppet show
or something it has up, be something that has absolutely no teeth through it. What what people who like me like about the humor, is that it's getting it truth, but when you get at truths, yes, you do offend. People sometimes truth is offensive, but it's also for me what my bond with my audience has been the booming one. Second, but the love me to the next, because I didn't tell the truth. So one of my most retweeted tweets of recent weeks was one where I said there is no there's no constitutional amendment the guarantees that you should not be offended by the truth. Refugees there's! No just that's what people you can just be offended and they would move on with their lives. They didn't feel the need to stop their life. Interrupted. Try to make the person you stop, may go away forever, thunder gesture to remonstrate just to read your disapproval. They have to go away forever. I see things
that offend me all the times. Do I turn the page next in the channel whatever I don't feel the need to like stop my life about it so should build more? Have the right to offend orchard I have the right to not be offended. We gotta bring people and help out that question Who do I have here, Gregg Gregg Luciano, welcome to start you're trying to turn and you dedicated your career- to try to get cold campuses digital lighten up an end, but not as a lawyer, your president of fire, but give it what's the acronym. Nation for individual rights and education. Okay. This is stressed that acronyms nobody'd ever to reach for it. So what what do you do? Well, I defend free speech and due process and college campuses and I've been doing it since two thousand one, but it's only been the last couple
here is that we really seen what Obama was talking about about the idea of students becoming suddenly much more sensitive than has been the case from what most of my career, but I didn't, maybe three or four years ago, when there was this big portuguese people, like though MAR doesn't so somebody invites them yet who'd like brand of humor right and then that word gets out and then some and that's actually. We actually thought it was a joke for a long time and I do think actually some of it does come from a response to more diverse campuses, but mostly is a bad response from MID you think. Actually some of it does come from a response to more diverse campuses, but mostly is a bad response from the EU. Mid upper level administrators saying all people are gonna, get offended each other and talk across lines of differences and feelings. You're gonna get her. Why don't we just shut that down? Ok, so camps, now making illegal they just doesn't writing you, So once you leave him alone is there on campus, because we think it was really
the point when nope, because it wasn't just they were just inviting people who were coming to speak. It commencement they're just inviting speakers that that people could just choose not to go too and if you reach a point where campuses can't have to be repaid. Incredibly save what do they invite? What's the point of having a marketplace of ideas in the first place to make? Are the jokes you avoid, but, depending on your audience, would you just say: here's here's, I'm gonna feed him everything I got. I probably be unkind of careful not to hurt people that may come You know, like I feel, like it's interesting up, Martha evaluate the about, like the Pocahontas costume. That was my character for and then he got irish people with so much like poker. Yes, I know spreading colors. Are the women earn a lot? I think there's like a different like the way I look at, if I'm not sure about a joke, and if I see lake is this where this then I I I punching may punting operate punching down and though I feel like
the morals, ecstatic speaking true to power, but usually the powerful are above you, but I would say in the case of like Pocahontas costume. That's like native Americans, who found really rough time. Also the that's funding down. Oh that's where I like, just as a writer and performer, that's my own kind of limits. Who, having a bigger it I mostly saw out, is there is: is there some joke that will not work now
that you have, you can have to really wait a few years before lands. I can tell you a joke right now happen. Ok, look, maybe maybe a manly and like, and it turned out it was my father. The whole time be able to do so great to me, but you know the Big Buzz topic today on campus. These are safe space. Yes, what our or trigger warning! Yet, if you put professor, in a situation where they have to guess what they're allowed to say? You end up chilling speech in the classroom and you have professors, including the professors at Harvard LAW, school saying that are afraid. That is the law relating to sexual assault, because they are afraid or we do triggering for students now, of course, the irony of that is, if the people who suffer
but the most, when you can t solve sexual assault are victims of sexual assault. Okay, so how We find the balance if its final at all, between free speech and just respect for fellow human Beings free speech is basically an system where you trust in people to figure it out on their own and you dont trust in power. You dont trust in government, you dont trust and people who can punish people to make them think right, but the most pressing for and think about the national discussion of trigger warning. Politically sakes basis is that basically, there are four five different things people mean when they safe save spaces around. If you support them, you go in the version that has just like why I just want to have a group of friends that all like each other and when people are critical of them, they're saying what the situations when students are saying this all university is my safe space, and I dont want bill MAR speaking here so they're talking past each other. Most of the time on this so so vocabulary is not uniformly defiant, we're having a crisis of vocabulary rather issued PLUTO,
so they started there. So great. Just thanks for coming in the segment and just put in some legal, legal expertise, what we were trying to get get across here So next will try to answer your question. Could your political affiliation, biological on start the American, namely that there is a clear right here in New York City, we're talking about the power of the political satire with comedian ill Mark, such signs. Denial is with. Let's go, therefore, I looked carefully to see whether the denial ism, perhaps indifferent subjects but weathered existed for liberals- and I feel I came up with a list there is like
the new age, remedy movement- has to reject some. Mainstream science. For that to happen, a GMO movement is rejecting so mainstream signs were to happen. The Anti backs movement rejected. So these are third or leading left, and I would agree with you on that. But again perspective is important and size matters from my way of thinking. The most important issue- and this is of all the issues, is climate, because without that we don't fix that there are no other right. Ok, so if if there is one side and it's broken down, it's very politicized one side, things Climate change is real and one side doesn't. Everything else is second place to that. That's all. I was saying: ok, so just just a week just to be fair tee to you in your ear, I mean as as critical as you are, of the right and as associated with the left, as everyone in the right
makes you you're still critical of the left when the left needs, when investment and ahead I'm the one on the left is critical of right, yet more that otherwise doesn't criticise more than anybody. Ass. Everybody else, just Panthers, yes, so trying to get at was. If you look carefully there's plan Science denial ism in the left are community that likes to think it does not deny science so I'll. Send you agree with that sure I mean, I think that there is room for ignorance on both sides of the country, but I think that more is right that that there is more denial on the right, because there are more beliefs, their that give alternate explanations for things that are scientifically proven, and a lot of those are rooted in religion and a lot of those are rooted in kind of some old school beliefs, but but short, there definitely science denial on the left as well, so called characterized that distinction between. So
so nihilism on the left and right, because I gave a list of things crystal here. I don't know any of them better. Conservative, ok, but the crystals have power and they want to be healed by them. Yet this is denying science. Yes, it is. I think that the way that the folks in the drums circle would frame it is that this is an alternate belief in something that is greater than us, and so it's essentially the same as the folks on the right who believe that you know dinosaurs room, the earth's six thousand. All occupied the same reality? How did this happen? no, I think, we're occupying two different realities of scientists. We're occupying unlike healthcare, is so expensive. Crystals are so cheap. So I'm just wondering how will this is training. Is it in school? Could it be by Logical and there's a recent bookshop predisposed,
rules, conservatives and the biology of political differences whose, like yeah, let's get some science roles. Science into this conversation, and it suggests that political views may be hard wired to our dna and have the author that book political scientist, John giving getting by live right. Now a video call Johnny you there May I you operate a political the ology lab. That's right in everything Nebraska Lincoln, that's correct, excellent. So what is a political physiology lab political physiology capture measure. How people react you just get them thinking about stuff and you get to see how the brains differ. That's exactly
the simple thing to do would be just show them. Pictures are Brok, Obama, Donald Trump, but we actually go the next step and show them non political images and see if there are differences across the political spectrum they respond to those images, so have you found well kind of goat? You measure is electoral dermal activity. We know that when the body is aroused even mildly, these sweat glands and up a little bit. So this is easy to measure and we can see if people are tending to respond, strongly to negative images like a picture of a bear or positive images like a picture of a loved one and We know over all the people respond more to negative images. We want to look at individual differences and see if those differences, copper like so not. Everyone has the same reaction to something that could harm them. Basically, exactly some people, respond a lot more to things that could harm them under things that they love. Other people respond about the same, so it seems to me
to make a political career. You could get everyone who has that sensitivity to vote for by feeding their fear there. Some truth in that and you know I think, where you're going. What that is that you might see some of that happening in the political arena today, nor I wasn't no so a whole bunch of pictures and some positive, some negative, then we'll do extract or to ask then we'll show them a whole bunch more picture, some that they Cindy For example, we do things with memory, we show them a whole bunch of pictures and some positive, some negative then we'll do distracted. Ask then we'll show them a whole bunch more picture, some that they seen before and somewhat they happen, and we see who can remember things. The liberals and conservatives remember same overall, but conservatives remember the negative images much, but the liberals remember the positive if it just such
why ok so soap did the brains look different when you didn't parts lit up Yet we have done some Neuro imaging work and it really pity easy to predict who, as a liberal, whose a conservative simply on the basis of looking at their brain activation patterns, so it would have been found to have this conversation with you with an image of your brain like right. Next to you just can see, what's lit up or not. As you spoke, I think that's none of your business will John thank you for this deep inside your brought through our conversation. What next I my interview with Comedian Bill MAR we'll talk about religion, aliens and more, when start talking
right here at the American Innovative now we're talking about satire and the state of society with can be, in bill more and he offered his thoughts about aliens check it out? I don't think it's at all unscientific. They think it's possible that there is alien life life on other planets or even life. Here you know they could be here. There's nothing on scientific. I joked tat. Maybe they have landed, but they landed in San Diego during COMECON. Nobody, nobody wrong time to be visited by aliens. I mean We don't know that and- Hilary wants to open up area fifty one year, I said: let her do it go ahead. People say holders the grid said. Could the government, I think, and if we
and visited by aliens. I don't think it's the kind of secret. The government can successfully keep that's unless the aliens wanna keep it and they make they may be here, you know, there's a whole group of people who think there's a guy Alex Jones Trump goes on. His show is one of these right wing nuts and he believes that there are lizard people among us. The queen of England is one George Bush was one they are actually lizards day, take human form, but if you and I'm schedule. You know when their guardedly, I mean this whole thing. I've I attribute this guy for religious it and make it a dozen looking up at the ideas. I saw the movie that I was not in the movie but yeah. That's that's a theory that people have a trump goes on. This guy show and calls him amazing, huge. So Alison are some demographics
the demographic groups in America more susceptible to conspiracy, theories and others. I think so because root of a conspiracy theories that you don't trust, something you don't trust the government or you don't the media rights telling you that she asked I always thought of it differently. I thought people who don't understand how data works, the role of data in drawing conclusions show, but I didn't occur to me to think that they just don't know how to trust I'll think about it. This light for the last forty years, particularly conservatives, have been sort of banging the strong. That government is corrupt and untrustworthy. The media, are biased and untrustworthy and that academics are left with? and thus untrustworthy, and so after yeah this for forty years, people tend to believe it and As a result of that, when these institutions come forward and say here some truth, the responses- I don't trust you And that's where living and that leaves them open to have whatever the hell thought they want. That's exactly right.
Bill MAR is also known for his two thousand and eight film religious and in it he examines in and challenges people's close. We held religious beliefs and but he's a devout atheist. Can I say so? I asked him how his atheists an end is critique of religion. Impacts is coming such what kind of eighty is: I'm not religious and other kind is less rid the world of religion. These are to kind of different levels of militancy right within the movement. So weird you put yourself on spectrum. I only up to make fun of it. Will you make fun of it enough? The problem care about what Europe soon religious. You word he would try to give people there. Time on canada- and I did right- I mean we- you don't have to make fun of it. It makes fond of itself just just point the camera and asked the question. They will do it for you. When I put the movie, I said religion
is the side of a committed barn. If I can hid it in this and get out of the business- and it is, I mean, there's nothing easier to make fun of ask Noah I'll. Give you a chance to critique me. Ok, take you, I'm on record for putting a little distance between myself and the eighties movement in the eighties movement is like there's some iron there and what might So my pointers, here's why I do things that people who would label me as an atheist would not expect me to do and, as a result end up say. I thought you an atheist like what as long as that continues, if I say I'm an atheist that comes with, a portfolio of what but I think I am or what I would say or what I believe not all of which is true. So I say I said so find some other word from you believe in a talking snake, then you're autumn, Archie
that's it, I have this. Let's go respected french local! Yes, this is because I have this article one question with people all the time. Also that you know are you an atheist or agnostic like ok to me. It system antics it's so I don't know what you're talking about when you say you do things better so. For example, I had a friend of mine go on the space shuttle ready to fix the Hubble telescope. On my facebook page, I said good luck to the space shuttle and God Speed, oh god. I say I use that phrase. All the people came here. I thought you were an atheist. Why you usenet and it'll jumped back off and this gets. Back to what we were saying a little while ago about lazy liberals. Instead, of attacking the real enemies what they like to do. Is fine, a little piece. That's not quite clean enough. It's pretty gleam! It's almost pure
lot easier to polish that up and ignore the joy pile over the other side of the road, so yeah IRAN, Archie, that's all I care Alison can or should comedians make fun of religion. This is the region is a sacred thing. That Our country is founded on freedom of expression of religion. It's kind of a cultural point of respect, that's implicit in what we call civilised So so now, you're comedians doesn't trampling the rose garden there to what's going on. Well, that's what comedy supposed to do comedy suppose tat sort of pointed sacred cows in and take them down a ban. I must I'm taking a look, is indissolubly harmony is supposed to do, but in addition to that, our current, was founded on religious freedom, which has to include not being religious at all, and so I think that making fun
religion is not only fair, but I think well within our history of of approaching religion for moved you, Edward Religion, jokes, it's funny, I feel like I can make fun if I grew up Catholic Sacred, like I couldn't make fun of Catholic Ritual throne, but I wouldn't feel comfortable making fun of somebody else's. So we live in a country now where the fraction of people who do not associated with a religion is growing ouch unless they were, I saw a twenty three percent and rising this this is people who may be spiritual. But not affiliated with a formal religion and include agnostic. Where no one is telling them what they should believe out of some revealed truth in it and in the document. So that's a trend line. You see that continuing I you and then I also see folks who are religious, really embracing in a strong way too, and so this kind of these back to that by fortune.
Should that we're seeing sort of writ large the polarization community is a little fearsome. Then did they would lose adherence to this growing yeah demographic information to data showing that that churches are losing membership, and so they're trying hard to keep as members in line and keep them in their flock, and that makes sense because they need a flock in order to be a church, maybe try to subdue like more prank a congregations back a vehicle I gotta think something more to deal like when you re kneeling, and then you go to say today that if everything goes away again, just like that idea, simple physical comedy could bring people back next, I try to explain the big bang to build more once talking to
In my view, comedian go mark that every time we talk, he always tries to stump me with a question about the big bang it was no exception check it out. So tell me again how the universe fits inside of a little marble, but doesn't do that today, but it did that nearly fourteen billion years ago, right wing gwig bedside. It's not true. I'm just saying I packed his suitcase and you really, yet you jump on developing many a one. Last thing you using your life experience packing yours, it's just to pass judgment on the bigger I was trying to get at that point that there must be so much space inside the molecule right. It's not him! Yes, that's true, but that's not. It still ticking still in effort to get down there right. Well, that's that's my that's! My basic
question: how could the universe definitive? I met size and I'm just ain't right. Very high temperature matter becomes energy in out of eagles empty squirt. You crimes which energy to the smallest volume of space that exists, but it's not stable and it must expand and that's what the universe did. So you have it clear that now I didn't sleep tonight so there Bill Mars chance to ask an astrophysicist a question, and now it's our fans turn because it's time for cosmic, queries. Death first passing confirm paddy, I'm not the from India. How would the universe if our I've got the all the wavelength of light, it would be. Oh, I saw want that superpower that be like a superpower. Would it be like just go: legged litter, ball, bread
such a measure of good thing. So, and so we see Roy GB, I've read, Orange, yellow, green, blue indigo violent and we celebrate the power of our eyes to see how if you lay the visible spectrum in the full electromagnetic spectrum, we are practically blind you go beyond. Rather is infrared can't see that go beyond if rather microbes, can't see that will be on my great railways can't see him go back. The other beyond violet ultraviolet can't see x rays, can't see it gamma rays can't see it. So the existence of things in the universe, we're traceable to bands of light that we didn't previously even know existed? So if you could see all of this the world, look so different to you, some of them. The phone on their cell phone and maybe a glow in microwaves
we all around they had you'd, look at a microwave tower. That would be the brightest thing on the horizon. If you tune in to microwaves, you can two infrared and all the hot things will be a glow and so be really. I think about this all the time I lay awake at night wanting this kind of vision. Well great though our second question it everything in the world has a beginning. So there is the beginning of the beginning of the beginning of the beginning of the universe. Never said everything had a beginning. Yeah. I know that's an assumption. You can assume that's the case. Then you're stuck asking questions like that. I don't assume anything may the universe always was I'm perfectly happy thinking that that's it mobility that I could then research, but the moment used. Asserting what you think the universe should be should have been will be in the absence of data
these assumptions that feed good to you that you then implant on the universe. So and talking about the role of comedy in shaping politics, feature interview with comedian Bill Mark you old enough work is the same, made right so remember, APOLLO, and all of this shows an era right today. You guinea reflections well, it's a shame. We don't really have one. I mean it's become privatized, I mean that's where space exploration is moved. I don't know what NASA's doing this wanted Robin even spends and the space shuttle here certain they ve got a mission statement at their fulfilling, but nobody d I get up I mean listening to you actually is worth gibbons we are, we should probably be exploring, but really I convinced me ass. I think you did because you know you make the good point.
It may not be an immediate result. You get from it, but that's the way science work. Sometimes you can foresee what the benefit is gonna be. I wouldn't spend the whole kitty on it, but I think there is a place where I also thumb honoured to have influence through you have your strong, we reviewed, but you do have strong views. So strong known. It is not imagine a bull that someone can come in and well that's not true at all, although in the sense that I know you're a deep thinker about a lot of issues, you're a thinker than you're willing to change course. But if your deep think, especially when you have to think of some, you haven't thought of exact as a challenge, and I am always happy when someone does that's great. I used to be friends with Timothy Larry once said to me my favorite. Words in the english language or I dont know, because every time I say it, I learned something. That's as it needs be, and then I said, past the joint Allison. I don't hear politician say I won't know as often as perhaps they should. I agree. I think,
I'll be a whole lot better things that I might see we live in the I dont know the I don't know what gets us out of bed every morning running to the lab the telescope, to do the experiment that one we do know and open up another. I dont know right so should we teach more, I don't know and school now sorry you eyes into that one. Yes, we absolutely should be, but the problem with politics is that you're so you're running on the idea that you do know that that's the reason that you want to get elected, that's the reason the people should vote for you is that you ve got this. Should we don't know that they don't know? Well, I think that's kind of the big thing is that they don't know what they do. And then, when they get there, they realize wholly crap there's a lot that I dont know It's one thing to not know what you don't know. It's another thing to think: you know something that you don't that's another side of that let's just embarrassing to others who know that is up the trail and Stephen Colbert, actually kind of created a turn
for this truth in everything. That's exactly right. So there's a comedic term truthiness when it is in fact based which kind of feel it you got a little bit so boom our studies, ready to change his mind in the face of evidence. Cited me as an example of somebody who changes. Why, but I didn't changes, political views gave him for information. Even have after we learn today that your brain is made hard Wired IDA. I don't. Oh, that you can change of persons political views. I think professor having was onto something now, it's not really about changing views, it's about compromise and about discussion, and if your clothes off somebody else because of their is it because their beliefs- and you don't have a conversation about it, then you're, never gonna learn. Anything move were worried. Where are you now I'm thinking like. Maybe I should mature, remind material. I have like a lot of material about like how Catherine snobby
No I'm like I'm feeling a lotta responsibility after the show open people's hearts and change of mind. So I've always valued comedy it's. Why I wanted to co host, whose professional always next to me ve been park is, I think the universe is hilarious in ways I can think of- and I know certainly others would have the power to do so. Believe like if you don't laugh, you cry like two that it states that kind of despair all this resting point you have to learn. Otherwise you would cry no, I don't Believe me, I so what I think of politics and comedy. I don't know it's for me. It's all about the truth. Are you after the truth, or are you now
and so then I thought well. Of course, deeply religious people are certain. They have found the truth. So what kind of truth is that? And then I realize I thought this through and I concluded the following: if you were deeply religious and you have certainty that derives from scriptures that belong to your religion, we can call that a personal truth, because it matters deep within you. How you feel regarding that Kant Politicians have a curve, another kind of truth. It turns out a politician can create a truth simply by repeating information. We have learned through psychology, experiments, so you can have a political truth. It is only true because it got repeated. Then you have objective truths. These are established by experiment by observation, migrate, frustration in our modern times.
Is how many political conversations unfold with people who think they have the truth, but in fact dump and the more we recognise what an objective truth is verses of political truth, verses of personal truth, the more we can get the job done, passing legislation that affects all based on objective truth, and then you go home and have your personal truth of whatever kind you want to go to the bar and have whatever political truth. You'd like that's the kind of I want to live in, because I see that from the cosmic perspective you ve been watching, I talk to my guess. How did you wish you can? Listen to start commercial free joint start talking
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