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The Power of Science Fiction, with William Shatner

2017-05-12 | 🔗
Energize! Neil deGrasse Tyson sits down with William Shatner to reflect on Star Trek and the enduring power of science fiction. Featuring comic co-host Chuck Nice, astrophysicist Charles Liu, NASA engineer David Batchelor, and Bill Nye the Science Guy.NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can listen to this entire episode commercial-free. Find out more at https://www.startalkradio.net/startalk-all-access/

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Skip. The commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free. Welcome to start off your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Nor talk begin right now. I know how many other great faith in your personal astrophysicist and tonight we celebrate the enduring power of science fiction because- featuring my interview with Captain Kirk himself, the actor the amount Can I call on William Shatner? So let's do this my night and drove loop of my friend and colleague, professor rest, the physics at Kyoto
the city universe of New York, Staten Island. So we ve we ve got my interview, willing, shatter, came through town, nabbed, em and stuck in my office and that interview with the original captain of the SS enterprise, and so I asked him. How did he find his path to that iconic role which check it out? I was born in Montreal material. The theatre, and I was in radio, and I was a movies and film in Canada, I came to the United States early soda, geeky experiences away, you sort of pure artist actor. I was not a geek, I was, I was a kid actor child actor and I love, sports, ok and I was a very experienced actor at a very early age, because I started when it came down to the United States in a play by Marlowe. We played twelve weeks on Broadway and then I was essentially cast into the
world of America Thespian World of America. Exactly so, I was a stage so when I was asked to do STAR Trek. Oh they had made a pilot. Prior to with another actor, and they asked me to see the pie led looked at it. I thought that was magical. They NBC wanted the recast it. So I was just as the captain and the second pilot started and it so, but it will no nobody knew what it would become. Any court not talk about Madame LA knew what it would become even after was cancelled. So for four years: Charles the show got cancelled. They have hard to imagine hard to me out so any insight as to why they are cancelled and why would then get picked up? heavily and indication, and then on multiple series after I think it's because it talked about the future, buoyant Rebecca
applicants to talk about the future, whether resurrected both I think the answer is that STAR Trek was talking about a future at a time when people are still pay attention to the present just a little too much, and then the future came. They saw how wow this star. Trek thing is reflecting what the present is and what the future could be and that's how the popularity built I never saw a first run. Episode of STAR Trek It was purely from the reruns that it got me as a child to love the future. I don't remember: being chick really excited about it. I didn't see every episode to step back when I was a kid, so a lot of it more mature concepts, social, cultural, ethnic concepts are kind of fell beyond me? I've been so, but the popularity. Faded and then was resurrected. Yes, yes, and so I bet but you'd saying people saw the future predicted and then coming to
we wish him and then the show had more meaning than it did when it first came out, as I think that's a hundred percent right and as people were looking for more optimistic view of the world, as opposed to say nuclear apocalypse, and things like that people if we start to see hey, this is kind of cool lovelier Shatner. His is cipher roots. Go actually have a little bit deeper than STAR trek itself. And I asked her about another role that always stuck with me, so check it out. My first Exposure to you was the twilight zone, then you looking out the window and others there's this creature. Creature ripping apart the men, structure of the wing and you're freaking out. Yes, the actors to treat that with me. Success and without
you convincing performance. I would just laughed at this for recruitment and now. Why would that thing? they had so many years ago in black and white blacken why? Why does it still exist and and you're still talking about what? What? What do you think is the underlying principle chuck why that seem so memory I don't know, but I'll, tell you this much the underlying principle behind the fact that that guides still looks younger than he should eighty five, eighty five years old, I mean he looks amazing, hasn't even of researchers. So then the speed of light relativity at bottom forty years of lifetime chalk, you didn't think out anyway. I did the same regulation, but I came up with a different number. Ok now. I think the reason why this still matters is not because it was black and white and we look in color now
because it shows a very interested desire by audiences of all ages, audiences of all ages, all periods of time to look at mysterious things that you know you are right: and somebody else Cambodia's simpler. But here's what I'm interested in, because I remember that that that Twilight Zone and I think, he's like he said he sold the ease. You believed and he saw that the images from they do it in a suit. He was terrible sweating. But what I'm interested in is because this guy's, a regular guy in this scenario, and it's like hey, there's a grim one on the wing and a regular person will see them really hey. You got to do something about this, but you two are scientists. So what would you- if you saw a gremlin on the wing of a play. How would you like for my Iphone and take a picture this is how we know flying saucers aren't real
because we don't have extra images of people being abducted and flying such could. Everybody's got a video camera. You are no thought tat, so more of my interview with american icon, William Shatner, about the science fiction that was portrayed in the regional star Trek so much but check it out the greatest STAR Trek episodes were stories suggested by the great sense, writers, asthma being one of the most obvious, but there are others who had great story ideas, but did not write a well made television play, so we had to the writers, take their good ideas and make the Great STAR Trek episodes that magic of science fiction and its projection into the future. Its ability to try to imagine an explanation of some things. We explain: moving lights up back in time that that whole the whole thing,
that astral physicists wrestle with science fiction rustles with, but with an imaginative explanation. Believing Shatner is doing. She doesn't really looks like he's, not an impression of himself explanations. So, Sir, Charles Europe, your dear colleagues, we both work in the same field. And there's always some imagination at the frontier, a hundred percent. You- and I both know that if all we did in the stereotypical sense was as scientists being our white lab boots and do the same things over and over again that you expect that somebody who doesn't have any creativity to do we will never get anywhere. We, pageant answers to questions whether we have the technical expertise yet or not to answer them. It just turns out that in real science we tried to use our technical abilities to produce legitimate experiments, whereas in science fiction they are freed from that constraint.
So what they also do is not just imagine what scientists in the future in almost all cases, certainly the best cases. Therefore, all the ways that new science effects sure civilization, humanity That's right and, of course, re bribery is famous for its enlargement, chronicles. He re bribery was accused of why you always all this topic about their future in you, nobody said exit future. You viewed wishing we got two says: no. I write these future so that we don't That's that's programme that has been pretty cool. We have imagined both the good and bad in order to prepare for either one so. When you have science fiction and an imaginary imaginative palette. You do all. A multi verse of options of where you can take the future of our of our civilization and I'm trying to think you go a few decades but state of the eighties people
already making movies this topic movies about that dutch pandemics, of course nuclear destruction. We were still in the cold war. Cloning little cyberspace was in there. So it's fun to think about but the creativity of science fiction ridable and how much we have to pay attention to so depressing not at all yet eighties were a few decades ago. Oh, my god it is nice that you mentioned re bribery just as much Scientists of our generation were inspired by his say: Martian chronicles he too, inspired by scientists we're just studying Mars at that time, so it all interplay together. So very very nice combination, creativity and technology. What next have you with William Shatner will be discussing race relations in America through the lens of STAR Trek,
when STAR talk continues from the american people. Reaching my interview with William Shatner, one of the great icons of Cyprus Series STAR Trek. Created, as you know, by producer Jean Rawdon, buried nineteen. Sixty, let's check it out, Were you self aware of rotten berries, larger mission statement that he was trying to make a difference in the world? Well, both of those statements or suspect Harry I'm not sure how much of a difference Mary was trying to make in the world a wonderful idea, no interference, sir, live long and prosper whatever the edicts work except the crew did go down
and interfere with that. Mostly that resulted in a plot, The story defeated interfere, you guys we'll just fly by good, going eyes so you had interfered. I have applied. So me throw that out the window, but Those ideas that were in the individual parts that each movie, each segment of the series was based on those were great ideas have wide have black black and white fighting over the stupidity racial fighting. In a time when the civil rights movement is in full swing right, and so this is a story in space, forcing us to forcing us to look at the other end, Many of us were of great relationships that science fiction at its best.
So that idea, I don't know where it came from Don't who suggested that idea and I would imagine ROD Mary had the last statement saying this goes there will will will will do this story. So from that point of view he was doing something From my point of view of whether I was aware, I read that a cash, what a wonderful story idea. This is, how dramatic they fight. I hate you get your black on outside That's great is obvious on Friday, because I'm black yeah that was clear to them for whatever right right. So the clear to everybody what a glory story, that was- and we had so many others- down the line with other subjects are met. So, yes, I was very much aware so do you
for that episode and what your reactions were too. Oh, my god, yes, and by the way, just remember myself being a kid and watching that enjoy. When will this half on half crime That's right, That says that episode was entitled. Let that be your last battlefield, and indeed it was a very moving story, but the story was so compelling that it was almost impossible to acted in any subtle fashion. Everything was high he choreographed was highly dramatize because you couldn't actually do in a normal, regular thought process, but you gotta remember, wasn't this the sixties. I mean I don't love you remember me. I couldn't physically remember, but I've seen like PBS dorm black history month,
wasn t it a food additive. Well little dogs and water are known to have just to be able to broach. The subject, I think was exhausted, really rave, it wasn't just black and white. There's more conflict tween they and aliens that there's the Gore and fight. Yes. In the arena right, maybe it was inevitable that you'd have to pull one off that dog to the heart of sort of american society. Good television eventually does that so STAR Trek broke more ground on race relations. They featured the very First interracial kiss ornament. Can television like you and I had to ask Shatner about this list, check it out Did you know at the time that your first kiss with lieutenant a horror was the first in took ever on television. I remember knowing whether it was the first time in the keep my
we'll keep tabs on that. But I remember that there was discussion of how it might cause some controversy and, in fact, because some sedate kissing the blue, alien and the green alien, no problem, a problem, the black alien problem- on the other hand, she's such a beautiful woman and she she's a glorious lady, so that I'll anybody could even has even rip. It was a subject matter, but I remember the potential for controversy so check. How is it, how is then STAR Trek can become the landscape on which you know the first interracial kiss that they might have been.
Four doesn't other shows that could have done it and they didn't this. Did it it's because it's not on earth, we can avoid all the trappings that keep us stuck in our mindsets. If we're out and are Social Box, that's right and in fact there is a greater social prince, social prisons and there's a great story behind all this is often untold Michel Nicholls who play Lieutenant Noora. They were forced to kiss me aliens who are pushing them together because you know that's the only way, a black person, I personally kissed and fits the aliens made like when they kissed. Actually, the sensors and the director wanted not to have that scene because it was too controversial, and so it's ok, it's film two versions, one that actually has a kiss and one that doesn't and William Shatner purposefully to so much time doing the kissing seen that there is only time left for one,
take for the non kiss any purpose we botched it so that the next day, everybody who would have sense they said we have no choice, we must go with the actual costs, while so that's good as pretty now. I can't imagine, though, interracial kiss being a big deal, in this day and age mean either? I couldn't Now we have families, we reported works, get a wound up next science fiction, becomes site. Reality when Captain Kirk, William Shatner, tells me about the first time he ever used.
Flip fun when STAR talk returns, have done no secret for you I'm gonna, consider singing all of the ads on this shell, there's just one and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star talk and sub, where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen. The star talk ad free, You can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never we're here, another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying They hate me fear the American Museum of Natural history, where future my interview with STAR Trek STAR Williams,
Now, let's check it out. Did Europe performance star, Trek sensitize you to the future of technology. I've always been fascinated by the beauty of man made tools, weather the chisel or a gun, Nora Engine or watcher. I love that refinement I love the idea them man made tools from the beginning and then, when I was asked to go into the The lunar excursion module at the time the most complex tool that man and ever made. I was totally aware of them games of systems that we had to work for these two guys to be safe. And I was and am fascinated by by those tools?
the tools by which we observe nature, the telescopes, the the microscopes, the various in commence that delve into the mystery of of how our world how our universe works? So don't ask. So we're you enchanted. When you saw that one The earliest cellphones was a flip phone. Inspired by I had one they gave me one. Motorola, Motorola Hand and one, and I find a teller pay phone and put customer one? And The magic of having this phone in your hand and not have to find a teller if on and put a quarters and- and I was in a crowded airport with one of the new tack phones, I think they called an attack start that start an announcement
who called people passing by laughing, and I can't figure out why they had a community has american that doesn't let him out so that the list of Technology STAR Trek inspired clearly in this particular case, the foot phone which was the communicator. I guess I only have landed United, it was cool and the funny thing is it was seen as so futuristic back then, and now nobody has a flip here. If you have a phone, so what's wrong with you, you mean like this would fall. No you don't what tracked enterprise, we call on you is that work, Chuck enterprise enterprise duty,
I do come. I actually I do use this phone still. I have a smartphone, but you notice. I could open this with one hand. I can't dial with one hand on most. Furthermore, as your incompetent with your smartphone, it's that simple true. Furthermore, it is possible for me to use this to control the amount of input I get from this crazy world right. So I only get texts are voicemail when I want to buy off course. When I need the actual power of a smartphone, I bring that reluctantly. Well, let me tell you NEO. I use this to control, martinis daughter because
say. If you don't do what I say this is your mother. She was, she was tell. Those nightmare story is worth. I will take your Iphone and you get there what's also very economical costs way we Lester run something like the start, trying to defend twenty year old technology just to stop now, if it ain't broke, were if it ain't broke, stop now, what did you know? I did notice so recently, NASA Nasa's official website has page on the science of STAR Trek really and it written by a NASA engineer. His name is David Bachelor and I think we have abstained. By right now live on video David EU, their welcome
start off. How do we know this is not some quarter of your parents basement you have, and this is my library, apparent space, so you wrote an article, the Science of STAR Trek and is by far the most read article on that subject on the internet, just type it in go straight there and because STAR Trek had this whole list of things, could you rank them by maybe most extraordinary but possible, like the warp drive or the impulse engines just went. What's the start, the top three things. We don't have what you think. One day we will lose well I think we'll have impulse engines of some type and and anti is the thing you would need to empower them, because if you think about a starship like the enterprise, supposed to have the mass something like the. U S, s, enterprise and if you are going to try to,
tell that up to ninety percent of speed a light or something you take titanic amounts of entered to do that. So antimatter is about the only thing they could possibly do, which gives pure annihilation of the mass converge entirely into energy with equals empty square, so They getting their anti matter, while presumably they have big production play some hope for his very far away from earth. Because if you had a containment accident, you could blow away all Europe's atmosphere in short order, kind of energy. We are talking about a starship someplace somebody's calculating these risks. So how do you transport win? What vessel do transport anti matter if on contact with matter, annihilates? Well, there's a book by Rick's turned back and micro credit. All the stars
exploration technical Annual and it gives diagram of all they contain months, and things like that, so you, what you want to have is like fry hydrogen gas and its frozen into a solid format. You just manipulate it would then I feel so never touch it Oh ok such as I may not so, if I'm not mistaken, there are also anti matter a containment fields that they use as well, which is around the warp injured. Writer. Ok, I'm going on I'm sorry it's ok they pass through Dilithium Bristol exactly at so what the hell are. Dilithium crystals. It was first all that was made up as a plot, a kind of Amerika One of the stories have you seen the periodic table. Fictional elements very unjust, yes very, has got all official like on obtaining am go to every. Possible story ever told me. They made stuff up that element in this.
We ought to table its great of calls. It tell me about cloaking device is what does little progress on that they can. They can surround an object with especially engineered exotic material and make light go around it in a way doesn't work for every single wavelength of light. So you know there are still some visible way: blacks, I think I can even pictures where the light gets wrapped around. The object think right back out the other side exactly, and you and your work working on this in your basement, So where are your parents, library respect, but only about there is some kind of acceleration damper so that it accelerates from zero to warp speed. People are applied Guph stuck to the back wall right, what right they had at their head Sunday called inertial dampers inertial Deborah had their work? Have you ever looked at the levitating frog? If you, if you Google, Taking frog, you can say that there is at
Lee away too, to have a frog hover in space without going up or down a magnetic field, oh ok, here, I'm just glad. I feel I feel sorry for the fraud is happy, we'll David. Thank you for hoarding your your wisdom and knowledge to us up. Next, I break down the physics of space time track star, William Shatner when STAR talk returns, the American Museum of Natural history, my interview with american icon, William Shatner, Captain Kirk himself. He had a question for me about the universe. Let's check it out. One is space time. You already know you have never met someone at a place unless it was also at a time
You have never met someone at a time when muscle I guess I get so we will wait a minute what happens to a photon from thirteen billion point eight hundred million years that come this way and enters. My eyes, so I can see it why? Whereas were space and involved in it entered your eye at a time and at a place right here That's all that's all that matters, as are all we're, not my once you have formalised space and time of that there conjoined. Then you can make Orkut. Fascinated, calculation will represent the trains going about their that I'm walking down the train and walked on. They ended I'm the training of James. What does all that's all the consequences of thinking about space and time as can
but it's confusing, I wouldn't know- is it. The universe is under no obligation to make sense to William Shatner balloons. You William shatters under the obligation to make sense of the universe as you are doing, and and and and and why why do I slow down ass? I approached the speed of light. They does apply to vote down, didn't know you want to reach out and what you're to explode! You ready, ok, known already right, I'm ready and re. Ok, the fast you there the slower time taxi living the faster you move. Slowly, tiny takes it for you, as seen by others right as we approach the speed of light I am continues to slow down. Yes at the speed of light times, stops. Which means for a photon moving at the speed of light when it is absorbed in your written. It is this same.
Instead, it was emitted at the big Bang fourteen billion years ago. That's what I thought that's the same targets emitted bam, it's in your as far as its concerned. In that same hand, we measure that vote darling and those are the big. But I know that that came from the big bang. It I'm watching it and its take thirteen point, eight billion years to reach you, but if you are that photon it does not sperience, that time delay what a great airlines vacant story that instantaneous this question, takes us right up to customer equerries and tonight about the physics of space time. So so, yes, you get some questions What we have heard here with all this is Gabriel Phelan from Australia who says a work field is formed by contracting space time in front of a space crap and expanding it behind it could
We say that in a loose theoretical, since that is like writing a potential way give serve, stop jerk, no next week, Well, I just to be clear gravity ways but the speed of light around a ride. The gravity way, you're not doing any better than the speed of light judgment and he was describing there was a theoretical, constructive, creating war bubble or public and it doesnt work, but nevertheless its I think that such a buzz kill? Well, I'm not saying it won't work. Eventually, who knows what great discoveries will come just around corners Aronnax Nets, suddenly the sun disappeared. How long would it take for the warped space around it to go back to normal How would that adjustment be felt on earth Given this eight minutes and twenty seconds habit you, Charles Well
It's in twenty seconds. In our earth would notice, but the change in space time there would be at the speed of light right this is about eight hundred and fifty three thousand miles across so be take may be for five seconds for space time where the sun was to come back to as if there were nothing there. Eight minutes and twenty seconds later, effect will come? We urge write another way to say it is you can pluck the sun from the middle of the solar system right and we wouldn't know about it. You are still basque and sunlight. I would still orbit with last night and nothing happened in five hundred seconds later, bought a bang. We steep into darkness, as we get cast at attention off into interstellar spa so scared? Your answer is you're going to die and eight minutes and twenty percent less question. This is um marrow, grin speeder from Toronto. Canada would like to know this one.
Innovation in the Galaxy one billion light years away from us see the universe as one billion light years younger than we are no whether you the reason is the universe is expanding away from that galaxy. Exactly the same way that the universe expanding away from our galaxy so over there but we are the same age as we are and my favorite such Galaxy one billion years younger than we are today, but they such that the We see them as being one billion years younger, but we are the same age as we are and my favorite such galaxy would be on that, sixty five million light years away such that they looking upon us with their super duper. Alien telescopes would witness events. In real time unfolding on earth. Sixty five million years ago. Where's that light is only just now reaching them sixty five million years ago,
go down on earth and asteroids guys are Mt Everest land in the Yucatan Peninsula. That's not what they called it back then and taking out the dinosaurs, so they would bear witness to this light and they would be seeing us in the past right, just as we see them in their past data. Yet so next William Shatter, explains why being a starship captain a lot like being a football quarterback star talk, he's gone far reaching my interview with William shattered STAR Trek STAR, and I asked him about the unique look and design of the bridge of a starship enterprise. Check it out. I gather that aim of the urban Zimmermann designed that whole cabin is a set designer for starch? I thought about the ergonomic
wait exist. So it's part of a rhythm and you are in the center of the people, are all around so to give him information of the people in front the screen and their interesting. So anytime, you look this way. It's always the same person. Given you a certain kind of information Logan. I turn that way exist. So if it's part of a rhythm you are so that watching paint manning as a quarterback she's, not who I thought you would say that Peyton Manning guiding the other players you're hurting them again and again, when I do if you do, that, I'm gonna to take three steps, and I can do to you- can imagine that in battle that this captain with during one turn here. I need that if these islands are nearing neither and and everything was set up so that he could make it informed decision. I buy lived there. She quarterback of the universe like Facebook,
border back of the universe. So you know I couldn't captain I wasn't let him go until I had. I had to ask him the perfunctory question: what was his favorite STAR Trek episode and I did a check it out, Ok, I'm sorry! I have to ask you this. So what's your favorite officer, That is so bad. I know it's a lame is question ever were. So laying out. I'm I'm not worthy of my favorite episode. Well, I dont remember them too. Well, I didn't see many of I don't like to watch me on camera, but there was one that going back in time.
You trying to forget that tear here on this, I'm crying over the question right there get there, one episode where we went back into the lake was called city crossed. The river was sitting on the edge of forever a city on there to listen to you. I remember it off time travel, but what is time travel but a yearning to go back to the past that was brighter and better or something that you. Alter the something so so basic about all human being say just go back to that moment and change, and I I wouldn't have done what I did so. I remember thinking that. That back go back in time and having an affection for that It was a lovely story and a nostalgic story to touched you
Sorry that I might point to that as one of them and of your six or seven eight movies, which one of the STAR Trek Spock on STAR Trek V was brilliant five, but I was going back to God trying to find God. Okay, did the best out of that probably was appointed, for they were all in a hundred thousand two hundred million dollar thing. Yet, for was that was done to save I also wish to save the whales has again was going back in time, interacting route of place, exact, that's reintroducing a whale, the act to the future from the pan. Right now, I've got my favorite of that said. I have very simple storytelling needs,
You tell you deal and such mysticism anyway MAX. I start my interview with american icon, William Shatner, captain of U S S, enterprise and STAR Trek today is more popular than ever in part. I think, because the reboot by J J able and I had to ask William Shatner what was his on this new movie and the we blew up the series, I think, J J Abrams is a wonderful director wondered what imaginative writer We found in the movies we made that they would make. A million dollars. And none of the movie made more than a hundred million dollars. So low budget was limited, once you know those numbers reliably. Everything gets pre paid The budget is always already so there's not much room for four special effects to make this movie. When
J J got a hold of it. He must have decided. The way to increase the revenue was too. Oh and make a ride and give the special effects of full spend the money to sign the guy ride, it's the right and the characters. As a result, I think suffered someone, but those movies. Bought breastworks off a box office sensation, its refresh the franchise, now the characters actual somewhat fashion than they would ever had the rod unbearable showing his edicts but the proof as in the past, already? The movies Charles? ass. A rod bury rebooted them. Today. What would it be? Why would it be any different you'd have a big budget, high special effects. I think.
William Shatner, here, is not taking into account perhaps the way he should the fact that its much harder to develop character, in an hour and a half or two hours. Then it is over. There are three seasons in Rio, T J J Abrams has done a lot within what time was available, but it is true. There is, stand, shall ride going on. So what you're really if I may, as well Oh no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! What went on in the end! He said. Look of making money he's not in the business of making money to make money. That's right! Now, when you Brandenburg actually did get a chance to reboot the STAR Trek franchise with STAR Trek, the next generation- yes the first several seasons. He was still involved in it. Pretty substantial, Jean Rawdon Bury didn't give eat it. So much as he gave a vision to start tricks go beyond just the multiple reincarnation. The tv series, the original set of movie
yes and then the next set of movie. Yes, it also spilled into infection, a whole other dimension, internet based dimension of storytelling absent when people feel. It's kind of the internet version of a Multiverse rights, also Multiverse, where fans get too explore plot lines, never intended but to have some plausibility. Otherwise, in a work as Van fiction I just want some of that fan friction actually gets adopted into STAR Trek stories, and I think one of them is like a captain, Kirk and spark here They have like a relationship once you got Vulcan you. Never let me are you I found that you would have applied. I guess, if I had to have fiction, I would want to see Captain Kirk fight Joel Picard, who just want to see that corrected as on fighting that will the eyes and Picard didn't that's So I want to see how that would play, and then they have to play that music.
It did, it do to do before we wrap up there with my good friend bill. The science guy to get his take on the enduring power of STAR Trek check it out the union's sphere Nineteen sixty four presented are shrinking Globe and our spending universe omitted. Somebody I was here at the world's fair, and it was the this place is optimistic view. The future through science and technology and Wednesday I came along. It took them to a whole other level or a quarter of a galaxy with each character? coming a metaphor for the tribal conflict that we still have your honor now Sartre they they didn't stay on earth with conflict between countries know that conflict
an entire planets each one, a unique police in space and was Captain Kirk. Specially tar to resolve those conflict. So thank you that optimist view is still with us. Thank you. STAR Trek. Ok, now you have gone I am really look. It started as a vision of the future, and it is one thing that was persistent in every episode. It was at the end of the day, no matter what saw, there was some dose of morality. Storytelling is about other world, ideally better world worlds, where people treat each other more kindly where we are better shepherds of our own planet. In that
there's a cosmic perspective, you ve been watching start on. I've been your real grass, your pistol and, as always, I beg you to keep looking on we should listen restored, talk, commercial, free, joint start compatriots for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot. Coms. Last star talk, radio
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