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The Science of Hip Hop with GZA (Part 1)

2013-07-21 | 🔗
Your ideas about rap music may change when Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic co-host Chuck Nice “spit verses” with rapper GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan and hip hop expert Dr. Christopher Emdin.

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Skip. The commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free, welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Dartle begin right now to another addition of STAR Talk: radio, I'm the other grass Thyssen, your host, Ireland astrophysicist with the American Museum of Natural history, and, as is covered, I have with me like it covers check nice, exactly baby Hawaiian. Looking back at you, my friends, absolutely that always didn't you know at whatever my shoes on you come in and mess with it
our message summary Georgie still less so this week we will be talking about hip, hop, music, and we're gonna be feature my interview with Jesus Jesus, Jesus. I can't tell you how disturbing that name, we get back that name is amiss. In addition to you, I gotta share the stage with you here. We know my Christopher ended the empty. I that's correct Europe system, professor of Colombia, is, I am excellent. Your title was: what were they all your birth pressure up, science, education, science nobody rather of secondary school initiatives in the education cited nice nice. So you care about just folks in the inner city, again educated, the majority of my work here, educated in science. Ok, what do you do? the majority were well. You know, I listened a hip, hop our eggs and keep secret, so the flesh is
most of it right, listen to her papa. You know you know, I check out your using video, fascinating tv, eleven everything and you learn tat boat or, of course, time does not little or no not at all. Nice, let's so. This is because the voters, the emergent style and Hiphop performers untold it, is in need that, whereas in I'm trying to think of one day, you know that they knew they were when your worship was out. There was a pause worth Bentley, but he doesn't quite like lions. Eyes are artists, but then look is becoming more trendy. So am I happened to something else when honour that you get so dressed up for this suggestion its founding member, the hip, hop group lieutenant I would can claim as right right and sells. Alan represent yeah, let's how that that's how to,
and so you so you ve, used hip hop too to help educate people ever how you can yeah. Who is a resource wiser I get into classrooms, and my goal is to engage urban youth of color and science, and so man, changing curriculum and men, training, teachers, a whole bunch of different things, and I wasn't getting the results that I wanted and I decided to sort of so the dimension of interrogating youth culture and that hypocrisy came out of it and so they were so deeply engaged in her pop culture, so completely disengaged and science that the point of it it was an intersection between hip hop in science, science, it it's not just learned its side, no science in particular, so that their learning and that their learning part is powerful. But the connections with even more powerful so there, connections between hip hop and science, millions billions, latterly like the guy we're effect of a speeding on its work,
Nothing. Nothing is I sort of outside the round. The possibility is low and they want to know about bullets. Then you know hey the money that we can have that kind of facing the doppler fact. There is a high pitch frequency shift as it comes towards you and then a low pitch shift as it emerges, took us Unless you get than you only here, This ain't going well, you know I was actually side of Crystal It was half his birthday, you like you, I'm I'm sure, none of my they all being obviously makes the FAO got a double in the end, the song, without even knowing it and for those who come to think to explore right on my colleague, makes that noise rats does the sound of a bullet that connect anything that arbitrary and that becomes in all the way to work conversation eyes. So how'd. He is like capital G capital, Z, capital of what you said. The names gotta go. He said: well, it's a weird
listen, I know, there's risen juice, Let's wait, let's find out how to man got his many ok! Ok, because my my record show his his active born name was Jerry Gryce, so the There is a very happy years, let's find out what could seek Jesus name, knowing that there are like a million people are moving. Also lets you gotTA working up a lot the names, what nicety magnificent, let's find out how he got away My guess this week, Jesus did. Did I say that right? Yes, let me hear you say it just so I can confirm it. Just as I said a right Kapital letters. Gc, but that's not the only moniker you had we genius just, is born Gary, had nicknames grown up ahead, different m C and aims names I use all seas. Have
The name is not remaining was empty Joe, both now, and they will now a days some some Gaza using DNA Jim Jones. I can't do that. I grew up here and am see this and am see that it can be season, warlike superhero right now they would you had to have those names that the power of the party I mean they control your Nancy. Yes, legitimacy, name, divine and see justice, Gary G, baby, g, gangsta G, but right now just of Genius Joseph and the genius who would have either come from Russia cousin Reza O D, be they, namely that years ago we had this crew called them all together. Now cruel myself, reserve and dirty, and he was the scientists resembles the scientists. Dirty was, as professor,
specialists and the name ain't meet a genius, but I didn't want the title because people expected so much from it, so I didn't want it at one time. Up to herself the professor took daddy's name and put it on a fly, and he was man so how important this identity in hip hop people here James Taylor say I'm doing these eighteen Jason to take such scenes unique to that culture. I really think that if it isn't, though, people express I didn't based on where they are at a certain point in time I so human beings they have acquired the leaders, who really are yet the role identities that that's, thereby Thirtyam flux and then you have like you, know, identity in flux and plots rights, although that, depending on the whole you're playing my yet you have. This is why he has so many monitors, and it's like
these have because he had different emergence cells so again through it also sometimes even genius, but he's a drop in five psychologists. Call it multiple personality, disorder, a lotta and see that most of us now. This is also, I think you know that the naming is in it in being able to call forth different pieces of myself in different point in time. Ok, it says here it's like it's like you, I find not only with yourself, but you circumstance right, ok, so as forward vague accommodate the needs of the moment and whatever name that that require, but it is this that many them change their name. Anything James Taylor was born Arnold sporadic and then he changed it right at me. So ocean of changing. The name also enables them to match them. Of course, when we come back to work with our interview with joy.
Welcome back to start with my post, nice, Jackie FAT, nice common habitat lies permit, so me off the track vice apparently believe it or not. Yours, like twenty eight of them, I couldn't believe, replied Johnny Chuck. Nice comic and I go with me Chris, and thus prevent. Rapid Columbia, university. Thanks for coming in to do this thing you an expert on urban, culture and making find ways to educate a secondary school populations. Great connections make making connections and in particular, this connection and we're celebrating my interview with Jesus, the hip, Hop master Geezer, who founder of the Wooten, claim. And clam. I give you my g in the right place there and a channel, about roll science, my play as the muse and artist in particular of a musician. That's fine,
when he told you got my whole astrophysics vocabulary. Moving out of your wrapped lyrics, and so how does it happen? I'm up a loved one, understand it just an anxious and science and planet in the universe and if so, what they ve plenty people interested in it, but it doesn't infiltrate while I'm Unama, Addis on the writer right, mostly music market or novels and scraps. And yes, I am, but I always thought, as I M see you know, growin up is always been about being lyrical, for wit, which grow up well. Grubbin Brooklyn, one in Brooklyn limpness that nine I lived in all barrels, okay and that now yes, Staten Island shall in Senegal Shallow Tang. What you know got it from back. Then we were, it was always about man lyrical in writing, Titus, Lyric and shop
so Eric and being witty and also in cooperating. Things around us and anything we can incorporate to music like I'm. Not a sports fan at all, but up now and always and cooperate things about sport. So it's it's your your region into pop culture. There it is, and it is there for you. Yes, so I put were your earliest songs that way somewhat song some about lyrics. We want. We went there yes ago, one time where the head, this Rhine, it was about conception. Born to saving and started. It was a line about my mind, flashback tour. Erin more. When I was just a spam, sound the philosophy into told me: he was about thirteen, that's a great, that's a great so and so so in in Brooklyn. If you start taken an interest in the universe and their other,
reimers wrappers. You had to be a little weird for doing that. Isn't that right, well that depends on well is. It comes off, is not normal to mouth, but I wasn't normal, doing it, and I wasn't even a wrapper, while the other two depends on how you delivered of undelivered In a way we I'm like earth. Is the third planet the sun shines light or I don't know what goes on play right in our modern broker, but it is in a way we say my universe run like clockwork for ever more words, a pull together, sudden change and whether the nature and scale of events don't make sense. The storm, when no one in your drawn environments, gravity as gone mad clouds, a dozen debris, moving a colossal speed. They crushing m C. So you speak about the universe in planets, but
You still incorporate the element of M C and the mood and and feeling the failing yes, and so you ve, embraced the universe, a lot, a cool vocabulary there. I make a big deal of the fact that our vocabulary very accessible, Galaxy dwarf by whole, big bang and a lot of them here, even one syllables, I'm guessing that that makes it easier to rhyme and easier to pulse into lyric. Yes, rather than the words of geologists were cause, you know rock him using both him and some of his legs and they had this nine years ago, and this was in eightys. We say I'm the creator of the alphabet. Now less can
Ok, when not translate the situation straight, no dictionaries necessary to use big words. Do another book diffusion allows so there it is half short twice: strong, beautiful, Donnie differences. If I use the word Nova I'll, be speaking about a star alike, average rabble, who will probably told them on a car. Although that is greater than his van task from Slovakia, tubes to explode its millions die except me another though the rather floppy in tune with that isn't a topic
present pregnancy is learning flowing into that you don't really want that uneven thirteen gone arrogant. Anyone from there to like you, know basically cosmic storm back. It's a lot of you, but we will realise that there are some extolling swords on on Saturn, Jupiter, Jabez, big, dried red spot. It's a storm, bright red Spock, as is what it looks like you're, the first people who need it but you look a little closer study. It it's a cycle larger than the planet, earth last raging, for three hundred years. Mars has dust storms, they just don't kick But you can't see what's happening on the surface, that's where the aliens can redistribute there absolute realize what a so this. They must science getting into pop culture leaders. Some curious about that will happen you seen that absolutely no! I'm like we get a green it little less. You just described as now. If you introduce that's a young person,
they would you like a man I got. I got us, but a verse about that, and so so what would you lay spit a verse when a verse for me- and I have the right a while and then perform it to say spillovers from someone wary about. I just have two in our I have to cover the boat eyes. I can hear you correctly now NEO, possibly to want to kick a rapid and they have to do that myself. Just just a game streak rather regret. Legitimate. So many servants cycle points in that clever, the first of which was you know a lot of people do hip, hop, pedagogy or think that rat pedagogy is like kids like wrapped, let's rap, and they have the kids, Crete wraps or they perform wraps and it doesnt work and the reason why it doesnt work is because it's in like what goes on a school already arrived, and then that doesn't work as Distinction between you know saying something that rhymed and being Look, I can see which requires analogy metaphor: joint! Can
then assumes we usually ordering cross reference me as you have to learn, and no some knowledge here is a knowledge here, one of the access that bringing together absolutely males us we're going to press on with them. You know instead a classroom when I wanted to learn about water he's like ok. As you know, I'm Tito, unless he's like a lesson, is all right. So you know what your rapporteur spit a rapid bodily he's, not he's wrapping about everything, but water is I'm flom, I'm sick and, like you, you had one line is like in Africa like water and by the way I'm fly and I'm not gonna work go home actually making is not making it work go home, Ray the textbook, come back right and wrong. Because I can ones I go is is type participative, sixteen about issue all right, but what I meant I interpret it means that a challenging ok, it's time for me to be able to write a rap about water if I'm really gonna,
to the concept of water, so I need at least a week do justice or another assumes that we too enough about water should now how to reach in an employee on the day of its really really make it a real rap. When war it gets cold, get less dense when freezer floats on water. It was theirs accordingly, house could answer water ice. You know for you what a lap and would just make a like a paltry things or doesn't happen a thoroughly minor. Ok, like slam, poetry, mammal out, so ok we're so so you bring to point I appreciated, even during my interview, which is that the more pockets of knowledge
you have command of the more creative you can be as rapporteur, and, of course you need the metaphor and the more capacity have to even make metaphorical reference them or prohibit the embassies, the more complex than that the limit more complex alerts off. It is based on your ability to make connections that delay person can see, which is inherently scientific, hey. I like it was good that the network, so you got a quick some here. I got thirty seconds seconds. Arm split, I'm a physicist, lyricists, bitterness, ridiculous, Nyssa, witness the ignorance are dismissed. It happened to that person, people walking back, then I could get. You can talk, regulated earning authenticity. I urge all knowing plus Einstein like ice Does Einstein minded like mine? This form of that was equally see square, which is where does me as a paper them see square.
But what I did there's like I find a formula, but if I just said I would make no sense, laugh they make a connection between the formerly equals anti square. So the fact that here's your payment emphases, we're gonna, consume less energy and massacres the speed of light, which is the cornerstone of our empty. I would so big square makin, a brick wall. Gza and Chuck, and I've got secret for you I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this. Shell there's just one and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star, talk and support. Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free? You can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never
we're here. Another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me sing if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying Start operating on the web are removed, advent we're off in the treaty. First start on radio and, of course, on Facebook you can like us their star talk, radio by the way start appears in three media now were broadcast radio, where on the nourished channel Youtube. You can find us there and, of course you can download our podcast at any time from a website or some ice I've got with me and studio check nice tweeting at check. Nice comic, Chuck, you gotta, show
on each G. Tv is Jesus. We were talking about it at the break. You go into its whole homo strange home, that's creepy people's homes and just talk about the strange pie in the higher strange. If I'd weird homes just talk about basically people something around their warehouses and its actions, very cool, I'm not inviting you to my home out, the cameras might be like sixty minutes. The caverns show up about forward today. It's gonna be that Fridays HDTV writers, on HTTP Christendom thanks for coming to this document, to be here, Jesus clips that we had an you tweet at Chris ended at cross and on the other I m d, I argued tweed educational insights. Excites me. Education item hip hop item inside inciting social commentary grow in the end both eyes, but the radio waves advised that the man is wearing a self tied Orange boating
so it might interviews with Jesus. We talked about the role, certainly the role that media thinks. Violence plays and hip hop, and it's always played up, perhaps more than it. Actually, needs to be, or should be, work is practised. Running representative of most of the hip hop that's out. There just makes a better headline. I'd run all this up with Georgia, and I wanted to get his reaction to this because That's like the decanter sweep out under the rug is out there ever find out what Jesus reaction to when I brought a violence in So then, does all the songs that violence is. It is a part of it. Is that something more in the on initiating listener. They think it s all violence, but of course there's somebody trying to most in those lyrics right. Well, it appeared depends on how you interpret the lurid. Sometimes I run into people say: well, thirty, six chambers got me through school and then go back and listen to it.
Album. I can't really. I don't see how I mean. I know this is great music. You know current affairs and those who listen to will turn for years, but I don't see what they're saying so. It all depends on how you interpret the message. Will good art allows the listener the viewer to personalize? What piracy right, because you can't just take a look at it like this. I'm tired of disabled will Tang got me to school, then automatically reports on my boots time. Clan ain't, none of what. How did I get your toes, I can also tell them to explain I mean maybe day there was escape, but it was a sort of the timing and all at once.
Now, whatever they were going through, they were able to relate to the majority of songs anyway, so as a whole. Ok because the total philosophy and package- yes that represented personally, I don't I'm not with the schools of thought that say people got violent because they listen to a song by violent, the violent right very likely right, but still it's nice to have some hope in your art, and if the art is only about violence Adam, where am I gonna wait? What do I reach for you? Reach were reach for the music without the violence. And I guess I don't think it's just the whole thing about violence is just the way you're talking or telling a story, because most rapid have this thing where they from the streets and a telling a story, and this is how I grew up and everything I say is real and I'm not a vague drug dealer
we sell drugs, and this is what I'm giving you, but it's the same stories like watching the same over over and over and over and over and over. You don't want to see anyone want to hear it change it store, has been told stories. Man told endoored within that way in that way, because you're, not you ve spoken of violence in your my job right out. The definitely and what does it do and what role does that play is just part of the story: is just part of the story to get your point across, but is not violence and away where its glory or not to speak. About denoted school drive up your brains out and land and all on the back seat. There were problems, running away where you don't see. The screwdriver I see, the brains, you just see blood coming through the door and you re Hitchcock joy on imagination, Hitchcock forces you to fill in the boy
should you, the edges of the violence should be. ok screwdriver through the right. Miss that I know is right now want to kill somebody I saw. I don't know why haven't needs a shoot? Someone really got twenty seconds. Is there a Chris Real, quick, you think, there's a cultural bias against rap that you'll find against other expressions of violence in the american culture like evening. Provision like everything else? I think that certainly does exist, and I think that in response to that wrappers pick up on what is sensationalize and realise that that's what gets attention and what could normally be a thin slice of the culture becomes exaggerated. Are that that very perceptive when we come back more if my interview with Gisele and we learn about violence growing up and what impact that can have on this creativity for nausea.
Welcome back to startle meal dressed. I hear the American Museum of Natural history in New York. Serve as director the planetarium there by check this out when you're in town, I got Chuck nice with me comedian check my love having on the show I was going to be here and we got Chris end in Greece. Great you dress up for the show. You know I had to jacket and bow tie with a matching hanky, in your jacket pocket passes away or socket square gotta. Do I got here because weird swatting my interview with with Jesus Jesus and we talked about his life as a rap artist, and I wanted to get behind his modern life and find out because we're trying to probe sort of what, what his His background is to grow up in a dangerous neighbour. Did that in full Could I just didn't know, and so much
not what he says about his background. If and how that influence his creativity check it in your life. How much danger digitally you exposed to was a kid, but our neighbour we would like Pansy neighbourhood or China. Grow up in a hood. It was it may outsiders but tougher there, but it wasn't tough grown up and that's a perceptive point cause point cuz. It's all you know that's Rwanda, but I had working parents never missed a day without eating. Ok, live in poverty, but we weren't rich or anything like that, and I grew up in a normal urban cities. The hood writer, violent every now, and then I mean I'm not of grew up with a lot of people, s not living now chilled, but that was the path they chose to take.
We all grew up together. We learnt right, I think most people groping neighborhoods, where no one dies frightening, so vote to say what sort of you no gun some violence. Some people got me that you say that so casually, but that's not. It mean not many people, including some neighborhoods, is normal for people right to what was we might have had those stories right people, but I think any day, we got shot just for where the wrong sir. Oh yes, he added. I Robin and neighbourhood, like that. I mean I lived and should make a queen at a time where they had gangs in the seventies, seven crowds- and that was a big gang out there. But I don't think it about affected me outside. I think all the things that it or not be a part of it. I think, yeah. I think the dangers that I came across with dangerous. I put myself into like stupid stuff. You do as a child like walking on the rooftop.
Oh and honour. I know on the ledge, yes on alleged roof, Tyler Plain an elevator: do not even have this wrong when one a Muslim I saw some that ends up in your lyric, but Emily who here? These are the rap songs where it, but at lemons and died and elevator shaft and wish to play an absurd. Those were like the dangers so some that ends up in your lyric but Emily who here these are the rap songs where it. What do we do? I mean it's a whose Who's got the biggest influence on the next generation rat. Ok, so I agree to that. So now get the portfolio of lyrics in the wrap in the rap repertoire right I got you tell me about the universe in work, with that? But you're? Not the only wrapper out there, so so. In the end of the day, it was rabbits
who's who's going to win those that make timeless music and timeless lyrics are going to win and others will fade fast. University of the time of time was thing we know- and this is one of the longest spinner airwaves this I hadn't thought of it that way, but it certainly spinning- and it actually has grooves heckling NATO on this. These most people getting through Telscombe, looks like it's just this is actually very meant that this, like thousands of separate rings in this, not just my favorite part of this it's here. I never thought of it as a place for the music of the spheres. Scratch and cost of think of a record. When I look at the he goes
I love how you just told just that he has lost to the universe so how'd you cutting parlay violent background as an educator. You know that some kids, every violent nurturing backer, hey Parliament into science, education realizing, first and foremost, that science is everywhere, it's all around, of course, and that that's something that we all agree with to exploit that, of course exploit it. So you say you know I work with Egypt and sake before you, What is young person? You need to go with the notepad and walked the neighbourhood and the neighbourhood, through the eyes of a scientist. So if I'm talking about weathering and herbicides science class. I'm looking at the rocks in the park around me. If I'm talking about how the buildings constructed at them. Our allies in the metals I look at where I can find- was examples within their life or also bring back also making connections between the scientists and the M C, where the corollaries exist, what is it about Galileo thing? No, the earth does move dammit, you know There's one thing you know and how does that? How does s
connections are how and see the world in says no. This is weigh things I'm a high. I want. I want to get back to that when we return we're back on Startalk, radio or the great. We were talking about how to parlay the life experience of the kid in the inner city into an edge National, scientifically enlightened experience and that's what you do. That's what you think about setting up a book what's a title: urban science, education for the hip hop generation! Absolutely that's also so I'm right now with purposeful. That's why they're gonna title living so, so tell me more about when, when you walk into the inner city, how do you like,
your head, when you go back to the class, exactly whether when I described earlier depending on what are your professor airy universities, my teaching teach on frequency to lump I'm also going and classroom and teaching people also just to make sure that what I do when I teachers is authentic because that's that's it. That's a key piece of paper: otherwise loading somewhere in the economic oh holes and man, it's easy when you get around a bunch of other professors, descendants, meek and us, because we shall do so much Debbie business become removed from the rest of the world right. So you haven't there's a lot of pipe smoking. Older pie, smoking about half way there so let going into the neighbourhood do that lends up with other scientists and and China first and what the phenomena are around you how that phenomenon can be he explained scientifically and use it as an exam. Paul to teach? You know young people right, because when I think of violence- and I can think of a dead person in the trajectory of decomposition of a body right right at me-
That's gonna! Interesting! Absolutely right! I mean it than initially the same temperature is the air and then, since you're dead not generating energy anymore, so body, temperature, testicles, everyone says the body its heels cold, but if it does not actually hold because all dropped to, room temperature, and you will think of room temperature things as being coal, but the body is so commonly worn to you that anything less than that you're gonna say it feels coal. Believe what biology and they are not just go go anywhere anywhere, when we talk about more broadly written, a lot about rat pedagogy anything is a distinction between rap and hip hop. We can talk about really that's a whole piece of the equation we haven't touched. The enemy Arap is an artist backed up her pop culture, hip hop culture so much more complex, oh ok, so hip hop is the co rapporteur difficult. You know about physical, try, hypocrisy, belgian francs require far right. Will you
We ve been slaughtering my interview with Jesus. I can't have just founding member of our three hours we get have given this creative works at work. We believe check it isn't just german, I have here one of your lyrics thank you said earlier, but I want to like the privilege of reciting with you. Why universe you and I first run like clockwork, forever, worry, pulling together, sudden change and whether the nature The scale of a bad don't make sense, a sword, with no a storm store. You know, sometimes I just the lyrics around storm with no warring the dry and by ments gravity, That's going on at clouds of dust and debris
moving colossal freeze, decrepid, an m c. Since this rat region is heavily packed with stars, internal Mirror and a telescope notice are diseases from far away. They bleed belying as a light. The straw, with great distance in space between precise gloves that travel in a circle of order, like the tape in your to set record of filled with court for slaughter, mean in the contract, manifestly worked a hitman for higher weapon in his hand. He lurks in spite of history.
In Japan, or is he made his Clarence on a target were crowded market? No interference. Microphone therefore seem without a serious evidence, consistent what I'm getting material. I forget the other two. That's all I got so that settles Eric's, you transition from cosmic things to St Life right walkin straight into the Cosette recorder. So what how did it? You didn't lend them? You went for, one to the right, because I was speaking about travelling in a circle of water, so Cosmical Cosette recorded, rob with order and consent recorders spends in,
circle motion- saw just stood at any about us. It like that tape you to set recorded filled with court for slaughter sofa somehow just up to get back to the industry. Ok accepts the semi court arrived you back from the cosmos in within you, Talkin about meaning the contacts made contract. A kind of rats liked contracts your side, yet on a diet. We're sighing, unlike the hit man for higher
It is a very different from my clouds and dusting debris in it can, in this extreme, can turn honours its extreme. He turn like that weapon in his hand, he lurked in spite of his strange appearance. So what what? What compelled you to turn them into lyric that take the said. Take before your pivoting on rights came out, surfing right round serve, said affair can thus sphere. That's one thing about him, see any NGO anywhere long as it makes sense. Ready. Retrospect. I should have just shut up while he was doing his lyrics. I mean I was just totally messed it, I'm just like reading it and he's trying to get the pulse.
There was good that way because I broke it broke down. We got it. We gotta go. We gotta in this hour o review and we made a start on radio virtue in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation. As always, I yielded regulations. We should listen. The star talk, commercial, free, joint start talking. Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star, talk, radio!
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