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The Science of Music with Josh Groban

2015-05-24 | 🔗
There’s more to a song than meets the ear, as Neil deGrasse Tyson finds out when he interviews singer/songwriter/producer Josh Groban. In studio, concert pianist and MIT Lecturer in Music Elaine Kwon and co-host Chuck Nice add their voices to the chorus to help us hear the science woven into the songs.

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story leaving right click, start your host, the grass taking your personal astrophysicist. I serve as director the hidden planetary Americans right here in New York City, and I get with me me. What's happened of your good? No we're featuring my interview today with Josh groping. I know Josh Growth, jobs.
But my wife love you ever have produced one look that man. What is with that? She loves him an end, and you know we're helpless in this when confronted with exactly you're, so so that it figured well to just make this an all music show at that time to bring in some expertise cool, so we combo end, and so we do not just any musician. We want so term an academic. I want to get some Phd music going on here, all right. So we found Elaine Corn and welcome hey thanks for having come together. Hd in music will actually officially a doctor to musical hearts physical or so. Does that mean you play better
anyone else or know more about music than anybody like which that's a good guys like you circuit music, what you know what you know like you, could you have a doctorate, Anne and still not play anything like what are you play? I play the record play the Corfu. That's nowadays that no I mean the dna is more focused on performance, actually, ok performance as an art, absolute, yes, our physical arts. Look it do not to say that your tooting, your on whom you anything about each at MIT Ideal that uses Institute of Technology as I've been there since ninety nine, let me she's got street, give credit youse, gonna sectors. I I hear there some pretty smart people here. Even if you're, not a geek radio asthmatically examined way, come what may,
but the mit for two years. I may I never enrolled in a class or anything, but I saw you there, but airlines I the block that MIT is and handle the whole monitor. The whole monitored, so so leaned. I just add just throw this out here because, like you, do you like you, you kicks a major martial arts, but is at all is a door. My note here correct about you. On my days. I've got that your doctor who, in the special school you come in one day in there, just like yes, it's a piano concerto number one lab and by the way, break these poor frederick. It's exactly what I call my life cord into. I put my life in music.
Terms, so I have my music reaches the perpetuates it's the passion that got my health so that in the world The purpose is teaching in amity doesn't mean like in the bathroom have like your bow movement. Right. Sorry, I just like it. If your life is so you your lifetime, naturally take wonder it of all the morning. Just my favorite. Is it because I like using the leg? That's a big leg thing right in a lot of kick lacking a cool love, kick yeah due to the area who, after the show that we have totally do this will do have a kick? It kicked the light out from so so for this first segment. I want to focus on singing as as an instrument of voices, an instrument, Josh Grogan, United and war,
winning singer. Songwriter is also an actor yes here he added recurring role in a few shows and he saw twenty five million. Oh no! He, yes! Yes, he I was completely unaware of today. I totally yet so he's gonna wait a minute very devoted following twenty five million enough I mean was that like twenty five million people without body, or just some really rich, He knows what twenty five million up really he's that popular. You are very well my! So, let's find out what's open up the interview final, just how he thinks of voice as an instrument will find out. It's a really kind of interesting thing when you wake up one morning shortly after voice changes bill as that, Oh absolutely one hundred percent, and we might make a difference if you get them to catch, you o thou again. What we started with was the actual costs not a bit of a lot of benefit, a boy I didn't realize how cool it would finally be, but it's interesting responsibility to have an instrument. That's inside you- and you know to understand very young- that
care. Polish include away your body is your instruments that is needed. Amazing responsibility is an amazing gift, but at the same time it can be a rope. Is what first your voice as an instrument or the fact that you actually perform instrument, and it was my love, music and performance from his came first gonna hear from my daddy group, could of playing the family piano and combating concerts. Now, just gotta figure out songs on the piano and so the something to be said for a family panel will absolutely percent. I mean I can make a difference if you get the light. The Cassio that Bulgaria, where we started with them, was natural Casio, plugging like nineteen. Eighty three or something went down. My dad brought home a Casio keyboard, basically like four. Beats and to sound, and you were two years ago I was in a diaper plan on anything I would put on the boss another
and what about the bicycle? That's it everybody efforts biting if it is everybody's per tonne, and so I would just kind of through my hands on the piano. Eventually, I would make these grand cords you know, and they would just these in. I listen to the videos now and they were these wonderful dissonant court, but I was just Methusalem Wonderful and dissonant in the same sort of it. Isn't he s Eliot? Just you know other call your tenor. I guess I actually more alert baritone, I would say I have a lower voice than would be necessary for a full operatic tenor. I've all the tenor sometimes hit those higher legislators. Yet I can sing those knows. I just choose not to perform those notes. I wish your sweet spot. My sweet spot is an f f, sharp g regime. I can make an F sharp, sound like How can I get my piano app on my phone here together so. He was joking about every puberty and we would choke exists. Such a boyish face yeah and.
My wife said it s not about to enter puberty any day now at least I'm looking for a way to so late when we think of a voice, its there's, your chest, cavity, there's vibrating, vocal courses, your tongue lips. So when, when you think of music in your head, are you thinking about all the other things that go into? What makes the vibration is? That's part of what you have to study to understand? Music right musicians. Definitely me, and we study that, but actually it depends on what instrument year really focused time, but but in a voice you got the whole year. It is its voice. You yourself are the instrument, so you ve naturally create these vibrations at year from speaking anyway. So as a pianist
though, as you know, we're thinking about making the tones and not necessarily creating the right, showed that the panel person doesn't have to worry about air supply, ripping where so many other instruments do right. I was sure yes, it's true, but we do have to put breath in the music, though you know so you put it in with your body. As you phrase, with the body? Really? Yes, whereas singers will take note of and or any wind instrument you breathe, you breathe is worrying through your nose. You know goes through dialogue. So now, when you someone we're gonna hear what you tell me, the piano player is breathing into the music o of absolutely that's phrasing. That's all! That's what it's all about, so that the phrasing comes from the body movement. Is that what you're saying I'm? Not necessarily I mean if you force that in their its false but would but knew no music unfolds and phrases in segments like sentences pleasant way by act, but I can't I just copy you in turn you into a piano role and petty Roy breathing, richer
That's why it doesn't sound is. Doesn't it sounds artificial, there's, music that you hear digitally. You know you did that you think you can hear it online in there's something wrong soldiers, no rational life, the exact how, when there's a human being behind it with a voice you can, you know, use sometimes can hear the installation than with the piano. You have to breathe as you play, and you move in your your whole body goes into so tell me about the registers of what is called the range. Low medium. I mean a paper voice, yet the everyone always register yeah just so sure. Yet we know base narrow tone he's lurk baritone, which implies a little bit higher. You have tenor if Contra tenor, incomes, Alto metals sopranos soprano as outlined by the rights of those who, like the highest right, don't know how you get kicked him in
story. Ok, I got kicked it not simply so I you know, but as far as determining which arranges easier you you just can t see. Well, how low can I sing in hand? How high is pre puberty? I think there is no difference between the boy, the girl voice and the boy for his well. I know I've I've saying first, sopranos inquire so far, very hello. Recently yeah. I sang first problem insofar as it was when it was a true required and for Greece Episcopal Church, and it was wonderful- I replaced a young girl named LISA. Had of two alto, because she, like women go through puberty, their voices
oh yeah, as over. He was still in their yes, and so I was tease quite a bit because I send the first sopranos parts and you now and then, of course I went to the chain tonight, I got my first monthly and that we will. They probably our sad to lose. You know your boy voice, because even if you did replace a female girl, voices are different. The tamper of your voices different after it s a thing when, when I think of theirs music, when I think of song, the song brings you in a different way, because those words that you know the lyrics mean something intellectually and emotionally to someone, but a good performer, where there is an even necessarily lyrics, presumably can achieve that same.
Influence right. So so, in my conversations with just we are just trying to understand the effective music on somebody. Would you feel? Love or hey, because all If people are women, yeah right insults heed this sum executor of an occasional going on with this. All, yes, don't go on with some other sock, let's find out where it, where he's gonna, take us there as a singer, we're nuts there's all sorts of vibrations going on and weird mental neuroses that are happening in the midst of singing the sun. So you triangle, through your checklist everything you need to accomplish, but crashed say that my wish is that it's not vocal masturbation. For the audience you know, and so a lot of times, you're, not thinking about the enjoyment or power or whatever you're thinking about very kind of boring things, sometimes about just making sure the technique is correct, and you hope that your focusing on the craft of what you do is causing an emotional reaction and in other people, and so it is made
connections to calls in the wild I mean. There's you saying and then make sure it's an animal listing the pay money later I've read distant ingratitude right, great distances to hear these odd noises syllables finding out of your mouth. A thing you can't always be explained is lots of people have beautiful voices living in New York. I hear voices better than mine amused incredible. I saw greatness shower by camps. It's a pretty epic reverberate shall yet ass. Often ass. I got karaoke. No one is nevertheless, it there's no half singing in the shower you're, either an operative rocks nor there's! No James dinner is no tentative yeah. There's this thing
Now it has not been in the showers, its remaining call, it is because sometimes having the right proper technique has nothing to do with the reaction, so you might have people that of trying to Julia trained to be the greatest opportunity working out there and they might be able to hit the notes as perfectly as somebody can hidden and for some reason, what makes him cried washing up, but then you'll get a voice like Edith P off. She was stripper no formal training, but had something there was a trill. There was something else was very real. That way was Billie Holiday, Billie Holiday of court I mean you and put her on an opera stage knows something about that. There's something I felt the words that came out of it and, I think, is important for vocal students important for arts programmes not to teach nuance out of somebody's natural instrument. I think that our animal listing
call that we have is innocent. It's us in its natural and that's what you're saying is it can't be taught, except only to find it within yourself? I think the technique can be taught and technique is necessary, but I think that we all are born with different nuances that make us who we are ass, artists, thinkers as singers when you think about what the mating thing is it's about expressing that Agnes and people can choose whether or not they want to come running to it or not. So there is a lot their answer we're just one plus we're just one animal in the animal kingdom that makes music right we'll get humpback whales right. You got frogs ripe bird, I am reminded of a very large sum comic where this this father takes his son out to the backyard and his beggars cordon off, with with fences and at his offense everywhere in everyone's backyard, in Arusha Songbird singing in the tree and said to me that that songs by the bird is a primitive
way that they show and mark their territory there, the pick it up and down so so, let me ask: is there when I think of the song? Normally, I think, of a voice of a human voice, singing words, but there's there there piano pieces that are almost that themselves right. They did their these sweeping pieces and then there are other panel pieces where yeah that's the piano singing to me
but what distinguishes that? I want to set the pace of notes or how long are you not hold a note? What is it well, something song like means that will, if you're, describing a piano peace or an instrumental piece of music, is I mean it's trying to imitate inflections of the words and to convey emotion as strongly as words and the meaning of that can convey and allows that just a definition. Are you saying that that's really what it, what it's doing its that's its both focus our when I say I'm playing a piano peace, I dont say piano song unless it's like songs, words by Mendelson, which is a piano peace yeah. That's what I've heard about that. Whatever happens, you can't buy what it? Yes all without words right I've. I'd heard I was young when I first heard that such a piece exist. Yes, yes, it's a little,
we'll deafness song without words and in its very lyrical. So that means there's a melody or the harmony underneath, because the song is really a melody because the human voice we sing unless you're doing overtones singing you can using one note after another and that's melody harmony is when you have the the notes lined up simultaneously in a roving across his own That's why you need more than one person to harmonise. Could you can't harmonize with yourself ass? You get her brown sink or swim overturn. They can do with the overturning throat, but they are different species of human. Let me guess, or their daughters, gets a frantic or something skilfully manipulating cords. But but so. What would a piano peace that is lyrical as you describe it? Can that be as potent as a a pop song with Lear with lyrics right? I think so, but it's all in how expressively the performer can do it and because
There was a percussion instrument. So once you play a note, the sound goes out, and so you have it's this, it's how you connect the spaces between the notes and because it is progressive much I found it as you know, that was originally we. That is what did not hear what should not not at all? load on us so between the notes is, is connecting the sound. So so it's all about freezing to make something expressive in emotional, when we come back more my interview with Josh Robin and more common, no, hey. I've got no secret for you,
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This is starting to Rebecca start off. Just yes do and retirement refrigerated. If you just grow you're the cruder babe magnet could say, but I can't I would immediately without a music export and Lean Quanta Contra pianist I guess, conservation and doktor of a lecture Doktor musical our anthem, newsboy lecture at MIT lecturer. Emma have sought out. What I want to know is why to do some, which
Oops lohmann right. Have you ma? who told you that We love you here. So what's curious to me. Is we were speaking the previous segment? What impact music without words can have versus music with words. I know, if I'm here in a performer and I like their mellifluous notes, we queuing in on the person and effect we have voiced print identification right then always is They have signature. Actually do you know where most of us first softwares print identification where in the opening scenes of two thousand and one not the very opening scenes with the apes one
he's coming onto the space station and he goes to voice print identification. Rademacher whole big deal, it is says christian name first and given name second or set or something or work or surname christian name. You know that. That's how I guess what they said it Brian re. So then I sit while so you voice can do that, and so so so I wonder, can can a person be as seductive to a listener playing a piano as a crude or can be singing a song absolutely I totally believe that it might be a little bit harder to identify, but is to try to seek whose pointed whose playing of active life and what it have more to do with the instrument or the style, because, for instance, in jazz, you totally know when Trolley bird Parker is playing. Could you get the stock as you got? The style of Charlie bore a party, but also,
He played a certain saxophone yeah yeah, so so, which one is more important. Is that the style or is it like the actual instrument? I think it's, the style and cake is today, especially for recording and there's so much editing that goes on, but they do not necessarily editing how somebody interpret piece of music, so you can tell a lot of within the notes that they have to keep right. Yes, exactly there so rubato, which is that which is the term for when you take time away and give time it's a given taken music, the slowing down, speeding up as well as very personal, and would you call rubato rubato Yanza Alex Chopin music. He made his is full of rubato there about how would you be boring, Aouda hasn't rubato dumb. With regard Mr Rama, tackling that's. Why mechanized playing it just never is.
Active, there's no rubato in there and that's it goes back to breathing, but you can identify that with certain performers did what may be a tendency, Joshua songs in their their thereby licked seduction acoustics it, let's find out, we talked about this. Let's find out what he said, so you're cooler and the women just can't stay away from you, and you know the feeling very similar areas there that here we are talking about Malta versus While the may ask your so our data again and oblige the animal goes and if it occurs, stick panty remove you didn't. Let me ask you if you thought about this, how come a guy who sings those balance,
women are thrown panties understand yes, but a woman who sings like guys, don't throw jocks wrapped up nothing. Did I don't know that that would work, it's not symmetric. It's not I'd want symmetry in this world and I dont understand that ok they're, attractive singers, but it out like it's just because she's attractive she sings great Greece guys made you sing declaration you down the street. I would imagine part of it is convenience. I would imagine if you weren't, skirt it's easier to get panties hook. Then, if you're wearing like leaves a lot, you would have to take off I'm just. I would just get really tactic I had not far away there like me and like to where you go over your genes is a german problem of
there is the ideology way too difficult. You would be kicked out of the venue for lewd behaviour long before you are able to get your job, strap, onstage. So practical fact that six hack, your idea, if ever I get a job, strap thrown on stage, I may start to a kind of thing about highly rewrites material. So what percentage of your fan base is female? I would say the scientific percentage of Pakistanis who does one hundred and three percent three percent could have sex change. It still does not exactly right. Yes, a few of the men have now gone to Thailand and come back to haunt us Jane S, fancy a factory has presumably your audience at a life. Culture does not have a two percent seem so the women to bring in the guys in there you are yes. What am I do is sit next to my woman. It is my job to make the gentleman in the audience feel great by the end of the day,
not only because you know we can so kick your ass down exactly right. Yes, I don't have the right you had so you know I lyon on singing and wit, to win their workers soldiers with poverty human zone. So, yes, you know I'll explain to the guy's neoliberal. First of all, a life causes your opportunity to give them what they know, but also to channel to win people over. You know you want people what they didn't know they wanted as well. So when a girlfriend or wife or a Mamma, whoever brings their son Sunder brother husband, even if they drag them along its really my goal by the end of the night for them to say a. I really enjoyed that from a creative standpoint and be for them I'm here to help them. You know this is just two hours of a very long night, wig wink. You know, and I want them to have They feel good about their investment coming to a growth in concert, brownie portfolio. So
you're just a cog in yeah, real of it the guy's evening exactly right, I'm not just singing for the women to flock to stay because sitting because women in a practical harm they can't the security will tackle the sulphur, I'm singing for them to clean, even tighter to the person next, its barbaric, the power for good exotic, a draw certain, so the line that this concept of romance there there's this. I like I've, read there's this romantic period in music, yeah sailing early Twentyth century twenties too, about nineteen hundred and almost one hundred years, their young. So what makes music romantic pale music romantic? What would? But what constitutes that? There's more diverse harmonies and lyricism melodies. So you know the romantic p.
It came about with the growth of the novel. Also, so it's about self expression and personal journey in an ongoing mused, that's gonna, say earlier programmes they call another sheet. Music has a little picture of Fabio help you know. At that point I mean music is tonal, a tonality came the twentieth century, but the tonality was starting to be expanded. Tunnel, music, media of a home base, a key centre and romantic music started to stretch those boundaries, so you're living more on the edge going into maybe the more dangerous parts of your life journey if you're telling a story through music. So your stretching the boundaries like a good novel would be because they involve actually, whereas in you don't know what you're getting into its expiry shades of scale up on and on and on and by the end of the romantic period. Your ending up in a completely
key possibly pieces got longer, because I guess it was the one I'm figure Rachmaninoff his second canopy elevator Rocky too. I think I've heard a call you a lot I do this is that we want to go through that the ones I feel like swaying, TAT S and it so job you played do play ball. Adieu do do. I may all romantic. I guess I love that era, love Rachmaninoff, look! Definitely his preludes is contrariety, I but the CD. Did butchers. I'm told he had one of the largest hands of any performer. That's all. We are also had an octave and I don't know two or three notes ban is pretty well, yes, there's that's big yeah sure I shall forward my a mighty students in here.
These are way up at the piano yet mean just when he was a young man. He was, he was giant and apparently a bit stoic, but his music was so beautifully expressive, as was Chopin, as was Rubinstein says, was I mean, there's a whole field of of romantic composers and it's kind of to your liking. At that point, there is such a wide range of two so annoying when you play music from this romantic era. Do you have to feel romantic while you're playing romantic music so that the listener gets a double hit? There is, I think it helps if you can put yourself in that mindset. It's not always necessary because of hours and hours of preparing, sometimes the physical just takes over three over your head. I think the most effective performances is when, when the audience can feel the mental and physical and spiritual combined. What's that chocolate movie or that the breakers movie, where the emotions of the
like water for charter on all. But yes said, the emotion of the chef ended up in the food in the food we eat food and they felt the emotion utilizing dick because most of our Eu Food, you know the contracts have been playing now, is based on a series of conceiving your senses, which is actually combining all the senses. So the listening and the tasting and in the hearing in the seeing as are all combined songs, wondered what other science and music- and I like it- is music in the universe. The harmony two spheres was once thought of, but just Grognon does actually some geek in him. And away you, you teach at MIT there's no shortage of geeks right at MIT, Sir. If you swing your arms, you knock down several. We are all geeks, let's find out from Josh just what kind of a geek was.
Growing up when you grow up in the arts? It's pretty much the same lunch table as the science gets. It was easier for an arch person to be called than a science person to be cool at that it is now absolutely depends on the group of friends. You have run the kind of school you go too. I think that for me, especially with the convoys that I have, I wasn't, a rock band in applying and singing more classical style musical theatre. South on was not like the cool thing to do. I tried to play for you know you at least we're wrestler. When I try to play flag football, I got hit once and I opened my parents take me to Eldorado afterwards and I wish to say that I cannot conclude without gathering. I was sorry, that's it for me, so so yeah! No, I so had you been good
It's like football might not have. Every right has become a professional life. Rip off like a night had made music. I was in love with it ever since I was a little kid. I didn't know what it was and I was in love with it into. Why did spoke to me so much, but what I read your FBI file as rapporteur that capability here we have the power, and I heard that you want to elementary school science fair. I absolutely do if you wanna fesse that idea in front of me well what we did was we set up a system where we put a piece of rubber over a tin cans, and then we had an old Casio keyboard and we put the tin can over the speaker and we magnified light onto the premier on top of the rubber, and I was able to make sound waves on the ceiling all by myself and you can further the sound waves into optical vibrate optical vibrations, on the ceiling using the light on the candidate of the people. And how will you I was ten.
Thank you very much for my guys that was in a club, so I wanted an early to try and find ways to get in with both clubs with the science globally. Make it happen. It look at that got so so so we lain there is a true. What about mountain gravel says that if you gonna be an expert in something you gotta have spent ten thousand hours on it. I believe it is yes, I think. So there is a certain, maybe the science of talent. I guess you really think of you that way. Yet I mean talent, talented success. I think comes from just your hard work so that ten thousand hours that's intact, indicative of hard work, hard time put in which you really need to put in. So you don't believe that there is any natural proclivity too. Do you can't be musical
inclined, oh, I think people can be naturally gifted for sure, but to make a very naturally Gregg, yet correct the work that we have to work at it. You can be well, some things can become that is your how hard I fervently hope that, in order to bring it up, I mean to have indifference. Her lunch in science. You have to study, you have to know what is known before you can declare that you made a discovery that has never been made before and so there's a huge backdrop on this in many many years in school, and so actually just had some
about what scientists an artist had in common which find out what that is. I think that a certain curiosity that is similar in music in science, there is a certain part of the brain ass, a flip on an order for me to find a creed of space, and so I think that from writing. It one of the things where I can't force it in its ones and growing in the middle of the night and just go straight to the piano and you kind of have to look at me. The creation of music and what you're feeling when you say that, with the same kind of exploring the ammonia, your exploring the unknown or too wide eyed wonderment that I have to wear that comes from and what cost, I'd I'd want. Am I right: I don't want you gotTa Ling. It's one thing to be really good at playing something that somebody else wrote, but what it? What is? It then take two then write something that no one else dreamt of that's another step right. You are you absolutely in so many people in the classical worthy of you go to a concert to see a performer perform. What somebody wrote a hunter
Here's a right! Yes, although every interpretation is different again so by us, but some because you're not just as a lot of solvents, one hundred times thousand thousand different, one thousand for one thing with classical music. The same thing: we definitely creating your own composition. That takes sparks of- I guess your own personal genius, but it can also be trained to you could put yourself in that situation. To create creativity takes practice as well. So you could do a kind of like the experimentation of size. Were you trial and error? You do things over and over again to see what works and what does it? Yes, then, you hardly ever get to see that the trash can write. What what exactly you only see the finnish fraud furtive product? You don't see this sketch of sheet music. That saw we note sorts like trash Mozart.
Maybe not mugs are pretty their exemplary prairie fire, but my doll, but maybe it you can see the scratches on this very get it right right, I'm your death! Everyone is there process, where we come back more featuring, they start talking just Robin.
Starter sameness, Lana theme, revenge, Sesar with special guest, core music expert. You teach at MIT idea what you teach I teach fundamentals of music can allow. Sometimes, they encountered. Oh yes, like a musical debate. Client like music. Now you don't hear so that this was a keeps you to see fresh blood coming up every day. All the time I had hundreds and hundreds of student. In fact, then they learned I was coming on the show. And I have a couple questions if you don't mind you that they have very yes turn
the terrible. Oh, so the first one is: does your mustache have a name? it doesn't have a name. It has never had a name, but it is true that I have never shaved my upper lip and my entire trimmed it, but I've never ever only bald. Yet when I start going to mustache, I could get into x rated movies. I said this is good before, like it was on the internet, when they get into you, the theatre or the actual you have been clarified. Now you know when you are young, you want to look old and we all do young. So it was in that for phase antidote, so I've had my mustache ever since there is never a razors never been to my upper lip,
No name was ok, I'm out so quickly that I made a babel. Well, maybe now release emo customers cause wrongly Seymour Cassio name, for it is my truck array and the second will know the question arises from a will. This might be harder, but we aren't answer now. It's from actually student who was an internet now, NASA's jet propulsion, latin impersonator, California, yes, Jacob and he's asked, is: are there any questions that science cannot answer and it's a big one? I would say that science and question- Go together like beans and right now I've got a guy, like you know, like biscuits, ungracious engraved, like grids in butter like great usin bounty.
By the way where I have no idea where they rode so there are questions that science has yet to answer. But I look at the repository of questions that once befuddled civilization that have fallen to the to the curiosity and methods and tools of science over the centuries, and so there is no question that we have yet to answer that, I'm going to say, science will never answer that we ve done such a good job. Thus far that I will we will push on and as our area of knowledge grows, though, so too does our perimeter of ignorance. So there will be a forever supply,
questions until the universe ends, and so the answer is no way I got judge. What do you think this is hope of frontier here, like music on space missions? You know if you're gonna go space. What music might you take might ask because now it s not just you grown up and orbiting coming back, you go in nine months to Mars a year They have their nine months back and so you'd want to get bored. So I wonder, is music? Is I've thought about? This is the music that is so textured so rich, so multi dimensional that you could just carry it for years and never just grow completely sick of it. That's what I wonder:
I asked just Goeben about that. We find out that wanted to ask what music, if there's gonna, be any kind of arts way in the future, obviously or or even know. I read something the serb right, I guess who's gonna be there for singer in jail for him at the opera idea, so yeah, she's, gonna cheese. I think the first professional musician on the space station right. Why not have more because answer on Mars? Surely acoustics would be a little bit and he came back that makes you a week but think about it. I grew up we're all the people who are sent into space work by military pilots, and I'm thinking is that poor can best report for you what it feels like
puts modest up. There needs to be some human, some power, some people, they cannot feel yeah what that was, rather than just know what it was, and so someone who's compelled him to write radio compose or two to sing. I wish Steinbeck had been allowed to travel on the starboard, since I wish I wish I wish he would have been able to come back and in general you know what that would like, we ve done that, though I mean have we set, which are one of the biggest Charles Charlie's or you'll. Try right rivals with curiosity, russian journalist exactly right, yeah Martian Journal, but how often have we sent a kind of non? Hardly ever so put your name for. Thank you that, because, if you actually need the skills you need or put any of us put on a space suit and entrust the other guys to give up their northern became spray surgeon. When fixing to hobble telescope rivalry. Ass everybody's got tat, you gotta have some and it's not quite the organ, an extra see you now you're. Not so maybe that's been the problem. I say I am again, so you want to go into space
all I would love to. There are days where I would be perfectly happy to go to Mars and and be one of those that she has a one way trip and about whom I am. I am do so, but we have dropped twenty million. I gotTa Alicia tauntingly at the moment, I'm a little more concerned about earth and charitable things. Hundred. Ok, but if one day I had really f you money and had the opportunity to do it in a heartbeat, I would do I hope it becomes less expensive. I hope it becomes one of the things where I mean that's what we're all button for air and my hope and expectation is the day you do that. There's some other creative forces operating within you, yes, was the whole uttered creative chapters, we the space Grogan. When I was a kid, my favorite customers, a space you all day, long overdue, would wear spacesuit and I was not Josh Robin from earth. My parents, in with a video camera they'd say, are you Josh's? No, no, I'm not. I would open
space mask and if it were you I'm drawn from another planet. I don't know where this character came from. Did you specified about it? No, I did not so urgent matter. Where was firm, just that it wasn't just another planet. Yes, it was an earth not drawn from another planet, less visas, but three the six year than than we thought TAT were space suit. As a kid and John from another planet there isn't a space, Cadet isn't brigadier general exaggerated I've got. It makes me feel bad about my childhood. I worthy RP suit and I was Stanley from your local insurance brands. But one day I'm gonna work my way up:
on the insurance brand. So dont worry, so you know the musician will. I am yeah she's from what we know best rum. Is his group, the black eye, Peter Blacker IP, so he actually at its pedestal, reach for the stars, the cook premier on Mars in August, two thousand and twelve, and was being back to earth by the curiosity Rover wow rate, so the solar system, as it becomes our backyard they'll, be this contest. Who's gonna be the first composer, the first saxophone first piano composition, Grammy. Why wouldn't there be right and exactly like some point, somebody's gotta? Do it jumped somebody's gotta? Do it and soon I wonder: Elaine Music is used for so many different things that we even take it for granted, You know that I up most of us, maybe older than you, I think, but my first exposure to classical music were bucks. Bunny cartoons, sir. There is huge
catalogue of classical music. Yes, that showed up in the backdrop there have submitted today. You know there's music being used for gaming and sobs cure you, ok with, and especially of course, Removing these UK with that are you are you are honorable music snob and you don't want it would have told you know, I'm not in fact by that, I'm a more and that in the pop culture sighted thing, as I teach fundamentals like an relate to students who have had no experience with classical music and the cars would inside me of that class or yes, I I actually enjoyed teaching the fundamentals to an audience who doesn't have that knowledge is more enjoyable to me, but God no salary at all. What let's find out just Grognon with riches charitable,
the prevalence of music in every walk of life. Oh yeah, that we now experience with find out what he said. I do think that there is a great deal of thought and intellectual goes into some of these games. The music, for instance. I've noticed from music standpoint. You listen to some of the scores that are being written, two games that are played by millions of kid and their hearing. The lemon symphony play a piece written just for those cartoons used to do the same thing. Of course, everyone's everybody's introduction. I can hear them all the time because they didn't know they were getting a class music education. And a single cartoons your comment, and what am I really baptisms was Disney's, Fantasia yeah, of course, but you gave doing the same thing. There are some wonderful music ignorance and these games. Hollywood bowl now is doing videogame night. Another, the valuable orchestra plague of the great themes, often every performed it possible, performed about four times in physics, acoustics of the geometry of their chairs matters. Does that hold up to the acoustics? It looks like it should
Every theatres of ancient Greece it does, they renovated still aunt shower lobbyist. Yes, yes, it is it's not doesn't go behind you, it reflects forward, reflects forward, that's either good or bad, and I well. It is good and you have you still have to have great sound dinner. I mean they're speakers. There now are great and of course, when you listen to what was built for, which is a full symphony concert. It sounds phenomenal when you're putting so aplomb and rock and attending you're at the mercy of the guide, the front mixing. I felt the same way about Carnegie Hall, where use design for pre electricity. Artistic and now I've heard like Iraq. I sideways either as long as I don't know. If I like that, it was just a few very base heavy and include speakers on the floor and not at all a snub, but that's died. I think that its great the different, diverse artists come into halls like that. I think that way back when you know in holes like that were first being made in a Mozart cost me that was the pop music of. So I think it's great that all different types of artists play there, but then is there.
Possibility, I think, to make sure they have sound engineers really made the sound appropriated of any. I think that's important so remain. What's the status of contract venues today because sticks up it is, it is a good is a bad is it have have we plateaus well into the room for improvement, and I think there is always room for improvement based on funding. Can t get it? Do you know performance based built? Of course, the old standards are wonderful, Carnegie Hall in considering these are designed to really pretty to enhancing the instrument, but the ito, especially classical musicians, are finding different places reform now that we're losing an audience to some extent and so prefer performers are playing in in rock clubs. Lounges in you, no small cafes, your legal Clark, yes right exactly this is this- is what we're doing these days, maybe that's more important than the details of the acoustics just getting some years ago.
Yeah, getting everything out there I mean, of course, it's it's a gift to be able to play in a fantastic venue. I love playing it Carnegie Hall just because of that. It's like this that's one of the components of our that's. Why I'm playing cards? I guess I love of thinking about where you're tired of playing a car to give all you can. I see you can actually see can actually answer the joke. Are you get kind of personally answer that joke about? It is like in Europe if you go to certain products, you'll see people playing chamber music there just and these are like really great musicians but they're just playing for the love of playing and get in the music out there, and I think it's really important that that happens, because it gives people appreciation for the music right. So also, music has the power, it seems,
to cross cultures like nothing has ever before again right and I asked Josh about that is to get his take on crossing culture. You probably most popular in America the week where you second most popular. Scandinavia. Strangely is unhappy again and avian son, I'm half norwegian. So as you do, I go punchy blonde here. Isn't r l travel to South Africa has travelled to pan I'll travel to Germany and I'll say to myself? God you are. They gonna know the words. This is going to be any different than America. Could you not translating yes or no, and we know every they know every word in whatever language ism singing and
and they may not understand it completely, but they feel it in its interesting to me that they understand. What's a complement, to use some at well, did your performing it. The cool thing I think is: is travelling around the world and seeing such a similar response, no matter what the culture and what but languages it seems to be this about. You sing about love, universal think. If I just sing about America may not had to say a third point. I just stay out my good all the Eu S survey thanks for coming nowhere, So a pot music, of course, has been the very big thing in America to especially like they think, since the fiftys, when the teeny lately the youth became an economic force and they be by buying music and an act of almost surprised, Americans think or Braun. They see other people dancing to our music, but some of that came back because here in Amerika we were shaken somebody
to gain them style. That's true and an aspect that I dont speak career. That's right! That's right and it was not a translated version. No ill will and we encourage who are re inquiry, and I haven't checked this morning, but last I did check they checked for while they're they're, like tens of billions of euros. Yes of that video and I count on a computer to how many cells or in the eye, and there has been much more times in our cells in the retina to have actually registered it so so what would you think of the international day of music? Oh well, we all connected. Fundamentally, I mean, the Miller gunmen style. I think people are more interested by the dance element of it and you know it's. A funding are viewed in any. Has that motive EC. You know theme that debt and get on your hair was here. He is a very unpretentious body right, well, he just like it just just a guy off the street and one I do this
exactly right and so people owns it come on south. You don't know how I have to know what he is saying we get the, but that's what connects us about music anyway. Is that fundamentally it it's a magical connection, and it's all, I believe, for the harpy, because we have rhythm in all of us, so we can go anywhere in shareware, music we have and connect instantly there. We are the world we go. We are the children hands so it makes perfect sense. That is all the time we had. We could go on for hours and hours and sure, but but late thanks for being on startup lady, it's been so far You re musical conquer the world, yes and ultimately, space itself
should. We start out just always good to have you my plans as always, I'm your the graduation, your personal, hitting you to keep looking up. Like Galileo job the organs. Which you can listen? The star talk Commercial Free, Joe STAR Talk on Patriot on for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com. Last star talk, radio,
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