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The Science of Sex (Part 1)

2013-08-18 | 🔗
StarTalk Radio trades the cosmic for the orgasmic when Neil deGrasse Tyson and Kristen Schaal discuss the science of sex with Dr. Ruth Westheimer and Mary Roach.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode: Commercial free welcome to start off your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide knocked off begin right. Now. You start your radio on your host and the other grass Thyssen Lemon Astrophysics, is TAT the American Museum of Natural history. Here city, where I also serve as director of the Hayden Planetarium and today show, all about the science of sex sex. The I said it cuts to help me talk about the science of sex is the
one, and the only Christine Shaw this, not with your first time on startup radios like your third, it's my yeah twenty fourth time worth time. The answer is my first time. On one hand bought, argue motto: yeah I attend complete attention. Alan Alder again in their signatures. Just you and me, and and now you're you're, a comedian, so you're not really an expert on sex, except that what you wrote. A book called the sexy book of sexy sex. That's correct me and you get that on Amazon. Did you run out of words or something to continue the actual title of this work? Well, I guess people to get in there before they live their, hardly get the message, and then you start with stars. Were these panties that you're wearing here those their size tea time you find hanging on the coastline company, though their back. Are you wearing those now
what we have so have is clips from an interview that I had with neither Mary Roger Doctorates both actually but in this particular case, Mary Roche and she wrote a book on sex the science of sex engine explained. Why should care to my office at the museum in by interviewed her and so will be slop in it will be slaughtering an eclipse lappet and they both sexes. Let's go to this first clip here with Mary Roach she's, a journalist essentially but gets deep into stories, and she wanted to find out what pervaded people to study sex in the first place like in the lab, and it's just kind of weird to begin with, but the fact that it was done is what made her story so our first clip of me interviewing Mary Roche in my office at the hidden planetarium talking to the science of sex, mitigate their allies it is, but bank that's audacious. The title
everything the title, the contents, it's about science, science legitimizes your efforts, right entirely about sex cited whose but science on the covered here, but even better its people studying sex inside his labs masters and Johnson being obvious example, physiology or arousal orgasm having bring people into a land attitude and allowed to it in the lead, some bats and wonderfully Awkward scenario which fascinated make as sex is such an intimate and personal thing, but then again it's a physiology and its anatomy, and somebody should studies one just turn. Every point said into a laboratory cause the professionals right. Actually that not a good idea, because masters and Johnson started out using sex professionals, but they found that they were too good at faking. It and they wanted to travel
a guy to fake it yeah. No, I know I know that capital, professional otherwise, and I wanted some one more representative of the average person, so we bring into the lab, bring him into the lab and new wire them up in your study. Whatever it is, you sent me now, I will get back up yet what is the driving question colleagues have scientists anyway. That would possibly one know that UK just fine on your own sounds like a big issue, however stopped and look at other people having sex with you. Have your own dams. Reproductive system is as important a money as the digestive system denying their, so you would want Emmi need you want to know. How does a reaction happening? You understand orgasm, if you guys, if the implications for four till I know how to reckon have weak w. Tell me please look at me, give me an example of a question they would Polaroid and the experiment that they would conduct and the answer they would get our right. What the trigger for education. Susie
logical tourism logic, visual trigger now physiological. What is is the dynamic region? Look, it's not as it has to be really efficient mobility and so our eye is it the volume of material. Does it depend on how long since the last orgasm amino girl and measurement I too had the applications here are for people who have delayed jaculation, which is sometimes sadly called retarded each population? Ok, you can come to faster, too slow, whatever it is. Ok, so who are these people? Do they call themselves? Are they biologist? Will they sex? All? Just to use the word sex I'll just be don't hear that various where the council's physiologist summer, psychologists mademoiselle, would have they concluded. You just have to go by bank you do not give way to give underline so people studying section the lab, yeah, that's crazy! Here I used to think
that lab work was you bring something in the lab that you didn't otherwise have access to some exotic creature? You grow something in a petri dish. You do something that would not otherwise be available to you to deduce on your own. Well, you might not have asked us to other people's penises and the giant clearly but ok, but you your own version of them so much you going The variation among them, maybe that's what one of the things they do. Maybe we'll see. I think differently, why Saxon lamps, because I was doing some research, the great sentence. They should be more Sexton, where there should be no sir. I have an aim lying here. Let me leave you the lab, after so in your book, in your sexually Booker sexually sir This is a couple years all now, but you want prompted you directive and so much humor. I might add that I was late. I might as well just put it all out their rich conquest, who's that that's my fiance those barriers
was a feeling of my friend and the fact that we didn't break up. After writing. A book does Galveston may last year that- and I notice here you're some ambitious chapters here, so we have the future of sex. That's it! You know that means well. Sex is going to happen in the future. Ok for and then you have a history of sex, so have happened in the case of a good back know that two chapters we got there covered regular sex yeah, that's just think for the straight and narrow email. I dislike heterosexual, approved by good housekeeping right and we follow that with the gator after this problem regular, sir, now different right, yeah, that's ok, we'll be soon were still saying gave x and the six per told me. What does all that's like research working? Why would I need this work because there's a chapter about you,
and there's another chapter here they got my intention. It was the dark side of sex. What is now the deck? data sets of physiology. As Tb Aids we go into the bit the worst as tv of all, which is the female stomach parasite. The baby, Jamie, but we would have liked. The baby's is consuming your resources and it is hey. You re alive when we, when we come back more Christine shawl as well as clips. From of view I had with Mary Roach throughout a book on sex. The science of sex all doubt we back in a moment.
Welcome back, you start radio, I'm near the grass Thyssen, and this is our show about sex. Since this topic is a little above. My head, I bring in my all purpose, smart guy, Professor Charles Lou, Charles welcome back. Always a pleasure thanks? So much later, my people you're professor of astrophysics, not professor of sex, but you're well thought out on all manner of topics you don't NASA has an official policy about sex in space. That astronauts are expected to me. In a constant commitment to honourable be. If I have some honourable behavior, I would love to demonstrate for them in zero agenda, but there's a story circulating that some special astronaut tested. Different sex position who who hoo but NASA disavowed all knowledge- knowledge. Of course they have to. But surely that's what any fertile people would want to test in Spain, a superb experiment,
so in addition to the journalist, Mary Roche, in my coat christian shawl, and that show also spoke with a well known author sexting best, tv and radio personality, Doktor Ruth less time, Doktor asked I learned it that's exactly ass. She sat here which she has to say when I sat down with her to talk about sex used pot for six years at Yale and at Princeton and in a few months, will be teaching at Columbia. So you get around. I get around under the eighty four have left the news before. You know that I have been to your Mozilla many American, in I'm, coming with my grandchildren, Europe will have to take me around show you, the cosmos, as no one has before, when we ever and also you pearly tweet ass, Doktor Ruth. If you want to find her online there, fifty seven hundred and twelve people
following me, but guess what about their bigger by the minute? Yes, now they're going to go and follow you told of another all come together. This is the one one love s yes, you're on the EU to channel and have to get this in that, maybe as a leading to the topic of sex. I just learned in the green room with you that your sponsoring a war I'm coming, I love. Why was it He has a story with her. I always tell people when you get home, half a glass of wine. When I tell them careful, don't drink too much think just a little bit of a lax, I have some romantic thoughts in your body, not too much because it drink too much what she would fall asleep, and he- and you don't have to answer me if it's too, because I know better, he won't be able to perform so I'm coming out with a wine vandam the more wine of love, the less alcove boy, my face
it's under cover of the labour and it says less is more we saw it all over and not just in stores, because its let's alcohol will also has the right amount of alcohol so that the beating that begins romantically can romantically exacting had not disappointing for the woman? Speaking of what like this, point of woman, this book you just came out with sexually speaking what every woman needs to know about sexual health? I was reading through this I said: hey since the guys could be you know, I've been how many men do you think. Will this, I think, only mom the careful India on this are more name. Men who wants to be a good lover, and most men do want to be good levels. I think so they don't try is going to need it because in These were the one thing that we know they are less women who have.
Third, the message: I'm not the only one who talks about facts we haven't got the message that I keep telling day in and day out, a woman has take that responsibility for us extra sentence faction on your programme. Can I say orgasm say it go for orgasm sale at Saint, also orgasm, you said you'd better than nice, so mean costs this great country and Canada as no question a woman has her that she is to teach her husband lover, whoever it is even the best lover. Even one trained by me can bring her to organ. If she doesn't tell him watching you iser idiots. Basically, I basically say that, like I'm, a guy, we try, but it's it's complicated. It's complicated because its hidden here with us, it wouldn't work which, and so no this is good. I'm in the pages. Here, it's it's a firmer on,
a woman's body and our own awareness of it- and there is no question than any man. That you know really doesn't want just to go. Bang. Bang, thank you. Man fairly early, wanting to be satisfied. We want to be able to satisfy with working rights, notably in the locker room right? Yes, that dead? You could do it and then she wants more. So we can see how that's gotta work. We should have some historical question. We all remember you when you first came out on the radio- and you were saying things no one had said before. No one had the audacity to say who even knows the: if the F c C had allowed it before, and so it would have almost shock value, not that that was your intent, but that certainly drew attention to nowadays their skin
on Saturday night wives, openly talking about orgasms in penises and bridge. So how do you fit in now? I tell you what its toll in eighteen, eighty one when I did that radio sexually speak. Non W. Why and why? First there were people attorneys, Please swords um, NBC, listening very shortly. After maybe after a couple of weeks, nobody came anymore. I did that for ten years, Emily's Sunday night from ten to twelve, I provide and a lot of foreplay to people. Sunday night so came coming back from the country time, the way home they a nicely aroused. Now, it's too that I speak and Sport explicitly because I'm very well trained I've. A doctor. I was seven years with a face.
The sixth app is dead, Coronel, nitrogen somebody's gotta, do it gets tool and Agnes will actually pressed otherwise. I was very fortunate because I'm done about trade and I am old fashioned and the square. So, while I'm explicit, I still want people to be met. The outset that about twenty five years that's got only five years? If I want people to have what's contents, Austin gee. You know about that, a significant other. I them to have somebody in their lives, what happens these space and I'm teaching of course now at Columbia, did just call it. A barbaric tariff. Glowered were important piece of Colombia, their television and the media. The media, even Youtube, what's happening right now is little bit said. I know that you need insects and pull them, but I dont know them to use the following words, and I very sad and even on Broadway on,
who plays I dont want dimension, which one as if the ink language had no other Tommy no longer everything with this at all would you go for later words, its evidence that you ran out of vocabulary, exit to express your exactly you now, do you talk like a professor? I like that now yet sex has to be part of it. I know that, but what's happening right now is a little bit going to the experts. For example, I am sitting in the taxi and the advertiser non taxes, I saw a sized that I'm fortunate, I'm not having MIKE and I'm sure, the next to me. So we went a little bit overboard on the I hadn't, there's a blank milburgh out. I am sure that you have heard about it. I get lighted a british woman order It's called fifty shades of grey
Women love it they're, Duval it, and it's very interesting the olden days, the british mother, used to tell her daughter, the Victoria pubic mother lie back and think of nothing in it for you nowadays, additional money should rights beautifully, and it's very explicit, very exquisite. I don't want to have our guy think of England. Why? I don't want to have that guy my practice, because I sent him to a psychiatrist, but that's a different story, but it's interesting. It puts a point officer. I have talked about the long time. Women first of all, it's a longer time to be sexually aroused than a man, a man when his eyes doesn't I was a woman needs a longer time to get up off the curve of sexual analysis, and they used to say that women are not ours by pictures or by other means
pornography of explicit muttering, not so women. I'd now devolving that book, which is a very interesting point in things, have changed, but we're to find a middle age or is the freedom of women in society is what this is an important step that she can take the initiative she, ask you not you because you're married, body in your stored Yahoo is not married. She can say what you like to go for coffee and, if he says no I have to go home to wash my hair. The princess she just like to ask the next one. When we come back,
around the science of sex with my committee, co host christian shawl and the journalist, and often Mary Roach will see you in a moment ago secret for you. I'm gonna considers singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star, talk and support Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free you can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never we're here, another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just SAM
Rebecca was not all that I'm here with my guest and call both through this episode, Earthen Shaw placed, so we worked together before I lever to death, so we also have a clear from my If you with Mary Roach who wrote the book bulk and k right, she's in One syllable, one word book titles and she studied the science of sex in this next clip she mentions was surprising facts. I, the only other erect tissue in the human body, is in the nose when you have a clue Don't you basically a nose boner you didn't know that I did not know that the nipples- that's it
for an erection system. That's muscles, squeezing that's not erected tissue, that's a mystery to Larry! Reckon of you say it's. My feeling with blood is not in the nipples. Now the Naples are little muscles, squeezing it operate the knighted Mona. The knows it's at sponge wondered at once. Mitchell people have large nose from the flu. They have no directions: Ass, Wichita, exactly! Ok! Ok! Here's another good points are the nipples is just muscles muscles yeah like contracting to squeeze it and push it applicant. Why that contracting? What here. Was that too? I don't know they answer to that, got an away when it's cold. They were at that when it's called more rules, which are too different. Re S is that, while it, I would imagine us do with suckling with with breastfeeding, like it, helps the child to find the nipple enough you're, manipulating the nipple, and then it gets erect and it's easier to find and its easiest four year, sexual arousal system to be brought to bear when you're this feeling so that you can see the child and want to do so again and again. Right away.
I'll dies right. So that make it so you, sexual rather systems, are really convenient system to tap. When you are ready talking about something life and death. Passing you're genetic material, TAT, rival, character, handy reinforcing system. So give me another talk today. Here's one women, how nocturnal erections in the same sort of cycle as many little tiny clinical erections and that somebody wired up fairly large glitters with strain gauge, figured it out rather than to a lab. Don't tell me the difference between a wretched sexually arouse in one just there. That has no correspondence with sexual ways. It's just stare yeah departing for the body to just do it without stimulus, This is just a theory you have not cannot turn out. Well, I don't know nobody in theory that I've heard, as is just sword, the body making sure everything still worth. You know that has a way that you turn on internet deed, sixty four Mustang every six months to make sure just turn it on and make sure everything pulmonary system check. Jas actual rattle one check
did you notice about radicals yeah thing in collecting Caveman times ill Will and the Ladys were out and there are called. Maybe they can get it. Give him the floor. They emit invite you to tell me more about your book would have liked the funniest sex jokes. You had told them they had to end up in the book. Funniest thing I remember it's funny any more than there is no there's monologues in there. The vagina monologue. I've never actually seem the vagina more aware of it onto them. As you know, everything was in put it on my list of Great Neil. I watched the vagina monologues so inspired so my other bypassing, are ashamed of. So I wrote the tape.
Dialogues which encourages the taint, what is the tree? Ok fill it ain't, your penis in it interior anus entertained. Your sat area between the two is this really occasion for years is that it fell it. Ok, if what you say about that? Oh Jim, you know, I just talk about different monologues, about different women and and how they experience. Thirteenth shows an insight into the treaty to exactly, and also like you know, the shackles of society puts on the taint and suchlike. No, no! No! No! No! I didn't know where, were they often different cultures as finance like in Montreal, it's called like the Gooch filter. Do. They tend to live in Montreal, there's vicars differential because the Canadian now not fake fake they delay to create their own language is so we will tell me you funniest joke that was in here. What will now
I don't know illustrated issued its like full color illustrate how you see something beautiful and why would rise censored? That's by later the tents, his brain and education, that the Vienna Anatomy do the years only through our do this, so this is Bilbil Colson they know is going on in there Is this an angel? They guess what this round the room of the woman. Yet as the female anatomy through history books are making baby you're there that's what's going on in there to lower our earth. So this is one thousand nineteen, fifty nine they decide to fifty four and then free love, that's the sexual. Pollution as a secondary, terrified, yeah, just rainbow and then now that there still are really go into it. That's what I mean there, though, going on the three main anatomy, and we even like this- is not the sexy were like healthcare. Why fire females? It's really atrocious, like theirs,
that we need in hospital, then with our daily checkups that we have that just not covering issues. Men had grown everything and so the reality we think about the woman I do I do. I think that you could we obviously this prize built into society that affects there is a big problem: mediaeval just downs, every check with the guy unconscious, but insurance cover that various critical. That's love, tumors growing! That's not funny! Here we can, in that statement on tumors growing uncertainty about, might come back with Christian Shaw and her book perceptually book of sexy sex. From my report it interview. Mary, was talking about the science of sex city.
Welcome back to start already yielding restating our hopes and Christine this all hope, and we got clips from my interview with Mary Roach she's prolific writer, of many topics that she studies in depth and this one is the science of sex, people just doing research in the lab and at worst clip that we talked about surprising facts about a wretched. You told me about erections in your book. Oh yeah, definitely especially about Iraq. Doubt this function, merely what you say about just the easy killing yourself. If you have any thanks. I say we, I that's why these medicines, because, I think you know the frontier sexual research as Mary Rich will tell us in the next clip
I pay through medications through pharmaceuticals and look at all the other things we enhance and life by chemically induced forces I make them sleeping you I'd awake part pump yourself, caffeine, that you want to lift high heavy awaits you get steroids you wanna get Read out of your. I use you, no friends, I see no one. Whatever is the brand. That's a chemical everything we put our bodies account. That's, what it's all about camp, which is a sack of chemicals, we're just gonna, be adapting to the king called figs. So if we ever chemicals together, that makes the wife that we lead, and so why wouldn't it also play out with regard to tax, so that I would marry one says about the frontier of such research in chemist, to me rights. Is there still a frontier of sexual research that is beyond what has been done so far? While these days it tends to be farmers, medical staff like looking for a pill for repose
then a puzzle, women with flagging libido. That's where the money is, of course right so looking kind of it and it isn't a female by Agro, because obviously Agora as to do with you know, phaser dilation, erect and women, don't need an erection, but metaphorically so it has to do with sex drive and libido. That's what they're looking for biogas more for a performance? Here's what I wonder if you're libido drops less interested in sex. What's yours, and to bring it back like. Would you care to peddler sex ear? Husband wants you to such a mismatch. It's a mismatch ray and especially now that there's viagra because he used to be maybe there's a little butter harmony in nine years, and now bring Viagra in an automatic ready at any time in the woman's like omen for at least three hours at a time like this, it's right or aid can setting if you're somebody we used to have a really healthy libido, and you think this is part of who I am and all of a sudden. You just don't think about sex anymore, and maybe there,
something you want to change their submission biographia. Now this is a joke, Just so but women who lose their sexual drive, which your opinion about that when older, I don't really have won them. Like ninety area firestorm zone yeah, Charles all young. Are we at my peak right now? I've never had said No! I'm just curious. You read my question that I asked Mary. I said if you're not interested in what you care and she says for the husband where the husband was chasing after you after they take their viagra, yeah and then Don T always just a worse you and then go get the younger lady. That's all I've, witness, ok, So if all women got together and said, we will not do that,
That will never happen every day the gaff try. It takes two to tango email at women. Our waste enemies may turn guys do this year. We deal it's the trail. So if we find a chemical there women aroused yet when they wouldn't otherwise be, then you have. I Agora, then do worry that the future of the everyone is just have attack. In the new collapses yeah. Maybe that's why they call me swindle absence. I watched my mouth. He ran down with the wind. You getting their groove on later in life, I think that's probably really nice, because it does devilish intimacy among the two people that might be lost at that I am pleased I heard that in nursing homes
VD is on the rise now I like, while forget there really because another die of that the guy's, a male plus the guy's, die before the women generally right. So If you do the statistics on this, you have to distributions right your life expert, since the women outweigh the men are so, as you get older more men die relative to the women who are left so every increment of month that the man stay alive. There are fewer of them for all the women who are still alive there, so you gotta nursing homes. You could be one guy out of a hundred women had now, then, maybe that's women and women action. So the list it forces will right yeah, I don't know I mean I haven't you know I just haven't. We haven't had spared, haven't della labs, anything out, that's a whole unexplored
territory right there, you have it while the activists podcast, when we come back more science officer, Welcome back to start on radio studio. Now me, as Professor Charles will pay me a smart dude all around. You know the previous segmented talk with Mary Roche and Christian Shaw about pharmaceuticals like Viagra as the frontier, sexual research you're not ready for Viagra. Here now, never mind.
I say that if any man who asks his doctor don't ever take one from a friend, you have to get the prescription from a doctor. Anybody who the doctor says you can take it. I have nothing against any of these pills. However, an important point on your part: he is a man taking that pits. He now has emerged from the floor to the camera. I'll take your word for it. I haven't. He comes home and he says to his wife hop into bed, because if the oncoming asked you think the last direction of his life. He forgot her birthday. He forgot to place I was on Valentine's day. If this is sports event in our culture.
Three days he hasn't talk tat. It was what you tell of beer and ships infirmity everybody here and you're. Still, your watch yourself knows what that wife is going to say to aspen what to do with direction. So I am all for help if its needed only by prescription I'm not a medical doctor, but the relationship is the most important events in under appreciated track. And can you comment you know before the pill of appeal was considered a transitional point in the freedom of women before the pill We have this sort of the stereotype and I don't think it's correct that people I never had sex until they married, and then they had sex to have kids, and, but only after that, Did we separate the sex from there, the procreation, but surely sex is free. It's fine! It's easy, and so Germany sense that the frequency with which people
having sex has changed over the years oral question. First of all, has changed because of about situations you dont work anymore, twelve hours like some people use right back. Eight Alice is more time more time, the twenty four hour day, the others There is no question that the pill has drastically changed the whole mechanism, the whole attitude, everything in terms of women having control and in terms of not having to wait about an unintended pregnancy we still have and attended by policies, but not like before the pillars changed drastically some, maybe So what side effects of six lunch with not not your partner or something that that is also part of
but in general it has changed. That's the limit of the freedom. Where is the extreme expression of the freedom and some people, and even today, decide not to be sexually active either if their religious for, while yourself, I believe some voluptuous right, Catholics and to them I say, be sexually literate, but you said when you have decided to use our life afraid sexually literate, because I spent my life trying to teach people to be scientifically literate Sancho through these other literacy? That's important literacy. Otherwise you a shot in the head? so in your both the sexy book of sexy sex, you talk a mile high you of my high class? Would you say if I was a mile high club, the short story about a real thing where women have sex and an airplane you join the milder everyone does, of course, in the bathroom door, there's so much
and wait a minute. I have an issue with a mile high club plainsman flyer miles when twenty five miles this way, no plainest flying a mile high. Unless it's coming in Berlin will give us the Melians continued banning their slew slutty civilisation of you don't get. The data straight to relay the stadium in Denver, which is my I said a mile high stadium way and there is a row of seats that are painted a different color. There are five thousand two hundred and eighty feet above sea level of that's gonna, do say no! No! I didn't. I never meant to the stadium, but if you actually went there had sex, you beat him. I hope that everyone in Denver is in my homeland, evident as well, presumably people having sex in Denver right the on the top of the mountain, and it is an obvious in the Rockies average elevation is about a mile well everybody in these high cities, are hi club you don't need an airplane or cramped of Athens. I'm just saying well, nigh
I shall start with now. That's ok! Well, angrily is the data. It's a real clap sort. Chris, I think we have to pull down sharp. Well, thanks for beer, my girl never listening to start talk, radio, I'm your host, kneeled grasped, hasten and I think since all for being on the show, I face the clips that we shared with every roach of course, the one the only any inimitable doktor Ruth was now find a saw. The lab start talk, radio, dot, gnats. Where Facebook you can like us. It start talk radio, I tweet it Neil Thyssen. If you wanted soda plug into cosmic too you got to follow hand, cosmic tributes paid money onto wishes. We we bore to import by grants from the National Science Foundation, Also you can catch us now on
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