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The Science of Sex (Part 2)

2013-08-25 | 🔗
The Science of Sex comes to its inevitable climax when Neil deGrasse Tyson, Kristen Schaal and Charles Liu discuss human, primate and alien sexuality with Dr. Ruth Westheimer and Mary Roach.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode commercial free Welcome to start off your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Dartle begin right now to start out radio on your hosting the other grass Thyssen, Norman Astrophysicist, with the American Museum of Natural history here in New York City. Where also said, who director of the hidden planetarium and today the topic is the science of sex, and who else could I possibly bring it to talk about this, but the one, the only the inimitable, Doktor Ruth Doktor, with work
To start talk or any, I love the way you set sex say that one what sex we went to the Facebook page, and I got some questions from a few people in some interesting ones. Here I don't want. You know that I was an accessory to the demotion of PLUTO from its planet status and its now just called a dwarf planet. Ok and self someone who wrote in was aware of this fact and had a question related to this, this is DE haven't in Wilson concerning poodles planetary status does is really wonderful question Neil tell all your view. S side. Eyes of that part of the male to me that we are talking about the penis size does not matter. A woman's vagina can accommodate sizes. Now, if somebody is a minuscule one, that's a different story doesn't send into urologist
here. We have a whole set of that. You have a whole network, of course, the fact that what I tell them, men who are very common and about it and he s I tell them preoccupied even has achieved what I tell them to do nothing, still joint all stand in fond of a full length, never bring yourself. The sexual satisfaction stand I admire the direction you However, while we about penis eyes again, rule and women have to know now to say to somebody like you or anybody in your stood you're, my last lap. I had a bigger one that would be a Edward Vivere destruction. So loud, is all psychology tonight, that's what it loud and clear it does not matter the size, Mohammed, more kingdom typically when we want to justify certain b, if you're in society we find,
other animal out there? That does what we want ourselves, to do and say see so, for example, the bald evil they make for life right. They build a nest, huge Why can't? I was up there in the treaties, but I've seen so. Have you seen a ball jiggle nest, its huge and it's so maternal prefer, and its aid. We should be doing there too, but then there are other animals that all they do is copulate with. Whatever is closest to them every day of their lives, and so do you have any sense of where the humans are naturally monogamous yeah, very fortunate, then I'm not seek mood Floyd, because the way I would say I know where you are going to their careers nor man. However, I'll tell you something, I'm not as our largest and most behind all just but all the animals that we're gonna dead. There's stuff, but I really don't have an answer you see. Somebody like me has to be able to have the courage to say I don't know
people say they don't know. I know that in our culture most people want, to have a significant matter. They wonder if somebody they can count on. Even if it's not same persons wildlife, Cyril Monogamy that women. He asked the idea that you were around I'm not saying you personally that people and say I am How is that person would be? that position sometimes not to think right. I mean it's. Ok, you can walk and by half naked, it's ok to think, but don't touch but don't touch. I say, okay, so so the fantasies or healthy, defend us isn't gonna happen. Especially. However, because there are so many precious on everybody. So to use fantasies is wonderful, ok, Is there anything in your life that has I do most about
the human nature, either you're bad, something, just came out a left. You may say my cache, that's shocking That's not good or shocking about very good point. Jupiter, the psychology of peoples, the dynamic of human emotion and demand in my effects that has let myself psychologists cycle sexual fab is has to know once limitations. If a person, walks into my office, and I in that entails in their first encounter? realize stabbed depressed man or woman give them a second appointment with me. I say you, go and see a psychiatrist. So it's very important that you know own limitations when you are trying to help people at the moment funniest question where I was able to show me the philosophy of how I teach Is a young man calling
they don't David led him on a young man calling saying his girlfriend love, they loved each other they're going to get mad. They have trouble if it good sex, they don't want to be tat inside now, so they are using bought the pill. Subject, I was about me. They loved each other they're going to get my that's? What's your comment, and he said TAT is front legs to toss on Vienna links on here green. I did what doing I giggled, because a good Sex therapies has to visualize what people do and, Permit me to state my philosophy, anything to consent think doubts door on their kids before leaving I'm couch bent alone is perfectly right. Putting ring whatever. So here s the point in the town. In the jewish tradition. It says, taught you're mad is alive,
not attained. I could never tell you a job. Yet jokes every day they go in one year and on the other hand I can hear question- or I can hear of the situation in my office that can make me I find that I can use as an educational moment has at all times before we take a break through some of the science behind human arousal charge from taking notes you take on out. Ok you when we interesting someone are pupils become dilated and studies confirm that
Sexual men tend to rate women with wider pupils as more attractive and feminine. It's too bad. We can't see other people's pupils on the radio or see it in a dark club for this action takes while yet, on the other hand, heterosexual women only moderately preferred men with dilated pupils, and so let me perhaps women like men to be interested but not too excited, perhaps and also aroused causes, are brings to release I've gotta written here nor Rep PIN nor up enough see that's. Why have you always hazard, astrophysics, girls, nor epidemic foreign, very gothic? It would stimulate swift glance. The human palmist three thousand sweat clans per inch so that sweaty palm far young you and no wonder hands get that way when we get close to summon we're interested. Oh yes, but would start on radio returns will learn much more about arousal and the role it plays in sex.
We're back we'll start radio and I'm your hosts near the grass Thyssen. I'm here with prestige ha, that's a plan b is, and I got you here because that's just cause you're funny and I like having around but on the show of the signs of sex Hulu, who had written a book. Call the sexy Booker Sexy sex. I know a lot about that makes you with expert wind and you're here on the butter. Chile remit at an end, but so got nothin on you with Venus coming out looking over the seashell. So we also clips from my interview with Mary Roach, who wrote the book long long long. That's x, the science have sunk, the sanctity of wearing a non human language. Is it long so we got. Those claims will put him in the next week. We talk porn and always wondered.
You know, I think, guys, look at porn more than women do so. What's up with that, you haven't insight into the. I tell me how could I was just saying. I think that, because this law, this generation of kids, can this point so easy and I worry, Didn'T- have to walk into people picture yeah, I'm forty second street others do say: yes, I'm eighteen and there I ve got all the point they can handle, but I'm worried that the girls who watch it are gonna grow up being attracted the men without face. The king was always the workers that are probably pointed guys attracted to women without reference. A lot of things so this precedent for that, so so any other inside into porn how'd. You know, I am I do think that is, it is helpful actual through the storage. Just like the teenage boy get a hold of the man. I mean that's their you to think of it like a teenage girl getting hold
at the same stereotype? Isn't there isn't there isn't there did you do not want to play yeah when I win, this travel when I was pretty young as still pretty thank you my camera than back days, rather maybe like early heights, only junior high did color caused a dirty video. They didn't know. What was guys would have been their bread by twelve years old, high schools and I came across a dirty. Rio identify it. I know it was like tat night and the beats. Why is this? Is this a new police academy like pop then, as I hope I likes to die than they really double teeming a lady, and it was the first time I've seen thanks and images. Lake asian WAR ended in my brain and I mean those actors. I mean above all, their problems aside,
and I know what you did summer night, our never again, never forget how you're by these remote. I know who you are. You know there was the issue. Is it so jarring I mean it is reasonable to worry, but I do think for old. I remember Stuart for live now,
was pretty I'll. Think about it. I guess what I think is good. When people watch porn lady, we were in a relationship or whatever it is you do. You want to watch it from time and again, who gives him? I do because, my dear that's fine, but you don't want you, don't wanna. Do it too much to say you don't want to do one thing: insects too much, because packets grows shake it up. What's text and with point low porn here will pour romance Herbert Reul. I dont like romance Kitty moment: Doktor Ruthless Reserve right. She was talking about. You know the many take the vagrant arranged, but they have ignored their wives were really have the bouquet of reserves rang earth, the bar of chocolate and they ve got there, deepening, rod, ready to find this target and all the romances gone. Yet you say yeah Romans only sex, hotter and- and I think
The EU does not to think so, and these measures guard tricks. I mean an animal and a level of beer connecting romantically. The woman is gonna wanna, give so much more back in a way the guards bridges video about this. Well, they got a smudge, not smart enough. I smarten up. Let's go to my left, clip with Mary wrote. She was enough to visit me my office. If that's not even no phone, there was Vernon polemic. Trusting microphone in this, talk about arousal in the role of pornography? Usually, what's going on with this scientist in the white coats in the people having sex, it's one person and a finger or a vibrator, I mean if you're, studying, arousal and orgasm, you don't need two people, so, just publicity saying just do have one person come in and whether you are in an mri or your whatever you're bringing them up from for measurement. It's simple
just out, so it's really just the iron bars autonomic response it. So it's not the arousal triggered by another person. It's it assumes you could do it yourself for that in recent times they end they show that those show pictures. Yes, they call it visual erotic stimulation its point. He s got out of one syllable, thou so snippets, and I thought there was a special educational, scientific research porn supply house. I sent word you get these films and she looked to me. Like course, you get it the porn, shouted the boys, I'm gonna, put job we're, not especial medical version is based on a prescription, for I thought it was like a special somehow sanitized, erotic, scientific video, but no is there an understanding of why women are perfect arousable, with soft core porn in ways that a man might require hard core porn. They look at sea differences among allows only you know. This is gonna counter intuitive, but what they found surprisingly, that men were,
I watched by porn that fit their sexual orientation, like they weren't aroused by gay or if their animals involved or what they were aroused round by many women having sex or women women, because this too naked women, let the women responded to anything. The attack spectra entire spectrum, animals, you name it. They responded in terms of the measurement and I dare say that whatever the body was regional blood cancer well or are they just didn't pick up on it like either they were in denial or they were so subtle that they were picking up an eye, but physiologically they responded to everything. They used. I think some images of bonobo monkeys aiming anything. Let no one thinks that people think of your man is being visually, stimulating women, as does could careless, but if you. The women. They would necessarily say that they didn't. They might say that didn't do anything for me, but there we are like let's say otherwise. Vaginas we're saying your, and this is also there's a disk act with women between the vagina, the body
and the brain like Viagra actually does cordon quick work on women does increase virginal blood flow. The women don't pick up on it. They don't feel around. Don't change that you know now it does haven't act, but it doesn't do what is supposed to do, which is make them feeling like they want to have sex. Much of his own affected will be that it does not actually beta. So that is an interesting, disconnected, isn't there's with men. So much, and I asked a researcher like well why? Why is that she said? Well, it could be just because if you're a man, you know you have an erection scar to ignore woman, it's a little more subtle, wow. So women, our turn on by a yeah. That's all sound, even if you wanted me to say what I have watched game horn and I really like you guys guys guys guys but organizing a train, That's ok,
for women. A lot is one, but there should, but but what Mary motorcycles it's one was magazine, Karl VON still thing, and on the very day, just like the ad, they dislike Thou humbly to say, hello, their amazing, very close, genetically, maybe we're denial of true and urge, maybe you know usually defined monogamous other animals. We have to work fine tree shrews or something bald eagles, but not the very closest genetic identity to us. The bonobo chips shows. What do you know about bonobos? You do like see the nature channel. Oh yeah. Well I resist somewhere, but we have a section. Eleven section in the book about the beginning was actually Booker Sexy, so yeah we have of faction about Greece level. We did. We went into the jungle and we lived with the Bible, still no language. So there is there is their vehicle to communicate ideas and fought yeah yeah
So are you denial of this result that would now I agree on it all. Because women too, I think war milk is the biggest sexual organ, of course, of the brain, and so it's it's silly to slave women. Tell each other over guy would never say no, because brain ceases functional both here. They Dave brave as one of the main structural or replace, noble yeah, and that is that we have been given. Also we have our smut novels too. Can forget the thing on the chain. Like that's how I learned about sex to live. I would just flip to page sixteen paid one. Eighty of the others when romantic, two, that's when I started it, that's why start than they had a frightened and made it a point of Zirks learning new, a woman who was a romance novelist whose outcome
scared to walk by her. Why look, as you know, just never know, what's going on in their head it what's going on in her head is going on and when we come back more of the science have sex with christian shop and my cliffs with the their merry rapture listening and asked our dog radio seen him of secret for you I'm gonna considers singing all of the ads on this shell. There's just one and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star talk and support. Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen? The star talk ad free, you can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never
we're here, another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying Start taught radio and the underground station. With crystal there, we ve also got clips Emily Interview with Mary Roche has come to my office the Palermo microphone and she grant hall. Now tat, you have announced a vocabulary pulled out all the stops: re Mary watched and wrote a book on the science of sex and all the research that has ever been done. But did you know that We did research on all the signs that was dying sacks. She was her own subjects
We are in favour of this nasty boy, crazy, lashing, whelk. That's what I'd! Let's find out our next America towers about sex in the lab at and set out to do this with the book. I was thinking. Well, I'm a journalist I'll be in the room with a no Patten. They'll be a couple and the researcher and I'll just be. I don't want me and my readers I watch you have said and that the researchers of course it's here you kidding me you can be in the room. First of all, you might influence experiment. Second, nobody wants to have you there near going ocean are worrying. A white lab came out what s thin. Invariably they go. I knew you can be the subject, and there was one study where I my poor husband got dragged into the Frank you and your husband went into the lab. Yes, by a lab coded coded scientists, dang will disappear. Doktor Dang yet done so well. Well, doktor Dong! I don't know what you're telling me that so by the name of Doktor, dang convict you and your husband to have sex.
In his lab, while he's what with his lab goat precisely case was published in the lancet? I will have you. No buster Oak he's a scientist business on airlines so how to do that when you learn about continuously the burden of performance was on my husband, Ed and ended very, very well indeed, Viagra helps they give why? What your ugly tell you what it was? It's this for dimensional ultrasound moving picture image that they were trying to see. If that would work, they ve done. These really cool images that you could there's one are. You can go online, you can see like a puckering lip or an erecting penises, that's his previous one than he had done, and he was trying to do afford. Dimensional, moving ultrasound image of genitals having sex religion for dementia would be. You have all spatial information and a tyrant international, exactly the fourth dimension being time so to a three day movie in ultrasound, you know, I'd, say:
The image the it's on the internet related minors on internet, it's an ultra sound. It doesn't need to get grainy. It's the most g rating, somebody hoarded area, where the real Clark, I hope not, but anyway, it was an interesting experience in that it learn anything about now. I didn't learn anything about myself. It felt less like sex than like some awkward thing that you have done at the hospital, I'm wearing the little Darky hospital Johnny with the open back Paris, socks and in theirs equipment everywhere. So it was a very senator first hungarian sanitized version of sex really not the cossacks. You would want to be having, but that means you're living your books. Extraordinary. I try. This is the journalists who gets the story hoof. If I gave you have sex and I'll do it? I have to have sex with material. I gotta have sex for this. One
one for the reader. You gotta do the research man, Athens, tear while she had a virus, or at least what most showed her husband perilously define them. Some bridegroom was workin, Sandro me not nor she it good another flowers like you said, but if it since early we'll talk about soda monogamy- and I think about you know how do you know if we're monogamous when you walk out, reducing I'll, do it said I you feel too now also isn't don't men when they live their seed, perhaps but and the bonobos are not buying each other flowers, the right, he's not coming up with a daisy, they just do it now for me, maybe I'm special, but when I met my guy it was just like you a game over rival the best one you go. You are who you want? The book would have very lucky.
In a dozen haven't everybody ass lightning, give me do find. Someone is something you work on right. I guess you at work wouldn't hear more with your lady you'll know what I mean you. Maybe you wanna get with other Ladys, won't short women, twenty five years with kids there's a whole world going on there and what s interesting. You walked by the clubs and they're all like the twenty something not married, no kids will go in there trying to find the love of their life out right and then, as a whole, are the line of the merry people trying to in fact people is an interesting opposite thing. I wonder if that line of married people may be settled when nation, like, I think you have to really people, but Emma a lucky and when I was single, which was thirty years of my life and anyone brought up their romantic relationships as a law.
Oh, you know, though, everywhere like pink. He won't have no training for what happens if you're married, because almost virtuoso they lived happily ever after right. The stories only up until they get married because in a chair bless me, that's these but there's no data, not from the fairy tales
What was your state of mind right events like do you aroused by doing now, because I think the Kazi Anthony trial is going on at the same time said: you're gonna watch them next leg really. Does nobody says you gotta watch tv or are you just put yourself in a room and just right where some magical, it is a rule. This club value is your and asked her visit. When we come back with STAR talk, radio more honour show dedicated to the science of sex.
You're back start talk. Radio, I'm here the grass Thyssen Kristen Shaw, pronounced to their rights, are longer. You can make the judge in these segments. We ve been replaying my audio clips of making their view with Mary Roach, who wrote the book Bank all about the research into sex over the decades in over the centuries? Really is the may I for centuries three hundred years old, so apparently experiments have been done for quite time just to understand what are the secret. To good tax, for example, out with marriage, has to say about the secret to good check? It's one thing to have all these lab coded people observe others. Stimulating themselves are having sex. That's one thing or another think if the fruits of all this research could be
into a volume that would advise people of how to have better sex Emmanuel arrest. So we are home. We can we it even better right. Have anybody done? Yes, masters and Johnson actually did a study where they had straight couples. Gay couples, long time, couples and couples who are just met, and they all looked at what they were doing, whether they had orgasm how easily they add, orgasm Et Cetera, and they came to some conclusions and what was interesting was that the long term couples were have the best sex and the reason was that they were in each other's jot. Yet while they were also living in the moment and that they weren't just sort of go unlike well
first, I gotta do this to her and I got a deal that for little while men I do this and that oughta do it they were losing without further delay was, but I can say, the gay couples we're having their sex district of the strait couples like the guy. You go and all I know she likes this I'll. Do that that oughta do it. There was formulaic sex, but the gay couples in the long term. Gay couples in particular would take their time and they were kind of focused on the other persons. Bond says they were very much kind of losing themselves in it and not just going through the motions so they all those things you see. I'm Cosmo these ten tips to drive him wild. Now, really more just The magazine thing he actually causing around me. I think, Cosmos, the universe, cosmopolitan magazine where every issue is about diet, tax and how to be better in bed with your boyfriend, exactly
you rightly so they were finding that secret little techniques and tips was not. The answer was more about losing herself in the moment and just going with it and focusing on the other person's arousal that was arousing for people not just focusing on yourself centrally hokey become being one organism work being sensitive, the address, in other words the leaders and into the other person's responses, and not just being sensitive like going. Ok now it's your turn now it's my turn that can do so in a way that was very sensitive. Man is just a sensitive. Man is a good thing that the sensitive woman went both ways than some of the women were right, bad at pleasure in the men in this is the seventies. Presumably, women have learned a lot more. The homeless, Oh couples head gendered, In other words, I know it's good feels good for me. He's got real so the same order scientists Morgan, so they had that advantage going for the same order I know exactly, was gonna, wait,
wow so did you have to of your own inner above the sexy book and sexy sex that you put in a year or two one of them was to go to the slow down and and then what Mary was hanging out of it till about being in the moment, and just like a lamp, MPEG Human Rights Working group. Sometimes there's time replace, requested assistance for these are really really inside IRAN. Late with the one relates x, ray
but the long and slow you yeah, we juggler a week, just puzzle locks on the doors. Again. This is a joke. Uproar keep reminding me. This is not a documentary when drunk shed over. We do. I gave it the wizards legs. They really good. You have to give the book by the word or Vienna violate a merry roaches book, Balikh, that's better! For, while tell that bulk be incurred,
exclamation point: ok, sometimes I'm hanging bank about his book because Doktor Ruth S book out there with its all about the woman to understand her own body and sexuality, and I kept thinking guy- should be there to suit your secret access to that in from yet simply shouldn't be there's a bit of sexual trivia for my fellow math geeks, when a man ejaculate one hundred and twenty million sperm travel through the vast difference at an average of twenty eight miles per hour. But did you know that pigs ejaculate many times more sperm than that? Not now? I dont know that, and I'm not gonna ask why didn't know that Charles Professor of Astrophysics, but once they are transported out of the p, shaft, they slow down to point
one one miles per hour. Man sense why we need rocket boost speckled, restart talk, return will end our show signs of sex. By featuring more my interview with a sex therapists, Jack, don't you.
Welcome back to start talk. Radio you been listening to the sex show featuring Mary Roach Doktor Ruth my comedian, cohorts christian shawl and right with me. Now is Charles Lou Mania, yet he's professor astrophysics, but he should be professor of everything, not scientists once theorized, that deeper male voice was correlated with better sperm quality. Oh well, that explains him on a I got three kismet: did you sing baritone or something, and some quartet yes and base embers? Yes, I've recently published study found it higher those of testosterone, which leads to deeper voices, can also impair sperm production up so out, women tend to be more attractive to voices on it very white end of the spectrum. It may be because of other high testosterone qualities like greatest
Thanks an overall physical damage. Ok, I don't have to worry about hiding my voice. That's why the skinny guy with a deep voice, is so fun to one s, true right, restroom back. I am that the last segment of the show, let's hear what doktor, who thinks about the more out of this world aspects of sex. What does this fascination? We haven't our films where we show other alien creatures and, like the men want to have sex with that. Like Captain Kirk there be some blue alien and he's got action in every galaxy ain't gonna made off a disagreement about. Apparently these aliens have males and females, and these faint and submit to me. I tell you why you call with alien sex. I dont want to engage with avian tax. However, only body who watches you, she said it here: firstly, that the one that's too in the vets. What helps them not to worry about the stock market.
They can engage San Francisco and I dont care it'll competing emotional forces in the world. Absolute can use an earlier. I can think of that. What was the little one Steve Speed backs BT gaiety. If eighty would be gone up, then I could say that I could go for walk with him. Look up you actually about the same hard. We don't like you know, people, try to commercialize access to space and you go into orbit the earthy. Africa have great views you also in zero g floating. So if you the opportunity to have zero g sex, would you I have always ass the Christian. Do these people in outer space, some of them were captains weather
it will drive sex are not where there are very real suggested. A remark is wanted me to go also has been left to get permission from your. Why I'm a window. So how can the commission asked permission from your wife and go to school my first day in space now. You are involved in talking also about the Stasi, heavenly bodies of another sort. This, so you have to help me. Teach everybody its wonderfully to end, age, that activity, why gazing at the stars, make sure there's no police crime extra you're in the privacy, but there is nothing better than to do it out right outside this fast twinkly under the store and other staff in privacy, on the Watch your wherever you can find private showed the ideal case would be a bedroom with a ceiling that opens.
I'm going to let you have six thousand design, that's what it's gonna be quickly have to tell the story. Ten years ago I edited a volume of natural History magazine called city of stars, and it was about all that is the New York City, which would normally think would your images of the universe it was. It was an accounting of all the ways that it can and does that the first it contained the first photo of Manhattan Hinge where the sun sets on the grid of Manhattan, then it's very beautiful and you were kind enough to contribute a peace at the This volume as one of the poor New Yorkers just to comment on the universe in the city and if you remember it and what you said was from where you live, you can't see the night sky, but you do see the George Washington Bridge and at night, when it is lit those like become your galaxy. That's not true!
I have not forgotten. I have to tell you something interesting, because there is now the play about me it in that play I remember, as a boy go amiss this yes please call you, why not you gotta the way? Look. What do you to that play? I the count and thereby draw up is playing me, and I tell of a children's song from Germany. Or the Nazis. While I was living there for two and a half years, and that song is all about the staff, so I'm going to the translation of that sum. It's all about. Do you know how many stars up twinkling in the sky? I would love to be able to choose a famous quote from Oscar Wilde where he said we're all in the gutter,
but some of us are looking up to the stars. Oh boy, that's into a vast everyone is a young girl. This has been back. The ruthless Iver ensure books sexually speaking with every woman over the political insert. Hearsay and man needs to know about the woman, sexual health and who has been an honour and a pleasure to have you
walk radio. Thank you! So now that's! Ok! I come to the Moselle with my grandchildren. Enemy call money, my universal your universe. Why, like that's going to show me this? I will show you more than the star in the milky way and the milky way more than the start. I will show you did you you don't even those comments in an asteroid. Gas clouds in the edge of the universe is a fascinating nature, given listening to start operating as always keep looking. We should listen to start or commercial free joint start compatriots for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star, talk, radio!
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