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Tuning in to Science on TV, with Mayim Bialik

2016-09-30 | 🔗
Is science trending on TV and in pop culture? Could that encourage women to get into STEM? Find out from Neil Tyson and his guests Mayim Bialik, Summer Ash, Taryn O’Neill and co-host Chris Hardwick. Also with Mona Chalabi, Chuck Nice and Bill Nye.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free the universe, the American Ex right here in New York City on your host, organised, startling advertising, beginning Astro Residence, repeating my interview with accurate, because scientists tv show not only plays a neuroscientist. She isn't Scientists have got a phd in this subject, so that will be the basis of our conversation. On the portrayal of science on tv so let's go, I never do this alone. I can't do this alone. I gotta bring in help my course comedian tonight
Chris Warwick One and you you don't really go by Chris hard work. You go about the nervous nausea. There was the cup the website that I started. Comcast and everything will thanks Youtube, you turn being a nerd into a community you with early out of the box. Doing I mean I, you know, I I don't know fight. I think a lot of protein nerds wood dust, Do that I did it gets road. Honoured are not yet fully known y know in line with the early the early days like the old school nerds. I mean it just when I was growing up in the eighties. You no revenge of revenge, the nerves, exactly. I was in chess club in Math club and computer classes in interbank, my first computer in eighteen, eighty one it's what was not a cool, to do at the time we were socially ostracised, and so now it's kind of cool and scientists for everyone. Inert stuff is for everyone, and so I just kind of helped try to be as inclusive aspire to create. That commute.
Yeah he's love and might by my special guest this evening, summer s summer, you you come to us from Columbia University, where not, finally, not far away Goodnight Subway ride we can easily. For that. You, you run the each programme with Astronomy Department, thereby reducing carbon rig up my phd. But some are we We have you on the show, because you are also a big advocate of stem science technology. Generic and particularly women in them? well you're the superheroes name you that right summer ashes like like a comic book. He was going, happen, you're gonna have some awesome. Lab accident gets superpowers and you're gonna go fight, crime and nominal, say I knew you when I already have a bionic. I actually are you serious? How did this happen? I had heart surgery,
and a half years. That's amazing, where I put you, have a glowing thing in the middle of your human archive utterly tony sarcoma sense awesome. I hope Ok, bye, we're making jokes about this arrived, so the two of you together will help me. Do this right talk about the role of science on television we ve got my interview with mine, Bialik, the Big bang theory. It's one of the most successful chose on television began in two thousand and seven and it's I don't know if I can explain it before. I show you clip of who the characters are on the show, let's check it out and she slicing that man's brain a little too thin, it's Tuesday, and if I were making a foot long brain sandwich acquits knows examination under two photon microscope. It's fine
So what we have there is a set of soda over each scientist and there was a good started out with guys its and then eight slowly introduced over the years the show is in its eight or nine season going strong and one of the characters we just saw introduce was my Bialik, and I wanted to ask her about her experience with science Y know already. She became a scientist but she's an actress. So, as is often the case on start talk, I try to get to the bottom of how people became who they are and to see what Science may have played and let's it out it wasn't until I was later in in in high school that I had my biology tutor, whose sort of gave me the confidence that I could be assigned I was acting correctly.
So I would run by was on the show blossom from loss. I wouldn't last show the large were blocked. The ads are clear corrections weapons. I met this. This woman, It was my biology tudor that was sort of my my real kind of coming out party of believing that I could be a scientist. I don't even have the skill set, because I had I have been paying attention all the previous years in math and science, but really doing what I needed to to get by. I didn't really understand the beauty of science and and mouth and the whole world until I was later into high school, then obviously pursuing it in college. Was you know it was? It was a party to this challenge why not let your story facts. I've heard that before now that if the that single person by Meda, like difference to you, how many people are,
that single person who can just I mean I can I m sure we could all round the stats on it. Many girls right. It is the first answer this diversity, and that's because I mean that's because a historical difference in the representation of women in these fields- and- and probably cultural by us on the part of of of teachers and and instructors and even administration. Now much like intellectual capital untapped. This world. Do I number numbers very gimme numbers. Don't just say it I dont have them. I think it's a website like this. You start, or did they leave you numberless when we can put numbers in the situation? The number I have the power I shouldn't have doubted you know like in the north of the power to give their numbers have the power to get someone to. Within our power to listen to those number so motor, can I get some known
we will monitor lobby she's a data. Journalists did even know that thing existed moment, some numbers for us to bring some of us into Yes, I do I wanted to try and answer my question as directly as possible. I wanted to find out how many scientists, America is missing and the non I came to- is eighty thousand missing, meaning they might have been scientists put some force prevented that from happening exactly executive anchor and I just took biologists chemist cats, greek or other natural science and I went to how many women you would need to just get to a fifty fifty gender split and that's gonna go eighty thousand. So what you say, Eddie thousand each is eighty five in those professions? Exactly you that you're leaving our engineering and physics and mathematics, mathematics and all the rest of this ok, but presumably equal access equal operates.
Doesn't require equal outcome so that that missing number presumes that if everything were even then everything would be right, but we know that we don't have equal access right. Lion touched on it in the clippin, it's really relevant, so it was set up to some of the cultural barriers that stop women from going into the sciences. We know that statistically women are less likely to be hired by science by quoting the less likely to be asked to perform mathematical tasks and then like he'd have their academic papers, doings of high quality, and I know that loss, but because of research by they most scientists call em a person. Now what imitate was she looked nine hundred and thirty eight thousand three hundred and one academic scientific papers and sheep the average male scientist publishes forty five percent more papers than the average female scientists, so you're saying were women
stop that's what you're saying how to be messed up numerically in numbers numbers or showing how messed up you are saying. What Mona? Thank you, what we I want you from the dark motor to lobby. You sort of thank you for the bad knew your yeah yeah next. I briefly good news please so summer. This is consistent with your life experience and we are absolutely so. What are some of the solutions is it is. It is creating mentoring programmes or is it taking active roles in Europe? I can tell you this Chris, that that, if we are all products in some way, even if only subliminally of pocket Van. It seems to me more visible. People who have succeeded would matter to culture and to pop culture. So in television we went for decades with no women porter
scientists. This as an example, because can you be one? If you don't see one right, in fact, I remember growing up I, it was clear that no, thinking to me to be an APOLLO astronauts. They just would really different from. I looked. I don't know what I remember so so so I think that matters. I also thank you. Interesting that you know, because before we're relying on the media were of your relying on big companies, big media companies. Run by older men? A lot of the time who are just going out but now with social media with you too, with with snap chat with Facebook, I feel it is. The onus on people who are already scientists to start become those role models in social media themselves, rather than relying on big mediator choose what role model that anyone would have yeah, that's an interest, so the people are becoming the real Roma, the real people becoming the real role models and net. That's exactly what Bill Bill, Youtube, culture, so so summer giant. Could you point to individual people who who role
does your role model gone up, as did I interesting also. Actually, I think I had many, but I was kind of born excited about science and within month of each other, the movies top gun and space camp came out? And I pretty much both of them, and I was a guest all like yes Any think about it. In those movies, obviously, top gun is male dominated, but Kelly Miguel, as has a phd in astrophysics, gets because every actual, physicists and export, Now we're going a little bit reared. We question it was the eighty played volleyball, our son, I heard of that so like that helped, and then for top gun. You have I can remember the actresses name, but lead woman, whose already a jet pilot and an astronaut candidate
you mean they base Camp YAP Place, get me, and then you have led Thomson and Kelly Preston and they're both playing women that are interested in science and the three of them like are the main part of the movie. It's fantastic, so Ngos question is: what can ordinary people do so as a guy who's scientists? What can I do to help like? Do you have suggestions for how just ordinary people who are not safe, sir educators can help. You know improvement and help them help improve women in stem help. Improve people getting involved lie that one thing is that call out barriers when you see them so you see people that are expressing earth No sexism or doubts about women's capability or people of colors capability to do these things as an extra pair of eyes flashed through two to speak out A perimeter gap is actually layer, teacher rose, so when I continued to do with my m is explore. How was it she became an accurate because I note she got a Phd
n n n in our science, but she actually started as an actress. Was well known at age. Fourteen, yet most child stars, don't even complete a traditional education programmes that much less go on to get a ph right right. So I said why he you couldn't go in and but she didn't, she stepped out and then stepped back in. I had to get to the bottom of that check it out. I come from an immigrant background migrants, we're immigrants to this country and college was emphasised over everything else, no matter what so it was. You know it was I'm in my on my mom side. Like my grandmother, I don't think she finished middle all my grandfather in finnish middle school. So you know they came to America? They worked in sweatshops, as I was raised with, like a go to college mentality. Even if you think you you're a big shot cause you aren t shoot you had the expertise, generations,
of your ancestors Arap, requiring that you could it because the the american dream is staring you right in the face. You know they left war for this so I guess the notion of being a child actor didn't feel. Like I was satisfying. Honestly, the historical and cultural dream of thousands of years of ex cycle. Whereas going to college- and you know her- pursuing something that was very challenging academically that felt that fellow, it was gonna, be more satisfying as a human being. Oh then, being a famous person Well, so I looked up the title over Phd dissertation What was it the high priest? I'll make regulation in relation to maladaptive, obsessive, compulsive, affiliated and safety, a t, behaviors and prayed and Willie Syndrome?
I wrote a very similar job on talking dead. A lot of syndromes going on in Lahti? That is certainly one of them was like our destruction of opposition crisis. So this is a genetic disorder. It turns out that there's a occur, of deletion in in the person Aren't you can literally yourself to death, there's nothing to rig later appetite you just eating until who die and there's no. There is no cure, and so she studied this so so neurologically you can have. Can you overcome that? Can you fix it can repair? genetically later on, this is it's it's. It's a unresolved, frontier and so She was in it that that's now she went to use your way. I would you say that you want to you at the area. Now I was on a different sort of campus than the philosophy cloud. But so are you rumoured that you? U room with?
we will wait, and yet we ve been friends since college will have been friends in school and he was the child. In its assent by me and by me and some crusher. He always save the enterprise. Whenever there was imminent danger when cipher kid to save, to do yeah exactly the same for a kid. He was also a child actor. He was a child and he's actually cameo many times on the big bang he's an he's, a brilliant he's, a brilliant man and a wonderful human beings. Yet so I went to school with the child actor team, who so far savage was in my bosom, but I want to point out that where does not have a phd in science? But become a colored identical Keller does is a mathematician and she's the old out of over a hundred female people female actresses, but who is also a scientist together they bang theory that, because one out of hundred not get enough well
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What we are doing, my interview with actress might be out, please the neuroscientist on tv series, the Big bang theory and I asked her about the portrayal of women. Scientists is a good. Is it bad? Is it working let's check it out, but we didn't have pursued where Bernadette Post, is very sexy. Scientist Photoshop and Amy has a very big problem. I remember that abortion is something that I am asked about a lot, because I do advocacy for stem and young women, and I am often asked you know what think about the you know, the White Start shirt open with the black Brown, the glasses down on the red lips, and you know to me. I don't knock women or scientists who want to do that. For me, that's not the way that I choose to portray women in science. You know, I don't think we to take our clothes off. You know, too, to show
women in science can also take their clothes off, but I think you know part of the advocacy that I try and do is to put a fresh face. You know a positive face and a female face on these subjects. I think a lot of also what's missing from trying to me a young. Women is not just that the sex factor or the attractiveness factor which do agree might be more important in in this day and age than it might have been ten or twenty years fifty years ago, but think also that a lot of women don't know the kinds of careers that are available to them and people picture themselves. Or at least I did I dont- want to be alone allowed for the rest of my life. I don't wanna, be an inert lab code and ugly glasses for the restaurant and that's what, when I was in elementary school Junior High, that's what I thought it was but I got older and I understood O Marine biology is actually being scientists working in the field, with animals working in the environment? All those things are also science, if you like engineering and you wanna- do coding knock yourself out, but there are many career that involve a lot of creativity and
of being out and about and that I think what we need to try and communicate to girls possible, so the Bernadette character that she refers to one of the other scientists on the show this The assembly of women that sort are created that the Shoah created over the years haven't been male dominated in its first few seasons. I'm just here This summer we were able to resonate with those sentiments at all. Well, I think I think the problem is that too often, women in science are stereotyped at those extremes I may get stereotyped at those extremes, and so you have like the nerdy ones, and then you have liked the girl eagerly ones, but there's an entire speck between your missing the entire middle and science, is a human endeavour? People do science people come in all shaped sizes, genders, races, identities and so
I think the important thing is to allow scientists to be portrayed as all those different things, one of the other characters. Her name is penny she's an attractive woman who lives across the hall was not a scientist. Well when she heard that that was going to be in a magazine sexy women and science. I've got the quote from the show. Maybe fashion magazines have female scientists in them. I would have become a theoretical physicist and I was struck by I'd, never heard it quite put that way, and I'm wondering what is that, embraced or rejected as a means of possibly attracting women into science will all avenues for attracting when is the science should be taken, but you know certainly people who would objective that absolutely but Araby people that would object to the fact that there is also this part of the culture that says that you should
dress sexier! You should care about fashion, or you can't be both that Anna scientists and you can and I just feel like it needs to be communicated to girls, that they can be anything they want and a scientist in care about, whatever they want an do science so away to analyze, films and how women are portrayed in about the backdoor test? Yes, films. Yes, it's a fascinating! If I, if I, if I can recited accurately its if a film has at least two women in it who speak too, another about a subject that has nothing to do with a man. There's one word: it passes the backdoor test. They have to be named NATO, you can't you have to at the start of a cell on all three cornered exactly and then go to your main start talking to one another on a subject that has nothing to do with men, cracked. It is astonishing how many films fail that test. This tragic like Rome, you start noticing waited forty percent when you start noticing it it's. You start feelings. Applicants
because every move like not this one to sound like favourable, because they turns out a lot of movies that do have a lot of women characters. But then there not talking to each other, don't ever talking them in so so someone you do science, and my aim is both a scientist and an actress place, one on tv and then there's Terran, o Neill she's. An actress who is not a sign but she's on a mission to share science with women, and we have her standing by live on Overall, I think we do. We have run already is tearing their hello. So so here's your science fiction, actor writer producer, so you and you know explicitly cause you're in the business. How potent such rules can be as an influence on society? Oh yeah, absolutely. I think that if you can show different characteristics of women on,
station on a boat where there are sought. You know where their marine biologist They are at CERN at the large hadron collider, because their particle physicists, where they dont, have to be in the lab they can be. In the Amazon, because their nets apologist. I think More narratives. We can create a female scientists, especially in media will really encourage young girls to and boys to that science is ants in this little box. It's not in this ivory tower. It's everywhere. Science is life or
That's a star talk, motto right there and how did you get interested in science at all? You know I I produced a fact. I wept theories which inspired me to start writing my own five. I and I went down the rabbit, who I wanted to make my fiction as the erotic theoretically feasible as possible, and I basically come came out this science convert where I fell in love with laws of nature that govern our existence. I want to know everything. I've fallen in love with the laws of nature. The governor our existence, that is the quota of the show determined thanks, would be don't start off all right next door and start talk. Our man shook nice, it's the street and he asked random passers by what they know about women.
Our talking to, so we ve been talking about how women in science or portrayed- and part of how we came to understand. There is going to chuck nice one of our men about town. Talking to the man in the street. That's check it out. That's right now, here in the street, New York City talking to men and women, about women in science, name a famous female scientists from any point in history. Mercury, ok, named to more oh Jesus, can you buy name female scientists, anybody female scientists name? What am I who's, Lady, who made the leg.
You're very female scientists, not blank Zippo zeal, how can we get more girls into science? I think we just need to make more accessible like right now, everyone just kind of assumes its boys job. I think a lot of times. Girls are told that they have to abide by some and of rule where they have to be girly and they have to be into fashion, and things like that girl should feel boyish for wanting to play with the chemistry set when their little or blow things up exactly it's totally female the blow things. I think the heads for ass, my wife, I thought: well, you have to make it more attractive. I would say, girls in science, women. Enjoyed judge by their looks, even though it has nothing to do with their ability let's turn out around name the sexiest male scientist give you a hint. His name starts with meal the gas Thyssen. Oh, did you say
photographs, toaster, militarist eyes and that's right? That's right is critical. Is sexy say I LEO I knew so. We learn to think one everyone knows. Madame curry, nothing else too, early mail you were is sex. Very there is between you and Niels bore. It was very very so we preach remain, view with Mine Bialik, and I asked her how much of her back as a scientist, informed her portrayal of scientists, that's natural, to ask if you're really really great actor. Maybe you don't even need to have that background, but she has that background. Let's see where that took her check it out
I actually based my character on. I will not name her a specific professor in my life, so there there actually is a person with with elements of Aimee but were reduced, person know that Africa I mean she may watch it and say, look that's me now. I don't think so, but because when I asked to be on the show or when I was asked to audition, for the show I was asked to to do have an impression of Jim Parsons. That's literally what they want it, but there are aspects. Of you- know my meticulous ness or or or female professors that I've had in particular. There are some mail, Thus our energy and heard too there are people there
people that I've known in my life that that do remind me of Aimee, but all the other shows that I grew up with was about attractive people and who had sex with who, on which we I mean. That's it. That's literally we- and I want I tuned in every week to see which attracted persons gonna couple with bad attractiveness and our shows about the people who watched big banks. Theory in its any premier episode. Garters, twenty million views loves you view works, does not matter if you to clip it's like the show, when the parameters was Thursday night. Twenty million viewers. That's you. That's those are big. Those audiences are not that big anymore, but you'll be very common in television, its money more that's an insane, but even get that in modern times to get that it. Yet to get that today's crazy. And so would you say that now more than ever, science is reaching the public, especially through committee, meets and your you. You are participants
on that landscape- yes, they would now more than ever. Science is reaching people through comedic means, and I am or participate in that have left the record show is he would. They that indeed say that objection, but the internet has really given people a community, because, when you're going When your town, I grew up in the south, there were like three other people, my school, her end of the stuff that I was in two minutes. What's so great about comic con and then and having to be such a pervasive part of our culture? Is that these are these giants? have spilled out, and now, when I was growing up, it used to be an insult to sell some when they were a nerd and now the begin. Salt is your fake nerd. You acknowledged not totally badge, certainly like that. Now that the insults contacts I'll be there were several this now geek or nurse, I tend to be more geek, leaning thought you know. There's a lot of work has a name. Your pricking cup is, is, I think, bias them. I think ultimately, colloquially, we're think the same thing. I think you know
word. Nerd, I think has is, is Susie in in origin and the word geek is. It is a german word Ghek, which was like a circus freak that would by the heads of snakes and chickens, and so some people say that geeks or more pop culture obsess and some people say that nerds or more actually like engineer types either world really saying they're all saying the same thing. We don't think what why don't think what people like makes them a nerd. I think it's the way we process information. I think a nerd will try to understand something. Than any other living creature and then try to use that information against them
and that's becoming entertainment for others who are not absolutely? I would so much rather be punished by a jock than endure the psychological warfare of a nerd like jocks online. Just tell me I suck in that's fine, but when a nerd doesn't like something I do. I get like a nine page dissertation footnotes and inevitably aggravate of why I suck- and I gotta go a lot of any several yeah. Absolutely I dont want to piss off a nerd for that. That's the lesson of this segment coming up. We're can have some fun with science means and we're going to find out that success takes work.
All right, all right. We're talking about Venus and the success of the Big bang theory. Tv stay calm, and it shows that in a nerd being a geek is cool or can be cool, and I think you feed right into it. You you show on comedy central at midnight. This is this is like Geek, Central show some image from the internet and get comedians to give a caption flora or or impacts invent a new me right. So I've noticed that, as my visibility grew, I got me the few times. Europe, Europe, your big, your big and the means in the main versus a meme of earth and not a proper I'm just I don't know that had nothing to do with it, but why? What so yet so I'm flattered. What would I like best about it? Is that the those means we're not
even about me. They were using me as an excuse to celebrate sites. So we're getting back to my interview with my Bialik from the Big Bang theory, and I asked her about her path to becoming a scientist check it out. The notion that, if you're not good at something in you know from the get go that that it's not fair, who is actually not true when I was in school, and I was born nineteen, seventy five. So from the time that I was you know from nineteen eighty on and for those those ten and fifteen years of school, That was what was assumed like oh you're, not naturally good at math, better better, like English, you know, and now we're seeing such a shift in understanding that everybody learns differently and most People may learn one way, but there's a percent if people in one clad in a classroom who may be true mathematicians and scientists, but they need to be taught in a different way, and I am grateful but I had a one on one experience with a female role model. You know when I was fifteen who who helped me see that
There is a way for me to understand things, but when I go to college when I went who's. The allay it's a school a student's, you know and they have to set a curve, and I was I struggle. The lot I'm I'd say a good seventy five to eighty percent, in my classes. This came very naturally too, and I worked my bought off did not have a social life I got modern nucleus is because I studied all the time I rested very Let all and I was pulling up- see, plus organic chemistry and crying every night that I couldn't go to school. So Chris you, you have many hats producer actor host writer all of this, and what are you best TAT That did not come natural to you. I mean for me every everything My language was comedy when I was growing up so anything that was presented in a community way, and you really portrayal in pop culture. When
Benjamin nerds came out. I wanted to be a trial, am there's an we called real genius and it was the first time Thou Kilmer played a character who was like super cool Virginia is a cool genius genus and so they, the home of whose about simply using your mind and creative ways and there's a big message will be about the sort of the nexus of of science and philosophy. It's like it can't be. All science are awful ass, three, but both and those with those a really big impacts on me and what I was interested. I don't get the philosophy part of that, but you were majoring and philosophy major inflow. Therefore, there's a philosophy come here and don't dungeon dragons was something I played when I was growing up is its basically it's a perfect crossroads of fantasy in math of statistics and probabilities so so summer. You do a lot of different things. You're? U freelance right! Your blogger and I understand it correctly. You're, like the you're you're you're, who show
what do you like? The astrophysicist? I'm the in house astrophysicist we're Rachel Man ever Rachel, but that's what she stop. Calling me like abundant when she doesn't talk. She does a lie so we all have you did in various ways, and not all of them come naturally out of what an educational system tries to do with you sure, and I have to. I did a lot of research when I was trying to when I was early thirties. I deny straight on my life. I got so break with drinking. I sort of focusing on you know concern. Active ways for uses of my time in my kind of obsessive brain and I studied success, and I study time I studied self improvement and what I learned is that anyone that you see that you think will they ve got it cover. They must have had a natural ability. You re robbing them of how much work they put into making something look easy. I someone said makes me once it is resonated with me forever and it's it's a boxing metaphor of all things, but they said line speed
beauty, you have to learn the line behind something you get that down. Then you can master speed and then you can make that beautiful, but you, but it takes so much work to get to the point. So I've always don't we will. I don't ever be discouraged. If you don't get something right away, you will get it. If you stick to it, there is no secret that it's just stick as you know, every day, incremental change and overtime, it becomes formidable summer. So there's a thing. That is being about more and more, and I think it started academia, but I think any profession, experiences called impostor syndrome, which is basically the idea that everybody else knows Actually what they're doing, except for you we know that if we want impostor, we think any to any. Second, now they're all gonna find out that I have no idea what I'm doing. I don't belong here. They're gonna kick me out, and it happens to people at least for scientists. It happens to people at all levels, everyone chairs of department. Totally. We had poor Macartney on our podcast Paul Macartney on our progress and he said Debbie, yes,
and he said he only just recently got over it. Stress syndrome and its public gardening No wonder for ya know no one really knows any more than you. Some people just focus a little or an apply and working in oh, but but ultimately you can achieve anything if you want to while coming up on start talk, will answer your questions about scientists, tv when we return
What are we talking about science as portrayed on television and now it's time for the cosmic queries signal in this is where I am asked questions that we summon from our fan base on whatever topic with the moment- and these are questions- are the paternal science on television, so I'll try to answer them. If I can't, I get summers backup you got, you got my back here, I'm gonna Jack, you're gonna, try right, Chris I've? Not seeing these? Quite you have not seen these questions. By way, you are always the b I always enjoy going to your twitter feed after a movie with some science comes out to be like a right was legitimate, set the record straight all right. There we go query I'm from Brian left, Davidson, Staten, Island, New York, a local guy, local guy, do
does ever had as many buttons in real life as they do in a movie. I tell you every time I visit NASA Mission control. I asked where's the red button. I want to raise a just and urge, but rather a lot of buttons. There I mean, if you go to a telescope and you're in the control room of the telescope, their multiple monitors, tracking, every little aspect of what they tell us. It was doing where its pointing what does the temperature of the doer that can take. That's the that's the insulated container that contains the ship, that's doing the detecting. So all of this there buttons their screens and so yeah. It's kind of feels good you're, pushing it has many buttons, not as many of them are read or write. This
from Jessica, Macleod in Houston, Texas, which actor would you want to portray you? Oh it's it's it's gotta be Denzil depends on whether it depends on if its Denzil, if it's like a drama. But if I get superhero powers because it's a highly fictional, I version Then then it's gotta be well Psmith Kortright I've met most met for the first time. You did not just at the: U S, Premier Batman versus Superman. He made a he showed up on the red carpet, that's going elsewhere, we embraced and those whose corps was he a fan of dino, we were thinking that because he, where he filled some Dunstan films in New York and his son, Jane, who is not in school, cause, he's an actor he wanted to know. If we combine, I teach him from Physics
but this gives some physics just give me a little physical scheduled in quite work out, but but so we know we know each other. From a call Gandhi and Chandler Arizona. Is there any study corps fishing between the nervousness of a scientist and level of social awkwardness. I e Sheldon Cooper. Oh ok, if you go to any comecon, everybody. There is a nerd and everybody knows how to socialize with one another. I didn't you have these problems come about when if the nerve tries to socialize with the hip people, and then there is the rejection factor this there and then saying the right thing at the right time, but among nerd there is no wrong thing at the wrong time. Everything is good. Everything is worse because they know your speaking your mind in your heart. That's. I also think that people who are attracted to what would be classic we thought of his, you know the Nerli arts and Sciences is. I think I think you you. You live more of an internal life because when young kids
popular like right off the bat cause they're like I play sports dynamic active or whatever, and all the kids just bring them. They don't develop that kind of internal respect. Introspective monologue that I think that nerds, so I think it's kind of it contributes to both. I think nerves are naturally expected because of the things that are interested in them, their creative internally. They create worlds internally that kind of creates a boundary between what some of the other kids into and then those other kids kind of ostracize. I got a better explanation. There's some professions that dont require you to be, specialized at all to be good at them, so It may also have socialized people. You can be successful, even if you're, not whereas their other professions, where you can have to be socialize at some fundamental level you will never be received into their ranks, and so it's not so much that it a try, under socialized people, it's that it does not reject them right and then I also think something
who led very internal lives and their young just don't spend the time play, the thing socialization in in those way that summer? Where would you where you on that noise to say that I think nerds can be hip I'll, kill more character game. They are now. How do we know now? Nobody I mean I can't get things ass. A person can inherent in habit that both qualities and so also that I feel like I've of girls who are popular, but like the math and science, but hide it because then they think that all Other popular friends are gonna group them. Comecon is all about not having to hide. It know exactly driving. That's the thing we are what we are here and there and that's where I feel like we. To put more wrong out there, that say to people like you, don't have to hide this stuff. Is that makes you this makes you powerful this so empowering, and it makes you so much more
trusting, as islands is one looking at programme someone's computer if they exactly ruin their credit? Chris, you got a last question, therefore, from a bare Tokyo. Dallas, Texas, Doktor Thyssen, would you rather have a celestial object named after you or a star on the walk of fame? Oh well, there's the real stars that are in the universe. And then there's whatever. We call one another if you become famous but as an astrophysicist I impartial to the celestial phenomenon and celestial objects and in fact I do have a celestial object named after me. It's an asteroid, call one three one, two three Thyssen and by the way when it was announced that I would I get this, I was very honoured and deeply honour by double check to make sure it wasn't headed towards earth.
I do not agree that asteroid or I don't wanna, be destroy of war of Zambia and you want to be in the walk, a phantom either it I'd I'd. I am, I walked out along, its dirty. The Hollywood boulevard, thirty, like no one's gonna, be on your side asteroid. That's what next my buddy Now the science guy he's gonna explain how science and television can join forces to save the world next, arose that their further to space, wrapping up my interview with my Bialik real life, actress in real life, neuroscientist on the Big bang theory
check it out. My fan base is very unusual in that I have big bang theory fans, but I also of people who are science, people and people who are religious people or people who are interested in current. The way some in the public eye you know would perceive them women's issues, things like that. So it's! like, what we're sort of exploring? What is this fan base? You know people who people, who are our fault the big bang theory aren't necessarily interested in hearing my perspective on women's issues, but some of them may be- and this is sort of where we're trying to help this girl, and if I can encourage some you ve already done a bit is bring years scientifically literate perspective to social issues that people think can only be solved in the absence of sight often science informs the conversation, it's important to point out also, no matter what you do with your life, the training you get as a scientist the way see the world. Is a scientist it literally is the Prism with which you experienced the rest of your life, no matter what you do and you don't have to
trained as a scientist in order to love science, but that kind of training Radiation, never leaves you some are. You must agree with that for half salute me: yeah yeah, it's a lens. It's a lens of of nature. You understand how things work and what it does for me is that every time I encounter something new, I have all these questions and I want to know more things about it, because you're still a kid for scientists which has grown up kids get so so Chris, you you're you're nerd your whole life, so that surely shapes your worldview and your lenses right. You agree. I do. I just think it's, it's always important to keep asking questions, but it's important to learn had ass good questions o nice, so I think a lot of a lot of people are all. Questions are equal in spite of what somebody want to believe lies not strictly, especially with self talk with self dialogue. You know that's a thing: what is I'm? It is a thing. Well, I think I think it's would you know when people who are having a difficult time go? Why do I,
we fail at everything, then your brain will give you an answer or go well because you're dumb. But if you say like how can I learn from this experience? What can I do better? Who could I ask if you're not afraid as good questions, your brain will give you those There's as well, I just remember being in schools, particularly high school in every next subject that I took, which was would have been new to me. The first time I took biology for stomach to chemistry. It was like hey. Is that how that works, that what I saw is there, and so it was. It was so enlightening It was ass, though there was a fog. There was sitting in front of me and with every new thing I learned, the fog would get thinner and thinner, and ultimately we dissipate entirely laying bare the operations of nature. Absolutely So what did I just said? I was really knew me. Let's hear it bill, neither science got my buddy in this latest instalment of nine times in the city what he has to say about inspiring suture scientists. Through television check it out.
Look so real. It is real for a second, I thought I was a scientist watching tv. But actually on the science educator tv I love science on tv. I grew up with watch. Mr Wizard kids today Bill neither science guy, it's it's. The best seriously what I love about science, on television as we can places you wouldn't ordinarily, go unless you a flame retardant cover all or deep sea. Gear or a space we can take into a volcano or the bottom of the ocean, or outer space. Just like we can even take you to park in New York City. Donna railroad from the nineteen thirty's elevated over city streets highlighting park. See television is inclusive, anybody can watch it and explore the world and the cosmos, and, as I, some say humans are girls and women, so
after, the scientists and engineers can be women and then what twice as many brains to solve problems, make discoveries and build thinks we can change the world so this on television is more popular than ever. We have the big, very and start chalk come on people turn out loud. Really, subtle land this playing Christianity, any sort of parting reflections on just the role of getting people interested in the sciences. I think I think watching we'll be excited and interested in things is contagious. They can empowering make people understand that you will make the shiny things. You know her for our culture. I don't know what do you think a summer I think my party, but so that anyone can be a scientist and that if you know anybody, especially young women and young Those color who want to be a scientist asked them how you can help, and so
point them and then diverse and tell them that they can do anything. You want feel in it and you know what else. I feel the fact that as children, we all remember being curious about everything around us. Turning over the rock climbing a hill digging through the soils and really that is all scientists does as an adult and somehow some time between that time of childhood and adulthood. That gives beaten out of us is that the educational system, where they prioritize pouring information into your head rather than stimulating curiosity, I think it must be that you know why because how many schools have you seen been to school, schoolyard even own? schools that you attended where, at the end of the day, schools out
at the end of the spring symmetric schools out and if one runs away from school as though is something to escape as though you are suffering under the burden of having to learn- and I think about this and I say, may be school shouldn't be cramming information in your head? Maybe schools stimulating a curiosity for why you would want to learn in the first place, and when that happens, no one will want to leave school. No one will want to go in summer. Vacation could school is where It's happening schools where the action is, and I think that will affect everyone, and especially those who previously had been disenfranchised thinking that academics and learning was something only for smart people when, in fact, academics and learning is something for anybody
schools out at the end of the spring symmetric schools out and if one runs away from school as there was something to escape as though you are suffering under the burden of having to learn- and I think about this- and I say- may be school shouldn't- be cramming information in your head. Maybe schools should be stimulating a curiosity for why you want to learn in the first place and when that happens, no one will want to leave. Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star talk, radio,
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