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Unmanned: Drone Racing and Tech

2020-03-27 | 🔗

Is it an Esport? Is it a “real” sport? Or is it a bit of both? Neil deGrasse Tyson and co-hosts Gary O’Reilly and Chuck Nice investigate drone racing and technology with world champion Paul “Nurk” Nurkkala and drone engineer Justin Pearce of Insitu, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Boeing Company.

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Welcome. To start off your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide dartle begin right now this star Talk Neil Address Thyssen, Europe person astrophysicist as host. It is a sports edition of STAR Talk where we're going to talk about drone racing. That's even a thing. With may derive again we'll yard sports guy cause. You were ex pro footballer. Thank you. Yes, he's he's dead is an Ex proof that you would eat nuts. I thought you were a present tense expert ballplayer report as an soccer, as in somebody s, jerk, amen.
Let me, may I love you too, and we we slip some guy who's. This guy at year sees no nerve Maria Merk Pool no color known only as this is the twenty eighth eighteen drone racing Lee, champion. An amendment is on Youtube child fat ass. It went for that's all as all of the other thing, is lemme? Tell you like nerve is a little too close to mark If I were you, I feel like nerd to me. Oh, what's he, but now it is a fact, because I don't do drugs the way you do so says inert narc to you and how long have you no longer ethnic with yellow graduated you're so fluent in metric? I thought I'd you re, educating, absolutely nerd! I don't tell me about your guest all right. So ball is one of these guys. The has a passion His passion has brought itself
into drone flying now. It's it's unease is a sort of split off of the sports universe. These are guys you just sat on a sofa where the control panel survey goodbye cans, redbook some, these guys are actual athletes, and when you get to fly one of these things. You realize that going at ninety, and probably more than that miles per hour, the racing on three d courses racing against a cop, the racing against other pilots and the clock, Well I mean, if they're in the front bacon strategy, just like you would do in a form. You don't have one rags absolutely says all you think so this guy actually now becomes an athlete. Comes arise and we like The idea of the fact that so much take involved in what he does it's another way to explore the world of science and spoke I gotta tell you this. I know of
your world all or markets, which one is it further. Fine, ok, So I come home to Carmody DS. Paeonies used to have these races on draw actual drowned races there would be inside of like a warehouse with a set. There were, like, hazards that she had to navigate there were recent gets you am, I couldn't sleep and on what am I gonna tell you it's super hype. You get yourself M m. I realize I should not come home and watch this crap and then try to go to sleep because you be so adrenalin filled from watching it you would have from sleep and afterwards. So how raising their wallets. There is a temptation when you're looking at something like this, like a robotic sport as like, like me,
I say I could see how much a guy's a sit around regretful alike particularly looks like an athlete. I know. I recognise that. Ok, I'm when we got the regulators that guy, but I look at it like a precision, sports, legal precision, sports, that's racing, that's bowling! That's archery! That's olympic global sports are these things. Words about repeat a billiard, have going in the same sentence as a logic level, air that, even if the large archery as the offer, not only by the unit but like, but it's all about repeat ability, it's all about measuring what you can do to do better. It's about gathering, Analyzing high performance was that you can take it out and do it the next time and it so you know we're athletes of the mind as much as anything else and that's allowing us to compete at the highest level. Building your three courses- In sum the course places in the world ass well and when you say that of the mind, it's definitely gotta, be you gotta, be pretty mentally tough to navigate these
and racists, but just to be clear when you say racing unthinking. Who can give me to be the fastest. That's not what's going on here is relegated to see that even the engine It's a navigational task. More than it is, how fast can you, you're not like the same bought here. You're, just like your, you are obstacles. I guess, and this sort of thing gets in its in the drone racing league, especially as a speck racing, so well find the exact same drawn. So we ve got a smorgasbord drowns here in front of us, but when we are at a race, the dear old brings six hundred identical drones? Such NASCAR tries to be something like that is a lot of suspects that they satisfy including right under the weight of the car, that this is first post. Viewing switch means. You have sat there with a visor would goggles with a headset and there's broadcast policy cameras attached to your drunk, so you
flying from stood somewhere here watching it with your eyes, are doing it like that they really involved were worth as a work. Did he give you permission to pick them up off the table? We demand that this is so. These are looked like BR, headset jump and when you are looking to the viewer, headset you're, what tethered to camera on the drone. Yes, so we see as if we're on board the drawn so like you when you're flying it when you're running along its, you feel you're a very whore Superman like is right. They, like you, their re, hang gliding off the bottom up inside the drone yeah. So for example, when I tell people that it when I'm. Finally, if fizzled out of body experience can pick me up, please actually like there's moments are bad and I still have where I'm flying around outside gins practice in, and I see somebody sitting in the corner MIKE who's that that's me, because I forget that I'm not on board the drawers you haven't out of body expiring, absolutely on its work
so I see two candidate is like a simple go per year and then is another lens down here yet so, which one are you so I'm the one on the bottom, this earlier lower lends its that transmits the information that much lower response right. So we others only like twitter. Five milliseconds of delay between that camera and what I see seconds? A thousand ferris yeah. It's important that as low as possible. Right so did you ever you're gonna be able to respond to reciprocity right receive. Only angle of the camera is important, arise or anything like this than that the families will just keep it boy, but you must move forward. You have to tell you so that up Asia Forward yet Bernard looking down at the ground correct, so we tilled the camera and leave it tilted at the beginning. To about forty five fifty degrees, so that when weren't you do when we're flying straighten level according to what we're seeing its really tilted fifty degrees forward, That's it allows us to go a hundred miles an hour. I won't work.
Let the actual speed- yes, these top, but so these drones Qatar about around a hundred hundred twenty for the show. They talked about eighty and they go zero to sixty in less than a second, so how most of these checks is here to stay and let us not as a second while that's pretty. What were we going to do about this? that word they dont. There was an hour to always lie inside. We fly with all of the licence journey up that we did absolutely so now When will we finally have a go outside, then you can tell me of their sovereign. Ninety, nine, Jackie Eliza regulation about a hundred miles? There is but with a regulation, be so that we can make sure that no one ever greater extent recently had never never flagging up So now, when you guys are flying because I've seen these men, sometimes you hit things and these drones. They are more that while there are a lot of peace yeah exactly how much these things cost because din and listened
Are they yours because in the next raise the guy who craft he still back recently We still have drawn suit. So there's little given take. There is a well defined for the legally brings all of the transfer as they bring six hundred identical each race and they say as you want, if you crash it, no hard feelings Bobby that you know. I know other guys. The like the Gaza build all drowns like there. The heroes of the show there, my fair people, but I don't want it- estimate Amazon. I want them to be like, after the rest like what he did for you. What to do. If you crash or allow judges, grab another one exactly, but you could you could build. This yourself absolutely saw this the drawn that we ve got here. I I built myself with individual components set aside a collar thou called the syndrome, scored the tiny little united sport is a highly guy and we use it to fill fly inside its limit slower, but its very safe and protected. Poland is, if we squishy ducts,
How important is it for you as a razor to be able, to build and understand every single pop drunk. Thank you being able to build, and so when, if you don't know how to assemble a drone, every time you crash everytime, you break something. You're gonna have to anyone or go to someone else in reserve, I've learned how to build up from the ground up when something fails. You can stop at yourself in just a couple men. So when I'm out in the nobody book, I find I get that if it breaks, but we are not broken and Eurasia. Does your knowledge of every single thing about that in four, your strategic actions They are absolutely occur, so you can pick and choose different kinds of components to suit different needs right. Do I wanted to be super durable? Do I want it to be extremely for fragile, but extremely fast. Do I want to find some kind of balance. It forms the kinds of decisions that I make one among the workbench assembly, the drunk. So you ve got three blades in your propellers.
But you can remedy is a three three. Probably try blade protracted right, so you can go from two to three to four to forty five, does what differ in terms of yeah. You're doing his, so we like to color this was the advantage you see. I'm airplanes only have two propellant jacket, spend a momentary for. Why? Why why? Why have one number propels relative to another so changed different kinds of repellers, adding a removing Blake its allows you to change depending on whether you want higher performance, higher speed efficiency you can pick and choose which of those you want and use To decide what our so in general, the more blades them the what the better where's maneuverability. What it weighs more, it weighs more and did the voters are working hard to spin the property of a little bit less efficiency, there's living more surface areas as local s top speed.
If you go all the way down to like a single way. Prob we're like it's like counterbalanced weights and stuff it. You know it starts to get much worse. Efficient, So if they are determining that each drones gonna be identical when your practicing, Do you try to match that or is there something that you can do that gives you an advantage when practicing like swinging a heavier burden in practice and then going to a lighter bat and the game, because you can get a faster whip around you So that's that's exactly where the money we so when we're practicing Darrow sends us enough drones to get ready. But the next race and parts that we need because will go and fix them. And then I shall How do people actually strapped to batteries to it, and only one Bogdan so that it is a little bit. Heavy rain was a little bit more leisure doggie so that you can kind of. Fine. Your racing line interesting interests,
how do you? Why are you so drone fluent, was right to I'm drunk curious? What hunters at Rome here, however, not hear them now I mean first via the very soon it what one when drums first came out years ago, I even tell him to some of our more appeared, ok, so withdrawn First came out years ago, I try flying drums and it is very difficult times What about you don't have for some restore drone commitment. Drove grace, you have a dedicated, dedicated minorities on the back of my gun, integrated programme rancor through so that further flying the drone,
Now I would do to your drug record you try to, but the thought of flying drawn is not like what you would think which, as you know, just liftoff forward back, I mean ok, that's gonna, get boring, really really quick, so the fun of flying the drone is finding something that you can maneuver its going around stuff in through stuff in over and under, and that's when it becomes very difficult. I would add their shocks that you never would have gotten systematically rights over where we found cosmos, we went to the largest telescope in the world, which is a non steering telescope in a crater in the ground, in China, sweet, okay and we boardrooms and cause it's too big to yet, if you're up upon it, you you can't you can write grasp it, so we have to draw any just lifted straight up and I saw the monitor it was like. I was that
thousand money shot right here? So, yes, I think it's not just the maneuver Billy's point of view is right for me, like that's one of the things that I like the most about it is it offers not only a unique perspective like what's around you, but one of the things that really cool drones and the hobby and though the passion of drowns is that everybody has the same right. You all have had the shared like collection of experiences, I have travelled to China to Taiwan unto Germany and gone and flung with people, and we don't have to share a language to share a language right and so did not only does it offer a new perspective on the world, but also on people and eyes. That's one thing I like the most so at the moment, a polish drones, but we are adventuring into the world of autonomous strangeness and at the moment they don't stand a chance against human pilot. Now what?
at the moment at the moment now lay at the moment- I am, I know me some future, whereas Golan Heights Amabel Omar Robot overlord. So yes, as you also like the rest of us to do our overlords, you you're in there pushing triple digits and at the moment religious beat yeah the moment, the winner of the autonomous, drone, competition was at five point. Six miles per hour. Navigating course says. Latka yeah I was actually theirs was outrageous. Is the same as driverless cars right I mean that's the same will than the driver, yet your, rule. But the truth is I mean it's not to the point where a car can actually be a human being behind the wheel, you know like, but not yes, Rohingya, then that's what the alpha pilot programme
which is a partnership between the generous illegal Lockheed Martin else, is creating the framework for being able to create autonomy and not, as it was very crap right there. I guess I can write, as has the authority five. That's what I'm saying. So, I guess even better cause. You know. One of the sponsors for the drone racing League is the: U S, efforts that makes sense. Just there. Just look at the pilots as a different role by this is the future of the little girl petering out Warwickshire. My two huge funds, or something missing the only fit part of my body well into something I wanted to go back to talk about. The beginning was that we could be mentioned. East sports- and you are talking about how you sports are in informing modern day. Farmers, it athletes and one of the ways to be Some part of the drone racing league is to go through and all my internment, and so somebody, just sit down there.
Replace simulator, that's a one to one representation of what it's like to fly our drones and become Member of the China BC. I saw a second thinking. Defence, if you had a big incentive to win the sports category to actually come in and be eraser with no well, I M not tournament is happening right now. Let me ask heretical question, but if these simulation qualifies you to do it for real Why do you need the real thing at all right? Why not just create everything inside a simulation, because you can clearly create more interest. In mortal. Shall avoid dynamic arrogance towards obstacle? Sort the right, but you don't get the vis world this of being in person to watch the drones could bikers when their student, not, I am sure, have they had set, I'm not but the audiences, the people that come to want you to actually get a spectator sport act, because we can watch that we all want people to see the technology is. Do. Is you see me like the people as well?
In their own mind, they are people watching envy drones in the simulation itself, but they get the first person viewed under the spectators with another. Good headway began the guy, but we also we put everything upon jungle, transit, exhilarating. I get it owes you so now what is more difficult, because when you fly Ladrone and I'm holding control room my hand right now, and so, when you're flying a drone, and you have the controller and you're looking at the drama that is completely different for your brain when you are looking for a job first person, sensation of the drone, it's so what once more it depends on who you are so like some people that, for example, give us but with video games like that of a lot of video, their experience tend to prefer to be in the goggles. Some people prefer line of sight, but for me I think that the most difficult part
either is maintaining your nerves. Rikers. All of your controls go through these tiny little sticks that move like two inches in each direction and if you look a little bit about nervous shakers Emily that the clause gone in responding to use of staying com is the most important part. Three s nerves of steel. The hands of a surgeon, except if line into our homes carried somebody would probably be more. Money is asserted, so is it. Considered some variant on quit. It's like drone quitted absolute like the bird, which could then be just some right. The states snatch excuse me. So such a young thing that you no word starting to figure out new in new ways to do so. In a weather That's just heads up racing words. First of the finnish gate, we're going to do like team races, words, marathons, like I've committed in a race that lasted twelve hours on purpose that you as the for most lapse and twelve hours and stuff. Like that, you are starting to see more like our own actions, you can have ultimate frisbie and the freeze visa thrown so I can
throw it in a certain way than midcourse. It just takes off right. So, it's not like you Harry Potter idea of document which is helping us, so we gotta get a land, this plane, lands, drone age or any final thoughts you an offer to parents who have kids, who don't start playing video games. Now, that's the future! Now drones are such an awesome, Hobbes sport, but which, whichever way you want to look at it, it's you know, I've learned how to solder how to troubleshoot I've refined my Google Fool you know my ability to figure things out end, and I think that everybody should have at one point tried to fly tried to build in into that acknowledge how many hours practice will it take for somebody be provisionally enough to be a professional drone, razor during the season. I practice ten hours a day, through the fields for at ten a m and I'm there until ten p m and so
years, you ve done your ten thousand hours ugly and then and now you re man, I will take hollow overnight. We open Yes, I did, you did, did your ten thousand? Our living of aid is to be doing the ten hours a day for about a month at a time rather than because, like you, I gotta make some money once in awhile and yours cancer thinks and this personal hygiene and this year and your wife and am in law as it really is. The personal hygiene are right, so rule number one keep things out of the blades lesson taught me, because otherwise, no good right, so Paulo Collar drummed racing league champion of twenty eight. In a note, championships to come, we're gonna take a break, but when we come back more on that,
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the cost of most other online universities. So you congratulate with far less death or none at all. Get your sixty five dollar application fee waved a W EU that eighty use last start talk. That's w g! You dad d, you slash star talk. Welcome back to stifle sports division. Focusing on the drone of hers, we'll just event. The widow Debs has meant that we rollover drone rivers allies, it's ours, we own it with throughout racing them. That's what's understandable, of ok put their speed channel, but now it's time into the check. Now, gee, that's being developed outside of eastwards. Now.
And to do tat, we ve got our next guess just didn't purse think I pronounced that name right and NED just and we got you on video call, I think we can area the guardian. Did I pronounced that correctly? You did So your chief engineer at sit you ink wholly owned subsidiary of Boeing Defence, space and security of sea. Gaza, doin, ok, zounds important thousandth part. That is this. It s the word I thought important. This is our cue twenty one and manned air vehicle chief engineer at in situ for that vehicle Zachary outright Then I type model series. Ok, what are all the speck? So the argue, twenty one, even the classifieds backs. What are they? Yes, yellow start with those first darky. Twenty one, a is considered a group, three unmanned aircraft system or drone first scale that
at sixteen foot wingspan. Feet, long. In thirty five pounds when it takes off we're. So the crisis is the group a size, reference yeah? That's tractors group sizes to go from what you would expect on a low end like acquired captor, all the way up to a large group, five form like I cannot read, loss or ass. A good five is normally my boarding position airport under the wing. These dratted! That's. What do you mean? Aren't I guess you heard what are you doing in this line? Just what is it what's being developed for? Yes, yes, argue twinning once a programme of record, it's actually through development and feel that the United States, growing corn, United States Navy. Today it does intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. In a number of important missions for our troops- oh ok, and so how does it do
her other. Then, of course it has security elements when the public thinks of drones I think we think about the annoying ones that are buzzing around the park. We think of the military ones that get deployed in the in Iraq or Afghanistan, and yours is somewhere between those that's correct yards, its size scale endurance. So what we offers a runaway independent aircraft. Its launch from a catapult recovers on a vertically attach rope by its wing. It's designed for mobility and train or debility some Differences are special payloads that you'll see from my from a military perspective, but also encryption and different types of cameras report there should be able to see at night thermal YO telescopes. I'm just a little more high performance and you would have in that that lower end commercial journey would expect like a cloud chapter but not as large is safe,
It does not end at an item. One last question would handle to these guys here it is. And I assume it's not autonomous. There's someone at the joystick that is correct, or is it flies autonomously, but there is somebody at a operator workstation that is directing the behaviors that aircraft taking care of it. If there's a man. Currencies and driving the Mary payload, which is a electoral optical, censor the on the front of the earth was refused by its by drone. That's right, yeah, ok, something over reconnaissance! It's ok. We got this maize in place of machinery. But what sort of hurdles have you overcome to go from? The court? cop to scenario to where you are now and what are you still in process of of overcoming forfeit for drones and they develop yeah? I think you know. One of the major areas that we focus on is is reliability, as these are used with our war fighters. Want them to be reliable, always airborne
providing ice in the skies. Obviously over the years we ve moved in situ has a family of a Amanda systems, are drowns, that it itself. So this is our largest version of aircraft. The smaller wondering eight feet across, so how the increase in size, but still retain the way that it recovers, because it's actually recovered on its. So that's a high energy recovery. Those have been some technical challenges. We ve had to face Also, structurally, it has to stay in one piece, as the wing he has captured by your by the US exactly row. So let me Ask you with respect to that kind of like a aircraft carrier. You know the way it's made for mobility, it's made for being able to take off and landing on the spot, but it's really big its huge, so If it's made for mobility, does it collapse buildable on site! I'm and I can see what the cap system appearing rocky terrain and you'd want
just some regard. It makes sense you know, but This, then, is huge yeah, depending on them. The model of aircraft that we set We have a a line of sight and beyond minus eight capability, so you'll typically do want recovery in one area You can have a little more room to set up, probably they are runway and the aircraft. Well actually collapses in the wings. Come off it, Osler fashion than those comes off. It all breaks out into a very small cases that are repacked out. Ok, that takes a human element. It can't just it's not a feature fixed wing. That's the nets model is current former. Please make that sound. Just build that sad tracking to the naked eye to eye with ever you do your next draw, no matter what it does to go. There may be
just as the book about his life. What the hell did I get myself? If I can help you, I will be released me. What's what's the range on this, so so typically advertisers. Fifty nautical miles, is how far we can fly away and that it can still come back and then it could come back always impositive controlled by the operator equipped with a different I was module or from the aircraft. We can actually extend that two hundred three nautical miles with our extended range platform. Is that because it lighter in that extend, arrange or you get more fuel we The different daily could set of using a line of sight. Radio we actually talk to space over satellite communication allows us to not have to have line of sight between the operator airport. Also, your range is a line of sight problem. That's cool. Neither are far can I guess you'll be able to have you imply sixteen twenty four hours depending on them, so even when you're fine do not occur miles. You could fly three hundred they just that it for them
you're going back to where you can talk to it, so you need to just keep it up. Fifty mb outrageously right, that is amazing, rose by okay, so that the Quad compter ones that we see kids playing with those armies. Obviously use rechargeable batteries at what point the transition between batteries and actual fuel there. Is driving the energy the craft. That's that's! should question. I think it happens when we talk about groups or sizes. Typically, when you get to the thirty or forty pounds, aircraft you're, looking at more energy density that you're getting from a fuel like like gas or jet fuel land ass. You mean it s. Only transition point you'll see, but there are larger aircraft, apply hydrogen fuel cells and other propulsion sources that are different, but regardless if, above a certain size, the batteries knocking to work for you, that's exactly right right. Moreover, considering electric vehicles terms of cars and trucks and Buses- a viable source of power for a drone
the battery white, just another hurdle that you won't be how to overcome. For the moment it Italy is a trade off typically, which runs the largest trade out for making is endurance and and mass, a win, Quit myself of batteries that and I have to manage fuel untypical, you get lower endured. Some customers want that they want to fly shorter, shorter, sorties or short emissions, and so an all metric aircraft and go a few. Worse and that may be sufficient for them. Our customers have preferred persist, surveillance, and so we typically I dont use at me. It's not a sufficient. Our customers are. U S. Military. Was that speeding up that persistent surveillance, so Sir police departments are now used drones, such as yours. They keep them in the air, pretty much all the time when a crime happens, the drone goes to the crime to replace and then what there
able to do is follow the action so instead of a high speed train whatever they just basically, you know mark of car nor, like we got it now, we're gonna following see we're a goes. What other apple patients and one. What kind of drawn is that is that this kind of Rome to what other Applications. Do you have for this type of drought? outside of the military that you can't talk about three typically you're gonna have airspace. You can have airspace considerations for where you find this type a drone. So we're typically saying with police forces into in congested urban areas. You it's gonna, be a quad cops or something of that size. Typical one of our aircraft today, but the penny on a very regulations. You can, you can see it Transitioning in the long term, away from that, some of the more interesting applications that we have are around infrastructure inspection, so railroad. I point, monitoring that typically staff by somebody the helicopter really an end.
The idea of being able to extend the reach of our platforms and encourage basically point people out of. Jobs that require them to fly around, there's no requirement for the aircraft to come back, so infrastructure inspection high resolution mapping disaster relief and search and rescue I'm so we participated in us. For disaster relief efforts and then one of the more interesting ones we had locally was a wildfire support so being firefighters, understand where fire line is how its changing overnight, because they can't go in and fight wildfire in the dead of night, who were there to be able to provide over watch for the recent. Do you your staff, when no one is looking, do you re Your drones, Yes? I was ever those we'll just listening, just in God,
Look on his face later! Ah, you have asked me: the wee wee typically have their vertical and horizontal separation. There's no there's no knife passes there he lay awake. Was he imitated the night with better testing? If you ve got that range of capacity in terms of infrastructure, such risks and your agriculture, you must have an array of optics because you using different parts of the spectrum to to analyze. What you're saying underneath theirs the rights of I'm doing a search rescue operation I may want to equip- or I'm looking for that's the plot. Yes, you may want to use a payload like via our witches visual detection arranging their constantly searches and gives an operator you will find something that otherwise, you wouldn't discern in water, and then I can Another camera under that potential target in an interest and see what's their fur
cultural monitoring, you're. Looking at hyper spectral, so operating indifferent, indifferent and to be able to create a picture of how those crops are performing. Yes, yeah, it's just a malaria different sensors with, as I understand it, hyper spectral imaging can give you early. Aids on the need for irrigation by and and and relying on, our young s water. I are these bill for speed at all or not so example our dash peat is on the order of a hundred. Not so we're not talking mock one, but obviously there are larger craft that are built. For that may use different proportions is all right. So a hundred knots you're saying how hide as a fly when you're Dick it could fly up to fifteen doesn't feet depending on avoiding acoustic detectable, but when we consider obviously what we do for our defence customers, we typically fly anywhere from three to eight thousand feet, but it can go as high as fifteen or more okay. So, what's to stop me from watching you come in and I put my shot gun. I just take you out of the sky
If you, if you are purely, were purely recon and you have no armament, no less offensive. We have a defensive measures and I don't like you. I was gonna, shoot you out of the sky. Is Aren't you a check so the way we void that obviously their state, what we call the launch in recovery, operation or two, often landing and individual aircraft those situations definitely have to have proven and base. Monitoring susceptible home, again countermeasures. But we were we're a target, we mitigate that by the size of airplane is relatively small. Ah, the color is typically gray. The engine is relative be quiet compared to what I can see at a given stand off distance, that's why we equip them with telescopes. Sweden stated enough away, but still see. Who is there for the other applications meeting. That isn't:
It is something we worry about. We can five closest. We need to see as well as we want to you're talking about piloted we'll call them drugs. You call em unmanned craft. Where do we go with? I, because when we spoke to our drawing race and nerve, Cupola Karla the The thing was: a lot of prize money was put up by Lockheed Martin, a million dollars to be able to win an annual event and the average spate of these racing runs about five and a half miles per hour because they can't process the optic, the visual. Now how far away from cracking that cause? That's that's redeem. If all of a sudden you got able to process, the human eye with that. Aid- and then you know those space, you were talking about the night. They really do max out. He, I think, You know one of the evolution The industry work currently in directly is attributed to what I would say,
mislead Amours law and the ability to do advanced processing in smaller and smaller areas. So too do those very complicated processing you need a lot of horse power in Europe, electronics finding in some of the pilots, including biter. I just mentioned you can do quite a bit there. I wouldn't oh enough, the comet directly and drone racing, but if there are projects like protein maybe in the dvd better targeted, artificial intelligence and, in general, this is all about reducing how but the human has to work right? So today I have an operator in one aircraft in the future. You're gonna have an operator and many aircraft and you're gonna have aircraft to emissions that that the operator doesn't have to have any concept of what's going on, unless there's an exception. Unless there's a problem, that means the eyes is doing what it can do is doing what is supposed to also till I just said, I thought maybe
sense or maybe a dozen the idea, I'm the a I you could treat it like. Driverless Cars where the car itself your case, the man drown, would be receiving the information not actually doing the calculation so the calculation? it has done on a base somewhere and if you have five g, that type of transmission technology you're, just really sending it split. Second decisions as its receipt, so it doesn't really have to do the thinking. There's a brain, someplace else does not make sense, I just lose my my No no. It makes sense today. Even when I went before us or a person the loop as to monitor what the aircraft's doing, but when we tie algorithm. Was sensors, and autonomous, auto pilots that are moving there. Wrapped around you begin to see that the aircraft can can
do the entire mission with a person largely not no Lou, so we do that today. That's that's where the market is gone nicely. We do that on the plains that we fly on, and we don't know that we're doing it, I have little time there we're on a plane, guys are in the front, What can we celebrate? Fifty without an honor you, all Ireland got out a pilot zone or there is a new illegal, give high with us behind Alliance high wire dvds. Just one last thing we're all. I comfortable with getting on these trams at airports and we all know there's no there's no one conducting those trains right there, between from one terminal to another, yes, and that deficits anybody out. Ok, you just for me out. Didn't you around the flood next time jogger getting so so
that's the beginning of our comfort level, of what we will in turn to pilot that is conversely run So how soon do you think we would have pilotless airplanes we'll have to wait too long after we have pilot was cars? Do you think, I think, obviously that drivers Vehicles are going to pave the way for pilotless passenger aircraft. What's gonna have to happen, is airspace deacon friction? Can I have to be an ability, the sense and avoid other, be flying around so that it can make decisions so that more sensors. But I dont think the leap is that great from driverless cars to passenger aircraft? It all comes down to the safe there's a ton of people that are the space and leaning forward. I initially expected it'll be passenger aircraft that are optional.
I did so similar to you, would see the day with so called driverless because somebody has her hand on the steering wheel. And once even though there are sliding publications. Honestly yeah does put that the videos of people driving that are asleep. I don't, I don't think that's gonna work for fur obsolete, piloted aircraft. But I think, as we gain confidence Ross as you mentioned, Neil, the fine public will begin to entrust themselves with that technology occur are adjusted brought thank for thank for being with us on start off all right I'd say when we come back, will finish our final segment. Starter exports.
We're back start on sports Edition, displaying somehow drug dethrone? We had got pole, Nook, Aladdin Nook. Grown rice, the jewelry sir I've got just in purse whose drone engineer purse spell peer cities, but I think it's an irish purse parish. I think I said that the internet is a good browser. Is south. I look at the drawn racing. I look who their their involvement is its NBC as a media upon it. You ve got sponsorship from Lockheed Martin and the good old. U S, efforts so there's a recruitment, DR sponsorship and a platform. I think what we ve got here is a sport that might be just beginning I won't even go with the take off palm beginning to grow itself into some stature.
Does it did you get us out of it? Because of that that three sixty support from three very different branches of what we Know- has the power and the resources to keep something buoyant right. The other than to- and we don't even touch upon this, though right now, it's being kind of worked out and that is airspace conflicts so that delivery, drowns, you think, pizzas anywhere I ran away. I am because guessing what that's gotta run ingredients, but that's going to be like probably the most drone traffic that we will see in our society, because you know pick up a number of trucks that will cut down. When you drop off the without those still be trucks, but they'll just make a drop at a place and then the drone we'll do the delivery, because it I have a pre programmed rout. Just like the truck
the truck goes to one hub one. Then the drug don't come back and then come back and forth. You gonna hurt you gonna, create a beehive with the drones, like the images can apply a drone high at Rome high. Well, I hope you get these issues, hope they don't figure out how to make a queen the drones take over the drones, achieve consciousness rise and ITALY's eyes at its road rise address. They learn how to reproduce and there's the queen level, but looking to continuing the size of the drone over built up urban spaces right, that's gonna matter that legitimate, but that's a whole, but listen right now on every single cities, but especially larger cities. There's a big fight as to what is the bandwidth of space. Airspace that again and how big can your drawn? Because that's gonna determine how many deliveries are gonna be made. Just to be clear. Your job bricks. No matter what no matter. What so is something I think the people need to
you might say why can go to the store and get my fine? The drunken deliver your milk in your butter, we're ok enter and your salad. But there's another use here that I think is gone under seeing under recognised its I live in it in an apartment building. I don't have a garage. I will have a workshop. Ok, but I own a handrail. Ok, so I've had a hindrance for twenty years, and I can ask myself: how much time in total have I use that handrail. Ok, not a builder, I just needed for some emergency things here and there I might have used it for fifteen minutes. Everything down it. How did you draw a whole right? That's seconds, Twenty years, I've used it for fifteen minutes, so The future of drawn deliveries might be all crap that you own, that you, hardly ever use let someone also it now, and I
say, you know what I like. That idea wise. We could do that. I told you I. So basically, I rent a handrail with the drill bit. I need, and it's coming from a place that serviced, it ok, like a rental car. They based big polish that keeps telling them away to say so that way or jump pieces, lizards, it'll, kill us so so so think about. All the things that you that we would share right there. Especially share enemy, the economy to share economy, share economy. I've thought about classic barter system and I Don't need the storage space for no cause. I only at I needed- a billion twenty fifteen minutes and its poem. Bomb and an immediate about especial sized rob it. That's the one it gives you right did
fumbling over the thing and childlike ideology. I hate that idea will tat work ever that's a whole other things other than just bring in today's milk as effectively as milk, let the litter refrigerator monitor, how much is in all your containers and then later? Let it get them now. Furthermore, we were exercising it in a positive way, but what if we act I don't mind, and this will happen because we know will happen. How my criminalize this little drone of lovely drought gag Lord? You can do it again. I don't get people ideas, but if you know the frequencies over which there communique out his hack into factories, given an end. It brings all the groceries to me right here right, exact paper. Damn thing I just got grossly generalizers growth grocer cash- if bases you to do that with our first. It's you gotta grocery jack, believe it that's happening right now. They call imports pirates its people, who just
five places randomly and pick up. Whatever Amazon package is on a personal basis on on suburban, serious urban street right just walk up. That will happen in the city. Now you get your ass, you get your weapon the evil, so you do an air. So this is a whole. It's it's like. We are witnessing the birth of an entire in industry, industry, community and technology. The things we ve we ve come the drones and originated back in the beginning of the twentieth century, and it's always the way he said that way back in the beginning of the twentieth century way, by which I mean the nineteen hundred and seventeen, in my bedroom yet will carry you telling me we agree your control planes in the making teens I do believe so, and the good military got there first got why eyes, while so thinking about So we ve pilotless aircraft using radio frequencies back then we
There's some big names, bacteria, Tesla Ray you know, desolate the man not the car could rise. Edison was still at it. You know due to their some fun inventors back then so maybe it's obvious that that would be the next thing they did, because we were trying to control and understand radio free see energy now another another. We have Pylos planes back then we probably have teslas back then and didn't know it. Wouldn't it It has worked with windows, hustlers right, that's pretty, whose yeah right. So, if you take a step back now, if you can have a radio control airplane, that You can at the time radio control playing carrying explosives and not put a pilot at risk. Yes, an attack, an enemy man. People are just one would people the moment. You young people moment, we start thinking about how we're gonna kill each other. We come up with
Do you love me? That's it submits the blessing on the curse scenario. What should be a blessing someone turns into a white occurs it now I myself, my parents value recycling. It was by the way, an actual letter written by all moral right to a friend of his who asked him. You know your new aeroplane. What is the future of that? Could it be used for for evil ways and paraphrasing rice- and I hope not, but maybe it will only be controlled by the good guys. He lit the good guys and then I'll be ok, so Early in these people were thinking, about the weapon as of these tools and I'm glad to see it worked out. Just how fast Oh, he holds Where I letter from Orville reddened body- listen rang for by my part of yours, etc
weapon, eyes authority. We ve gone from military disport. Now it's back to sort of search and rescue and we now seem to be entrance was a military face, a more positive social face. Were you can do the sense in infrastructure pipelines, agriculture, development of crops, but then set a disaster very important areas. The house, after tornado, after they fired plus roads, might be closed off because of destructive, forces of nature flooded, Ants Nguyen Fire Oh yes, I appreciate the hopefulness with which we want to, and thank you the show that, yes, you have the the militarization of things. But when you pause and take a breath, you can say how do we improve humanity for having done so and answers drone race creates anvil and fridges. I got a czech nice Gary Reilly
Grass Thyssen, here your personal astrophysicist, bringing you another episode of start talks, sedition interim extra looking up.
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