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What's So Funny About Space?

2009-08-24 | 🔗

Our season finale features the incomparable comedian Joan Rivers. In this episode, she provides color commentary for a Red Carpet parade of previous show topics, including space tourism, the anniversary of Apollo 11, and the search for alien life (both in space and in Hollywood!).

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Why would she creature mysteries easiness with many questions to be answered now more than ever, we find ourselves searching for those answers is the very fabric of space science and society are converging here for the first time to review the knowledge, the Greeks. The barrier between what is sometimes in what is merely pop culture is is starting to use your house astrophysicist doktor email to Grass Thyssen Media Complex star, talk back on startup link, complex issue: you missed you last, I now so busy right worker. I gotta work from mining outcome that we pay enough here. Canvass for life, have comedian listening this star, talk, radio, I'm your host meal de Graf tastes and joining with me. My co host linkup withstand a comedian, an actress.
So what we ve got your star talk, radio! You can track us at start. Talk, radio dot net and not only that we are now pod constable on Itunes or we have to do go like search for start talking is. Actually I discover its discuss. Magazine portal that other other podcast available through that channel, but we're there STAR talk radio dot net. I think it's great. We talk about science and they show a neuron astrophysicist and the two of us just had a total spasmodic where we can get found on the air say, were real people, people lower good it. Could goodness aware on this? Is our thirteen shall searching show bickers dozen that's right, tight, routine chow an arm? I think it's been kind of successful, longer, I think a lot of ways to measure that how many people call in how many email
we will have been a low experiment. We didn't know how was gonna work out me out here. A brain physicist end you now as peace, kid at length of common, and I figured the space brigadier general, sometimes we found that Turning to what Stephen comparison on a show where he's had repeatable results, I just wanna I'd like to prove to them that I have listened to the shall learn something I think the repeatable results that we wanted to see. A people with wood would
Interested if we could draw sparring crowd and my crowd- I think that is There- is success and push it bring them both to the dinner party EM, the repeatable results would suggest and puts you are showing off that we had Stephen Colbert aghast slowly, I just a bit of a named after an we have some other big names. We have now been odds and Peter acts, so the real experiment here is is linking science and comedy really to see what would the experiment means have caused pop culture? I'm pop culture and a bill might have something to say about. This was, of course, I'm sorry, that's perfume minute. Let's see what you got to say on that our summer break as bill nigh going to think it would see. Well Phyllis find out what he's got to tell us.
Hey Bill, nigh the science guy here this week is science funny well, try this one hundred and eighty six thousand miles per second, it's not just a good idea. It's the lap see! That's that's funny if you know the speed of light three thousand kilometres a second that any funny you're not really about this. What, if a plane crashes, let's go! There were too many poles in the left. Half plain: that's not really quantity, it's about a plane crash, but if you know about control systems and imaginary numbers in the left have planted charming. There's these guys in Switzerland a particle accelerator at CERN. Is it true that you're gonna make a black hole that could swallow up the earth and forty five minutes? Now, it's more like fifty minutes see that's funny to the scientists cut to the illiterate journalists extravagant Mister Hall. I remind you that science is a human idea, maybe the best idea humans have ever had and since their humans involved in science and humans are funny. When I make science bunny get it, I get apply build. I the science
we regard you know boom. I started his career as a stand, a comedian on a few new. There really are you can't tell that scan cook? Well, listen! We we're this show less time, one where we're about to go on a summer break him, yes years, because we have given all we can to the universe right now and we both legally and enjoy a little sign and get out of the studio right. An arm we decided, instead of just doing like flashback clips. We have some interesting gas than we wanted to ourselves to kind of nostalgia. Clay go past. Some of this shows that we enjoy. I hear what you said: interesting guess this very ever spent my friend your friend, It's not just any old friend! I happen to know when you like slip in Joan Rivers,
try. Now. I know the best reluctance even know. That's what I had that our scientists and I pulled down reverie that I'm a fucking baby. You totally be totally delivered Joan Rivers we got when we went to her. How would you got to do with to dispute was because she was so kind to us by the little dog swimming around two years of their everywhere. She felt areas with her daughter, she's, like me, with my back and but also you know her grandson Cooper S, a huge science fan, he's like a middle school are receiving and he loves on hidden planetarium in your generous think, giving her your membership there, four percent to kiss somehow to how technology was thrilled, for we have a lot of interviews with a raven, listen to them, and we want to find out what were what her views on. What that many, the subjects of the of the suit of the series, which has for another hour favourite subject, and then we wanted to see what downward by, for example, and space exploration. What suits you told us about that?
talk radio is here in Joan Rivers, library, and I'm your digress Thyssen with linked bullets and Joan Rivers. Don't just my library I should be in here. I make it so What talk. As you know, we we talked anybody's, get some say about the universe we know you had stuff to say about everything, including the universe, so I just one startled her. Like a bunch of questions, I want to ask you if you will is it in space prickly in orbit around earth is like no gravity. This, like zero g and on the moon, is like one sixty g, and so you realising its with less gravity, things flowed. Do Germany thoughts about. Have you ever thought of living in space because things float network thought of that is. I know that if you go around the earth. If you go back Did you get younger? There was
and in the movie Superman's beer, but that does not real, though there was a super may well. Apparently, Suzanne son was now lives in a locker check. So now I don't like the assets. So would live in aerospace. But the clothes. Yes, I agree, but I like the idea of zero gravity term because on without gravity gravities? What put everything down? So it does give us that that more up left, that's the only reason I would even consider going in space is the idea of I don't have that dragged down just so George, you don't you re more uplift, apparently the finest yes, sir, you you will have things up reserved whether stupid space suits or good point. They look like a exterminate. Is I dont like this report such even if you're floating no one knows cause, you were in a space, zero suicides is there you can get your toes John there's big votes.
The gravity boots, it is so rapidly. So it's so you won't open toad gravity, but I would like if was I will wait. You go on the moon Angela figure out a way to look nice. Now I see I could totally see you doing for Curacy something something designer in the hole, the aerospace line we get? You if the moon in If you look thinner and then me marking that everything everything he received their ways they makes it look better. This is where this issue, if we want to find her on tv she's gonna, be on pvc like half the time is at an rose they're playing it over and over again in its wonderful comedy central when they rose absolute Jonah revolve now what does we urge also asked about the practical realities of human space export, what about that right, I do know or the world major a period in space
What do you do that I think this overview astronauts, lady to they send up member Eddie, drove wearing the type? Of course you think she's in eighty, because I say she's a genius, everyone cobbler crazy and I was only an astronaut comes up. The clever idea of going from Texas to fight, and wearing a day precisely to save time. I know Would you next to the car. I remember that you were to kill her boyfriend of the other, the astronauts white oh, it Azra things, but I think I love the idea of a I've. Always out of my body is convalesce frontier, my she's right is a place where no man has dared to go sit up and if you don T mean Accomac, like all of these, are concerned because in the long voyages to Mars, people have to live in close quarters for a long time and have to be really friendly with each other. Where you been,
a very ugly lady astronauts Oh, I think you are put a good looking hot last, not in there with a man like a big lumpy astern. You know this, but this was on one of our shows as well, that there is a NASA sex tape out there because they wanted to see If they could have sex in space and they actually taped it- and I was saying I've never seen it I'd. I've ever seen, and I said I thought the favourable position will be taught me so happy. Out the hell I was I I guess You get worship any laws of physics. If you're gonna do sex and space to you Santa Claus it? This is a word. You gonna proud, as viral video, you chose whereby failure that several very I will marry. Ok, so, just to recap, we put ugly women astronauts investigation, this speech to his I think we make sure we regulate their cycle and make sure that PMS when they're up there, because we don't need someone, I'm some sort of space craze
I wonder when they do some of the women s rights. They have to take that into consideration Psych well will mean a launch date when you're in space I now have your period, do a ballerinas. Don't I do I don't know Interesting one about resources: they would they because their basically dismantle Rick right they sell our is busy working and working on at like great alot of women athletes down at a very I won. A astronauts daughter. She asked these people You know, but now they tell us a stupid thing. You know there's other stuff, they don't tell them to determine Ashura throws up, didn't tell you there, you can, all the time in there in that little anaemic. Close in the air and they have my vacuum it up. Would take a woman in space
I don't is whoever it wouldn't be great and I think it sounds like. I love was tainted. Ask of you know why haven't heard yet, and it sounds like returning are too little kids and you keep coming and liked to Papa, like the teacher like an really astrophysics, that's good! I'm set the between the two of you during that interview. I felt like like why my even here you know cause you all. Just like resonating because you were keeping as both the down the earth and saying and push Jones been around for many decades as we know, and they see him raising among all she appreciated Mr Van and she's a course around for them in the nineteen sixties, and we recently had in June twentieth joy, twentieth, two thousand, and I was of course, the fortieth anniversary of the APOLLO eleven landing and so always want to know what people were thinking and doing back then, and so very much wanted to know that from Joan, what's my name, what she had to tell us
was a fire, Ireland that we had a wonderful little house. Why has an eye Ran over member city and watching as we all did on a vision watching them land on the moon and then all is insane whew started. They were, they didn't landed the moon, they get it in a new jersey and a hanger hangover. Less divinity, very exciting, and I remember that China do you remember this came out and said we our own space plan and we will have a medically a restaurant the moon in two thousand and one China big unanswered and Israel already made reservation- never China sailor. You guess what we will have restaurant, the moon in twenty five years. I will just say how smart we will have to say, but it would have no atmosphere now.
Am I love the crackling Jochen every now you're allowed to try baby so wait. I want to know. Is that really do what she was saying where she joking about? Did they say that then it was that the moonlight didn't really happened was that one of the rumours that happened that their work, the time no within saying it happened in Jersey. Later anger and where they have no lots of strange things happen. I bet one people, there are always people denial of the advanced technology, but I've seen the moon hoax claims. To be more vocal in recent years than back at the time. Because at the time there is the whole build that we had Gemini going into orbit and efforts ought to steps were taken so nothing to happening out of the blue. All I remember, as I wanted to watch chastity bono and sunny hair. My mother said now. Because we were going on the moon, because the main issues like look at that most like whatever and I remember being in front of the tv Show- did not already whatever they let all tied a kid. I say whatever I just like. I was annoyed
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rigorous space cadet rocket scientist I want to hear from you on the phone lines are open call. Now this is starting. We are back on the star talk, radio, your hosting the photographs taken with my coverts comedian Lynn, Complex Lynne. I have to say you're, awesome and getting time with with Joan Rivers, for this is thirteen programme about. Thank you any known as really fun. For me blaze, you were very collaborative effort. Only come up with what the Sesar about in our producers. Let us really join in. Ah it was really banks. I got to go back to some of the show, I really love an arm and then I thought were comically wretch than I thought. Can really enjoy in it. You know like what are the best funds was a virgin galactic.
Very strange tourism. We had to bring that subject to we just had to because either you know I interviewed people on this for that show an arm d, so people at home no we're talking out it was on space, tourism and richer Branson. Has virgin galactic desperation. Launch of the review an entrepreneur, Richard billionaire he's not going on the first voyage, but he's been what really pleased to take two hundred grand from you to put you on selling tickets to yeah, and everyone. I interviewed people on the street and and a lot of a seniors were all for it, and a lot of the young people are like a heck now, and you yourself me, I said now you're like I'll, try, the fifth or sixth. Why are you not about her too much about maiden voyagers ships such as that which seem blimp spell out? No. Thank you. I've seen those doors. I wanted to know what John it at seventy five years ago, when her reacts with growers for now only It was a first class action, really judge a right
there's no flight attendant or meal included? That's two: anyone Nope now you might not even have a bathroom because it just a flight up and then back you just like its sub orbital. When you come back now I gently, like first class, my own bathroom, I wanna be given airport our we given. No, I would not go being reviewed and get a window seat. That was my hoping for two hundred zero verdure where I was this, but you can sleep on sleep busy. Lieutenant for tuna grabbed. Rubbing your feet, AIDS. Jane, I once three gay men lined up Since you have been getting Milosevic theories having kids when this was over, she continued on about this this outrage seems absolutely discuss an answer with ivy. Remember when we did this show if people listening, if you go back and you you gotta our website and you go to that episode, you will
very high because it really was aggravating well. I can tell you that for her to ask for a sleeper catch, you put your pay and to get the view of earth. So she's, not gonna wanna go to sleep, Papa Gimme a break! Now, it's like them the way in which the vacation movie ok scene, it! Now how many for five minutes you see the view of earth s really going on. If I preach monogram adversely awake the entire time, someone people throwing up on me, I dont why? In and stuff like that- and I don't know big celebrity that there are also taking pictures. The vow Cumnor looking at the view of earth, but we What to ask about the Timothy Larry? Oh yeah, you know, there's a seems to be this trend. Timothy Leary among them cried Tom, bow among them the discoverer PLUTO. These are people who have requested another name drop. Go ahead. The boy had an end and then drop Clyde
but what are we going? Ok, if I drop Joan wherever ok but I've never even met the guy serve drop and intervention in historical figures are discovered. Pluto unsightly, Clyde attainable lawn. Item, but cried Tom Bath, among others, including who's. The guy who, who created STAR Trek Jean Rotten, bear aunt. All these folks have agreed to get their ashes launched into space and what time of ashes are gonna passed by PLUTO and five years and run berries ashes, went to the moon, and so I think a question for Joan if we I'm guidelines. I know if she did, she gets cremate what should we do? with her ashes, should watch dog ass. Should we send them into space or not? Let's see what she said now grab my ashes thrown in my agents, face So I know exactly my. My age is a, but I think it's You have to do something with the ashes, but just as every
I was getting creed enjoy were really space as it is. I don't want it. How my ashes appearance, bracer lettering, isn't it ignores carnal you seriously as a scientist. What would I do every resets cremated throwing the ashes ever dismays recruitment, but there's a lot of space debris there already without people's ashes, but they would just add to it. That's all add to that end to the garbage dump. Now I went average garbage is their appearance face at what point is there we ve its we have, because our satellites are up their cramming their spot in their orbit to try to do to get up to its it's. It's a mess and its deep concern going forward to because they that at no on the these satellites have to have extra fuel to take themselves out of orbit to burn up. Otherwise it just stay up there for ever. And so in the run in outer space to put satellite. That's what's going So what happens? If I wanted to put another sailor, our actual Knox,
but he also just because all the satellite spot for communications satellites are all taken like housing in Manhattan, like you're waiting for someone to die, so you can get their partner in secret. She's great, may feel smile. Every time I hear voices I adore her. You know The first time I ever saw her was law. I didn't know she existed. I was a little kid is back in the nineteen sixties and we got one. Relatives, arrange music for the fifth dimension and they were on the Ed Sullivan Show. I propose that now, given what you do, what the fifth dimension wants it. Ok, yes, it was a performance group, but actually fifth dimension. They were they were not that they thought that through right, did you know that four elements of ancient times earth, air fire and water there, but you remember them, but you read about them right wing and fired every time the earth now birth, air name be conferred earth, air fire and water. I, though,
the fourth element. Well, it was earth when then prior air got fired early on for being happy and having too much Oh, what you had. The Greeks had a fifth element that on a feeling about this is the fifth not only those for the fifth in Greek and was in the fifth element, as the essence of where the gods lived. It was the since, if they use it, was the cosmos So that's where the name of fifty meant and gave them well, I dont know exists clean, but I do know that if you want to think of a fifth thing, the fifth, the fifth essence is how the Greeks part of it and the word for that is quintessence. Intestines I've had my eight track with other groups, fifth dimension of issues may mention here, and I used to listen to want to marry me bill bang up up in a way and Aquarius. These were all
I've been songs of a generation. Well, I saw the fifth dimension on the Ets olive and show, and she was one of the acts that my that's an even so I had to ask I had to that at a reminder of this. He kicked which he said see. That's why you and it's all regional and following the fifth dimension- and I and you sign my autograph book at the time. You remember that now, but I will leave it. Jim magic, save adorable have a picture of all of us. Its own was alive and of your on the second half you got cut because people were on the first ever was supposed to have a picture of the fifth dimension. And me all. Look it up watching a cloth. Thereafter, the idea that was of the day and of the moment, yes to so have you ever performed I would say like telling you will go, it bumps. So I loved it's an. I love thereafter the idea that was of the day and of the moment. Yes, so have you ever performed for scientists or anybody at I ordered
geeky crass. Yes, as a matter of fact, I was hired. You are tricky a trick the convention and do my ass. But it was in Miami should mainly Jackie's but jewish Turkey, a shack cases jewish directive. I ve been around you long enough. Now I knew exactly what you are. I thought of the book. I know space like what's a shaggy because near as is so, you know, he's a genius of genius I've. Also. He immediately wants to know. Why does it now? I don't want. It bears more so by wondering what it should be worse, but I know how you feel like I normally rail. So how did it go it very where they were George. We have any was in residence, racist, smart. We know that everyone is interest rates, is smart, their interests. In said the outside of the Gulliby like me who I care about, is decorate my appointment as its base. I have been directed, I was Joan Rivers on startup I'd go ahead
yeah it's so so Lynn? How is it that you know John rivers are no comedians, know some of each other, but you do know Joan. I work on a tv show Cobb the Rock and I have seen channel and John, plays my aunt and independent film channel jam and content of offending eighth and downplays. My aunt on the sound like relatives, yes, and we had an instinct emissary and she is better. Maisie Mentor, the last two years, I'm I'm really blessed to say that and she's she's been a good friend and end just wonderful, she's, a generous and spirit as she is with her jokes and her time. You mean she did this for us, the middle of a million things she was doing she's about what I got out point out, as you know, how her voice a soda think she will leave me messages, especially when I have big bang, whose it's really you're, wonderful, your brilliant, its Joan River
and I just person there- the boys, like, I know a vague, losing one of the things that I wanted to ask him about here, because I knew no going back over past shows, I think. Owing I know, shopping shall have something rich here is. We did it shall on with what we ve been plenty of says: wherewith address the topic of life on other planets and on we have had a collar on one, so that I thought was hilarious. I remember his name Gary and he was the guy that was in in California. Turning a mile, and now it was a british I'm on a known how nice I want to know, is more people in the universe. So we we asked John about aliens in space visiting us and we know what she thought about that. Do you think that there is life? in outer space, because we know life, that's brig, perfect quest
excellent question and if you look at how big the universe is and how common the chemistry is of life, we may ingredients that you find everywhere in the universe, carbon nitrogen oxide is the most common ingredients in the universe and universes vast has been around a long time. It would be inexcusably egocentric to suggest that life on earth is alone in the cosmos by we keep thinking this text for intelligent life. What we might find, like ponds like at this point, we're dumbing down rousillon. So I might anything so so that's an interesting point. If, if we find life out there. It could be smarter than us or dumber right. You haven't like it. Bring about that if you're smarter than us during your day, my treat us the way we treat that would make us pets tonight, but I always wondered the whole universe. It suddenly so incomprehensible leads to me because it where it had stopped. Do you fall off if it goes on forever, either other
planets eventually connected, Should we fear aliens coming to us or should they fear us if we visit them now? I think we should treat horrified that coming to us I don't know about it. I don't render them. I don't a dog collar and that residents ain't you used to be a funny person earth the way. What would tat you can interpret patent someone's house I give you a rescue package, can rescue hours per day. Why does he would be one heck of a rescue vat that? Yes, this is serious where was born. Part of this experiment of stock is trying to explore sciences, pop culture and pop, and in the meat excite, have you noticed now every celebrity we ve had on one common thread, Peter MAX set out last week and I'm saving compare said it and challenges that it every celebrity, an unnamed
but everything- and one has said that they're all in awe of how big it is. Strange. She just said it again: choose like it's just on Spirea and how big it is. I'd like to think that everybody you'd have to be celebrity to feel ass if she had a quart of every time. You heard that, the journey and we're gonna break them. Yeah so yeah with which we will soon be having our summer break, but we wanted to get get reflections on the pre separated by the way who can listen to our previous episodes there being log when we get a time You can download them as podcast from Itunes and those you who are from another planet and dont have items you here these episodes and start talk, radio dot net speaking of words. Then people might be here living among us. Other planet recently might be here, we say taught to turn about it. Masquerading do. Thank you said you think that
fifteen I've been two times square and the many people I could have imagined within naked cowboy. I have to ask which people in Hollywood might be heavily real. In the movie man in Black, Dennis Robin who's, your friend right, my very good friend actually an alien and men and black and in real life. I want to know what other celebrities you think might be areas. Where had an unclear Tom Cruise or they were they believe in all Oh I've, Angelina Jolie with those stupid lips, those inhuman lips. She have the velociraptor kind of film. There are many of us Travolta because he's I did the anti Christ to me or an alien, because I don't think your career could go from venting barbarian until like Oscar were here without having I'm sorry, I'm gonna help you ve got some sort of packed with somebody the devil. You see that in his eyes is pointed ears-
we're making friends here and start doc I'll tell you three celebrities. I won't be honoured Tom Group that is wrong and that its Rodman I'm not meet. Dennis, though, is really he's really good friends of malice and down Broadway bid that that was all set with love. We also talk about you have foes, sightings and abductions while Yorkers I ever Let me get someone famous. There was talking about gettin, abducted and something that I fully understand it. The way to blame everything. I've been an age. Do that and when the aliens drop me in that women, those people back yard women to their lives with their wreck room and I had to have a caprice son after I've been impact. They found their napping on their so for her and Margo Kidder blame it on the aliens when in doubt blame it on me. I watchful eye milk with Jonas too, so I asked her she'd ever
You ok listlessly with she has never. A friend who is doing a document reactors and She is interviewed so many really smart people who will not give out the names cuz, I feel really hurt them say they have seen. I am not a friend of mine in Connecticut I saw them and their various she hasn't sword. A car together, but I don't know I never had any one. The harbour a Yale ever come out and say I seen a you ever so I to areas with no cheese. I saw it. I was you know I was getting a rabbit, lair was approaching use or they use it as some sort of excuse, resentment concerning come home by aliens improve. Also, another friend was very smart. He goes out. Are we really vital car? The shoulder the tv show out? We show and the carriage and here
it's out and he swears. He was in his house Malibu and he opened his eyes and now- this thing hovering riots I was window and then work is why Georgia and then again it went away so to people I'd respectively, and then allow Violeta asses that I gently direct and have seen, but none of them are dragged like an alien carcass. In front of you look at it now my cousin Sheila claims. I am did, however, Starbucks and they, good towards as Think Venus and they let it go because you can say how are we there yet You know it's an answer as surprising. They rose said her. I mean it surprising that they waited too long because look how quick she is like that was just on the for her head will not only that Joan Rivers, I think, is famous for get on the case of so many other people. So I kind of you to roast you not chicken coming home to roost
you now. Finally, criminals get a chance to talk about her situation right, let the average I thought she was the funniest bonnet, rose Robert Schuman. Unless I should have had not her with malaria is she's she's, comedy icon, I mean that's what what that is except for I did enjoy what's his name from the deck Vandyke, so am I by his name just went my head that fit in the famous older guy, who created a call reiner odor, any just kept cursing, because you know, got to do that. So we just can't say like em, ass, an all snaking petitions, lessons of money if they ever regime is in eighty seven year old man does goin, ah see why honey. This is kept cursing. It was really hilarious. Battened down your Oh, I just the first of all. I think many peoples
What about the universe- and I think the more you learn about the universe, the more informed your thoughts can be and from what I hear from Joan you can't be as comedic as she is. Unless he's actually thought deeply about all these subjects, somebody I'm impressed with her intelligence in her her back. And where she, where she wants to take on a thing about about comics, especially comic segment, myself and gianduja, above that I just for myself in the same category as in the same sentence on yeah, but the thing is gonna work, cultural anthropologists rarely we're just kind of reporters at the church. I really just go out there and dig it up and bring it back and we bring it back raw and we just You do with it what you will an arm and I'm dead. They learn this from working with you, the last couple of months now, and I love it- is that I'm starving see that I'm smarter than I thought I was when it comes to the anything Is it? Because we really, we really do have to think alike in and you know, and you brought it up a gentleman yarn, improved comedians. Our observers of Martha and culture in sight
is, I think, when it's the material for comedians, I am- charmed and tickled to realise that it can be a of committing acceptance. Now we asked Joan gross curious. What her educational background is because no one ever ask that of recovery, but he had no one cares that I've missed dance monkey. That's what she's a very smart woman, very smart businesswoman embarrassment. It you don't Joan, is how rare breed of books, smart and common sense, smart and come, and then you can. You can turn into a fortune. I asked her what what I just started with finer love, biology, very good, my algae hours, very good geometry. Terrific challenge resumed his very logical. I, like the logical, if you have you use geometer. Using a measured and geometry invidious gamut, I'm never user. I just love it because it may. I love things that make sense and you can control and geometers a very kind.
However, science. What's ok since always huge, so his humour in comedy right, so you do. Did you come here, but he is not controllable. I guess you If something is very funny and nobody else, does you ve broken, on you could never control bodies, but our dream. Yes, you can control this too. That equals this. Its control and that's it and you can change it and I can change it and that's a comedy you have any in the front row your whole show. So it's nothing to do NEA, was talking Niels, always asking me if there's a formula to joke rating and my type of joke riding, there's no formula, I'm scared, I dont more. That aren't you can't is therefore now I don't think so. Either strangers things they think of funny. You you're right work than setting, because all areas is and man who said Lizzie and although you got funny? Ok, that's the is the act.
I always have them laugh at the set up like I'll set up a joke, and now laugh and freedom like really, I haven't even got in there. Yet we conclude that comedy is not geometry. That Georgi is not. It is not a science. What will happen isn't? There is no such thing as a science, accounting and people that, Friday to I fear of soap, So. Anyone who says you have ever got any gave a logical. My don't take a course in Coventry. Lessons further and further for those in school. You know the limits when I find interesting is virtually proud of her sides background that I think that's great and not enough people are, I think they have signed something they were good, add or I don't like math and Lebanon proud of it and other people like ban behind them and agree in chuckle.
And I don't run around saying- was never good at nouns and verbs and chuckle with other people about this. So I think we should view. All of this is part of what we should all know about the world that we live in. Well We did a show on space, spin offs on practical applications of science and I I think this is getting to the core of it now, with our some of our recent celebrity gas, Peter MAX said at last beacon when we got back Eu Canada gave me that look like well with so called it. Fine influence him. So much and I know you're such a huge fan of comedy and I'm sure this has got to be adding to you to hear a lead My own errors talk about how science influences her alive, and I know I mean I know many scientists who love art and love music, and so I just it's it's it's very. I think you can't be a complete person without all sides of you, docked in fair and well and now with once again with the Spaceboat Russia, with all the applications that come on you on your computer- and here I found in I- it's just silly
Davy. Your lives aren't untouched by science, and then you know that that science can't be an interesting, exit topic. This is our last show before I go on summer break Thirteen show we been reflecting on some of the path chosen and, in the meantime, bringing you our interview with Joan Rivers, Buddy Lynn, and now you have those here- and let me guess I don't think cameras a buddy where an acquaintance but her dogs were like looking me the whole time. So I feel like I'm better friends with the dog man, maybe just tastes like bacon. I think we have already been further. You listening our talk, radio, you can download all of our past episodes on startup radio done that or podcast them off. I tunes it's a portal of Discover magazine by the way they ve taken an interest in what we ve been up to. We do it coming upon a break, but you have to say right before they on science. I may know you're breaking only gonna drive us even Kobe others do. That would slip, let's, because what I wanted
talk about. Was remember when Stephen per on the stone. We ask, you ask them a great crash. I love about about bout science and where does he feel we should be my now Yahoo and he was fast food because he said he thought we would. He would have his own robot and flying cars. So we asked shown the same thing. What she wanted for science. What was he a word? She expect Alcoa Fujikura. Cousin married a woman who is a Harvard who worked on making space ships edible, because of anybody got work on the day. She died in a program at Harvard because if they went up and they got stuck in space, it would take them like eight or ten years to get somebody else to bring back so sure say. How are you showing you say we made the most delicious, let tee desk, but missed her
really make sense, though, when you think about it, what it, because it s, There is a Linley keg. We started right now in can figure out how to get you down will be up there in two thousand fourteen. What are you gonna? Do you're gonna start, eating space, ship of deserts, gonna phase press law. I would lose weight before I went up because I'm I would not want people looking at me with a bottle of anyone going she's got the big worry. We start whether we finish that little one hour there listen. Why don't? We start with that me and linen the library of Joan Rivers. Tellin us just telling us like it is edible space on a bad idea. We're gonna, take a break. You been listening to start talk, radio. You can find us on the internet. It start talk, radio, dot net, we'll be back in a moment
breathing space inside it down to earth you're. Listening to start Ike Rebecca start on your hosting astrophysicist near the grass Thyssen, with my lovely code, then couplets actress incur media and what live men did for us on this thirteen episode of STAR talk before we go on summer hiatus, please she she's buddies with by Joan Rivers and in its way down dead brass cause. I mean I asked, I say said yet, which has very nice, because the value here is what part of our goal hip pitting with me and back and forth- is to try to see if the unit is there something funny about the universe that we can celebrate and to get Joe? to share with her son of some of our hour by hour,
asked episode just to see how serious they can find something they are. What we said in one of the earlier says that we need to give it to make over and we are introducing science to pop called either we put him on a day. We put him on a date for thirteen lakes and it was an arm and a text with a huge success was the love connection, all the worse science and an end. The real world got together and they made up baby called me alone, but they made our talk, phasing out I'll, take it the works. I think that's what I like it we didn't know get together and I like what may be the first show and then all of a sudden, and now it is bound to be made about other hot and heavy one of our first shows whatever earlier shows, was to celebrate the four hundred anniversary of Galileo and the telescope, and we can in fact always want to know my lot, Galileo. He brought sexy back all I want to know if somebody owns a telescope. Inward people's reactions are to them. So,
as that of Jonas. He what she says we did a whole show on telescopes those. In fact, our opening shall yet so Khazars the anniversary of Galileo foreigners, anniversary Galileo in his telescope and data him the telescope is, he had a very slow about euro was, and so he made this law it was. It was an extension men telescope, the smaller telescope? are listening crowd, Airbnb right now, killing Spock years back, hymning sewing we're, not gonna wants a rose. I daresay. Did you ever own a telescope? Yes, However, I have one ever country as and I have used the mountains. I loved you look at them. I origin also it's a great decorating, prof wish. When you say you, let me look about, you have to look at them. You'll have to look at the sky or you left the mountains, not the other neighbours.
Like those mountains, the fault is pretty. I don't care what they know where I think it's things. Wonderful. I love as having a very beautiful. I can violet stupid milky way that I'm not very good will not from New York you're not going to find milky way. You'd be like in the movies for thy feel better and finally Northstar. I was stuck in a boat. I these give GPS and then you're good, oh yeah. I get we cannot do so she's. I think she's, an affirmation of this experiment that we'd that we have conducted, because this wouldn't have worked with her but its work. Famously when our sitting ass well ass for smaller funny, so well, Why are what I want to know? You know about the planet's you know: how do you feel about the planet's this hit a lot of people via social who know about you? What up? Because I had no well PLUTO had it coming. First of all its like set that up straight,
I say we I want to find out whether she had any strong feelings about the planet's. Let's see what she said and I want to aid and abet Venus Mars. Now I'm gettin you good so far the fourth floor uranos PLUTO plutocrat Emma but will give you one. Don't do that. I will do You know how to come here, PLUTO how to come here. I flew planet, it had come his choice that never go colleges, school and stain of sticking with it said plan PLUTO ever who's out. We were- Our view is Jupiter. The Jupiter and did you say Saturnia did she say? I think you got em. All you got more gagging does because my great so that we may. We also made it that goes around or mobile.
You who cannot be should be an ex astrophysicist kids, love that they should know where we are. In the universe. They should know bout earth they should know. About how a warrior flat, I think, is very important to make them aware. So sheets. You actually did she left. Neptune no way she beyond reason. She got your anus was good I've. I've, I pointed to my boy. I did notice that at the top of your point, but why is Lynn pointing to her? But this is like committee comedians looked right at me went near enough comedian code. But it's not really. You don't say you re knows how to use a uranus here on earth Now. Now we got to ask everybody how's the world going to end at what would they do if they learned that the world was going to come to an end, and I got to say don't you know should have something to say about that. She's got a plan, let's find out now, It was several on the go ahead.
Jupiter got hit Julia Guy guy that really have sent me Jubilee got slammed by a common and jewels has the biggest gravity in the solar system. So it was kind of asking for it. But it's a shot Thus our bow, because we ve got these things. I could it earth, and we always wonder if you we're gonna get hit tomorrow and ass, the into civilization. What would you do today? Eight italian? That's it No, no, not now men, no sex. Now let me if I knew tomorrow, we gotta. We can and demolished going to be very Genie, we have made some, not even men men are not doing afford anymore her out of managerial vetted. She doesn't more varied. I would have better Genie, probably have free try onion rings. I will get come and get me, but you know what John we can get that right now and you could scrap set off your bucket last year, but then you get back out. We. I would like
now you be fattened dead and who would matter would like to know a week have it I wouldn't even tell anybody. Scholars are eating like that, but I would do that now certain for me. If I knew I had a week, I think I would start open handed slapping people, wouldn't that be great just open, handed flapping like in the middle of the drugstore minute, the girls like we don't have those batteries smack is it did at the end and these events, Elegant gentlemen, very where's very distinguished any said to me: this pressure there at least ten vases you're, like the slack So that's why we need the comments that people had deserved and slap guess. What can I do to slap people like? I you get out of the taxicab, I need a tap really come closer
thought. This is what you do when they asteroid comes by loving hands. How exciting things you save me excited media and we asked for one last question was what what what did you want to see happen in her lifetime, scientific What kind of discovery what just in why take on anymore, you she's got what did she tell us? They ve already made of of out of jail cause. The average tells you as sixty two billion dollars Then you can die. The very nice when there being given flap I'd like to see us I would like to see the the planet cleaned up. I think it's we ve been very serious Zack. I shouldn't we, but I think disgrace what we are doing. Our atmosphere disgrace wager our planet. I think we'd, better, cleaner, I saw them and also I like do. Like to live in, and I can tell me nothing: flying from outer space and destroy us that
very scary when they say a meteorite may come down, may kill you. Terror, which makes water charges Moreover, I am annex cars when I have the same. When can you tell me exactly women's? Go ahead, where we actually. So it's not the day will tell you it'll. Never here is the day. We tell you that if it it towards us. We can do something about it. Yes, yes, yes, I just wanna sign I think we're so much time on stupid things. I think we should clean up the universe clamped space and Don't worry, we'll go out into space. There come and find us John any for any parting thoughts, further stark audience just that. I think how wonderful d, if there were, soviet out there, they're. All single in jewish swift you think Joan and Al Gore needs a pair This is clearly green and month. That's a big green dimension to her. I would not have expected that more work
dig up a little summer summer break. This is our thirteenth episode of STAR Talk, radio, and we encourage people. There was in the website, you can come to Itunes and will be added to show per week as little time delay from the live broadcast, of course, but you'll get them and you'll get them yet caught up people. I don't want you not now we're talking about next time at our courts I talk radio dot net and in fact, you we're we're treatable it at STAR talk radio. We will be looking at your questions over even on a break. We will still be just where we will be monitoring how science we can keep working. Thank you and I ve been your hosts Neil, the grass Thyssen, I'm an ashtray physicist and I also serve as the director of New York City means, Kaden, planetarium and link complex Not only extend committing you're an actress alima zero, I am seeking on Sunday night so check that out is STAR talk, radio funded by the National Science Foundation, we'll see
Next, I mean you know miss you keep looking up. Yeah yeah. economic development.
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