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Wit and Wisdom about Wine

2013-03-28 | 🔗
When tasting the first sparkling champagne, Benedictine monk Dom Perignon supposedly said, "Come quickly, I am drinking the stars!" It's more likely the quote originates from a late 19th century advertisement, but the sentiment is universally appealing.

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Welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Dartle begin right now welcome to start off by Neil Degree, Thyssen and I'm joined by Comic Carlos Lynn. Couplets, win, welcome, Mr last we oh yes, sir. You I heard you talking about how funny, anyway, how great a while, but I think, you're like the subject this week with this The topic is why, in my view, the science of wine wine is good and we have. Actual special interviews and special contributed commentary, and you know why goes back eight thousand years, eight You will go even further work. If it did, we don't know Caveman, would do in it teacher
to write it. That's what it's all about. What gives written down it just so happens this week, I just confirmed the discovery, the oldest complete wine production facility ever found dating back forth. I was in b c and it's a cave in southern Armenia, and they found no how'd. You know The production facility found great seeds and withered grape vines in and the remains of press grapes and, and something that looks a rudimentary wine press in it at all that all the trappings of of a war production facility you can find my apartment wine sloped pots drunkards, add so wine, so parts. Well, you don't know that like I know what better so Potter's well known, what would you have facilitate broken pot? Fragments you get you get stained wine stains on, so it means that the receptacle speck than they do now.
Last I go with you. In egyptian murals, showed details of wine making and, of course, is the most famous reference of wine making them all Noah of Noah's Ark found, he was a wine maker, as described in the Bible, and it's it's. This laid out trapped in that power, is how annoy you gotta do something that our Mount Arab planted a vineyard harvested grapes, produce wine and got drunk this. Is that what we know of the fellow so you know I interviewed a master of wine. You know, but when master of wine is. She is somehow yeah she's. Well, she can't be assuming a neural net. Wine is also a year, but when I saw me always are masters. One may know no one doesn't have to be the other but and master. Why would make a very good somebody? I use the term to become a master of wine to study for three years. You write a thesis in your tested over four days and you have to.
And if I thirty six wines blind and a blind tasting with a covered up, you can't see it. You don't know what it is. You have to say. What countries from what years it from what vineyard it's from, and you have to identify them, and only only two hundred eighty matters of wine in the world exist. I'm sorry I think that this picture me take your methods and the man twenty for having nineteen sixty seven vintage October for Thursday, so it was Jennifer Seminary, Brian she's, a master of wine and visited me in my office up at the American Museum of Natural history, and I want you to hear some of my conversation with the Syrian again among many years ago one of my greatest moments, when someone called me a wine jet, I your star wars nor I miss STAR, were then STAR Trek. Then why don't you of a light sabre instead of just an ordinary sabre, because I don't think actually exists. I used to have one is a kid that lights up
those in the dark and stuff like that, I won't work in a champagne bottle. I action had to use this method on a bottle. It was an enormous bottle that was an imperial earlier bottle equivalent. I ate a bottle and the cork wooden come out. Some one half of the cork out equipped with the cook was breaking so half of them. Work was still inside the bottle that situation, and so it was a dangerous situation, and I happened in my office to have these sabre and I actually said- and I took it out in an sabert it, and so the only way to get it out as opposed waiting with it was like a ticking time bomb. Show you like jet. That power is using. The four horses reason was removed Before, what's with the fire, while champagne pretty inaction, part of that part of its copies of the legacy of part of the reason why they have the file. Aren't you so that you don't see how far they ve built it up, because some are much higher
than others soccer. Sarah saving the bottling lines it looks much prettier than they already are getting cheap. Doubt via you know, make a couple of occur to the already trying to deceive us. I know we got the Miss little wired, the wire cage, and it always takes six twists to take the buyer. King I'd never counted before that are so geeky of your two three four six it. Its twin all over and just one what the bottle is. This is a bottle of brute piper hijack hide sick, a very valuable, rightly very right, and what is what did you pay for this aspect? Thirty, two to thirty, two dollars. Ok, what do you want? I don't know it's a social he's holding a borrowing, her left hand whisper it does. This is obviously takes concentration. Jennifer's got the bottle. In her left hand, she lives the sabre, and she is Whoa Ok, I'm glad you didn't pointed towards the door with a glass
she just knocked off the entire upper section of the wine bottle the cork, the neck and there's a smooth surface there she launch it into my office and its hidden behind who knows where, but the wine bottle. You don't even pull the cork out. The court came off with you broke the glass the glass and all you. A really smoothed clean way unto me the longest launch was a hundred and seventy seven feet. This is something gifts to get together and be who we got it? We got to do a football field length on that one now the bottle of does it have to be especially cold or actually probably launch faster if it's warmer well, the problem, if its warmer is that it's more combustible, and so the glass can shatter the entire bottles. So when its works perfect, but when it doesnt you're dead, so about promotion and paying that we then had to drink, because you couldn't recorded
and I dont even know about this method. Will you take the top of a champion bottle off? If you have problems, removing the court, which is a problem? I've never had I know I haven't, I read everything I ever drink has a screw up. Thought will the pressure. Even more champagne as a scoop of absolutely my job aims, as wine will Sparklin flouted in it. So in the champagne bottle is, is ninety pounds per square in sir Pressure, which is about six times that of ordinary atmosphere. So it's dangerous. It's that she's right. If it's too over pressure, can shatter the entire back. So if you want to cool down the champagne as much as possible to reduce the pressure and if it's a warm bottle, it's trying to bubble itself out in a pretty much higher pressure, we have a hot bought into thin air oh and an it's been measured the cork in flouted twenty five miles an hour could put an eye out. It could play an algorithm at the end of a dinner party here against US
back with a pat on thanks for the campaign over some other cool physics about why glass. As you know, you ve seen me maybe tv commercials where someone sayings soprano sayings and shatters the glass this actually possible to do. Quickly with you, when you do there, sir, frequencies are sound where he wine glass resonates vibrate, just at the same time, see as your voice and if you than increase the volume of your voice, the vibration get bigger and bigger and reaches a point with a structure. The glass can't handle it and shatters? Ok now I know a little bit something Desgas. I watched the food network way more than any one said by about what looking forward looking champagne. But what are they look when you're looking wine. But what are they looking for when they look at him paint whose you see them hold it up and you're? Looking at the bubble, yachts, right, that's right and so bubbles matter. Bubbles are good as part of what the seller patient is and it turns out that bubbles help your body absorb the alcohol faster than it
The wise would in fact ways a lot about prom. What was so their paint. You can get drunk faster, stay drunk longer and then experienced deeper perceptual impairments. What we normally happen with champagne among women, look younger. Let me get my homework things, but not I don't mean younger and we need to get some in. Your right now is isn't time. Monumental entered so continue with our my interview with Mediterranean countries from now on generally Mckenna Brian. By the way. She's. There are fewer female. There are fewer fee matters of wine than there are female astronaut, so she's a rare breed in the world, for having out. I don't know your lightweight, let's find out what she likes it mine
next clip, would you tastings got the bubbles and he's got a nice color there? I'll drink a little more noisily for the radio another there too cycling through your olfactory glands, but the great thing about champagne. I love about this champagne painting. You can taste Otto such were the auto lyric character. Our policies, I assure you, there's no taste. I've ever had were thought to myself this taste like hotel, never come up. I mean it does come up because it's late on its side for years happens as you have the yeast cells they die in their sole wall, breaks down and there's all these nitrogenous compounds and seal compounds are go into the champagne they give it that typical compounds and seal compounds that go into the champagne. They give it that typical Tuesday,
skidding, toasty misgiving antimicrobial Toasty biscuits TAT morning for recording doing so. That's why champagne makes a good breakfast. Why I never thought about it. Takes you right through the tank, provided you can resist putting orange juice. It's true. I have to ask what the single favorite glass of wine. You have had in your life, you know, I tell you whenever life throws Yo Curveball or you have a really bad day at work or it's a really bad week and you sit or try to run might like. Why am I doing this? Why my in this industry questioning your existing ontology wirelessly out- and it's usually await burgundy? That brings me back. Is that right? white burgundy that I am wiper guineas made from shard, nay and forward. Looking to complete you does that so beautiful, although you re You know the evening comes to a close desserts being sir, and I got a reach for a or very soon.
Wine to drink after a meal, and just takes me to new places, people think sweet. Why they think gummy? syrupy and as this is so not the sweet without being gummy and Sarah piece of high tech, Kai, yes, but it's a little that's fewer dimension. In ITALY. For me, unless I've been aimed been drinking- and I literally I want I gotta- have I keep hanging out with you right until guys is made in Hungary, so I went on a trip through Hungary and tasted some hungarian Tokyo just rocked by well. So many. What's your favorite born of lucky phrasing At the very end, the back I received him also see see clear I can even elicited the beginning was very scientific and very interesting, but the very end I really a good hunger and you're? Like a really I go that way. You lose yourself in a glass of Red Blah, blah now I mean Oh, I, like anything that free works,
ass, a free wine. That's the losers! Will you know about about champagne? It is said of Don Parian. Have you ever had a dumper, you ve had DOM pairing ya. Even had a glass tat. If you haven't, you ve clearly seen it in store window. I've had it is rumoured that the DOM himself upon tasting the second fermentation that makes the bubbles He said. I believe I am tasting the stars Hawaii. It wasn't a monkey ozma, but in its isn't, which rumoured that he said, but he probably didn't, is only really traceable to an ad campaign back, and I am thinking that I am looking in fact. I'm eating a flaw, outdated friends enough anyway. That's why deadline, Johnstone talk has probably all got so drunk. DOM Pair who come here, DOM sat up and get back in bad taste in those thought it is so you You were there. I did think that's a lie. Big? I am bringing that sounds like a mad campaign. Whatever, so do we
It is traceable to that, but it's more fun to imagine that he set it upon first, remind you gave this ah, but the one they ve been other? How I am licking the law? I drank too many or time for a while is complex, that we'll talk more about we're wine gets its place. Come back, pay start advance fans on March. Twenty fifth startled live is back. We returning to the historic, come basis centre for the arts in about New Jersey and tickets are on sale. When right,
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The white wine is not just some liquid and a bottle of laying down. Why I was at a quarter every time. Someone said that about me. Some old just check a bottle I am so wine is a- is a is a it's it's a living product it it's born at age is yet you created with living living organisms and gets bottled, and it's still continues to evolve and then make did now now when they wanted Wine is taste a certain way. Do they just go out and say, like oh working, to make an item lines we needed to have some epoch caught me, the pine cones in it or not. I know that both fruit in the water fruit and find out what you see. Why? Let's go back to our two special guest of Jennifer Seminary right, who visited me in my office at the hidden planetarium too, talk about wine and how they make it she's a master of wine, but have only thin on their children. Eighty in the world, who should go
what's up with east one general yeah yeah yeah, I just have to ask because it's in bread, it's in farming commercials, it's ok, what it's! What is going on now, I'm just trying to understand ye shows in the Darndest distant places, so there is an wine and, as I understand it, as has been described to me, you have great use you put in some east, the east likes the show turn the sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide occur, and then the yeast dies in its own exe and that's one making gonna want. That's. Why making one one pretty much I gotta right! You got it right, yeah end You leave those he sells. Let's say like for a shortening. You can sit there for a while take on more creamy texture, there's there are things that they continue to excrete provide
why not only the arguing about champion the same thing. So not only alcohol, that's just a bare minimum. Further nuances show up in the wind. From there. So walls make that toasty biscuit character in champagne. It creates a creamy texture. These would be used that have died, Rees even their lives there sending given. Two weeks, you know least that have given their so walls for your enjoyment, widened that is so wrong. What, but also you have producers that inoculate with one specific type of yeast, and then you have the. They're just kind of let it go. They just kind of but nature do whatever is going to do in luck on EAST is all around us and is on the skins of the grapes as well. You know that having waxy film, that you see young grapes its use That's on their just! Let it do it's thing because the the premises we have one type of yeast you're gonna get a very predictable outcome and that's what some like makers rely for them is it'll, never be truly great.
Not necessarily true, but the philosophies of you. Let nature do it's thing there are Thousands, if not millions, of types of easy, just like people we all operate differ we look differently smell differently? So do yes! So when you have that complexity of all them working at the same time, they all produce something different, and so there's layers of flavors, which we call in wine complexity. So that's kind of lens philosophy that if you use indigenous were native yeast that it will had layers of flavors that you wouldn't ordinarily for leisure flavors for your layers of so much, on the same year interviews, sometimes especially the ones where you're being flirty. What do you mean? What's up with you
Larry as expressly like. What's up with you, I want to know your quieting mines want to know, and use is not only a very would not do not the only variable with wine because, as you know, there's the ritual of point both sort. You have screw trucks don't even think of feathers. Cork has been the time tested choice of what it is to work up, a bottle of wine, and but cork has gotten a bad name lately, because I sometimes cork fails cork, as is its poorest bark of a tree and motto if these plastic laxity exactly so that we would just call them plastics. Ethnic cork is there's a court tree and it's the bark of the tree that is highly porous its wild, the court trade. Would you think they would he think? What would you think? A came from, or just never thought about. Why don't know. This is a sign of a kid me monsieur cocoa baby if he was a man from called Spain,
now the town, a framework of cloth, so so with court, its bark of a tree, they harm and they use it. What's good about it, you can squeeze it put it in the bottle. As the cork get wet, it then expands and makes a perfect seal exactly the problem is some courts have been misbehaving and they ve been Admitting bad chemicals into the wine prematurely aging and in fact the very word to be corked of a bottle is meant it is it's been prematurely aid. So that's why they're now experimenting with plastic works and screw taps scutari even for expensive wine. Now, why is it does no more than I do know that no longer stigma to have a scrutiny? I know that, but it is a signal of your white comes at a box. Mom took the box down not interesting thing about wanting to box it? Most people don't appreciate, because it's the wine is not actually in a box, it's in a plastic bag in a kidney it it's an abyss up. A bag of collapsible bag within the box and
big it. Here's one should make Caprice son for grownups. Ok, here yes, and so so here's how it works as you, yourself wine out of this bag, the bag collapses. No her gets inside the back, so the states fresh. The entire were, however, want to take you to get through the box, and so an hour. What I can tell the Serbs are over and so and adopt it. He was one of the biggest problems is for very expense. Lines, people try to fake them and then put them up for auction and yeah. So what they try to work on now is special electric tongues, electronic tongues that can taste my maybe one get money when whence it means I say unto so you put electorate can basically date. The wine- and I can tell you today in a lot of people, tell you
Nobody would take an electronic ten right now so through through his wine. Is once alive. It has carbon fourteen in it and you can check the date of a wine very accurately with certain, but the working on these electronic toll the tongue with a silken ship goes in and tells you have some Larry. How old do that so daring to have all the wine that will be daring now be used for dirty purposes, possibly depends on an absolutely I'm telling you right now so now, there's a there's more to learn about wine agenda. Seminary are our master of? Why Hamblin Little will tell us about what the French do? They want to claim that their one is unique in the world there. Is a french term called tell la belle. Doesn't just read: terror I know with an iron. It is terrible with an iron it wrong. I didn't chances. Robinson is also master. One went through an airport that said Terroir arrest and she was stopped but Agnes
until he is referring to everything, has to do a round the vine that makes those grapes from that buying taste. We did it does, which were to its work. Direct translation, so there's no english version of that word and its. Basically, it's the been that you talk everything into. Did you and otherwise identify white works, sort out. Their hard, you just said is the soil? Is the graves as the sunlight is suppose you're supposed to sunlight? It's all that yeah, that's toward that's terrible, No, but it's kind of debatable whether or not the wine make is also included within that element of Tesla or the yeast because east as ever where different resources not all used and made the saying exactly so does that relate to tell ya so there's elements that people in different definitions, but it's that Junior Sequoia that
makes a taste the way that it does get my french tricks for the day after that was Jennifer Seminary. Brian and Lynn, do you know French? I'm in here How do you say to me? We re pretty predict the teapot all the French, I know from off the labels of french wines. Do you know that the french wine the street today owes its existence to grafted routes that were brought over back from America. They weren't there they dont than are quick to admit this, but there Its were were completely decimated by a louse which hold a route louse that totally tore up there lines and they destroyed them. Basically, and our food stocks are resistant to it, and so rather than used the entirety of Why have they said? We're not gonna. Take your grapes, we're gonna, just take your routes, so all Bordeaux and and and
and all the wines from that region are derived from American reached us there, but they do not contain tell you that. But then I can tell you that, but that let me there This sum is a hybridization of it and now they're trying to do the same thing genetically rather than actually cut off a route and glue today go into the genes of the grapes themselves, encourage create modified wine and this week and some people out in Oak as they like France. They don't like four. And food you know about this. Genetically happenings cared huge, which was a huge covered problem. With that know, what's allows were well known, is like it's. It's it's but like headlights, it's like that would attack the roots of love. I want to know if there is not the same life. This is like special french life, I'm pretty sure you don't want to be on its head out. What are we gonna buy an IRA brands and loud so think about it. If you can,
ethically modify the Even their louse are annoyed, but if you are not a Franco filed here created a lot of frenchmen, leaving TAT Star talk, return right after this Welcome back to startle limp. We need to hear what you have returned alive. I you know, I really love you in the last, but I really love. I can t really Dr Weir Candy works, but I can't I can't drink it because I am getting older now and again with the sulphates. My whole face turned thereby old in irish moment is a lot of sulphur in the wine industry that used to stop the fermentation in Anthea, prevent more than that.
It's all over and I can I can drink homemade redmain. My uncle is to make it because I'm Italians, who even make it in the basement and where did you grow up what we grew up in flames? I was raised in you know in this house. That implies, I wouldn't make alone a longer than never my uncle. My uncle lived among island coin along and he made it down in the basement tying guy- that's that's what they do. There was a good now get me for wine and was made in the basement. Nike sprite bottle is the letter, because this is a question for you have worn space voyages going forward. Then you way from home. For years, a trip around Europe to Mars will take at least three years, and we could you gotta get there that's nine months and they get away for earthen and more to realign in their orbits, so that your trajectory can come back efficiently by the time. It is three years.
Will you go three years without the normal trappings of what brings pleasure to your to your eating experiences? They make alcohol, imprison everybody, everybody heaps drinking, Nothing keeps you from drinking. You know they try to slip. Some sherry onto Skylight sky, LAB America's first space state back in the nineteen seventies and Sherry sharing old lady than there were in packets and they deliver them to Johnson Space Center in Houston and the like little juice. Bags but NASA being a little the little trigger shy. There was afraid that maybe the Mai triggered some negative publicity for what what that was about but also do you know that wine orders can like make you sick if you're in zero g, some people are extra sensitive to odors wine orders, in particular in zero g by sea. I would get sick even ass, the wind in zero g from floating around, but some people it would trigger. That's for that to be very careful how they do this and so up. Every guy did the idea
calling the asteroid I'd like a hero. Are you guys their lives? we're going to change the rules? I lost it from pearl, We're just gonna go. Take a look at me most of our already read. That would be bad. Sir. We're in also interviewing Jennifer Seminary Brian she's, a master of wine, and I asked her about just going great space and what what she knew about the Tec. Aren't you ve growing wine and controlled environments, and let's see what she says, the big question going forward is whether the multi year, mission to Mars is being planned, whether they're gonna get to take one line, not in glass make labour not voting. Good I'll make a recent events might now energy to keep it for honest on what you just hang up the battle all down the window. Spits France, ITALY, Greece and then you put it on a Sunday. Can heated up it's a bit. It's your own, fast thermodynamics out there. So that's an interesting question, because the quality of life will matter
you are people remain sane and happy in. If wine is a fundamental part of good living and stable, psychology than might be some thinking about what why they would take the good thing about the rise of just get better yeah. It's true for the tv show that our House Nova signs now one of the segments that will soon air is space, food and there's a push to try to grow vegetables. Hydroponic on the trip, Mars, because you can't bring all the soil which is too complicated, so you get the right nutrients for the water and you Ro the root system in the water. Has there been any attempts to grow grapes, wine, making grapes and pure water, hydroponic, environment, I'm sure there are. I haven't seen any results of that you do indeed have absolute control over the nutrients that the gap, a brute sir part of the problem with one in the end for the magic that is wine is that you cannot recreate a sock.
Earn. You can't recreate shuttle of feet Rothschild for some reason. You just can't created in lab. What you're saying? Is there not verrier? And so there susceptible two crediting all manner of things most, if not all of which might have nothing to do with the product, yet they gotta credit, something to say this is why that's good or this, why this taste this way here in a few years, the way you ve, I mean I was very good of you- mutilation as a few yards away to taste very, very different, so cheats Learning wine is just really complex, more complex than anyone admits that they can actually understand what I like it. You know NASA. We ve got satellites, warbling the earth and is looking at her, not only in in visible light with other way. You ve links of light. That's these things at the eye, doesn't see and so growers California, teeming with NASA to get settled. Images of their vineyards that can detect chlorophyll
both in the leaves of the of the grave of the of the of the the grape vines also detect other properties of the health of the crops that enables, in a judge exactly when to pick an exactly went to. And so this is quite a quite a collaboration. That's been unfolding as we go forward. Nasa the satellites me why not if it can help here, you're, you're, harvesting and near and this is what you do like the harvest. This does not, of course, be they want picture grave. I don't think differential use astronauts for this is that I think I feel like there's some major resistance what it is that technology can provide, a friend have some weird friends monkey that runs in the fields and laughed and softened ahead, or something I'm not that's, not the half of it. We went back to Germany, similarly Brian to talk about what the French actually believe in them manufacture of their. Why is it a monkey might
well, I think, but let's let zapped among let let's find out what that's all about? There's something called Bio, dynamic viticulture and it's done by less than one percent of vineyards all around the world, but the ones you do to your primarily in France. The last He comes from a thinking, twenties austrian philosopher called Rudolf Steiner. So this a philosopher and mix yes, yes, there's a philosopher and an ex never good idea to base for agriculture on a philosopher. That's been attempted in the past with great famous failures of this. What I think you ought to base it on site, Well, I'm going to say I don't know if I believe in Bio, dynamic viticulture, but I'm gonna tell you the philosophy and what they believe, I'm here to whistle Goin out will be open. Minded financial open minded that my brain spell out. What you think about it, because there are some radical producers of bio, dynamic wines produced
make some of those expensive and luxurious wines in the world, and they truly believe this bio, dynamic viticulture contributes to making their wines or even better worth, making good Before they started basing it on the universe, yes, but they feel everything in your whole world is connected to its vet. So it's with very new aid, its Gary New age samples, and what are they do? What an exam you have the parts of a vine. So you have your roots, your leaves your flowers and your fruit each one of these. Things relates to each one of these parts of the plant each of these parts of the plant. Each these four parts relates to the work components of existence, that's been throughout the ages, air water earth and I am sure the famous aristotelian elements, all the elements and, of course, the music group from seventy. I looked at it
the hot air out. On the one hand, there was no agent their age of errors and we're declarant, there's air mediums site, so they got it. Aristotelian elements which we learned in the discovery of the periodic table of elements that their quaint remnants of a distant past, The four elements you may feel that their connected, so during the descending moon cycle, that they see that, where the sap from the plank goes into the roots, that's where they think that you can pruning then, but you can't do other types of activities during that time and then in the rising moon cycle when the that is rising. That's when you can do grafting and other types of rising moon, waxing mean waxing and waving. A young grows to fall in rank goes back to new moon. So there's other elements that they bring in even the Zodiac signs. The brain and astrology turns the bringing astrology well so itself like they really dont know why they make great. That's what the hats
like to me, I'm sorry it's a religion than they really truly believe that if you are doing something when the cosmos says it's a good day to do it, then it makes Why makes the wines each better longer suppose the cosmos started, whispering to them. Don't plant any crops this don't hurt John PIC? Let the grapes rod on divine things that you know, Cosmos is clueless, this big money, so buyer Dominic we and that's not even the weirdest part. If you actually part the curtains, theirs we're going on there. So, for example, according to this twin eighteen, twenty four philosopher Stein, yeah! That's that there are even more Not then, you now know, sir, open, nine Bio, Dominique preparations, one of them is you going to make a compost of cow, manure and courts didn't feel like it basically and seven minutes, and you take seven medicinal plant
and you prepare them in several ways. One of them is you put oak bark in the skull of a farm animal and then bury the skull in a board of environment over the winter, and I dig it up and use the oak bark in the compost and a discard. The skull This is this is like something out of you out of medieval times, another one put yarrow flowers in style, eggs bladder? We hang this in the river in the summer sun, then you bury it over. The winter will dig it up in the spring and its the contents of the bladder into the compost, and then you discard the bladder. This is part of what they're doing so, and you have Why? I think the French are crazy, you dig it up. You put the bark and combo you discard, the skull or late will be ready for them. So it tells me the monkey as long as they still making good wine, I'm not going to stop them, I'm not going to stop them, but its clear. If you look at the history of people-
to figure out how the universe work is clear that when you engaged in this kind of thing, you really don't know. What's going on we'll be right back this, welcome back to startle Neild grass taste here with Lynn problems. So why is just one of these amazing beverages that is reveals itself in all parts of culture in all parts of rituals and has been with us for ever, and we have a we can introduce in today's programme a new contributor to Our talk, radio, Brian Mallow, please, it's always humor risks. Europe.
Yes, when anybody else just humor real annoys me many. Does that mean what new eminence are doing that around me? I'm gonna go this guy's bread and cheese. I could see. Ro Mellow, he's he's he's a scientifically illiterates, committed and not just play. I'm with. Let's that word pay these aware and will find out what he has to say about wine and all that goes with it. Seems like every other day we hear of another study on the health effects of wine, but is it good for us or bad one will say it fight heart disease, another that it raises pressure. One says it increases lifespan, another bedding This is the risk of cancer- is enough to dry view to drink, no other beverage. Quite the same stature is wine. Sure beer is more popular, but drink beer at mass. A class restaurants, only wine gets its own special menu and some people
have special climate control chambers in their home wine sellers that monitor the temperature and humidity for the slightest fluctuation will not even the babies room has that now. I'm no connoisseur, I'm not a wine year, a y know or whatever you call yourselves. I prefer a handful of grapes to a glass of wine, so I wondered Why is wine so intoxicating? What Don T deserve such devotion. While I was up to learn that case? Can be made that wine has helped save more lives than Superman you see, although Humans have been making wine for. Thousands of years the process fully understood until the eighteen feet. France's wine industry was in trouble, wine, spoiling profits last. They called in Mr Lewis, past you're, like a superhero Maybe they shine the giant spotlight into the sky with abundant bunsen burner a microscope and he answered there call stir made some remarkable discoveries
The fermentation the changes, the sugar and grapes to alcohol is not merely a chemical process, but a biological one, yeast is a micro organisms that each sugar and excrete alcohol today a billion dollar industry is based on the waste product of a microbe, and a different microbe was called. In french wine to go. Bad pasture figured out a solution. A heating process called coincidentally pastoral zation, which would lay be applied to milk and cheese canned food and juices. He also realized and was able to prove that Michael organisms, are the cause of various diseases, and this item to develop vaccines so that our problem, the french wine industry led directly to the development of the germ theory of disease. To modern health practices like disinfecting, surgical instruments, vaccinations and past relation which have doubled the human lifespan. Giving that much more time to drink wine.
The next time you raise a glass take em to remember. Lui Pasture Super chemist am the little unsung heroes, the east, the true Micro brewers, then- and now and if someone gets snooty with you remind them drinking EAST P, four star talk, radio Brian Malik there, you go, I gotta use people's party a mellow so he's he actually does conventions and things so So he's gonna, we're gonna, hear from him again in future shows I will be there, so you realize you'd never hear. The french paradox means trying to replace me with ease, lend you are replaced one is the french parent on Friday evening and existing the the french paradox it in its generally called its civil war patients are one of them. Is the mediterranean diet that very rich
can Shih, Annan and other fats and the french diet is rich in butter, and all these things that would normally clog your heart, not lead and red wine. The all these they don't like what is put in particular the high fat content of their food. Yet they have the lowest incidents of heart disease compare with other nations that dont have this, and so the question is what is different about France compared with other parts of the world and pay, found that if you have a healthy, healthy dose of red wine that this combats this may combat these. These other factors that would put your health at risk, but the problem because these all epidemiological studies which meet you can't heard everyone into her room and force them to eat one thing or drink, something and then test. Later. You have to get some sort of in their situation and so the control on the data is much much less refine and it may be that the people who drink beer are
not as highly sort economically privilege as those who drink wine and those are drink. Wine then have a greater sense of their health. So it could. Just a correlation rather than a cause and effect, maybe that still needs to be determined. Can't we just take a baby and sky like who ever gets old enough to drink wine, to study it like a little sick, Your old friend scared, I think your laws against when they got another one, give them one. Since your friends, kid beer and the other one. Why document a box and adjust trust? The ultimate, though, do you eve and butter ideal on dual experiment, but I happen to like butter and and remember that tv show the too fat Ladys, it was a cooking show real call back at me when he said it was called the too fat lady Gaga, too fat checks out. There was some so and they were, they were shafts, they were like celebrity chefs at one of them died of of love, answer, but not of anything related to her physical a few seventy one.
And they were really large. They wrote a motorcycle that was, it was odd thing, but they be slithering their food with sticks of butter, and since then? I've I've triple by consumption of butter map empowered, the in politics, that's a lot of butter and everything, but is good, is how much Miss parlance is death until there is a public good. Is that how you have you judge that till it doesn't skin and now we are told, like certain traumatic event, split down. The back I say did today. Is that what happened to you here or chemical I would call not a matter that won't gets too much butter are that's it for this episode of start up thanks, Lynn and as always I beg you to keep looking.
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