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Would You Be a Space Tourist?

2009-06-08 | 🔗

Richard Branson has formed Virgin Galactic and is now taking reservations aboard the maiden voyage of SpaceShipOne. Would you spend the estimated $200,000 for a 45-minute trip into space?

Neil and Lynne also discuss the mechanics of sex in space.

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My meeting with sea creatures, mysteries meetings with many questions to be answered. Now more than ever, we find ourselves searching for those answers is the very fabric of space. Science and society are converging years time this week. You view the knowledge, the Greeks, the barrier between what is sometimes in what is merely pop culture. This is starting to entice. Let's start on local, let's go Graham hi. How are you tat? I love our enter our world commedia astrophysicist near the grass tat aunt em enough hooker with a heart
actually have a day job director, the hidden planetarium in New York I know you and I don't have a day job, I'm a comic, I'm just that Is there a funny monkey his ear to add some color? To this don't get about fundamental comedians. Don't have data. Have Niger past you guys work known those two comedy shops at ten in the morning. None of you norm instead, I knew what is today today. We are talking about space tourism because it's the holidays. People go on vacation and we are not far away from going into space As a choice among your vacation destination, can we do that now know is very exciting desires and people like to stand up and space right now, while there are people who taken a very seriously entrepreneurs with a lot of money, one of them Richard Brands, you know what your brains, I guess, you're Branson is virgin and lack of rigid and Lana Guy. Well, he's please be an entrepreneurial and he started Virgin Galactic, which want only one. Are we taking?
one country to another it'll, take you into space. Ok. But this is what gets me about those when one is planning on doing this in two thousand I need only well. No. I will not be able to proceed working spacecraft to make this happen and you don't have one son he's already. Like the money, be rack. People already bought their seat so much in a couple hundred grand a couple hundred grand a hundred grand many seeds is, he saw them any more than a hundred, but more than what we sit on its first light, he's already. He doesn't even have this made up, yet it wasn't him if he hasn't even made us a vehicle, but he's collecting money to do so. People listening. They should know that they can listen, that's right now, so that they can call and because I know of anyone else's as interested as I am, and you know I won an interview people on the street, but I think that this is crazy quilt, crazy, it's crazy month, Fresnel, it's a maiden boy. You can call STAR talk one triple eight if two zero? Nine seven one zero owned by the wailing. I told my publisher that during the programme
offered like free books for all colors who call into a year, but my recent but death by black hole inscribed, if you call in you, get a free but an you get it free membership when your membership to the planetary says- Why were often fancy stuff We all we have to add. I don't think you should just be able to get these are nice gives. So I think we have to really feel that your question was a good question. Ok, well you can. You can judge the main argument I went to decipher gang. I knew title of Iraq by the thirty five. I feel it is to be hoped that by black hole or how to get rid of your mother in law, I bumped into build I this he's an all but of mine. You know he's an engineer. Start, a lot about trying to go into space beyond either thanks guys, science guy, size- go, let's see what he has to say about. Ok, hey bill, nigh the science guy. Here I know what you're thinking, what does the vice president of the planetary society? Think of space tourism? Fine. If you ve got twenty MEG,
that's million dollars, it's not for maybe it's not for everyone. Tour guides are Its tour guides are trying to build a rocket, You take us all closer to solving the old beer can problem. See an airliner like the one you might take to a talk fm radio listeners Convention is, Ninety percent people in plain and only ten percent fuel oversight. Future space plain to take off from a runway fly around in space and get back to be ninety five percent fuel. Just five percent for I can frame your friends in you, that's a ratio akin to that of liquid to meddle in a softer anchor beer. Can We need new materials and new ways to put them together. Maybe the new space, Stuart designers, working away from the old aerospace world, will help us opera these innovations a ticket? space may be a way to create a new kind of rocket science. When I get a fly,
bill nigh on the sky aright meal years. The good news about the murder is a bigger geek than we are all card. Carrying the army. Georgia has the young. I use my boma he's like that. The nation science teacher, ok, he's an engineer these an engineer and you're, I'm just trying to understand that my little simple brain around that's a neuron astrophysics astrophysicist. So you can turn the tv on these there. His nail without went out some sort of show about people stranded on an island or ok. So I want to know who would be more important to have on the island newer bill. My will. I could shortly give you some romantic nights pointing out the sky, but I have to confess, I would pick, though, my over me you could say this looks bad, but bill could actually create something that gets you off. The island create the machine out of the cocoanut that'll help you get off the island, so he would be like that, but professor at the professor on gillikins- and you would be the movies
for sure you can call it and tell us what you think. One eight eight eight five, two zero nine seven one: zero sulphur free book in a free year subscription to the planetary society of which build my serves as the vice president. As so. What is this thing until nine is talking at an end? people listening tell me of you, you get it. Maybe I'm just simple: maybe people out there just more much smarter, embedded, weird cause you- and I are the two sides of despair. Here the genius and I'm not saying so, here's my question his beer can't theory is bill, nigh basically saying that that this cannot happen, Yes he's going to take because we don't have spacecraft. There are ninety five percent fuel that can just wanna, take off firmer runway and then land on that same one. When so, you think the rigid Brandons idea it's kind of crazy, considering to take that much. From that many people, when you might be a have to send out two at a time, try right! Consider the investors, investors
I do not really think of themselves that way to think himself at first passengers, but their written this is what they are easy, rich people. That's exactly what that that scary to me and and when you open space, if they finally gets it, don't you get it few minutes of weightlessness gorgeous view of the earth. That's that's it do! What kind of money do you get You hope you get a windows after monogram because here's the deal this is what really takes me off. You ve got you sold a hundred and whatever's seats hundred seventy five fares, and that means A hundred and seventy of those people are probably wretch and then five are spent their pension to go up there, of course, definitely best to be part of this. That is there screening process makes your crazy because I don't want to be sitting next to Brittany. Spears give the window seat, and all I have is a picture of her bald head with a slice of the earth behind them court. You know when your weight was lotta, people get queasy stomach and they might throw up and iter.
When you weightless, if you throw up the vomit kind of floats around the Erika, get caught your hair and think so. These are things that are not yet fully resolved in its. Why would you buy? Oh, my god, I am the only person in the world who would not do this earth did you? Did you go in the street and talk to people that this idea at an unfailing enough. Most of em said they would do Ok! Let me let me hear what let me hear, what do what you got there? various question is. Would you want to sit on it if you had two hundred thousand? If that was the best thing I can think of to do with two hundred thousand dollars. It's a maiden voyage to go on this way still would be fun. Sure, there's a scary you that this is the first time has ever gone out some. Has to be on the first one. Well he's sending his mother. Maybe you can send just anyone out to space who would you said the prince whether another gonna come back? I will to go home
but you see I m talking about right right, but he's not the everybody said that they would want to go and most everybody's have for one lady who was like eighty. She said she wouldn't go away. I was surprised I wanna go if eighty eighty do take on life. If ninety cause she's wise now listen to me to wear the maiden voyage was tight, Annick not impeded voyage was he doesn't even now, am I wrong? We? Let me just get. Let me get all the details for people who are listening. Hooker Branson is taken this money, we don't know what I'd Grandpapa right would. At this point, there is no no spacecraft delta that we have no idea what kind of security the spaceport fourth year. Correct and NASA is not involved in this way are not involved in. The whole point is that its entrepreneurs doing it basically in their garage, and you don't find that even a little frightening. No because you do it would you go out now. No
I'll wait for like the first few hundred to do it because, I'm not you know I was the second or third out of a K. If not the first one, ok and year and asked a physicist which makes you practically a genius and you wouldn't do it? No, not yet you know because a lot of people you know die trying, and so I don't want to be the first one to be on the list. Of those who were the pioneers who die I want to Branson is close to his mother. If anyone it grants and ineffective mother penalised, because I dont like that Branson is it outing. There's like sending my mother really that's great, but if you like your mom and what's the bay, I want to know if you gonna, if you would spend two hundred grand to go, could give us a call I want you want Chippeway, five, two, zero, nine, seven one zero and get a free book death by black hole. My recent supply by the publishers Norton, that's my or dating linkup. Actually, I don't know if you give them a gift card death by black hole to sub together to someone you like
Some you dont like! I need someone! You don't mind! Why? Because someone is just really emphasise bed, that's another good reason to call and when the book, because it's a great rigour, I, like your father, but the holidays here will have. We got very calm from one island on line when he wants to know about where the travelers go through the same training, but you have to request. Engine will you. I saw the movie the right stuff and I saw what they what they did all those guys. That was a point that was caught sight of the enemy. The wrongs that very scared and I'd be little scared to. Actually, if I was gonna send my mama displays to have her go through all that, but if you don't want to go up and take it or what would you have to go through that kind of testing processing where they will? No doubt this is excellent. Question you're in it turns out a lot of their training in the old days was increase. This ship did emergency landing in the desert, and then they had to survive until they were picked up today. You know you picked up within me
It's by rescue vehicles, you'll have to like deep lizard. Jerry has a great question. You couldn't Jerry, are you also like are? Are you with me on? Could, as other things go wrong, Oh, is that way you can ask for besides just what they would do to me before I got up there. I'd be a little afraid of what happened after I got up there. Will they be able they Polly wooden? they point- you lose a little way if you were a little bit overweight because that's what extra fuel that had to carry to take you up but other than that and will give you some like air, sickness or space sickness medicine. And now you wouldn't need special training for this, because they want you and bring you right back you plan on the runway. Do you know that forty five minutes later meal that deal not realise how crazy not sounds like you? You have to have special training. They get on the airplane, Pryderi genuinely airplane. Don't they tell you, forty five minutes the idea, not very long, but the question: would you do what you do? Let's say you were worth a million dollars. Would you spend a fifth of unit worth to do this? Now
forty five minutes faintly Jerry dairies on my side, one for my team, you guess what you one jerry you on the black hole and other key. Laundry. I neither Grass Thyssen, because that was a good question in your smart man during underlying would get your name and address and tell me how you like it inscribe and we'll get it out to you. Thank you, my friend aright the earth cause I'm never on the right side of the airplane. The grand canyon is after you left, and I'm on the right. Out of the ship that we haven't been looking at the earth cause, I'm never on the right side of the airplane. The grand canyon is after you left, and I'm on the right, friggin side of the airplane. When that happens, what else can you seen you couldn't be? What could you see an asteroid? Five, I like what's a badge you cool, but we would have known in advance you you would we would want when an asteroid was not gonna hit large enough that but little ones you don't know some are small and are not trackers can go on eighteen thousand miles an hour. I mean anti things going on space we: don't loading debris, their fragments of of of spacecraft defiance of the chinese space chinese? What were they
They broke up there and has no idea they tomahawked out of orbit one of their satellites and broke into a gazillion pieces. Those pieces the northern eighteen thousand miles enough. It's dangerous going into space through. That goes with Jerry's question lies in their training will do you can't be trained to dock from something moving eating thoroughly? You Gimme told like like for smaller, they weren't space. You got there were this not to be due to its, not knowing whether it be a pressurize cabin, in which case you have a helmet, but then they'll be really nasty. If you threw up so you would want to pressurize cabin, maybe it like a thumbnail thyself. Ok now what listeners You hear me on the grass ties and said we don't know if it's a pressurize cabin. So somebody there are a hundred and seventy five thing: that's out there that to spend a hundred that spent a hundred grand and they don't even know if it's a pressurize, I'm an idiot. I call me tell me if you would go we're here. It start I'm your hosts near the grass station with comedian couplets, one triple eight five to zero.
Seven one zero. We that Tricia calling and cheese She doesn't want to go lying to thrash out now. I wouldn't go. I think that all of the points that you're making of reasons why it would be dangerous and it shouldn't be done that are very valid and I wouldn't go in somebody gave it to me as a gift, Fischer that a greater I can get me floating around in my own vonny and other people's army. Now we Patricia. Does that mean you? You would be like the last one. Let's go back in time. You would have I'm not going out of the cave to see what's on the other side of the river, because I might some bad might happen, you be like back in the cave with ok for the old. I don't know my answer: they go into space or I don't know. Maybe maybe maybe we are crazy. We were the two crazy once Ireland as yes, maybe no. We are smart treasure, do not listen to Doktor Thyssen only
because he's he said he wouldn't go so he'd Karen in the cave with, yet only one treasure. If you're eighty would you go, you have still not you know, and you know why drizzle, let me tell you why were smart? Let me tell you right now, because for too underground people already put money up there. We are not you're, not screen and out the crazy. We have no idea who's, gonna screw off their home and start losing it up there and in twenty minutes a lock and go on a minor wrong leg like Dr Michel on GO downhill, really quite ugly. Incessantly treasure thanks for that will stay in light of the dress, will get you the free book unless membership thanks for things lies another one on my team, and I found it so what? If this Cheryl from Chatsworth Rude, barely would love to go line three show I love the love. You want to go out crazy a heartbeat
You got your site. I've always wanted to go into space mother, my family, for them there all the time, but as the point zero or you any kind of medication, are you nuts, no! No, I'm not now, but you know what I did. I love. I walk night and I look at the stars and I just want to love to be up there. Amongst said, I will go in a market that is a beautiful that in full, and I'm glad there. Those among us in our population who be the first to like you may have heard me say tat. I would not be the far be like the third to go. Rollo would have to be the first who was a maiden voyage, nay even you'd be gone up with Shell. That's the scary play
What are you gonna? Let you know what I know a guy, because I am sure that they will do. We have to have some training and after some psychological evaluation, I wouldn't frictional toots from psychological stability test would be necessary to preserve and space. You do think that when I would, but I would hope so- I went on the island- helps with ok, so you wouldn't beyond the maiden voyage. I presume they'd send up other animals just to check out to see what would have zero. Tell me five hundred grand. What would just tell me this Cheryl you're going out you spend into underground? What would you expect to get for your money? Give me three as you would expect to have happened, prison the whole thing is less below it half hour to have our trip. What are you how'd you get back to just have the feeling of weightlessness what you get you. I would expect to just have an firing feeling of looking down. Earth
Don't you want to windows, ie lay out put in members area than the one you want to freely on its windows, the, and just something that when I was eight years old, I can look back and say you know what I did that and I was I did it. Do you go? I looked. I love, I think you can get this I'm feeling from the radio. We put down when it is one of those fake cow You feel a little weight, less great story to tell when your eighty, I think the main lawyers faithfully and much better censure, Jennifer colonists and world will get you a book in a free, dear membership to the poor Thank you very much So then, you know other stuff. A lot of some of surveys that was colonel now she's one of my people, their cheese. She knows how to get up nice. Lady glad she other things. Will she often window you'll, see the stars in broad daylight? Is the atmosphere? What other?
be lighting, a misguided kind of cool. You see the atmosphere, the earth, the curvature of service. It is very cool, but to take a picture bring your camera. Take a picture out. The window mean over the person next you, even if it is Brittany, Spear fearlessness, Our talk a toll free number is eight hundred and eighty eight five hundred and twenty nine thousand seven hundred and ten, if you want to hear if you'll go into space, will be back shortly. What's your startup fans chuck nice here deal of listening to start talk, well, have you ever listened to start talk? lie: if you have it even if you have it, you're lucky because on March twenty four star talk, light is returning to the historic Count Basis centre, for The arts in Red Bank, New Jersey and tickets. Our own sale right now, Joe we need hastened his comical hers and special guess as they bring the universe down to Earth visit star talk? Radio dot nets last tickets to grab your seats before this shows cells out? That start,
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The future of space and the secrets of our planet reveal. This is start on rigorous space. Cadet rocket scientist you want to hear from you on the phone lines are open call. Now this is start. I met in a year the ragged, and I must make it fill apron. This base could add me I'm listening and you tell me the rate, but you need fee Neil Tommy, the brig guys you can look out the window on the verge of galactic em up fear rents flying by well there's some tools that got that floated away from earlier spaces in some things? You know how annoying I would if I buy like my mother, get to go out and space and she came back with a picture of.
Brand races, not empty. There's a space, ran satellite parts and other things, and I think, and I started to ask you before we had to go right back and Erika you tell me the story recently about how we sent the name and attempt we first sent up in space was come. Have him here and Russia sent a dog? Yes, name like this, but we brought him back and they left like the like. It was left to die in orbit don't move. You look out. The window maybe see like a like intuitions earnest shy and by those who could you now now like a longer to re, enter the atmosphere up in a puff of smoke? More people are experts on this isn't about people who are pioneers in space industry is gonna, be Weiss, who somebody knows a movie producer of some of his genius movies ever make Kentucky Fried movie undercover brother naked Gun, two and a half Tommy boy he's got quite the profile and that's. Why he's also a spacecraft and he's as going to say you see? This is what gets me
I use the about the space tiki people, it's like Canadians, like Vieira, canadian friend and Amazon there like. Let's go in your, like, oh my god, you're, not american, here to fake American there's. A lot of fake play is calling on the X prize cofounder the experts for what let's find out and bury what does the X prize a nation, the X Prize Foundation, was established originally to provide an alternative ways of getting to space. I alternative to NASA after NASA? What's what words Romanesque NASA's doing lots of good things. However, there doing it with taxpayers, money of which there is on an unlimited supply and they're doing them in a particular way that steeped in their culture and history, and not necessarily addressing a lot of the things that should be it for you and create a new space culture. We do indeed, and we at the X prize, were interested in transforming how people thought about. Ace and space travel, that bobwhites
as a co founder of the Ex prime he's a pre, I mean for a pretty cool guy hideous canvas science cake, but he's a cool sites can, let me get let me just go to call me not a killer whose ready we got Jotham Orange County. John F. Would you go up now? pretty ongoing it. Would you I would have to be really rich and arm. I go about three or four hundred safe like before I went we have four hundred. That's a good number of my way. You will not do the maiden voyage now that we're not, We still want you. Wouldn't you want a lot of a lot of weight on your belt before you and we like experiment, kissing his brain braver, yeah. But don't let me ask you how much richer than a hundred thousand than two hundred thousand dollars would you have to be suspended to underline? I think I wanna be a net set that looking for ways to get rid of money- probably twenty million, or so twenty million ok done differently
Now you heard we were just talking about Bob Wise has created this X prize an issue. The prizes is asking people to go out there and come up with waste ground to Spain. I've been waiting for that to happen. The train, if I'm going to tell us what what how cheap he wants to get it so much above all signals from its ban pick up. Well, what in time. Research shows is that people will spend amount of money to the family car to be able take the adventure of a lifetime. Oh, so that's what so. This is not just some you do every time it is the one time trip that you live for. Pretty much it's. I guess family cars nowadays, let's say twenty thousand twenty five thousand money, twenty five thousand dollars. That's the price point! We would like to see it right now, just so, you have a sense of scale. People are flying into space, or twenty million dollars on hardware essentially left over from the a cold war. The first base rate
Let me just get this straight. Please also Bob Wise is his X Prize Foundation is offering twenty million dollars for people who can like pimp, airspace. While we all is basically what you're sayin basically yeah, it surprised if you have the first vehicle little take people in a space for cheap he's, telling people to go onto their garages and to basically So what you know you know no, no, not because a clever people know just anybody. He said anybody can do that. Ok, you did say antibody himself, which means there is someone in like my hometown and Saint Virginia right now, just pulled out the duct tape and, like I gotta growing area, are you aren't lend you got somebody's got another idea. Let me hear it I mean I'm just saying I ate: if is there anyone out there? You know I went on the street and I talk to you to talk with what are you talking to people on the street again what what happened it was raining. Do you have an idea, any ideas, another way out and then like a rocket some
cool news, plain market shuttle thing get out into space scientists, maybe a global somebody. Ok, John Gimme, your idea for the extra prize. I like your idea, Jiffy Pauper, give proper for a human being. I have no idea what you're dorm inside the jiffy above the flame underneath and popular right really honestly people listening and like I'm not even getting call, because I am I am I not am. I really needs is this. What is this a good idea? this commercial space staff, because I can't I like NASA like things the way I like her, engineers I like train professionals going out into space and the idea of did you hear what I just got off the street Jiffy pop like we're? Gonna?
That was crazy. This was this guy's first idea loosening store talk, I'm your hosts newly grass station with Comedian Lynn Complex and which is trying to find out what would get you to go into space, or do you have a better idea for the ex prime? Now I remember I was a kid looking a jiffy pop. It was like magic watching this thing expand upon the stay out right on the stolen. You tell me what someone tell me what you do with jiffy. It was manner if it would eat it and the bottom gets high when he would, you have to say cause it wanted one, Tripoli, five too zero. Nine, seven one zero it may take more than just clever engineers in their garage to figure out how to go into space of maybe sources of money, not yet tat for it but back to bobwhites and find out what he tells us plea. I remember
when I saw the movie two thousand and one Stanley, cooperage brilliant account. Sixty eight, I guess I was sixty ain't exactly and they depicted a future in space. Then some thirty three years in the future. We all remember, though, seem exactly, and there was a ship that was travelling from the earth into space and there was a logo of what at the time was a world class commercial airline call Panam out amongst, and they were things like: Howard, Johnson's, stay home, Jos, arms, race, tastes exactly that had the earthly rule. I remember seeing that worried me greatly. I thought all there goes the neighbourhood and yet more commercial foresight than I did. I fought space should be left pure, but of course, you can only enable this if it becomes an industry that your point exactly right and also in that by my own view, didn't comments that every one of those businesses is now defunct, the exception of health and of the home affairs. There there's still a business both that gave that whole family reality the fact that they were commercial inch. A reality check about this is that this is right.
I, like the Bob Wise, is trying to do this on the cheap, but I gotta tell you, of course I mean star boxing gap. Are, they show up everywhere. You think you're going to be some sort of answering our advertising callers. STAR, Tripoli, by two: zero: nine, seven one zero and if you call in you'll, get a free inscribed book death by black hole and other cosmic country, I've been a right that book my publisher, her and I want to be on on the air and offered free copies finance varied. You also get a free annual subscription to the planetary societies. I happen to know you're very cheap. I got very nicely. I gotta go to Gregg Online five. He said he would go but Gregg, but what The fact is that I think I've got. You're crazy, when I go on Regular airlines like you, would not go. May I make it like some can add, saying that take care
Creasy nets or whatever name, but about I got there may be about birth. A hundred million dollars, I think, to spend the two hundred thousand men came into view that much money you would definitely have. You could get a shot of something. No, it would not make a nauseous wish but chances. And because I am also get see second and most sickness. You would probably fall asleep from whenever they gave you, although I wouldn't do that with those link drama mean you'd, be even remember. That would be bad, but yet, but would you be the first to go Why not I mean I now do it somebody's gotta. Do it amazed nobody's gonna. Do is vague bubbling jocular here I could be. The first girl tat seems out till I get a dry so we have a right, but he wasn't thrown up the whole time, not that we were told but see. This is my until the people that are gone up or can be the pupils in the craziest final above said about dying trying the prize gives them focus how many of them are just gonna kill themselves trying well
hope none. We were very fortunate. Many people rider deprives the dawn of aviation perhaps eluding hands out, expect some of this yes and we're opening up a new frontier, a new way to die and well here's the thing, though, that's what it is. It is about its in service of a good cause, and I think, what's happened is the culture has become too risk averse, and when you try to play it safe all the time, then you don't get to stretch the bound in any other way. The cave you do not leave the cave and if that's ok with you and your own, It was a hundred and dirty you stay in there and it's gonna dark and a mess, but I think A lot of us have more hope for the planet than what turned to outline and then finally the case when the Wright brothers we learnt we all of them, but the people die before them. But it is surely you get what about salt Brahimi never heard about that. But, as my point, the Wright brothers got all the president or rather a lot a wrong branded long brothers or while ok. Well, this look, I gotta.
I gotta hear from who's this. I lost her where she she's from carbon from Brooklyn. You said you would not go, Herman using Carmen theirs. What can I do to get me they're? Nothing. Don't go anywhere where there's not at least three star hotel I get seasick on the subway in the space of forty five minutes I didn't want to throw up and great girls grid afford. It would be good and I think, like the atmosphere, arose about the boundary and ended with scientists- is gonna go and are going to be some kind of experimental export or whatever, but me- a virtual reality live I'm a pro golfer tennis player embarks on my we that's good enough for me.
We are now in the house from Brooklyn thanks kind. You diamond- and I agree with you and I think you're very smart. I showed What would have to Bob? I have to say I think we did we heard all we can for you gonna die. I might get our bottom. Let me make one more comment in the last few seconds they take on more from l a line to. More and more I just want to know virgin sorted known. Pretty amenities is. Are we asked the girl?
I don't know, I mean it's their drinks services. Their underwear didn't think I was worried you that's what I want to know is there and ass no flight attendant recruited, which pricked up after the break and will determine whether they serve drinks and any other amenity keener listening is really techno. Secondly, in Vienna, that starts breathing space and sat down to earth listening to start on marking the secrets of your world and everything orbiting around it stereotypes and she does winning, but that's my black hole, another have an Atlantic route and the planetary society. Member said because she a very good point. I thought about how he wants to know what she's getting for two? grand because she likes five star hotels and that's it it's a great incident.
Next thing I wanted to talk about what is that, when Saxon space limb, Yes, we know you found it in you sent its menial and we are talking about it. Pierre collar, who was a is a friend scientists. He wrote in his book racked about apparently there's a little mission that sent astronauts up in space to try out ten sexual position that a list of twenty but it narrowed down to ten, can you imagine that day people when you're an astronaut and now can you doin asking you find out you're like a piece astronauts? They want to be one of the people to try out the ten positions anyway. So the put my making is that there's a sex and ass the sex tape floating around out there, my correct world sort of you, that's what I don't have floating. It is splendid, but but there were four worse actual positions, and I won't college to tell us what for sexual positions that were the good ones that could be used. Santa Monica line one without help
problem when you are wait, listen space. A lot of things that go on hundred between the sheets can't happen that way in space. So call him and tell us what you think would be the worse position here. This one in space, because we know which one they said was the harness and we go. We might Santa Monica online one which is asking for an outright, and might you want to know they ever has been sections based. The answer is yes, the Russians did it first, and they were other missions for which that was the case, and so What we don't know is any if any baby has been conceived in space, that's another thing to do: is my online. I now working on the line, one one- yes, yes, so it's so mighty would this sum you do, I guess is it. But my question was that I've heard talk that there has been a lot going on in the international space station, not just with the Russians, and that there was, in fact at least one pregnancy transpired in international,
play station enough in the European Space Agency will have hushed up, and I was wondering I think that I am not authorized to Devil's uses in space how's out there that no one knows in outer space hose and as my five now Michael Myers, Do you have an idea? What you think would be the most difficult sexual position Arthur Female there would be a difficult given the weightlessness. Superior scientific you're. Does that mean girl? On top? That's an excellent point, because that one relies heavily on gravity to return We want to work out the hardest one, that's one among the. I think that the standard positions, what happens? Is it if you remember your newtons laws of motion I'm sorry, I just fell asleep permanent Sorry, if you don't remember it from your high school physics, did you did you take Highschool physically at micro? Seven did you falsely you gotta? Remember one of the laws of physics ease
reason for every option? There's an equal amounts to react, see you remember: Leslie per minute, name, hasn't Mikey, remembered and so in space, where there's no Fritz to hold you in place? Any thrust him? direction is a recoil in you and flying apart from each other thing I ever broken out. Thank you, my gun, a book by black hole, another cosmic cop, quandaries and a years membership a union with years member. The planters. I think I'm calling him her care and thank you for letting us know that there might be some one who got knocked up out of Russia's say station. So the point is the future of space Ex space tourism would include hotels in residence in this sort of thing. So, typically, could you spread someone's ashes outer space? That is well, but you hope you wouldn't have died and speed To make that happen, so I'd see again method hook. You know some cucumbers gonna go up there and do just I'll take my hat off. I wanna go and we want to know what you think on startup phone numbers.
Eight. Eight five: two zero, nine, seven one zero, because when you get a free inscribed book death by black hole, which I happened to write, but my publisher heard beyond the year afternoon and offered the freak. Because I, like the major public works, I happen to know you're a little tighten. The wall was very nice that you're per I'm display. U S old Europe Free used subscription. And membership to the planetary society I like MIKE, because what did he just call woman on what is a female superior position, like lingo. For this I do not like you, I think, but maybe he's us he's. A student of of positions and he remembered his newtons laws. So maybe he's like more into this than we have I'm glad because I can maybe have. Secondly, space. Could I hate that possess, exhausting to network
so there will be like the two hundred mile club. If you need internet isn't invited Enough Don Loris Orbit anywhere between two and three under miles will work for you to space station. Orbits it to an forty miles around there. Are we not because you haven't, got a cookie hotels, little quickie space station, courageous check in fifteen minutes. So the point is, as we go into space and there are hotels and restaurants, and you know, only brothels will far along is. This can all take place, because you should know that actual physics to study the universe is the second hold his profession.
So if we get you out there that the personal this probably take place hacker grace Hooker, that our thoughts are with what you by the planetary society. Did you know that has asked the question? We clearly need work. What is apparent heavily the largest space interests in the world land? If you remember, you participated, discovering new worlds, the search for they work with NASA really make space exploration happened. Planetary often, you ve been listening to start to tell us what you think. I'd start talk. Radio Magda use your points of view that our children's Milligrams Thyssen link being very self employed wireless access, free.
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