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5 Historical Storms

2012-08-27 | 🔗

Catastrophic storms are almost historical characters in their own right, leaving indelible marks on the places they affect. Here, we cover five of history's most destructive storms, including the Tri-state Tornado of 1925, the Great Hurricane of 1780, the Galveston hurricane of 1900, the Freshwater storm surge at Lake Okeechobee 1928 and the Bhola Cyclone of 1970.

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we're in the middle of Atlantic Hurricane season in our part of the world, and maybe it's also a little bit because it's been a really stormy here all week, so we ve got storms on the brain. We five be interesting to take a look at some historical storms. After all, the truly big ones really kind of characters in their own right and they often change the story. Of whatever area they decide to visit and the lives of the people who live there. I think that's really emphasised by the fact that we give them names now after they relate have sort of the personality in those names become almost taboo in the immediate years after a really big storm head than you, and I think that especially true with Hurricane Katrina, though a recent storm in recent history, you know we're not gonna, be talking about Katrina on the pot cast today, but it certainly comes to mind, eager thinking about really
I had storms in the United States. Radio is a category five storm led to severe flooding in splendour, NATO's that killed around eighteen hundred people across several states that, as there said, we're not going to get into Katrina in this part cast though much today, but it did get us thinking a lot about some of the most destructive storms that left their mark on the world over time. So take a look at just a handful of those we're not going to cover em all by any means. Today that we're gonna take a look at a few that we think are pretty interesting. We are throwing a start back nineteen, twenty five with a Tor NATO and most of the storm till gonna be talking about a hurricanes or Cyclops Cyclones in the non american sensitive Dorothy in OZ. But this one is a true turning the Tri State tornado in your average tornadoes about five hundred to two thousand feet wide and it travels it about a speed of thirty may
power. So pretty scary, even if you just leave it at that, we have a tornado in Atlanta a few years ago. Will right through downtown. It was asleep storm. It was with this next entry on our lives, the nineteen twenty five tri state tornado was. of enough to leave that or and most typical tornadoes that we encounter in this country in the dust at form about one p m on March Eighteenth, nineteen, twenty five somewhere around the town of Ellington and South Eastern Missouri, and it was near a mile wide moving at an average speed of about sixty miles per hour and at times even up to seventy three miles per hour was possibly because of that great. With that a lot of people who saw the store, coming didn't even realise at first that it was a tornado. Look like a cloud law right and, according to an hour,
go by Sean Potter and whether wise magazine, W F Heyward, who is the postmaster for Ellington, made one of the first recorded sightings of the twenty eight o, and he just observed it as a quote: blue black Cloud mass that was coming to them, he was lucky that compared to some who didn't even see it coming all people described being in buildings when windows suddenly started to shatter walls crumbling down whole houses were just lifted off the ground. Now wizard of oz style. Definitely him in too late. If you easier and a tornado, but it moved quickly choose even though so giant it was moving along. Quite a clip covered a lot of ground hit parts of Missouri Illinois in Indiana travelling a total of hundred and eighteen miles, and only three and a half hours, which was more than thirty six times as much as an average tornado, covers that more than thirty six times as much ground
an article on american heritage. Wolves Aiken calls, I quote the longest uninterrupted track on record in total hundred ninety five people were killed and more than two thousand were injured. As a result of the storm, fifteen thousand homes were destroyed. The town that was hardest hit, which is the one we wanted, I give a few details about was Murfreesboro Illinois. Two hundred and thirty four people died in that town alone and that such a record for the most tornado fatalities in a single play. An aching, the writer that we just mentioned. He was actually a toddler living in North EAST borough when the tornado struck in his article that we mentioned some stories of residents and others who lived through the experience. I think he also has a book on the subject, and one one story you relates that I found particularly chilling involves the towns children who were in school at the time that the twenty eight o struck, the school building basically collapsed on the kids, twenty five died, some who survived straw,
out from under the debris on their own and headed for their homes, its natural instinct or again. You know I'm gonna head for home in a fine, my family, but found. In many cases, their homes were completely gone. Even entire neighborhoods had vanished scary, one friend of arrogance, all the reaching his home when he, what should have been his home, which was nothing, an open field with her grandmother in the middle of it decapitated and still sitting in her rocking chair, so completely horrifying fake. after surviving and already horrifying situation. Young horrific states like these typical for those who manage to live through that initial chaos, since there were plenty of dead and injured people arrive two needed tending to medical teams and supplies started to pour in from all over the country. One point that I thought was interesting: according to Potter's article Chicago even offered up some liquor that had been confiscated by the federal government after some prohibition
raids, and so they quote made this available in a medicinal away to the storm. Cypher. so far. There is realigning to this disease, stir in a way raised public awareness about tornadoes. I was really interested to find in this popular mechanics. Article John Galvin writes about how even using the word tornado was considered taboo by the national, whether service at this time. Basically, because NATO's were so unpredictable. Talking about them was thought to cause pointless panic that dont, let people know until their houses there. Well, here I mean, I don't know exactly looked at it that way, but I guess they just thought there was really no use, since they had really aware right, but after the tragedy, for NATO, local tornadoes, bodied network started popping up so the war, aware and we're taking steps to protect themselves a little bit and, of course,
searches, know so much more about twenty eight hours now than they did back, then so much so that in recent years some have suggested that the trial seat, Tournedos might have actually been a family of toys It is not one single tornado that was caused by a super self under storm Island. We have some exciting news. Yeah I am while we exerted
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Listen to will you accept. This rose on the icon, radio, app apple pie, gas or wherever you get your blog casts. So this theory hasn't been definitively proven and I guess may never be, but this remains with single deadliest twenty two in history, because they can't prove that it was a family after NATO's. Also, now that we have discussed that type of storm ready thoroughly we're gonna move onto hurricanes, and we can be talking about a few hurricanes in this at the thought of the first one is the great heard of seventeen. Eighty and today were lucky that meteorologist have the knowledge and technology to estimate the strength of storms and even predict their potential paths to some degree. So you know you're disheartened out, you can toward her native were going. Imagine if you couldn't hold really where hurricane was going I know it's still a little up in the air, but they can give you some warning, but when you How about a storm alike the next one? On our lives, though, which happened more than two hundred years ago? Of course, there was not that luxury
he felt modern researchers have had to piece together some details regarding characteristics of the great hurricane of seventeen. Eighty he's done anecdotal evidence of the kind of destruction and cause sort of having to look back at it and figure out what the storm is. like yeah that destruction that you just mentioned was really significant, to say the least, the fact that just considering the fact that it stood out much in what was already in active hurricane season. That Europe should hint that, but the death toll also speaks for itself more than twenty thousand people. eastern Caribbean lost their lives according to caribbean disaster emergency response agency. Researchers estimate that the hurricane formed in the Atlantic westward very slowly at about six nautical miles per hour. The storm got two Barbados October, tenth, where, according to encyclopedia and again it destroyed nearly all the homes on the island and about four thousand five hundred people lost their lives. The hurricane when
pretty much every island from Tobago to Leeward Islands Hispaniola, but the biggest death toll came out of Barbados and Martinique, where nine thousand people died and all Oh certainly, spacious, where four thousand five hundred people also died. Researchers also believe that the great hurricane was a category five with what greater than two hundred miles per hour and again they ve guessed that pieced, together just from reports of the storm damage and examples of anecdotes that were offered up by the caribbean disaster. Emergency response agency, one of those examples, came from a letter sent in December of that year from Sir George Rodney. He wrote about the events in Barbados and said quote the strongest buildings in the whole of the house's, most of which were stone and remarkable for their solidity, gave way to the fury of the wind and were torn up to their foundation
all the forts destroyed and many of the heavy cannon carried upwards of a hundred feet from the forts. Had I not been in Agnes and nothing could have induced me to have believed it more than six thousand persons perished and all the inhabitants were entirely ruined. So pretty serious I mean that the fate of cannons blowing up into the air, I think that's the strongest point. He makes their that's true, I think this other point made by Doktor Gilbert Blaine in a letter that he wrote is also very interests: he says quote what will give us. An idea of the force of the windows. Anything many of them and the trees is what he was referring to were stripped of their bark. So today we know that this hasn't been observed and hurricanes where winds are about two hundred miles per hour, and that's why researchers guess that the winds had to be greater than that. So I think that any that they can compare the history of of trees and other wind speeds and figure out this one from seventeen. Eighty out and
What is here one all on land either. Also of historical note here is that the American Revolution was going on at the time that this hurricane struck, which meant that plenty of european naval forces, both british and french, were concentrated in the caribbean The thousands of soldiers died as their vessels were damaged, destroyed, swept away in Cyclopes Britannica says something like more than forty friendships thanking your Martinique alone, and this is something I have never heard mentioned when you learn about the american Revolution that seems like it had to have shaken people. I hope at least that ok so storm. We're gonna talk about is certainly were jumping ahead. Quite a bet, it's a more modern storm and its one and yet a lot of you, especially if you're in the United States are probably heard about before it has the disdain. of being known as the greatest natural disaster. In: U S, history yet took place and Galveston Texas and nineteen
and sometimes known simply as the Galveston Storm Galveston at the time, was one of the wealthiest he's in America, and it was the largest city in Texas and a big trades than a boom town or give located the barrier islands in the Gulf of Mexico Galveston had gone. The message Before that it should do some storm preparation, including may be constructing a sea wall, and they see near, I towns destroyed by hurricanes in previous years, but they still didn't make any moves to fortify the city prior to nineteen hundred he got its first inkling that a storm was headed its way in early September of that year. It started out, an area of quote unsubtle whether a near the Windward islands became a tropical storm that moved over Cuba and hit Louisiana Mississippi on the way to Texas GO by the time. It Galveston, though in September eighth. Eighteen hundred, it was about a category four hurricane by modern estimates, again meteorologists or having to decent backtracking here when it first rate
Galveston in the morning it caused some flooding, but it was still funny out and according to an article by czech lions in history magazine most locals, work too concerned about the storm they'd seen big storms for living on the golf. They thought they could quote ride it out, as sometimes people doing Storms like this, but as the day went on the wind started to pick up and it ultimately reached estimated speeds of about a hundred and twenty two one hundred and thirty five miles per hour. The highest be recorded, was actually one hundred miles per hour, but there's a note there. The wind instrument was destroyed shortly after taking that measurement, so we can assume it went quite a bit higher than that. Flooding also got much worse. The rain just kept coming and title surges reached from eight fifteen feet. People started heading upwards, trying to get to the highest points that they could in their homes, but It didn't really help the surges swept up homes from the foundation and the wind
throwing trees and other objects around. So it was just utter K. I we should note here that as the Barrier Island Galveston, of course, with very low loaded, the sea history was no high ground to really get to according to another call by potter and whether wise magazine, the entire south, east and west areas of the city were just wiped out. Pretty much all the houses were just swept away. Most other buildings were destroyed, to their word de Vries. Everywhere. There are bodies alive and dad trapped under the buildings. Potter quotes either Klein, who is in charge the Galveston Weather Bureau Office at the time as thing this fight the next day was quote one of the most horrible sites that ever civilized people looked upon anywhere between six thousand and A thousand people died as a result of this hurricane destiny usually sort of waiver around. I guess six thousand bows many of these storms as they do. For many of these storms. We have huge span of number.
Here yeah, the exact number of people who died may never be known. People were drowned, of course, by debris, and nearly ninety kids in a local orphanage were killed. Just an example of some of the people who died in this storm about thirty thousand were left homeless too. relief came in from other areas of the country, but there were so many dead bodies had to be burned for weeks after the storm because their wishes no way to bury them all efficiently. Galveston, never quite recapture the prominence that at once had according to lions article, but it did survive and managed to rebuild one of their results of what happens. Then. Nineteen o chew the city started. Building seventeen for sea wall to protect itself and houses and buildings were kind of raised up to that. two. So, there's more awareness again to keep this from happening, Alison and really ended up having to miss raise the entire city, for they be a little safer Layton.
So we're gonna be moving on now to another her a camp of before we do that. We need to discuss the relative merits of coastal living in inland living and if they want to be obvious perks of living, hostess that your near the beach, but one of the upside of living. Far in is that your usually spared the full brunt of a hurricane plus. really terrifying side effects: Lake tsunamis, if you're, if you're in the cycle and territory or storm surges, available now for my heart, a new series presented by T Mobile for business, the restless ones join me Jonathan Strickland. As I eggs were the coming technological revolution and the business leaders who stand right on the cutting edge. There are Sir decision makers that are restless they No, there is a better way to get things done and they ready, curious excited for the next technological
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changed my life and good ways and hard ways and lead to this part cast I'm here too. You that the new season of my show starts February Sex, I hope you'll join us for some incredible conversations about family identity and what happens to both when the secrets that have been kept from us and the secret we keep. Finally, a light, listen and subscribe on the hurt, radio apple podcast or wherever. and your favorite broadcasts you're not completely the hook, though, unfortunately, in eighteen, twenty eight in extremely rare natural disaster occurred. It was a fresh water, storm surge at Lake Okeechobee in South Central Florida, which is just north of the. What we think of the Everglades today and forty miles north West of Palm Beach, and that third plus the effects of the can itself killed of the three thousand people, meaning that it came pretty close
harvesting, depending on which number three using for Galveston as the deadly storm. In? U S? History and twentieth century. South Florida underwent a huge development boom. Just to give you some background on this area areas like Palm Beach, which and Atlantic Verrier Island attracted the wealthy. While many of the inland Everglades areas, including the area around Lake Okeechobee, were drained for agriculture. According to know, I only about fifty thousand people were living in South Florida. The time so migrant laborers from mostly the Farmers arrive to do the farm work and set up small towns around the lake, but those are two focused areas really different world economically by both clearly very vulnerable. Whether one a barrier island always vulnerable, the other small towns with shoddy structure is getting plum. Next to it. The largest freshwater lakes in the country. That only happened to be about twelve to fifteen feet above sea level, though,
then, according to Noah, the storm or discussing for tat land about that timber. Twelve nineteen, twenty three hundred people were killed when it swept over Puerto Rico, from mere it move through the behalf. Mars and hit the mainland on September. Sixteenth, right in Palm Beach County and the coast was. Really badly damaged by the wind. The storm, but where had allowed many people to evacuate or to take cover, no water from the storm cause Lake Okeechobee to start to pool. You know we mention that it's a very large lake is also very shallow leg and finally, it broke through this inadequate mock levy. That was meant to protect the settlements to itself and the fresh waters
I'm surge, then that point rose about twelve feet around the lake, drowning people in the low lying area and flooding towns like Bell, Glade, South Bay and Canal point, as well as other towns, and we mentioned a minute ago that the death toll could have an entire three thousand, but there have been So many recalculation regarding this storm over the years- and I meant earlier that there is a lot of discrepancy in many of these numbers and will discuss some of the reasons for that more later. But for this storm it seems like there were some racial politics involved Frank sources from immediately after the flood ranged from one thousand dad from the Miami Herald to two thousand three hundred, in the Miami Daily NEWS, so let's talk about that for a SEC, Why was there so much confusion and miscalculation? according to the american meteorological Society and Russell Post, an estimated three quarters of the dead were fieldwork
is mostly non white migratory workers. Many of them were only no into even friends by their nicknames. Many of the bar we're lost posts, article includes a quote describing how the surge carried people into the quote saw. Grass waste and the search for bodies ended November first, because of lack of funds, so the exchequer of of not being able to actually locate the bodies and just not knowing who was their alive in the first place like many of the black death some of the white Dead also were buried in segregated mass graves family. Yes, segregated memorial services were held Sunday September, thirty, nineteen, twenty eight and West Palm Beach, Mary Macleod Bethune, attended one of the black services. She was a big though rights, activists and educate
The time economically, though, the storm was also really damaging. It caused an estimated twenty five million dollars and damages which is now equals, go about ten billion dollars. If you are just for wealth, population and inflation according to post it awful. ended the boom of the nineteen twenty South Florida development, because only two years earlier there had been a the morally large storm that had destroy a lot of my army, though people buying their luxury helpless were starting to realise this, with a risky area to live in, and that that's why this one reminds me so much the Galveston storm, because it really affected the whole. Trajectory of the of the city and the area write another no, here of the literary variety Okeechobee. If it rang the bell for you and might be
readings or NEO Hurseton their eyes were watching God not to give anything away. But it's a major plot device between heroin and the character T cake, Floridians, Hurseton hadn't, been in the state during the storm, but according to Valerie Would she combined her interviews with survivors puss, her own experience in a storm in the Bahamas and nineteen twenty nine to create a realistic? Seen, and I I have to say It'S- probably a ban about tenor years from fair, rather book me. I can remember, but the storm theme fill our final storm for this list is the bull s, eye clone of nineteen, seventy and you're. The storms leave discuss so far have been truly extraordinary storms, truly large storms, What say clown, though, could have been just an average or maybe Even under the right circumstances, a mild storm had it not hit where it did and had it not hit when it dead, as it were,
although the storm, which is also called the Ganges Brahmaputra Delta fire clone, became one of the deadliest The deadliest tropical cyclone on record is also one of the world's worst natural disasters. The storm formed over the Bay of Bengal November eight nineteen. Andy- and this was after their traditional seasons and so most people weren't even expecting more storms and were already kind of at MAX flood capacity for the year. It was also headed for the Ganges Delta, which was then a part of EAST Pakistan and one of the flat us most flood prone regions of the world. Flooding is expected. It's what delivers the rich sediment makes the soil also fertile, but it also makes the land unstable. Since many rivers criss crossed the region yeah, for instance, many structures are built on these small sediment made island that only last, if you as you know, the sediment washes away new islands form so under
namely, building temporary structures. Like this, you don't build really solid ones, release dirty buildings, houses, but because the soil in this region is the wretch from all that sentiment. The dull. also one of the most densely populated areas of the world really comparable to the Netherlands, which is, I think, Europe's most populated country or densely populated rather, according to Benjamin Riley. In disaster in human history case studies in nature, society and catastrophe in the decade before the flood, the population in Delta region had increased by about thirty percent. meaning that farmers were already having to push further into the mangrove forests buffer by the coast in order to eke out a living and it off that the population was really young. There were a lot of very young children at the time
already there's this out of season storm, and it was the sixth of the season and it's in a flood prone area with a dense population living in mostly temporary housing. So justice set the scene right there. The store made landfall as category three cyclone, with a peak speed of one hundred fifteen miles per hour. It hit right at high tide on a full moon night when people were sleeping. Many of the migrant workers who had arrived for rice harvests were sleeping outside the storm search created by the cyclone reached about nineteen feet, wiping out everything that it head. Since there was a high ground, people climb trees only to find themselves surrounded. Snakes. America really odd story, I mean I'd, say, take it with a green of thought, but its mentioned by Riley. He discusses a MRS Karim who credited a constrictor with saving her life, though most people, I'm sure if he found yourself suddenly in the with what snakes that would be it, but she remembers of losing com
this now, but at that being wrapped up by a constrictor who is really just trying to cling to anything on the tree and it ended up saving her life and the life of her newborn child, though kind of a wild, worry there, but I guess you never know what what can happen and in flake these the death toll, though, with was initially estimated to be at about two hundred and twenty five thousand, but it could have been as high as five hundred thousand and again just like we discuss with the Okeechobee Hurricane, There are a lot of reasons for why there's so much discrepancy here and will again one is that there were probably a lot of migrant workers among the dead and nobody knew who is there. Nobody knew who they were plus undocumented residence in a just people who hadn registered in any sort of way
and we mention this earlier lots of young children, so maybe they weren't even on the books. Yet after the storm, hundreds of thousands of people were left without food, and since it has almost been harvest time, there were no stores of anything either agricultural equipment had been washed away. Salt water had inundated farm land, livestock had drowned before in industry was destroyed and drinking water was contaminated and people contracted cholera from that many people. Were injured to. After such a dramatic survival situation had broken bones. They had abrasions on their arms and their chests and thighs, something that relief workers offered and Debbie of Henry mostly called Quote Cycling syndrome, or quote the grim evidence at the tenacity which the survivors had clung to the trees to withstand the baffling of the wave. Though, just tearing yourself out trying to save your life during the storm surge
Then, despite all these problems, you know, despite the starvation and injuries the government was unable to respond for ten days, which was something that ultimate, hi intentions between EAST Pakistan and West Pakistan and much of the relief ultimately ended coming from India and the United States than later Great Britain and China, which sent rice supplies for the p So when an already scheduled December election rolled around a lot new opposition politicians ended up being elected and ultimately, after a civil war, EAST Pakistan became the independent country of Bangladesh and one of its earliest goals. Understandably after all of this was to set up better storm circular through that people could be more prepared for four thing like this happening again just decide note here: Hassan Mush, Ricky, a professor at Ellen.
you got a map of Bangladesh from his father in law. He scanned the map for part of his work predicting storm surges in the Gulf of Mexico, since he wanted to work on developing somewhere models for Bangladesh. He ended up creating an early warning system which was tested in two thousand and seven when mush weekly noted a huge cycling farming in the bay. Thank all the way he went about spreading. These warnings, though, is sound so round about it's amazing that that it actually works that he began communicating once he noticed this huge storm forming began communicating with the U S, to find out how much the government in the in area knew about what was going on, what kind of warnings were already in place and when he it's from family, that the storm wasn't really being treated very seriously. He got in touch with a food and disaster official in Bangladesh, Ba his lsd, freshmen sign and began sharing. Information began tracking the storm, and many people were successfully evacuated from
areas identified as most at risk and he also helped retroactively target rescue efforts. Here's where the storm went. Here's where you need to go more than three thousand people still died, which sounds like a huge number, but it was far fewer than a lot of the earlier psych loans, including, of course, the bullet climate. We already talked about. So I guess that's promising that in most of these stories we ve seen some sort of progress had no idea upgrade whether it is building a wall hit me no, acknowledging the fact that your city is in pretty serious danger were having some sort of software having an early warning system in place. They blocked the lives yeah. Just that awareness, people have, I mean it's gotta, be cutting it that are easily taking it seriously, not thinking that you're gonna write it out. I mean I lived on the golf course for a while, and so I can relate to that. That so many people just get numbed experience that they just think they can. You know they can hang out during the siege
I think we ve been through this before gone through false evacuations regulations that come to nothing but better statesmen. Sorry, definitely, it's funny to we all kind of have our own sort of storm. Stories out. No, if you have any that, you really burst. Sarah, maybe tornadoes that you have conquered down everywhere. I remember being very little kid and there being a tornado in Atlanta, and I was that ballet class, I was about inferior for it. I remember all the little kids getting taken to the basement and we had a very hungry caterpillar read to us else. May my biggest scary, dorm memory, I think of it. Just out of the IRA When I was living in be all I had to think this was ninety eight. We had to evacuate when George came and I had a cannon, beat
Toyota, to say here that I drove at the time and are giving upstate to wear. My parents live in Canada, knowing all over the road and for the first time I like little cars that I was thinking. I really wish like one of those hanging, haven't really heavy to kind of anchor me down at this point flow thunder storm stories. I mean it, I guess living in Atlanta where most likely to experience Tournay knows hurricanes. We get we get pretty heavy hurricanes from time to time, not coastal levels, of course, and then the occasion Freak ice storm we heard about area. We had one of those a couple years ago, though, feel free to share your most interesting storm stories with us. Why either on Facebook Honour Twitter, it missed in history, can email them to earth that history, podcast discovery, dot com we'd be interested. I mean that their period,
like freakish. Whether stories right that's true, and if you want to learn a little bit more about some of the storms that we talked about today in some additional ones, we have a great article on our site called the ten most destructive storms. You can look at it by visiting our homepage. Toby Toby Toby DOT House works dot com, for more or less and thousands of other topics does. It has therefore sought com,
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