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A Comanche Story: Cynthia Ann Parker

2012-11-28 | 🔗

A Comanche raiding party kidnapped Cynthia Ann when she was 9 years old. She lived with Comanche parents, marrying a war chief and having children. But her family never stopped searching for her. As word of her story spread, her son Quanah rose to power.

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not a lot. We, I guess. We view the monthly that alot, usually the listeners suggestion, but this one is a little bit different and I'm sure you have these two two Billina, where you read a book or watch a movie or even watch tv show, and you come away with pod, cast idea. Sure, though this was one of those cases earlier this summer, I was watching the nineteen fifty six John Wayne Film, the surgery than just to give a little background on at its a movie about a man whose returned to his brothers, Texas, home affairs after the stiff war, but soon fees must have his family killed in a Comanche red and not gonna, give away any spoilers, even though the thirtieth almost sixty years old, but after the raid he becomes really obsessed with finding his kidnapped Neath, even though it soon becomes clear. He'd rather see her dead, then assimilated with her kidnapped it's a very disturbing premise: the meaner, their numerous disturbing parts of them believe that one in particular is upsetting and when I say
Reading about the film I realise that some critics had pointed similarities to two that story and into the book that it was based. And the real life eighteen thirty six kidnapping of, nine year old text. This girl named Cynthia an Parker Yanza an story, is particularly remarkable, dub, tragedy marked by two captures, but we thought it would be a great way to look at the planes. Indians wars on a more personal level, especially since it opens the door to the story of her Son Corner Parker. The last Comanche Chief so just as India ends life's centred on displacement and not really fitting in quotas is about excelling in two very different worlds: trying to mediate between them and encouraging peace among his people, without sacrificing all of his culture, so kind of why we had to pack
the two other. So there is an endless first upset. It's gonna focus more on Colombia and in the background in and how these wars started in the first place, and then the second episode is gonna focused on their end and on quotas. Life bridging this to world. So fortunately, though, we spoken so much in the past year about frontier life and settlement in Texas and, of course, in territory in which now Oklahoma, my favorite placed of leaders favorite place to define that I think most listeners probably feel like they have a good background on this time. Already that, just to give you just a little bit of information in the eighteen thirties, as eastern native american tribes were being forcibly resettled in the west on land that we're traditional, controlled by planes, Indians and as Anglo sellers pushed west, the nomadic planes charge
Feeling hemmed enemy, it still seems like a lot of land, but they were used to covering huge amount hunting and were were really feeling the stress on their resources. At this point, some bands ended up assimilating, dying out or entering reservations, but others retaliated carrying out violent raids on settlers to frighten them back east, an entity their land. So in this struggle, which lasted about forty some odd years, the Comanche were considered the best at this. They were hard to trade, they were masters on horseback and they were seemingly able to. five on nothing and then just kind of disappear into their vast in hospital lands called the command Korea and they were just a force to be wrecked. They worry I mean that that what you have just mentioned are going about them disappearing. That was the big part of it then, when you have the? U S military, but will you have the cavalry involved? They just have a lot of trouble, finding them most of the time, but
story starts with a Comanche Kiowa and a cat, a raid on four Parker, which was a family compound in a form that had been settled in eighteen, thirty by the extended Parker Family and it was great land very prime land right at the head waters of the now, the soda river in taxes, but also in a dangerous part of the world way way out on the frontier and in May of eighteen. Thirty, six somebody didn't take the proper precautions and left the Fort door open when the men went off to to work them with animals in and on the property and the war party easily entered through that open for door quickly killed three Parker family members and two other men and kidnapped
the others. Nine year old, Cynthia Anne was with her mother and her six year old, brother, John and a group of women and children who are trying to flee the four it through a meadow when they were stopped by a warrior name. Petre not gonna and and taken from their. So in addition to Cynthia and her brother, some of the people from their family who are kidnapped, included Rachel Parker Plumber and her son, James Rachel Parker Plumber, was Cynthia and cause life back and I were low. Allow I'm broke shooter, I'm America's number one gossip column is that so fancy, I Tell you about my new celebrity put cast naughty but nice with Rob. Shooter every Monday, three thursday I'll be joined by some of my fellow gossip reporters and maybe even a celebrity or two to serve up the freshest tee.
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for Cynthia an sat for Cynthia and consequently, she became something of a legend on the frontier with her mother and her uncle- and I imagine her extended family really desperate to find her with newspapers roaming deciding the idea of her as this beautiful blonde blue eyed, captive growing up among the command, she really serves, gets pretty strange, especially, she gets older than the things about her and, according to Jan read in Texas Monthly, she even became kind of a warning tail for kids. You know don't wander too far from home or you might end up like Cynthia an But by the mid eighteen forties, all this speculative staff turn into actual citing their started. To finally be real, fighting fabric is or very sure she was alive. At this point, there have been reports of a child who looked like her in until the MID eighteen, forty than as it later turned
she had just been living a normal Comanche life she'd, been adopted by a Comanche parents and raised as their daughter yeah, just that. She also went on to marry her capture the war chief pattern, Al Qaeda and had two sons with him quota, which means fragrant or odor, think it sort of up for debate and sometimes even stink. It. The thumb, yeah kind of a contentious definition and the second son was Pina two's named after Cynthia Ands favorite childhood snack may later had a daughter named tortilla or prairie flower and Cynthia, and even had a new name herself. It was not well meaning she carries herself with grace or someone found yeah. We actually talk to Doktor Kenneth Day for this at the third who kindly helped it out with some of the Comanche pronunciation tee
the learned, Comanche Project and we were asking about Thou Uncas. I just kept on seeing these wildly different definitions. I mean clearly fragrant an odour kind of on the same level, but she carries herself with grace, and someone found some so differently said that a lot of the translations are like that. It's especially with these names they're just all over the map, but most importantly about these reports coming back regarding Cynthia and were the accounts of her from about eighteen, forty, six to eighteen, fifty she'll in, and that was that her people refused all offers to ransom. Her back and she didn't seem to want to go anyway. So was you can't have her? We want to keep her she's one of us
and she won't go in and she won't go and as snatches of fathers information came back to the settlers. Of course, Lucy Parkers than the ants mother was thrilled to know her daughter, which is alive and sent out her teenage stunted to search for her. But not everybody was very happy with the news that was coming back and in to a lot of people. It was just incomprehensible news for lending that she would marry this notorious raider, petty Mckenna and be happy with him. I mean people didn't seem to blame her for what was happening, but they were not happy that she was happy that she might actually prefer. Life is a comanche and
life as subtler. Yes, oh very controversial choice could very controversial life and there were other reports that kind of hinted at at her life at Cynthia s life and the life of the Comanche who are still fighting by the early eighteen. Fifty some comanche bans were suddenly on reservations and others resisted pretty successfully considering the frontier was you ve been back from where it had been in Cynthia s childhood and according to the sightings Cynthia, an pet Anakin their family were clearly jumping bands moving away from the frontier to maintain a free life and to keep on fighting eventually they the qualities who were considered the toughest Comanche band out of all of them, but from eighteen. Fifty two, no further reports were heard from her an and that's it stayed until late. Eighteen sixty when a haughty war party led by knocking
entered taxes and again, the purpose of this raid was too frightened settlers into abandoning the area and cutting too. A great many knowing while the wisest this eighteen, sixty raid became a particularly notable one in Texas for three his and one. It was especially brutal. We're gonna go over a few details on that, but not into the full list. The next with Cynthia an came along, and then the third was that Cynthia Anne was recaptured. I mean that's really why why this raid in particular gets discussed so frequently by the attacks, idlers began November. Twenty six at the home of James Landmine, MRS Lienemann and her six year old son were murdered. One teenage girl was dragged from a horse then killed the raid continued at a pretty fast clip path that gauge.
The Sanders home where, among others, a baby and sixty five year old woman were murdered. Then it took kind of a surprising turn at least direction wise. The party move south to Parker County, which is of course, the same Parker that is Cynthia family right and we should maybe have put in a little warning here. It continues to get kind of violence, though. If your squeamish about this kind of stuff, you may want to skip ahead a little bit, but just kidding. going on with the raid. Some houses were raided and ransacked, and the inhabitants spared. Others, though, were targeted like that of Israel Martha Sherman, while the raiders
As for the children go, they rate scalped Anne had their horses trample Martha Sherman, who lived for days more to deliver still born child, some funded off the attack like the? U banks, girls, who dressed in boys clothing and took up really intimidating, looking positions at the pike. Yes, it just a mix of of things in it, it seemed to be all over the place. What happened to the very families but all told WAR Party left with more than three hundred horses having killed seven white settlers and wounding more and just a point on the numbers. Two minutes. It's really about inspiring poorer than killing loads and loads of people. That was the that was what this type of warfare was about was about trying to completely shock people into leaving and abandoning these lands. They were trying to to settle said that the though
she could reclaim their land. We mention sending an was with the war party and while we can't know exactly what her position was with it and whether even recognize Perker County. Her her childhood home mentioned, does described Our does mention a Comanche society didn't consider raids to be men only affairs, he wrote almost everyone in Comanches society, including women and children, participated in arrayed, either just or socially, and that might just mean women helping manage the camps or load up all of the those stolen items. But sometimes there were even female warriors Pollard, one of the men who had stolen horses quickly started rounding up capacity to pursue the raiders they gave up after two days of chase because they found that some settlers were already packing up too. We others of them were quote forded up, so limiting the PA features they realize they weren't gonna make.
in with them. So a couple weeks later to Ranger companies, Ranger Captain Lawrence Ross and twenty one men from Second cavalry arrive to join in with their pursuit all told about one hundred. Forty men and Tonker was scouts who set out to track pedant Arkansas, and it was Charles Goodnight who found the trail that headed to the peace River and on December nineteenth, a recent camp with the body of one of the stolen, Dron, was found to and when the Rangers than the cavalry approach, the cab they fell. Women dismantling packing up, and it was mostly women and children are the camp. At that point, the Ranger captain charged and the cavalry circled around the back of the cap and according to good night, who is pretty horrified by what happened there. He said that the Cavalry captain
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He grabbed prairie flower. Her young daughter raft herself up and Buffalo robes and hopped onto a horse riding bareback in a full charge ahead and but Rob was eventually gaining on her and before Ross could shoot she turned around exposed, prairie flower and yelled Americano, Americano and Ralph, captured her. He brought her back to to one of his men and then rode off to pursue and kill a warrior in this kind of an interesting point. We're gonna talk about it a little more in a minute, but he later insisted that this warrior was better not gonna. Buy like is that when we talk about that more in a minute, the rain was just a complete massacre. Five warriors were killed, nine women and children were killed. Three women and children were captured by the focus was
Lee Onthem, the an once. They realise that this particular prisoner of theirs had blue eyes, and they were all wondering. Ok, who is this lady? If he read their accounts, they pretty much all claim. They were the first one to recognize her as as white for one thing and then asked Cynthia Anna suggested, but good night has as a point that the little more tragic certainly is tragic and maybe has something to do with his later friendship with since the ends fun, but he seemed to think a little bit about how she was experiencing the situation at the time he wrote. We rode right over her dead companions. I thought then, and still think, how exceedingly cruel it was Isaac Parker, Cynthia, an uncle who live near Fort Worth was called, and to try to help identify her. According to a neighbour who saw the meeting, Cynthia end quote, sat for a time immovable lost in profound meditate
seven oblivious to everything by which she was surrounded. Ever and Anon convulsed, as if it were by some powerful emotion which she struggled to suppress. So Parker tried to ask her questions in English. but she didn't respond. He finally said quote: if this is my niece, her name is Cynthia and at which point she beat her chest, stood up pointed to herself and said Cynthia and her she recognized her own name and, and unsurprisingly, considering that she'd been goin almost twenty five year from life as the Texas settler. This was not a happy reunion. You know she didn't identify yourself and then they all embracing live happily ever after one of the main reasons, because she likely thought that her husband and funds were both dead and biscuits back to what I was talking about a minute ago. Rostov claim that he killed
knock it off at peace River. It was claimed that he touted for years, afterward really incorporated into his own legend end when Cynthia Anne and now cannot, fund and climate grew up and entered into the public eye corner always insisted that he and his brother had left with her father on a hunting trip. Two days before TAT though his father had never been there. The boys had never been there. His father was clearly not killed and he said that his father instead died a few years after some people, though dispute
story of thinking that maybe it was one that Quanta put forward specifically to try to protect his his father's memory, because he's river was clearly seen as a disaster by the Comanche and now can I had been in charge of this. This rating party is often suggested that if no cannot did live on for a few more years, he kept a remarkably low profile for somebody who had been so powerful so important. For so long and obviously so passionate about continuing his Comanche lifestyle ends and passionate about his family. To I mean we should note. The end was one of several wives bed by all accounts, I read they had a very loving relationship it destroys she believed and said that her son had been there. She really thought that they were dead, and that was something that she just continued to believe through our entire life yoke. According to her neighbors, they they said she gave
tensely, you have, she was utterly destroyed. She believed and said that her son had been there. She we thought that they were dead, and that was something that she just continued to believe through our entire life. According to her neighbors they they said she gave no indication ever throughout her life that she thought her sons were still alive and ass for the rest of the group that was part of this raid Charles good night, and about ten scouts which to track the only two writers who managed to escape the fight. They tracked him about a hundred miles to a larger Comanche camp and, though that they, only about ten and twelve years old, respectively. Pina and quota would have had good basic survival in hunting skills to have made this sort of track. It was interesting to read a little bit about what kind of skills specifically boys that age would have had and an apparently they would have had better survivable skills than the average Texan boy, but
wouldn't have been young warriors either. They might have been allowed to have participated in hunt for small game, but probably not anything large. Certainly not a reading party like the one their father had been on. They would have been expert riders because, as we have already discussed, Comanche were all about war so they they might have had enough knowledge tat to get by that. Clearly they they needed to find a camp of adult quickly to though they wouldn't have ever been able to or been allowed to just wander away from camp, but we're gonna pick up with more on quality and more in Cynthia S next time, since this is a two part or at the third, it's a pretty sad story was Cynthia and a mixed bag. I'd say with corner, but a pretty amazing, so
and his behalf to act as a mediator and somebody who really found a way to excel in two cultures: So you have some a listener mail to share Sarah. Yes, we do- and I picked this land because we were talking about indian territory again and it reminded me of Emily, got frowned with their backs and her cloud about that may be the last time we talk to down in the territory but she wrote and disdain dear to clean and fairer. A few months ago, I asked for help with the sources for about three facts are fighting to blame. You found her out to list of source inside then she went on to state the pot and the sources led us to an entire unit on a man Lena and raised a closed out my civil war Lapland, my fourth graters, absolutely love discussing different parts of Greece
and deciding if they were manly, unmanly or neutral up. For our final closed that discussion, a few of them had some real fingers in deep thought. I wanted to share them with you. It is easily one at the time I was out of my little one, so she just sent along a few questions that she'd after students and then a few their answers. There we're gonna rid of you a few of these worth great responses to her question. Do you agree that bath with quote one of the bravest man this country has ever known per student Jonah through. Yet I agree that he is a manliest man ever because he tried to build a bridge from slavery and wait for them to an equal placed alive, because everybody is treated the same Their student Andrew did not think they'll. He wrote no because he was showing off for the people like how he uses the gun. You got that kind of funny and then Reign was very impressed in road. Yes, he was
and a master of disguised because he was able to battle now she had enough I Shan T that was more, that this building a bridge idea and she wrote do you agree that one of the main ways think the man can do is to build a bridge and legacy for others to follow and her student drove on road that he kind of agreed an disagreed with that. You said the country should try to slavery by themselves, but it is the whole countries problem, not just three. He can take a break from being a hero, but if they can, they can have some help and then finally, rain again said no to save. Someone's life is more mainly through all kinds of interesting, soon, responses from her students and very funds to hear so. Thank you, but thank you for creators and I'm glad you guys enjoyed learning about ass real. Can we
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