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A Medici Marriage: Marguerite-Louise d'Orléans

2012-08-06 | 🔗

Marguerite-Louise d'Orléans was the grandchild of the King of France, cousin of Louis XIV and eventually betrothed to Cosimo III de Medici. Her marriage was (to say the least) unstable. But how did she finally find herself back in France?

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hey, I'm comedian, P Coralie, and I will leave this comedy goal I listen to the PETE and Sebastian Show on Iheartradio radio at Apple podcast or wherever you get your pad to stuff you missed in history class from Housetop, looks like alone walked into the pack. Have time fair. Daddy and I'm going to charge reporting and this summer as a special tree to all of our royal lovingly, we're gonna be focusing on some of the Chinook again notable princesses and history and less tell me just the fear Dorothea of sailor who, with a pretty sympathetic character and her story, I would say she was married off to an end Compatible cousin. At a young age was manipulated by her father
MR as too May or may not have been responsible for the murder of her own swedish boyfriend and to top all of that off, she spent nearly half of her life held prisoner in calf. I mean that really does top off. So we can definitely feel sorry for her. even her husband's own subjects, both in Hanover in Layer in England, felt kind of sorry for her, but today, subject it's gonna, be a little more divisive. I think yeah we're gonna be looking about Marguerite, Luis DE earlier, who was a near contemporary of Sophia Dorothea and she was off. A dynastic pond for her powerful family. She also made an unsuitable match in her mid teens and was held prisoner by her in laws, but whereas Sophia Dorothea comes across as I'm lucky and may be somewhat naive, Marguerite Louis seems like she would have been held. We are here really does shows a firecracker just to give you a sense of what other people
said about her Elinor Herman, who wrote sex with the queen said she was quote, born with an controllable, temperament ill suited to her royal position. You know what a position where you gonna need to keep your mouth shut must the time she also said she had a fearless toxic nastiness, Encyclopedia Britain, They called her a frivolous consort and the women in World History Encyclopedia notes that quote she showered invective on all within reach. The fund I'm here, that's of I think discussing Marguerite. Louise is, can allow us to revisit our old friends the matter chief family in popular people, love domenici, family and we're gonna. Get find out how exactly that illustrious line finally died out since way back when them medicine theories began so long ago, we did discuss how they started so full circle, but before we get to that, we're gonna talk a little bit about Marguerite. Louise's early life, though
was born in sixteen forty, five or thereabout to their stolen, dictatorial and his way. Marguerite, Delorean and thus gone with these. On of King Henry, the fourth of France and Marie Domenici and the young other of Louis the thirteenth and because he ended up being the only sir the thirteenth, and he ended up being from a very young age, but was called, Marguerite, Louise's Daring and her impulsiveness that we're going to discuss later were exactly unique to her her alone, it wasn't a unique family tree- know her father started, participating in plot against his brother, the king, at a pretty young age, including one too. fascinate our old friend cardinal Richelieu. We talked about hindering the bourbon theories The heir to the throne, however, usually got him out of trouble, got him out of losing his head. Italy right, I remember Lui, the thirteenth and his wife didn't have children until decades into their marriage and their son. The eventual Lui the fourteenth was truly concern.
A miracle they have for a long time. Author was the only option out very had to deal with I'm right? So we had to stick around awhile possible treason, customs. Only business, though after his first wife died, giving birth to their daughter. He eloped with de LA without permission from his brother, the king, in Margarets Father, were actually enemies. They were finally given the kings blessing. However, as their eldest daughter, together. Marguerite Louise was Groom the Sunday wife of her cousin, Louis, the fourteenth and Queen of France, so she had a bright future ahead of her sharp point she did, or at least her parents were hoping she would have that future and she did seem well suited to the part Herman. No, it's that she had turquoise. I should check girls. She calls her put voluptuous and, according to the women in world history, encyclopedia shows there was accomplished she road. While she hunted she was smart, whose witty a brilliant conversationalist and
The last point got me thinking a little bit: the Eco label, you see, apply to a lot of nobles and royal, and I always find it a little hard to imagine what exactly means, because I just jump to somebody like Mark, and I'm sure that's not what they are talking about. It Frazier, though, writing in love in the life of Louis the fourteenth help me stand a little that why this last accomplishment with considered so very important in this air- I mean, of course, it's still important today, but why it was crucial in this age, apparently upper class women in France in this era, where very A very poorly educated in the traditional sense only an estimated fourteen to thirty four percent could even find their own names, but, conversely, snow training almost took the place of form all reading and writing training and Frazier quoted Amato and is good. I detailed the
deal in feminine conversational ability at the time- and she said quote, a woman in conversation should demonstrate a marvellous report between her words and her eyes. While she should, of course, be careful not to sound quote like a book talking She should rather speak quote worthily of everyday things and simply of grand thing, though the lot to live up to it It is, and but unfortunately, for Marguerite, Louise or at least for her parents ambitions for her report between turquoise, is unworthy. Speaking wasn't enough to make a marriage between her and lily. Now conversation wasn't gonna cut it he had a lot of prospects, mostly cousins and ended up with his double first cousin. We talked about this before to Marie Three sets of their alliance could promise peace between Spain and France, who are working at the time, Marguerite. Louise meanwhile, would marry customer the third Domenici air to Ferdinand. The second grand of Tuscany, but by this point
Mary Louise herself had fallen in love with another cousin of hers, one on her maternal side Prince Charles Lorraine, and he was eighteen and adapt. soldier, fresh out of spanish prison, and this was Actually, it would have been considered a really good match for the two of them in Margaret Louise's now mother even approved of the idea that Louie just forged fright ahead the matter Chee Alliance, he was working According to the women in world history, encyclopedia, under the advice of cardinal jewels, Mouser again, you know hoping to make some sort of alliance here rather than just having the family all Mary each other and placed it might be worth noting to Louie had himself could let his youthful love to make this dynastic marriage, so he probably wasn't it to make concessions for his young cousin, wanted everyone to suffer as you had not name. I don't know about that, but he was acting of king rather than loving cousin, but anyway
Cosmo it is, that's gonna, be the groom and in sixteen sixty wine at age. Sixteen Margaret Louise was married by proxy to customer the loose chapel and already, given her engagement ring away that tell not into this man she was, and while she was travelling to Tuscany, to meet her husband and be married in person, she really took horse. each time, stopping too long it every of every city. She went through to upset this tightly controlled, pageant schedule for her progress. Will talk about that sort of thing before the grand slow pace travels married to and things didn't get better when she actually met her groom too. I mean in case you are hoping for some sort of studying, like
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so draining into shift gears after every event. In like I just ran the hurdles now I have to think about high jump. How do I get as high up in the air as I can after I just tried to run as fast as I can, giving that much intensity and such events can can be really be difficult. This is the only way to available now on the radio or wherever you get your pockets. The Paypal then fear described there in compatibility. Thing quote: the prince is all gravity, but the princess loves nothing more than laughing so not a great couple may be, and it was clearly emphasised that disparity between their temperaments was probably emphasised by the type of entertainments customer stage to try to make his new wife happy ballet than balls and fees. Things that play wouldn't show him off. his best advantage. But despite these attempts to win her over a customer didn't seem that into her at all, at least as far as producing an air was concerned, and so probably
combined with her homesickness for the french court meant that she tried to out of the marriage early and actually requested permission. At an old and enter a convent back home No dice, though they wouldn't allow raw unable to simply leave the situation, she took up a more passiveaggressive way of showing her unhappiness are actually that addresses the Hasdrubal Asia. Sometimes just not nice, for example, she used to learn Italian. Ok, maybe that's not so bad sometimes she had refused to eat and other time she would run a daily food bill. That was ten times, that of her husband and when she was eating shoes standing of sometimes she wages to use the silent treatment for everybody and my favorite when she started to talk again that especially for a brilliant conversationally threat when she started, hawk. Again, though it wasn't, I imagine they'd almost wish she just with still silent, because she would mark her husband at court
and leave already included that close about sharing. In fact, ass, though she wasn't thing they things when she was talking Father in law. The grand duke tried to rein in her a range of spending and her behaviour. By dismissing her french retinue, she said off smuggling. The tuscan crown jewels, though she can go back and get them back ultimately, with Irene. That's a bold move, Marguerite Louise to stop from coming and going to she pleased her father in law, but bolts on her doors and only allowed her out for promenades and court events and to spend a lot of time just away from the main course out of public. I, where everybody could hear her, making fun of her new Emily at one point while she was staying at one of these men achievable as she said, but a node threatening to throw a missile at his head. Should he attempt to follow
her go bring her home visit her at all, probably didn't help in the whole child creating a permanent and when she malaria, she tried to blame it on the medical penchant for poisoning. Louis basically told or to knock it off and asked the Pope to threaten her with excommunication and when her in law and finally had her imprisoned in one of their palaces and Peter. She tried to escape with Gypsy varied if you're gonna get out. Somehow that's the way to go according to a young in the marriage, quote, finding her circumstances becoming less furthermore, intolerable and that she could get no help from her relatives and friends. She evolved the idea of escape from the contemptible caused tomorrow by joining a party of gypsies with whom she was one night settling all the arrangements from a window of the palace at Pisa, whereupon that mode of escape was made impossible.
since the couple would reconcile occasionally it's hard to believe without going on the day everyone, but they did in the past three children Ferdinand was born in sixteen. Sixty three hundred and Louisa Demetriou was born in sixteen sixty seven and Varner Gian Gas Stone was born and sixteen seventy one Marguerite Is also found time to entertain her cousin, an old friend Charles Lorraine, who is a frequent visitor at court end lover of yeah, incidentally, another another ranch in this next year, but in sixty seventy Ferdinand, the second died leaving customer the grand Duke of Tuscany and Margaret Louise, I think at this point was hoping well. Maybe if I have some little portion to govern myself, we can work this out, she's forbidden from taking any role in government, though by Kosovo and his mother. so she went back to one of the villages and within
Two years she decided that enough is enough. She was tired of of the hanging around the just threatening her bed and while she was visiting a small task in time She wrote to him saying that she consider their marriage essentially over. She wrote to her as an Louie explaining that, since both parties had had multiple affair, she really didn't fanny point in staying in Tuscany and playing certain prisoners. Lash grand duchess than more and lily, initially told her. Well, ok, you're welcome to be a prisoner in France is sad but Finally, her husband and her cousin work things out and by sixteen seventy five. She was allowed to return to France to a convent outside of Paris, but it was understood that there will be certain restrictions on her darling. We have some exciting news.
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wherever you get your things chance, she chose to spend her time entertaining at court attending parties and balls and, of course, continuing to her ass, her husband, Castelo I shouldn't say. Of course, you would think that she had escaped him and would just kind of leave that rely on mind but now she actually have to sort of day in his life buyer by staying at his throat, into Herman. At one point, she wrote to him quote no hour of the day passes do not desire your death and wish that you were hanged. What aggravates me most of all, is that we shall both go to the devil, and then I shall have the Torah. I've seen you even there. I swear By what I loathe, above all else, that- is yourself that I shall a pact with the devil to enrage you and to escape your madness enough is enough
shall engage in any extravagance. I so wish in order to bring you unhappiness, if you think you can get me to come back to you. This will never happen and if I came back, you beware, because he would for a dive, but by my hand, mean real letter for his part, customers did very much interested in her to me not to cause. He was paying a lot of her bills that they were still very much involved in each other's life, but of this convention listen. We should mention one more thing about it too says she clearly wasn't living a retired life is, is to blame dimension, going out to parties and everything when the convents new priors tried to really enforce the rules and keep her home like she was. She was supposed to be under the terms of this arrangement. She's supposedly threatened the woman
and Alex and a pistol and then threatened to set the place and fires, though, and think thinking were starting to cease and signs of more serious furious, behavioral problem. But yeah she was. She was ought to be arranged in eventually, though her outrageous behaviour was too much for even all these amusing stories about Tuscany in Kosovo to be worth at any more info, Lou the fourteenth finally band her from court and in seventeen twenty one. She died at the age of seventy six, I think by then actually, finally, living sort of retired life and and trying to take things down and customer, though, with equally long live? I always think that, through this what happened? What should I get to? It can get him in time, yet he died in seven. Twenty three after a rain of fifty three years, which, incidentally,
a long reign of any manatee, even though, during that time his duchy lost a lot of its prestige. He was succeeded by his youngest son Gian, who is already entered, fifties unhealthy and childless and with him the marriage she line of grandeur and did- and he was succeeded by Francis the grandson of Marguerite, Louise's Duke of Lorraine, who we mentioned earlier in the pie cast an author of Marie Antoinette, so strange connections on both sides. I feel like this episode has tied in to almost every royal person. We ve done in some way one summit. touching note to this bizarre story in the early. When you have century to silver coins belonging to Marguerite, Louise were found to actually be hollow like little lockets or boxes, and one had a miniature of Charles of Lorraine as a young man in some kind of fleet. Maybe if she just buried her cousin
None of these last three letters had to happen and Canada fun. Fact you something decidedly good that did come out of this poor coupling her eldest son with Customary Fernando who was also the child she was closest to he had died before his father. Obviously, that's why he didn't become the grand Duke himself. He was the patron of man called Bartolommeo, Cristoforo and Cristoforo is the man who invented the piano. So you know if I can action, there is some sort of some sort of positive note from and rather than you won't die. any him mine. Maybe we could have put music to her letters I feel like they were, may be the classical him work. All innovations of the precursors
on a small. That sounds are something we break up music. I mean I was thinking there, a kind of ETA operatic seeming couple. It seemed like this would be a if not an opera from from many years ago, then I guess some sort of lifetime movie today it does sound like something fit for lifetime. I think also fit for a good theory. So it's been fun to do these over the summer around, maybe, have some more coming up soon. Some more princess stories, but if you have, the gesture for some that you'd like first to cover, I feel like we ve covered a lot of royalty over the years that there are some key figures may get suggested all the time that we have got to genes Cumbria and so if you have any especially want to hear about, feel free to write to us, we're at history, podcast Gabriela com. You can also find us on Facebook and we're on Twitter. It must in history and in the meantime, if you want to learn a little bit about royalty in a more general sense, we do have an article called how loyalty works you can check it out
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