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Alexandre Dumas Père

2019-02-27 | 🔗

Alexandre Dumas wrote such classics as The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo, and both those books’ sequels, eight Marie Antoinette romances, and a BUNCH of other novels and plays. And essays. And travel books. And memoirs. And a dictionary of cuisine. Hundreds and hundreds of works. 

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known today as Alexander Duma Pair, to distinguish them from his own son, who also have the same name, because we wanted to be really confusing with this trio of men in this family. Alexander Duma Pair, of course, wrote that classics as the three musketeers and the count of Monte Cristo and both of those words sequels and eight Marie when at romances and a bunch of other novels and plays an essays and travel books and memoirs and a dictionary of cuisine, hundreds and hundreds of works that man was prolific. He did so much and so much happen in his life and its really impossible to do justice to every single aspect of it. In one episode of the show and having multiple episode seemed like it was getting super excessive in terms of the Duma, family. So today we're gonna talk about the upbringing but lead Alexander, due more to become the rider that he was along with some of the highlights and themes of his later life and work in my hand,
I am now leg decent wages and start a park has just called Duma and is their family and all of it, yeah all of its high drama and fascinating twists and turns Alexander Duma was born on July, twenty fourth, eighteen o too in the town of vehicle play in northern France. His father, as we just said, was general. Alex Duma. His mother was Marie Louise Elizabeth Level, hey daughter of an innkeeper and the two of them meant when Alex was builded at that in during the french revolution. Alexander had one surviving older sister and another who died before he was born. According to his father, he waited ten and a half pounds and was eighteen inches long at birth. Dumas childhood was quite difficult, although his father had been in command of huge parts of the french military which we talked about in that.
Previous ever said, he had fallen out of favour, with Napoleon long before being captured and imprisoned in a dungeon in Naples for nearly two years once he was a relief he was injured and ill and he still couldn't collect a pension or back pay, so the family fell into poverty. Alexander spent early childhood in the company of his father, who were game some of his former health, but not enough to return to active duty. He heard all kinds of stories about his father's dramatic exploits in the army. Alex Duma had also been fond of performing various feats of straw, some of which he could still manage, and young Alexander was fascinated by them. His father had been war hero and one of the most prominent men of color in the french military. But Alexander was perception of him and even beyond that into someone who was larger than life and almost mythic do described it. This way quote, I adored my father
perhaps that so early and AIDS, the feeling which today I call love, was only a naive astonishment at that herculean stature and that gigantic strength, I'd seen him display on so many a k Perhaps it was nothing more than a childish, pride and admiration, but in spite of all that, and today, the memory of my father and every detail of his body in every feature of his face is as presents to me as if I had lost him yesterday, Alex Duma died on February, twenty sixth eighteen, o six, probably from stomach cancer. Alexandria was approaching his fourth birthday and, as his father's condition worsened. His mother sent him to spend the night with cousins who live near by so that he would not be traumatize if his father died during the night on the night of his father's death Alexander, woke his cousins and told them he was going to go open the door for his father, who had come to say good bye in the morning when he was told that God had taken his father
Heaven Alexandria answered that he was going to go to Heaven himself for revenge with his mother, a widow without much to live on Alexander, had very little structure to his childhood. Marie Louise tried to secure winners, pension and was so persistent about it that Napoleon Bonaparte finally told the general who had been worrying it up with him on her. Their behalf quote. I forbid you to ever meant that, fellow to me again so Alexanders mother, spend her time working to try to make ends meet and to pay for his older sisters, education, Alexandria, briefly spent some time enrolled at a private school and his sister would teach him while she was home on school breaks, but beyond in his early years, at example, didn't have much formal education, he loved to read. And he loved to talk about what he read and he took a few a violin lessons that he settle. Have him not even able to tune the instrument occasionally his mother tried to enroll him in a school or seminary, but there's never last very long
with Alexander running away or refusing to go back more often than not in eighteen fourteen, when Alexander was twelve, his mother fucker We got access to a widows pension and use it to open a tobacco shop. A year. Later he managed to catch a glimpse of Napoleon Bonaparte. In person demise described seeing him pass through tat, both before and after the battle of Waterloo. In one thousand, eight hundred and fifteen, which was of course pivotal, he wrote quote, I confess I had an intense desire to see this man who and making his heavy hand felt throughout France, had and a peculiarly hard fashion ground down poor Adam, like myself, lost among thirty two millions of human beings whom he continued to crush, while forgetting my very existence in eighteen, sixteen Alexander met to other young men who would start him on the path to becoming a writer. One was adult ribbing to live in the son of a
the dish nobleman, who moved into the area around the echo to lay the other was Amadeus De La Paul's, who was an officer and adult wanted to be a playwright and had connections to the theatre seen in Paris. I'm a day, new, german and italian, and offered to teach Duma these languages in his spare time. Although Alex You didn't have a lot of schooling. He did have very meat and almost flowery handwriting, which let him get an apprenticeship with a notary and eighteen eighteen it and a lot of errands. He copied documents by hand, but was a job that he described as intolerable if he had had to pay attention to what he was copying, but since he could copy without thinking about the words themselves, greeted us. Let us mind wander this job was what allowed Duma to take his first trip to Paris Theatre, a client gave him and his fellow clerks gratuity, and they decided to go in together and catch a very early stage coach to Paris. There they saw an adaptation of hamlet by general. Francois do see.
This was a formative experience in Dumas life. He came home in a state of amazement and he wrote to the theatre to send a copy of the play, so he could study it over and over for the next few years to my life was very much the same. He did some studying. He hung out with his friends. He worked for the notary and he started trying his hand that writing his own poems and plays. He also pursued various young women along veal, Try his father had always been described is exceptionally handsome, and the same was true of the young Alexandra, who had blue eyes relatively fair, skin and hair that he called mole, few e tropic how or my tropical tangle. He was also by his own admission, very vain and everyone else's admission. He was extremely popular with women. The biggest detriment to all of this in his youth was that Emily had so little money that his clothing tended to be too small and improper repair, and that made him the target for
mockery. Among the more mean spirited of them. During these years Napoleon who had been at the root of so many problems for the Duma. Family was forced off the imperial throne of France exiled return from exile and exiled again before dying in british custody on the island of Saint Helena on May Fifth, eighteen, twenty one. But apart from that once king of Napoleon, and one thousand, eight hundred and fifteen dumas felt fairly removed from what was happening on the national stage and trying to make his way to Paris on a more regular basis. He thought if he could get to the city. He might be able to earn enough money to support himself and his mother and we'll talk about how we got there after a sponsor break the here is about us, which resolutions do you, plan to conquer and twenty twenty become more mindful or create healthier lifestyle through diet, exercise and, of course, improved sleep. The sleep number three, sixty smart bed helps everyone get the proven quality sleep that will change their life.
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one thousand eight hundred and twenty Alexander to my made up his mind to start visiting Paris as often as he could with a mind to eventually moving there, but he really had to scrounge for money to make these trips. On one occasion he and a friend went together, hunting rabbits art or does along the way so that they can sell them once they got to Paris and pay for their food and lodging this required, the two of them to outsmart the gamekeepers who are in charge. Of the land that they were illegally hunting on. They only one horse between them, so one had the gun and the other state on the horse to take the quarry and ride off with it before the games. Keeper could follow the sound of the shot and find them they did make it to Paris and back. But do Monde fired from a new notary job that he'd gotten just a few months before he had taken this trip, while his boss was away planning to go and return without him knowing, but instead his boss got back a few hours before he did. I feel like that's a classic Calm scenario we add pointing out
in the early eighteen, hundreds in France yeah. This is one of the main thing like so many things come a sound like this could be a little theme from one of his books after his mother sold some property to settle the families. Debts, Duma convinced her to let himself some engravings that his father had brought home a serving in the military and then, according to his memoir, he tried to build on the fifty francs that he had gotten for these engravings. He took his money to the local coffeehouse and started playing We urge against a family friend named Mr Cartier, with the loser buying the winner two glasses of absence. They weren't drinking the absent they were just using. Mr basically keep score. kept doubling their beds over the course of five hours. Until, according to my, he had one six hundred glasses of absinthe. That was worth about ninety banks which he took in lieu of all that alcohol there's something you
You could have done a split payment that what's that was enough to pay for about a dozen round trip tickets to Paris and do more made frequent trips back and forth before moving Leir in eighteen, twenty three. He had few resources when he got there, though his biggest asset was collection of letters of introduction that his mother had written to various old friends and military bodies of his late father, and one of these was general Maximilian. Sebastian Foy Foy wanted to help, but he very quickly you're doubt that Duma really did not know how to do anything is haphazard schooling and his self study, which he wasn't all that dedicated way had left him without a working knowledge of almost any subject and his ample slacking off at the notary, jobs he'd had had left him without any practical skills there either. His one strong point was that very attractive.
ornate handwriting. This really brought it home for Duma that he had been wasting his use after seeing voice reaction to. Finally, figuring out. One thing he could do that thing being right neatly, he said quote my head fell on my breast. My shame was insupportable. The only thing I possessed was good handwriting. This diploma of incapacity well became me a beautiful handwriting, so some day I might become a copying clerk. This was my future. I would rather cut off my Arm, fortunately, though, the general did know somebody in a very high position who needed a clerk that was the Duke doorway on who were later become king, Louis Felipe, but in a way, This really add insult to injury, because not only was dumas, only job skilled is good handwriting, but the people back home were astonished that he had managed to find a position with a duke of all people
after spending all those years, not particularly applying himself to anything So not only that we have a job he didn't want. People were shocked that he had gotten it. He consult himself with the fact that now, at least he had a salary of twelve hundred francs. Of course, his vision was not to be a copyist, even if it was the copyist for a duke. Fortunately, though, one of his supervisors was sympathetic to his ambitions of becoming a playwright and advised him on a course of self study and a focus for his creative work. His supervisors advice what is the history of France, which, in his opinion, wasn't getting nearly enough attention in the world of french literature in theater, and then right about that through this advice in this recommended course of self study to mock him up with a goal for himself. He wanted to do for France. What Sir Walter Scott had done for Scotland
He was particularly inspired by Scots Waverley novels, which include Ivanhoe and Rob Roy along with twenty others. Those books were a age, or a milestone in the development of historical fiction as a John Raw and european literature. And so that's. What do my set his mind on doing writing historical fiction set in France and making that popular with the french public? at first, though his focus, was really on writing this historical fiction through plays and not novels, Do my went to the theatre as often as he could and embarked on a study of classic works of literature, including during down time at work. He started making friends wooden double people in the literary theatrical and artistic circles of Paris, including people like Sharm gnawed yea, who was connected to numerous writers and the French Romantic movement am Victor Hugo author of Lay Missile Cobb and the hunchback of Nature DOM and do my started early
some ship, with a young woman named Marie Catherine Le Bay, with whom he had a son who was so named Alexandra on July, twenty, seventh eighteen, twenty four the two of them never married but did paid for their lodging and visited them often as after their romantic relationship ended by also started selling short comic sketches to theatres, to earn some extra money to try to keep them all afloat. His first serious attempt at a play was called Christine and was about previous podcast subject. Christina of Sweden. Here committed to a theatre company which accepted it, but even after a long series of revisions they didn't ultimately perform it instead. Dumas first full length play to be staged was honoured. The third and his co.
which debuted on February, Eleventh eighteen, twenty nine at the comedy from phase which was one of France's state theatres. Just a few days before the plays debut demise, mother had a stroke, so he had to divide his time between the theater and her bedside, including stepping out of the theatre, to go check on her during that first performance. Just before the play open, he also invited the dude Dorothy, all who politely decline, saying that he had another engagement Duma, convinced due to come and to bring his whole retinue with him. A lot of Dumas friends were also there, including Victor Hugo, possibly help by having so many people who he knew and liked an audience. the reception was over all extremely positive. There was a lot of loud applause.
Peter and generally pretty favourable reviews. Afterward, and this performance has been cited as the start of a shift in french Theatre away from the classical and toward the romantic, with the play itself, a drama rather than a classic tragedy, but, of course, the claim was not universal. A number of more classically minded established, playwrights objected to its more romantic sensibilities and staging a and the fact that it was melodramatic instead of tragic. Some of these playwright circulated a petition denouncing the theatres management for allowing such a play to be staged and advocating that France not allow such work to be performed at any of its national theatres on re. The third was also criticised for being against the monarchy and its bond. A huge debate about censorship of this was the first of many many plays and a career that was truly prolific and did involved
aging of Christine, not long after, but almost immediately demise output slowed down just the little as he became a revolutionary. We'll talk about that. After a quick sponsor break Bulgaria, Welcome to car leasing, one o one. Today's lesson is price negotiations. First, take out your phone, and go on the road o k pick a car? and you'll see the price. Although discounts, taxes and fees are included Crystal clear surprises. Ok, that's the end of a lesson in the questions. Yes, Jackson, that's it! That's it next! Yes, Sir Way, so we don't have to negotiate a price. Nope Roto takes care of it all. Ok, you in the back has to be our. What do we do now? That's the second lesson. Roto makes leasing a car so easy and can be need. You can have all your free time back so with joy at a class dismissed welcome to the future of car leasing, wrote it
You choose from hundreds of cars in your area right online or on the road, a lap. We give you crystal clear pricing that includes discounts taxes in fees to top it off, we bring the. All right. Your house rode out now that Lilly Singh in addition in writing and her writing a massive amount of work during his lifetime. Alexander Duma was like his father, a revolutionary, although not on the exact same scale as his father Toma Alex. under Duma had been firmly on the liberty, equality, fraternity side of the french Revolution and was a staunch defender of the french Republic. Do I had many of these same leanings, which came to the fore in eighteen? Thirty, two
play revolution or the revolution of eighteen. Thirty was one of a series of revolutions that swept through Europe between one thousand eight hundred and thirty, and one thousand eight hundred and thirty two in France. It was in response to a series of ordinances issued by King Charles, but ends in these ordinances. The king dissolve the chamber of deputies and called for new elections. in September, but he also change the law so that most of the electorate lost their right to vote and he suspended the freedom of the press. People are, of course, very upset by them. Do. I had been on the verge of leaving for a trip to Algeria which France adjust annexed when these four ordinances were issued. So, instead of going on his trip, he sent his servant to retrieve his gun from the gunsmith into by him Ammunition and then, as the revolution grew more violent. He joined the demonstrators at the barricades after hearing the mark Lafayette, who has been named, dropped in so many podcast. At this point, I can't even keep up
to hear him say that they did not have enough ammunition Duma also planned and helped carry out a successful powder raid. The magazine swaths, all the fighting, went on four July, twenty seven to the twenty ninth, after which Charlotte abdicated and his successor King Louis, Felipe Former, do Dolly all described as the king of the French, rather than the king of France, but Dumas prior relationship with the king did not serve him. Well, the king told him to stick to poetry, not politics, and do my rebutted that a poets point of view could be prophetic, Lou Felipe abruptly dismissed him and do my resigned his position at the library of the Palais Royal, where Louis Felipe had appointed him, while still a duke smaller theories. The revolutions took place in eighteen, forty eight, which overthrew Louie Felipe tomorrow as part of this uprising too and then the word he tried, unsuccessfully, to run for parliament to return to the eighteen thirty's, though, on March First
one thousand and thirty one du MA and Belkacemi had a daughter together who they named Marie Alexander Jean the next year. He took a trip to Switzerland and he published a travelogue from his time there in eighteen, thirty three. This was the first of many travel, sometimes for pleasure, but often to ask criticism, political disputes, the heir of the monarch or debt death, when, if there are those- but I read leading up to this- was basically like when the going got tough to my left in eighteen. Thirty is he started experimenting with writing stories of novels, rather than just plays and in eighteen thirty, six, a new development in the world of publishing really sifted what he was doing until that point, newspapers and France had sold annual subscriptions, but that year a paper called Le Press started selling individual issues and with industry,
issue. Sales came the opportunity for cereal Ized novels that were published one bit of time from one issue to the next. Something were familiar with today, but at the time was truly groundbreaking. This was hugely successful both for Duma and for the newspaper he started writing novels. That would be published serially with installments ending with cliffhanger to encourage people to buy the next issue. Other publications and writer started following the same model. Cereal is: writing drove a dramatic
recent newspaper sales and that increase lasted for decades and one thousand eight hundred and forty do not married IDA Ferrier. They would together for about the next four years, and I spent most of the time living in Florence because it was cheaper than Paris. Many of Dumas, most famous works, were written between one thousand eight hundred and forty four and one thousand eight hundred and fifty four, including the three musketeers and the count of Monte Cristo. This was his most prolific decade is a writer with most of the word featuring exciting stories, full of heroic characters that play out against the backdrop of french history Output during this time was not solely his own work, though he had researchers and collaborators who are part of it as well. They would often sketch out the books outline. Do my filled in all the details in the dialogue, or they would provide background research them.
Well known of these was August Marquette, who took do matter court in eighteen, fifty, six and eighteen fifty eight claiming that his contributions to eighteen of Dumas novels was significant enough, that he should be listed as the co author, while the court did ordered Zuma to pay my Kate some of the money you that he was owed, they left the attribution of the books as it was. There is still a lack of consensus of the like how much actual work these various assistants were doing. Alexander DU monde success led to ongoing problems with money. He was making an enormous income for the time the average workers pay when he was living was about three francs a day but some years Duma was making more than eighty thousand francs, but he spent lavishly and often without any kind of workable plan. He launched two different newspapers, both of which later folded, he started construction on Chateau D, Monte Cristo in
in forty six and when he ran out of money that was sold at auction in eighteen, forty seven, he opened the tattler hastily leak in Paris, which was bankrupt within three years, leading him to be prosecuted for his debts. He fled to Belgium and then Russia and then Sicily and then back to Paris to finally settle his bankruptcy. His travels and spending habits did not stop there, though, in the late eighteen, fifty ass, he went to England, Germany, Russia and ITALY, and then in eighteen sixty he bought a yacht called the Emma and he used that got to follow Giuseppe, Garibaldi Expedition of the one thousand and eighteen sixty. It wasn't just that. He was following this expedition and a yacht. The yacht itself was full of champagne and find food as well, and this made it a huge and kind of weird disparity between Duma on the yacht, an expert
in which had almost no money, almost no training and rusty rifles, but still at the same time manage to take down the bourbon kingdom of the two sicilies in southern ITALY. That is a lot of DR sum up. There is an episode on that, an archive I thought about replaying it as a Saturday classic, but it is pretty short and I haven't found anything to parent with, so you can go find that on our website. If your was that in learning more about that sort of information dump, I just had also Lord, the Emma, was a woman named Emily Cordelier, with whom Duma had a daughter, Michaela. Plainly, who suffer Elizabeth in eighteen sixty. So all this together, the spending lots of money be having a number of children with of variety of different women is general behaviour. All of that made Duma frequent target of satire and derision, especially as he got older, a newspaper cartoonist depicted him.
This rotund inept and very vain person, with an increasingly astonishing tangle of hair. Like his father, he was fond of doing, and his critics made fun of him. For that to happen with is the episode his this part of music wise robber. Do you get your act together, but also he produced a lot of delightful thing. So it's not my place. Sometimes these criticisms were totally warranted after the expedition of the thousand Giuseppe Garibaldi named Duma. The director of excavations and museums Dumont took that as an opportunity to try to insert himself as an influence or in Naples, and he was so went whistling marked for it that gear Baldy rescinded his appointment after merely a few days. Historians
I urge the role that racism may have played in all of this and and do my life. Obviously, racism existed. Honoured Balzac, for example, called Duma that negro and these caricatures, as I mentioned earlier, often really played up things like Dumas Hair, which was very soon Dave and sometimes large, there's also a widely reported anecdote in which somebody was disparagingly talking about Dumas Race and he walked over to them and said quote father wasn't mulatto. My grandfather was a negro and my great grandfather, a monkey. You see, Sir, my family starts where yours ends, but it wasn't something that do really talked about. In his own memoirs and comparatively few of his works focus on black characters, Most notable is George, which we talked about in our prior episode, in which the titular character is described as
will ATO and leads a slave uprising. All jus, which is set in the french revolution, calls for the abolition of slavery. There's a lot more along the lines of general injustice than racism, specifically earlier in his life Duma had described himself and his process. This way quote my dramatic work and my effort that historical writing had developed two principal qualities, those of dialogue and of narrative, and these are qualities which, speaking with my usual frankness about myself, I may say that I possess in a superior degree, but at this time I had not yet discovered the existence of two other qualities, no less important light heartedness, lively amusing style as a rule, people are cheerful and light hearted because their digestion is in good order and they have nothing to bother them. But in my case this condition is a persistent one. Not indeed making me insensible to sorrow which, whether affecting my friends or myself, moves me deeply. But
rendering me proof against all the worries, carers and complex of daily life, but towards the end of his life if Duma was no longer free from cares and worries, he became increasingly wistful and anxious. In eighteen fifty seven, he had a conversation with his son Alexandria, who found awake at night, the elder Alexander was said that his stomach heard and that when that happened, he walked. He said when it got worse. He read the younger Alexander asked and what about when it gets too painful to read in his father S I work in eighteen. Seventy at the age of sixty eight Duma was broke and he moved in with her. Son who was now respected writer and his own right and told him quote, I have come to die in your home. He did die on December fifth of eighteen. Seventy and was buried in his home town of vehicle train by the time of his death Duma had not been forgotten, but he
wasn't exactly honoured either during his lifetime. He had written at least three hundred works, including lukewarm dictionary gesine, which was published three years after he died and his novels and plays were often adored by the public. They were popular and commercially successful, but in the eyes of the academic establishment they weren't all that worthwhile. His son, for example, was admitted to the academy Full says or French Academy, while Alexander Duma Pair never was his work was considered to lowbrow. Today, though, several of Dumas works are considered among the classics, the french literature and they ve been translated into more than a hundred languages and adapted over and over and over and over for the stage, tv, radio and film in two thousand to do. My body was exude and he was reinterred at the pantheon in Paris, alongside people like a meal Zola and Jean Jacques Rousseau, Voltaire, Victor Hugo,
Oh and other notable figures like Louisville Ale and Marie Curie ACT Roberto there was a parade of people in costume and the casket was carried by four musketeers and covered in a dream that said in French all for one and one for all. French President Jacques Chirac described it as quote repaying and injustice which Mark Duma from childhood, just as it marked the skin of his sleeve ancestors. I watched the footage of What's on the internet yesterday I was surprisingly affected by it. I don't like I don't feel the most gigantic emotional attachment to the three musketeers or anything like that, but I was just watching the funeral procession with Alexandre Dumas a casket just bawling at my desk. I total that's it took me up. A lot visit also did happen over the extremely strong objections of vehicle tray. They were not happy about exuding him. They called it an insult.
his memory. The mayor was kind of like a well after I approve this. I realise that I really regret it. It was very upsetting for the place that he had grown up and was originally buried, and the show de Monte, Cristo that we talked about him working on and not quite finishing, was eventually restored. It is now a museum and the late nineteen eighty is a copy of Shall I ate sent their mean, which is the last cavalier, was unearth that the biblical attack national in Paris and that was published in two thousand five? Maybe when we are in Paris this June, we can go and visit the grave of Alexander De La I dont know if it will be possible to go to the museum. that's a little farther afield from where we will be staying yeah. I have such a long list already that I'm, although she reflexive to add another thing to it, we have a but a free time in the in the trip outside of the the preset tourist schedule and I'm scared to keep adding two
because I think I might be maxed out already on the place law and I wanted to run and go maybe we'll go to them, I, on the other hand, have had a lot going on nothing bad to the law going on, and so I have just like we're going to Paris in June, and that is the end of my thought. Process of Anne had to look at it in more detail bore before we, you know, get on a plane, yeah, I'm I got. I got plans at one one of our days off. I think some of my friends from London are going to come over and meet us and hang out nice, yeah yeah. We like two days that are fairly free, so one of those will work out whichever works best for them, but there'll be much running around and there's some fabric stars. I got a hit You know if your hearing this and you're thinking trip to Paris White, we are taking a trip to Paris. Listeners can come with us if you go to our website which, as MR history dot com up at the top man you, there is a link that says Paris
rip exclamation point under the little menu icon. If your our mobile device- and that will take you to the page reconvened, all the information about it and we can sign up, we are both incredibly excited. My lack of planning does not reflect my excitement that has increasingly become how I travel. I figure it out because it outlined a figure it out nothing wrong with that you're part of it is because some of the people that have decided to go on this trip with us are friends of mine said they talking a lot about it and where we're going to run off to you at various points in time and my husband and I are going to try to get away and do a date or two while we're there. You know it's a lot to pack in, but you don't want to waste your your time. we're not appears all time yeah. When, when my husband and I went on our honeymoon to Iceland a couple of years ago, we had a list of things that we wanted
see or do while we were there and then we have, lodging worked out in advance for every night of the trip, but then otherwise we just sort of left ourselves open to things which in some ways is how the strip is already planned out, because we have days that are pretty structured in terms of walking tours and going to the science of bat and those that are more like explore the city time, but that we enjoyed that trip so much that it becomes the template of how we travel now perfect. Perfect Jim Listener mail. I should do this goes back to our episode on the regulator war. It is from LISA. Lisa says I've just listen to the pod castle. regulator, war and I wanted to share a little historical tippit related to it. I went to college at you on university, which is an elements county and just down the road from elements battleground historical site, so they there's a small historical exhibit about the event Property, which I went to visit when I was living in the area and the podcast. You mentioned that some people argue that this event influenced the
Eric and Revolution do similarities between their causes, and this view is very much the opinion of the staff at the historical site. When I told them I was from out of state, they asked. If I was from Massachusetts, I said no, and then they proceeded to explain that baby you. This battle is the first battle of the American Revolution, not Lexington or Concord. Unsurprisingly, visitors from Massachusetts did not like this particular interpretation. Thanks for the interesting podcast, LISA thank you LISA for writing. As this email, one of the things that I uncovered when I was working on, an episode that didn't make it into the final episode was sort of the historiographer of that event and how it has changed over time, because there was a period sort of in the late nineteenth early twentieth century, where people were sort of like yeah. This was definitely where we should start the beginning of the Revolutionary war, believes that did not spare
by how long ago, this trip to the to the battle ground was- and I did find as I was looking through stuff- a picture that that was of a historical marker that did seem to suggest like this was the first battle of the American Revolution. That does not appear to be the same and of the park or like the North Carolina that whichever department is that is governing those parts that does not appear to be the case any more. friends of the elements Battleground website has a thing that says all that The battle of elements was not the first official battle of the American Revolution. It did provide some valuable insight for revolutionaries as discontent with british rule continued to increase so that to me as a right,
really interesting example of how writing about history has changed over time, because history is not like a dry set of facts that existed and have no interpretation to them at all. The way that historians interpret things shifts- and I found us super interesting paper that that, wouldn't all that a detail that are initially I had a bunch of stuff about in the outline that I finally decided was a little bit off the the actual topic. So I took it out, but I'm glad I had a pot an opportunity to talk about it today, but also cracks me up. But there's a little North Carolina Massachusetts, arguing their arguing that exactly the right word, Ella Alot, all conflict, yeah yeah. It's totally
to say that a lot of times, education and instruction about the revolutionary WAR focused as a whole, lot on the North EAST and does not take as much about things that happen. elsewhere even growing up in North Carolina? I feel like most of the revolutionary war stuff that we heard about was happening in places like Massachusetts, so, like that's a totally valid point to make about history. Education. Anyway, if you like to write to us about the authority, replied Casper History, podcast, that House work, Stockholm and over social media missed in history. That's burial find our Facebook or twitter Pinterest and our instagram. If you come to our website, which is based in history, dot com, you will find that link for the trip to Paris, as well as a surgical archive of every episode. We have done and show notes for the episode. Holly and I have done together and you can subscribe to our show on our plaid casts the ice radio out and wherever else to get your body
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