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Anne Bonny & Mary Read

2016-08-15 | 🔗

Famed lady pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read are often requested as a topic by listeners. But telling their story requires navigating some rather suspect historical accounts.

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while one high rates spend a bed then who does a story tat, and so today we have been much requested view of an body and Mary read and like really a lot, a lot of requests. Most of the pirates. Have talked about the shell have been captains of their own ships or in the of chunky sow from this era in Dublin two years, a whole fleet of ships as side note. I listen to the beginning of that part. asked of other day. I have listened to it before, but I was real. Isn't the began beginning evident and fair have. We not also mentioned that they also got a lot of requests for in body and Mary read, and so people are asking for that for quite a while and red though they were members of another pirates crew, and they were made famous by a book called a general history of the pirates from their first rise and settlement of the island of Providence. To the present time.
Where most of the information on their lives came from. So we are also going to talk about that book itself in today show em probably going to notice when we're talking about early lives of these two women there. We are weirdly vague. It is, if possible, about two o clock. Yesterday afternoon I am Holly and said. I understand why no one did this year, because its weirdly Vague, and we are going to talk about why it is weirdly vague in the third active today show when we talk about this book that made and body we quite famous so star with Mary read, who is most likely born in England in, although no historical documentation to substantiated according to a general history of pirates, There married a sailor and had a son. That's it didn't returned from a voyage and Mary reads: mother still living with
in laws later became pregnant and enough time had passed that her departed husband could not have been the father so avoid the stigma of having a child out of wedlock. She went away to the country before she was born, marries half brother died and then, after her birth married, Other state in the country with her until she started to run out of money then she went back to London with the hope of leaving the young Mary with her late husbands, mother disguised as her late sons is basically trying to pay her daughter off as her now deceased son to her mother in law, myriads purported grandmother in this situation didn't greed? It take her off her mothers hands, but she did offer them some money to help with expenses which meant that Mary had to continue. two masquerade as her own deceased half brother
and this went on until marries, grandmother died when Mary was about thirteen years old mother, who, by this point, had filled her in about her actual parentage, decide that she should continue her life of disguise and so Mary went to work as a foot boy. However, Mary got tired of that job and decided to go to sea herself, hoping to The commission that did not work out there is there spend some time in a military regiments, still disguised ass, a man and there she met her future husband. Who was a fellow soldier who she quotes allowed to discover that she was really a woman when got married secret military life and for a while she abandoned her disguise her husband. However, died, not long after they married and Mary read, decided to head for the Caribbean, and according again to the general history of pirates, readers her disguise and fell in with another pirate crew first, but the historical record.
seems to suggest that she stayed on the right side of the law until four unknown reason, she'd disguised herself ass, a man and joined the crew of John Requiem, a k, a Kaliko Jack, There was another woman on Kaliko Jack ship and that woman was an Bonnie, for an bodies, early upbringing and body was reportedly born near cork. In Ireland she was also an illegitimate child, the illegitimate child of an attorney and Turkey has reported by some people to be William Cormac, although this is really unsubstantiated bodies. Mother has reported to have been one of the household maids and this attack, home, also under the cow. The category of reportedly here, is that her father, then surely took an to live with him by disguised her as a boy supposedly a relative that he was training to be a clerk and he
said this to avoid raising the suspicions of his estranged wife, who knew you have had an affair with the maid, but did not know that that affair had produced an saw very confusing There's food, there's so much drag and lake shifted identities and yet I do see a fiery identically fighting for both of these women. I mean, according to every historically Kelly's disguises and not expressions of their gender this rule by the way did not work His wife found out what was going on so ants Father an and his mother, the main relocated. From Ireland to Charleston South Carolina where they all lived until Anne's mother died. When Anne was thirteen, thirteen seems to be the magic age to lose. A relative in this story get their very similar.
but the calling of few general history of the pirates, women and took her mothers poised running the household, rumours that she hadn't, have we bad temper. One of these rumours was that she actually killed a serving made with like a table knife Another rumour was that she had beaten a man who tried to sexually assault her basically senseless, it's possible that it behaviour and the habit that she developed of carousing with pirates that an was inspired by grace, oh Molly, which anguish, sized version, the irish name, Grandma Amelia, oh Molly, plundered off there to Ireland in the sixteenth century and have a reputation for being incredibly fast. she. Also in case you wondering or are about to write in is all already frequently requested pod outbreak and father frustrated by her behaviour and the impact that it was having on his business array
a marriage for her, but instead she got married to a sailor named John Bonnie in seventeen eighteen. They went to the Bahamas where job bodies started to work for Governor Woods Rogers as an informant against pirates. Essentially, he would turn part pirates into the governor to get the reward money and theirs other version of that story as well that an wanted to go to the Bahamas on her own. So hired a woman to pretend to be her mother so that she can book passage and she met John Bonnie and married him after she was already in the Bahamas, so to differing accounts or tired. I'm point during their time in the Bahamas. An Bonnie also fell in with Kaliko Jack rack em and the to begin. An affair when John by you found out about a rack and offered to pay him to divorce her, but he refused to grant that divorce. Ultimately, an abandoned. Her husband enjoyed rack on his pirate ship, although should leave it
temporarily to give birth to their child in Cuba, and then she rejoined the ship later and work in it about an balmy and Mary reads: brief lives with Kaliko Jack after we first pause and have a word from one of our sponsors, here's the thing, saving with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball, because there's always that guy who joins your game. He never passes the rock he constantly bricks theories and who completely you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico. It's easy to switch save on car insurance, no, need to fake an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted, so which in save with Geiger it's almost better than sport
by seventeen twenty. Both a body of Mary read were part of John Raccoon, a Kaliko Jack reckons crew. As for rackets, he had served Quartermaster Pirate named Charles Bain aboard veins ship, the brigantine. During this time, the crew, the brigantine, came across a french man of war that rack and several of the rest of the crew wanted to take over the bait. Vain refused the members of the who rejected this decision from their captain all rallied around rack em, they deposed vain. They put him. Of the naysayers aboard a small sloop leaving Brigham team under rackets command instead on too Four occasions after taking over the brigantine Jack, random actually gave piracy and took the kings pardon. He was also briefly a privateer
However, he just kept returning to piracy in the last he did. It was because purportedly it was discovered, they involve was again pregnant with his child, wild still, to John Bonnie and they had been threatened with whipping. continued their affair, so they just left on August. Twenty second of seventeen, twenty for outcome in body and Mary read were all part of a party that stole a sloop called the William, which belongs to a man named John HAM. Saddle That is with only one m and not to create a bit by bit, but that they took on a crew of twelve then began sailing the William around the Bahamas, plundering as they went. They mostly for awhile, went after small fishing boats and they would just take the fish in the text, And beyond their way, red struck up a relationship with one of the other pirates, although he is never named in any of the the accounts, she was apparently fond enough of him
when he was challenged to a dual by another pirate. She challenge, pirate to her own dual two hours before and killed him on the spot sources. This about whether body and reads maintained their disguises, while aboard rack of ship in summer, and they made no effort to hide their gender, but they dawn, more masculine clothing when they were rating other ships, basically because it was more practical, others claim that they steadfastly this themselves until they were eventually bought, brought to trial. Even the wreck, of course, new body with a woman because he was an relationship still. Others claim that they wore man's clothing, but still were very obviously to any outside observer women, general history of pirates themes to change its mind on this score, like within the EU. Here again, I can't
Go back and be like nobody said, but that's that's not what it fed to send since October. Nineteen lack crew captured a british schooner carbon Neptune ceiling, its cargo, which included fifty roles of tobacco. Next day. They captured and kept the british schooner Marian Sarah when they reach, they didn't have enough crew to manage three ships. They let some of their power. There's go aboard the Neptune and at about the same, I'm. They also rob canoe crewed by a woman named Dorothy Thomas who rackets let go over Bonnie and reads objections that she might report them. The authorities in it would you be worried about that, because the authorities already knew that I would have an hour but our Woods Rogers had heard about raccoons piratical activities that at this point or off the coast of Jamaica and on September faith. He despatched to the private here captain Jonathan Barnett,
care of it funny and read were on deck when Barnett's ship found an approach them on October. Twenty second of seventeen, twenty by this time, the crew for reasons that are not clear had shrunk from twelve people to seven and most of the crew. that much of the night drinking with the crew of totalling boat that they had come across and invited the board Random gave the to flee, but ultimately they were overtaken so most of ransoms crew were intoxicated when Barnett ordered them to surrender. Body and reed, however, refuse to surrender and also were not intoxicated and they, or at least not intoxicated enough, do not fight they fought with pistols and blades until they were captured Reed, was purportedly so incensed at the fact that two of them were basically the only ones offering any resistance that she yelled below decks for the men come back,
fight and when no one answered her, she fired into the hold killing one of raccoons crew in the process. I was gonna like immense too, like those projects, happen, sometimes when you're in school or at work with a team, and you do all the work, but you hey! You don't kill your other team members. body and reads attempt to hold off. Screw was unsuccessful. The William and Marion Sarah, which they were still keeping as apprise, were both captured to Frenchmen who forced into service testified against them and were allowed to go trials. Four rackets and his crew began on November sixteenth of seventeen twenty and they were all found guilty and hanged. Reckons last request was to get to see and body last time, but she had no patience for him at all. Purportedly saying quote: if you had fought like a man, you need not have been hanged like a dog bodies of recommend
of his crew were then displayed in chains along the coast as a warning to other pirates. an body and Mary read were tried on November twenty Eightth Accord, to the general history of pirates, quote two other pirate were tried that belong to recommence crew and being convicted were brought up and asked if either of them had anything to say why sentence of death should not pass upon them like manner as had been done to all the rest and both of them pleaded their bellies being quick with child and prayed execution might be stayed, whereupon the court passed sentence as cases of piracy, but ordered them back till a proper jury should be appointed to inquire into the matter, so Women were spared execution because they were pregnant and then sent to prison body apparently survived her time in prison. But it's really unclear what happened her after that. You basically disappears from historical record
Mary read died, possibly of a fever or passive whoops, possibly due to complications of childbirth before being released from prison. Probably the Saint Mary read, who was mentioned a death record from April twenty eighth of seventeen, twenty one. So next up we're gonna talk about. Why is this episode so weirdly vague and what is up with the book? No Tracy if used for a lot of research network ever talk about all of that of, firstly, will proves once again for a word from one of our fantastic sponsor You have a passion for sports. You cried out a precision game. I was just about to say, and the love of your life does too Oh boy, a passion is now turning on me when you haven't insanity for sports and your husband as to you find yourselves constantly debating the goats. So we decided to start a podcast all about this topic
the greatest greatest combat greatest man even greatest tailgate food, the Holloway Nah chose Buffalo kicking, not ours, this is the type of marital compromise you'll also here on a par cast. My husband comedian, e g. I tell it all now in my wife comedian making gaily and I will invite some of our favorite comedians and celebrity friends to help us discuss the greatest of all time across all the best parts of sports, listen and followed. The greatest on Iheart Radio asked Apple podcast or wherever you with a black cats. agenda of history of the pirates from their first rise and settlement in the island of Providence. To the present time, with list under the name of Captain Charles Johnson
a vision that is cited most often is the second edition which is significantly expanded from the first edition. Both of them were published in seventeen twenty four a whole second volume came out in seventeen. Twenty eight This book was hugely popular and if the day there were four additions imprint by seventeen, twenty six and then multiple versions and multiple other languages as well. History and generally agree that Captain Charles Johnson is a pseudonym. Then there's some about who actually wrote this book. It's often attributed to you'll do foe of Robinson Crusoe and more Flanders same the first pillar, made. That connection was John Robert more in nineteen thirty two and its but enough that a lot of sources say it's by dint of the foe without including any qualifiers too that assertion other candidate is Nathaniel missed, who was a sailor before becoming a printer and a journalist and there's deafened
no documentation of any captain, Charles Johnson Alot, of a lot of places estate completely for granted that it was day nor the folk who wrote it but apparently John Robert Moors Methodology with basically You know who's writing. This sounds like to me getting a lot of, though I bet they know the fair wrote this like that and then there's there's more of a paper we all deserve. Maybe it's Nathaniel, MR some other person then dangled affair, which seems to be mostly like a good instinct. So based on our those nebula osity about who wrote it. In fact of the things that we re I mean we can really does take for granted that at least some of this book is embellished but even though it crop up again and again and again as source material about lack of pirates who lived
through the early eighteenth century, including some other previous subjects from our pod, including black beard and steed bonnet. So In addition to being like a go to source, the disc is cited over and over it basically standardized alot of the things that we think of as the golden age of piracy and sort of standardized. The image of a lot of these particular pirates like Kaliko Jack Random, got his name in this book. Based on his garish clothing, which might have actually been made up. But it's like how everybody imagines Kaliko Jack rack of now now that's a matter of accepted history, even though we are now and when it comes to body and red specifically, Captain Johnson spends a pretty good chunk of words reiterating that the story he is telling, is absolutely true in the introduction it's time to mention their trials and living eye witnesses as additional proof that this really happened and then
Zander, say quote: it is certain we have produced some particulars which were not so publicly known. The rest, if we were more inquisitive into the circumstances of their past lives than other people who had whether design than that of gratified. their own private curiosity, if there are incidents and turns in their stories, which may give them a little the of a novel they are not invented or contrived. For that purpose. It is a kind of reading. This author is but little acquainted with, He himself was exceedingly diverted with them when they were related to him. He thought they might have the same effect upon the reader. This basically saying this is totally true. You guys I know this sounds made up, but it really happen. A man. will they actually gets to an body and Mary reads: part of the book which is within the cap, the chapter that's on Kaliko Jack random. He takes the time.
Say it again. He says quote the odd insulin of their rambling lives. Are such that may be tempted to think the holster. is no better than a novel or romance, but since it is supported by many thousand witnesses, I mean the people of Jamaica who were present at their trials and heard the story of their lives upon the first discovery of their sex. The truth of it can be no more contested, then that there are such and in the world as Robert, black beard who were pirates so much insistence a real I mean this. I mean it sounds weird, but really this is we its bet? It's real is basically what do you say This is just a whole lot of reassurance that he's being truthful. On top of that, the accounts of bone reed's early lives are simultaneously incredibly vague and full of people
We unnecessary detail. There is very little in the way of names and dates and specific places. and yet the story of embodies young life spent at least four pages on the saga of three silver spoons that an father tried to use to scare away the maid sooner, which instead field his affair to his wife and landed the made in jail and in addition, Whole spoon drama there's also a lot of gossipy aside in bodies, life story about all of the drama between her mother and her father and her fathers, wife, with multiple extra no affairs and even inheritance to argue over. also a lot of gossipy titillation about body and reads time on the ship together and their lives beforehand as adults in this particular case As told in the history of the pirates, raccoon obviously new, but an Bonnie was a woman as they were in a relationship together, but
Mary rejoined the clear disguised as a man and then maintains that the skies once a board, then, according to this book and Bonnie Quote, took able pillar liking to her and then quote. First discuss her sex to Mary, read Mary read, knowing that what she would be at being very sensible of her own incapacity. That way was for, to come to a right understanding with her and to the great the appointment of an body she let her know she was a woman also. So, basically, according to this book, Albani was like hey, I'm actually, a woman. If wanna get together and Mary was like. Oh you know. Actually, I can't because I'm also woman, it's just at all times This very gossipy kind of forty Winkie Way Ray and Jack rabbit was apparently incredibly jealous of bodies attention to read at which point by
you. Let him know that there is nothing to worry about, because Reed was, as we ve just been saying, also a woman full bid is treaties that its told with a lot of swine. Listen, you know nudge nudge, wink, wink like we're all withal vary too, thing is a man I mean it. I did not get to read the whole entire book while preparing this thing, but I did read the the chapters on some of the other pirates to see taken, see whether my suspicion all of those like gossipy titillation about in body and Mary it was you need to their stories. quickly? Yeah, I mean there's plenty of stuff that seems sensationalize an overly dramatized and the other pirates stories, but like embody and Mary read, are really a whole category apart in terms of like sensational gossip and on top of that Depictions of an body and Mary read shifted in subsidy
editions of the book. So when the first edition of the illustration of them, you would probably think of as more stereotypical, ass killer therein men's clothing that holding weapons they like fierce their hair is our long, but that wouldn't have necessarily meant that that, like that was a women's hairstyle. At that time, they have as baggy clothing on so in looking at them today. The reader may not immediately categorize them as any particular gender before actually looking at the captain that spells out that these are women that are addressed as men in the Dutch Second edition, though, by wearing open jackets. That really their bare fast and its unquestionable, but number one your women and number two there is some degree of naughtiness in this whole affair like it is definitely a but like the kind of picture that you would see and the textbook in seventh grade and giggle with your friends over
but an attacks describing bamiyan red shifts as well by seventeen Thirty five red specifically refers to Bonnie as her lover, whereas that was not the case in earlier additions. The number, amateurishness of embodies. Affairs also grows in subsequent editions. Sow long story, embody and Mary Read- were definitely real people who were definitely aboard Kaliko Jack, rack and ship. They definitely stood trial. They definitely were spared execution because they were each pregnant, but our conceptions draw, mostly from a really sensation, all problem, riddle book that God, even more sensationalize about them in particular, overtime and away. It's gonna disappointing because, like they ve, become sets like people have there in the collective memory as like these two incredible fierce lady pirates who fought the next to each other and my colleagues loud adventures,
and in reality the historical documentation of them is a free sentences mode Lee about being on trial of being spared execution to pregnancy, and then like a weird sexy romp in some like if this ferry number one, there's like a lot of stuff in it. That is, that is very for example, even by today's standards, vary. and then a lot of it. It's very clearly like meant to titillate people rain, while not being like explicit, but hinting at explicitness re alive, do you want to explicitly reads the listener. Mail It's pretty fun from David David says
you're a strangely and Holly. I must thank you first and foremost for introducing me how exciting and funny informative podcast can be prior to me. I had never so much is attempted a listen, because I thought podcast Wherefer boring private school kids and stuffy professors at institutions named There are four marginally dead white men. Yes, it's true. I've never even listen to a podcast before yours, and I am so tremendously grateful. I fell upon it after today's podcast aired. I scrambled to see what increasingly fantastical and unusual topic you had pig for this morning, Things are the train, I must admit, I was mildly shocked by the title: margarine, verses butter and gazed confused at first wincing at my screen. I've never been so enticed by what became the most titillating journey about something I would otherwise consider and uninteresting subject. I laughed at thirty times that latter my ride while listening, I heard the name lever bond, ten totter and instead of doing
invariably do pretend. I know what someone also talking about, not my head and make a vague reference to some similar topics. James subject, I googled to my heart Apparently, the entire amateur was originally meant for beer and the help brewers to make a better more consistent product. There is a love, a bond beer, colored database, love on beer company. John love of our concerns and Joseph Levant, an author, so that beer, park ass. That being said, I ask in full earnest that you do a pike ass on a life of Joseph Joseph Lever borrowed evidence amateur any man who has beard like his passion. Forbear like mine, deserves a solid thirty minute podcast from the audacious sirens of stuff. You missed in history, stay well in Pakistan, sincerely yours David thank you so much David. So I also was incredibly amused that by the existence number one of distant amateur
number two by the fact that the government turned to it as like deciding what counted as yellow butter. And what didn't I not realise that the person who apparently developed it such an interesting figure- I dont know if he will make it into the show in the near future, just because our listed long, but I have been for a long time having reserve that I wanted to do upon cast on the history of beer, pike and of want so wake corral, my friend Eric brewer into being arms who have actually asked them about this editing, concrete. Then I think you just did that. I think he and his wife both listen.
They might be like hey? You know you have our numbers could just ask us anyway. Yes, so thank you so much again for that letter. If you would like to write to us for a history podcast that house works, dot com were also on Facebook, Facebook, dot, com, Slash missed in history and on Twitter. I missed in history. Our tumblr is missed in history that Tumblr doc are also on pinterest painters. Dot com, Flash missed in history are Instagram, also is missed in history. If you would like more about we talked about today and come to our parent companies website, which is how stuff works, dot, com and the word pirates in a search bar you'll find how pirates work, which I wrote long ago during my time as a house support staff right You can also come to our website, which is missing history. Dot com, where you will find showed us about all the episodes Holly and I have worked on You'Ll- find an archive of every episode ever
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