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Annie Jump Cannon, Census Taker of the Sky

2021-08-02 | 🔗

Annie Jump Cannon has been described as doing for stars what Carl Linnaeus did for organisms. She compiled a massive star catalogue, and became known both as the most famous woman astronomer of her lifetime, and as the “census-taker of the sky.”

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Hello and welcome to the podcast I'm Tracy be well, then I'm Holly fry last November. We did an episode on Cecilia Pain capacity, can do a lot of people have asked for an episode odd. She was the astronomer. His discovery that the stars are, aid primarily of hydrogen and helium, really fundamentally sifted our understanding of the universe and, what's in it and the names that kept coming up when working on that episode was any jump cannon whose time at the Harvard Observatory, overlaps with Cecilia Pangaea passions,
I really wanted to do in episode on her, but I also didn't want to have like two astronomers working at the exact same facility, partly at the same time like riding around so Amy Jump Cannon has been described as doing for stars what Carl, when they did for organisms the massive star catalogued that she can I became an incredible resource in the field of astronomy. The numbers that are used in that are still used to identify a lot of stars today. So consequently, any jumped cannon became known both as the most Miss woman astronomer of her day and also as the census take her of the sky, put her on the list for a future episode back. When I worked, I'm the one on Cecilia pink passion, but I kept putting it off just a little more. Have a little space between two topics that have allowed overlap, so any
cannon was born on December, Eleventh eighteen, sixty three in Dover, Delaware, her father, Wilson, Lee Cannon had apprenticed as a ship's carpenter before building up his own lumber and shipbuilding This is, and also buying a prosperous farm. He also as a state senator and according to his obituary in the Wilmington Delaware morning, news he changed parties, Democratic Republic in after refusing to in support of Delaware, seceding from the union in eighteen, sixty one Before marrying Annie's mother Wilson had for children with his first wife and Scotland who died in eighteen, fifty nine He married Mary Elizabeth Jump in eighteen. Sixty two and Annie was their first child together any also had to younger brothers, Wilson, Junior and bear it Amy's mother was interested in the night sky and she passed that interest onto her daughter. They made it simple observatory in the attic where Mary Todd Annie to identify the constellations
reading. An astronomical guidebook by candlelight disappear cause dailies father some distress late. In her life, she said, quote Fire is more interested in the safety of the house that in the movement of the stars, was always with a sigh of relief he breathed when my evening vigil was over and the was unburned the family also had a candelabra that was decorated with dangling glass prisms that made rainbows on the walls which any just gloves to look at when she grew up any care this candelabra in her own home and at one point she wrote quote stars them prisms. How prophetic was this baby amusement to the profession that was destined? to fill my wife in eighteen. Eighty Amy graduated from a Methodist Preparatory School called Wilmington conference economy. That is now what the college and became part of Delaware State University on July. First, twenty twenty one after great
waiting. She went on the College Wellesley College Massachusetts. It was still fairly unusual at this point for a woman to go to college. The movement for our education for women in the? U S was really just evolving Wellesley had its. I've been chartered in eighteen, seventy and it open just five years before any enrolled. One of her professors. There was physicist, an astronomer Sarah, Francis Whiting waiting had graduated from Ingram University, which was the first chartered university for I'm in the United States she had graduated in eighteen, sixty five and in addition to teaching she dedicated health to opening doors for women in the sciences. To that end, she established of physics laboratory at Wellesley, which was the first such lab at a woman's college in the United States, after any jump cannons time at Wellesley, Whiting also convinced a trustee to buy a telescope and established an observatory at the college. At the start,
September of eighteen. Eighty two, while cannon was studying Wellesley people started noticing a bright object in the sky. It was a cop, and it came to be known as the great comment of eighteen. Eighty two. This was one of them. latest comets ever recorded visible at night for months and even visible during the day when it was at its brightest, professor, waiting got cannon and her other students up in the early morning, hours day after day to observe the comment and record its progress. After graduating from Wellesley in eighteen, eighty four cannon returned home to Dover and over the next ten years she helped keep the family home tutored. Students. played the organ of the Methodist church that she and her family attended and travelled and incomplete, she also became ill most sources point to scarlet fever. It's not exactly clear when this happened, though, in some else. She's described is still being it wildly and in others this was later
I was also contradict on how this illness affected her some describe. Her using virtually all of her hearing and others describers using your hearing aid to a joy concerts, lectures and theatre. As practical hearing aids became available in early twentieth century. There be some clarity about all this and her feelings about it in cannons, journals and personal papers that are archived at Harvard. But at this point, there's no book length, biography of her. That has really explored all of that gathers So some nuance in how people described themselves in terms of deafness, depending on like the level of hearing that they do or dont have raised some of that evolved after she was living, and that's just
some incongruity and how different accounts describe her and how this affected her. One thing we do know for sure, though, is that any jumped cannon loved to travel in eighteen. Ninety two: she took a tour of Europe with her friends, Sarah Potter, who had been one of your classmates Wellesley. There are a lot of sources like a lawn alive. They claim that this trip was to see and photograph a solar eclipse. And while there was a total solar eclipse in April of eighteen may be too, it was not visible from Europe at all was visible from the South Pacific. The source for this discrepancy seems to be an obituary that conflated this trip with several other trips around the. U s that cannon did take to observe eclipses later on
Although cannon did not see you in a glimpse during the trip, she did take a lot of pictures for their camera. That was a boy your camera, which was a leather covered wooden box, camera that used role film cameras like were pretty new at the time. George, Smith, had just patented his role, film, camera in eighteen, eighty eight and the camera, which first, The market about three years later was like found to infringe on some of the code at companies. Patents, cannons trip to Europe, overlaps the four hundredth anniversary of Christopher Columbus, his departure on his first voyage to the Americas on August third of fourteen ninety, two, and by coincidence, Cannon was in Genoa, ITALY, where Columbus had been born on that anniversary said he was having a big party in recognition and after she returned to the United States. The world's colombian exhibition started in Chicago. In eighteen, ninety three with that world, Spain,
also commemorating the four hundredth anniversary of Columbus's voyage cannon wrote a book called in the footsteps of Columbus, which used words and pictures to not only document her trip, but also to describe how she used this camera and how it perform to bear the player. Camera company used this booklet as a souvenir during the world's colombian exposition Cannon, kicking for the poem dedicating the book to her camera. Tat quote in the hope that it be of service in proclaiming her good qualities throughout the length and breadth of Colombia look also ended with the Blair Camera companies addressed, so that interested readers could write for more information about the Cameroon and the companies. Other Remodels itself so pretty celebratory of Columbus and of the catholic conquest of Muslim. Spain, for example, Hannah Describes, Columbus's appearance before Queen Isabella is happening. After quote the Success
termination of this brilliant war. Ah little cringing, friends a year. There are various grimly bit than this book, but a kind of cracks me up that before she became one of the most famous astronomers living thing happened time. She basically wrote an ad prisoners, Cambric Burma, a booklet which you can still reed online today, not long after any jump. Cannon returned to the United States from this trip. Her mother died at the age of fifty four and any was absolutely bereft. She described herself ass, feeling completely lost and just looking for some kind of purpose to her life. This seems to be what prompted her to go back to school. She
turned to Wellesley in eighteen. Ninety four and she studied X rays with Sarah Frances Whiting and also worked as a teaching assistant and physics in eighteen. Ninety five cannon entered Radcliffe College, which had been chartered the year before is Harvard Coordinate College for women. She started out as a special student in astronomy and this actually a good point to take a quick sponsor break this up, so it is brought to you by GM ever, I've and you No because once you feel the thrill of electric theirs you're going back and then generation of ease by general motors are an absolute joy to drive a mansion and av that can go from zero to sixty in an estimated three seconds. A lower of gravity that handles like a dream, letting you hug corners for a tighter ride and don't even get started, unavailable, towing capacity. Yet towing enemy v, and what's that quieter driving experience its
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women have become mothers. Men have become fathers, you know in my hand, I always thought that a kid could ruin, and this is a part cast about origin story. About those moments, big and small, that transformers forever. This is wild season. One home forever brought to you by me Erica Window Anne Elliot Studios, listen a wild on the eye heart radio, wherever you get your podcast before we talk about any jump cannons time at Harvard, we need to back up a little bit and talk about what she was doing and who else was working there physicist, an astronomer, Edward Charles Pickering became director of Harvard College.
Observatory in eighteen, seventy, six and eighteen. Seventy nine. He hired a woman named William Mina Fleming known as Mina work is a made in his home. She had emigrated to the United States with her husband and she needed to find work because he had abandoned her while she was pregnant Pickering in his wife, quickly realized that Fleming was very bright. She had worked as a school teacher in Scotland before getting married, so he made her a part time copies. damn computer at the observatory, a role She filled until returning to Scotland to give birth to her son. She returned it. Bridge and a full time role at the observatory in eighteen. Eighty one leaving her son with her mother and grandmother until he was about seven mayors are very
widely circulated story that Pickering got so fed up with the men at the observatory doing a bad job at their work, but he said something like even my maid could do this better than you and then, despite sort of spontaneous we hired Fleming to do this, and it seems a little more nuanced that man rate I I have, this moment of appreciation roylake. Thank goodness. Someone recognise that this woman was very smart and make it actually use her in another role doesn't always happen now, and at this point I mean there's others our stuff relating to gender and sexism here for Charlotte we're gonna get into this point, pickerings
it at the observatory was extremely thin and one of the things that he was trying to do was to identify the white cycles of about two hundred variable stars, and this was a really time consuming prospect. It wasn't particularly difficult work, but it did mean that somebody had to regularly observe and record the stars apparent brightness overtime. like a long term project for each star, since Pickering didn't have the budget to pay a staff to do this, he called amateur astronomers to volunteer their time and he gazed on women volunteers, especially on women who had graduated from the newly established women's colleges in the United States. He thought when more particularly suited for this work, especially since it could be done from home, and he also
that developing a group of women astronomical observers would help to spell stereotypes and criticisms of women's higher education. At the same time, astronomers at the Harvard Observatory were also studying and analyzing stellar spectra, physician and amateur astronomer. Henry Draper had been the first person to photograph a stars spectrum in eighteen. Seventy two these were recorded on some glass plates as a series of black and gray lines, almost like a barcode. Each element produces its own unique spectrum when its heated up and these stellar spectra corresponded with the spectre of different elements. But when Draper started making these photographs, people didn't yet understand why that was, and they interpret the
stellar spectra as representing which elements were contained in each particular star. Draper died. Suddenly in eighteen, eighty, two at the age of forty five and his wife and Polar Draper decided to continue his work and his memory. This increase, donating his collection of glass plates to Harvard, as well as per in funding for the work, unlike observation a variable stars which volunteers could do from home. Analyzing these plates had to be done at the observatory. They were far too delicate and hard to replace to be removed. Pickering was so afraid of the plate, collection being destroyed in a fire that he had a specially built, purportedly fireproof building, just known as the Rick Building built to how's this work picker again focused on hiring women to work with these glass plates by eighteen, eighty six he had a star a fourteen women who all worked under the supervision of William in a Fleming sometime.
These were known by the pretty disparaging nickname of Pickerings Harem and in general there was a division of labor at the observatory that was based on gender. It wasn't considered appropriate for women to work during the night. I will say it was specifically MAC considered appropriate for, like college educated and middle and upper class white women so work during the night. There were plenty of women generally that we're working during the night. There were concerns but they were too delicate for the cold and the late hours involved and also concerns about the delicacy of the equipment as well. So for the most part, men were making observations through telescopes recording data and taking pictures. The stars using the observatory's equipment, and then women were cataloguing. These findings and analyzing the data at a pay rate of twenty five cents, an hour which was about half of what the men
making when Amy Jump, cannons booklet on her trip to Spain and her camera, camera was being used as a souvenir at the Lloyd's colombian exposition, meaning man was there giving an address on women's work in astronomy. She said in part, quote Tal graffiti as applied to astronomy, is one of the greatest advance those which has been made in this, the oldest of sciences and this same advance has opened up comparatively extensive field for women's work in this department and then He ended this address by saying quote. While we cannot maintain that in breathing woman is man's equal, yet in many things her patience, perseverance and method make her his superior Therefore, let us hope that in astronomy, which now affords a large field for women's work and skill May, as has been the case in several other sciences, at least, prove herself, his equal. So this idea,
yet there was women's work to be done in astronomy that was well established by the time any jumped cannon started her study of the subject at Rackliff, essentially, especially in the late nineteenth century women came to these roles with a range of education and experience, everything from an interest in astronomy and a knack for math to an advanced degree in the subject. This was typically very detailed, also very repetitive, work involving making calculations and analyzing data. Keeping and organizing record's women were thought to be particularly suited for this thanks to the perceived traits that Fleming described in her address, but for most women there also not a lot of opportunity to advance in these jobs, at least not beyond. Supervising other
women in similar roles, it was almost taken for granted that women who were hired to work in astronomy would stay at their jobs until they got married or until they retired, whichever. came, first, Amy Jump Cannon started working at the Harvard Observatory as an unpaid, assisted in eighteen. Ninety six, this This ship typically went to an exceptional astronomy student at Radcliffe The year before it had gone to Henrietta Swan Levitt, whose discovery of the relationship between the luminosity and period of stars called suffered variables. Allow other astronomers to estimate stellar distances like Levin had lost much of her hearing after an illness, not long after she finished her bachelors degree. Any job cannon worked at the Harvard Observatory for the next forty five years. During that time, she discovered at least three hundred variable stars and five Novi. The work she's, the best known for is developing
Stella reclassification scheme. That is still in use today and then using that scheme to classify more than three hundred thousand stars cannons Our classification system built on the work of earlier astronomers, the first system, Classifying stars based on their spectra, was developed by far Pietro Angelo Sexy at the Vatican observatory. He's did the stars into four classes class, one included. Why, in blue stars whose Spectra had evidence of hydrogen. Yellow stars were in class two and their spectra showed Iron Council. and other elements, red stars were in classes three and four pending on exactly what was shown in their spectra, while working with drapers glass play
and the newly created plates from the night time work at the Harvard Observatory, William in a Fleming, expanded this classification system using letters rather than roman numerals heard Draper College of Stellar Spectra was published in the annals of the Harvard Observatory in eighteen ninety and it sorted about ten thousand stars into fifteen different classes. Her system ultimately grew to include the classes designated by the letters a through q, and it was based on the strength of the stars, hydrogen mine. So a type Sars had the most hydrogen be the second most hydrogen and so on. Meanwhile, Antonia Mary niece of Henry Draper also joined the observatory in eighteen. Eighty eight and she created a system as well using roman numerals won through twenty two with three subdivisions. This was clunky.
an Flemings and Murray systems were just to have many classification systems that were in use in the world's observatories. Fleming was named, curator of do photographs at Harvard at the end of eighteen. Ninety nine and knowledge after that cannon started streamlining and simplifying the two stellar classification systems that were being used, the observatory she kept sum of Flemings alphabetical categories combining or eliminating others. While incorporating sum of marries ordering
cannon placed class o, which sewed strong helium lines at the top of the list and from there she ordered the stars by their color from blue through white and yellow to orange and read, which also corresponded to their temperature from hottest coldest. This became the basic version of the scheme that is still used today, with their stars being and type o b, a f g Kay, em plus p for planetary, nebulous and queue for unused we'll stars, that's the mnemonic bits often said as obey a fine girl. Kiss me cannon became extraordinarily skilled at classifying stars looking at lines on glass plates through a loop. She did, ass. If I about three stars, a minute which was about as long as it took assistance to prepare the plate and write down her notes, ass, she described it it was almost as if the distant stars had really acquired speech and were able to tat
of their constitution and physical condition, cannons description of other astronomical I'm gonna were summarily lyrical around the same time. She was working out this classification system. She went to Virginia Beach to observe the May twenty. Eight nineteen hundred total solar eclipse and her words quote under the falls of Niagara on the top of Vesuvius head before, seems to me to be the times of my life when I was nearest to the forces of nature. But those experiences were nothing to this. One, more thought came suddenly just before totality The human mind had, after all, learned to predict this phenomenon in nice, no three cannon published a catalogue of more than twelve hundred variable stars with, second volume following four years later and nineteen The international Union for cooperation in solar research adopted cannons classification system
known ban is the Harvard system, as it standard the end National Astronomical Union did the same in nineteen, twenty two cannon: throw the observatory changed and nineteen eleven, so we will get to that after a quick sponsor break. play you mean a Fleming died on May twenty first. Nineteen eleven at the age of fifty four and any jump cannon was the obvious choice to succeed her as the curator of astronomical photographs at Harvard College Observatory, but this proved to be controversial, even though Fleming, served in that role for more than a decade. Harvard president Abbot Lawrence Lowell called her hiring under his predecessor, Charles Elliot quote,
anomalous bold did not expect this anomaly to be repeated. He was not expecting another woman to be hired to replace her. Pickering placed cannon in this position anyway, although this wasn't a formal appointment through the university so that met her pay was lower it would have been otherwise and her name was not listed in the Harvard directory. as curator of astronomical photographs cannon, took over work on the Henry Draper Catalogue of stellar spectrum. Building on the earlier work of mean a Fleming and Antonia Marie from nineteen team to nineteen. Twenty four, the Harvard College Observatory publish this directory in ten volumes under the names, both Amy J Cannon and Edward see Pickering those ten volumes. The catalogue described more than two hundred twenty five thousand stars, including their spectre their positions and their magnitudes sicilian,
came to Pushkin would call this cannons greatest legacy. To science cannon oh maintained a card index that swelled to more than seven hundred and fifty thousand stars and collect in a verse about astronomy written by such poets. As Milton Longfellow and Emerson, some of the plate than the Harvard Observatory collection had been taken at Harvard Astronomical Station and keep a puerile Harvard operated this observatory. As a pretty insular research station from eighteen, eighty nine to nineteen twenty seven at which point they packed it all up and relocated
the facility and all its equipment to South Africa cannot spend some time at our a keeper in nineteen twenty two when she was fifty eight observing and photographing the stars herself at night and walking in exploring the area during the day and a letter back to Harlow sharply, who had replaced Edward Pickering after his death and nineteen nineteen, she wrote quote. I expect to be an athlete when I return to Old Cambridge for the running of the thirteen Shhh requires turning a heavy dome mounting ladders, big and little all sorts of things which Mr Moonies declared I could not do for it was not women's work. I can do it all, however, except get good plates of faith After all, this is just one of many trips that came and took while working at Harvard in ninety. Thirteen. She had taken some time off from the observatory to go to Europe with her sister in ninety
Twenty three. She went to Catalina Island California to view a solar eclipse with astronomer from Griffith Observatory in LOS Angeles, but for The weather did not cooperate for that. One It was not a wasted trip, though, since Cannon also toward West Coast observatories an extra information with restaurant amorous, while she was out there, she took another trip. for keeps in New York to observe a solar eclipse in January of nineteen twenty five. She also attend at every meeting of the International Astronomical Union that was held during her career, with the exception of the one in nineteen. Twenty two, she had been invited to it well in advance, but since it was being held in rome- and she was at the time, working in Peru is not feasible, she corresponded free Lee with other attendees, though, and discussions and potential revisions of her classification system were on the agenda. For that years, meeting
and was also being honoured for her work as an astronomer, First, honorary doctorate came from the University of Delaware in nineteen eighteen. Another file from grunt engine university in nineteen, twenty one and ninety twenty three the league of women voters named her one of the twelve greatest american women and a nineteen twenty five. She was elected to the american philosophical society also in nineteen twenty five, she became the first woman to be awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Oxford, she was awarded an honorary doctorate from Wellesley on May. Twenty. Ninth of that year is well. She had to delay a trip to England to attend the idea you meeting being held in Cambridge so that she can accept it in person She was awarded honorary degrees from Oglethorpe and Mount Holyoke in the nineteen thirties as well. In some cases, though, the honours cannon was awarded work conditional or they didn't happen at all. She was me
an honorary member of the royal astronomical society and nineteen fourteen, because women were not admitted as full members and a nineteen twenty three, the National Academy of Sciences discussing injecting more women into that academy, but Cannon was passed over because Raymond Pearl of Johns Hopkins objected to her deafness. There has also been some discussion of whether any jump, Cannon or Henrietta Swan Levitt should have been considered to take Edward Pickerings place after his death, and while its that neither was considered because of their sex and of theirs was not an issue may not have been because of their hearing loss. It also not appear that it was a role that either of them considered for themselves and ninety, twenty three, the ceiling of pain, who would later be Cecilia, Pang, Pushkin joined the Harvard College Observatory and, as we discussed in our episode on
her. She built on the cataloguing and classification work that any jumped cannon and other women at the university had done to conclude that all the stars have out the same elements and about the same proportions and that the different elements that show up in their spectral lines come from the stars temperature, not their actual composition. in nineteen twenty four cannon moved into a home across from the observatory which she make named STAR Cottage is possibly the most charming thing ever her widowed, half sister Ella Cannon Marshal had been living with cannon before this point and here: the home at STAR Cottages well, cannon hosted frequent visitors, including children, from an area who she loved to entertain with parties shells of doing all of the other thing she loved, including going to lectures and concerts, am travelling and she kept far new stars to classify focusing fainter and fainter stars as technology made it possible to capture their spectra accurately
in nineteen thirty one can, was awarded the Draper gold Medal for discoveries than astronomical physics from the National Academy of Sciences. She was the first woman to be so awarded in nineteen thirty two, she was one of two final recipients of the thousand dollar Ellen Richards Research Prize that was awarded by the association to aid scientific research by women. Having granted this word. For the last time, the association then disbanded quote since women are given opportunities in scientific research on equality with men and gain recognition for their energy, it's ok. We the benefit of hindsight. This is an extremely optimistic statement. Was the kindest possible way to put it can and decided to use prize money to endow the Amy J Cannon Prize to be awarded,
the american astronomical society in recognition of women astronomers its first Cypriot was Cecilia, paying Pushkin, as in nineteen thirty or- and it is still awarded today in recognition- female astronomers from North America, in recognition for work done within five years of earning their hd among the many other pieces of this story that strike me in various wave. The fact that in nineteen thirty two it was possible to endow an ongoing a word with a thousand years like she knew what was going to take some time.
for its a build up enough interest to be able to sustain itself, but she was also really hoping she would actually get to see some one be awarded it during her lifetime, and that did happen, but at first it it was not without all that regularly, and the prize was very small as it was trying to sustain itself in nineteen. Thirty, eight cannon was named, the William ranch bond, astronomer and curator of astronomical photographs at Harvard, and at that same time, Cecilia Pain. The Pashtun was also named Philips astronomer, although this didn't really affect cannons role at the observatory and it wasn't a teaching raw It did mean she was finally officially a Harvard professor. It was also apparently still pretty anomalous for a woman to be offered such a position because the certificate that she got was addressed. Dear Sir Annie,
jump cannon retired from the Harward observatory two years later in nineteen forty, but she kept king until shortly before her death on April thirteenth nineteen, forty one at the age of seventy seven, o bitch, areas written by other astronomers describe her is deeply beloved by her friends and colleagues as well as being truly dedicated to her work and just fearful at it Sicilian. and deposited wrote quote. It is near impossible for us to imagine the astronomical world without her. year she has been not only a vital living person. She has been an institution Already in our school day, she was a legend. The scientific world has lost something. Besides a great scientist Nineteen, forty nine a new The volume of the Henry Draper Catalogue was published, and this was the Amy J Cannon Memorial volume and it brought the total number of star, as detailed in the catalogue- two three hundred fifty nine thousand eighty three
Why you're, too, was under way by the time any jump can and died and toward the end of her life. She was quoted as saying quote in these. is of great trouble and unrest. It is good to have something outside our own planet, something comforting troubled mines. Let people look to the stars for comfort. and find solace as others have services one of those simultaneously up. Thing. An amazing and very frustrating stories yeah, that's all true! I have a bit of listener mail to take us out, Sure we'll talk some more about our feelings, about any jump handed in behind the scenes on Friday. This is from Joanna Joanna its greetings from London? I'm a few spied on podcast, and today I listen to the episode on Daphne De Marie. I was so surprised to see the episode
and her as I only recently learned, her name after visiting the town she used to live in in Cornwall called boy. My husband and I are Canadians living in the UK for temporary post and we went to Philly because my husband's grandfather had a summer cottage there, as we were walking around to find the ferry to take us across the estuary. I came across a large bird sculpture. Bird watching is one of my hobbies and naturally I was attracted to the sculpture, and I was surprised when I read the plaque. The plaque says the Russells look with a book Brooke with a book celebrates other Daphne Du Maurier is legacy inspiration.
and love of Bowie where she lived, and then it goes on to talk a bit more about Daphne Du Maurier. The email continues. While I enjoyed the movie the birds, my brother is the Hitchcock fan and I wasn't sure if you knew about it being based on Demaria's work and this seemingly random place in the world suddenly became known to in the last few minutes. Because of my husband's connection to you and fond memories of the town, and now this connection, one of my brother's favorite directors, I've attached a photo of the sculpture as well as a few other photos of the area, to give you an idea as to why she might have loved it. So much, I sure, did as anise I happened to visit the place where the birds was filmed at my brother's recommendation. When I was in the area on a work trip once bury, it does actually looks similar,
to fully, although perhaps a bit more flat land their apparently was a book store that used to always keep all her works and stock. But unfortunately, the couple that ran it retired to the store is closed, and I dont know if the new owners are keeping up that practice. I didn't get a chance to go to the bookstore to find out, but now that I've heard the episode some of her novels really intrigue me and I'll. Look for some of the titles to read. I always enjoy hearing letters from others when they have is interesting connections, and I thought I would share mine with you as well. Some voters, just in case I would be interested to see where she lived for so long at least the area many of whom, on the hills, are not open to the public as the staircases to reach them are lacked. So I imagine we couldn't really have seen her home anyway. Thanks for your show, I always enjoy it recommended to my high school students Joanna. Thank you so much for this email and these pictures Joe, I don't think we ever actually mentioned the name of the town of fully but like that was sort of the central place.
Men, a Billy with a couple miles off from there the homes that that they lived in was like from right across the river from the town proper, so that what sort of a focal point of her upbringing and these pictures, especially the bird statue, I can totally see how that bird statue would immediately grab somebody's attention because it is a statue of a bird with one sort of talent on a book. Which you now from very far away. If he were not sure where you were, you might think that it with some kind of an EDGAR Allan POE Statute, but it is not so thank you again for an email in the pictures. If you would like to write to us about this or any other pod casper history, pod cast, but I heard radio dot com and we are all over social media mist and histories. That's real, find our facebook and twitter and Pinterest than Instagram, and you can subscribe to our show
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