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Auguste Escoffier

2018-11-28 | 🔗

Any chefs in our listening audience undoubtedly know about Auguste Escoffier, but people who haven’t studied cuisine may not realize that this one man revolutionized food preparation and restaurant dining in ways that are still part of almost any meal you may be served today. 

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it for a lot of cultures. There's this season, where there are a lot of holidays and celebrations that often involve super delicious things, so this seemed like a good time to finally do the episode that I had more or less promise to attack was gonna. Do back when we talked about chef Maria to care for them So we are delving into the man who followed right after cut em and became known as the king of chef, chef of kings, a goose discover, yea, and if there are any chefs imminent listening audience, they already know about a scuff here. He is that important to basic everything involving professional cooking at this point, but people who have studied cuisine may not realised that this one man really revolutionized food preparation and restaurant dining in ways that are still I've just about any meal that you would be served today, the Azores
August Scaufflaer was born on October, twenty eighth eighteen, forty six in Vila Nova, Lubeck France and that's in the countries South Eastern Shore, his parents were Jean Baptiste Scoff here was a blacksmith and Madeleine, say that all those but he had no formal education. He and the other children of the village had been taught to read and write from a priest and that, in turn, Jean Baptiste shared that knowledge with the children of the community and his own children. Once he became an adult yeah sort of love that tradition of teaching that they had in their family, even if it formal education, the young, a goose, discover a did not initially want cook his dreams, the kid or that he was going to be an artist and specifically a sculptor, but there was some indication that he was curious about things that happened in the kitchen. This happened when he watched his grandmother make herself coffee. This is at a time when the coffee was not God's. Will that the rate for example, that I guess what today it was more of like a special drink, you would have from time to time
but after he watched her, he waited until everyone had left the house, so he could try making it himself which he did, and he was just ten at the time. At the age of thirteen is coffee. I began working for his uncle as an apprentice at a restaurant in niece, which was just northeast of where they were living. So basically, his career choice had been met. for him. He would go into cooking, and so he headed into Le Restaurant Francais to begin learning and one thousand eight hundred and fifty nine, and he stayed at his apprenticeship there until one thousand, eight hundred and sixty three and earlier he realized that, while cooks, weren't especially highly regarded, he also saw the potential of the job decided also very early on that is going to work ass, hard ass, he could to quote improve the standing of the kitchen chef. I lost, point out that this is a time when the word chef did not have the connotations it had today. It met chiefly personal runs the kitchen, although he wrote that particular line much later on when it also had the condemnation of being in the kitchen. I just wanna make clarity for them
he started. Writing men use very very early on in his apprenticeship heap, took a great interest in many writing specifically, and he carefully selected words to name and describe dishes that he thought would sound quote gentle pleasing and when it came to menus for special occasions, he described them as a sort of poem recalling the happy hours spent after his apprenticeship August was very busy with a whole series of jobs. First, he was hired as first sustained at a restaurant, called circle of Messina in November of eighteen, sixty three. When that kitchen closed for the summer in April of eighteen, sixty four He moved on to live for our problems, so in these as getting Jeff, he trained there for six months before being hired at shape Felipe and then in the spring of eighteen. Sixty five, he moved a pair to work as a kitchen aid at a restaurant called liberty, mullah ruse, which cater to the high society. Leading the royal families of Europe yeah. He basically was always kind of jumping
up, even though the rankings of those positions, as we know them today, may sound lower, In some cases when he went from one to another, he was going to a bigger restaurant, so is still a move up little more than a year into his Paris job, a skull, fewer was called up for mandatory military service. So from September eighteen, sixty six until the following spring. He served in the active army reserves at then fall so mare and as soon as his military service was complete, he returned to Liberty, MILAN Rouge, a few years later military threat. Called again. The Franco Prussian WAR had begun, and in July of eighteen, seventy August was selected to be shifted cuisine, not the Rhine Army headquarters. He was feeding the chief officers on his account. Providing meals during this time show how really committed he was to his ideals as a chef leave and while he was camping and mud with the rest of the men. He rode out menus for every day, the night before sometimes he would start food prep at night,
They became really adapted improvising to create these multi course, meals, even in very rough circumstances, the men who he served, eight roast beef, potato salad, soft boiled eggs and sought aid rabbit along with fresh sausage that he and his assistant made themselves. camp. He would catch wild animals, sometimes procure things like eggs from nearby farms, always with a mind toward creating very billing balanced meals, yet he really was nutritionally minded at a time when people weren't really thinking about me we should necessarily in how they put together meal menus Literally, when you're in the military- that's probably not always your first priority, but he really took great care and great pride and how he handled things and stuff He saw this work is making room in the minds of officer so that they can worry about more important things than what they would eat he's like. I will take care of your nutritional needs. Do you worry about the other stuff, but he also saw the horrors of war during this time
for example, watch the injured being carried into a makeshift hospital that was set up on the same farm where he and his regiment camped during the battle of drive a lot and he hurried to bring what he could to the men who needed treatment will continue talking about his experiences during the war, but first or going to pause for a little sponsor break situated on the beautiful will be by Hamas is a spectacular new resort destination in the Bahamas. With your choice of three ocean front hotels, the grand high it s so and rosewood. This is the place to find perfect. London luxury relaxation and a lot of fun, whatever you're looking for you can find it. I Baja MAR the Bahamas most exciting. Larry Destination, the resort is home to over four restaurant bars in judges ranging from casual work I'd uterus too high end chef, driven, dining experiences. Eleven glorious landscape pools acres of prestige each front.
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As the war stretched in two months, rationing began to impact the menus. The discovery I prepared horse meat was used to supplement because beef was unavailable, but even so, the chef was keenly aware of the drop in his ability to provide for the nutritional needs of the men that he cooked for October, twenty eighth of eighteen, seventy, which was as twenty fourth birthday August Scruffy, I became prisoner of war. When the French surrendered after the siege of Metz, he remained appear w until the end of the war. Although his skills, let a move out of the camp proper and into a kitchen role here, there's a agree. story in his memoir about how, even though he was kind of in like a better situation than the men he left binding camp at Christmas that year, he made a point to take as many things as he could from the kitchen that he was allowed to take and bring them back to them. So they could have sort of their own little celebration and he could try to help them have
a better Christmas than they would otherwise have had, and after the war ended as coffee, I moved into the role of shifting cuisine at the hotel de Luxemburg in niece, but in spring of eighteen. Seventy three he was back at liberty belong, lose a chef de cuisine and he parlay his success there into assign business for himself when he bought a small grocery and can color phase on delay. That means golden Pheasant and he bought that an eighteen. these six and over the next two years. While he continued to work at Liberty, moon are huge, he renovated the store an added a winter dining room to it. He moved into running his new business full time in eighteen. Seventy eight after the end of the summer season at Liberty, MILAN reviews that August was really busy for him. He got married to his fiancee Delphin defeats in heated that image the two jobs. But after only two months in his new venue and his new marriage, his father in law suddenly died that motherhood
took on a lot of responsibility and to help the family gets through the strain of this period. A boost gave up his little fledgling shop and can take more stable work in Paris He became the general manager of the Amazon Chevy, but he work there only eight months before a new opportunity presented itself and that was shifted cuisine at the new cafe. Hostile home do casino, which was, as the name suggests, part of a larger luxury casino property. And this coffee I had been hired simply to get the restaurant up and running, and he did this job admirably. This isn t he did throughout his career after this, for he would can come in and set up a new restaurant, and then he would go back to his regular thing in the restaurant would continue on its own. but he did this so well with the casino and restaurant that when they had oppress event too promote this new luxury entertainment complex all of Europe,
I wish there were way more interested in discoveries food than any other aspect of the business that they were trying to talk about after the casino, while working as the restaurant manager of the grand hotel in my Carlo August is coffee. I met swiss business in says our writ was one thousand eight hundred and eighty four and Ritz was already a successful hotel yeah, but he didn't quite have the name recognition that he would have later Ritz One and an expert in the service and the hotel industry and Skopje a really fit that bill. So it really began urging the hotel national in looser and Switzerland. He eventually hired a coffee on their, but their partnership in business truly cemented. When became the manager of London Subway Hotel and he brought a goose right along with him. Soon He might be a skull. Fewer took charge of the kitchens at the Savoy. Hotel writs was hired the Savoy to fix its problems. It had only been
and since eighteen, eighty nine and while it was glamorous and beautiful, it was managed, really terribly and was facing bankruptcy, the hotel offered an la carte menu in the restaurant, but the chef it had been in charge had really only managed fixed price menus were all the courses were part of one order, handling the different supply and pay, needs of a kitchen that had more items in play on the menu was a really different skill set and it just had not gone well. A scorpion, though, was excellent at this, and he walked into a mess it all out yeah. He claims that the day that they got there and he was like. I can't imagine why anyone would do this, but I'm like maybe angry on the way out that all of the kitchen equipment had been and all of the food stores had been damaged in some way. Like basically When was really angry on their way out the door and so add call around to chef friends ability to your stuff. I can borrow today and so he got through that first day,
he said he didn't have sought to begin with, but he got through the first day with the help of of the chef community and then the next day kind of got all of his contacts with suppliers and got everything right and could move forward from their undiscovered instead You did a number of processes to get the hotels restaurants running smoothly. So often when high profile, London clients would want to book a dinner party for exam. They relied on the Maitre D hotel to make decisions on the food, because the french menus, where sometimes a little daunting for them and Us Guffey, became keeping copious records of what they served at each meal like this, so that, if the same, person booked. Another high and dinner party with them at a later date. They can be sure that they would never served them the same meal twice and they would always be getting different dishes. Everything about the restaurant was examined and optimize to attract the best possible clientele. Even
widening was really carefully designed to be soft and glowing so that their customers would look their absolute best, what they are eating. Their royalty heads of state, the wealthy and the famous all blocked their as writs and Skopje put their mark on the place. It was during his early years at the Savoy in eighteen. Ninety three that against a scuff yea, invented the dessert peach Melba in honour of prior podcast subjects day, Nellie Melba, although it didn't appear a menu for a number of years yet will talk about when it pops up, but he made it basically specially for her one night and then he always remembered it. Leader, and it was also early on in his Savoy days that scruffy a major pretty a priority for his kitchen, so when he first
working there, he was visited each morning by two nuns from a group called little sisters of the poor asking for things like coffee grounds or tea that could potentially be brewed a second time or for crust of bread in these. They would take back to what was essentially a poor retirement house and the chef was inspired by them to incorporate giving into the kitchens normal routine. So first he always made sure that he had some good clean supplies to give to them. He would always make sure the food was as as high end as he could possibly manage and always very clean, but he also instructed staff to save any cuts of meat that they could during preparations for banquets and set it aside, just for the little sisters, for example, when they serve a dish like quail to a large group normally only be serving the breast, and that meant the legs could be given to the nuns, along with instructions on how to prepare it for the people they were feeding, since this avoids banquets were often really huge affairs. This is a substantial amount of food
Donate but it was also a substantial amount of food to otherwise be wasting. Yes, he was not a fan of that. Ways people were hungry scruffy. I continued to do this through his whole career, yet he basically instructed his people, like any cut of me, that was edible, but was not considered. Leg high end enough for some of their fancy. Meals, use beauty like ok, you know, or to put it, may just had a place in the kitchen where they would always put those things. At the end of every night, everything that was edible went to the poor, and then they started each new, fresh ask of you also engaged in this wonderful little of devious ingredient renaming while he was at the Savoy. So he had prepared frogs legs many times as a chef in France, but he also knew that the English thought this whole idea was gross and that they often mocked the French for eating frog, and he was adamant that frog meat was a very fresh and light.
Wasting option, and it was easy to digest. So during a large banquet. Again. Remember that often these people would just order a banquet and let them select the menu one The dishes that he served was called near Allah, roar or nymphs at dawn, and the nymphs were in fact frog and his english guests ate them up in a chauffeur saws with paprika declaring the dish absolutely delicious. The sounds appalling to you. I encourage you. If you see things on your menu that you don't recognize ass. Yes, it makes he laughed so hard and there were cases where he particularly, I think it was the prince of Wales at the time who was well travelled in new french food, recognised was what was going on and it was like their little shared secret of work work, Poland, one over on these people, while the Savoy years of discussion,
the well known he didn't finish the nineteenth century there and we'll talk about his next career shift after another quick sponsor break. I dont think America has ever gone back to the way that it was before nine eleven all right. I'm haze, Brown, a reporter and at Buzzfeed NEWS now I follow politics or living it's hard for me to keep Sometimes with all the noose around trumps, impeachment and sort out it matters and was just noise. That's why we teamed up with I heard media to bring you impeachment today, daily podcast that helps make sense of this wild historical every day, I'm talking to Busby NEWS reporters who have been following this story and the people involved for years and just ten to fifteen minutes Every week day morning, we catch you up on what happened, figure out, what it means and give you the context you need under. w e f is really going on right now, listen answer,
drive to impeachment. Today, on the I hurt, ready, lap, apple, podcast or wherever you listen. Wait- a minute Seven things started to unravel at the Savoy for writs and a scarf here so throughout their time, with the vote, Both men had worked side, jobs, opening new hotels and restaurants and per se PS, memoir, a misunderstanding. Over the nature of these side, businesses led to him and his partner writs being fired in recent years. Journalists, Paul Levy has made the case based on documents which have come into the possession of that. In fact, the two men were taking kickbacks from suppliers in stealing from the hotel supplies to an exorbitant. degree. Part of this is because writs was also working on some other projects and he would have potential business from those projects come
the Savoy and they would feed them sumptuous, very, very expensive meals without charging, of course, for them and said that was kind of considered part of this theft. Because writs was also signing agreements that made him in charge like a large development projects, some that would be his name eventually. So this is part of the problem. Descendants of Schofield have challenged these claims, but we wanted to make sure we mentioned it at least and regardless of the reasons for their sacking Schofield and writs, moved to a new venue, the Ritz Hotel in Paris named for cigarettes which open on June fifth of eighteen. Ninety eight was all the same kind of stuff that if you work for a big companies today, when you have to take your like business ethics and compete, Training is absolutely similar kind of the tough once the Paris writs was up and running scoff, yea and both returned to London in eighteen. Ninety nine to work at the brand New Carlton Hotel, while Schofield Career before this involved
constant shifting around either seasonal years to take better jobs. He stated the Carlton for over twenty years and on the menu for the opening of the new, had tells the restaurant was peach. Melba appearing ottoman you for the first time and for the further opening of the new hotels, restaurants was peach. Melba appearing ottoman you for the first time and further record a lot of the cap scuff. Yea wrote what is probably his most famous book levied Kulan AIR, which he co Route was Phyllis, should bear any meaningful to end this book, which is when print by the way became the Bible of french cooking, but cooking in general, in terms of restaurant cooking and it's features recipes for all possible courses, is laid out the narrative forum that shows dishes in the order that they should be prepared and served in August,
saw the need for such a book because he saw that the restaurant industry was growing and that it is increasingly important for chefs to be able to manage kitchens that served huge numbers of guests, and there was not at this point, formal training for it. He saw this writing ass, quote a work tool more than a He was adamant that, even though it had more than five thousand recipes, it was incomplete. He knew that the the street, would always be evolving in progressing and that any new edition of the book would need to be updated to reflect all these changes. We also thought the basics would remain constant and he thought he could write what would be in essence, a foundation document that chefs could use for years and years to come, and he was a hundred percent correct, because most chefs that run restaurants today have a copy of this book.
somewhere when the fiftieth anniversary of discoveries professional career loomed in nineteen o nine. His colleagues took up a collection with the intent that they would use the money to buy him a piece of art with it, but when a goose Schofield was told how much money had come in and that they were planning to do this, it was about six thousand francs. He asked that it instead be donated do a retirement home that took care of elderly chefs with little or no money and all the night of the celebration of his career. He was gifted with a silver cup from the hotel, rather than a lavish piece of art and one thousand nine hundred and ten Escoffier published a pamphlet on suppressing poverty, But if every person followed the added to love your neighbour as yourself like, really truly followed it, that poverty would be erased. He advocated for a universe old age pension system, particularly citing the people who had worked their whole lives and jobs that just hadn't allowed them to put money aside for retirement yeah, because he had worked on this.
Industry, his entire life he had been We keenly aware that the people that were kind of at the lowest levels in any organisation and we're getting paid the least we often working the hardest and he thought their work was just as Google is anyone else's and that they should not have to rely on charity in there. Years to get by and that there should be some sort of system put in place to make sure that all people had an equal shot at a lovely return. starting in nineteen eleven discover, you started publishing a magazine which came out monthly, called locale made epicure, that's a gourmets notebook. And we published our magazine for three years and his hopes, or that it would spread knowledge of french cooking to other countries and in turn, would help french tourism, when World WAR one began. The magazine which put aside
Also in nineteen eleven, a fire started and one of the elevators at the Carlton hotel that did an estimated two million francs worth of damage there weren't any fatalities, but all of the rooms were damaged as coffee a rallied. The staff in the restaurant was immediately open and serving feels yeah the rooms good ran out to guess could not be filled for a while. They fix things up, but the restaurant at least could continue to bring in a little bit of money in nineteen twelve escort, I participated in what I think is a fabulously, interesting dinner with his friends from a club that he had formed called Le League De Gaulle, moaned and obviate created a menu that was served simultaneously to club members in restaurants through our Europe. So each kitchen, peered all of the dishes, as outlined by the famous cook and then according to us
PS memoirs throughout the continent. At the same time, four thousand people were eating the same meal and during this event, called the dna Dippy Q s coffee receive telegrams from ends and fellow, some of whom were very famous taking part in the cellar russian and marvelling at what a wonderful thing it was while his gesine, was under way as coffee. I also published a book titled, You read them in you or the of menus in nineteen twelve and, as he said once, the war began in nineteen fourteen things changed his magazine ceased publication, but discussion Also faced rationing and shortage issues, not unlike when he had been a cook in the military, but this time it was his job not to feed soldiers to keep a luxury restaurant running. Despite though shortages and to that end, he once again got very creative with menus till he increase the use of venison eggs and bacon among other non rash and food ingredients, any made contact directly with fish.
Men, so that he could get fresh seafood without having to go through the rash and markets and he substituted cocoa butter for dairy butter. which was not available in time he kind of through this really started, giving a sense of what we would call today farm to table where he was yes fresh directly from the supplier is the best way to go and he had always been excellent at improvising when faced with problems of supply, and it really served him well during these lean times, because he created some very, very beloved dishes. He also kept on with his philanthropic work. During the war, he created a support committee to help raise the funds for the families of staff that had been sent to the front the fight, and he distributed the funds that were raised on a weekly basis. He also hired more staff and he really needed to tracking families up afloat, and he worked to make sure when men returned from fighting. They could once again find a position at the Carlton on November, eleventh nineteen eighteen, when the armistice was announced, the hotels rest.
was almost immediately book to capacity with reservations for people who were eager to celebrate the end of the war and so with seven hundred and twelve seats, but for the night and food restrictions still in place that limited his options. Scotty, I got very, very creative indeed so far, main dish that night he combined all of the various meets he had on hand in a mincer because he didn't have a whole lot of any one. Meat and then he mixed that results with Patty. And bread, and that had been soaked in cream, so soft, and he made what how little minuet, so they were almost like a french meatball one year anniversary of the Armistice scoff Yea was awarded the legion of honor. He became an officer of the order and nineteen twenty eight, yet he described becoming part of the legion of honor is one of the greatest honors of his life. this discussion here after the war was tired, he retired from running kitchens in nineteen twenty one. He has this unique distinction:
Having never worked for a private household in his career as a cook or chef, but even after he and his wife Delphi move to Monte Carlo for their retirement. He continued to write books about cooking and running a kitchen, professional and then his writing. He codified a lot of innovations that he had implemented during his long career. He wrote about the importance of sanitation and kitchen safety and his brigade the cuisine system of kitten management, which is organised military style with the shifting being which is the chief of the kitchen as the leader and all the other positions ranked below that when he so rude about something that we mentioned earlier in his first book of Sir meals, one course at a time, because, prior to that, the standard practice had been everything adding the table at once, and then people just new to eat them in order, and he also outlined his method of caning vegetables, which was knew. That was something he had pioneered in response to rationing. During that his time in the Military- and he also was
entirely ahead of his time when it came to helpful cooking. I dimension already that he thought about nutrition in a much broader way. The most people did and as you may- all from our Murray Anton confirm episode, France had shifted to less decadent cooking trends overtime after the French Revolution and scobie took that idea, even farther by extolling the virtues of the fresh as possible ingredients obtained directly from farms and fishermen, he felt an wrote that everyone should have access to good healthy food and what He called a courteous style of living, meaning meals shared among friends and loved ones, using fine cooking traditions and shared from one generation to the next year. He thought like fine, cooking
should not be something that only someone who ran a professional kitchen should know, but that family should know it and share it with one another and that it should just be part of life. When you went to a restaurant. Mrs see didn't have to do that, but you had the knowledge and, of course, as coffee, a built on the form other sources damage by more than twenty of them and their results ended up being a little bit of her. We work that landed at five mother sauces which remained standard in french cooking, so those are better man to man Valor Day s Benito and hollandaise. Thank you, monsieur Scaufflaer, because they have all given me great Joe, a goose discover. You died and Monte Carlo Monaco at his home on February, twelve, team. Thirty, five, just a few days after his wife died, he was eighty nine. His remains were braids in the town where he was born in his family's vault obvious. Memoirs were published well after his death
when he died. His son Paul had assembled all of the notes and documents that he had gone and collected from the Monte Carlo House, as well as a scuffle apartment that he kept in Paris and those now they included a memoir that the chef had written and those works were finally published by US coffees grandson in nineteen. Eighty five in French and those were expanded and translated beginning in nineteen, eighty, six to mark a goose discover hundred fiftieth birthday. Today the August is foundation when's, the scuffle Museum of colony, airy arts at his birthplace, the acoustic Schofield School of colony, airy arts offers training at several campuses and online courses as well and Michel Schofield, who was the great grandson of the chef of kings from the Advisory Board for the school and Anna Scott Ease, memoir, which is a great reed and really easy to read, because it's the chapters are short, but it's also very fun because you really do get a sense that he could not stop talking about how to make food because he'll be.
The middle of telling a story and then be like. Let me give you the recipe. and it will just drop in lake in the middle of a sort of a paragraph of a narrative. But there was a passage in that member. It struck me that he wrote about when he first entered the cooking profession as a teenage apprentice and how he began to look at cooking, and it really nicely encapsulates his ideology about the importance of this career. He wrote quote at the time high society held little esteem for the profession of cook. This should never have been. The case for cooking is a science and art, and one who puts all his heart into satisfying his fellow man deserves recognition. A french food gas, which is always a big favorite of
I am just love history idle. I love how he has impacted, so many meals that you know you and I and everyone who has ever written in a restaurant has had as well as just sort of bringing french cooking to a wider audience in some ways. You know we ve talked about in the modern era, Julia Child being a person that really really disseminated information about french cooking to the masses, and he was sort of her precursor in that have a little overlap in their lifetimes, but they did not actually meet. I dont think for listener meal. I have a thank you for a lovely gift from our listener. Darin, so Darien wrote Dear Holly and Tracy, just a quick note to say, thanks to the show you do, which helps keep me saying during long drives when I'm working an extra. Thank you for the shows featuring australian history. As you have taught me a couple things about my country that I did not know and then here's the cool thing Tracy. We have gifts that you're gonna love what he said. I have enclosed a couple of copies of my friend lunatic
Priest, fabulous awesome, aussi women of history colouring book as a thank you. Unfortunately, he says I think it's sold out, but she has other great stuff celebrating women on her Etsy page. This is like the cutest. The art style is really really fun. I can't wait it's one of those things where you never want to color in these colouring books summoned a photocopy pages and color the upwards, because that's how I do and I will make sure that Tracy gets her copy when she is next in the office J. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you again therein. I really appreciate it. I appreciate all the many things people send us, they're, always so lovely we feel very spoiled. If you would like to write to us, you can do so at history, Pon cast in house of lords dot com. You can also find us, as missed in history,
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