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Behind the Scenes Minis: Apicius and Struensee

2021-06-11 | 🔗

Holly and Tracy compare the Apicius cookbook to cooking today, as well as some confusion over ingredients in the cookbook. They then talk about the life of Struensee, how scholars of medical history interpret the work of the doctor, and Mads Mikkelsen. 

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one hundred percent powered by renewable electricity, it's all of our commitment to make convenient fast charging accessible for everyone learn more about how GM is developing and all electric future at gm dot com. Everybody in welcome to stuff you, Mister, three glass, a production of I heart radio. Hello unhappy for I am calling fry and I'm Tracy wealth in and we talked about. What I believe to be the first cook in the western world this week, Jericho, Granada, a piggy us, is easier to say May I also I like how, when you listen to latin pronunciations by people living in ITALY, it does not sound merely the same way. That a lot of other folks would say them now and also usually sounds more beautiful
this was superfine and I kept rating little notes to myself about stuff. I wanted to talk about one thing: then I thought was really interesting. We talked a lot about failings translations. That was the first english translation of of this collection and I have to say it's it's quite fun to me because he mentions like No, we have to be really unbiased and really clear, but like any, writer or any human. He has bias that appears in the text any kind of clearly has a great deal of reverence and appreciation for these classical ways of cod being an he writes about how people miss treat their food, these syriac aces any. He feel flake. When he was writing this, which again was in the mid nineteen twenties, he makes the case they were
actually going to return back to a lot of these roman techniques of cooking because of the ways that agriculture is going to change due to over consumption and what not so is kind of an interesting one to get his editorial asides colluded emerge in the analysis, cause there's a translation of the text, but like most books that you will read about this cookbook now, there's a huge action is really like an analysis and discussion of what it contains and what it means, and he occasionally drops his editorial thoughts. I'll show up, which is pretty this also always I always talk about this
about how our time will be perceived in the future and wondering if there will one day be someone trying to pick apart, the Bob's burgers cookbook in wonder how important it was cultural area as its theme divine because its when I'm using allow right now I've been I've been. I have watched my way through several of your cooking. You ve done, I think, to cook books that I have kept an eye on the star Wars linen the Bob's burgers one, and I'm always like incredibly fascinated by what the recipe is whether it turned out deliciously like whether it has been added answer your households, my regular routine rotation. One now so doing. There's another star wars when I did the galaxies edge one all of those men which are really really like regulars at our house now, but there's star wars, baking book that came out just last month,
and I have really enjoyed that when it has some really good stuff. I feel like Emma in the realm of sort of branded novelty cookbook, of wit, which are things that I have always loved they we have really stepped up across the board. It used to be like they're, very cutesy recipes and it usually involve lake combining a lot of praise, ab ingredients. But now there like. No, let's teach you how to make a cake Blake from scratch. which I love it's great. To put you that's what they're, if one may well be like every one put, seek a must Allah Mare, burgers, magneto known and does not common at all therein. Also a barrel, a lot of people, if you wanna just came a cruiser and you can do that on Pinterest, who sponsor the episode or on any search engine. If you look for anything, that's like Roman, looking or cook like a Roman there, a lot of people who have either sort of broad somebody's recipes,
to date or there's a Youtube channel that you you also stumbled across, which is called a taste of the ancient world in its hosted by swimming names, Sally Granger, who is a historic Cook and she's kind of cooking. Through some of these recipes, there was an interesting moment, though, because she pensions that is very important in her project to follow these recipes to the letter as much as possible, knowing obviously have to like interpret things like measures which you dont get. that jumped out to me because several of the translations that I had read in their commentaries kind of say exactly the opposite. Like you can't do this as a literal, rebook, there's no way to do it. This is more like in this sphere, of this risk factor, which I found very interesting,
You know she also mentioned several times that, like there are things that you have to make from scratch there not just ingredients that would be available. One of her episodes is making a cheese Can you basically have to make the cheese yourself first, and that kind of brings up that that thing that I touch on very briefly about lake, there would have been enslaved labour to do those those hard preparation, pieces, so it's very easy to be. They go yes, make a cheese and then do this and then it will be delicious. I am also going to tell you a story of my own hilarious foolishness. Ok, I'm exam in reading that description of traumatic use table, I'm so embarrassed, but it's also so funny. But I am delighted at my own foolishness. There is like a mention in it of Dore mice. It didn't occur to me the people eight door, my so I was reading it Dormice and I'm like what is this ingredients, a king
criminal. Look it up, and I was like: oh no, just a tiny little door, mice ass. He was like a lot of work. I had a similar experience first time. I read through your outline because I feel like if it had said dormouse singular Ray. I would have collected totally yes, but I it doesn't. It was plural and my brain was like what is it see? I feel somewhat better know it. We both landed at this one is this: what is this? You think I did meadow about attic thing yeah. Yeah I also eye, and then, when I heard you say It allowed, as we were recording. I was like all rights, dormouse yeah. I know what a door meals yeah. Well, it's some. I mean to be fair.
there are likely said some other ingredients that you gotta figure out what they are yet or find someone else who has figured out what they are, which is really the case for me. So in that case I thought- oh, I don't know this. Is I didn't This is another one that people are probably lake, Ding Dong people than use that forever love image. Oh yeah yeah as an herb? Never never on my radar sunlike. What is that and then only go it actually quite commonly yeah about definitely and an herb. I would not say that an error by having the cabinet right now, but it's definitely They are a thing I know of ends. I have seen growing in herb, gardens and stuff yeah. I mean there are plenty of herbs that I don't know, but I'm sure I have a conversation recently with a friend of mine, who is a very smart person who did not know that Savory was also in herb like a thing
No savory is descriptor and enlightenment nobody's also also an actual ingredient. Thicker, fabulous even in modern cooking, were all still learning about things that people fasten twitter threads, there were the weekend that were about how, in a lot of the world, cuisine involves layering different flavour over one another to make these like really nuance interesting combinations of flavors, but in Europe the trends became to combine like flavors, because food should tastes like itself. Right and I was like wow. I am intrigued by this idea and now want to do research. It more All I can think of is remy ingratitude. Going no now take a bite of this. With this I mean anyone can cook ray.
And the reasoning for it in in the twitter threads. That I read was that when spices became more widely available, it was no longer like the exclusive domain of rich people to be able to have spiced feared. Unlike that drove this trend, I have not been able to confirm that yet. But I was like this also very interests idea. It's interesting that you mention that, because that is another thing that comes up and marvelling translation consists thing was like note in this: how at this time. You know their grinding up, their pepper and everything fresh. And their integrating man with the cooking and he like now today- it's very common to like cook a thing and then season it, and it's never is delicious and that's why we end up throwing gravy and sauce Oliver everything, because you do
actually no one any meat tastes leg. You know when it's actually roasted properly, which is interesting, but that that ties into a thing you have been thinking about as well yeah? I really want to make that weird peel is on you. I mean I found that really interesting and I also really like peace, so I Historically, I'm not the peas biggest fan, I dont mind member. There does not like a thing. I would now surely gravitate to, and sometimes I'll leave them out of, arrests being a lamp peace, but somehow I know casserole of layers of peace with bacon in leaks and what would basically, whatever you have on hand and the ground up pine nuts, with all of what that sounds like a beautiful young, adding in that white saw sounds quite good. That might happen at my house, but then it up. makes you think right. This is what I love about. Cookbooks am I I didn't know that I love
looking for a long time in my life, because my mom was one of those people that, like the kitchen, was her domain and get out of my way and don't bug me in the kitchen site didn't get to do a lot of cooking. When I was younger and then when I really started to you and discovered, I it. One of the things that I love about cookbooks for me, is how they kind of unlock your imagination relic. Oh, I could do this is written, but what, if, instead of peace he's I used chickpeas or email lake, anything anything any sub out that you do on a recipe. That's what kind of gets me excited always when I'm looking at rest pieces year, one I want to make this is written, and then I want to make a crazy version. Has other stuff. That's not mentioned here and see what happens possesses fun, but batter with makes kitchens fund for me greeted me: let's go eat, that's deal
This week we talked about Johan truancy who what a story. That is why I am so sorry. In your em, your introduction to the top of the episodes talk about how the story is a lot better known where it actually happened, and cracked me up a little bit, because there have been various times that I've been arena. Reading about some historical figure who is not from the U S and whose lives zoos, life and actions like are that directly. Acted to. U S, history and an obvious way, and sometimes you know something that was written in. Let's just say that UK. kind of like well, as everyone knows, heeded this this a nurse and, unlike I don't know that rates,
Yet there is actually a medical center in Germany, Cults, truancy house, and they talk about Johansson c on one of their their websites pages in and how they try to uphold his ideals in terms of inner, treating people with, of from all strata of of the social spheres, with care with equal care, and so he clearly, you know, has has name recognition in a way I dont think he gets over here at all because, like I said, I had a really like you find very
breathe. Aided versions of his life story in English, but like any of the really like in depth stuff, you either have to go to a scholarly journal that has translated part of it or like I did in some of it like. I got english translations that were done decades and decades in decades ago. Personally, so it's a little bit plan a bit trickier and it explains why it might be harder for less like
For people in the- U S her in primarily english speaking countries, to know about him, there have been a number of fiction, all pieces, written and there's a film. I think for twenty twelve, that's in Danish about him, but again, that's not necessarily gonna be what most? U S, audiences are, are engaged with rain. It's it's such a good story, though re lake in my head there's a version of this story that stars very young man's Mickelson, and it's quite appealing, I think he's in the danish movie, but I am, I dont, even know which care to replace. I haven't seen that movie, but I I want him to be in everything anyway and he's darling it's so I, as I was doing my research. I just pictured him the one thing that really jumped out at me and we didn't really focus on it. A lot we mention that the queen was quite young when she died but strewn she was
while he was in his his thirty, he wasn't. You know when you think about someone who has and have risen and seized all this power. In in my head anyway, I tend to think of some one a little bit older. Who knows the world well enough to really execute on their ambitions. Men, no buts, quite yard, with its that's another, one of those things were go. Ah, if he hadn't gotten himself into trouble, he had just been a doctor and advocated for reform in all of these. Things that that, like I said his ideal, seemed to be pretty good, I'm sure there were problematic aspects of it that I am not privy to were having examined like will. If he had just become a statesman and had advocated for reform in those areas, could he have done a lot more with his life Gan than the way it played out where a lot of his reforms initially got rolled back anyway? I dont know is the answer
That's that's MILAN. Kundera is unbearable, likeness of being there's only one way through and you don't know the other possibilities yeah. So my weird thought process during all of this I have been watching the add the sea. W tv show rain man Netflix. It has become the show that I watch while I'm on exercise bike, and I kind of describe it as Mary Queen of Scots Fan fiction, because Mary, Queen of Scots as a central character, but a lot of the plot has no basis in reality whatsoever and toward the end of the series. One of the other central characters is, is Charles, the ninth of France and the depiction of Charles, the ninth of four
as we always read the lot like what we just talked about today. I was like this is interesting to me. How it just seems like a totally different royals personality, was picked up and put on a here. Let's problem, not what happens but re, but you can cherry pick the most interesting part, trade, a completely different matter, sure I mean at that point its fictional lized it civilized, really really interesting to me how much cool scholarship has been devoted to trying to figure out what was really happening with Christian, the seventh based on strong currencies. Writing
you know there. There is a big case made both for schizophrenia and for Porfirio, depending on on which scholars looking at it. There are certainly valid ways that they landed. Each of those I mean, I'm not a doctor say, would not pretends like yes, those one as the, but I don't know but I see where, like the symptomatic behaviour lines up with a list of symptoms, that we would recognise today, it's a little bit of a weird space, because really you and I always talk about where we wouldn T try to die. no said anybody historically, because they're dead they cannot be examined, and
you're, not doctors, and we are not doctors, and this is a unique, a particularly unique situation, because I mean we're not doing it, but but for medical scholars to do it. They are working with source documentation from his doctor, which makes it kind of interesting. Another thing that I didn't mention in the the main episode cuz. I couldn't find one of the things that's mentioned. Is it a verification of it with it christian? The seventh himself did not think of Struan, see as a bad person at all, and there are even some indications that he had wished that he could have saved through and see and his his close friend. That was also beheaded. Of course, no one was really listening to what he wanted, even in his moments of lucidity, so that didn't help at all. But it's what a tangle.
humans, are feeling we should figure out a way to end this on a more up thing, I'm trying to think of a more up thing. Do I know I'm retiring? Oh yes, so I was right. A royal affair is the danish historical drama that was made in twenty twelve. It does STAR man's Mickelson Everything should justice, a rule of thumb. Everything should star man's Mickelson outside didn't pull that right out of thin air and he does placed currency, but even so he would have been. I think- and this is no shade too
Mickelson, a little old for their role. At that point cause he was born in nineteen sixty five, which means he's how much on Yahoo De Mello Old again its mouth nickels and play whoever you want when every time society there is a fun place to wrap it up, everybody think about man's Mickelson. If this is your actual weekend coming up, we hope that it is a good one, and then you get some rest and recuperation and maybe watch get bills immense Mickelson in them. If this is not your weaken per se in your working, we hoped Ngos as smoothly as possible. That people are, is nice to you as possible and that you make it through without too much
for us. Otherwise, we will see you all back here tomorrow with a classic episode and then on Monday will be here again with brand new stuff stuff. You must, in history class in the production of Iheart Radio, for more black cats, I heard radio visit by her radio have added mankind's or wherever you listen to your favorite, shows hi I'm major, for my part, just really good shares. We talk about recovery from all kinds of things: car crashes, identity, crises, drugs, alcohol ego. I got sober my laptop weirder crossing, possible. What help me the most was following. The lead of people in my life would overcome bad things, rear view somewhere is away stories for sure, but they're, not the only ones, with a really good chairs. I think I might mangled up his beautiful childhood. By being this junk,
big bird as party, but the kid seem to have fun. I almost I had a terrible break up. We went to trial. Unlike company fell apart in some ways like I'm really proud of it. It makes me durable. I guess if I had to think about what that moment was it was the day after the set. opera show, and I came home and Oprah called me to see if I was and she first asked me if I was gonna hurt myself, these are the conversations I want and need to hear my life door recovery is forever bananas. Work work that helps us become better people is otherwise was the pointed donated But these stories in interviews are a good way to remember that, when things are bad, they will stay back forever, so it's in a really good chairs on the Rio Apple pie, CAS wherever you get your pack guest, I'm document then what I'm Doktor, John Lady,
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