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Behind the Scenes Minis: Barbecue and Holiday Figures

2019-12-06 | 🔗

On today's casual chat, Tracy and Holly discuss their Texas tour, regional barbecue styles, and the holiday figures in the fourth installment of the Krampus and Friends Holiday Special.

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only different adventure. From the last time we went to tax, but True. Last time you had to Texas, you got diverted to Shreveport this time. Oliver travels are pretty smooth. Oliver travels, where pray smooth before the time that we, so we had gone to do alive, show at the Dallas Museum of ART on approach to the Dallas airport. We got diverted to Shreveport and we found out, we had been diverted once we were on the ground. That was the whole little adventure, but then also the one time I had been to Texas before that by air. I had what continues to be the worst in flight experience of my life in terms of the turbulence level, and it put me off of flying for more than a decade after that, and so I had I had some assorted Texas Travel back at once. I was home from all of it and had not even had
like there had been, I had had no flight delays of a meaningful amount and like pretty smooth flights, everything what really smoothly I was like. Ok, I feel pretty good about this down, not what I mean. I almost I'm, even though we're done with tour for this year scared to say it all went well like something will come and bite us in some way. We have never seen, but we had a pretty good fortune throughout our travels, both in the mere Andrew Texas, Even I, on one leg of it, had like a fifteen in turn around in an airport where I had to make a connector, and now I'm fine big thanks to the Delta app for now having maps in the app of the terminal your flying in to see you can see exactly how you have to get to the next place. That's nice I just booked it off my flight. They knew exactly where to go and I made it no privilege. I literally got to the next gate as they were boarding. My group and I just walked right answer were kept perfectly, but yet we had a great time in Texas, we ate a lot a spectacular food in every city we were in.
I feel like. I need to apologize to you, because when we talked about Lexington barbecue. your arm of law, even though we, whenever we have alive, show we try to get bad outlook to one another ahead of time, more so than we would if we were recording the show in the studio, and we review it several times, because it is life and you wanted to be as smooth as possible, but for some reason, even though I had read it probably at that point seven times, I had always completely miss that whole thing about catch of being used in the coleslaw that you grew up with
when it came over the show I was like us our coup at all. It's totally Byron people like what they like and I did feel like, and it didn't really occur to me until afterward. If I am making a coal flower eating a Cole slaw, that's made with with a lot of money like usually it's it's pretty nurse, there's a lot. There's ladder mayonnaise, but with Lexington style, barbecues law like the end result is glop, be in any way doesn't feel like saturated with catch up like I wouldn't even know that ketchup is necessarily the ingredient without reading Alarum recipes about how to make it myself, because you can't buy it anywhere in masses whose fray does it just have like a to me. We appeal or look to it like alone,
tomato looks a bit the color of it is pretty reddish. It does not look like its drenched in catch upper tomato sauce or anything like that, because a lot of the component ingredients they go into it make up a lot of barbecue sauces. Sometimes we will make it with a barbecue sauce. Instead of with catch up, a kind of depends on who is doing what, but it wines are having a spicy quality to it. I really enjoyed so my favorite thing in terms of Lexington style BAR the EU is to have a barbecue sandwich with this law. On top, I served on a hamburger urban really delicious. I know I'll everyone him audiences, like just waiting with bated breath what kind of fire reputed Tracy like abaft
so for folks who were not on any of our Texas tour. I think, apart from the random scattering of north carolinians, who were in the various audiences who have transplanted to Texas the revelation of what that's laws like just brought on abject horror from every was a little shocking for Europeans. Every let it up with other thing was when we chose barbecue ass, the topic as we wanted something that seem like fun and because the tour with was in Texas, we wanted something that felt kind of Texas like we said that an interim. I wasn't really concerned about that as a topic until we cut closer to it, and I was like what, if people like, we ve heard, vary from various folks in the audience you don't eat me.
about their preferences regarding how we would talk about meat on the episode now is like what, if what, if people don't like what we're talking about and then after we did the first and I was like what, if everybody's opinions about barbecue, are so strong that no one has fallen on the rest of the issue, but I think people did have fun so worked out. Yet everyone went into it with really really a great sense of humour, and even though all of our audiences were really fun and that they were very reactive and they would let you know, I felt impelled the barbecue you're talking about, but it was all in a really really fun sense, like I never felt like. Oh they there against. I had a great time- it was so spectacularly fun. I had been worried. I mentioned this during the show, and apparently that isn't going to air that I've already cause, I'm not the biggest fan of barbecue generally. It turns out that I have recent had taxes barbecue priority going. I was to her and I fully gang
I did so. I am very pleased that that worked out for me, because then I was on a tour of delicious things. I could sample Texas barbecue throughout the state, which was a very good piece of fortune for me. Yes, I would also like to say I had a hand in Houston. I had a very delicious vegetarian lunch curs after the first few days of the tour, which involved a whole lot. Meeting cheese, a body was like hey how about some vegetables and her brother. When I got home, my body was like: please eat nothing but broccoli for the next day. I thought I needed some some leafy greens you have a great great time we did Tracy. I have exciting news. What is it Simon a few years. I think I might have holiday spirit. Oh yeah logo in Sarajevo, you're telling me I have been grin. She have just been too busy
I am actually probably busier this here that I've been in previous years. I don't we're just feel any, were also going to try a Christmas tree this year, oh where for the first time and legs five first six years, because last time we attempted at our cats does right it we haven't done it sensor. We ve put up like a very tiny to footer, but I got a seven foot bright purple Christmas tree this that we have not put it up yet will see how that go, see, I think, we're doing the opposite and not putting up a tree because You ve gas. We have kittens and we also have the first time that we're leaving them with a pet sitter overnight during the season when a tree would be up yeah we're wool nervous about that. We don't want to do it. That is a hundred percent valid. I think, and with ours, we're just gonna put flesh on the trees at the library did did occur to me. If I can find- and I thank you-
gave me a cute guerrilla ornaments. Oh yeah covered it met several years ago in one of our previous installments, that's wooden, so that won't break if it falls off link it's a flat wooden carving and we're gonna do little plush things I paid for out of to be safe, because again I love them, but I dont trust there now I also feel that we should mention one of the most heroin aspects of doing any of these international holiday episodes. Yes is always a language issue, yet I always feel terrible, particularly when we get to any asian words, because I butcher them, and that is not my intent. We actually got an email from a listener once about how disrespectful he found it, and I
like, I, am not trying to disrespect anybody. I assure you, I'm just not good at this. Yet neither of us speaks a tunnel language which Japanese is not to be clear but, like neither of us, speaks a tone, a language and there's a lot that goes into trying to get pronunciations right on the show, like there's time time that is spent trying to fine tune, but even at the same time, for the vast majority of languages on the planet. You and I are- Our beginners, like yeah, absolute beginners, that's like being on your first day language class when reads it every time? So yeah there's a lot of time and effort they have put into that, but, like we're always going to sound like we dont know how to speak this language because we don't yeah. I also have the really bad habit of because the only other languages that I've spent a good deal of time with and are not even proficient
but I'm better than anything else is french. I pronounced everything or the front checks. The wealth which is terrible. We ve also got met as advice firms, someone on pronunciations before, like I just heard it works very well. If you just pronounce everything is though it sounds french not like that. not correct that at a fast way to offend a lot of people and make sure they don't know what you're talking about, though it might sound pretty just in terms of like musicality prime out for the best yeah, so I it's one of those things I also really really loved. I did not know much prior to this episode about the seven lucky gods. Am I kind of love that idea of visiting seven different shrines and just kind of spending with your hopes for the year in that way, yeah, which is something
trying to figure out like a way to incorporate a similar idea of justice, not just rushing through my my resolutions list, which I made out every year, and I love them. I am a big fan of the resolution's list. I know it's not fair, buddy, but really thinking about what I'm, where I hope for in the new year, in a way that so little bit less goal oriented and more just hopeful. So that's! Fourthly, this episode ended up kind of giving we food for thought about how I think about twenty twenty. So you you did the research on this one and when you sent the outlines of me, I thought that the seven lucky gods were entirely new information, but then, when I went to get artwork for the opposite and I saw pictures of them, I was like oh I've seen like this picture yeah and this grouping of like I've, seen this in a lot of places
That was nice just to have the context for this imagery that I've seen it, but I was already familiar with that. Didn't realize yeah it, even though they all do have individual personalities and and associations in terms of their virtues. They usually are depict the group together and I had similarly, I had seen images of them, but I didn't realize what I was looking at so right. I felt like this kind of expanded my worldview a little bit and opened up rain. So thank you for the world of of history and traditions, because we learn stuff that can impact us in positive ways. I hope that is how whispers feel about things as well. once again, I just want to make sure everybody, no matter what you are celebrating has up fantastic fantastic into the year and if, if you're celebrating nothing, I also hope that you yeah a great year end The holidays can be rough for people. It comes with a lot of different different flavors of baggage
pressure and if just getting through to the end of the year, is what feels like success for you. Bravo. We hope that you have to admit it is the smoothest possible journeying through potentially difficult time. So, thank you.
for listening all year round, and we really appreciate having you with us this year and every year, stuffy, mist and history glasses, a production of Iheart radios, house networks, for my part, have for my how radio visit thy heart, radio, Appleton guests or wherever you listen to your favorite, shows this episode of stuff. You must have a history class is brought to you by the completely redesigned twenty twenty Ford explorer. This is not a vehicle. That's gonna, take you to the moon or to the bottom of the sea, but it's one that you can use for all kinds of exploration and adventure and your everyday life azure going around town if you're travelling just going over to the grocery store to get everything you need for your kids birthday party once again, that is the all new twenty twenty Ford explore the greatest exploration vehicle of all time.