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Behind the Scenes Minis: Bonsai and Flexner

2020-07-10 | 🔗

Holly and Tracy talk about the soothing nature of bonsai as well as the places in popular culture it pops up. They also unpack the complex nature of talking about Flexner's legacy.

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cruelty, free aluminum, free with no artificial fragrances, visit Schmidt's Doc to learn more or to find it out a retailer near you welcome to stuff you missed in history, glass of production, I haven't read. Hello along in a casual fry them. Holly, for I am Tracy, be well, then what the things we talked about this week with the history of bonds. I guess, but on your list for so long, I will I confess to you that, as part of doing this episode you now you get, maybe you don't. You know how I get obsessed with some of the stuff we breathe. I may have reached after years of Bud nursery
So I can get some of my own to start does to come. I am not gonna, be too foolish. I have that bad problem where I get interested in something and then I order twenty two of that thing, because I'm over enthusiastic and then I'm like. Oh, this is more than I can handle it. Didn't this time, yeah just you does it. You got your video of all. May I gotta come up with good names for yeah. I built keep you posted on their their success. I feel I have a mixed thumb when it comes to gardening in general, wrangling can grow arose like nobody's business. I dont know why it's really just blind luck You pretty well with hearty hibiscus, but there are other plants that just like goodbye. I can't save them and it breaks my heart so highly my bonds, I will survive. I discovered, while doing this episode, also lake one of the greatest coping mechanisms I could ever ever in vision, which is to go on you too,
and watch long videos of people clipping their bonds I or like. If you see a Barnes, I master, who will talk through like how their caring for the
so soothing its best. I'm not a person, that's great meditation, I'm not greta being still I'm not so. For me, this is kind of like a good bridge to that kind of mental state room dislike. I suddenly find myself just completely enraptured quietly watching these videos yeah long periods of time, that's cool, I quite enjoyed it. I feel like. I should also mention the other thing. That comes to my mind. Every time the subject of barbed thy comes up, which is not a good representation of it. There used to be an animated series called home movies, which was by Lauren Bouchard and Start Brennan, small or Bouchard. In case you don't know, is the crater Bob's burgers as well and now central Park, which are also shows that I love and there was a character on home movies.
coach from a girl that was voiced by John Benjamin, and he was like this kind of big train wreck of a soccer coach sell a memory school, but in one up a sword with absolutely no contexts. One of the kids goes to his house and it's a very rudimentary animation style and east is sitting here with a bunch of bonds. I treat cultivating limited so out of character and so completely random for that year due to be doing- and they never explained it acted up. There was another popular culture thing that came up in a lot of the discussions that I read both online in books about how bonds I became popularized in it, in american pop culture de. Can you guess what it is security kid? Yes, this is
I confess that I have never seen any of those movies. I have definitely seeing the first one, and I don't know if I've seen other one but, like I can visualize a scene of taking care about, saying that in like karate kid one was just note of Right kid. When it originally came out, there was no one after it, obviously just there were actually a lot of bonds. I apparently happens with, but I having never in them. Even though I am in exactly the right Adrian yeah to have watched them when they came out, I think those fry one of those many instance where I was too as to cool for popular culture. it remains for me, I'm gonna go! Do you now start trying to read in parts Derrida, which I never really got very good, ass,
I'm gonna go out. I shall lose you guys what garages? Oh? How changes on my part, so pretentious rivalling me for some pretentiousness bananas by pretentiousness, was like post college. No, I got that stuff out of the way early, and then I got to my just free to be stage earlier not to speak yeah, but interesting. I have always loved the concept of bonds. I bought it. Mid way through very, very uninformed sort of pop culture angle on it. So as I have gotten older and have done more reading on plant life and gardening in general, and started to really appreciate just how much effort goes into the design and creation of these pieces. I realized one. It's amazing in two: it's something I probably would never have the focus to achieve that.
Yeah, how bout potato bombs I come out setting up yeah like you, I have mixed results, trying to grow plants of any sort, so I've never tried anything with weapons I specifically not even the potato thing which, even as a child I was like. I I think this misses the point yeah I feel, like my ma, am who similarly had sort of a flighty attention span and would get obsessed with things for about twelve minutes. At a time I feel like she purchased one of those like really fake e bonds. I from like a craft store at one point that head like a lot of things glued into it and I'm not even sure if it was alive or not right, I think, probably a lot of kids in you as have a similar experience in terms of their exposure.
There in our age range to bonds. I, unlike the seventies and eighties right right, yeah. One of the things we talked about this week was Abraham Flex, inner and the flexible report tat yeah. I was glad when he brought this that, because, when you did, I had just listen to the Sarbanes episode that I'd, like mentioned and in the podcast, which mentions that efforts to reform medical education generally lets you schools for black students being closed. That, like I said and absurd, like that, episode is really worth listening to yeah. I heard a different angle on the same topics: yeah, it's some it. As I said in the episode its. I have such a complicated relationship with this material, because I I want to support the idea of educational reform. and certainly there were a lot of really really not high minded medical schools opening in the U S the basically were like. Can you write a check? Please come in
and those obviously needed to not be operating or not operating the way they were, but this did create such a long term ripple effect there for the black community, that it's real, We really are the sort of difficulties still think like. That was a great thing. It's interesting to think about how much power that one report had that lake half of the medical schools in the country had closed within ten years of its publication. There. That is a lot of a lot of power for someone who was not from the medical community to have wielded yeah. That's one of the things that was mentioned. An episode was that, because he had an outsiders perspective, he was able to look at everything without a lotta preconceptions and it's like their stairs choose to that. But that also means the deed
have experienced yeah. He didn't have context yeah, it's like it's a fair point, but the medical schools needed to be reformed and- and there wasn't a lot of standardization and stuff like that, but like not really comprehending that the bar was being set, that most schools wouldn't be able to reach. Yeah was definitely a part of it and that disproportionately the school's not able to reach that bar we're going to be this. The only schools that were really, open to black. Doctors began it's one of those things that do you know when you think about the long term ramifications on the health of black people in the United States Blake. This literally was part of a up one that already existed, but only got worse, where there was not trust in the medical system and as a consequence there
been a lot of people that do not see a doctor when they need when like theirs. a general downgrading of health for that entire black community? That happens as a consequence of this one report coming out right. That, literally today is still a problem that were dealing this isn't, even though it is history, it is history that is still impacting people, whether they re is it or not, which is what makes it so troubling and why? I think we need to be very mindful of looking at moments like this in recognising like the cause and effect where were still in the effect part of something, even though we may consider it settled history the have for I did still. Does Canada baffles me that you thought that, like any any black person wanted. A medical education could go to one of two schools, labour. He didn't really think that. Let me meme we mentioned
a little bit like he recognised that this was a limiter but to him The trade off was that it would just be better to not have black doctors from those other schools, then it would be to have black doctors unit. I like, poorly educated black doctors in his opinion, was going to be a much worse problem, then having no black doctors, which is a weird way to look at it, that does he heard you can't have any help, because it's not excellent help again. ideally sure you want everyone is looking after people's health to have been excellently educated, but to say- No, no resources are good enough, so you don't get any resources is a really really big problem. Yet it's it's perfect being the enemy of the good and yes S, a hundred percent, and he seemed to think that the bolster ring of Howard, and my harry would have some sort of pull effect where black
Education in the medical field would just get better everywhere and that Sub Current openings of universities would be at that level, and it's like your presuming, an awful on how this is gonna work going forward death again the blind spots of Abraham flax near her big big problem stuff. You has in history class the production of Iheart radio for more broadcasts for my heart, busy by her radio have added my or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. Made by women is a new show, brought you by the Seneca women Podcast Network and I heart radio. We bring you spiralling stories in shared learning to help you successfully navigate today's environment benefit from the experience. Legendary entrepreneurs, as well as every day women in business who found success their own way.
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