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Behind the Scenes Minis: Carlota and Larrey

2020-04-17 | 🔗

Holly and Tracy discuss Carlota of Mexico and how that topic was chosen, as well as the many connections between subjects of history. Then, talk turns to the ways that we still benefit from Larrey's work today.

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I pay and welcome too casual Friday edition of the mind. Even though we remain in isolation, I got dressed grown up day closed today, I'm not wearing the Germans, not me yeah, I just feel like I get a little more time. If I get up and take a quick shower get dressed, and you know I have closets full clothes, I should be wearing them yeah. I definitely have to put on different clues than what I slept in, but I am I'm wearing a pair of sweat pants that I do not wear outside of the house because they have a swear word written down the leg. Guy.
again choose carefully my swear clause for where I'm going, but now who cares? I live in Miami. Yes, this week one of the people we talked about was Charlotte. Belgium, Slash Carlotta of Mexico, and it's it's addressing one of the things that I they got me to land there that I did not talk about in the episode was it I wanted to get something that was not just european history. Is redo often tend to do a lot of that, since it has readily available sources. Of course still connects very deeply to european history, but it ended up being sad for which I apologise, but it is one of those things where I feel like. I had never really gotten much of her story, and it was one of those things where I would only see quick right ups of her as lake
then she went crazy and there are several. I have noticed that say that she went mad after her husband, death kind of suggesting that that was the impetus for her to a kind of have her mental illness issues. But in fact we don't know if she ever was definitively told that he had died there, because there was a lot of a lot of decision making around her. That did not involve her too.
Try to protect her from things that might upset her further right when it gets into a whole other ethical discussion of what is acceptable and not in those situations but yeah. I promised the next and I will try to. If I pick another man royal, I will try to find not such a sad, sad bad royal. Maybe we gives it find a nutty eccentric royal that likes feathers or something I think those are definitely really fun. I dont know because we record these as soon as were done, recording the episode thereabouts. I don't really know what the order is going to be of episodes coming out soon, but I know the next thing I'm researching after this is unearthed
yeah long time, favorite part of our normal process of things that we put on the counter and look forward to it. Yeah, that's usually a little lighter, fair yeah. There is often some you know the inevitable racism of history to untangle in it, but it still usually tends to be a little more upbeat. So Anthea beget it's one of those things to where we talked about it. A little before we started recording that there are these people, you realize how much like the dots all start to connect throughout history, particularly like
Even we have an upcoming episode. Are we just had our episode on render past, which was going on at the same time as all of this carlotta? An? U S, civil war stuff for part of it. I am this moment. While we were talking about enabling its all connected book, which is really what you learn. The more you study history is that anything connects to everything else and impacts in ways that you're not. I was conscious of yet the other thing that we talked about this week, which I think is a little happier is Dominique Jong Lovey, who I am Our openly guy he's one of those people that I admire in history because he's everything I am not right he ran they ever
Description of him talks about how, even like literally while treating men on the battlefield with bullets whizzing around his head, I was very efficient and quick, but also very calm and sue them. whereas I beg that's, how I would be, if pepper- and I just he's one of those people- we we don't think about it-
we often I did not know much about him at all. I had heard the name, but I didn't realize his import. There was of lake we're still benefiting from his insights and his work and his very careful approach to medicine and his very thoughtful approach to how people should be treated Tammy. We talked about some of the same ideas in the episode about the establishment of the Red Cross yet and and moves to call for, like international human rights standards about like not attacking hospitals during wartime, which, of course, hospitals still get attacked stirring more time. In spite of that, but like that, having a whole humanitarian focus on people who are treating the injured need to be attacked by enemy combatants, while they're doing their job yeah. I guess so. He was preaching that particular ideology way before any of it was ever passed into any sort of law or resolution, and he
really did, and still in the doctors that worked under him that same as it cuz like I, don't I don't care if that's a russian soldier that the person that needs our help. You are a doctor first, which I really find incredibly admirable, especially when you consider how much of a shift that was for the norm. It says it's a lot. I think about his personality, that see my. He got a whole lot of push back on that now, like he set the rules that people are like o k, it is pretty cool and in general. The overall tone of episode is basically the opposite of any other time. We talk about the napoleonic purpose, rain yeah. I didn't given the lake the politics of of Napoleon, though he was very loyal to Napoleon, which cover the question marks. Edna, you know Napoleon clearly adored him as well. I read when peace where he was compared to Napoleon as like Nepal
and was lake, the king of generals, and he was the king of battlefield, medicine. There's like that's an interesting. You no way to look at it. I guess there, but he certainly was a minute so influential when we think about like trial in particular that whole system remains in place and the way he set up his divisions very similar. It's gonna sound like a weird comparison, but very similar in my mind, to the way professional kitchen is lay back where lake everybody has their their rule. in the chain of command. Everybody knows, what's going on there, all working sort of independently but reporting up under a person except the stakes
super high, which I think probably also engender a lot of trust at that point, among the divisions that everyone they worked with him seem to have adored him, I rooted around forever and could not find anybody criticising him, which is at nice, feel good story for our times, and I mean the thing that led me to it. I said at the top of the episode was that we are in a timer. Medical personnel are at the forefront of the news alive and anytime, weaken, applaud them and appreciate their efforts, always a good thing that this is in and out small way. My way of thinking,
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