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Behind the Scenes Minis: Grand Central and Zoe and Theodora

2021-03-05 | 🔗

Holly and Tracy talk about what a jerk Cornelius Vanderbilt was, trivia about the Grand Central story, and Tracy’s first visit to Grand Central Terminal. Then they discuss the myriad levels of confusion possible regarding names in the story of Zoe and Theodora. 

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To show you how easy it is to file a claim with Geico we hired a soap opera. Star gracious me like our has storm damage, and I d vile acclaim couldn't possibly get worse. Will Michael My team leave me for someone else, someone less intense. No, Surely, when you file a claim with Geico, you get your own Derek it claims team who promises to stay with you throughout the process had never known such loyalty. I can wait a second season Geico great service, without all the drama, welcome to stuff you missed in history, glass approach, of Iheart radio. happy, rightly everybody unholy fry and I'm Tracy be well then. So we talk about grand central terminal this week, Tracy, we sure dead, there's so much about this that I couldn't really put
episode, one Cornelius Vanderbilt put a check here. That's like the kind family friendly way. I will put it, but there's a famous quote by him. That comes up every time. You read anything about him, which is that when he was in one of his long on going feuds with another business person. He would say to them. I won't sue you because the court's take too long I'll ruin. You at once. He did. I mean we talked about it being a pretty passingly leg. He would just create scenarios where other companies could not survive and then say wild step out of this industry. If you'll just pay me every month for ever tonight,
make more money here. He also there are some. I did not go down the rabble to FARC, as it was infuriating. He was just deeply massage financed in you know talked about how he didn't really care about his daughters, because they word is important. Is its then it's interesting issue also sometimes see discussions of his wife being really important to the business and she ran business on her own and I don't have a good sense of what their relationship was. But I do have a good sense that Cornelius Vanderbilt was jerk. There there's also, though, lots of fun trivia that comes with that story that doesn't necessarily fit into that narrative. For example, when they built
grand central depot that meant that New York in Harlem Station, which had existed prior and was one of the Wednesday reusing, there's no longer needed and Vanderbilt sold it to pity Barnum, and that is where Pity Barnum set up the first generation of Madison Square Garden, ah, which is just a cool New York. Trivia thing am we mentioned in the episode that when they rebuilt grand central terminal, it didn't have stare everything was ramps which is cool for a variety of reasons. Lake I'd. I really really love. There's a particular piece of writing. That's like marketing writing about the new terminal and how you know even toddlers can handle. transitioning from one place to the other without it being a problem, but the best at least in terms of making may giggle phrase of it? Was it there read the ramps were available for women
trailing along in preposterous train. A ridiculous dress on don't worry there, no steps yeah, don't know why when we travel in a long and preposterous train, I know travel has changed a great deal. You used to dress up for it, but that just made me laugh and laugh and laugh it's a really interesting, because the guiding principle of Vanderbilt was even though he did philanthropy kind of later in his life after his first wife died in his second wife and him to do so. He was pretty open about. I don't care about the people or the community, I'm in it for the benefit of the business in everything he did and even after he was out of the pic that was still in many ways, like the driver of things, revealed big. No now this
gonna be cool and create a community, but it's really good for the business ass to see no one of those things it. Anyone it's worked for any corporation, I'm sure has had similar ethical disk. When I read about really what is driving any of their innovation or plans, it has made me laugh the wondering that's also interesting. In this we talked about how the neighbourhood around Grand Central, just rocketed, in terms of value and as an interesting juxtaposition pen station did not have the same instant effect on its neighbourhood. just an inch de la factoid. Well, that's connected to my grand central story. I said I was gonna tell, which is that my preferred they are getting to New York from Massachusetts is on the train because, even though like if you fly from Boston to New York in your time, spent in the air is way shorter than the train trip, but like
or the door it's effectively. The same train is, in my opinion, more comfortable to some more fun trip. I like to watch things out the window at Cetera, but the Amtrak trains until very recently, all came in a pen station and departed from pen station and pen station is just kind of darken dingy and it's not a fund are pretty place so hang out and I've had two trips to New York on the train that were significantly delayed because of a problem. One time it was a tree fell onto the track and one time it was a d real meant that happened right outside of New York and on that derailment trip we had to go through the whole process of switching onto other trains and then finish
in our trip into New York, on a metro, north train that came into grand central instead of pen station and I remember getting off of the train after this the many many hours longer than normal trip. I was very tired and it was a work trip, so I went ahead somewhere. I needed to be and I kind of made my way out from immediately after getting off of the train, and then I walked in so like the grand central terminal and I was like how can I come into and out of this situation, I live with high every time. It's very pretty if so at I'd eyes, sadly did not have time to like really appreciate it, because I mean I needed to get to my hotel and gets of our work dinner or whatever it was that was on schedule. They have moved the Amtrak lobby like a brand new thing just opened.
naturally a month ago- and I haven't seen it in person yet because of course, we are not taking trips in New York right now, but you, I still remember just being like so exhausted and so tired and eat, like Amtrak, had really tried so hard to keep everybody informed of what was going on and cheapest is comfortable as possible. Those who are for us eating trip- and I just remember suddenly being like ha, I'm sorry. good. Then you get to see that stuff accordingly as video build that everybody pan looks wooden and weird a lot of money on a statue. One of our episodes on the show week was about Zoe in Theodora. He tat so
I don't remember how volume theater made their way onto my list, but at some point I ran across some you no mention about Zoe and Theodora as having been Empress's together. One of the things that's a little challenging, as I alluded to in the show, is that a lot of the names Are the same in the over and over and over and I dont know if their identically the same in Greek bit, the anglo sized versions of Bam are the same, and so there would, as I was doing my research. I think that I often do as I go and I bookmark a whole bunch of stuff. I grab a bunch of stuff, then I'm going to go through later
and as I was going through the things I had already gathered together, I would be like. Oh, this is not the same Theodora. In fact, this is not the same silly. I got deeply confused trying to confirm sort of the the progression of the imperial dynasty and who followed who, because there was a different they all Fanta and close enough to this particular family, that I got so lost, I was like wages wait. She was married to him. I was out there that lot reality tree when our real as I was looking at a different person with the same name, yeah I'd, think that's always the pit in doing any, particularly as you go back to more ancient time,
many royal family, because it is name after name after name following in the lineage as part of just the way they managed their their ruling. Emily honest, it is one of the reasons why royalty episodes are not at the top of my interest a lot of time, because I'll just be like why? Why is it another Michael other name, I will say that, after doing a season of lady poisoners, criminally, I'm like. Oh, yes, though, he was poisoning people left and right, I'm convinced of it. It certainly everyone poisoning everyone, overtime, yeah, so
There is the entirety of an english language version of the Koran graph here at Fordham University and their medieval sourcebook that you know if you want to have a read of that, to see for yourself how sometimes dramatic and sometimes self centered that account is there were times when I wish this lake. People describe you as a historian, but like this is not read as a historical counted. All this reads like your writing: a treatment for an opera like up particularly dramatic opera There are any other kind of northern border at a boring opera about zillion Theodora. I don't think that would work out. There was too much ray. I too much potential, murdering and banishing people and possibly tampering
her hair in the blinding, so the Ballade unwindings and aspirations gas does not cool now so cool We believe it is As we said the veracity of these accounts. We know you have the kind of question a little, but it does also putting kind of sharp focus just the crew. d of the the manner in which power has always been seized yeah. I maintain yeah yeah, but were theories with zones, husbands coming to the throne and then immediately banishing her. I was like those that pattern now near constantly vanishing one of the things that I like to talk about, and episodes in general is like what
somebody's impact or legacy was, and that was really hard with Sewing Theodora like that, because they were at the very end of an imperial dynasty and then afterwards there was a period of just chaos with so many so much turn over and who was supposed to be ruling and the immediate years and decades afterward. But I was like why I feel like this episode does have a beginning and a middle at an end and the discuss stops stories over at yeah. We not valid rate. We do everything that they may have worked towards kindly got thrown out the window by constant challenges after the fact so
then poison so believe. In my soul, perfumes, bring me herbs, that'll be cool. Therefore, perfumes cover yeah. We all know better. It was the poison lab their emphasis borders, and I feel like to write to us where his replied cast, that I heard radioed com- and this was right- I I hope it s happening you're weekend on pretty well, for you you're off have three time off your work and I hope everyone nice to stop. You missed in history class the production of I heart, radio for more planned cap for my heart radio visit by her radio app added my cans or wherever you listen to your favorite.
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