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Behind the Scenes Minis: Lola and Daphne

2021-06-18 | 🔗

Tracy and Holly talk about Lola Montez's relationship with the truth and references to her in the show "Dickinson." They also discuss how du Maurier's novel "Rebecca" has often been mischaracterized as a romance.

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anything we have talked about other show any further, because the fact that this one thing from an episode we weren't even part of just stuck in my head kind of correct me up- tell memory works surprises. You does its own thing. I find low Lamont as really fascinating, Mammy she's, not the only person we ve ever talked about on the show, who kind of reinvented themselves in some way and the fact that she reinvented herself to just be such a character, It was only loosely based on spanish dancing culture. I would like you think about lake. If you went on vacation somewhere once and then that became your entire identity, yeah sure
Mary Cavalier relationship with the true well as, and it was also clear that the people who were reviewing her performance is especially in, like the first european appearances when it was like a brief thing that she was doing between the axe. something else. It was also clear that the people reviewing her were not really knowledgeable about what she was supposedly doing at all, because different reviewers at different times have just sort of assumed that he was doing a range of different spanish dances and where if there is any reality you talk about assessment, recoup kind, up in the air. We know if she was definitely using music that sounded spanish and she had cast the nets which are associated with the number of spanish dances, but, like a lot of it, seems
you like a review or a kind of filling in mental blanks with their own assumptions about wet spanish stances in culture where high grade it's like you, you don't have cultural literacy year, just kind of taken this at face value of all in that kind of circles around to the running joke on the apple blessed showed Dickinson. Have you watched this show before know. Okay, I don't know if I don't know that it would be for you is I provided no, it would not that's why I said I don't want a dog and I cuz. I know people who love it, but it. I know it's not it's not really. I showed that it's like if somebody in a pitch room was like well, here's what we think Tracy you ve Wilson would like. She would like a toy
really irreverent. Look at the life of Emily Dickinson, with every episode structured around one of her poems and a lack of irreverent, humor and also drama athletes will do some of the criticisms. I've read a video are sort of like I dont think this show knows what kind of show it is because it's not funny enough to strictly be a comedy, and it's not dramatic enough to strictly be a drama, but sometimes it's coming. You take, and sometimes dramatic and I'm like I'm here for all of this hundred percent, and I guess- you are concerned about spoilers skip ahead may be one minute in the second season of it. Emily's sister of any meets one of the people that we mentioned in this episode. Who is the person that she wept and Grass Valley and, of course, I've forgotten his names and some talking extemporaneous Lee, and I he references
having been involved with this low Lamont, has and says that she shot him and then, from that point on for the rest of the season. Every time there is a mention of low romantic love any as eyes just kind of get this little far away. Look to them and there's a little the call back ground flourish with some cast the nets and it just keeps building through the whole season, and I am glad that I stopped what I was watching to get caught up on that when I read in my research that there was a low Lamont is running joke if you are looking for a leg, reverent bio pick of Emily Dickinson, if it was not clear already, that show is not that it's, as I said, a show that I really love, though- and I am looking forward to the third season
of her ray you. I think I would needed a baseline too, like Emily Dickinson work more to be into it. That's kind of my hang up on that one sure and its for sure as shit that can be along the lines of whether references are jokes, which is the thing that that I've seen various people be like I've. U reference something and people are like. I get that reference, that's not the same as a joke. I am sure there are many references and show that I find to be hilarious and funny so again, some one said Tracy Wilson. That would she like on
ANA streaming service that she watches on an Ipad, see I'm a monster in when there are too many like references as jokes in my head. I go. Aren't you clever, like I don't fuck me, I become a shrew and that's just yeah, not intentionally and unlike let them have their cleverness with them their toward my head and authority over. Yes, yes, so I think I said this in the absurd, but I'm pretty sure the most comprehensive ma turn biography of her is Bruce Seymour's low Lamont has a life which came out and ninety ninety six, I'm pretty sure he funded the research of it by having been on jeopardy. I love that yeah. He bosom included like travelling and getting access to all kinds of papers and really trying to filter out like what really happened. Verses,
what is just reporting her back story and her account of the events. It is quite a long book considering, especially that it details the life of some one who did not see aged forty. This week we talked about Daphne De Mario yeah that, and it was first, she pronounced her last name herself in a very french way, and I felt like trying to be very french with her pronunciation would just be distracting era in the context of the pot gassed re. Also, as we said in the show at the episode was prompted by me. Having read Rebecca. The first thing is I got to the end of Rebecca, and I was like this feels like it was written by someone who was maybe repressing some stuff
And then I learned all these things in her biography that she really seems to have been struggling with, like trying to figure out how to understand about her own self and her gender and her sexuality, and I was like, while at it really feel like a lot of that came through in that book, then the other thing wise. I wonder how I would have responded to Rebecca, had I read it as a teen, yeah because, like my first exposure to Jane Eyre was when I was probably and fifth grade, and there was an adaptation of it on PBS yeah, and I thought it was an incredibly romantic story. I wonder if I would have thought Rebecca was an incredibly romantic story. If I have read it as a young person, I guess we're about to spoil Rebecca if people have strong feelings about a nearly century.
Old model, where I don't find a romantic at all, I find it a whore By the way I have never perceived, it is particularly romantic. Daphne de Maria was Definitely like what are you are. You are reading the book that I read these people that seem to think it's a romance because, like Maxim De Winter is not very nice to the unnamed narrator like when he proposes to her, I think he calls are a little fool, because she doesn't really know what he's talking he's like reaches agreed a joke. I mean he's just not very nice to her for a lot of the book and then its review but he murdered his first wife fence hid her body thinking her boat and told everyone that she drowned at an accident, and I'm like this, this is whore
If I horrifying well. I am. I also wonder if the turn in that rape is very spoilers, but you know it's. It's then revealed that the wife may have kind of wanted bats. Yeah we're together a little bit and do a whole weird thing. I feel like what The interesting about this in relation to the film is about I. You really get the sense reading demur. and again, it's been a very long time for me, but I member being like oh, this is the kind of like plot pacing in the turns, and their reveals are what made Alfred Hitchcock Career here. Oh yeah, really all because of this person who plotted all of her books are most of her. Her writing to the best of my knowledge That way, we just sort of interesting
is we associated with him as an otter can like this job yes filmmaker in its legal, but it came off the page that somebody else route right, which is, is not to denigrate his work because he did he's a complicated care draw his own in those films are there. Very beautiful and his his shooting style tremendously beautiful, but yet is trusting to me that what we associate in many ways with him is really his source material right right for share didn't really get into it in the in the episode at all, but one of the characters in Rebecca is the housekeeper MRS Danvers, the sinister housekeeper in that area. Centres after and is is often very easily. In my opinion, red with like lesbian undertones- and there are some suggestion that maybe she had some kind of physical, really
ship with Rebecca like theirs. I like that whole layer of here and she has become kind of a camp figure witches unsurprising. Instead of that comes as much from the offered Hitchcock Film in the way she was betrayed there as it does from the actual text that was on the page. In the first place, I can t imagine how baffled she was when she was like. What do you mean people, This is a really I apply as my publisher marketing. This is a romance, and why do people believe him? I do not understand. Hints I mean I theories about why it would have been marketed as a romance, but their literally all conjecture, yeah a which is that it's kind of a purposeful Baden switch right of late. No we'll lure them in with the idea that this is about a young woman who is intimidated by her predecessors.
error whatever, and that seem sort of romantic on the surface. But of course, as it picks apart, it becomes a very different thing entirely and they may be like. You know that What matters is they paid for the book whether they got the romance? They haven't? I still that seem be outward Hitchcock Film in full, and I have not checked out the new Netflix adaptation that just came out late last year, you made a face like did you say you didn't have thoughts? I am thinking about the first time I saw the outward Hitchcock worm, which was at my grandparents house on one of the few summer. Trips retook to visit them in it came on and the opening titles came up, and I don't know what my mom thought it wise, but
he was like you should watch this its pornography, and I was lake. Why I definitely watching you now. I think I think eleven or twelve where's the pornography here, which is kind of a strange? I don't I don't What films she thought it was when I was really answer Alfred Hitchcock when I was a kid like we had some ba, just tapes of various Alfred Hitchcock movies, like I remember, watching north by northwest, repeatedly and think Alfred Hitchcock presence was an indication somewhere and I was I would watch that there was one year when I tried to be Alfred, Hitchcock per hallowing love it. I dont think I could carry that office has like it. Whatever. twelve year old or are forever with us, but I sure did think outward. Hitchcock was great as a child, so it just surprises me that somehow this was a film that I still have manage not to see.
At the age of forty six while there are lots of of Alfred Hitchcock thing, so there, sir, are you know me, your mom also thought it was. Pornography have military that that doesnt seem unreasonable. Honestly, I mean. Certainly there are adult themes to it and there are issues around it that I could see apparent being. No. This is a little too much for you, but I dont know My mom made that job well. I will look forward to reading the more daffy de Marie novels and sort stories and things in the future. Now that I have had my my appetite wetted by Rebecca, Oh so happy Friday, again, everyone we hope, whatever's on your play with weak and that it goes well and we will be back Saturday with.
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