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Behind the Scenes Minis: Lost Cause and the Constitution

2020-12-18 | 🔗

Tracy and Holly discuss the difficulty people may have with Civil War history and how surprisingly exciting Constitutional scholarship can be.

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From playing small gigs with her family to Selina spectacular rise to fade. Selina series takes us behind the scenes of the keen penny, your family's journey through the highs and lows of success and music all while honouring Selina legacy lots of another series. Now only on that flags welcome to stuff humanist and history glass, a production of I heart, radio happy product? I am Tracy Wealth and I'm Molly felt one of our upsets. The speech was about the myth of the lost cause of the confederacy, which I know is still a highly emotional topic for a lot of people. Yes, it is from numerous direction. I don't mean to laugh, because it's not a problem, it's just funny how
It continues everything's a little absurd to me and in life anytime, I laugh in it seems disrespectful, I'm just laughing at the human condition cause it's all. I can do yeah as I was working out, and I was thinking. Do I have family members who fought for the confederacy I must have because, like I know that that might family has been in North Carolina for at least a hundred and eighty years or something, and so fortunately my brother had made a family tree, and I started poking through that just the sort of satisfying curiosity, because it wasn't something it was something that I assumed but didn't actually now am, I feel like as a child. I had this
and hope that may be some North Carolina ancestor had run off to the north and fought for the union, and I think some failing number had been like. No, that can happen, but yeah sort of broken through another ya. He argues multiple people here. Somebody who died of Disease in Richmond and, like I think, was a second great grandfather who did not personally serve but who had two older brothers who were killed in action. There were multiple which was not surprising, considering you know, knowing for a fact that most of my family, or possibly all of them, were in North Carolina in the mid nineteenth century. Nea I do not have any valium is answering who almost yeah I did. I don't like you so, like a sedative episode. I feel a little bit weird. This gets a new like personal psychology, but I just don't have that lake identity connection through time to the family tree fair link
I know some of those facts, but I've I've never been like, and that is what we create. Me yeah yeah, I don't know it's just cause. I was always a rebellious little brat that tended to Lake dismiss an issue. everything related to expectations,
my family or, if I just don't, have that gene yeah yeah. As of one of the things that I tried to make clear in episode, but I hope I made clear enough as that like this, the south takes a lot of criticism for the preponderance of this narrative that like, as was the case and so many things in the history of the United States. The north was complicit in this too. So it's not something. It's not like that. The southern enough political and public figures made something up the veto. The northern political establishment fought back hard against re there. There really just was a sense of oh if we can just keep the peace with the south. Everything will be better, even though that man's just like, disregarding
all of the black American the had been opened through generational trauma and meaningfully harmed by all of this. In so many ways it becomes an interesting to me. I think you, u framed it so beautifully in your outline, is saying like it prioritized the union and the comfort. An emotional well being of white people over the people they had actually harmed and ordered started. The war and wet becomes really interesting to me to think about, and this gets into a whole like political theory space it I'm not really equipped to do, but it's like, if you are making concessions of that nature, that d value other human beings to preserve a thing. What are you actually preserving right? Live yeah. Is that a worthwhile union? At that point? I know that the terrible sentiment and probably will make a lot of people angry, but it's just from a theoretical point of view, one of those things I'm like, where do you get to the point we are like? Yes, we can negotiate through this right
by ignoring all of the harm that took place in any kind of lake coddling around it yeah. It's a very strange thing to wrap my head around. I also did wonder why I did not reference the involvement of indigenous people or the effects of the war on indigenous people at all, because that feels like a lot of ways that entire separate episode, but I did what I acknowledge that, like yes, that also with a whole factor of it of the civil war that involved all kinds of reasons that we did not talk about in this absurd man. I had such a weird year and I have no idea what's gonna be happening when this episode, we moved this. I have to say this episode ahead, a line because in a similar situation to what we talked about in the listener, male of this episode, we
We have been working ahead because we're it's gonna be out yeah the end of the year, and so we got a right episodes to get so. There's podcast swore were gone, and so similarly, we have some weeks of podcast that are already recorded and we moved this one up ahead of some things in the line both just for some seasonal reasons, but then office who less time would elapse between recording it and having come out yeah. I feel like the juggles we do of our calendar. When price. Possibly be like a slightly dry, but still rather witty sitcom like while, but if we move that senior way way way way way, our go back, go back of it. Wait well when his Casey Gonna be out Can he added that we have a lot of back and forth online, but is exactly that
british in very regulations right, yeah yeah, oh twenty, twenty, you ve been a thing. I was so delighted that this week I finally got to talk with curious honour for the show she and I have been trying to figure when we could get her on and when our schedules could work out. So we can have a chat, and I was so excited that it finally happen she's like one of the most energetic and compelling guests, because she is exciting
about education and sharing the constitution in a way that everyone feels included and recognises that it accounts for them, and she knows so much because she works of constitutional scholars all of the time and has access to these people, which you mention an issue to be like hey. I know this interpretation is shifted, wilted was going on today versus Baba, and you know I was. I was thankful that she did. She talked about how much they have kind of gotten hammered with questions and people being interested in recent years. As you know, debates about what the constitution does and does not do or doesn't does not lay out. have gotten more and more heated was a really really cool chat and she's just lovely. Have you ever been to the constitution centre? No, but now it's like top o my list when she was saying that people that go, there's that think it's gonna be boring. Come out lake rapidly,
cited and giggling and, like I have to go through a so I went there. The last. I think I was the last time that I went to Philadelphia. I went there has, as I mentioned at some point recently on the show Is that really do right along with my spouse? When he's going there for something else, and then I just go to museums and walk round and do whatever I want on there, and I had made myself a sort of museum path for this particular day that started at the Constitution Centre and then looked around her. Full of other places and I had the row I d yeah, what to expect at all happens. What was like, while this is a way more interactive experience than I thought I was gonna, have from something called the Constitution centre rate. I also ino. It's such a step
eyes in and cool fortuitous happenstance that they were already working on so much online engagement and being able to do lessons in sessions on line way before Cove. It ever happen, so for them that was like an instant pivot, which is just extraordinarily good luck right, because we ve, we ve, talked with other people and other museums about how it was really a struggle to figure out how to do the same kind of of engagement and programme. They would normally do, but do it in a virtual space, whereas for that the constitution center, they have already been in that space, so they were just like ok now everybody can come to these words very cool, yeah yeah. I really do want to study the constitution. When I talk to her, I really cannot stress enough. If you have never looked at their interactive, cetacean online. It's really really robust. Like now,
only can you be no look at any part of the constitution and who was influential in that part of the constitution in it, it really does just kind of blossom out in this. Like information tree of different places, you can go related to it. It contextual ices, all of it and that document in such a way that you really gaining a deeper appreciation. I did anyway of how much it is As curry was saying about us, it is about you, it is about me as if you are a: U S, citizen, it is about you, which was sort of a strange and marvellous thing, and I love that almost everything they do is is free to the public, constitutional scholarship, getting very exciting I'm working on something related and I'm like I got to go. Look at that interactive constitution as soon as we're done here. Yes, I think you should. I think you would get a huge kick out of it cuz it really is.
one from an information architecture standpoint it's just smartly design fling. It is really intuitive to use you don't have to go down on the rabbit holes. If you want to you, no matter what your level that's really Lake year you will have your needs met, and that was another thing that I love that she talked about. Was it like she's having conversations in some of these lessons now, where second graters or talking people like in their eighties and their having actual discussions about the constitution in a way that is enlightening for both of them at many cases, which is just an incredibly cool thing, I'm a fan can tell soiled everybody does check it out because firstly of your at all, interested in the constitution. Maybe you feel, like you, don't have as good a grip on all of it. Is you? Should work
ever you want to start there's a level that will give you the amount of information you thank you for hang out system. May we hope everyone continues to stay safe, miss taking care of themselves, you can almost scribe, the show me I hurt radio out but Apple pie castle. Wherever it is, you listened. We hope you have a great weekend stuff. You missed in history class the production of a heart radio, for more plant gaps for my heart radio visit by her radio app added my cans or wherever you listen to your favorite shows Holiday season means talking up on some essentials like decorations and an ugly sweater with a Bank of America Cash rewards credit card. You can choose their in three per cent cached back on my shopping. The essentials have never felt more rewarding visit Bank of America dot com, slash more rewarding to apply now copyright, twenty twenty Bank of America Corporation, we're all
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