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Behind the Scenes Minis: Olympe and Dalton

2021-01-22 | 🔗

Tracy and Holly chat about Olympe de Gouges and the less-than-robust information about her life's details. When talking about John Dalton and color vision, discussion of emotional attachment to color and accessibility issues related to color vision deficiency.

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learn more mainline health dot, Org, slash heart, welcome to stuff you missed in history, glass, a production of Iheart radio. to be frank. I'm Tracy Wilson I won't fry for some reason, my brain was like. Why didn't she say birthday These are happy its nobody's birthday. Now, just the way you lead in with happy I'm like birthday, a massive up like what. How do we normally take off our Friday meant many sides. It's been a strange, a strange, weak streams, weak and our lives, as of wooden, were recording this, and we don't know what the week will have been like when this comes out, but we know how about a lamp de goose. Yes, I did the thing where I was like. I should thank people who have I think that this topic- and there were so
Oh so many its she's somebody else on my list for a really long time and then their kept being things that maybe go. I just can't. I can't talk about somebody getting deity and right now and then, when I started working on this and there was an attack on the capital, I was like too late. I can't get away from a Sandeep, yeah yeah. I do not have time to switch switch tracks on this one. I did not know that there was all the stuff I said at the beginning of the episode about how like she was most famous for the declaration of the rights of woman, but that wasn't actually what led to her execution in. That also was like just one tiny thing of her other work like. I did not know anything about any of the If that rates it's interesting new. Her declaration of the rights of women made me think, of course, about the declaration of sentiments, oh yeah, but just to keep.
because they're similarly modeled after an original document, switching out language pretty carefully. But it's interesting to note that hers, you know, predates that one by almost sixty years yeah right cynical women's convention was eighteen, forty eight, I think offence right. So I I have two naturally wonder if they were at least in part inspired by that gap, it it also came out just a year before Mary Walston Crafts vindication on the rights of women so like there was, there was a lack owing on that was. She was part of the early parts of I found to be the lack of death and clarity about her biography, o little frustrating. That happens a lot of the time on we're talking about people from the long ago passed like we're talking about somebody from the alone,
century and we're like we don't know anything about their biography. It all. That's not particularly surprising, for somebody has relatively recent as lamp to use. It was a little frustrating. There is a website that has left a goose dot EU that has english translations of eight of her stuff. So in terms of reading english translations of a written work, there is a lot more available in English. On that score, there is like in depth analysis of her biography re, maybe some answering of some of the questions about the things without relies Ray. I I also in reading this over with this over this morning before we started recording- and I was reminded of a thing- I'm turning to get the best way to talk about
is that I overheard in a hotel bar and allay back when travelling happened, which is this whole thing about. Her writing and whether or not she was the daughter of the Marquis de bumping yeah. I was sitting in this bar, and I was overhearing these people next to me, and this young woman who seemed lovely, was having all kinds of conversations, but I noticed the legs met with several different people. While we were, they are so. I d like one seemed to be like a friend then stopped by for drinks. One was like a quick business thing and then one I've been a dates, but at one point in time she mentioned but she was the illegitimate. I hate that were daughter of a famous person, It was a famous person that I have interviewed, and I had this moment where I was like. I have enough connection back that person. I could probably check this, but I dont know if she's just using this to get access to something
they give us. Is this really weird moment where you think about those things yeah. and the fact that there are a lot of people in the world who are not legally connected to their fathers. What that means, how plays in the modern era compared to how it was playing here, was not that different riah it just I'll gave me pause. I I re watched the most recent little women on Christmas Eve, along with the one that start well known writer. I just had a whole marathon where I worked
there's a lot of little women in a row, but that seen in the one that came out, I think in twenty nineteen. It starts off with this scene where Joe March goes to a publisher and, like my friend, wrote this and would like you to look at it in that framework of the memoir of Madame Belmont, where it's like. There's this unnames editor useless, I'm publishing this correspondence of my friends were relic reminded me of that. the way I I like olympic use. I find hers. Who's got some contradictions that are really interesting to me, in terms of being like yeah, women or women, are pretty deceitful but like we were forced into opposition position,
and then also being like yeah the revolution, but also the monarchy right. That is all very fascinating and I think it's another point. I always like to point this out because I think very important that very very poignantly exemplify the face that at Lake No one is not complicated sure we also didn't really get ensue like analyzing, whether her abolitionist play was sensitive in its treatment of race or not, or the fact that she made comparisons between marriage and slavery like. We have talked on the show before and other episodes about, the feminist movement kind of appropriating Hunter presented.
Language and imagery of slavery, to talk about women's rights and how, like that really diminish the impact of of the horrors of slavery and a lot of ways. We really talk about that in terms of Olympic used at all, but that also is like a part of her work in a part of the world that she was in. So I'm glad I finally finally got her off to the top of the list. After probably eight years of people asking, this week, one of the things that we talked about was John Dalton in his anomalous vision, which most people would call color blindness, but is shifting to the terminology of color vision deficiency for accuracy sake. I love this whole thing. Is you obviously could tell older environs resurging I was researching it. I was giggling it myself, because my beloved and I are both kind of artsy folks. We get along Mendous Lee. Well, the biggest arguments we have
Four had in our marriage have been about colors yeah help. Like I mean just infuriated discussions of color. There is one pair of pants that like thank goodness it is on from our lives that I always said with slate blue and he always said- was black had just faded and we would argue bigger over this stupid pair pants and what color was yeah for ridiculous amount of time to I see people arguing about color is no fun for anybody, because they both have incredible fiction and their beliefs. It's very funny. People have such strong connect. Since the color I mean I mean I thought about this with John Dalton and it's a question we can never know because he never really said a word. I like I did. He have a favorite color, I dont know as the scientists he seems to have been. You know like he'll talk about which ones are pleasant, but so many of us get so attached to a color.
And it makes me chuckle, then I know your favorite color is blue, yeah a lot of animal crossing and every time I buy stuff, we know in the able sister store, flanked the blue one. My entire animal crossing order boosts blue blue blue blue and is available. We like I'm gonna, get the pink wide because my entire warder was blue eyed. I wanted an area like there. There are a lot of accessibility, issues that are related to color vision our websites that are anywhere between ugly and just unusable, depending on how they use color. I have a friend you. Ve always use the word colorblind, but he has colors inefficiency and is also a game designer and we'll talk about how games are sometimes just
not pliable at all, because they have used colors to signify different things. Yeah, like you just you can't tell if that card belongs to one group or another, because the colors that were used on it cannot be distinguished by people with particular color vision, deficiencies It relates to a lot of stuff. Besides, oh yeah, you know like what color you decide to pay your house, or whatever rate we I think we talked about it in our episode on the invention of traffic lights. Theirs, However, if we give up in the episode or if it was in a whisper male, where there's a kind of famous one, that's inverted where the the red, green and yellow our flipped opposite of honour traffic lay and so for people the maid.
Have color vision deficiency and have learned that spatially in order when their driving that completely grooves them up? That's the don't you municipalities, writes a separate. Don't ever flip your traffic lights. I think most municipalities know that yeah. It gets to be interesting when I about, like I said in our family, we did not know that my dad clearly was not seeing color the same way as the rest of us any. I think we had a discussion at one point where I was asking him questions like this about justly basic stuff that we encounter every day that you, even taught as a child. Like look for this color, it means danger with him and he was late to him. Stop sign how is learned by shape and never really thought about what color they were gap, which I think is a pretty common thing. But I do wonder,
and for children that may be are not aware that this is a thing that happens. Is there just complete puzzlement when they're in classes and there being taught things by color as meaning right, like. I don't know it looks exactly like the other thing. Next to it like I, I wonder how many kids get really confused in those moments: yeah yeah yeah. So if any of our listeners have color vision, deficiency shoot us an email
I want to hear all about it. That's one of the things that I love about. John dolphins. Writing is he's pretty creatively descriptive about how things look in a way that people that would not have color vision deficiency would understand like when he says, like you know what you point to its and say his bottle. Green looks exactly the same to me as read them, and I can't I can't tell those two partners like. Oh that's like a really good, easy, visual q. I think for people that that to have cortical normal vision to understand, what's going on a little bit better, it's such a fascinating thing, because so many things happen in your brain to process the world around you that, even so, I always have that almost lake paranoia
concern. They were all seeing everything slightly differently, even though you can take test some online to see if you have any color vision, anomalies or not, will we ever really now for seeing things exactly the same way I dont. So thank you for spending time with us this week. We hope that you have a wonderful wonderful weekend. As always, you can I subscribe to the show in the I hurt radio app apple pie, gas or wherever it is, you listen stuff. You missed in history class the production of a heart radio for more planned cats. For my heart radio visit by her radio app added my cans or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. You finally decided to learn how to I escaped so you the essentials every ice skater needs a pair of blades. A new helmet and goods. out of me pads and you you
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