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Behind the Scenes Minis: Poetry and Birth Control

2021-05-07 | 🔗

Tracy and Holly discuss their memories of nursery rhymes, and their experiences with women's health care.

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extended. He eats away better way to watch the twenty seven club, his back, the twenty seventh cereals podcast about iconic rock stars who died at the age of twenty seven returns with the story of Janis Joplin, the twenty seven club is hosted by me to burn the creator of disgrace. The award winning music, untrue crime Pike asked the twenty seven clubs a week we show episodes are released. Every Thurston was into the twenty seven club and the IRA radio apple pie CAS or ever you get your podcast. Welcome to stuff. You mentioned history glass, a production of I heart radio. Having riding everybody. I'm Tracy Wilson, I'm home.
this week we did a fixed impossible episodes about mother goose KIT and I had a weird research turning. So I picked this topic for this particular week because I was gonna get my first dose of covert vaccine and that was just logistically gonna. Take actively a half a day he get done. I would also like what, if I don't feel well, I should do something that I would still be able to finish in the time that that we have and six impossible episodes, even though they deal with
six, individual things. A lot of times are a little more restrained and scope to a full on episode, we're trying to get a really broad familiarity with something for getting into it. So it seemed like a reasonable conclusion that, even if I had some kind of email, immune response after the vaccine that made me feel bad that I would still be able to get my work done. I did not. I I had a scientist headache the next day. That was because it was full of. an otherwise. I was totally fine. I spent way more time on that first section on who mother goose was that the fifth it I was anticipating? It was really almost the entirety of a day. I got to the the day I was like I've got to move on. I think I have answered this as much as I can. On the next day I got up in my brain was like you haven't, though you gotta go back to this whole moved mother, goose thing and I was like come on now. I guess I gotta get the rest. The episode done at some heart mother
goose, forever yeah. Another weird thing happened with all this. I live outside a Boston and the place that I was getting. My vaccine was at this incredibly efficient and well run high capacity vaccine site in Worcester Massachusetts and as we were, driving to it, my spouse and I in the car we were stopped at the stoplight and through the building across the way, and it was the american antiquarian society, and I was like if we were not in a pandemic, I would say: let's stop in that place, which we did not do Then it was the next day, but I started doing all of this research and came across the whole thing. With the we're getting antiquarian entirely haven't to debunk the wrong stuff. But I would like, may I what a weird cool For that, but I would really Father's place yesterday on the way to get a covert vaccination
may have told in its narrowly the history. Did you in your beloved Yet to do your vaccinations in the same place. Yes, we do now we got to drive all over Georgia, which I know how happy to do it, but the good fortune. Yet so the where we went to get our vaccines was high capacity site at Worcester State University. That is set up to vaccinate hundreds of people a day and it's probably twenty minutes farther from her house than most of the other mass vaccine sites that we could have gone to. But the fact that we were able to both get an appointment at the same time, there was the deciding factor of like that's where we're going so that, because you know we'll, there aren't really any places to get a covert vaccine and driving distance or in walking distance of our house at all. So
we were? Gonna need the car to do it and getting both of us to the same place at the same time in one car was way more feasible than trying to juggle availability like two different places on different days. So yeah yeah shout out too that whole crew everybody that's running that because it was our we have three eleven twenty in the morning and an alert in thirty eight we were done, including our fifteen minute observation. That's nice! We bright Starbucks gift cards to the people. They did our backs shins just because their frontlines doing one word and mostly like we witnessed it as we out arse Farina Pharmacy, but just them getting kind of brown beaten over stuff. That was not their decision like in terms of like when people were allowed to book there, their stuff.
Used on their conditions list Et Cetera and whose dislike of the least thing I can do is by these poor people caught yeah. I actually was not going to be eligible until April nineteen, but then Massachusetts added a whole bunch of criteria to who was eligible, and it meant that we were both eligible at the same time, which was not gonna, be the case before hand. So yeah yeah worked out the other thing about this epoch is it made me feel tremendously old, and here is why? Oh, why, when we were talking about ring around the rosy? As I remember It was like when you thought it was fun to fall down yeah. I had that thought a lot and I also it's reminded me somehow of the time that I tried to get on a swing set as it a thirty something so even ten years or so ago, and immediately feeling horribly queasy.
And when I was a child. I love to beyond the swing the I would swing all day. I wanted to suing higher in areas like heads how man dating that favour thing whom yeah. I had the same exact thought about yeah. I remember when I could just fall on the ground and not worry about it when it was grateful but yeah. So, even though I had collapsed, we law convoluted rabbit hall that took way way longer than I was expecting. This was still generally are really fun episode to work on, and I was kind of relieved that when I was doing a very fine all like is there any other piece of this that I have somehow messed? I found that entry for a printing of em of that that night
possibly eighteen. Thirty three mother, goose collection in the collection like on the website of the Museum of Fine arts, Boston, and that was the only place that I found that actually spelled out. This has a copyright date of eighteen, thirty, three. We have it referenced as being printed in eighteen sixty because this thing was printed in eighteen sixty and I was like ok, I feel like it if the the curators at the Emma Faye have come to this conclusion, I feel ok about also yeah having this conclusion about this particular thing: yeah. It was a whole the whole process. This research involved going page by page
through scans of the bosnian evening, transcript because I did not know when this thing had come out, but since I had seen somewhere that had apparently revived in eighteen sixty, I was like going through eighteen, sixty editions of the paper trying to figure it out and also now it is not unusual for four months bastard to help me out with either getting access to book, sir or with the recent question or whatever, because he is a librarian. This is the first time that it's been like us sitting together at the computer, trying to find the answer to something because my emails
corruption of the answer I was looking for was like he was like this is just come over here, but not sure what this is about so shot out to him. Also for assistance in trying to find research answers. This week we talked about the Nelson pill hearings into the safety of oral contraceptives that took place in nineteen. Seventy, which means a heads up about talk about contraception, a little bit more that affects who all here listening with or whether you are listening. I totally understand people's frustrations with I believe that an increase
we rare blood clotting disorder that had happened since six out of six million and vaccinations approximately have led to a pause while there is a much larger risk of a different, a very different type of glad from oral contraceptives like I totally get that restoration because, as I said in the episode like what actually happened to somebody in my extended family before I was born, had a stroke that was active to her birth control pills. When I was like such a large dose of hormones that was in them at the time by the other thing is I have a virus percent success rate and staying on oral contraceptives literally every time I have ever been on them. I have also met. We stopped because the side effects were too much Annick back. That can be. hold very frustrating brass yeah for sure mine was I didn't love side, various side effects, so I switched several times and then I just
had this moment in my late twenties, where I was already married, my beloved and new. We never wanted kids and I was like why am I doing am I so I just with legs surgically sterilised, which is the best decision for me ever simplified my wife Lake. I can't even describe yeah My my mom has had to be on estrogen blockers see tree a breast cancer, so I I was not on any kind of contraception for a long time, because I did not have any need for and then I met Patrick who I am married. You now and I was like well. I guess I'm gonna have to take care of this situation and even then
like? I did have a whole thoughtful conversation with my doctor and my doktor was like it really is: probably not going to increase or risk to be on a hormonal contraceptive. But I understand your concerns, so I got a copper. I you d and that has no in other people s side effects that they cannot tolerate. For me, the unpleasant parts of it were over relatively quickly, and that also has been a great decision for me. So yeah it's one of those things where, like seeing people expressed their frustrations about blood clots associated with the pill and like how that was being compared to the vaccines, lay a totally get it and at the same time it really frustrated me, but I was like these clatter so does Miller and we really need to be able to tell people what the risk is, and we can't do that if we don't know what the risk is yet right. Well and I the whole time you know we ve been going through this episode
related to. You know the comparisons that people had been making with vaccinations. Here is part of me, but wonders in this is strictly conjecture on my part. How much of some of the problem around the oral contraceptive element of it is related to just people's discomfort with discussion, a women's sexual health both in the sixtys which seated the whole problem and now I'm iron member trying to ask my mother about birth control. When I was like seventeen so of an age where I was smart enough to understand it and she he acted like I had said something horrific and shameful and, like I, you know had basically said I think, I want to do is skill, but you do I mean it was that level of horror for her, and I I can't
Imagine I mean that's like in the late 80s, so I can't imagine there are a lot of other people in our age group and even younger, probably too kind of similarly have some blind spots because they just did not grow up in families where you ever discuss such things right and so, even if there were politicians having discussions around it, doctors publishing articles about it that may be made its way into the press. You were knocking exposure to any of that Serbia. It doesn't surprise me that people don't really fully understand that the new wants to difference between those in what's going on with the backs of nations yeah yeah in my own family, like my mom, my mom tried so hard to tell me that, like menstruation is a normal part of life in words.
But like the behaviour that sea and everyone around me, modeled was that Ben Stray said was a horrific, shameful secret and no one ever should know that I had my period oh yeah yeah, and so I was in credit relieved the first time I ever had you know at a g. Why annex I am the nurse just said: do you want birth? RO and I was like wholly Molly, I don't have to try to figure out how to bring this up with a termite, and yet that was weirdly. The profound relief behaves like have the have somebody at the Dockers office. The conversation yeah I mean I I I understand there for a lot. people in a lot of for cultural reasons. just familial reasons like there is. I always joke that. I was definitely raised in a family where leg if it was real,
aid to or came from your body is shameful and was not to be discussed by it. There so many people who fall into that where we just like you, don't bring it up I get for some people just uncomfortable, and I I don't expect everybody. The lake share all their stuff, but I I just raiment The first time I was exposed to a friend who very casually said. Oh I'm here My period this week bo offer some reason, and I was a girl she's at each set out loud, set it out loud right here in front of me. I heard it said it. She doesn't look a shave what's going on like it. Freaked me out so bad at, but it made me ray
And like oh, maybe this is in the weird thing I had been trained to think it was yeah yeah. I have a friend that got in trouble at work when time for walking to the bathroom with a you know a tampon in its wrapper in her hand, and she was like I'm wearing a business suit. I dont have pockets like do you want me to get my purse out of the locks drawer to go to the bank. through married Roma have to do this. This is ridiculous. I feel like there are various spokes doing a lot of important work, to try to link reduce that shame and secrecy, and also make it clear that a lot of different people, men straight ends. Everyone needs to have access its products and support, and all of that well in it. It just cracks me up right, because this is a new thing. This has been part of the human condition.
from the beginning, and yet we still haven't figured out how to talk about it or discuss it. Without somebody getting squeaky guy umbrella, gonna get emails firms from square. Probably am I get it I mean I still even now, even though I would say in many ways I'm very free. We women like open to talk about anything, but even now, there's a part of me that has that knee jerk lagoon don't bring that up like and what is wrong with you, The like my rational brain, has to come in and go it's fine that that person said that Do you remember yeah, remember it's ok because were also hardwired. I'm hoping you know, incremental change is happening generationally by whom
with how many years of human spent on the earth- and we still haven't, got Mariette so fast. He now you want to send them out about any of its history by gas via radio to come and I'll ever social media. I missed in history and in this regard with the shows caviar ready for it, but I heard ready, laugh apple pie, gas anywhere else, get your by gas and we'll be back tomorrow or the classic episode in something brand. New online Stuckey you and in history class the production of Iheart radio for more plug gaps? I heart radio visit by her radio have added my cans or wherever you listen to your favorite, shows. Modern leaders, its just their ability to reason that we value or their eloquence, its then their intelligence that we admire.
truly matters is their humanity. Yes, like modern leaders, the alleged is human at heart, every aspect, the legs, a cell s, is crafted around you near to a higher standard. The hue standard, the news many twenty one. Like the cell s experience amazing at your legs stealer years ago, you fell in love with the Gilmore girls, but one hundred fifty four ever so thin form of these on the imo in pod gas, Scott Patterson, a loop dames, everyone's favorite grouchy diner owner relieves the Gilmore girl saga. One episode at its I will share stores will share the memories. I've got a million stores detail, especially about shown gun and my Levant billion, and a lot of other people to listen to the eye am all. In pod gas on the iron radio, app apple pod casts or wherever you get your pod guests,
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