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Behind the Scenes Minis: Smallpox and Cowpox

2021-02-12 | 🔗

Tracy and Holly talk about Spain's effort to spread the smallpox vaccine, and how Balmis handled things. They also discuss fear about vaccines, bodily autonomy, and what does and doesn't gross them out.

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creative primary care. Welcome to stuff you, minister, Three glass, a production of I heart radio Hello unhappy right, I M Tracy, be well, then I am highly frying. This week we sped through episodes talking about the royal philanthropic vaccine expedition not the Royal Philharmonic vaccine Ex with issue which is, however, of wanting to read it. Yes and as we discussed in the studio, but hopefully none of it, made an that's away and see the actual recording a large number of times while typing the episode into a script. I typed the word smallpox what I meant cow pox than those are not the same thing.
No, but it is it's so tricky when you're working on something like this, for you have this other words where it's just like you got to be constantly focused on it or you will miss one. It's almost impossible not to you yeah, one of those things that I didn't really get into in the show, as there are a lot of like pretty brief treatments, and it was short articles of this whole expedition that exists around and a lot of them take this very hero, Approach like this with Spain's heroic effort, which I mean that there are definitely elements of it that you could describe as heroic, but they don't really touch on the fact that bomb is really seems to have been kind of a jerk and a lot of contexts, and I, when I was working on
part about they're getting to Porto Ego and the vaccines already there and he got so mad about it and had the sort of campaign against the existing vexing programme. I kind of imagine him just keep stopping his feet. Like, but I wanted to do it like right eye. He comes off to me Two cudgel of a man ray- and you see why he would have been chosen to do this because he clearly was a person with a bias for action and that has led to his success and recognition of his abilities. But that also means was not well suited for the sensitivity that they had been encouraged to exhibit whim. We're dealing with a lot of these communities rights. He kind of needed lake, a partner in the mix,
would have been good at the human relations power while he was good at the administrative part, yeah yeah, one of the things that that that it reminded me of like number one as I was working on it. I was light, while this is such a logistical tangle to try to get this fragile vaccine to all of these different places. And you know if you are just sending some vaccine rear shipping it in the mail and it arrived and didn't work. You could ask again, but if you were trying to send an expedition of people whose entire purpose was to create a massive vaccine programme over more than a continent, and they got there and their vaccine did not work.
Then I'll be ruined right, like as a huge logistical thing, and I kept thinking like man. This is like it it's beyond the idea that we're gonna need to send covert vaccine with help from deepen dots, which was like a news article from slightly earlier in the current pandemic that we are also dealing with. So I kept thinking about like that, the parallels between just the logistical hurdles that are happening with the current vaccine presently and logistical hurdles that the stated in introducing the smallpox vexing to world other parallel that I saw was like the same sort of attitude about people who were having hesitancy about vaccines and people. Taking this approach, that's like well
you're scared. You are clearly ignorant and I'm just gonna talk to you like you're, an ignorant, stupid person and we really insulting, and I'm just gonna say that does not work. You are not going to convince a scared person to get a vaccine or to vaccinate children by yelling at them in calling them names. We know psychologically. That is the worst way to convince somebody of something. So don't don't do that at last we have talked about their. The podcast saw bones Annette, show before hosted by Cindy Mcelroy you as a doctor and her husband, Justin Mcelroy, who is not a doktor, and they did an episode about how to talk to me about vaccine hesitancy really recently and one of the things they talked about was basically a you're, not you're, not going to change people's minds by yelling at them with a lot of a lot of the presidency is coming from fear and some of them
There's like there is some element of justification to being scared about a thing: that's gonna, you know it your life. Well, unlike the combination of fear and then shame, is sadly, it will shut somebody down completely. Yes out the ass, that's not cool Syria. The covert vaccine is definitely far safer than vaccinating somebody with an arm to arm smallpox. Shane everything that the cross the ocean. I know I am eagerly awaiting the day they get to general population, covert vaccine, a bill of ale ability here in Massachusetts, and I will be lining up to that same through my arm. I am ready just tell you. You might decide that I'm a monster in any you didn't already now. Oh none of this grosses me out at all yeah,
where the whole way we're gonna Lance a boil from a cow and put it in you that does not grocery out at all. For some reason, I have weird said liberties, I mean, as everybody does, I'm not a unique Vinos snowflake in this regard Everyone has those weird pockets that they will get gross thou by, but lake the I don't know. For some reason, this is not one real again. I get it at all understand and thus not that grows threat. Yeah. I didn't really grows out by working on it or talking about it. There have for sure, but things we talked about on the show before where I was late. There's a guy who's. This thing I've ever heard of my right, but the only thing that did gross me out while working on this episode was, I pulled up something at one point that just had a bunch of very high resolution picture. The albanian authorities- and I was like added- need to see that is so great yet reading it
talking about it, not as big a deal. I'm I'm more grow stout by the treatment of some people in this episode, yeah yeah, the enslavement of children in the forest in Aachen, nation, of enslaved people- and all of that is a little more growth to me than the idea of pus, apparently yeah. Well, there is a lot we we only mentioned that it was that it was kind of outside the scope of this episode, but the whole idea that Thomas Jefferson was like Armani use this I've seen as a diplomatic tool, loo and whirling with indigenous communities who had been devastated by the illness that we introduce, steer and then I mean, there's been some historical debate about whether whether small pox really was used as a bio weapon by giving people contaminated blankets like their spin,
rates back and forth about that idea. Over the years the whole complicated thing. And it's like. On the one hand you can, you can only eradicate the disease if, if enough people are vaccinated against it when it came to eradicating smallpox, I think we talked about this in the earlier smallpox episode, but not until this would like it to really really careful management and, if so, Buddy developed smallpox. They would kind of make a ring around that person with vaccine and like MAX that vaccinate all the people who were gonna be in close contact with them and if somebody, He said no like that, has the potential to to make the whole process of trying to eradicate it, go and longer, if that that went on so like a whole, complicated thing of like the human interest aspect of meeting every one to be vaccinated in order to stop the progression of disease, but also people having bodily autonomy about what they want to do with their bodies,
I have a lot of new thinking and soul searching about all of these things, while working on this episodes. I am very glad that medical technology has progressed to the point, but we don't need armed arm chains of children. The transport vat for sure yeah, yes, also glad that we have so many different covert vaccines that are being no diminution it is pretty effective. Yeah. It's exciting, I mean the science by not is, to my mind, really cool and so there's a whole other element to it were it's like? No, it's not like previous vaccines or you're getting dormant virus, its attacking the whole structure of it. Instead, that to me, This lake Sue, Bernard Cool, yeah, pretending the panel.
They did not exist. I would just be fascinated by the science of it. The pandemic existing makes it all feel a little more urgent, but urgent is exactly that word. I was thinking yeah. If you want to know more about like the vaccines and how they are developed and how they work to our that again, the pot gas turbines and medical history pod gas, it you will have explanations from an actual doktor, which we are not no telling you a happy Friday again to everyone of everybody has a great weekend and if you want to send us about, go for it where it is. Ribaut gas. I her radio stuff, you missed the district class, the production of Iheart radio for more broadcasts heart radio, either by her radio, have added mankind's or wherever you listen to your favorite shows.
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