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Behind the Scenes Minis: Spring 2021 Unearthed!

2021-04-30 | 🔗

Tracy and Holly speculate about the kitsch of historical cultures, and how we interpret historical objects.

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the first going, but a bit I feel like we're just incredibly punchy at this point in our lives and the pandemic. Accurate recording, recording podcast We recorded our unearthed episodes for January February and March of two thousand and twenty one. I was pleased to find that there was enough interesting stuff to have two parts and, as is always the case, I also had other stuff that I did not include for one reason or another along the way. Something in the first part that you particularly responded to that you said you were going to stay for the behind the scenes. I think I have said this before when we've talked about similar things happening on earth, but in my head, because there are so many instances of those solar, pigs that show up in very, very very ancient art. I just presume that was like a trend like people had like you know: kitchen, pigs,
and it's just that, like we through the land history and interpret enter leg, is this is important to their culture we're gonna find out, it was like the catch of their era. Yeah there definitely a lot of pigs and that general area, Mine's me a little. What you just said reminds me of some of the discussion of the the cave art that is people making handprints by you know putting the paint around their hands said. Another handprint is like the negative space and how, in some places that is, there's just a lot of bad in a sort of similar like why what specifically was prompt folks, do this or that there are over and over rate was this and ancient pre school we yeah. I was really tackled it. I was simultaneously chagrined, but also tackled by this this horse step that turned out to be an artifacts,
but I mean obviously, ideally it would not. It would have been better had their just not in the strand of people taking artifacts back with them when they went on their grand tours of the continent. That's not ideal, but also there are so many times when I see something around my house, and I'm like has that always been that way that you know I'm kind of glad that some person stepped on this horse block for a decade before being like there's a lorry on here. I never noticed it up people. One reason it there's also pardon me. Obviously I don't love that it was probably taken from where it originally came from, sir, almost certainly without permission, but there is part of me that loves just the the inner came activity of it. That's evidenced across time and place right that lake there could be a thing in your life today that you prize in in two hundred years. Somebody
be using it to lake. Do something very mundane: am I kind of love that idea that they would just be reappropriate? It is a different. I dont mean that in the sense of legs taken things, but just like we envisioned as having a completely different use than it originally had, and that being important in its own, I don't know, that's probably have an overly romantic view of of things in that regard I have a an antique loom shuttle sitting on my desk as like a declaration in the pod casting coroner her here. In my little home office and if I had not really thought about the fact that you know somebody was using that loon that shuttle to make their living on a limb and now it's a decoration and my home office with a computer guess a hundred percent. I mean I, I think about that, all the time with various
objects both the objects that I have now that our contemporary and what they will be perceived as one day you know, I always joke that, like there's, gonna, be a civilization one day that under its my house, and comes to believe that lake there was a religion based around a strange, green alien creature, because I have so much agreed, o stuff in my house and leg, just that that it will be misinterpreted. One days like this was clear, culturally, very important, Rita, Culturally very important- it certainly is to me by it, You know there are things like that that I always wonder what we're getting wrong when we look at these things and yeah, and if it reaches back to the Sulawesi PIG thing Right Lake, what we're interpreting incorrectly that might be mundane or, like I said, like I kick well. It's often associated with the modern era, like everyone has as human beings, and I think even many animals have this capacity for just like delight in
the simple or absurd or ornamental, and though I feel like we forget that, sometimes and presume everything has meaning when really do they really all did have kitchen pigs, and it was just a funny thing that they which is not in any way downplay the importance of interpretation and analysis. But I always wonder: are you thinking about the fact that these were just people living day to day and trying to figure their lives out and their needs met? And maybe it's just something funny to them? Yeah? I think it was the most recent unearthed before this one that we talked about interpreting grade goods and how you know, even if you're, trying to be really objective failure. Your understanding of why a person might very specific goods in a grave like there's a film
through your own understanding and experience like coming through that and one of the things that that had bookmarked for this to potentially part of this on earth that that we didn't actually up putting putting an episode, was a study of graves in Europe that previously had been. People had been buried with a lot of grave goods and then almost at the same time, all across these different burial sites. All across Europe. It was like people stopped burying people with so many grave goods and how that suggested a lot of interconnectivity among these different cultures and how people were approaching burying the dead,
all those things that are like us. They seems really interesting to me, but I also like didn't find it a great place to put it into her into the episode. Some of the other things that I left out, we're things that we're just really tragic that didn't feel like. There was a reason to talk about them like I feel like we had a particularly distressing group of exhumations. This time around, because a lot of them were like people who are the victims of a horrifying massacre, rang try to identify their bodies like that was really ran here. There's a lot of these are people who have descendants and family members to living today says if you like. Some is really important to talk about some of the things that I found where these conclusions that we're just incredibly tragic- and I was like this- doesn't feel like it- has a connection to life- that we need to really get ensue and we all collectively, as a planet, have been living through a year of pandemic. So maybe you will not have the means
if we really upsetting ones that don't feel like they have a reason to be included in this particular installment yeah, less harrowing, but one of the things that came up in this this set of unearthed a reminder to me of why I have started and abandoned this one topic. A dozen times is the research around the common origin of dogs, in Siberia. Similarly, we did a history of of house cats a while back that got outdated pretty quickly, but similarly, I feel like dogs, because many people- I don't know- I don't want to generalize and say many people- have a more vested interest in dog in culture, but dogs are not quite the same level
as of independent as cats, often railway area. We talked about how cats would like kind of get shipped with green, so that you can keep the rodents out of the things, but they are not so much considered like and you will love this continent will sleep on your bed and it will but the door. Always tend to stick closer to the people, so we know more about their more deeply studied, and it's like one of those things where there's always more things like this, where I'm like. I don't even know how I would begin to sort out all of the nation that we have a dogs there's a lot because it
it's outdated. Like month to month, in some cases that also makes it tricky, but perhaps one day I'll get very brave about it. Maybe so that seems like a good place to wrap this little behind the scenes Happy Friday again, everyone, I hope, folks have a good weekend whatever's on your plate. Whatever is in store for you will be back tomorrow with a class out of the archive and then Monday with another new episode, and if you haven't subscribed to our show, you can let's end the Iheart, video app and apple podcasts, basically anywhere you could subscribe to a podcast stuff. You missed in history class the production of I heart radio for more podcasts from heart.
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