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Behind the Scenes Minis: Thorpe and Poinsett

2020-12-04 | 🔗

Tracy and Holly discuss the issue of final resting places illustrated by Jim Thorpe's story, the pronunciation of poinsettia, and plant toxicity.

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Welcome to stuff. You missed in history, glass, of Iheart Radio having Friday Tracy me Wilson, and I'm fine, we closed out our episode on Jim Laurent, this week report episode, which, no matter how we have arranged it, which at this point as we are recording it now going to be a little awkward, we'll figure it out yet to episodes will be.
one week in what episode in a different weekend. We don't really exactly know where that's going to fall, but by the time folks are hearing this. It will be obvious. It will have fallen. I mention this in the episode that I really just find the the story of what to do with Jim Thorpe's remains after his death to be so heartbreaking, because I mean I've seen families go through just wrenching decisions about like how to care for a loved one. Who is in their last days of life or where they should be buried or how they should be married or, like some other, really fundamentally important part of their last days is a living person and then what should happen after their death and then with Jim Thorpe, that family to speed is just complicated by
all of this history of like federal, indian policy and reservation land and all of the stuff coming together. So it's like something that's already just such a sad disagreement within a family, especially since is it seems, like everyone was on like of the same mindset or the most of them are on the same. I said it first and that gradually shifted like having that than be complicated by something that includes you know. Federal nagpra legislation is so hard and also, I think, really important to talk about, because we've talked about Nagpur on the show before we have been talking about remains that, like someone's, immediate next generation descendants we're not still living a lot of time, so
westons, sometimes about what what the next step should be, sometimes felt a little bit more theoretical, like still critically important to the people involved, but not so much a family of brothers and sisters, not agreeing with whether their father soul was at peace, which was like part of this yeah it. It's. I think it's it she said it's important to talk about, because it provides a really good, not in the sense of enjoyable, but a real a strong, illustrative example of how complex this whole thing becomes. Am I had a moment during listener mail for this episode. While we were talking about cataloguing, I hadn't such a flashback, because you know I worked for I am a university library for a decade as like a pair of professional, I worked in cataloguing and was tight with the to manual
I had a decisive moment of thinking about then, reflecting on how libraries, breakdown, cataloguing and archives, and that's Seems in my limited experience to be a little more even than other industries, which is interesting in terms of the men to women ratio there. I read several really interesting articles about fields that were regarded as being women's work. That became professionalized and then became male dominated, and I had not thought at all about that. The relationship of that too, like these glass plates at Harvard and the fact that the people who had been curying those plates like I was totally thinking about the fact that the people who had been curetting those plates like the first was literally hired from being a housekeeper like that part I had thought of, but I had not really thought so much about as the collection progressed in as curator progressed as a field.
How that affected the gender of the people working with the collection and what the balance there was like. So I was really glad to get that you may have a tense talk about it. I also hope that people have not found the experience of having a three part podcast be unpleasant offences. Like I said at the beginning, as I was really expecting a two part or when I sat down and then I had, I had a complete a draft of the whole thing when I kind of an old man, this This is three hundred and three remember you picking me and telling me how long each of your two were, and I was a go- go boy yeah it was. I was like we're getting into an hour, long episode territory, which is once in a while. They they run longer. But I think if we had to our long hours back to back one those give very hard to record cause,
millions hired yeah. I'm too, you know just messes with the the usual flow of area. What I also felt like a splitting it into three also, let us spend a little bit more time on contact. Some of it is context we ve talked about before, like our episodes on a fortune, indian schoolgirls, basketball team and the occupation of Alcatraz in particular, have walked through some of the same things, but at this point there is that, besides, are also well enough in the past that people have an essentially heard them. People who are already familiar with that history or did not personally live through that history, don't necessarily have it all out of a mind so having it as a three part, I thought gave us three really nice acts of hope spaces of John Thorpe Life and then also a little bit more time to spend on some of the other contextual pieces. Tracy. This week we talked about Joe Point said, and the points area sure did First thing I want to do is ask you, and you mention it to me.
can't member who is in the show itself. How did you pronounced points? Eddie are growing up points. Ceta me too. So did my husband yeah. I think a lot of people in the south do that at like. I thought that was like just how everybody said it when I was growing up was points at a yes same. There is an organization, and at last I called the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company Ma Am Does the I blow I dont know if they're doing it this year because of the pandemic, but like they have generally Danny holiday, show that includes lots of different Christmas and Winter holiday stories and there's one about the it's like. A fiction lies thing about about the points and I don't even remember what the what this point- the story is but like the person who does the voice for it says point,
in this light, very stylish, and so a lot of times when I'm saying points set out the way. I've always said it. Something in my head is going points that charge I mean I did in looking it up. There are people who will still say it is perfectly acceptable to pronounce it that way. I looked it up before we started and Miriam Webster had point. Seti. L is that as the name and then I can't remember what the like nonstandard point yet examines like exact well, do I want to say my non standard pronunciation that I've said my whole life in this episode so that we can get emails from people asking? Why do we say it? well, and I will say this as well. I even learned, spelling of it completely incorrectly growing up really like I literally, have Somewhere in a note in a relatives in writing. Hu. I will not out
p o I n t s e t, T a point: Ceta, there's a tea in place. Didn't expect it because it doesn't exist, but it's one of those things were it's not a common enough word that, like it might necessarily appear on spelling test for a kid so you're only getting it from relatives. I spelled that thing wrong. For years before I actually saw imprint somewhere, wait hold a phone, that's amazing! I love this story. I will say: I love poinsettia. So much. when I got married. We were very poor them, so Do our wedding, which was in a movie theater. I went to her. Depot and I bought a hundred points. India's cause they were cheap, and we lined the whole theatre with them and then, as the guess laugh, they could just pick one and take it home with them, and that was lake, both our decor and the favour as a cost cutting measures.
but I have people who kept those things for you years. I don't know of any of them really alive. I also combined day core and favours it's easy thing to do, but from oh just a logistical perspective and it it just prevents wasting cash right right. We were also gonna talk about animals died, Go super, deepen the research, but I did see in several places trees, mentioning hey, there was this paper that now decades ago, that claimed that these were super duper poisonous that got problem did Everywhere- and it's not actually true, but I didn't actually hunt down all the science I just an awful lot of reputable places going. That does not so true that I feel, like I had heard that long in the past, but had since I heard it and more replace more alike may be an irritant re like if your cat like to eat
ants, might not be great yeah and even at our wedding. I originally wanted poinsettia blocks like on the serving tables and on the cake and both the cake Eddie and the people doing set up or leg. You cannot do that. Its do business and I was I go. There are fine, but I still- them. This was an eye opener of an episode for me. I had not really look deeply agile point sets career like I knew he was a statesman and had brought the point said he to the. U S. I did not know that Mexico had an entire. word for him, yeah website, telling a friend of mine who speak Spanish cuz. She was helping me work through some of these She had not heard at either. It was like were
seeing that forever going forward, raiders it. Yes, we are like that plan for Egypt. When set your points, a t, so I have been to both Charleston Greenville South Carolina and aid adjust its totally possible that I saw various commemorative markers and that statue, but man I have no recollection of it whatsoever, bump bump acted out, but I knew I have thought of a pre card. Miss said that it was gonna turn out God on everybody's nerves and Mexico, real bad. So If you would like to write to us about how you pronounce point Ceta or Point Serbia or whether you recall. Seeing an age old point said markers you can do that at history. Fine. I hurried here Darksome, we hope a wonderful weekend and I
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