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Behind the Scenes Minis: Torricelli and Acadians

2021-08-13 | 🔗

Holly and Tracy discuss the many different professional titles that many people in history have and how tricky it can be to select the proper one to use. They then discuss trying to discern when they have enough cultural competence to cover certain topics, particularly when there's a lot of complex context involved.

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Welcome a few minutes to history class, a production of Iheart, radio, hello unhappy Friday, unhappily fry, and I'm Tracy Wilson Tracy we talked about eventually. Georgia away this week, Can I tell you what one of the hardest things about talking about physics, math and science, and period of time is, for me, yeah tell me everyone is kind of has all of the the titles? No one is just a scientist is like astronomy philosopher mathematician, and I'm always like which do I use. If I try to just write a simple sentence in it, it's frustrating everyone, one of you but highly math- determines endeavours Quite right, either barred for me. Having
not been the one researching. The opposition was saying all the italian names as I was, confirming pronunciation, on all of the aims, which I hope I did adequately on. I found that every single one of them, when I read it in my head from the paper I either I either put in a continent that they did not go there or I took out avowal that did go there and zero of them did. I have right in my head on the first right. I think that's natural for a language that you don't
Speak, I have the same problem. You know. I always say that whenever there is a foreign language we encountered, that is not french, I tend to say with a french accent, which is just ridiculous, but there it is. Thus in my brain goes the other language full set out. I will I work on Italian, I'm not doing great the moment. I did start a dual lingo of Italian back when we very first started talking about going to ITALY and then than the pandemic started, and I did have the brain capacity for it and also felt I know it was like I felt like I was either jinx thing, the petition so I M going to ITALY or or I'm not sure why so I still have that whole course installed on my phone, but I have kept with it yeah I am similarly I'd. I do that Ding Dong thing where I just keep adding courses in
dual lingo and then it's like just too much to tamper with only, of course, all learn Hawaiian. Of course I will work on. My friends, of course, some German in their dear me. what, if I don't like, I can't keep up with it, but I'm too, I continue to try and I feel like every like six weeks to two months I get another sir dribbling. Yes, every day I will do to lessons in each language and that last for a couple of weeks, and then I kind of our power to go on a trip around. You know something happens dad is there never to be replaced, I had not know very much about Torricelli before this one now, meaning there and its It is interesting to think about how many developments ends rides were being made in the Maths and Sciences, In ITALY, at this time, all over the world,
particularly in Europe and particularly in ITALY. So I can kind of sea, especially because he did die young for from whatever mystery ailment. I can see where he does not get the same level of attention in history. discussions of this time. I am very fascinated by his desire to avoid controversy like to me. That is a marvel to. We don't often Really talk about, I mean I I kind of found myself. a little embarrassed that, even though we have studied a lot of these pieces of the puzzle before big gushers, really a hundred years after Copernicus that people were still being tried just forego. Unlike, I think that guy was onto something
that's me is very interesting linked by a hundred years later, it was still heretical to even consider. Then you know we, we ass humans, don't always welcome new ideas. Monopoly way, good example up. It sets up a theme on our show, sometimes. yeah. So that idea like I don't want to fight you guys. I'm just saying I did this experiment in their kind approved a thing wrong that we all thought was true, but I'm not publish a mad like I kind of whatever is going on in his head at that point of, like I'm just waiting to you, my friend and then of course reach. He told everybody in it all got out, but I do sir, bad that whole how you navigate that from a personal standpoint is fascinating. To me. We don't often talk of I hadn't atelier talked about
the people of the day going. I would like to not get in this fight. Police yeah, I feel like why have this on a way less consequential level when, like I have an unpopular opinion about a movie or somethin, and I'm like I got into a bat well right, but I mean I will say yes, it's less consequential, but part of it to me as lake in the case of something like a movie unless it is really conveying like a dangerous message is somewhat out there, it's their favorite thing and they love it, and it's not holding us back lake in terms of other people from scientific breakthroughs are women so for those I'm generally like. If I didn't like a book or movie, I usually just never talk about it and they don't think as I don't. I don't wanna me now.
badmouth, something somebody else loves just like. I don't love it. When somebody cuz of that movie, you love it sucks. Like nobody get out of my face, I don't care what you think. I don't want to be that person to somebody. But, if it weren't gaze of lake, hey all science which were seeing some of those you know, arguments going on those are a little more important and worthwhile to have yeah it's a given I just did the experiment, I'm not getting involved the Torricelli method of managing and your strife.
One of the things we talked about on the show this week was the expulsion of the occasions, something that's bet on it to do list for so so so very long, and also at one of the things that we keep getting requests for like we ve continued to get regular requests for it through the whole time yeah. It took a very long time to get to it, mostly because it is a very big topic. There's a lot of stuff invite A lot of context involved, there are several other things that have been on this view list for a very long time that, similarly, are just really big topics that have a lot to get through. A lot of it. Also incredibly tragic. There are other removals that have been on list for a really long time that similarly have just a ton of stuff to get through another.
Thing is that before I start on an episode, a question that I ask myself a lot of the times that fits especially if it's about something that did not happen in a place that I have lived is too. I have the cultural competence to talk about this o re, sometimes My answer is no, and even though Canada is our neighbour to the north, it's not that far from where I live the place that I've only been to one time and when we have fact about canadian history on the show. Often I have discovered that I did not actually have the cultural competence to talk about that, even though it thought, but I did so Hopefully we did ok with this particular one having piece together.
There are a lot of knowledge that I did not have before about the occasions and about the meagre mama, whose name I think we ve probably said incorrectly in every other episode that weave that they ve come up and as I understand it, there are multiple accepted. pronunciations yeah now getting through. All of these conflicts and worse between England and France was tricky, and I still am afraid that, like I've, somehow Mister, entire birth. This brought up a fun question for me. Ok, I will have to hunt down and may never find out but it had not occurred to me, even though I knew about the pilgrim Evangeline it had not. Heard to me that that might be where the, character. Re re in the princess and the frogs girlfriends.
Name comes from, I dont know how well you remember that movie not really, but, eventually is essentially a star, but Re Ray is convinced that it is the love of his life and other firefly. That is just very far away and so when I think about it in context of this story, I, like I bet that's what they're reference saying it seems like back, would be the case yeah. I also I had a lot of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow feelings when I
to that part of the research, because he wrote various poems that sort of romanticized and grieved for a lost people simultaneously, setting up a lot of like incorrect ideas about those people likes he his song of Hiawatha, has come among the show in previous episode. as I understand it eventually was, was pretty well received among akkadian people when it came out. I dont know that those feelings are still the same today. I don't want to see, for anybody and I did not really get into that and when I was researching it but like it does seem like that. People were glad that this poem raised awareness of what had happened
even though it did not very accurately represent, like I dont think he actually ever talk to any Akkadian before writing the poem. I dont know that his research, when in that direction, as he was riding it, but it was a very influential peace.
Of literature yeah. I would bet almost certainly not regarding the discussions of such things. Would people actively connected to it because that's been the case for a long time it was the standard slowly but surely shift. But now, when I go out princess in the frog again and also you know either word of delicious things, I feel almost guilty. The beautiful thing to grow out of this is cage in culture and all of the amazing music and food that we all get to enjoy a lot of very delicious and, ah, if folks I want more information about this. I know we still don't have a place to put our show notes. We continue to get questions about like where the show notes and we we don't have a great place to put shown its right now, maybe that
james- I don't know it's fingers- crossed totally unclear bites if folks are like. I wish I knew a lot more about this one of the books that I had as a as a source for this episode was called a great and noble scheme, the tragic story of the expulsion of the french Arcadians from their american homeland, and it is like six hundred pages long So my dog of adopting episode about the gap between like a painter and you know the reality- is that what happened then capped between our probably forty five is minute episode of this. When the gap between that and a six hundred page put, his lot was locked, blotted failed. It is there that we don't really get into so again having Friday hope, everybody has a great weakened whatever's on your play
We will be back Saturday for Saturday Classic I'm a Monday with a brand new absurd supplements, the district class, the production of Iheart radio for more part. for my heart, radio visit by her radio have added mankind's or wherever you listen to your favorite shows.
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