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Behind the Scenes Minis: Unearthed! July 2021

2021-07-30 | 🔗

Tracy and Holly discuss how much Tracy loves working on the Unearthed! shows, and how they both feel about library fines. They also talk about the Egyptian mummy parade, and misreads of what a historical curse jar was.

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Hey lorry I'm excited season, two of the authorities, and we can't wait to share these all new sessions with you and season two or going team on issues like narcissistic access, mother, daughter issues, Instagram cheating shopping addiction. So here's our advice to right now subscribed to dear therapists on me. I hurt radio at Apple tat, CAS or wherever you get your podcast saying you don't miss a single episode, we'll see you insertion Amerika Window, the host of wild to new podcast right, it's hard to incredible people like commuting Chris Garcia. what it's like to become a father in the middle of the pandemic? So, while I can't see like I can have a kid I now make it is too much, and so I waited till I felt comfortable enough to wake have again during a pandemic at the end of the civil wild by Elly Studios on the heart radio
a reverie, you get your part cast. I am genially Curtis. I am host of the new podcast good friend on I heart radio on good friend. I am talking about friendship, sort the good, the bad and the ugly. I want to talk about conflict resolution about making new friends about keeping friendships alive through very difficult times. Listen and subscribe to good friend on the Iheart Radio, APP or wherever you find your favorite podcast welcome to stuff. You missed in history class, a production I heart radio
now I ll and having bright. I am crazy. They will then- and I am happy for my aspects now. If they ve been listening for awhile on Fridays, we take a little time to talk about the weeks. Episodes, and sometimes with the research process, was like some times what we personally connected with by working on it unearthed has become more it's better favorite things will work on for a long time, but lately its of one of the reasons that it's a favorite thing is that I know when it's time to do it and that is a week where I dont have to figure out what the topic is. Oh, there is a lot of a lot of relief in that moment of not yet next yeah yeah, there's a there's, a lack that goes into my thought process of what I am going to talk about on the show next and a brazilian factors,
yet wait and see what like whether I'm gonna be able to find the material for it in time and all the other stuff. And so, when its unearthed time- and I have already spent the entire last three months- bookmarking things to go through its like a whole giant, don't even have to think of That is already a settled and I write a bare smart, smart. I have a personal and ridiculous point of pride in this, which is that when we got to talking about the the possible Praetorian Guard in the Pliny soldier story, I did not take a star wars related side street. So I'm just a bad curtsey to myself here in the shoe closet, where hybrid copper. What do you take it now sure? So I mean it's not that thrilling and it involves a thing that tends to get some people very irate. So do I I don't. I don't need to hear if you hate the thing. I love. That's fine but in the last jet I'd those red guards with the oh yeah. The sort of tiered alma
our model, who ask armor or culprit Orient guards named after the actual historical ones. But that's what I think of when I read it so in my head, plenty had pals dressed in all red, tiered, really cool are not really you're, not really. I did want to ask you because I know I have strong feelings. Having worked in the library for many years and ear beloved. Also a library person this whole library, fine sensationalism, business, yeah, yeah, red rage. He does not like it either and was was very high be to learn that the Somerville library which I used to frequent all the time when we lived in Somerville, was very happy that they ve gone fine, free
Story about that is at some point something happens during my my borrowing history from that library. I don't remember exactly what it was, but I turned something late and I incurred a. I think it was a zero dollars and ten cents fine. I had zero dollars and ten cents of fine or zero dollars and five cents of fine. It was a less than one slash four fine, which I paid by handing the person at the circulation desk a coin and they sort of looked at me with an expression of like I'm, not sure what you want me to do with this, and I was like I don't know it's it's the sign that I'm paying. I don't know what else to say about it and whatever it. Never. It never came off of my account and so when learning this whole thing about the library books that had been found and returned and learning-
Somerville Library has gone, find free. I went and looked at my account, which still exists because, like that library cards have, I think, like a year before it expires, and my fine is now no longer their larger, the Somerville Public Library, five or ten cents Patrick was very happy to hear that they have gone find free. He does not. He does not like the twenty seven thousand dollar fine stories and he doesn't really like the financially punitive measures for being late with library books rates I mean here I have feelings and probably Patrick has has similar ones. I know like for me when I was, college student. I had several books out that were overdue, and then I was so broke that I knew if I return them, I wouldn't be able to pay the fine, and I was like scared of getting. I don't know you
that indentured mine, the library of you, but I don't know what I was afraid of, but so I did a very nefarious thing which I don't recommend, but I went and re shoved them myself and then said. I turn those books in months ago. I don't know understand the dirt poorness that I was dealing with their with yeah way and it wasn't even that might she was like twenty bucks, but is there the late? babies and early mine bees. When you are nineteen and twenty twenty dollars felt like an awful lot of money that I was never gonna come up with, and so don't don't do that don't be like me by then when in later years I worked at a university library, I mean I saw students with that same fear on their face and I didn't work job creation, but thankfully, like we had a lot of people being our library that were very understanding of that, and not you know hard core by the boiling would be like. That's fine, we're just
wave it. Please don't stress over this. You have like exams this week or whenever lake it just it's one of those things it gets so wanted up in lake classes and because in back people, don't always have the availability to pay a fine and lake. You know it's it's one of those things that is so potentially painful, because some libraries you to you. I don't know if they still do have those whole thing's of like well. If you have an unpaid fine, you don't get borrowing, privileges, yeah and like for a student, I mean that's bill irritating for their work and for a researcher even like most people that universities doing research are also not particularly well. They usually that's part of what a library is for because you came a or departures those materials, so I am with Patrick. I feel ire over library firing issues on the new pad cast the turning their sisters, who laughed we look behind the walls of mother Teresa, religious order, finding a culture of charity and prayer
suffering and forbidden, love, abuse and betrayal. You could not have a friend this was specifically prohibited, if you got to close them, somebody it was really you are playing with fire. Can you truly give yourself to God earlier humanity get you first, listen to the town, I thank the sisters who left on the eye: heart, radio, app apple pie costs or wherever you get, your podcast did: Patrick Podcast network Iheart, radio, joy, wrote, entertainment, workhouse, media and sugar. Twenty three comes. A new podcast westward. Hungary was long time, basketball, player, long com, executive, very proud of my association, with LOS Angeles later for numerous years, and now, with the LOS Angeles clippers working for steel bomber hopes to change.
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easy, easy and many more ready to find out what really happened. Go beyond the headlights, get the story by listen to bind the music on the Iheart radio Apple pie, gas, but wherever you get your favorite broadcasts, I would Bay bed here every: U S, wife, raised have not always lived up to their ideals of being a free resource for everybody. Like we ve talked about times when libraries were segregated are when you know us didn't, have a library that would allow black patrons at all like that kind of thing has been ongoing than theirs like a whole history of that, but the sort of
The ideal of a library is for it to be a free resource that is accessible to everyone and if you're gonna ban people from the library because they relate with something- and I can't afford to pay the fee like that's that runs
counter to that. You are your gear, locking out exactly the people who need the resources aroused yeah yeah, oh it's so! Yes, I was also I kind of wanted to make a little field trip over to Somerville or heard. Don't leave any more to see like the newly the newly restored West Branch library that was part of that because it you know it had a beautiful facade when I was going to that library. Like you said it was its Carnegie Library was built more than a hundred years ago, but the interior of it especially, was like getting really shabby, and so it was a very, very badly needed restoration project to go on a very curious. What it looks like now as now that it's not a library anywhere close three I asked
I have a confession of strange and to me hilarious place. My brain went when you send a rear outline, and I was reading it when we got to the Greek curse jar for oh yeah, leading second, my brain with lake, where they really charging first, where works, and then I just headlines the cartoon that automatically runs in my head, that my brain builds about my permission of lake people in ancient times, a mere weird curse. Where they had to somehow turnin chicken bones, but that bad, though very. I am not even thought of that reading of the workers- and I yes, if you are a party mouth like me, that's a phrase that he's a lot of weight and fear. Yet now thinking, I already know that maybe the fifty five potty mouse, whose name was re sick people who said all the bad words here, did you
the Mummy parade that we talked about. I thought parts of it and I saw a lot of photos from it, but I do hope parade. It was. Very very beautiful? I mean I'm glad we talked about how like yes, it's very carefully frame, did not to show anything unsavory, but it was kind of mind blowing in terms of just if you're, into theatricality and spectacle, along with your history, it had it in spades. It was so beautiful. My very best friend who is big into Egyptology, was like texting me. The whole time as she watched it and you know was- was very moved by the whole thing. That also happens. I'm it seems like the day. I finish, writing the previous unearth script for the pre. Yes, instalment of the of unearth the parade happened, and I was like we're just gonna have to do that next time, you I thought or have I simply have a thing that somebody sense
and a male are a message of some sort this morning a linked to something that I started like yet I was like do I need to stop what I'm doing and get this into the thing that we're recording at ten o clock? And I was like words that sometimes at next time yet yet. My other note that I made while we were doing this, was the idea when we are talking about the h amiss, urge and the other one that was found off the coast of Libya. That people had thought was the urge, and I was like how many conspiracy theorists are gonna run with this and say there were two urges because they really want that one of the coast of Libya to involved in some secret, completely Blake undocumented Mitya. I also like how sometimes really hard the leg conclusively I'd be a shipwreck, especially if it something that has has not held up well and all of its ear.
on the ocean floor or you know, is no longer on ocean floor, its buried in sand or something that it can take a lot of work to figure out what exactly ship we are talking about. So I really love it when it's like it's written on the conning tower, whether it is red glare, soothed, Citrate there so YAP bear it. Is the soil people enjoy our unearthed have another another round of it in about three month with their without historical curse? The actual thing so again, Happy Friday, hope everything goes well over your weekend and we'll be back tomorrow.
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