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Behind the Scenes Minis: Wegener and Italian Hall

2019-12-13 | 🔗

Tracy and Holly spend a few moments discussing the career of Alfred Wegener, and the needless tragedy of the events of the Italian Hall Disaster.

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Well you're about to here is marketing. Will you won't see an ac hotels? Guest room is marketing we will see, is a room designed to maximize space and a desk devoid of clutter. That's actually meant to be used precisely how it should be Ac Hotel, the perfectly precise hotel welcome to stuff you missed in history class, a production of Iheartradio's, Howstuffworks hello and welcome to the podcast I'm Tracy V Wilson and I'm Holly frying okay, Holly you and I are not too far apart in age- know we both went to public school, Do you remember how your public school science textbooks talked about? Plato onyx, not really because. My high school biology teacher had a husband who was a Jew,
Allah and he came in and gave our lecture. So I have no idea what was in the book is hugely we're, not looking at that, like here, the very cool fun guy he had like a bumper sticker on his car. This had reunite Gondwana Land Lake. He was, for fun and so We got what was for the mid too late. Nineteen eighties, pretty up the minute information on plate tectonics. Yes, so I had like the midnight amid eighties, too early nineties, public school education and by that point plate tectonics pretty well accepted in the sciences, community for sure, but I definitely remember having textbooks that
the diagrams of where the land bridge has supposedly had been so real. So it was like almost a teach the controversy kind of approach to like plate tectonics, even though, by that point it was pretty much a scientific accepted at like an accepted scientific idea. It was presented to us and more of a Do you think kind of whether or not but not in, like sometimes seiners? Sometimes, educators will will use that kind of framing to get people to try to think about things in a more involved way, but like this more felt like that, there might still be some question I like that they were passing the buck to children. to decide. I remember that happening. This was not about a plate, tectonics or anything like that, but I remember specifically having a teacher who every We had our spelling, slash vocabulary, words, I guess it was really. We called a vocabulary more by this point, but
service was assigned a word that we had to look up the definition of and then present the definition to class, and there was one class where my classmates did not do this effect, met and the word he had been assigned was fascist, and so the teacher then just refuse to explain what fascism was and it was like, but this is school we're supposed to be learning things here anyway. That is something of a digression. I really like how differently this episode turned out, somehow I thought it was going to go when I started researching it yeah and it's one I didn't know a lot about vacant and it was kind of funny. We talked about it before that. It was pure coincidence that he got. like a drive by mention and our nineteen o six San Francisco earthquake episode, so we accidentally had a t up
yeah yeah. We also so it's bad. It's not very often when we say what the topic is of an upcoming episode. I'm a show just a lot of it is just because Our production schedule works. A lot of times would we're in the studio. We don't necessarily know it's coming soon right, Hester after we get out of a pseudo, but this was a case where they had come up in that the same Francisco earthquake in fire episode. That episode came out either just before our right at the start of our tour through three cities in Texas that we just took, we had multiple people come up to us. after those shows, really kind of a meeting great thing to tell us how excited that they were that this Alfred Ventnor story was gonna, be coming out sooner than we ve also got an email about it, and it's one of those things run like is it our? Our people this excited about offered regular, or is it just that we so rarely have a glimpse of what's coming up on the show soon Y know,
one of those people dimension. It was a geologist, so their legitimate the vague- and I hope they don't have fun- a million things they wish. I had said that I did not say hopefully not yeah, it's time for a little behind the scenes on the Italian Hall disaster Tracy yeah. Why do you always pics? Add things that Christmas? I dont know I dont moons then even realise the the sad things at Christmas connection and sell the year that we did the Christmas tree ship because that was an episode that a lot of people had asked us to talk about, and they had specifically said. Maybe you could do it at Christmas time and the fat
there we got in that query phrased. That way, so many times made me think that this incident that I did not know anything about involved a heroic rescue of everyone aboard the Christmas tree ship. If you haven't heard that episode does not include a heroic rescue, it is misery from beginning to end and add. Why was like, why? Why are there so many so many horrific things happening across this time I wasn't even necessarily looking specifically for a holiday time episode this time around. I was just scrolling through our list of of listeners suggestions which, at this point, as is close to a thousand suggestions. Long, that's not an exaggeration. It's that there's a lot of stuff on there and I can went the Italian all disaster. I wonder what I don't really know about that and that the fact that someone had falsely shouted
fire when there was no fire. I just kept thinking about, as I was poking through all of these other things like what is what what is it I was like. I gotta know more about this yeah. There is some discussion about whether that particular disaster influenced in any way the Supreme Court CASE Schneck Verses, United States, which was about free speech, part of olive Oliver Window homes, juniors opinion on that was about how shouting fire in a crowded theatre would not be protected form of speech. That, of course, is a little unclear at heart somebody's motivations where for any particular thing, unless they wrote them down somewhere, but there were other instances of that happening as well, so not a happy
It all now that I have, I have thrown Yoda the bus for picking sad things. I will point out that the thing is when there's just a light: hearted easy, relax day, people don't reported asleep. It doesn't get written up as a historical event. So much in its like the day was. lovely a little called, but everyone got up and have pancakes and then had a delightful Christmas morning like that stuff does yeah, a remark, which is why most of the historical events, time to holidays seem like they are tragedies. and we also have to be fair r, r listener suggestion listen to of actual events that have happened are heavily weighted toward tragedies like we get a lot of emails say something like I, really love to hear more about the, and it is the blue blah, blah massacre. Her thee, La blah, blah fire or the blah blah blah site clone like
there's a lot of of of in the list of things that people have specifically asked us to talk about, which I think also influence is what we are now talking about. To a degree I mean that listener suggestion was is and the only area where we get ideas from, but when we get a lot of requests for a topic, it definitely moves higher up onto my duties.
sir? Yes, sir listeners, love tragedy is well taken very well, and we know there are a whole other broadcasts that are focused exclusively on tragedies. So that's the thing that people in general have a fascination with, I think near for sure. So anyway, one of the things that I I was glad to talk about this when about is that it wasn't just the tragic parts. It also had the whole context of labour rights and the strike that was going on, which was also important history. I grant you have talked a lot about labour this year, because the nineteen teens that was a lot there is a lot of stuff going on related to labour rights and labour organisations and worker protection than we did. Several episodes that were,
later to things that happen, specifically in nineteen nineteen and- and so it's been. A theme has come up, maybe more this year than previous years, but is something that we talk about a lot in general yeah. I mean it s some! It's also interesting in you mention it in the episode that this is a case for the National Guard was called and it didn't immediately escalate the situation into a horrific series of violent events right. is incredibly unique. Normally, once we read him it one of our outlines when we're Doing a show, and then the National Guard was called like you know, a lot of bad yeah. They lay probably it s, people being true it really poorly is about to come up, and this seem like they came. A came relate to seems fine, every boy. Little don't wanna at all disparage people who are serving in the National Guard now like not not at all but like hit. Historically, there have been so
many accounts where and that that than the National Guard was deployed, a sensible way to protect someone or protect a group of people and instead became part of a massacre or became part of the harassment that they were being sent him to protect like that. That has been so many times on the show that this one was striking, in fact that it didn't go that way. The storm yeah it's it's not a Superfund topic, but it is still important, and hopefully you know, none of us experienced similar event. This happening hope. None in history, district glass, production, Iheart, radio, telescope works hands for my radio visit by her Radiohead guests or wherever you listen to your favorite jails.