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Deblina and Sarah's Renaissance Adventure

2012-06-27 | 🔗

In this episode, Sarah and Deblina visit the Georgia Renaissance Festival. Interviews with musician Luca Callo and TechStuff's Jonathan Strickland give us an understanding of processes they use to recreate Renaissance characters, music and culture.

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for yourself with peppered farm Olano. I just realized that the first letter of every line of this spells help me. It seems like everyone's accredit these days left in the world with our slightest opinion on our own many platforms. I'm scotch benefits, I break on this February, tenth guns, citizen critic, a new podcast, where we could take the critics and review the reviews of your favorite movies, music television, toasters, toiletries in paint colors this into citizens, critic on the eye, heart, radio, an apple pie guests or wherever you get your broadcasts, local stuff, you missed in history, class Look: Stockholm
hello and welcome to the podcast I'm going to talk of boarding and I'm thirty lords and lose our most fortunate to live. Nine is too, I load Admiral, Duke of Suffolk vacant Lyle, Edmund vainglory, the third at thy service. Thank you. admiral for joining us. Today we met the admiral recently at the Georgia Renaissance festive always there, and I want to cut a check the renaissance scene and see what it about immerse ourselves in renaissance culture and so admiral. We were wondering if you could tell us a little bit about what you do there. Oh certainly suddenly a well of course, as Lord Admiral I'm in charge of his majesty's Navy, his majesty, of course, being Henry the eighth king of England, king of France De Winter. The vague lord of Island might have seen a result. All the coins nice fellow lovely fellow, is also got a lovely white. Anne Boleyn she's got a good head on her shoulders, wonderful, lady and tin,
duty to oversee his navy now, of course, being king under the eighth. His navy consists of eight boats and fish, so it's not terribly taxing A merry rose to leave discussed that one, but I named after his sister young interesting. So what's it like to work for the king for King Henry, the aid mostly rewarding his king is a very, very real, The king is informed as you do not get upon his bad side. One day, I sailed off from England returned Discover the entire religion and change. While I was gone, I made a mistake of making a catholic Jochen next thing I knew I was threatened to be about eight inches better than I had started out, but everything turned out well, so he's not a tolerant of He has a threshold for certain subjects which I wished to know. He might be listening right now. You might not want to say anything to critical of the king while we do
Its indifferent takes on the king, also, which we might share a little later on fair, and I got to talk to a lot of different characters. While the Renaissance festival, we also checked out some money music, some jousting. What else there where we were invited, thereby thee, Tortuga twin fill you gotta, see some comedy shows and you're just blacksmithing, all sorts of things than just a lot of people having a very good time on a summer s day, outside of Atlanta walking around in authentic costumes them. Or just like ass, plain clothes and having a good time to hold it We are the ones wearing the normal clue how I am wearing the outlandish costumes, often having my ankles upon for displaying habits and even strange black.
access is that we are carrying around them. We that red tape recorder with that we stand corrected. We were indeed the unusual once they were not done with the admiral yeah. We're gonna come back to him in a little bit, but we did, as we mention talk to you, a lot of other characters of the Renaissance festival kind of in our quest to find King Henry, the eighth and Anne Boleyn, whether class and unsuccessful one. Unfortunately, although we didn't see them, We didn't talk to them. We saw them from afar about. We really wanted to get the chance to talk to them, because we heard such great things about them. Interesting things I should say, but I have to stay SARA. I thought that one of the most difficult part of the renaissance of us was just getting to everything that to go to your one. That was partly because we had a mission and we had certain things we wanted to see. I think most of the people there were just sort of chicken they mention on Turkey lag and just stopping.
However, they were interested not running around with my family, crazy women. We were the only people with that one of the people that we did until luckily was the friar we didn't intend to, and we just happened upon him at the tavern, and he was definitely one of the most colorful folks that we ended up talking to and he gave us some insight on a lot of things, including religion, of course, which the admiral touched on a little bit and our favorite topic the king and queen? Here's what he had to say, while then again of the body bodega Bothersome brown, bohemian brother. You may call me friar, how do you know the king Queen well seen together, I have heard rumours King Henry, is actually think starting his own church. I find that very protest, very protests from them. Yes, he doesn't like the Pope very much either. I was brought here to Newcastle so that I could actually help the king understand
that's what he feels is really dreams. There's no reason to give money to the holy roman empire. We are trying to build up your own church. I just wish you keep your hands off the Abbe. We have no gold in the abbey. We have no gold in the attic we bury it out like going is quite well actually burials are going quite well looks just like a big, huge cemetery out there. We have gravestones with those like Godaddy and silvery coppery. There names that it works and ahead so that we will make an household charge starting going so far. So far, things are going pretty well, we have quite a few people who insisted catholic Church the only way to go, understandable that very few people here we they don't want. You read the Bible, you don't want to have an interview around me. I mean really does phasing it out for them. I can I can I just honor. They trust my opinion. I know which redress my opinion,
later on. I find you really get. Imagine you're getting some time. I could I very well I'm afraid that they would they would. I tend to tell people to read the new. Just stick with that is loaded easier. TAT one of the things the admiral had also recommended. We deal with check out some genuine renaissance music and we really wanted to do that. You're, not just because we're both really into new thick, but because music was such a huge part of life during the renaissance period, I mean you can imagine Henry the aid with his court musician enjoying conversation.
And lovely tans, but whether you were out and about or at church or, of course, hanging out of the king's court. During the years generally, spanning from fourteen hundred sixteen hundred in Europe, you are bound to hear some kind of music yeah according to an article by Rebecca, are converge of the Metropolitan Museum of Arts Department of Education, though most of the important music of the early renaissance, was composed for use by the Catholic Church, and this was evidence in polyphonic masses in my text that incorporated several melodies at the same time, but by the end of the sixteenth century, composers incomes came from several sources. They were paid by the catholic church again, but also protestant churches and courts, wealthy amateurs and music printers to create music. They might sponsor a piece of music,
exactly our can work, also says that the early fifteenth century was dominated by english and northern european composers, but over the next century or so Franco. Flemish composers also came into the mix and ideas from ITALY and Germany and France began to kind of influence everything that was going on in that
in as well so more of what our converge calls end quote: international european style begins to emerge around this time, a kind of a hybrid of different countries, musical traditions on site. By the beginning of the sixteenth century, though, the first collection of printed music was published by the venetian printer and the introduction of music printing allowed more people to learn to read me they. So, just as you have the printing press, as you know, spreading literacy same thing, with music alma thin. Before this time, music had to be learned by ear or from music that was copied out by hand, though usually only religious institutions or really rich people were able to do that again. Kind of like buck thing in a month again kind of like book thing if month are having to copy everything out, not too many people are gonna on back very, very true. That's entry also saw the use of several musical instruments, including the Viola de Gondi, which was a new or one the loot. The record
and more instrumental music also came on the scene was developed during these years. Before this time, instruments were typically for vocal accompany met, so that was something well that different to get an idea of how running First of all, performers might recreate the music of this period. We talk to Renaissance Festival, performer LUCA Callow, about the music that he plays, which is renaissance and spired and how he pulls that off having he didn't, learn these songs by ear. So we wanted to learn. You know, first of all, where he found finds it music, how he chooses it and then how he makes it come to life, and here is what you told us all of the pieces, except for one or two are actually historical period pieces. I have learned mostly off of other performers that I admire
look up to so I learned a lot of this is Farley Life, most musicians of the gun and then try to do in my own country like oh, yes, all of them except to boot, are very often. How did you learn a lot of other injure performers and people that plaguing the FDA? Sobering? and have you had to do in these particular like historical research. Still, I am in the style of Assyria. Might have you a little bit guitars is strong and like a loose, I have been learning off a new tab, and so I can play style. These and just a lot of listening to carry a pieces, whether it be half of sheet music is replication of visas are often homeless period.
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though available for your other hard surface floors like stone, tile, laminate, vinyl, an elevator ye for cleaning tips and exclusive offers visit, bona dot com, slash bona clean so that with great to talk to leave the collar and learn a little bit more about the music. We are likely to hear in the renaissance. That of the other thing we couldn't leave. The festival without doing was check out jousting, and actually, I think, besides meeting the king and queen jousting was probably the eggs. And that was recommended to his most and the thing that we are just must determine to deal. Nobody seems like the main attraction diet, renaissance version. I have several jousting tournaments throughout the day, so I imagine people come in check and periodically, because the storyline progressed with throughout the day to it not like your thing, fame tournament. Three time right free time right. Most people at least have an idea of what jousting is,
have maybe seen an example of it in a movie or something it generally conjures up. Images of two nights charging toward each other with a lance The other shield trying to knock it or trying to knock, is upon and off the horror, assuming we ve I have seen. Some iteration of jousting appears to have started out in the Middle EAST is actually around the beginning of the twelfth century and in its earliest farm, which I didn't notice before it. A one on one thing. According to Nigel, solid history, today, early jousting tournaments were chaotic competitions between groups of nice. That teams would sometimes consist of hundreds of knights who were using these tournaments as a way to kind of bond or unite themselves a fighter. So, as you might have imagined, it has its roots in war training, and that does make sense, if you think that's more likely to be the condition of the battlefield. It's locked,
just be the two nights out there I'll buy them far. Very true. That's all points out that even at this early Giles there was an element of entertainment there, because there were audiences for them and there's even evidence that spectator stands built as early as the eleven seventies yeah. But by the time the renaissance rolled around jousting had really developed into something of a true spectator sport, almost like how we would think of a spectator sport today, valued mainly for the entertainment that provided and solve talked. I feel a little bit about night as celebrity than there was an element of the showmanship to what they did. I've actually read before that their their Harold Vena their flags, but they were worth were something that, where a little bit akin to how you would recognise the face today, you may not recognize the night safeguards. He wears armor he's far away from
You probably don't have good vision, but you could recognise his his standard his flag. Well in there. Just really wasn't you know there wasn't the media culture that there is now you couldn't just looking ass, weakly and see a picture of your favorite night, though that was that people are not as they had an enemy in a lot of the stories of knights in their jobs, where proliferated through stories that were told about them are stories that were written about them, yes or song, so We need a little bit of a taste of the celebrity culture? The renaissance faster Sarah mentioned earlier, the jobs that we witnessed, the crowd enormous. I mean, I think, that we thought at the time that pretty much everyone at the festival had sort of package to the middle. I think either jousts during that thirty to forty minutes or how long it took and the crowd actually picked sides about half the crowd would route for certain night while the rest booed him, and there was definitely showmanship, as you mentioned, preening, even on the part of the night and
slave skill and even a little bit of cheating, eventually from our guy. rules,
your majesty. Though we were on our Medea aside, and yet there was a little bit of of cheating, and they started on the other. They challenge each other to that match to the death joust. The death now, which we heard later,
Admiral is quite the show, and fortunately we didn't get to see that there is even fire breathing. So these guys, in addition to being an historical performers, are really talented. Technical performers, too, gathered so true, just the fact that they can stay on a horse and use that Lamson and do everything I mean I was pretty impaired. Not I don't. I saw that will time today, Yankee Ongoing, but another personal highlight for us of this festival was getting to me. Couple of westerners. That's always a highlight for us whenever out and about and with IRAN in key and they were actually the ones who invited us to the festival in the first place they perform at the festivals. Part of an act called the tour to good twins and we got to see them put on a funny parity of Robin Hood, incorporating members of the and luckily not us. I hate that I wish there the entire time. Don't pick me, don't pick me up at me. I don't want it made no bigger here. Afterward, they talk to
little bit about what it's like to work at the first of all, whether Robin Hood was we'll guy and of course, our favorite topic, the king and queen engineers results As a result, we are familiar with the banks from someone with a little bit about what you are well aware, what about the renaissance, is that really people haven't been hanging? Attacking you really student days if some of the renaissance vessels all over the country and question always like asters or children, students you're here, for what does? me, maybe if we're lucky, you teach but it's a disgrace. I learn that boy did eventually I'm not doing anything with my life. I we learned that there is an historical precedent for what we do, but it's not an honorable
We learn that we really have to be able to react to innocence but live in this time. Now that I'm a big fan of antibiotics and into one love and I don't have any idea that may be the real rather well I personally believe that he was completely and I personally get it under the talk about lottery and a couple of months. I personally believe just not much. Many characteristics is difficult stories. You know, you start we creating one option. You guys same thing as the scenarios It's complicated yeah what he said with a similar, your favorite personalities here, and you know the king and Queen bitumen clean awesome here. Oh gosh, there's a pirate there's a pirate? You just alarming ladys be careful, That is why, in so charming, in fact inside our friends
right fences, ok, so now that we ve got a chance to talk about some of the fun things we thought or day at the Renaissance festival, we do still have the Lord Admiral in the room, and we want to ask him some questions. Accept some of you might have already guess this by now, if you're podcast listeners, the Lord Admiral, is really our own, Jonathan Stricklin of tat stuff. He there so Jonathan tell us a little bit about how you got involved with the renaissance vessel. Could you ve been doing it for long time sure are so back in nineteen. Ninety nine, I was in a show that was going to be performed at a science fiction can and one of the other actors in that show was a performer with a renaissance festival and she had arrived.
That there is going to be some additions coming up in back then, and ninety nine. The festival had two seasons, they did a false season and spring season, and so decided along with my wife to audition for this, and we win We audition I happen to have the best audition of my entire life for them. I'm sorry is both story and a sad one as a result, I was hired and I was given the opportunity to play the Lord mayor of the festival, that for several seasons. I took a leave of since for a while and then, back on as a favour to the the entertainer, who is having some some turnover problems with some of the cast on a particular season and the thing was they had already hired a new person to play the Lord mayor, and I gone through the entire rehearsal process to build a new car? So, rather than trying design something haphazard, Lee I She took the same character
given the new title of Lord Admiral modeled him a little bit after a couple of different historical figures and came back on and worked there for a while, through two thousand wealth. So when we went to the festival, jargon was actually the very first first then we saw right over the entrance. He hailed a says, lady, fairer and lady, to blame. And I was immediately struck by your coffee tomb, because I do love costumes and after it was that with such a shot- We are clearly not Jonathan. You are the Lord Admiral. You look very different from you from Hell the day to day, although we do notice, you grow out you're you're goatee every year, so here s, what kind of? How did you? How did you pick out your costume? How did you put it together and what kind of historical research went into it? That's an excellent question, and this is different for every single person at the festival. Most of us we provide our own costumes. There are very few costumes of the first
What self owns that that characters use? But in my case what I did was I went to look at some typical doublets. Earlier than the festival year, the festival years, fifteen thirty five I was looking at around fifteen twenty saws. Looking at things would be outdated by the I'm a got around thinking that the Lord Admiral someone whose very wealthy, but also kind of threat, in miserly he doesn't doesn't want to spend more money, updating his his entire wardrobe. And Oh, I found a design of a doublet from the fifteen twenties that was really intricate and interesting to me, and I took that designed to a seamstress here in Atlanta and I said, can we make something similar but not identical to this, because I don't want to lift someone else's design, but I want something that kind of. Folks, the same feeling and so
she and I worked together and that peace is a one of a kind peace. Specifically tailored to me, and I ended does have that fifteen twenty era feel to it. because, as you get closer to Henry's time, the Dublin, getting shorter? and are you start having things like the the fort hose in a pumpkin pants and things, and I said I do not want I do not want to have to worry about a cod peace. I want. I want a nice long, doublet that goes down to say, mid thigh and an because I think that saw the character and so different people when about it in different ways, trying to come up with their costumes, and so the costs for the king and queen are incredibly elaborate and they were both designed by the actress who plays when she is a very competent seamstress in her own right, and so you get to that level,
credible, detail and amazing costume prowess. If you will always wanted since you are wearing very simple, it might be a simple assured or tunic some simple hose and then some really ready shoes and then a raw around the dirt all day, and he there contain them too? I mean I'm thinking at the time when these people are wearing elaborate clothes like this. It was a bit hold spell around the relevant, but you know this is a land of this was the summer. How do you feel you keep on going If you know how deodorant oh yeah, the good actors go through quite a bit there, a couple one we try and use. As many materials that will wick away sweat as much possible, so loud cottons. You know you want to try and keep things ass cool ass possible, considering the weather that we get in Georgia, Another part is that we maintain
own temperatures by drinking lots and lots of ice water. So we ice water stations hidden around the best, so there We can go and quickly fill up our mugs. We, everyone is required to have two things you required to have a hat and you are required to have a man and the mug is so that you're supposed to keep it at least half full of ice water all day long. So if you start getting low, you must go back and refill as soon as you possibly can. Then so, while also just pacing yourselves staying in the shade just general rules that you learn as a performer. Also, you learn very quickly. You dont want to go all out. One hundred and ten percent from opening gate through lunch because you'll be completely burnt out new, had nothing left for the second half the day, because, where open from ten thirty in the morning, until about six thirty nine and on the entire time. When you have a passion for sports, you cried at a precision game. I was just about to say, and the love of yours
does to the boy a passion is now turning on me when you haven't insanity for sports and your husband as to you find yourselves constantly debating the goats, so we decided to start of podcast. All about this topic is called the. Asked greatest combat greatest man, even greatest tailgate food. hello wing, Nachos Buffalo Kickin nachos. Now this is the type of marital compromise you'll also here, on a par cast. My husband comedian see day till it on out in my wife comedian, making gaily, and I will invite some of our favorite comedians insularity, friends, to help us discuss the greatest of all time across all those parts of sports, so listen and followed the greatest an eye heart radio asked Apple pie, gas or wherever you listen apart, cast
remember how the fourteen year old version of yourself, if you could write to that kid, what would you say? I'm Chelsea arson join me on my podcast, dear young rocker, were each week I write a letter to my younger self ass. She brings us back into the intensity of adolescence, falling in love with their favorite song. The way only a teenager can getting up the nerve
join a ban struggling with anger and body issue, crushing on someone so hard and can't believe around them experiencing how truly awful a first class can be feeling like you, could, first waning all anger or sadness, both in any second making a decision that could cost you, your friends, your ban and your entire social area. You're, not alone, you lived through it. We are living through it. Now you got this kid. During and after some soup and double Elvis, production has created a hosted by mutual consent and executive produced by J Brennan of disgrace, land, listen to dear young rocker. On the I hurt radioactive apple pie costs or wherever you get your podcast the temperature aside? What is it like to be part of that world for thought many hours a day for so many weekends out of the year on a good day? It's amazing so annoying where there are a lot of people in their playful. You you, re energised by the fact that people will play with you, especially kids.
I have no sense of self consciousness. They buy into it silly, they understand it's silly, but they love being silly and the actors love being silly to so. It really when you run to adults, who kind of have that that they built those barriers up were being silly feels like it's not right, bag, it's a little more challenging slow days or days when the weather is a little little rough. That can be the biggest challenge. It's not the fact that you're out there in those conditions it that the audience is in those conditions and they are less prone to playing little grumpy yeah, and so it means you have to work extra hard to connect with your audience, and that is what is exhausting gotcha. So, in addition to cost dams and what sort of historical research goes into building
character, that's an excellent question to him again. This depends very much upon the sort of character you play. Let me go through the character. Building process really quickly is pretty simple so you audition and once you audition, the production staff gets an idea of where you might fit within the hierarchy of the festival, whether you might, hence skew as more of a noble character or more of a peasant character one of the middle class. the idea being that, where would you be the most entertaining so We forget where you're the most entertaining than we start to figure out. What role should you fill in the festival and Oliver characters are very, very focused on specific roles and you'll know said: Amelia, for example, the fashion consultant to the queen is just where the color pink and she cut ties pink both on anyone who stands still long enough for her, and that's it. That's a fun character, trade, so
and in that sense, you're really constraints on the entertainment factor. First and history. for accuracy. Maybe fifth, six, that small, even second, really once you get that, though, you then have to start little well. We ve settled dearest fifteen thirty five. How would this silly character? How would this character inhabit that world? my case, I'm playing the part of the Lord Admiral. Now you there's an actual historical analog to that which I obviously could not be because the more than what the time of fifteen thirty five is, Henry VIII, heaps illegitimate son, who was a teenager at the time and only live to be about fifteen or sixteen years all before he died so can't pass for teach kid anymore, my thirties, and that that ship sailed a long time ago. So there are certain things I have to sacrifice
It is interesting when I run to people who have enough historical background to ask me tough questions about the actual roles, play so I've had people. Ask me about Lord Admiral questions where they clearly knew their their historical stuff, and I get to make up answers or they know, because I I gave my character, the titles of Duke of Suffolk and the count Lyle? That's Charles Brand, Marion one of Henry Sisters, clandestine rang. I had someone asked me about that. Could you comment upon Henry Sisters- oh you're, trying to trap me the keen sitting right next to me, so I very gently out of that before it became too big of a bit because the king, the guy, who placed the king, is sharp and he the stuff too, and he would have no hesitation in bringing me in front of every and punishing annexed to abolish them ass day, dear yeah, they they come
weird off in front of everybody management. I noticed that the bead they're gone now, it's Benito. You know we were talking about historical and accuracy with you I urge you and I wondered if you could just go up Some of those and then go over Yoda, I mean how often due to people coughing thou too. I mean that's your talking about people here clearly know their history, that the people ever come up to you with just random things about the festival that they consider inaccurate. Teenagers are really good about that. there's remained united left her ordinary, just just they just like to say just like to try and pusher buttons. So, though, point out for personal all the food at a festival I mean you're talking about food that is not period at all, and you will. I want Turkey like hearing or potatoes. which had made their way back to England. Yet or t tease, not that's your people
think about it? The queen loves her tea, despite the fact that the complete anachronism or the fact the wool quote Shakespeare? Who was not yet really a thing in fifteen thirty, five not being born there, a lot of little inaccuracies and again the the focus of the festivals, entertainment, not education or historical accuracy. That's why we we have love, hate relationship with the society of creative anachronism, which is a non profit organization. That's all dedicated about educating the middle ages up to the renaissance and including some stuff in the residents as well, and they can look down their nose with us and the some of them anyway, and the responses. Essentially, this is really it's entertainment. Firstly, we do not pretend otherwise, it is a renaissance themed, entertainment venue agenda, and so the food definitely not period allow the costumes aren't as well. I
early with mine. So I felt like I was all right, although I did where a cavalier hat, which was well outside the period of ordinary, the ape by the law, the queen's dry, in her ladys in waiting. They had bum roles which were not really used in in female costume female clothing until almost a hundred years, when the festival set, but it's an idea of creating this picture that people think of when they Reynolds Leverage, the renaissance and sort of gas, almost combining the whole long period of the renaissance in one day and you'll see your signature in earnest, then she was there. I saw him who we're, who had been dead. Almost a few decades by them yeah he's a very lively for a corpse. I know he is he's great actor replaced
great and indeed also see things like you. You'd see people wearing costume from different parts of the world and in different areas. So it's not just the renaissance of England that is represented, you'll, see clothing, that is moral, italian Aladdin They dance coin, skirt, yeah down very popular ok. So that being said, there is an educational aspect to the festival to that right. Now we have a student day every year, and this is a day when Schools can send bus loads of students to the festival, and we of a series of shows that are very much educational. Where we talk about historical, there's one that's about the wives of Henry the eighth and they give a quick run down of all the different wives, their fates. Why? Why Henry the ape have that many wives, what happened each one and business fun in that and of cleaves is traditionally played by a man who can, but
are there with theirs that there's also a station. It's all about superstitions during the renaissance, there's one on, the manners and mannerisms of people during the renaissance talking about the various customs and why they are the way they are in Some of the things we do today are related to what went on the renaissance so is an educational part of the Renaissance festival, but on a typical runs on cesspool day. It's not as bigger role, although we have people come in and ask questions the king and queen have their own little throne room area and there there, throughout the day at different parts of the day- and we often have people come in and ask questions then and were more than happy to answer them to the best of our ability. In that's one thing: that the king and queen are very good at they. They remember who remain.
There's more about different sections of our Lord Admiral. Why do you not answer that question? I would be most happy to address this issue nicely. Dont refusal ever ran over you never written now you make it up. If you dont know it if you make it up and you make it silly enough, people will buy it. Well, we're. Talking to the Tortuga twins, actually a little that they were telling us some of the things that kids are surprised to learn on those student days. Where that what is there anything that you think it's kind of shocking that people dont know when they come in yeah yeah, There is a good example where one of the kids piped up and was a servant, knowing all tight kid which, You identify with immediately that's my great there, but there's no way. We can ever say that no five self identifying know it all, but this and have also been in this position. This was a no at all who had something incredibly wrong and
he was looking at Henry the eighth and had identified this is King Henry, the eighth and pay up with where's Marie Antoinette town. Here, yes, and whereupon I got actually watched Henry, the eighth as an actor named John, I watch Johns face turned about eight shades. read where he finally was able to formulate a response that had no inappropriate language in it and explain that. That's not the right time at every turn night, another time period, not the right country, and that the young person should perhaps put down the Ipad and pick up a book that was that was the end of his little tirade as Erika or but we don't. I say that because maybe the kids should listen to the history well, that would also help Henry gave me. Listen to this John, I think, has not picked up on this report as yet.
So what are you gonna do now that you're retiring from the Renaissance festival? How are you gonna? Keep your renaissance, the sky. I mean I'd. Imagine after all these years you ve, developed and even healthier interests. Then a typical english major would have in the renaissance sure a well one. is that I it looks like I'm still going to have a hand, at least in writing some of the the scenario for the residents West will now the Georgia festival. We have sort of an over at a story that programme throughout the day, and that story is something that you can follow. If you want to Andy it's, it's not now sorry for you to enjoy the festival. If you dont encounter the story, that's fine, but if you want, you can follow along, I will still have a hand in that and opera. Please show up at least once or twice to do. I guess performance, and also I mean I am still I'm still an actor. So
me I'm going to go out in addition for shows that may have something to do with the renaissance. I I do love Shakespeare, so I'll, probably audition for more Shakespeare shows beyond I think I will go, is a patron and enjoy my time there in plain clothes and being able to whenever I want maybe I'll break out the admiral costume at one of our am Halloween day them is there some? Maybe I think I've already, maybe even better. I think a word once for tonight I never did bring it all into the office because it's it's heavy, I mean, when you add, in everything with the boots and the the the Dublin itself is quite heavy and then, if I bring any of the accoutrements all the jolly the sword. Good heavens, it definitely gets to two way you down pretty quickly. I may not even trying to use the lies materials. I had your still wearing multiple layers, so it's
it's a commitment, but I'm sure it be a big head around the office. I have no doubt about that. I well thank you so much for talking to us, Jonathan and Lord Admirals. Well, it was fun. We had a great time, the festival we had a great time seeing you in your other element, it sir. It's always interesting to see people. I know in my calling for real when they come in, especially if they dont realised that we do try and follow very closely the motto of do not break character. You try and find interesting ways to address people. You know that gives the idea of you what you're trying to to actually communicate but not break away from your character. All like calling us. Ladies
Yes, no one ever does not know where I do. I know you well enough, where the admiral obviously visiting royalty. Well, thank you again, Jonathan for talking to us and they had a lot of fun. We have any kind of fun article from the renaissance. I dont think we do. Jonathan, maybe you'll have to create one. We have. We have one on torture devices I think we might have one on Henry. The eighth shall we do. Actually, I think I added I hosted a thought of that. We have one on top ten heads that rolled during the reign of The eight likely the admiral's was not here. Jonathan will use. This picture is judged by our enemy, picture my head announcing across the screen, so you'll have to check that also email, as let us now about renaissance festivals that you visited in your town. I know they're all over the country and
having to compare notes, yeah different styles, each of them had imagined, fell, email throughout history, podcast at discovery, dot, com or twitter. It missed in history and were in favour and if you want to find that Henry the eighth article that Sir I was talking about which she added it, apparently you can look. by visiting our homepage, to beat a bit of? U dont, how stuff works? Dot com for more or less and thousands of other topics, as it has therefore, of stock com I'm pretty sure, I'm America's number one gossip colonies.
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