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Dr. Livingstone, I presume?

2011-03-23 | 🔗

David Livingstone was a missionary working in Africa, and for six years he lost contact with the western world. In this episode, Deblina and Sarah recount the adventures of Livingstone and Henry Stanley, the journalist who found Livingstone in Africa.

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Coming in this new, I hot series this time tomorrow presented my team above a business, join me as well. I shouldn am I cursed car price as we walk you through the true revolution in mobility that will change, The way we interact with the world around us join us, and here, just how close we are getting to a more connected This time tomorrow, is now available on the eye hot radio up or wherever you listen to port costs, Welcome to stuff you missed in history class from Housetop works, dot com Welcome to the pact as unfair, doubting and underlines our wording can today we cannot start caused lies in his early heard with dubious tv shows. Polly said it yourself, caregivers. after Livingston, I presume yeah, that's a lie,
maybe even play like Stanley Livingstone. I think I think I might have done that when I was a kid that was my first time that right there really my debut how about that We ve got it on on tape, though, that one regionally before it was spoken by Dublin. I was spoken by Henry Morton Stanley to Doktor David Livingston in eighteen. Seventy one and that's why well, she turned american newspaper. Men will explain that transformation. a little later found. The famous scottish explorer Africa. They were in this tiny town called GDP, which is now in Tanzania and it's actually just for a little reference. It might actually help to pull up a map or something for this package that just to give you of a reference? That's really near the National Park where Jane Goodall worked, but there interesting thing about this quote, the we opened up with is that Stanley may have never really said it in the first place. Livingston doesn't
JANET and the page where it would have been insanities journal was actually ripped out, but the two stole forever linked by this by what he sat near limits, because finding Livingston alive after six years, without contact with the outside world. Stanley into a huge journalists. Star, though, famous that he was ultimately knighted and being found, Stanley in turn, made living stand even more of a star than he already was kind of created, this myth of Livingston as the the Saint Missionary too, especially when he refuses to leave Africa withstand and go back home to England, he are you really can't talk about one of them without the other knows the urine lack, because this is gonna, be a dual biography podcast, which happen once in a blue moon, so go ahead and get started with a question How did Doktor David Livingston find himself in GDP in the first place? Well, it was largely because of his difficult Scott,
bringing and strict faith. He was born and eighteen thirteen and he lived with six of and a single room tenement. So really cramped space meagre beginnings, and he worked in a cotton at the age of ten, so so hard early life, but he's really interested and bettering himself and pursuing in education and in his early twentieth he became determined a missionary, and so he started studying away, he worked on Greek and medicine and theology, while he was still Can't the mill part time which I find pretty impressive. by eighteen, thirty, eight it really paid off and he has accepted into the London Missionary Society and his wrist Intention was to go, be a missionary and China, but the opium wars are the first opium war with going on at this time, and it was for him to go. China. So instead he wound up in South Africa and he had a pretty
adventurous live to say the least and South Africa. Yes, he did. He explored and travelled further north from South Africa than any other European had before him. He was also more by a lion, something that stuck with them for the rest of his life he had crooked elbow and had to fight again from the left. well. I wouldn't even if you didn't, have a cook it, although that would still going for awhile turn that he also in a gold battle from the British Royal Geographic society after Lady, an expedition that located Lake Gummy, but his real hopes for his time and Africa were Christianity, commerce and civilization, at least that's what he said earlier that we could have his his line about he wanted to do while he was in Africa and of course now it seems pretty. Torreon, narrow minded and kind of silly to think that this one man from Scotland can bring Christianity, commerce and civilization to an entire continent, but what Livingston was
hoping to do was to open up the continent interior and his is met. For that was was admirable. It was to try to create a trade route to the Atlantic that would undercut the slave trade. That was still and it was. It was pretty bad and he was very disturbed by it and wanted to figure out somewhere two to combat it yeah and if he converge some folks along the way more, the better he. That was something else that he wanted to deal very differently here. He's got very good, very good at it at all, and according to your Stanley, Livingston biographer TIM Chiel, Winston really only made one convert. This is truly amazing and convert lad later, socially, very unsuccessful. In that respect,
have amazing to when you hear that figure, which I think just emerged in the nineteenth seventieth, because Livingston does have such a reputation as this amazingly successful, missionary and explorer, but anyways, even if his missionary work didn't proved to be that successful. His explorations definitely made of a famous and he was especially famous than the eighteen fifty years which has after he explored this. I'm busy region and named Victoria falls there's queen Victoria again like popping up in feminine and after he got back to London from that exploration, he published missionary travelled and researches in South Africa and thought seventy thousand copies, and I mean this is he he was a little bit famous before those said. This made him into a superstar explorer as somebody who would be mobbed on the streets of London, you have it as next expedite,
was much less successful right. Yeah yeah, his wife actually died, his crew quarreled and he was recalled, and eighteen sixty three because not much came out of it. I mean, I think some scientific efforts came out of it, but not much besides that yeah, I mean cook for afraid that he die. If you stayed out there any longer, he asked in a really bad spot. He was getting older and he was pretty weathered from earlier travels. As you mentioned, will lie in Lyon, hauling lion, mauling injuries, still hanging around and causing problems and king engine otherness, Tina and illness you're right. But he'll Simeon Cash, one ass, great adventure, so maybe one last great adventure would do it and a best seller may be out of that failure. So that's what he's hoping to jail and, though, in eighteen, sixty four through Roderick Merchiston, who was the head of the Royal geographic society at the time, asked Livingston? Who is
old buddy to up to go on that one last one last track and try to find the source of the Nile so trying to find the Nile was apparently an old explorers game, one that had been going on for a very long time, perhaps starting with Herodotus in four Thick Stevie fee, but it hid Then, in the news, the lot at time. You know in the past few years because as recently as eighteen, fifty eight the explorer Richard Burton and her strange name that doesn't quite fit in that time, challenged his old buddy, the Royal geographic society at the time asked Livingston who is had at a lake that he named Victoria. So these two old friends we're gonna, have basically a an explorer talk off,
something like some sort of matter think it was built of the glad a tutorial match actually, and they were going to debate the claim that the Royal geographic society, but unfortunately speak, turned up dead the day before from a self inflicted gunshot wound, perhaps just overcome by the stress of this debate. though this was something that was on people's minds. Clearly trying to find the source of the Nile found the little old fashioned now bed with a big deal Yeah and Livingston wasn't one to back down from a challenge she accepted and he laughed August. Eighteen, sixty five and fully expected to come back in two years time, but his expedition off to a bad start right from the beginning, as we mentioned has health was not good. He had it these around about ways to get where he was trying to go and he ended.
But getting deserted by some of his followers who, after they deserted him, they cooked up the story that he was in fact dead, yet Ray they get in trouble. He just said: o Livingston died back on the on the trail, though, because this rumour now that he is dead and even know where it gets out within a year that he actually is still alive, he's really lucky to be so because another disaster stole his medical checks. He decided to keep going and I mean meanwhile, he was pressing further and further into the interior of the continent. and really didn't have any safety not from place at all. so by July, eighteen sixty eight. He was really just too weak to go on by himself, so he joined us arab traders, which is a moral dilemma for him because, as we mentioned before, he so opposed the slave trade, but they helped keep him alive and they helped him get to Lake Tanganika in February
in sixteen I'm your information. He finally make the two young way which is located on the lower level river, which is today in Western Democratic Republic of Congo, and at this point further West than any European who travelled and justice view a little idea of how isolated it is it's about one, a thousand miles from the Atlantic Ocean and about one thousand miles from the Indian Ocean Phil way way out there, ok, but there's one little care about hanging out with these slave traders from Persia and Arabia in Oman Mine, that Livingston is anti slavery and that their current work isn't very poor around the world, though They are willing to take care of them to give him food and shelter and to essentially save his life. I mean he would have been a lack out here on an, but they want, Let him send any letters home because then everybody will know from famous Livingstone exam
where they are exactly how far in they ve gotten to the interior. Though that's why Livingston even though he is alive in them. I well is lost to the world so in. In sixty nine, the young journalist Henry Stanley, our on his story a little, but he doesn't idea to his James, Gordon than Junior of the New York Herald, and he proposes that he go to Africa. Fine, Livingston, dead or alive and write about it. We cannot all be the biggest story of the year, so Bennett today seen its merits and Stanley is off on his most famous adventure, but he's pretty let wild life up to that point. He was well prepared for a few wild time here, in fact his name isn't even really Henry Stanley. Here he was born. John Rowlands in eighteen, forty one in Wales to Elizabeth Parry HU, I thought, described indifferent sources as a house
it or in one case the prostitute and John Rolling, who was likely the town drunk though he was raised, I unwilling relatives in other legitimate child and spent some time in the workhouse, and it must have been a difference. childhood for him, and it must have been pretty tumultuously round, but it might not be quite, is Dickensian ass. He made out to be we're. Gonna, learn over the course of Stanley Life that he is prone to exaggerating things or just outright telling lies. The work houses was pulling not quite as brutal by it age, fifteen. He decided to leave that. Nevertheless, an he hopes on board a ship bound for New Orleans and ends up taken. The name of the cotton merchant named Henry Hope Stanley, and this is one of the weirdest part of the story pinion again because of later sketchiness from Stanley. From the the new
Stanley were not quite sure whether relationship was because he makes it out to be like the elders Lady Henry Hope, Stanley without Father figure. You know somebody you pretty much adopted him and helped him get on his feet and he took his name sort of as an o, my term but He might have not even known more, not known him well, at least yet he could have done it. Strange arrived here. This newly made Stanley sets out, however, to American ice himself from this point, he picks up an accent. He joined US better regiment from Arkansas called the Dixie graze, any fights Shiloh. He is then captured, imprisoned at Fort Douglas and he said Besides who switches to the Union army he's given the option to either stay in prison or switch to the union? And not you know what that go get a Welshman anyway, so bad He desserts, however, any heads back to Wales for a little while yeah and it's interesting because
just stay in Wales. I think he's rebuffed by his mother. Again he comes back to the United States and he spent some time gold perfecting out West, and then he becomes a journalist, any report from places like Turkey. I were in Ethiopia. New Iowa doesn't sound quite as exotic that at the time, definitely, though, he had a good stories to be told out there. Yes, it does, wild roving life reminded me a little bit of an earlier pot cast. We did on the stars of the wild West. They all have. These lies with those just over the world. Crazy things happening. He certainly seems to attract adventure yeah and, at this point, he's ready for a new one and four fain as well. So that's why he approaches done it with the story.
Livingston. So he gets this assignment, but after just three months, any african interior Stanley as down forty pounds and he circle with malaria and dysentery and he's having trouble with his travel companions, his thoroughbred stew, and dies almost immediately one human travel companion dies of encephalitis, another tries to Stanley and then dies a little bit later and on his way to two Bora, which was this big Arabs rating town in the interior, so imagine a place with mansion than very built up. Stanley rights is first dispatch to the news if he hadn't really written much along the way, and he explains himself in this five thousand word letter thing. Essentially, I've been using all of my strength to
stay alive on the trail. I haven't really had time to write, I hope, Abiola more later. If you gentle readers will be willing to hear it, but he does give kind of an ultimatum about finding Livingston as he says, until I hear more of Livingston or see the absent old man face to face, I bid you farewell, but wherever here to be sure I shall not give up the chase if alive he'll hear what he has to say, if you dead, I will find him and bring his bones to you. I thought that was pretty germane to not just they bring back his bones. Brings still you, there are either deaths. The subscriber New York newspaper pretty wild though he is hanging out into Bora, not hang how you know recovering getting its supplies together, but, gotten word that a white man has been spotted in Ujiji, which is only two hundred fifty miles away or so, though, that's where he's gonna had
there are few roadblocks, like tribal wars, actually blocking the charted route, though he's got a beat this new path. Through the nor, in the other issue, is that he suffering from three broad malaria and having visions and delusions, and once he recovers from that miraculously does not die from it. He catches smallpox, though pretty thickly himself, certainly surprisingly, thickly to go out looking for this other man. yet so Stanley is not doing so hot. Meanwhile, in neon way, Livingstons little rest break thing to an end after some of the traders mass occur villagers so he's out of paper
This craziness is going on he's out of ink, he's writing on scraps with route die, but he basically has no help. So he fleas the situation. He did. He get sick again, whereas he does that he has a distant swollen feet. He has two Ujiji about four hundred to five hundred my away so quite the height for someone who is very ill definitely but he's hoping that when it gets to the consulate, they'll have sent supplies, but when he gets there, there's not anything. Yes, though, he is out of luck, Heath and you do you. Do it pretty isolated again and his options are essential to die of starvation and thickness or to become a beggar on the street, though if mauling over with this terrible fallen fortunes, and meanwhile Stanley is pushing through his for whom Malaria Larry his smallpox and he gets about half way two Ujiji through the uncharted territory and
November first, eighteen, seventy one he finally gets to the Malagasy River. Where this is this sad, a crocodile his donkey. Venus stallions already died that again shoot at him and now a crocodile its donkey. I feel it is almost right, a country song about answer it may have to be an alligator right, but by November tenth he and It's easy with american flags waving according to Livingston. However, it was actually time between October twenty fourth, twenty Eightth, but somewhere in that month, time for I think we can forgive them for getting a little off on their cowed. Oh yeah, but INA Livingston sees this American caravan entering with thirty and things that there must be some really traveler and I wonder what they're doing here and when he sees
Stanley, all clad in white flannel. With her, you know, I mean he looks exactly how you'd picture a cartoon explorer something he thinks that Stanley so proper, looking that he must be french despite the american flags and yet write something later, that's that's kind of funny. Essentially, he thinks I can't speak French and how ridiculous is gonna, be if we run into each other and we can't communicate. Fortunately, there Stanley. Is this Nouveau American speaks English and they have their famous conversation, Doktor Livingston, I presume yes, I thank God doctor I've been permitted to see you feel thankful, I'm here to welcome you with emotion, quite solemn conversation. Actually, I I looked up a Youtube video of the old movie and that's exactly how it goes dyke that egg, if they have different reflections on their words, still pretty
Are you? Ok, though, you think they'd be maybe early excited to see each other at last year, especially for everything they had gone through to find each other about regardless. Even The first meeting may have been underwhelming and they do become very good friends. Stay. We deliver supplies to living stand and Livingston takes Stanley on some exploring. Surrounding area. They go to the lake and adapts, got exploring together for about a month with Stanley sort of picking up tricks from me. the old explorer and by the time that their back to Ujiji, again Stanley still can't persuade Livingston to come back to England and it's it's kind of interesting sailors. Original plan was to go to find each other about regardless, even though their first meeting may have been underwhelming, they do become very good friends, Stanley deliver supplies to living stand and Livingston takes Stanley on some exploring traps around the area. We have a go towards
Livingston wants to keep searching for the Nile source than he is obsessed with that goal and thirty Part Wave Livingston is helped out by standing in our sale. I get them some supplies in man to go along with them and when they part Livingston them you have done what few men could do, and I am grateful and, though, that the end of living standard, essentially, he dies, may first eighteen. Seventy three and has art is varied in Africa and his body is Mamma fight and returned to England, where its varied in Westminster, Abbe Yang Stanley had thought he gets a scoop on May second, eighteen, seventy two, the headline Red, Livingston, safe and likely said earlier. I think they ran this trade that a year they really milk everything they can out of it, but that famous close we ve got to address that because it pretty unclear if Stanley ever even set it yet
swore that he said it. He mentioned the two dispatches, but it's not in his journal. Those pages are torn out. So has if possible that by the time he got back from Africa, the court which had gone ahead of them was way too big a deal for him to back out of and anyway we don't know if we set it or not. It's pretty well thought out thing to say it is, and even if it remains a mystery, I don't think it takes away from and venture that now just makes a good, not handsome, definitely Stanley over, regardless of whether he said the quote became incredibly If and after Livingston died, he himself decided to search for the Nile, thought sort of picking up this with old friends classed and his account really entranced the public. His is the counts of his later explorations, but they scandalised the world.
graphic society, because he resorts to violence and brutality with native people. He has he shoots people he hang several of his quarters. I think three of them throughout his career for deserting and that's how something that an explorer it's best to do. I mean clearly but The royal geographic society doesn't think so either it it's it's a different kind of man. It's not the explorer who comes and observes and take something home. However, people think the Stanley may have actually exaggerated. Thus, right I mean a lot of the violence and the casualties, expositions. He might have just been sort of inflating them to impress victorian readers because he wanted to put a good story out ashes, also disturbing to that vegetarian readers wanted as many murders as possible, but he was a boaster and it is really hard to tell with his life what was backed and what was fiction, but.
reputation definitely got worse when he assisted kingly, uphold the second of Belgium in established trading post at the Congo River, so essentially opening up Congo, all the way up to Stanley Falls and Stanley falls, of course, is the thought that later called the inner station by Joseph Conrad. If any of you have read heart of darkness, you know what kind of atrocities occurred in the belgian Congo is possibly a subject for a very bad podcast, very deeply disturbing podcast, so the fender lasted before, but just this association with kingly uphold the second and the belgian Congo really has forever tainted Stanley. His name, I mean, is probably best associated with Livingston This comes in next. He was also damaged by his third and last african expedition in the late eighteen eighties, and this was due mainly The behaviour of his recall him. The man who is left in charge was killed and most
mostly whisky, air, James Jamieson bought and eleven girl sold her to cannibals and watched ass. She was killed and eaten and he drew it. That was the point of a document. The whole thing very disturbing and obviously even a little too much for these victorian readers who, like as much blood and violence, is possible and when he comes back to England, he through a career change. Essentially, he gets married, he adopted son and he was re naturalised as a british citizen and goes on to become an MP. of all things. He has a country's d. I mean it's just as such in life in going from a workers to Africa to countries state. But I don't know I guess that's Henry Stanley for you, yeah very strange ending to Canada
Desire, adventurous lie there. Definitely, though, I mean that's, are doing goofy one guy and that in a country state one guy ends up with his heart buried in Africa. In his mummified body in Westminster, Abbe say that's a pretty and for both a figure that about wrapped up do a biography of family and Livingston, and it brings us seal listener mail fifth emu is any in Kentucky and she wrote dear Surrender Billina. I just finish listening to your pockets. Unlike the bad boy covarubio, my brother and I went to ITALY, and we called the caravan GEO exhibit with your right. Lighting is very dramatic. The rooms are quite dark when you combine that with the content of its work we ve been hearing barrier actually had to drive,
brother, kicking and screaming to the museum, as he is not the art history, enthusiasm that I am, but once he was there and thought of it, he was looked and bought a few bucks Caravaggio at the gift shop will have been for and armed with high from ITALY. I made a mark. for that. We need about the street the worries and explained above a contact between, among others, to darting, though I thought that was interesting story tell his great here. He becomes an art history to the little moonlighting might be holiday and getting to see him personally now here in the story is one thing, but turning to actually go out there and seen in industry happens, I see the works that we talk about is really cool. Definitely, and I thought this was of no to that. Polluted in especial blood addition listener mail as well, which is something the start looking out for
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