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Duke Kahanamoku, Part 2

2021-03-17 | 🔗

Part 2 of our coverage of Duke Kahanamoku's life delves into about what happened to Duke after that sudden onslaught of Olympic fame, and how it wasn’t really what Duke expected. 

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the annual Average Otto Insurance savings by new customers, Sir eight and twenty nineteen potential savings will very discounts Mary and are not available in all states and situations. Welcome to stuff you missed in history, glass, a production I heart radio. Hello and welcome to the pond gas, I'm how we try and I'm trade thinking well then So in part, one of this to partner, we talked about Duke Economy, goose, early life and how he went from being an unknown hawaiian kid to finding himself. the star of the nineteen twelve Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden, or at least one of the stars. There were few others. Today we are going to talk about what happened to Duke after that sudden onslaught of fame and how it really wasn't quite would Duke exe. Did. We are gonna, pick up a right where we left off. So if you skipped part one,
I feel a little last year, Duca automakers love of outdoor sports helped popularized beach, volleyball in Hawaii and beyond, as well as are complaining of writing a boards being told by a motor boat. He was invited to join the Outrigger club that had once forbidden his membership, and he did accept that he knew that it would help they're, all of the sports, but he loved. So much if you joined yeah, he really had a big sense of lake all eyes B. I'm Hawaii and spreading hawaiian culture and ways he could do that and he seemed to be willing the web Bygones be bygones in a variety of instances if it would help any of that and help Hawaii and his eyes. But one of his most famous surfing feats, which continued to put Hawaii on the world stage, happen in nineteen seven seem, and the story is that he served a wave forum I'll or more, that distance, his ship,
over the years. There is no exact way to measure it at the time because it was out in the water catch waves, it wasn't like you, is on a course and ask a hot. whose legend guru over the year so did the length of this right in various accounts. But he was really cool, impressive. It probably was at least a mile, possibly more, and this event is Nick named Carcano, goose quote long ride and caught him ok later set of it quote. I never caught another wave anything like that, one the Golden One, that I treasure- and I am grateful that God gave it to me- there were two significant deaths that happens not long after that famous moment. In August, nineteen, seventeen Dukes Father had a heart attack and died almost instantly at the age of just forty eight and of course this was emotionally harrowing, but it also puts Duke in a position of being researched
sensible for the rest of the family three months after that, Queen Lily or Coloni died after a stroke and do who was perhaps a wise, most famous resident at that time was asked to be appalled error at her funeral. And, of course, if you are paying attention to the timeline, we're in my warm one time and during World WAR when do contributed to the war effort in his own unique way he toward the? U S, doing swimming exhibitions to raise money and these exhibitions also included instructions in lifesaving which to me, is kind of the neatest part. The Olympics, of course, had been cancelled, and that was a huge blow to an athlete. who was celebrated by the world, but it was also said
going financially just to maintain amateur status for games that were no longer happening. He did move into a job eventually as an underwater inspector for the public works Department, while he was in Washington DC during this tour and also awaiting orders to be called up for service. Duke Cotonou became ill with the flu that was rapidly spreading around the world. At that time he was actually really bad shape when a former girlfriend intervened and got him some medical attention when he got home as the war was ending, Duke had lost more than twenty pounds and he looked in his own words. Like a ghost when we ve talked about that pen,
flew being really hard on otherwise young healthy people. A lot of the time. I took a long time to recover fully and once he did recover, he continued to compete as a swimmer, but his performance, even after he had trained and regained his strength, was not what it once was Duke spoke about. How cross training specifically in rowing had not really been the right thing for his swimming muscle, walls and the press was kind of unkind. There were article skewering do in accusing him a basically being a big baby. One was so unkind. Calling
Duke dropping out of a competition as a matter of laziness. The duke actually file the libel suit in the spring of nineteen twenty Prince Edward, who would later become King Edward, the eighth and his cousin Louis Mount Batten arrived in Hawaii and they wanted to learn how to surf. Everyone knew that Duke was the person to teach them, and he did. He took them to ride waves in canoes and on his surfboard, Prince Edward found the whole thing thrilling and quote jolly good fun. He also told Duke it was the first time he had been able to get away from all the news, cameras and security just as quickly as the hawaiian press had turned on Duke for not winning race is it.
ah did him for making this connection with the prince and representing Hawaii so well. Also in nineteen twenty do who had refocused and really started retraining and started winning races again was once again chosen for the: U S Olympic team, the travel to Antwerp, Belgium, strip actually had kind of a harrowing moment early on when the athletes were boarding, their ship in New Jersey, and they saw on the docks dozens of coffins carrying the bodies of U S, soldiers who had been killed during the war, the ship they took. The princess Metallica was dirty It was in poor repair. There were a lot of issues around it that got reported to the limit committee. It was that bad there were rats and other problems, but got him. Ok, you helped keep the team. Spirits allow oft by playing his ukulele singing in the evenings and when they arrived in it
work. There were more reminders, though, of just how much the war had impacted everything. One of the biggest ones for Duke was that sessile Healy, who had been a competitor and a friend, had been killed in action. A hatamoto once again meddled in the same two events as he had in nineteen twelve, those with a hundred metre freestyle and the freestyle relay this time. He too come gold medals and both the conditions that he was swimming and were not favourable for him at all. The water was very cold estimated to be below sixty degrees, Fahrenheit or fifteen point six degrees celsius, and that makes it even more impressive that Duke not only one hundred metre finals, he also broke his own world record. He came in at one minute four tenths of a second and remember this- is meters not yards if you're thinking about that hundred guard record that we talked about earlier starting his swimming career, various actually didn't stand,
though there with controversy about whether another swimmer had interfered with a third competitor, and it had to be re staged, do still one, but not as fast as that first time, and then he immediately take a nap under the stance and once again, almost miss the final for the two hundred metre relay the natives. If there were an olympic mapping, competition do come on a monkey, would win gold, silver and bronze every time he was so so good at maps. do may have also played for the: U S: Water, Buffalo team at those Olympics as a substitute. There is no evidence one way or another, and there are different versions of the story. Do said a few occasions that he jumped into the water because a couple of the? U S, players had turned blue in that very cold water we mentioned and had to be removed.
another member of the? U S Swim team Helen Mimi gave a different account that the swimmers basically formed an ad hoc team when the polo team refuse to play in the chilly conditions, They were such a mass because even even of the rules of the game that the referee quote was laughing so high he merely fell off the high chair. He was sitting on the rosters for this particular match or incomplete. So we will never know what really happened. One thousand nine hundred and twenty was also the year. The duke introduced the idea of surfing as an olympic sport. So it would seem that things were going beautifully. Duke was thirty. He had solidified his standing as a champion. He had continued to really do Hawaii proud, but he didn't have any real career plans or training. He took a couple of jobs. He fell back on the taurus aid, but he just wasn't financially comfortable in the nineteen twenties, even though he was still swimming competitively. Do
to figure out a way to make his way in the world shifted gears to start an acting career, starting in ninety twenty two. He lived primarily in LOS Angeles for this new job can over the eight years between one thousand nine hundred and twenty two and one thousand nine hundred and thirty. He acted in more than two dozen movies. He had actually had a bit part well before this of the nineteen fifteen Hobart Bosworth Film, the beach comber playing a Hawaiian, who saves the main character from drowning. So this is a He could earn money that wooden compromise of amateur athletic status, but the move to California was also emotionally really heavy. He had to leave behind his close knit family. It was just a hard decision. There had been so many ups and downs for him and the press and regarding his financial standing. The whole thing was this complicated and had a whole lot of layered confer
thing: feelings yeah, dad multiple peoples have commented in various places about how I'm comfortable he was talking about money. So the fact that he was struggling was lake. This double layer of of just problematic stuff but we're gonna talk about how things played out for him in Hollywood and we're gonna do that after we first pause for a sponsor break, a car max were pretty flow. without how you can buy a car if you'd rather scroll through fifty thousand cars instead of walking the lot go for it If you want to see our car smells on the lab before you bite by all means, We all have our things want the holes, the common EU, without ever leaving home by online, compare how the speaker sound when playing your favorite mixed? You visit our lot. And if you want to browse a little on the lot and select markets have delivered at home were certainly not stopping you car max the way it should be you
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so some argue had envisioned being a film star, but it pretty quickly became apparent that Hollywood was not ready. For a non white lead and movie, so he was, We gave it to small parts, he didn't staying caliphs, though, because he really appreciated all of the outdoor sporting opportunities offered. He started work
yet the Santa Monica Beach Club as a lifeguard to make ends meet and as a side effect, he helped popularize beat volleyball there. He also gave swimming and surfing lessons to actors to make extra money and he joined the LOS Angeles Athletic Club, so he could use their facilities to train because he really wanted one more Olympics in nineteen. Twenty four Duke who, at this point was thirty four participated in the Olympics in Paris. His younger brother, SAM, had also qualified and the same event and the kind of local brothers swam. The hundred metre freestyle this time Duke what a silver has competitor Johnny Weiss Miller took on the gold and, yes, that's the same. One who went on to play Tarzan and films. Are the press had played up this rivalry between the two swimmers and Duke had one?
the beat him, but he was also really gracious about it. Sam Cotonou, one, the brides and, incidentally, do consumes. Brother David was also on the. U S swim team: that year, yeah that was all were oh, come on a logo ear for the Olympic Swim team. There is A story like much mobile later on their legacy of the press tried to play this up as like this big, rivalry and they ended up really to be pretty good friends, and there had been stories that Duke and SAM were trying to lake intimidate. Why smaller on the deck which doesn't sound quite right, but then why smaller later said? No do just told me like, let's get the top three for the? U S, however, it plays out just as long as we all get there together He was a little more in line with what we know about him, but after the nineteen twenty four Olympics,
Duke Return to LOS Angeles and in another cross. Over with a previous show topic, he signed an acting contract with Adolf lookers famous players, latchkey corporation, which of course became more well known once its name was Paramount studios and we mentioned earlier than he appeared in more than two dozen films, but the actual number is unknown due to the fact that many films, that era, we're not preserved and have been lost time and because Duke sometimes appeared in part,
They were so small. They did not merit a credit. There is no way to get an accurate number. There are people who have gone through films have been like. I think. That's do Conklin background, but I'm not positive. That's how like uncertain made us, but he did become lifelong friends with famous director John for during this time. After appearing in some small parts in a couple affords movies one of the surprising ways the Duke made headlines was an event that took place in nineteen twenty five, the fishing yacht Thelma helmed by cigar, store owner Myron Bland, had ventured out despite danger. Flags flying in the harbor off corroded Omar, Duke in his friends, happens to be camping on the beach that weekend and caught him oak, who saw the yacht get slammed by a huge wave and capsize. He immediately grabbed his surfboard and paddled out to the boat, where passengers were just tangled up in the ropes and equipment. He managed to get three people.
the board and thread paddling back to shore. His friends met him in the water and then relayed these rescued boaters to safety Duke made two more trips rescuing a total of eight people himself to other bystander. Seeing what Duke was doing had also made rescue runs in a total of thirteen people were saved, but five drown that day and while the people rescue spoke of Duke. Is this wizard and Savior who had pluck them from the clutches of death when he was questioned him how he managed to rescue. So many people, the Hawaiian, asked, really did not say much true to form is only response was I do not know it was done. That's the main thing by a few tricks. Perhaps
later that same day, when the warning light on a jedi was knocked out, it was once again Duke in his friends who sacrificed their own safety to restore it rather than risk other boats meeting the same fate as the Thelma. It was thanks to the events at Corona Delmar that day that paddle boards became standard equipment for lifeguard stations. While commenting on this outcome, Duke noted, that quote, some good sometimes comes, from the worst of tragedies, and that was a huge story, but throughout his life do catch me rescued a lot of people from drowning as part of his serve club that we mentions. He and his friends routinely helped people who had gone out too far and found themselves struggling, and while he was preparing for his first a limping, he had rescued a man in Atlantic City who had passed out
from intoxication and fallen into a pool. He had also saved another surfer on that same beach, Coronado Marm, but that fishing boat made huge news. It was in the papers all over the world. So finally Duke realized, he was just not going make it big and allay, and he also missed home desperately. He was heading into his forties, and he went back to the islands in early one thousand, nine hundred and thirty. He rekindled his love of surfing and spent time with his family, and he once again assumed the role of tour guide and beach companion to any famous people who visited found work as the superintendent of Honolulu Harlay, where the city's government was housed. This job was tat
It is a sort of honorary greater position, but the reality was it. He was doing labour to maintain the grounds and the building, like literally mopping floors, mowing lawns painting things general upkeep Duke later called this job official toilet, cleaner, Duke tried out for the nineteen thirty two Olympics, but he didn't make the team. He was forty one during the trials. His legs just didn't have the stamina for the hundred metre race anymore. He would start strong, but then finish in a more disappointing way. He out with the running of the games in LOS Angeles and sometimes reported that he was an alternate on the water polo team, but there is really no official record to substantiate that when do back to Oahu after those Olympics, his superintendent job was eliminated about point they offered him,
the position of janitor and he turned that down. He took a job instead as the manager of two gas stations for union oil saying to the offer heck. Yes, I'm not too proud to pump gas dick had another job change in nineteen thirty. For that year he was elected sheriff of the city and county of Honolulu. He served in that role for twenty five years. He was re elected thirteen times, and this may seem like kind of a strange move, but when he was still young, Dukes Father had moved into a job on the police force. There was an element of family continuity in this dedication to serve. Additionally, in the years leading up to dukes first election, there had been a lie of ongoing racist tension between native Hawaiians and the white population that had moved to the island? including a lot of the military men that were station there. This most famously manifested in the tragic value Massey case when Massey, who was a Navy wife, falsely accused
I've men, some of whom are native Hawaiian of beating and sexually assaulted. Her that case may be an episode when I'm feeling mentally strong enough for it. It is very ugly while Duke was not a particularly ambitious or power hungry man, though he had a way of putting people at ease and getting along with everyone's So as the sheriffs race was coming up, he kind of offered a choice for some one that might help ease the tensions in Honolulu and after was elected for the first time he took out an ad space in all the papers, thanking the people for his win and promising to try to live up to their trust. He may not have been ambitious, but Duke was also not afraid of hard work, and this share of position was a really good match for him. He work to improve the local jail he made. It appoints a visit jails and police stations and other cities when each
coupled to kind of gauge areas were Honolulu, could improve it. One of his ongoing projects that just he could not get support for it was a huge like we need a new jail. This one is really not good enough in part because when he first herded everybody else from it like it was apparently just easy to walk out of it. He was like why even have it took a very long time to get support for that move in nineteen thirty, six dukes mother Juliet died, and this was of course very difficult for Duke and all of his siblings, who just adored her and when she was laid to rest. It is said that the family had two full truck loads of flowers brought to her grave. We are about to the time and dukes life when he met and befriended heiress Doris Duke before we get into that, we will hear from some of our sponsors: hey it's Holly,
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She was a tobacco heiress who had come into millions at the age of twelve shows a had like kind of staggered pay out through her life ass. She made third and she lived her life seemingly without any restrictions and Doris and the commission. who family became very, very close, and she seen perch land on Oahu near them, where she built the first million dollar home there? That was designed by Marion Sims Wyeth and it was named Shangri La Duke's brother SAM taught Doris to surf, but she was linked romantically to both SAM and Duke rumors release world that, while her husband, diplomat James Hr Cromwell, was staying in the continental us to send to his career, Doris and decor. Essentially, living as a couple in Hawaii Doris became pregnant at the end of nineteen, thirty, nine or early one thousand nine hundred and forty and the paternity of that child who died not long after she was born,
I've been debated ever since, but do was enrolled in a relationship with dance instructor, Nadine, Alexander and maintain forty and the couple married in August of that year. This has led some people to speculate. That Doris Duke was more likely to have been involved with SAM Kahan Imo Coup D later Lounge Duke and the money for the purchase of a home. Yes, she was really very close with the entire family. And Duke indeed, were genuinely. Do play in love. Nadine was, in Cincinnati Ohio and had actually swooned over photos of Duke in the papers as a teenager. She was fifteen years younger than he was and she ended up in Honolulu when she took a job teaching ballroom dance at the royal hawaiian hotel. It said that the two of them just loved more than anything else to just dance together, which is so sweet, but this marriage was perceived by sea.
as a betrayal on dukes part of his hawaiian heritage. It was even used against him in the nineteen forty election insinuating that he was now anti hawaiian. That was a criticism he was actually getting from both sides of the political divide. He still one that election, but he also switched political parties from Democratic Republic in after the Democratic Party, Rep Ray it is about being disillusioned about Duke following his marriage. Duke was Joe really. I mean we keep talking about how beloved he was and he was well supported by voters from both parties. That switch really did not change much when Pearl Harbor was bombed on December seventh, one thousand nine hundred and forty one duke in the dean or eating breakfast at the Outrigger Canoe Club do called an acquaintance to make sure it was a real attack and not the local military base
from running some kind of a training maneuver when he confirmed what was happening. He and the de made a run for the safer shelter of city hall because of its position, as Sheriff Duke Cotonou, had to oversee the really inadequate city, morgue and inspect potential dig sites. In case a mass burial plot was needed, Duke went on to set up a citywide alert system in case the additional attacks Followed that one following the war, he became a supporter of statehood for Hawaii. This obviously was not something everyone, one in He also signed a deal for his name to be used in marketing for a low hotshots made by clothing Company Cisco casualties. This was not the first such deal he signed, but it was one that had
during the continental us to promote the product with Nadine at his side and one thousand nine hundred and fifty five Duke had a heart attack and spent ten days in an oxygen tent. He recovered and was sent back home with instructions to follow a limited diet, but according to the dean, he didn't always follow that from that point on Duke had a number of health issues, including asthma and ulcers, which the beam believed were the result of his keeping his emotions bottled up. Yes, she definitely made clear that she thought him being nice to everyone all the time, no matter what they did to him was part of the source of his health issues in nineteen thirty six. He went to the Olympics again this time, not as an athlete he was sixty. Six at that point, but as a representative of the United States, anyone as many of the swimming events as he could, he was apparently really blown away by the swimmers. Why that their bare bathing costumes had gotten sleeker and allow them to be fast
in the water, but also he said you have been really really wowed by their training regimens when the games were. Duke Nadine towards Asia, together on August twenty first, nineteen, fifty nine Hawaii gained statehood, and while this was thing that Duke had supported afterwards. He watched wrongs of people move to the islands. Waikiki quickly grew into a tourism village. He might have started wondering if that had really been the right move. Things took an even more troubling turn when the sheriff's office was eliminated in a city reorganization that meant that kind of mocha was out of a job. He was eventually given a job as the city's official greeter, but that paid less than nine thousand dollars a year here that pay or lack of it was recognised as wrong by a lot of people. There was no lack of awareness regarding just how much Duke had done on the world stage
to promote Hawaii and represented in the best possible light, and at that point he had been doing that for almost fifty years, and yet he was taking her, Just a little over five hundred dollars a month after taxes, as he approached his seventeenth birthday, and it was the need for a more substantial income than that that lead, Duke, with the help of talent manager, Chemo Wilder Mcveigh, to open a restaurant and night club called Duke behind a mockery. Of course, that was an waikiki to get it on the tourist trade and to help drum up business Mcveigh, hired Don how to play things picked up. Mcveigh also organise surfing contests branded with Deuce name to keep public interesting, Kahane Mocha growing. In March, nineteen sixty two duke spent a week in a half in the house,
but all for his stomach ulcers. Two months later after he took a hit the head on his catamaran, he found he was unable to stand any was rushed to the hospital with a diagnosis of a blood clots that necessitated emergency brain surgery Duke was conducted into the swimming and surfing halls of fame. In the second half of the nineteen sixties, it was an honour, but it was also when he really didn't have much time to enjoy in nineteen. Sixty seven has also had gotten so bad that he needed several blood transfusions and he had to have an operation that removed almost half of his stomach. He recovered, but on January, twenty second main had sixty eight Duke had a heart attack. While he was working on his boat and he died in Honolulu at the age of seventy seven. His ashes were, of course,
sent into the ocean in a ceremony where they were escorted on a surfboard atop, an outrigger canoe. There was flanked by several more canoes. It said that hundreds of surfers paddled out with them when his family and friends got to a point where they couldn't go any further Nadine dropped. The box containing his ashes into the water do was inducted into the: U S Olympic Hall of Fame in nineteen. Eighty four, six years later, a statue of Duke was dedicated it. Why
he key on his one hundredth birthday aim. There had been efforts to erect a statue of him when he was alive, but the whole thing made Duke really uncomfortable and he was pretty relieved when the plan fell. Apart at the dedication ceremony for the statue, Nadine told the crowd quote. I hope you will all come to the beach and visit him because he doesn't want to be lonely. Another statue of Duke went up in Australia and ninety ninety four also with Nadine to champion the project Duke received numerous other posthumous honours, including having image on a: U S: postal service stamp, which happened in two thousand to before Nadine died in nineteen. Eighty seven she set up a nonprofit. The outrigger Duke Economy grew foundation which funds the present. sure of hawaiian Water Sports am Grant scholarships to students from the islands.
In a move that remains controversial among dukes family. She bequeath trademark rights to his name in likeness to the foundation visiting a. Why who it's easy to see how important Duke Hatamoto was and is to Hawaii and how he has become the iconic embodiment of the Spirit of Aloha, but when you think about the entire culture and sub cultures that have been born of Deuce influence in Hawaii and beyond its really staggering, his casual fun approach to surfing, really defined the sport and, in turn, that same vibe defined the skateboarding culture that sprang off remit, entire companies that manufacture boards, clothing, footwear, etc. All of that intended to capture that feeling have been launched and a lot of them too great success because, of course,
everyone wants to have a cool and relaxed style and feel- and you can draw a line straight back through history to that laid back beach, culture and Duke the honeymoon coup. He impacted, Hawaii and other more concrete ways as well. If you have ever visited the harbour national Memorial in Honolulu, which is quite a thing you and if it had from the work of Duca honeymoon. He raised money for that permanent tribute to the? U S: s, ears, owner part of what made Duca Hatamoto. So winsome was just as endless modesty when he competed with a club or its heem. He always wanted to celebrate the group rather than himself, even though he was easily the strongest swimmer. Among them, and after his first famous winds and his first official races and nineteen eleven, he said that it was the waters of a lot who that were really to be credited quote. Our water is so full of life.
The fastest in the world. That's all there is to it. I love that he gives the water credit for cigarettes. The water, great. I really love him. Yeah meets here I'll meet you we'll talk, How much we love him in our Friday episode, but yeah. There's there more fun stories about him that didn't quite fit into this. These two episodes so on Friday, I'll try to pepper a couple those in. But for now I have to come a males about grand central station, the verses from our listener, Kate Lamy. He writes high Ali Tracy. I just finished your episode grades. frustration and I agree I miss travelling so much. This will come up in our other one, but it really is grand central terminal fisheries in
which I spent a semester in New York, it working at a Broadway theatre about two hundred yards from times square. There were two possible routes from the subway for my student housing. Take too trains and walked from the north, avoiding times square or take only one training cut directly through the square. Naturally, did the latter, this horrified, my boss, who was born in Britain. order, but I told him I mean it for the stories Josh Labour that day a pigeon flute, likely into my face. It merely got tangled in my hat so green of salt on the practicality of my advice, Scott, a story out of it. I hope you enjoy my avian encounter Caitlin I do it's. Fantastic also makes a erect, innovation, and then we also got a note from our listener Christopher.
its dear Hollywood Tracy, my husband and I are long time, listeners and first time, emu wish to your show. We started listening to your show during weaken trips, we took to visit family, but we were both in grad school and twenty seventeen and we ve been hooked ever since, We literally can't find any more episodes in the archives that we haven't heard so now we await each episode quite eagerly. We just finish your episode on the history of grand central and loved every second of it. We are huge fans of the grand central complex in its history. We both grew up along the metro. North commuter lines- I grew up Hudson line adopts ferry and he grew up in the New Haven line enlargement when I was a child. hold. It was a big deal whenever I got to take a train into the city and enter grand central, usually to see a Broadway show, your podcast alluded to the structures, both our design,
Yet there is really no way to capture the feeling of grandeur when you step out of the train platform into that main space with the vaulted ceiling, an astronomical design, which fun fact is actually accidentally drawn backwards. As a teenager, Slash college student slashing adult the clock in the centre was always the assumed place to meet up with foam never even a question. My mom worked in the city and she has a fellow history, but she never hesitated to share stories about the buildings history, like the ceiling, restoration or how the building was saved from the same fate as pen station, due in large part to the work of Jackie Kennedy. One piece of info them. My mother always reminded me about the structure: is it the building his grand central terminal, not station? The reason for this is that no trains go through the station. Every train either originates or terminates there. I wouldn't be a dutiful son. If I didn't mention that is, I believe you switched between terminal in station at several points during the
I guess I thought it was an interesting point about why the building is actually a terminal. I think we switched it over when it transition criminal, but I could be wrong. I'm not above messing those up, that's for sure thank you so much for the work you are doing. Your podcast was a vital part of getting my husband and me through a Phd in law, school, respectively boy, congressional, is to both of you- you shine a light on formerly marginalize stories- are those that are often framed as ancillary too big history and its such important work warmest regards Christopher Christopher and Jordan, such a sweet email, and I love it, and I love hearing about people, the our native New Yorkers that love New York as much as I do. Probably more so. Thank you so much for sharing. All of that. I hope I didn't mess up those those stations and terminals, but I probably
we would like there. I do as you could do so that email is history podcast it I heard radio dot com. You can also find this on social media at missed in history, and if you'd like to subscribe to the past its easy as pie, you can do it on the eye hurriedly lab at Apple pie, gas or wherever you listen to you. It shows that EMS District Class, the production of Iheart Radio, for more broadcasts for my heart, are you busy by her radio, have added mankind's or wherever you listen to your favorite chose? This episode is brought. You buy clorox, so the things that I been doing and pandemic is one of my best friends and I we occasionally needed to borrow things back and forth or loan things, and so one of us will occasionally go stay outside the other ones house, while the other stamps inside, and we drop the thing in the driveway and sometimes we have a little chat. But
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