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Edna St. Vincent Millay, Part 1

2014-06-16 | 🔗

Known as Vincent to family and friends, Edna St. Vincent Millay grew up poor, caring for the household and her sisters while her mother worked. From an early age, she showed incredible talent and sowed the seeds of a life of passion and impressive poetry. Read the show notes here.

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This episode of stuff you mustn't history class is brought to you by the completely redesigned twenty twenty Ford explorer. This is not a vehicle is going to take you to the moon or to the bottom of the sea, but it's one that you can use for all kinds of exploration and adventure and your everyday life azure going around town if you're travelling does going over to the grocery store to get everything you need for your kids birthday party once again, that is the all new twenty twenty Ford explore. The greatest exploration goal of all time. I'm pretty sure I'm America's number one gossip column is. I tell you about my new celebrity podcast naughty but nice. rob shooter Every Monday, three thursday I'll be joined by some of my fellow gossip reporters and maybe even a celebrity or two to serve up the freshest tee
Listen, I'm subscribe on the eye, radio up apple podcast or where ever you get your favorite show. welcome to stuff, you missed in history class, from how Support Stockholm and welcome to the buggy asked Wilson and I'm Holly problem how you know what I did this began to do, but tell me again with the endless they visit my ways how to adapt. Pretty So a lot of people have asked us to talk about Edna statements, him away on the pie cast. She was a poet and a playwright and generally fantastic character, so interesting and she definitely has like there's a cold.
Personality thing with her people just a door her. While acknowledging her flaw well on PETE, when she was alive, people adored her, sometimes to their own detriment, I know I mentioned to you when we first time on this subject that I had a high school teacher that clearly just loved her and I he would literally see show like a slide show and whenever she would come up in this particular lecture. They are just be. Are you just sign of its dark at her for a minute? We all felt comfortable, but also charmed right You can go to her home, which was called people top, and you can take a tour of the grounds toward the house, which is what I did and we're going to talk more about that part in the second part of this to part episode, because, as such,
happens. There's a lot there's a lot and it it blossomed into something that required to part talk about. So today's episode we're going to go from me, no Edna, Saint Vents, Emily is born until she gets married. Like that's going to be today's episode. And then the next episode will cover the remainder of her life. She, as that Put her into the larger than life category for pretty much the entirety of that for sure she definitely, you knows an extraordinary person in many ways. Yes, in the truest sense of the word, so known as then sent to her family and friends events. Have away was born on February, twenty second eighteen, ninety two and rockland main, and while her mom was pregnant, her uncle almost died
doctors at Saint Vincent Hospital saved his life, and that is where her middle name came from and thence. It was the oldest of three daughters of Cora and Henry Millay Korean Henry actually divorced convince. It was young Cora through Henrietta the House in nineteen o one in three years. His involvement in the girls lives was really quite limited. I was pretty much just letters and occasionally a little bit of money. More often, it was letters that said he would be sending them some money soon, but the money you there wasn't there yet or he didn't have it in hand tat. There was a lot of making money, but I haven't gotten pain, yet kind of young language, so
two koreas, letters and witness testimony at the divorce proceedings, Henry was abusive and he also gambled families money away. What events biographers Nancy Milford also suggests that Cora may have had an affair that kind of prompted her to actually end the marriage instead of continuing to soldier on through it quarrel with skills, hair, Weaver and she also studied nurturing and to support herself in the girl. She found work as a private nurse, but this work actually kept her away from the family centres for weeks. At a time when it first they were dependent. Relatives to look after the girls were Cora worked, but set back after setback sort of kept unable to really get on their feet when she was nine Vincent and her sisters almost died of typhoid and they still survive because Cora nursed them all through it. Not long after she got her divorced from Henry
also herself got a that was so severe that her brother arranged life insurance for her. If you're wondering it was not, the spanish flu was too early for that. Vincent youngest sister Kathleen also got polio in and had ongoing neurological problems, afterward, and no matter where they were. For many years. Evinces childhood the family was sort of constantly struggling. There were kitchen floors the flooded and then froze over when it was both rainy and cold. They can lemonade out of lemons and that situation, because the girls with ice gate on the floors. At one point they couldn't afford coal to heat their house and they resorted to supplementing a loaded it that Korea sister gave them as a gift with shingles that they ripped from a derelict house that was next door. Knacker would like climb up and with these singles, often throwing them across the fence for the girls to go and pick up. Finally,
Cora found the right combination of housing in work was a run down house in Camden Main or they could get a brake on the rent if they helped fix it up, and she got nursing work near by the house was empty terrible condition, and they were in that right from the beginning, but Vincent Life at this point finally started a little bit of stability. Then it also had a lot of work when Cora was away, which of course was often and for long periods of time. Vincent was in charge in this. Wasn't Likud? Don't just make sure that your sisters don't start sort of in charge. She was really running the household. She managed the budget. She thought all the cooking and the chores. She looked after her younger sisters from the time she was about twelve and she was so exhausted from all this work, because that is a great deal. Asked the child that she ended of getting sick about once a month, so their existence was really frugal bit. It gradually moved toward a sort of semblance of a middle class living
Cora sometimes seem resentful of how much the girls were, spending on things like beans to eat and dresses too, where to school, but they also had thanks to her a life that was really rich in literature and music. The family got musical instruments for the girls to play and Vincent learn to play the piano and core also developed an immense library. It was actually recognises the biggest and best one in the area there were volumes and volumes of books they were full of plays. There was verse and corn nature, her daughters, read the work of masters, Vincent learn to read by reading poetry, and this library was as important to her young work as a poet and writer as anything that she learned in school. Far we get to her Scully airs. Take him
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Vincent was stubborn and brilliant. She was very responsible at home. She was looking after everything, but at school she was wilful and disobedient when she was in the eighth grade. She talked back to our teacher, who was in the habit of calling her any other woman's name that started with a v instead of Vincent You did this one day and she insisted that Vincent was her name. Her teacher was, We fed up with her that he threw a book at her found, probably not flying today. There would be some police and involvement. And thanks to her mothers, intervention Vincent was allowed to skip directly to high school, rather than having to stay in the class at the teacher that she had such a contentious relationship with their. He had really much that you ve been ruling the school or too long. She started publishing, poetry and a children's magazine called Saint Nicholas in nineteen o six when she was about team, and a year later, she won the magazines highest prize, her prize winning poem com.
Rather than having to stay in the class at the teacher that she had such a contentious relationship with their. He had really much that you ve been rulings. We're already from the age of fifteen spotting that she was really gifted is a poet and she also started to pursue acting more seriously, and that was something that she took to very naturally, and she wasn't just doing this in school. Plays she actually started acting at the camp, an opera house starting in nineteen o seven, and that would require heard a rehearsal every night, and that is key to mind on top of her school work and all the work that came with basically being the head of household in terms of other domestic needs and taking care of her sisters, so kind of a pact schedule. Yes, he was, she worked herself to the bone Alla time subduing or high school years. Events have started writing in her diary about sort of conflicted creches. She wanted to be loved and to be in love, but at the same time she kind
boy would just hold her back. She have things to do. The boy was gonna get in the way of that. I can understand that I feel you Venza You and I are of one heart While she was popular with the girls, the boys in high school, not so much, she was a very smart is mentioned. She was really headstrong and she was really honey in that rubbed them. The wrong way was a bit much for teenage boys. Again, the probably story, that's familiar to women still today, eventually vents, it would grow up and she would become famous for her love palms. you would have a whole string of lovers who fell absolutely deeply passionately in love with her, but in high school, even when the boys, start to pursue her. They mostly just tried to make a miserable her senior year. She wanted to write the class poem
The tree was already deeply important to her and writing. The class poem was an enormous honour and she was clearly the best poet in the class. There really would not you're, to be any question about who should write this and at the honor should go to her, but a group of boys who had made it their business to torment her. The interrupted her whenever she talked they taunted her and they certain ganged up on her these boys all banded together to nominate a classmate who is actually a terrible writer to run against her? was destroyed and soak humiliated that she pulled out of their race. Her mother suggest
That's really deliver her commencement essay inverse which she did, and this was poor consolation because it wasn't the honour that she had wanted, but it did kind of let her get the last word and away love after graduation ass. She could not afford to go to college, so she stayed home and she actually took on even more work running the household so that her mother could spend more time with her nursing work. When she was very lonely, she still deeply wanted to be loved and she started conducting this sort of ritual seance in her room every night to try to summon a dream lover to her death the thing that went on repeatedly for a while until she actually made some changes in her life in February of nineteen twelve, when she was twenty fencing got word that her father was dying and at this point she and her sister, I have not seen him for eleven years, but she went to king than me.
To look after him and when she arrived, the doktor told her that Henry was probably only gonna live a few days it most but well Vincent was there. He actually define expectations and he started to get better. Venza stayed with the doktor. He was taking care of her father and she started passionate and passionately physical relationship with Ellis Somerville, who was the daughter of the doktor? That's his home. She staying at relationship and their trip seem to really revive Vincent who, at that point, had really gotten just exhausted and burned out on everything from you know, trying to write running the household to all of the things that had gone on in school and when she got home she went right back to rating poetry and within a few months she finished her very long, very exuberant poem.
Sense, which she had started before she left at her mothers encouragements. She submitted renascence to publisher, Mitchell Kinnersley, who was holding writing contest on July nineteen nineteen twelve she got. Where is that and accepted to the Lyric year, which was the anthology that was to be published of the best entries since a sort of news that she was in the running for one of the three cash prizes. That would go to the top three in the contest and what followed was a flirtatious correspondence between Vincent who at first thought. She was talking to Mitchell Kinnersley himself in an editor who thought events. It must have been a man. It turned out that the person
she was writing to was Ferdinand Earl and their letters escalated until his wife found one of them and it began to undo his marriage. It turned out that he was writing to other entrance and making them promises as well. So there was definitely some shady business going on with Fernand Earl death when he realized tat. She was a woman, she sent a picture and it just ain't got really racy end Why not going well for any one of the situation so along the way along Ferdinand Earl had basically implied two events and that she was gonna win one of the cash prizes and when she didn't, she was crushed and her family really desperately needed. The money, and the fact that she came in fourth place was no consolation to her, Nor was the fact that when the book came out, there was a specific mention of a poem like in the editors noted the beginning. None of that really made up for the fact that she needed that money
and didn't get it. When the lira here was published, it made huge waves in a literary community letters port in from writers and poets, who insisted that the judges had in fact made a huge mistake and that in essence, was clearly the very best thing in it's kind of unclear exactly. Why give? This unanimous outpouring Vincent didn't placing the contest really to the entire literary community, seem like an obvious and bone heavily stupid, maneuver its past all that she was her own undoing through her flirtation with one of the judges and has consequently his wife finding out about it, is also possible that her sex played a big role. The three other winners were all men and the grand prize winner or at Johns, called the award quote unmerited and said that Vincent's poem was obviously the best thing in the book.
In the end, though it all actually worked out for the best getting renascence published in the Lyric year brought all manner of attention to Vincent, including from many prominent poet poets. His work was also featured in the book and the spotlight on her was even brighter, because so many people felt like she'd, been Rob, says she kind of though she did not get the cash prize. She really got all the attention right before we talk about the awesome things that attempts and led her to brief moment forward from a sponsor super about homer is the newest resort destination in the Bahamas? Comprises three: in front hotels in high it s so less in rosewood sword, sits at the heart of beautiful, cable beach, it's a short flight from the. U S, and fifteen minutes from the airport, making it credibly easy family getaway any time of year, there's something for ever Hamas. Eleven sparking pools and miles of beach mean fun in the water for kids animals with ample. seating uncomplimentary, water, sports kids have
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calm, flash history today terms and conditions apply, so one of the most amazing things about renaissance. Besides the fact that everyone was completely fact that a woman and a young woman at that had written, it was, but at this point Vincent was almost entirely self taught poet. Her public education had been pretty or in quality, and she had had no college instruction at all. Not long after the poem was published. Vincent gave a reading of it at a hotel where her sister worked in the audience was Caroline DOW, an executive director of the wider. Will you see a who thought that Vincent could go to college and she knew wealthy patrons who Four. Do it so events and got a scholarship to Vassar, but because her high school education had been so terrible, she needed take some sort of remedial classes to get her knowledge up enough to pass the entrance exams.
After doing some Coursework Barnard College, to get ready, she started Vassar in the spring of nineteen, thirteen and Vassar. She was vastly popular she had a series of sometimes overlapping romantic relationships with classmates, including Catherine FI, lean and Catherine tilts, who she sometimes played against one another so that she could make the other jealous, and she came to be known as the Sappho of north. At the same time, she was carrying on an ongoing affair with her editor Arthur wholly and a shorter one with nicaraguan poet. Solomon the silver? In part, what was also to try to make coolly jealous and one His many many beautiful love letters to her. They were Salver described her ass quote a wilful princess loved of many loving some man wooden Wanna have
written about that here there there is an enormous body of letters both by her and about her into her in there of a lot of them, are by men may, like exceptionally gifted writers that she was involved with into there's a whole beautiful body of love, love letters to Edna seemed to existing in various places about the world and on top of writing and starring in play, a wooing, so many of her classmates and, of course, actually attending classes and studying rolling college Vincent broke. Kinds of rules. Had she not been such a prodigiously, talented poet and already quite famous, she probably would have been expelled. She had in the words of the dean, quote, a combination of disregard for college rights. She even got suspended the week before graduation because she was supposed to be confined to campus we're having broken previous.
rules, and she laughed and even though she had written two of the songs and a whole lot of other material that was going to be used in the graduation ceremony, she was going to be prohibited from walking across the stage. She was only allowed to graduate with her class after her mother wrote a letter in her defence and the rest of his student body. Like hundreds of them, I mean not night, not half of them, but approaching half petition and protested em on top. Of course, work and her incredible love life and her social life. She managed to keep writing this whole time and most of what was in her first book, renascence and other poems was written. While she was a vast and in spite of all her Heller raising or she was there, she of men had managed to arrange a scholarship for her sister Kathleen to attend the college's well, so she without doing all kinds of wild and crazy things in partying and having life adventures, but she was also like taking care of business the whole time
after graduating she moved to New York City. She was hoping to continue her work as a writer, while also making a name for herself in a world of theatre eventually her sister Norma, move in with her also and the two of them share in an apartment- and this was such a vastly different world from Camden where they had been growing up, and you know even from Vassar the two of them practice wearing while doing their their needlework, so that they can get used to having most people's we're doing needlework. If something goes wrong, it is to have themselves now I sort of love idea that there they were really practical things. Concurrently, yeah. They were propagating, saying bad words, while, while doing your work so charming how the two young women have very little money and when their mother heard that they were living without
sort of heat she decided that she would move down near herself. She brought with her a pound of tobacco in a court of gin for her daughters, corrupt lived in Greenwich Village, with her daughters for two years, that was from eight nineteen, eighteen and nineteen twenty she looked after them, but tried not to get in the way of their very bohemian lifestyle which full of writing and drinking and parties. Vincent's income came from writing an acting and gifts from her many friends this was really slow going. I mean she had established that she was very gifted, but she was sending poems after journals and getting rejections back. She really persevered and eventually she was getting published in vanity, fair, her vanity, fair,
Edmund Wilson would eventually proposed to her and she would turn him down shadowy with editors. She had a way of getting proposed, while living in Grinage Vincent finally met poet, Arthur Fifty who she had been corresponding with since renascence was published in Lyric here, and he was about to go off to war. They carried on a relationship in letters and sonnets and later in person that would go on for years. It's it's hard to say who the love of Edna seamen that Malays Life was, I really feel like she had several and- and he was one of them- it mainly nineteen Vincent finished. What's considered to be her greatest play. Aria the capo which broke box office records and went on to be perfect. all over the world. She continued to act in place until the nineteen twenties when her writing career started to actually overtake her acting work. So
one events and most quoted with bits of verse, which, if you have heard anything about her, you probably have heard, is about burning ones. Candle at both ends and that's really how she spent her life in the village. She would just drive herself to exhaustion on work and drink and love, and then she would have to take to her bed. She would fain or she would collapse and something we have to come. Look after her when she finally left the village bound for Europe. She was just completely drained physically and emotionally, and while in Europe, She travel and she wrote and she became increasingly ill with an ongoing stomach problem, her family trying to convince her to seek medical care, but she refused and Cora finally went to Europe herself to try to nurse her. She had seen Arthur Vicki a few times in your also and about the same time as her mother came to look after her. She got the news that Arthur who she had really hope. She might get married to one
they had divorced his wife, but also part of the same news was that he had also met someone else, Gladys Brown, who he would later Mary Vincent headed back to the states in January of nineteen twenty three and she handed back to the village. Her mother went back to mean, having got undiscouraged with her inability to get Vincent to see it for her stomach problems. Everybody was really seriously go to the doktor point like it was alarming. Everyone. that year at a House party, she ran into you Jim blocks of an so, I meant to say we had a lively discussion in the visitors centre people's up about whether its blocks of an or loss of aim, so we sort of settled on both of em yeah. So she her eyes she ran into Eugene Glass of an who she'd met briefly out of previous House Party and nineteen eighteen. Nineteen,
three party was a pretty awkward one for events, and a lot of the guests were former levers of hers. He were in attendance with their wives, and her stomach was also really bothering her. Eventually I mean she was one to have many loves. I would think if you travelled in her social circle, it would be hard for her not to be crossing path. a lot of people she had been romantically linked to yeah. They just I'll, have disappeared. The same party, because a lot of this was from the Greenwich Village time and her home in an effort to try to cheer Vincent up, decided to play a sort of improv Game and Vince and huge were tap to improvise a scene about two lovers, but it was obvious to everyone that there was some actual real chemistry between them and their relationships started immediately using was a widower who was born in Amsterdam, his first wife No HOLLAND was another Vassar graduate and an activist for women suffrage mentioned actually met as well in school. You didn't,
China's had not lasted for very long, because only three years and she collapsed during a speech that she was giving and died shortly thereafter after she died. You, didn't moved to the village and started an important business and me. Eugene at that House Party and nineteen twenty three very likely saved Vincent's wife. He got her to finally do this thing that everyone else had been unsuccessful in attempting to get her to do See a doctor, I'm sort of aside note right as all this was going on in April of that year, Vincent learned that she had been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for poetry, so very heavy time in her life and not long after doctors decided Vincent Stomach problems which are theorize today to be Crohn's disease. We're going to work surgery and she wanted to marry Eugene before the procedure. In case something went wrong, so they
on the morning of July, eighteenth, nineteen, twenty three outside the home of a friend, then since veil was a huge length of mosquito netting that her sister had found on a porch Their pictures they're a wedding pictures in the visitors centre at Steeple top and their very striking, because their black and white pictures and and she's wearing a dress. I don't remember what the actual color of it is, but it's dark in the picture business but he's wearing dark clothing. It is how it comes across like my picture with this, just enormous volume of white veil netting flowing down behind her. So there are fifty and Gladys Brown we're both their and Vincent sister Norma and her husband, Eugene borrowed the cooks. Ring hunting was happy.
When he realized tat. He had accidently misplaced, Vincent's loops of Vincent went in for surgery that evening and during the procedures the doctors essentially rebuilt her intestines, because membranes and inhabitants had made them completely dysfunctional and once Vincent recovered from surgery. You didn't take her on a honeymoon around the world they travelled. All over the place there, there are souvenirs, I'm from China that they brought back with them in there in the home as equals, hop which seems like a very happy place, supplies until we come back to this story and the next episode yet will
this happy part, yeah. Well, there's more Howdy part still to come here. You know if you want a hundred percent, maybe not a hundred percent. If you want to really happy ending store, he may be put off was things apart, but dont really put off listening the party if there's a lot of awesome stuff, that is still gonna happen in her like yeah, but there there is also some trouble to come down the road. We will also talk a lot more about little top. in the next episode because it became it was where she lived for the last many years of her life, and it allows it is like an extension of her personality, which is not really surprising. We have somebody who puts a lot into the home that they live in very coolly. listen to me that I feel this is from an Marie Anne Emory says I just listen to your latest planned cast at having. We think a lot about a book. I read recently for my book club called the child catchers, rescue trafficking and the new gospel of adoption
by Catherine Joyce if they're well, researched and important work. That goes into many of the problems that plague international adoption today, while many if not most, people who adopt internationally have only the best of it to evidence of intentions. There are people involved in the process who used the demand for children to make money, and there are people who adopt in order to convert children rather than to help them. So since I didn't say clearly before this came following our orphan trains opposition to go on with the latter, one important thing about discusses how certain segments of the adoption community have rallied around claiming There are many millions of orphans in the world. The number they use, one from UNICEF that actually includes children who ve only last one parent and children who have lost both parents but still have relatives who can support them, who we would never think we're taking away from a family in the United States. Often this belief that
Are so many children in need of adopting collides with reality and potential adoptive parents are shocked at wait times and demand legal reform to speed up the process which puts these children's lives even more in jeopardy of dangerous adoptions? The author shares stories of parents who think their children are going to be students in the. U S, Sir Hugh shame who are ashamed to thinking that they need to do what's best by giving up their children and many countries Orphanages are used as temporary assistance for parents when times are tough and parents are shocked when they return for their children and they ve been adopted out abroad. One group that is doing good work as parents for ethical adoption, reform adoption isn't the problem in itself. It's how its implemented, because it can easily go so wrong. All my best Emory. Thank you Emory for writing this letter to us actually, my cousin and his wife spent a year of their life and newlyweds country? I'm going to say what country does in cases is wrong. There
living and working at an orphanage in that country. Shut down international adoption within the last couple of decades. Because of a lot of the issues like these that come up here and they were like, we, we need to stop, contribute and to this is a problem we didn't really go into. An orphan train episode out of the problem is that you continue to plague the adult adoption and foster care systems today, yeah. They definitely are present here, both in the U S and abroad, and when there are problems everywhere, it's a very difficult issue. Yet yet, like you, you hear some part of stories sometimes about people who effectively round up children, take them to another city to be adopted to somebody who lives abroad, which is heartbreaking.
we were not intending to gloss over that. It wasn't quite part of what we were talking about a particular thinkers. That's the third part of timber, the lots of happy things. It just happened to Edna semblance of allaying story miss in history. Our website is missed an historic dot com and if you would like to hear a little more about what we talked about today and go to our parent website, which is how to work stock farming, but the word poetry in the search bar Twitter is wisdom, history or tumblr. Is MR history tumblr com and were also on Pinterest that countries that calm Flash missed in history. Our website is MR history dot com and if you would like to learn a little more about what we talked about today and go to our parent website, which is how to work, started the word poetry in the search bar and you will find out how it works. You can do all that and a whole lot more
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Everyone. I'm Katy courage here to let you know that my podcast next question with me: Kate. Incorrect, is bad for second season I'll be done, and to some big issues like this country's devastating maternal mortality rate, the rise of astrology and a little called the presidential election listen to next question. It comes out ever Thursday on the eye radioactive apple podcast or wherever you. your favorite shows,