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Ghosts of History: A Haunted House Tour

2012-10-22 | 🔗

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, the tragic histories behind some homes are enough to send a chill down your spine. In this episode, we look into the real stories behind five historic houses that are believed to be haunted. Tune in to learn more.

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Every Monday, three thursday I'll be joined by some of my fellow gossip reporters and maybe even a celebrity or two to server the freshest t listen subscribe on the eye heart, radio, up apple podcast or where ever you get your favorite show. Welcome to stuff you missed in history, class from Housetop looks like hello and welcomes the pod cast, I'm going to check boarding and unfair, and we recently didn't at the summit on Delphin, Lala really and reformer mansion at eleven forty Whirl street, in New Orleans and french quarter, which some call the most haunted house in America and we about some of things that people have seen and experience fair, but, of course,
There are many hundred houses throughout the country in the world that are historically haunted, so to speak, so we thought it would be fun to cover a few more of them in our own little. How will we haunted house tour. Now before you start emailing ass already, we D realised that talking about goes and hauntings on a history pad maybe a little bit controversial, since we did normally, of course, try to focus on things that are indisputably based on fact or at least theories. But we think that whether you believe in GO sir, not you can appreciate the history behind some of these homes, regardless some of their history that even lead to them being regarded as haunted. It's pretty fun stuff and a lot of cases, or at least two key for hollowly. and in cases where history does amounts to little more than legend. We aren't
try to do our best to point that out, as we did with the lorry at third of separating the fact from the fiction, so that let's go ahead, get started two hundred house on our list. Has aback story. That's actually very similar to that of the lottery mansion in that the creepy legend that's linked to it has to do with the mistreatment of slaves and is quite possibly largely embellished or even entirely made up. The legend were owing to the legend of Annie Palmer, also known as the white which and that's not the white which meaning the good. Not at all. So, as the story goes, any was born in England or Ireland, some timid about eighteen, o two, which was still very young girl. She moved to Haiti with her parents and it was in Haiti that she was said to have learned all about voodoo from her haitian nanny, who is supposedly
They do priests desk and eventually Annie's parents were said to have died while living in Haiti and some believe that at that point, any was raised to adulthood by this voodoo priestess, though steeply video from an early heavily influenced by a yes and Annie wanted. and the way for her to get that was to marry a rich guy. So at about seventeen or eighteen years of age, she moved to Jamaica to find herself a well to do husband. She John Palmer owner of the rose, whole plantation and according to an article and canadian travel pressed by Ian Stalker about two thousand slaves that lived on that plantation as well. and John and any married, and about eighteen, twenty or so, but any soon grew board of her marriage in a few years in she was having affairs with slaves, perhaps because
they clashed about her indiscretions or maybe just because she didn't want to wait to inherit his fortune any killed John Palmer by poisoning his wine according to the rough guide to Jamaica after that, first, marriage is us Said to have married three other guys and killed them as well, something that really reminded me of dolphins, legend as well Meanwhile, though, she just kept having affairs in and not just with slaves on the plantation, but also with other employees there just ass. She was to do things all of these folks, though I didn't mean that she was being nice to them descriptions of any Palmer as a extremely cruel slave owner rival. Descriptions of delphinus lorry, like I just meant, only seem Connally twins Alma, were keep bear traps out in the woods to discourage slaves from running away. She apparently like to stand out on a second floor. Balcony and watch slaves be mistreated as if it were some sort of
down at the Colosseum and she had her slaves, kill people for her to in and then have those slaves killed by other slaves so that they couldn't talk and tell eventually, though, as the legend goes, all this violence did come to her. She was strangled in her bed by the grandfather of a pretty servant girl that she killed, because the girl happened to catch the eye of unease lover S was in tune in above ground, coffin in the EAST garden of the house, which apparently is still there, and people tried to cast spells to confine her to the tomb, but many believe that didn't work and that her go still HANS rose Hall, along with the ghost of the people that she killed so fast forward in a few years, and a family bought the home in nineteen o five, according to a book called the world's most hundred places by John Bellinger, but they quickly moved out when it
Made died and mysterious death fair. She apparently fell from a balcony. She was push. They believed by some known forest, and this was the same balcony that you mentioned that unease and out on and watch right get mistreated. So in nineteen sixty five, then a couple of entrepreneurs from the United States, John and Michel Rawlins bother.
And restored. It turned it into a museum, a pub gift shop, Banquet Hall, the bathrooms and gives sharper apparently located in the dungeon of the house and today, visitors and employs claim that they can hear doors slamming screaming, sometimes, windows closed and can't be opened, no matter how hard the staff try on a note of that, so little kind of a symptom of being in it to make and climate guessing. If its anything like Georgia, that or goes you never know. According to buildings book to some staff, members have even inspectors, although it happens to be male employees who see them more than women for some reason, you're not sure. What's Goin on Arabs have firm, maybe just a cheese to pick on guys a little I sense that you she had her affairs worth that those events ten to the actual documented history of any Palmer, though, have come up empty handed. It seems like she, never really.
existed at least not in the way people think that she did. According to Polly Thomas's rough guide to Jamaica that we mentioned there was an Anti Palmer, there's, even a concrete gray for her. If you take a tour, but she doesnt seem to have any real connection to this legend that we just recounted for you. She might have been confused with Rosa Palmer, who was the original mistress of Rose Hall Rosa also had four husbands, but she's remembered in. Quite virtuous, still many continue to have these spooky experiences at the house and over the years mediums claim to have sense. thing here, so kudos, what's going on, maybe there Mortar Rosa, perhaps then be historical counts. Tell us now. That would be interesting. Wouldn't it if some research went into roses life because of these proposals, haunting, if there's anything, to define who knows so that we, that was a good spooky start to theirs, but we're gonna get
Even more historical, I think, for the next line in the next century, which is belittling hall, is got some familiar familiar names and people who pay upon the podcast before someone that I think a lot of listeners will be familiar with the nuts and the Henry that a second wife, and mother of Elizabeth, the first and the how she's The heart is belittling hall, as events and in Norfolk, England and that's her childhood home. So just a little background on Berlin was born about fifteen o seven, the daughter of Sir Thomas Berlin, and she was introduced to the english court in fifteen. Twenty two, of course, King Henry, the eighth, had already had an affair with an older sister, but when he met any fell in love with her an however refuse to become his mistress, though Henry started the process
divorcing, Catherine of Aragon and ultimately, after many many years, went by and became pregnant with Elizabeth, the first and, at that point, a really bad. The the divorce up with Catherine and were secretly married by June of fifteen thirty three and was crowned queen, but I mean everybody knows where, with this story goes after Miss carrying a sign and was unable to produce the male air. That was, of course, let Henry the eighth really wanted, and so, with various political intrigues going on, he ultimately had her charged with adultery and in fast, and she was beheaded for this made. Teeth: fifteen thirty, six, so good grounds. I'd say for a haunting. Yes, in every year, on the anniversary of her death hands, headless ghost said to visit Prickling hall in a carriage driven by a horse with the headless writer, she's supposedly holds her head on her lap during these days.
So pretty spooky. Some other ghosts are said to haunt the place to ends father Sir Thomas, who, according to an article by Nick Mcdermott and daily mail, is supposedly curse for doing nothing to save his daughter. Other goes. The ten to frequent buckling hall include Sir John faster a fifteenth century knight who sold the house to Sir Thomas, and he was Shakespeare's Falstaff inspiration. Suddenly, these hauntings are starting to found a little more funding. To me I mean if the real life Falstaff is hanging around that sense, better than the care headless rider in the carriage and had on the lap. That's true. I see that Harry Potter a little bit there, the fun ghost you know I get it. I see where you goin and other ghostly rest of boiling Hall is Sir Henry Hobart who was killed in a dual there in sixteen ninety eight, so visitors report.
Being them especially close to May nine so for some reason they all kind of come around during the anniversary of ants, beheading, very interesting and then, according to a two thousand seven article in the telegraph volunteers who work at blackening hall have spotted some other unusual things going on at the house, including a grey lady whose done homes comes through the wall and then disappears again and in two thousand and seven. The now shown trust actually need whittling hall, never one on its list of Britain's most haunted historic property. So clearly Some of these stories have gotten some contraction over the year, yeah, according to famous ghost unhonored places by Gordon J Wench Diane can well, and Jonathan Sutherland administrator for the National trust supposedly saw Hence goes fair in nineteen. Forty six,
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being on the next entry on our lives are going ahead south, for it is considered one of the most haunted houses in Australia and its located in Geneva and New South Wales of an area of the country. We talked about quite a bit last year with Oliver Outlaws. It was built in the late eighteen, hundreds around eighteen, seventy six or so as the home of the Crawley family, though Christopher Crawley had acquired the land it was built through the Robertson Land ACT of eighteen, sixty one an act that basically trying to get rid of squatters in the area by allowing free electors to purchase land for a quarter of the purchase price as long as the purchaser intended to live on the land. This reminded me a lot of thou alive, said by Christopher and his wife. Elizabeth through this process got a whole lot of land under the act. And even though they had a lot of land. Initially, they kind of struggled at trying to farm. For a couple years, they lived in a little
on the homestead, didn't have a whole lot of luck. It wasn't until the great southern railway started up in about eighteen. Seventy eight that their fortunes finally began to turn around the crawleys in the hotel right across from the railway station, and became very wealthy and bought up more land in the area they built a grander house on their property, as their wealth brought them better standing community think it was about eighteen, eighty four, so that the
and but that old, saying that money can't buy you happiness that old, cliched saying it truly does apply here. Several unfortunate events happened at the homestead answer: the family that ultimately added up to a rather troubled history. The first one is the true tragedy: a servant drop the Crawleys daughter Ethel, who was only an infant at the time down a staircase and the little girl was killed by the fall afterward. The servant chalked up the fall to some sort of unseen, for she said that echo been pushed out of her arms by some power. She she couldn't see, or now they had seven other children who survived about nineteen. Ten Christopher Crawley died at the age of sixty nine, heart failure after getting an infection, and after this Elizabeth Crawley became something of a recluse just that, aside
you here, she is said to have been shunned by locals because of her aboriginal heritage. So maybe this had something to do with being out at home too, not just the fact that she's grieving about her husband were not entirely sure, thereby she supposedly left the homestead only twice in her remaining twenty three years of life. There's a darker side of this this, but this year is alone, though, in the house, a lot of thirst and say that MRS Crawley started acting very cruel toward her. Hence after her husband's death. There are some sources, including Anti Klein AIDS article in the daily telegraph that suggest that it was both mister and missus. Crawley, who were pretty tough on their servants even thing they quote, rule their home with an iron fist but might have been Missis
according to an article by day on a platter in the Sunday male Missus Crawley, also always wore black dress, is a lease cap with a keep and a bearded collar all things that sounds to me, like distinctive ghost outfits, the very good point you have there, but there were several other deaths and acts of cruelty that occurred while Missus Crawley was living in the house, there was a maid who fell from How can he died according to climb? The maid was said to be pregnant, so is unclear whether she was published or committed suicide in this since there was also mentally impaired man, supposedly the housekeeper son, who was chained up outside of the main house, in what used to be used as a dairy room for almost forty years in nineteen sixty
The caretaker of the homestead was shot dead. Also in that dairy room by local kid, who'd watch the film psycho three times before heading up their creepy modern addition to this, Elizabeth Crawley, Thou died and the rest of the family left the house by the late nineteenth forties. But even though the house was put up on the market, it failed to sell for a very long time which left open for waters and vandals who really took their toll on what had once been considered a beautiful home. So the house was in pretty bad shape when Reginald Ryan and his wife olive finally bought a place in nineteen sixty three and once they were there, they started noticing some pretty strange staff to, for example, according to platters article, they drove up the long driveway one night in thought that, basically, all the lights in the house were on
but by the time he had pulled up to the house. All the lights went off and they heard sounds of kids voices figures that weren't really there by. Apparently this is not a turn off for this new property had by a word to bothered by it and instead they stayed they authentic, clear, restored the property and eventually they open the house forego stories and they themselves acted as as towards you can still do. I think, an platters article Ryan actually said quote it changed my life, meaning the house changed his life, from the day I saw it. I love this place. They'll have to take me out feet. First, I'm going to be the next so I mean I think, if you're going to live in a dream, yeah yeah that's right attitude to have their so told there are said to be up to seven ghosts residing at the homestead, a man, the brown suit, with a long white beard
in spotted, for example, and assumed to be Mister, Crawley, Missus Crawley is thought to be hanged and as well, and apparently makes her presence known in homes, drawing room in the past and she's done this by taking down a giant tapestry there. I'm not sure if you that's what I mean they heard her distinctive outfit. That would be good to establish that for a few years before you come back with a ghost than people another year, yet the term. So there are supposedly some others spooky things that sort of tat people off to paranormal activity in the house and that these random called spots as you walk through the house Also, several visitors have experienced strange asthma attacks in this kind of fifth Creasy out there. Just fine We like the year are struggling to breathe and certain spots and then all of a sudden it passes almost as quickly as it came on the cord or on the second floor I think, is an example of one of the places where this happens. A lot
some people also hear piano music, that there's not a piano in the house and according to clinics article guess, sometimes your kids playing out back around four a m. and the owner Ryan. He says it's always around four, a m for some reason that he doesn't know. I grew BT. Oh yeah, it's the little things like that that that seem more disturbing then like there's, Falstaff, locking. Ok, though, our next entry is a truly upsetting story and as the prelates noticed by now, a common theme with these stork a hunted homes is tragedy and, and the next entry on this list is really a prime example of that, though, will start with the sad event. It aren't you, ninth, nineteen, twelve Joe and Sarah more and therefore kids had out your service at their presbyterian church in the world.
The Iowa Melissa at this point is a quiet. Little town people who live there are, for example, lethal doors unless that sort of thing according to a salon, dot com, article by Nicole, check the Iowa touring out. just nympho Esker quote one of the finest cities an estate. So it was It is a nice little town eat, maybe even someplace. You would want to go visit the moors home that night, oh changed. All of that they came home with two other kids in tow Lena and I'm still ensure who were friends of the more kids. cylinders, we're gonna be sleeping over that night. No one's quite sure what happened after that, but the next morning and neighbour named Mary Peckham, who is sixty three years old around that I'm notices that the more house is unusually quiet.
Joe more at that time, ran a farm equipment store and typically got it pretty early to do, chores before having to work and Sarah, usually gotta kids up early and since the eldest kid was only eleven. As you would imagine thing, pretty noisy is not at all quiet, so merry goes over and knock on the door after a while when she does a hearing a thing she thinks this is weird, so she goes to check it out. No one comes to the door and she gets more concerned, though. Eventually Jos Brother, in one of his employees, come over Lookin for outcome search the house and what they find their when they go inside is truly horrifying. Every person in the house is still in bed, but they ve all been bludgeoned to death, their skulls crushed by an act and, of course, a story like this became national reinforcements were called in to investigate, but the killer was never caught, even those thumb
the list of residents did becomes fast backs and their reputations never quite recovered from the questioning, with the real story still shrouded in mystery. It's easy to understand why people have continued to visit this house over the years and continue to be interested in it. So paranormal investigators have visited as well and believed that they found proof of paranormal activity there how bodies? our marine, you may know me from Chelsea lately, shameless or as Regina Sinclair on insatiable. I want to tell you about my pot: will you accept this rose, which is new to the eye heart radio podcast network? On the show we recap every season, the bachelor franchise? Yes, that includes the bachelor, the bachelor rat and most important. Bachelor in Paradise. Each episode we bring an amazing celebrity guest who are bachelor super fast to discuss the show of us, including last bass, Nicky Glaser, Patchett, Brewster, Debbie, Ryan, Rob Benedict Lauren Lock is prying Sofie fortune feedstock Thomas Middle?
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pushed, for example, and to adore jam, another said when you wear shorts and the summer you can feel the kids playing with your legs color. There is another side of this, though, that the haunting than in the book haunted houses by Dinah Williams. She suggests that the main spirit who haunts the house is in doubt of little kid messing with your toes it's that of the killer, and she writes that some goes hunters have seen a ghostly fog moving from room to room like the killer must have done that night. Some have often heard the sound of doping belied, so it I think that was the one of the stranger aspects of the hunting of this story, that people seem to believe or experience different, different kinds of things in his home, so to end on a somewhat bright or no, because that last story was pretty disturbing and scary haunting also sensitive.
election year here in the? U s we're gonna finish off our haunted house tour with one of America's most famous haunted houses, and that is the White House. The White House, course has been the residents of U S President's since eighteen hundred. And during John Adams term, the? U S: capital moved from Philadelphia to Washington, D C and so present Adamson. His wife Abigail were actually the first to move into sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue, but the home was an entirely finished when I got there. That's where this haunting began, though, according to hunted America by Michael Men and Beth Scott Abigail Adam had a pretty good
attitude about living in this unfinished home. She still continued to entertain to throw dinner parties even with the construction going on all around her. She did have to get pretty creative, though, when it came to getting chores dine, especially the laundry and that's because most of the rooms at that time were just too cold or damp to dry clothes. Then so MRS Atoms decided that the EAST room was the dry place. My house and therefore the best place to hang her laundry her ghosts are said to be seen: hurrying toward the EAST room wearing her signature cap and lay shawl with her arms outstretched, as if she's carrying laundry so much like Falstaff. I would think the power kind of an ok went to see, I wouldn't mind seen Abigail additives are doing her laundry. You know maybe tossed her the hoodie or something to wash along either ass, ever distaff, don't mix it with the wife and collars Abigail that it's funny, though, to imagine that
he would send her her after life washing laundry. How many people do you think would do that? I wonder I wouldn't I don't spend my life doing laundering for other notable goes. There have been cited at the White House over the years. Among them present Andrew Jackson, ghost he's personally still left about losing that election to John Quincy Adams, in eighteen, twenty four and according to Norman and Scots Book, Mary Todd Lincoln claimed that she could hear Jackson stopping around swearing in the corridors. Missed twenty years after Jackson, staff and then the rose room which was Jackson's bedroom, is thought by many to be the most haunted room in the White House, Lillian Rogers Parks who, with a seamstress who worked in the White House for thirty years and wrote a book about it, and nineteen sixty one claim that she had the super spooky experience in the rose room. She was in their humming, a bed spread, and she said that she felt Jackson.
leaning over her. She ended up being too scared to turn around and look, but another setting you have to wonder to of Jackson is hanging around their upset about leaving to John Quincy Adams. What happens when he runs into Jake Use, mom, doing laundry, that's true awkward, yet the least. Of course, there are other people who are unrelated to this fairly, that you might see in a ghost like form, mostly finally, President Lincoln. He is Another White House goes and perhaps its most famous people have spotted him walking around the halls and in the in bedroom, which used to be his office when he was president. Some just say that they feel his presence, especially during times of national crisis, but according to history, dot, com, Grace Coolidge wife of present haven't college was the first to say that she'd actually seeing Lincoln's, ghost standing and looking out a window, the oval office, and then Winston Churchill in this has to be the craziest detail in
a very famous Lincoln's Winston Churchill. After staying in the White House during World WAR, two told a story of walking in room naked smoking. A cigar after his evening bath and seeing Lincoln sitting there by the fireplace Irene went away to end. This show what away to meet President Lincoln. There have been other ghost cited in the White House as well, not just president's, and not just first Ladys the ghostly, any Surat whose mother was executed for her involvement in the Lincoln assassination and the ghost of a bridge soldier who helps at the White House on fire in eighteen fourteen way more awkward encounters here, any Sarah and Lincoln I mean aches, gathers put sulphur alike. Awkward mangoes thereunto work it out. I mean they might have problems with each other if you consider they
You know all these possible relationships in life and then connections beyond life. They just have to deal with that again. Well, that's why they're goes right is an economic model is aim play yeah there, have issues to work out. So that's why they're still hanging around so maybe that's why they're all together? They want to work it out somehow made
We that's just two after MR who knows. Well, it's been fun. Talking about haunted houses, I mean we discuss the the type that you tour for gear during Halloween in one of our recent episodes that there is some some neat history behind a lot of these houses, and I just think it's cool that they get fave tuna. Sometimes it's this weird story that faith, a historic building which further for preservation- you know so, let's Kennedy to think about a lot of houses like this them. The abandoned wine in Australia and that with having a second life, because it can be turned into a tourist attraction and it makes people interested in history, which is something we are always for. It does. Actually most of these are ones that listeners have suggested to us before, and I think that largely in part because they visited these places and they ve heard
stories and goes towards, or even from just regular tour guides. You whom toss out a tale of a ghost every now and then clearly captivating yet, and even if you find out that the stories are entirely true, maybe they have some holes in them. Maybe they have a huge hole and hammer. The story is completely false. It still interesting still fund the legend in it. You know it creates an opportunity to find out more about the real history, they're. So some Halloween related mail here from listener Muriel and has to do with it then actually you and christian dead. I wasn't in on this one, the trick or treating when the sound. I did look trick or treating investment to cover that and Christian did an excellent job with very funny now contesting the Kurdistan and all the other, but it looks like I get through. the letter from Listener Muriel she says my
then, and I enjoyed listening to your brief, issued trick or treating especially on Today's traditions have evolved from ancient customs in the pot. Caskey mention a couple of times that point. Candy issues in urban legend, we both instantly thought of attack when it was unfortunately not in urban legend. We lived in Houston Texas around the time in nice. Seventy four, when Ronald Clark, O Brien Father in Houston, suburb of Deer Park, was convicted of pitting poisoning, candy pixie, still somehow Helene and handing them out here charged with killing his own eight year old son in an effort to collect insurance money. Apparently the poison candy was handed out to at least for other children, none of whom aid it before the police were able to retrieve it. One boy was sound asleep in bad later that night cradling, the poison pixie sticks in his arms. He had been unable to private open before he fell asleep.
Following that her? If against an interpreter, he was not in any way around the Houston area. Schools held hollowing carnivals instead and some miles encouraged little ones to trick or treating store to store. O Brien was stout. The man who killed how clean well so that, with a very sad interesting, follow up to the trick or treating at the third, and especially since we ve, poison in his efforts to stir it is I mean it's one of those things that, even if you went through your candy, would you have suspected that it was in there Now we're gonna scare. Everyone else are. You know I didn't mean to do that they get anywhere with disappoint. We we did want to address some three. We talked about that largely being an urban legend and because it is unfortunately a part of our trick or treating history or city,
Oh, thank you guys. You wrote in about that and on a lighter note, you thank you guys. All of you who wrote in to tell us about your UNICEF back this Christian, and I were pondering over whether that still a thing in when it was because we didn't really remember it from our own trick or treating gaze, but we have heard from so many people. you talk about, they did they use that lacks every year and all you ve got a great respond. That's a nice are made at close out. That's how I can get people in a celebratory go visit. A haunted house have some fun secretary. Happy home tat if you have some other hollowing stories that you'd like to share with us, feel free to write to us where history pie cast a discovery. Dot com were also on Twitter and Mr Hannan,
and we're on Facebook, and we do have a great article on hundred houses. I think we mentioned in our earlier episode, but because some of these hauntings did remind us of don't feel a lorry so much it seems appropriate, thrown out Ariane right. We have an hour a cop ten hundred houses and included some of the ones we mentioned today as well. Some other ones that you might be interested in. You should check that out. We also the eight whole article on the Winchester Vestry House agree raising have yeah. I think it's. Why does in this, which has two mystery house tat errors that lead nowhere? I molly by Molly and manage our friend so be like to check that out. You can look it up on our home page at Debbie, debate, every gun house, the fork stuck on for moral, miss and thousands of other topics that has suffered Stockholm
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