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H.H. Holmes and the Mysteries of Murder Castle, Part 2

2012-01-25 | 🔗

In the first part of this episode, Deblina and Sarah covered Herman W. Mudgett's early life, including how he first became known as H.H. Holmes. But how did Holmes manage to complete his murder castle? What happened to him afterwards? Tune in to find out.

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hello, unwelcome set upon pastimes, applying a truck reporting and I'm very daddy- and we are continuing here with our look at each homes. Man is often referred to as America's first serial killer and one of our most requested topics now homes became famous for, committed in Chicago at the end of the nineteenth century, around the time of the eighteen, ninety three Chicago worlds: Fair, but We are in the story. We don't know him as an authority, a serial killer. Yet from what we learned in part. One of this pod cast he's just a really shady guy really say a court order, a criminal for fur. We know he's committed insurance fraud with the help of stolen cadavers and he's been seated with at least one strange disappearance, that of Missus Horton, the woman he bought his first Chicago drugstore from, and we should also mention that he's also. deadbeat husband, Slash dad. He left his first wife and child and its basically estranged from his second wife murder and their daughter together, where we left off, though
we have, however, constructive this very unusual building with gas jet and trap door and hidden passageways, among other things and his so in a secretive manner, so that now, but he knows the full extent of how creepy this building really is. On the surface, of course, it's just a structure to houses, businesses and its business itself as well at the hotel for the world's fair. but the buildings odd and rather creepy features in an understatement hand. underlying purpose that a lot more sinister, So, when we left off with our story, a man named Jonathan Belk Nap was just getting a sense that underlying creeping earth of this hotel. Flash block of buildings so bound up with homes is second wife. Murders, uncle and homes have recently taken alone from him and then for
his signature on another note to get more money homes then invited Belkin app to tore his new building Ganz Dubell camps, better judgment convinced him to stay the night remember their creepy feeling up on the roof. yes, he tried to getting going up in terms of trade go on the roof, and he had a bad feeling about it and do it had a bad feeling about spending the night to obey. Did it anyway. So this is where we're gonna pick up with our story, so Belkin up carefully locked the door before he went to bed that night. later recalled initially thinking they see in homes were the only to people in the building. At that time, a block of buildings, which is already kind of a disturbing feel something like almost a hundred rooms. So just imagine that Belgium, too bad, but he can't sleep. He lies awake listening to the sounds outside like the occasional horse going by trains and then ask few hours he hears something
alarming. Someone is trying his door and then they slipped. The key into the lock fell at that point, ballclub called out and the sound stop than a couple minutes later. He heard someone walking down the hall, and this is the first time Some feeling there may have been to people at the door, not just homes in the building, though he said something again to that person who was maybe still there this time. Somebody answered him in Belgrade later said it was Patrick Quinlan HOMES is trusted caretaker, who we mentioned in the first part of the Pike Ass, an Quillan said that he wanted to into the room, but Thou wouldn't answer the door. Wouldn't let a man and eventually Quinlan, went away but programme You can imagine stolen, get any fleet that night after this bizarre internally in the early hours of the morning, lay awake thinking about it.
Right, so not long after this incident, falconer discovers that homes had forged a signature. Homes, apologizes profuse And somehow managed to talk about knockdown so book that never press charges are applied. The incident or anything that happened that night that he spent the night in the building according to Eric Larsen spoke the which were counts. These events in detail darkness later said that he realized why homes and wanted him to go on the roof of his building so badly. That day, Belkin up said quote: if I'd gone, the forgery probably wouldn't have been discovered, because I wouldn't have been around to discover it. So his hesitation about going up there on the roof was justified and economically think that he should have resisted spending the night to, even though he ultimately got lucky, he locked the door. He was awake when he heard the key rattling around and that's kind of why we wanted to bring up this incident in the first place. Even though is not one of the most fifteen
can't or gruesome of homes with story. It illustrates what happened a lot of people who encountered harms, even though they were as lucky as of now. Several people may have had a funny feeling about. I'm a funny feeling about homes or his strange creepy, building they sort of went along with whatever with going on, because they didn't want to be rude, and that was exactly what happened without an up. He didn't want to offend his niece or her husband, I'm sorry you and I have talked about a lot since we started researching this topic and we thank him. Instinct trust your instincts, I mean a lot of us. Don't were so worried about being polite all the time that we ignore those creepy feelings that we have now and again occasionally turn up he justified another thing now, a lot of people who did experience something strange or had doubts about homes in his building didn't report their concerns to the authority familiar their less than out of the go ahead and, and let somebody know if there is a strange situation going on
he even at one point had a large rectangular kiln built in the basement. Nobody thought anything of of report not when the person who had built the killed for homes by he wishes sort a leg. Oh you know yeah. This is I can make it when all our yeah but didn't realize until later what it would be used for the opening of pottery studio, something home, maybe ugly. Well, I think it was because homes had supposedly opened a glass business, because so much glass was needed at the time, with all the construction going on for the world's fair, and so he I have indicated that he would need this town to create the glass that he was making It was entirely the wrong shape. I mean it was this along rectangular kill more body, five than glad my more suited to something else, to burning up something else, rather than glad that there is a that's a big part of why homes was able to do what
he did for so long and not get caught that we should address question a little that before we go further, I think what exactly was he doing? We need to talk about how exactly he put the strange building in all these strange things inside the killing in the vault lieutenant is out. There are here, though, one of homes as primary agenda theme to involve his employer, even as we mention he had several billion. in the building, including a drugstore and a barber shop in a restaurant and, of course, all this business is he needed help to keep them already, even early on, though people notice that comes with employees didn't really stick around very long. He had a high turnover, and he also have this have of hiring young attractive girls, often naive girls from small town feed, encourage them to bring all their money with them and
accommodations, conveniently in his building right, where their working and he'd also have them take out life insurance policies, naming him as the beneficiary. Many think. That's the strangest thing. That's not usually how employer employee relationships work, but these girls would work for homes for a little while and then suddenly they would just disappear vanish off the earth often leaving their belongings the rooms upstairs. Unfortunately, the individual stories of all of these employees aren't necessarily known a lot of them really didn't know anybody when they came to Chicago they sort of anonymous, and then they were never found later. But there are a couple of stories that stand out from the rest that we want to go into. One involves a man named corner corner was a jeweler who move to Chicago at the end of eighteen, ninety, beginning of eighteen, ninety one somewhere in there and he started manage the jewelry counter in homes drugstore. He has,
Julia and their eight year old, daughter, pearl, also rented an apartment about the store and Julia also ended of getting a job as a clerk in the drugstore First NED really admired his young handsome wealthy employer looked up to him in fact, and a lot of people in the neighborhood so he wasn't alone in that respect. But soon he started to feel a little bit uncomfortable with how attentive homes was toward his wife. Julia was very pretty and very tall. She was six feet tall in fact, and she liked this attention from homes, soon then began to notice that customers kind of looked at him with pity and some people, his friends even told him that something was going on with homes. Life and then one day home made him an offer very offered two thousand that the pharmacy and set up a super easy pay
plan for him offered to handle all the legal staff involved with transferring ownership, and now I didn't think choice. It seems about why homes who'd want to sell him the business, especially if you is potentially care non with his wife during their feed business was doing fine. I mean it you didn't, have any suspicions there. He just thought that owning the business might help elevate him in his wife's eyes, but it didn't we. at all, because meanwhile, homes was also encouraging NED to buy life insurance, telling him that once he and Julia were on good terms again. He'd want to protect its family. Ned refuse that aspect of the deal, but not long after he took ownership of the pharmacy from homes creditor started, showing up and apparently the previous owner h, H. Homes of worth had bought everything in the store. The firm
Even the stock on credit and haven't repaid a dime for the new owner. Ned was stuck with all of this debt, and the only thing he could do is commit to repaying them is soon possible so, instead of a new drug store to impress Julia with he has this dead weight around is his ankle. Think about. If this happened to you, I mean you can imagine that to go to harm, to be really angry and get enough, so he approaches homes but homes. Just acts really sympathetic and gives NED some sort of hay. Businesses have dared syn, I'm sure you knew this. When you went into business China, you going. I was out of line with the deal they re thinking at Saint trying to imply that nothing was unusual, but of course he didn't offer to help him at all either so things you get worse between Julia and NED and started to kind of finally, but these rumours about homes and Julia he alternately left Julie
an pearl and abandoned his interest in the store and net? Eventually divorce. Julia bet he couldn't get custody of pearl, even though he wanted he wanted to go, get her and and bring her to live with him. Course this left homes with joy and Pearl Andrew it didn't, seem quite as attractive to him any more for some reason and then to make matters worse in late. Eighteen. Ninety one Julia told homes that she was pregnant, and so obviously she expected him to marry her Phil according to license book homes, Conway agree to marry her. Apparently he had been promising that for some time but said that before he did that she'd have to have an abortion which he would handle offence. Of course he was a doctor and everything He said he gives chloroform. She wouldn't feel anything so Julia agreed. She had no choice. She wanted to get married. She didn't
be an unmarried pregnant woman in the late eighteen hundred, though a friend another tenant in the building last saw Julia that Christmas Eve and even made plans with her to see Julianne Pearl stay, but neither of them were ever seen again after that homes told people that they had gone to visit family in Iowa and then just after Christmas homes employed the services of a man named Charles M Chapel, who head very special skill and one that implicates homes quite a bit in this case. Yes, homes, page chapel, thirty, six dollars to strip the flash from again when's body and then reassemble. The skeleton chapel recalled later that the face of the
He was an identifiable. The face had been disfigured that the body was unusually tall for a woman, so that kind of suggests that it might have been Julia Chapel like Pipeline Quinlan, actually ended up becoming one of homes trusted accomplices, although it appears as if chapel really didn't suspect He may have not really known what was going on. After all, homes was a doctor, and this could have just been the body of one of his patients who died. Of course, that sounds a little naive to most of us that I guess there, maybe with no way to prove that he knew for sure that it was murder allowing we, some exciting news yeah. I am wildly excited and people
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came the centre of eight swirling swirling amount of problems the legendary Buffy Saint Marie Sixty songwriter and activist I have personal interest in this show. His I adore, rose and executive produce it and I think, you're really going to enjoy the way that gets into these conversations that feel like two friends talking and they are an absolute delight, so subscribed to the women on the Iheart Radio, app on Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast also. had called chapel in order to make them more money to. He ended at felling that skeleton to Hahnemann Medical College in Chicago, and we ve meant before how? U S medical schools in eighteen hundred will? Actually, we ve talked about Burke and Hare He'll medical schools around the world were really desperate for bodies, even in skeleton form, to used and instruction, though some actors and students were even robbing graves at this point to fulfil. That means that that need and homes
there is then obviously used as an opportunity to make some good money off of offer. These murders can, unfortunately, is not the only time that homes use the strategy woman who ended up working for homes in eighteen. Ninety two was a beautiful young blonde woman named Emmeline, Sir ground. He sought her outer and offered her job because he had heard of her beauty from pipes all who'd come across her. While she was working out a facility where he was in Rehab Holmes offered Emmeline twice her previous salary to work for him and she accepted here. Wooing her right away using all of his usual charm that seem to always work on the Ladys has attended news that touch that we mention that was so. Have you heard everything times comforting
she fell in love with him and they would ride bikes together all over the neighbourhood. Checking. If I remember from that book with a cool new paths time, it was a very trail. What are you doing up in homes got really into buying bicycles? I guess that eventually she took an apartment in his building to she bought his whole died. He even embellished his personal story and told her that he was the son of an English Lord about told her. You know, don't tell anyone this secret, I don't want it to now, because I don't want anyone to know like he just didn't want to brag or something so this made him seem all the more romantic. She was head over heels for him, but when a couple of her cousins came to visit, they want so taken by the whole situation. they didn't actually meet homes, but they found his building to be really creepy in gloomy much belgian, they didn't share their feelings about it, though, because they didn't want to hurt, aligns feelings, so later that year, Emmeline in homes became engaged, but by December eighteen. Ninety two, she suddenly disappeared much.
Julius situation. A friend in the building started asking homes about Emmeline. Where is she what happened to her? He said that she left, go marry a man named Robert E Phelps. He even produced a typed up a wedding announcement typed at the very plain looking wedding, It's not that apparently some members of her family received as well. He had several that she supposedly dropped off her attendance in the building that he handed out and then some of her family members got one in the mail all enough deprive here. But Emily had never mentioned felt to her friends in the building or to her family, though people didn't quite by this wedding announcement thing. They kept on enquiring about her hometown newspaper, found out about the wedding and printed that now very eerie founding announcement, which said that the bride quote after completing her education went to Chicago where she
at her fate. Not the most romantic sounding announcement know what I mean by fate. They were obviously referring to marriage in kind of an oblique where he who puts now that we know that her fate was very different darker than that arc Yo Emily's friend in the building recalled seeing a large trunk brought downstairs soon after Emmeline disappeared she later so that she felt like homes had killed Emily, but she never went to the police. remained living in the building fell again. Another case of that somebody has with suspicion They not only dont speak up about it, but they don't get out of there for them. Thought now don't take action to protect yourself. so. Homes also employed the services of chapel again around that time and saw the skeleton to sound medical college. A few weeks later, after Emmeline HOMES moved on to a woman named many Williams, who he courted previously.
distance. While she was finishing school Boston and he was in Chicago. She wasn't attractive like most of the girls, that homes got involved where the, but she did have other virtues Specifically, she was an heiress to attack this real estate fortune, so many open to move to Chicago in February of eighteen, ninety three pretty much following, she hadn't heard from him in a while, but she was Oh really in love with him. She knew him by a different, Alias though Henry H, Gordon, and she called him Harry
though in homes found out that many was in town. He immediately call on her and started things up again. He asked her to come work for him, so they could see each other whenever they wanted, but he's the civically asked that she call him Henry Howard homes when they were in public, because you know heat and doktor that name for business purposes and to determine what her coming in and making anybody suspicious or wonder who we really was so during their courtship. He also convinced her to sign over the deed to her Texas Property, which was her fast heiresses inheritance to someone named Alexander and who then, in turn, find over the deed to events in Tee Lyman homes convince many that it was a smart business transactions should make more money off of it. He would take care of everything, I'm sure but many didn't know, was that bond the original person she signed it ever to with another one of homes is alien
and Lyman was an alias of that trusty assistant of homes, then Python. So essentially, he had gotten her to give her fortune. He promised in many a wedding and they ended up a small one, just the two of them in a preacher, and she thought it was all legal that there's no record today of their marriage. Many had been writing throughout this entire affair, though, to her sister Anna, just talking about happy, she was and how great homes was and how handsome and what a great business man, and when the world's fair got under way homes invited Anna to visit and to come see the fair. With She came, though, she had reservations at first, but when she got there, she just got taken in by homes charm, like everyone else, and he promised to take both of the women to Europe and Anna even sent for extra clothes and things from home and preparation for her long journey. So it seemed go back home like she was really gonna, be taking only got a yet.
with Anna and many disappeared around that time in the summer of eighteen. Ninety three soon after that Holmes hired a man named, suffers Humphrey to pick up a large trunk and a box from his building the box was long and had dimension similar to a coffin in homes had that sent to the train station were he'd period. To have it shipped somewhere and the trunk was sent to chapel. So, of course, as we mention, there were a lot of other people who were never seen again after staying in homes this building and they were all his employees- are all these would be fiance their wives as planned. He turned his building. to a world fair in a town in eighteen. Eighty, three still most of his guests were women. According to life and book, when men would come by to enquire about renting around the place would suddenly be mysteriously.
But when young women came by there were always vacancies. The strange thing about homes- and I think maybe we were discussing this earlier at something that disturbs us, particularly about homes- he didn't usually kill people face to face, but he liked to be nearby so that he could hear what was going on as he killed them right. If you locked them in his airtight vault, for instance, he could just barely hear the sound. I mean remember it was sound proof, but he could just barely slim crying, are calling out for help. Often, though just turn on one of those gas valves and let someone die in their sleep in their room or he'd, sneak in a knock em out of chloroform not surprisingly, has hotel, often smelled of gas or smelled slightly medicinal watching. That would add too, overall creepy feeling people get when they visited play. Yes,
you're eating in the restaurant or something. But I guess maybe people talk to me about the doctor or there being the drugstore nearby her suffering, I'm not sure, although most drugstores don't smell like gas or marathon of course, though, with all of these people disappearing at least some folk for coming and inquiring, what happened to their kinfolk most of them were family members, including Emmeline Stanley, who thought that it was really strange, she'd, never written them. After her sudden marriage to this mandate, I think, she's, to write them very frequently. She was a good daughter and very close to her and went off. The map. they were afraid that she gone to Europe on a honeymoon after her wedding and had suddenly I'd there and that may be her husband didn't know how to get in touch with them. Those still not suspecting really foul play just hoping that homes, as their last point of contact, would have some kind of information on their daughter he above or maybe,
More ass time went by the guardians of many Williams were also suspicious and they hired a lawyer to go look for her and protect her estate, so home started to the pressure is starting to feel the heat of all these inquiries and from creditors to it turned out that pretty much nothing he'd bought for that monstrous building was. for he had a way to level out of everything. I mean just some examples that airtight vote that you built when the company installed. It came to collect, he told them sure you can have this back. I mean you know if you say that you need to back the can't pay for it, but you pay for the damages caused the building when you remove it and the company that had thought him. Furniture would come to our repossess. Their goods it's: ok, you got it and then they wouldn't be ill defined it in his labyrinth of creepy room feed. Have it hidden somewhere, and I, with all this secret staircases, good lack actually trying to
your stuff. Eventually, though, a lot of people like the creditors homes owed money too got together and they hired a lawyer. He realized at that point that his days Chicago were numbered, so he set the top floor on fire, hoping to collect the insurance money. The policy was in a name of one of his area, says here am asked Campbell, and so, when he filed the claim an investigator got suspicious. Looking into it. So homes never really got to claim that money, because if he had gone to claim that the sky suspicious seven probably would have Bastard em, so instead he fled to Fort worth tat. Fifth, after that, to take advantage of many land that he had had transferred to himself roundabout way. He took his new girlfriend within Georgiana Yoke and he took his trusty assistant faithful to, but before leaving he ensured pipe for life for ten thousand dollars the movie. The assistance should start worrying. He will become a victim at this point,
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Holmes wasn't able to successfully get his hands on many of the state, so they ended at moving on to Saint Louis, were homes took over another drug store and of course he tried to pull one. usual storm, stocking, stolen credit and then trying to sell it and get the new owner to pay for the stock. But this It didn't work. He was arrested for fraud and he went to jail for a short time before he left jail, though he can I did in another criminal, their train robber named Marian hedge path. Homes asked hedge path for the a good attorney, one that so, in other words out attorney like some of he could trust with shady dealings in Prague, to pay hedge path, five hundred dollars for the information, the referral fee on exactly- and he told hedge path, about his plans to his friend pixels death and collect the ten thousand. An insurance money through in homes got out he and painful preceded
Their plan and faithful under an alias, opened up his own business for buying and selling patent than the two were planning on faking an accident and then using a disfigured cadaver to collect life insurance, money kind of a throwback from his college day, pulling one of his old scam, so unfair temper. Fourth, eighteen any for a customer came by titles, business and fell. The door locked and when he came back with the police later they broke in. And found a body that seem to have gone caught in an explosion inside they Herman that the body was bf, Perry which was titles Alias and that he had died of burns, after the body. When unclaimed for awhile and was buried, the fidelity Mutual Life Association received a letter, and it said the Perry was actually pipes, all who'd been ensured by their company and soon, for the lawyer, homes at hired with hedge paths recommendation visited Philadelphia to try to get the claim so that
when he paid homes who kept all the money and didn't give Anita, Pixels widow or several children, and at first it seemed He was gonna get away with us, but he made a fatal mistake. He never did give hedge path that five hundred dollars he promised them had that got mad and read it out homes to the insurance company in after looking into it and finding evidence about all of the shady dealings. That had really happen with the earlier than all of that fidelity called in the Pinkerton detective Agency, which we have done a pie cast on them before, and the detective agency tract homes to Boston. He was arrested on November seventeen eighteen, eighty four and confessed to one kind of insurance fraud he pledged guilty to that in the summer of eighteen. Ninety five there's another creepy catch with this too,
though the thing wife he kept on changing his own story, so much about all other aspects of that crime, including what really happened to python causing over. But it was the funding that kid faked. They abandon this together and faked pixels death people within anywhere to be found in homes couldn't answer questions about that. Further priorities ended up the looming, the body they buried his title and performed an autopsy on it They found the body was not. stand in dead body. It was vital himself, not a random cadaver and that he'd been killed not in an explosion, but by chloroform So now homes is facing a murder charge and there still a question what happened: pixels children who homes have been travelling with for a while after the fraud I mean this kind of- complicates the story a little bit, but
sometimes between when he had pulled off this fraud with pitfalls, supposedly with pride pizza. But now we note with sort of on pipes all he was travelling around with three of titles children. so homes, are told the authorities that many Williams had taken the children to London, our taxes era right but Philadelphia, detective named Frank Geier. Here By this he lost his own wife and children, not long but four, and so he was really motivated to find these kids. He wants drawn out investigation in which he traveled all the city is the homes had been too recently kind of track on his trail middle path, and it took a couple of months, but he finally found these kids and fortunately they want alive. He found the bodies of the two girls Nellie and Alice in Toronto. He found the charred remains of pipe for fun, Howard and a kitchen stove and Indianapolis, the search for the kids. actually really fastening part of homes story. I thought I wish we could spend more time on it now in this,
I bet it's Larsson goes into a lot in the books. If you pick that up you'll get to learn, if better where the larder cast iron. That phase of its career about the year. This hunt for the children was an interesting Kenneth conclusion to it all is just reveals more. I guessed about homes, character and house. Industry was when he was doing these awful crime, an effect that his virile killer profile just would change so dramatically. I'm going from luring people in and dispatching them in a very hands off kind of way to murdering these kids for no reason, no money very strange with home, suspected of quite a few murderers. By now, though, the Chicago police decided to search that abandoned castle and
go ahead, and what they found was, of course, horrifying. Human remains in stoves and fireplaces and chimneys throughout the building a lot of horrible stuff in the basin yeah a bloody dissecting tables, surgical instruments that kill that we mentioned which still contained bone fragments. They also find found quicklime pets beneath the floors, as well as that of corrosive acid and the bones of a small child which might have been Pearl Connor and the vault somehow had an impression of a woman's footprint on the inside of the door, which authority believe too long to and so its clear now why this is known as the murder castle, but they weren't The police were able to conduct a more thorough investigation because in August eighteen, eighty five a mysterious fired
Lloyd, the castle in the rest of the evidence inside and that partly, why will never know exactly how many people homes killed? Some estimates for the number is low, well a lot, but it twenty seven, some put it at as high as two hundred people when on trial for Pixels murder in October eighteen, ninety five and it was called one of the out of the century, but it only lasted for about six days, the jury. Returned a verdict in a couple of hours, though. According to Jones History Magazine article, which you mentioned in the previous pie, Cast said it really only took them a minute to make their decision that they just stayed out longer. For appearances sake, homes Hang may seventh, eighteen, ninety six but novel He changed his story. A number of I mean he said that didn't you a lot of people and then he said he killed people that they later when found out we're still alive, and it was very confusing. He just kept changing what had happened,
wrote has no more while he was imprisoned to get sympathy and he also sold the rights to its final confession. William Randolph Hearst for seven thousand five hundred dollars, and in that confession he said that he killed twenty seven people. Did you wonder who ended up with that money? Eventually? To I mean he must have a math quite fortune with his are you of scams and his ability to never pay. tab anywhere. But now maybe some of you guys could let us know if you have any, do that. Through the end, though homes wrote quote, I was born with the devil in me. I could not help them. that I was a murderer no more than the poet can help the inspiration to song ambition of an intellectual man to be great another kind of interesting point. He was so afraid of people take his body after he died heaving. He had done so much other people's bodies. He was so afraid of his alone being taken and having stuffed unto it, he had concrete poured.
into his coffin and also over his coffin in his grave, so that people can steal his body and then So the story, this chaotic there's also a curse involved possible current haven't, had a curse and five man actually that's already, I guess the lucky, weird stuff happened to people involved with the case after homes, death guire became ill, the jury form and, on his case, was electrocuted the priest two had given homes last rites died suddenly and an office of an insurance company that homesick cheated caught on fire, though the curse of each home fear, you guys decide what you think about that. It certainly is scary story, though these theories killer, hails always keep me out a lot that I know listeners steel like them, listeners like them to be kind of split, I mean we sort of data, little informal pole around the office here, how stuff works, and you know we found it
Some people are really into real killer stories and really like researching Norman. I think, sir, and I both fond opposite camp, were not as much interested in serial killers that you know. It's always planter an interesting story. Guy just makes me really fascinating story ass. I think that's, probably a good time for asked. He transition away from serial killers into listener me out can it transition to far after all, because our postcard that were featuring today does still have a skeleton on it. Although it's kind of a can't be funny it's from Murray. She felt it as a holiday hard and to give you guys, description of skeleton holding a crystal ball, and it those Alexander Crystal fear these your life from the cradle to the. however, Marie has kindly painted
over the grave, the Inn in Emma Crystal Ball and put a Christmas tree with a shining rinds down on top, though. holiday, faster yak, clearing things up a little bit, Inky Marie, and if any of you that want to send an email. We have changed. Our draft again were now at history podcast at discovery, dot com and that should make mail delivery little more reliable than it has been spent spotty in the last month, and we have replied to you. That's why, but often maybe down And everything or will never be the cache, etc there again no Facebook and twitter it missed in history are always great ways to reach a long. And if you
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