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Holiday Bonus! NORAD Tracking Santa: A Cold War History

2019-12-24 | 🔗

Just a little Christmas Eve cheer for our listeners as everyone keeps an eye out for Santa! It's our 2017 episode about how NORAD started tracking Santa. There’s some myth-busting here, and maybe the tiniest bit of bah-humbug.

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hey everybody thats normally, something you would expect to hear me say on a Saturday today is not Saturday, but it is Christmas Eve and we thought, as a special Christmas Eve, treat, we would replay our previous episode on how exactly nor add got into the habit of tracking Santa Claus. Now, if you or folks, here listening with, are planning to spend this evening eagerly tracking Santa Claus on that track. you might leave this episode for later. Everybody else, though, enjoy welcome to stuff you missed in history glance, production of I've already used how stuff, hello and welcome to the park. Catherine tracing the wilful, and I'm here
FR. I hate merry Christmas to list nurse who are celebrating indeed- or I mean, if you aren't celebrating you just want to be wished merry Christmas. Today's episode is coming out on December twenty bids, so it seemed like a good time to talk about a very Christmas related listener request which is how the north American Aerospace, the command or nor add, started tracking Santa Claus on Christmas Eve every year. This is something that we ve gotten several reports For including from a lane and Tory and at one point last year, therefore, I asked on our Facebook page for people to suggest holiday ideas, and somebody suggests, did this. One in a lot of people were like. I would like that please so here we are so the whole story of circulates about how nor had started tracking Santa is pretty hard warming, but it does have a hundred percent hold up so there's little, but a myth, busting here and maybe just a tiny, is highest bid of Bob,
bug raises the little what you're telling me I didn't start with Jack Skellington in his attempt to take over Christmas, nor without will be I dont mean only lines that makes them see with the threat they had this her watching over them let's do it every year. As my version, I, like your version so to parents on this one. If your kids eagerly awaited Saint mixed arrival this year than today, show is probably a little bit more mature and handed the now really enjoy. So we would recommend, say or later or giving it an advance, listen on your own to decide whether your kids would enjoy hearing it before sharing it with them the story of nor adds annual Santa tracking really begins, not with Jack Skellington, but with the cold war after the end of World WAR Ii, the United States increasingly felt the need to prepare a defence against a potential soviet attack. Lots of different projects and programmes were related to this basic idea, but
comes to nor at the worry, was of a direct attack by soviet bombers. Reaching? U S, soil that, that the nation was looking for a way to detect such an attack when it was still far enough away to intercept before anyone came to harm at first. This task fell to the AIR Defence Command, which divided the responsibility up among different air force commands around the country. Each command was responsible for protecting a different part of U S territory, but by the nineteen fifties. With fears of a Soviet as hack continuing to escalate, the United States created a unified command to oversee protection of the higher nation, this was the Continental AIR Defence Command or Conrad. Conrad was a multi service command, combining the army and Navy and Airforce, but therefore still did a lot of the heavy lifting
comrades efforts combined long range radar systems, which would provide advance notice of an incoming attack with aircraft capable of intercepting that attack once it was detected. So it was basically like a trip wire made out of radar, am if anything trip to the wire. The air force could respond quickly and aggressively events lay the United States military came to the conclusion that it was not enough to focus just on the United States in this effort, not when there was a neighbour to the north. That would almost thirty we be flown over in the event of a soviet attack. Since Canada shared the United States fears about the possibility of such an attack, it made a lot of sense for the two nations to work together the. U S and Canada have been at least to some extent, sharing domestic defence plans. Since the nineteen forties in the If these they began signing defence agreements related to expanding this long range read our capability into canadian territory, thus, cooperation captain growing until the
establishment of nor add or the North American AIR Defence Command, which was the successor to Conrad on September, twelfth nineteen, fifty seven nor add, was initially headquarters at an air Force base in Colorado Springs, which was home to the? U S: Continental AIR Defence Command and the? U S: Airforce AIR Defence Command, the General Earl Partridge of the? U S, Airforce previously, manner, both Conrad and the AIR Defence Command became commander of nor ad, and he was joined by Deputy Commander AIR Marshall Royce lemon from the royal Canadian Airforce. Although the treaty allows for the nor add commander to be canadian or american and its are required for the commander and deputy commander to be from different countries Additionally, the commander has been american and the deputy commander has been canadian after extensive debate and a fair amount of controversy. The formal too,
be that came to be known as the nor an agreement was signed on, may twelfth. Nineteen fifty eight it provided the framework for how the two countries, governments and militaries would cooperate in the realm of air defence, nor adds headquarters had actually moved a couple of times since it was established. First in the nineteen sixty ease, it moved from end to air force base to the shy Mountain complex in Colorado. This is the massive underground complex of buildings constructed under a literal mountain designed to be able to survive virtually any attack or disaster. This facility is actually made its way into popular culture through debate. just like the nineteen. Eighty three movie war games, the tv series, STAR Gate and the fictional Crystal Peak California, in Terminator three it is very clearly patterned after Cheyenne Mountain, so very clearly pattern after sigh and mountain that I, in the years that have intervenes and seeing that movie
inflated them in my head and would work in gas was like a way that was a different place in two thousand six nor ads they operationally were moved to Petersen AIR Force Base in El Paso County near Colorado Springs with the Shine mountain facility, continuing to work is nor adds alternative command centre. The nor at agreement itself has also been viewed in revised several times since it was originally signed since nineteen fifty eight, the agreement has been renewed. nine times, including four major revisions which took place in nineteen. Seventy five, one thousand nine hundred and eighty one one thousand nine hundred and ninety six and two thousand and six. The shift from air defense to aerospace. Defense, as it's known today, came along eighteen, eighty one as well. The primary missions of nor add under the two thousand six renewal are aerospace, warning airspace control. and maritime warning for Olive North America and there
a lot of different potential threats, but are looped into these three primary missions, including attacks by aircraft, missiles or space vehicles, drug trafficking and other The activities carried out by air and nuclear attacks delivered by strategic ballistic missile crews, muscle or long range aircraft the maritime morning. Component also relates to both nations, internal waterways and the maritime approaches to both countries. So, after getting through. All of this may seem a little weird for nor add the binational cold war era entity once headquarters in a sophisticated vote complex under an impenetrable mountain which is responsible for detecting long range threats to northern go by air water in outer space to track Santa Claus. It s sort of seem like an awful. But after all, at least in terms of international military defence, Santa Claus, Is not a threat and there's no mention and at all in the nor at agreements. So we're going to die
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with a letter by Virginia O Handlin daughter of coroners assistant Doktor, Philip O handling, she had written to the New York son earlier. That summer quote dear editor eight years old, some of my friend say there is no Santa Claus Papa says if you see it in the sun it. So please tell me the truth. Is there a site. The clause Virginia had intended for her letter to go into the sun's q and a column, notes and queries, but it went on answered. I just need to take a minute to note the irony if you see it in the sun it so when the sun published the Great Moon hoax sort of beautiful, I mean the did. You not know that that was not a hoax. Thus, those bad people live on the moon,
Definitely, lunar beavers, that's for sure anyway, so young Virginia Handlin anxiously awaited for her letter to be answered. It was not until weeks later, when the paper published an editorial response by Francis far sell US church and it began quote Virginia near little. Friends are wrong. They have been affected by the scepticism of a sceptical age. They do not believe accept. This they think that nothing can be, which is not comprehensible by their little mines. All mine Virginia, whether they be men's children's our little. In this great universe of our This man is a mere insect, an ant's and his intellect as compared with the boundless world about him, as measured by the intelligence capable of grasping the whole truth of truth and knowledge. Yes Virginia. There is a Santa Claus.
We will read the whole thing it goes on, but it ends no Santa Claus. Thank God. He lives and he lives forever. A thousand years from now Virginia, nay, ten times ten thousand years from now. He will continue to make glad the heart of childhood, although there editorial is often remembered as an immediate instantly beloved success. That became an annual torment tradition right from the beginning. The sun didn't actually printed again nineteen, oh two and then again in nineteen o six between nine. He knows men and nineteen seventeen. It was printed six more times than the sun started report annually. In the nineteen twenties. The story of the Yes Virginia article and that of neurons tracking Santa do have some similarities, both STAR
than inquisitive child, followed by these somewhat surprising, responsive, an adult which then grows into something. That's a ubiquitous part of Christmas for a lot of people. We have a lot more of Europe. apple detail about yes Virginia when we do about nor adds tracking of Santa. We know who Virginia was and you her father was. We know who wrote the column and when it was published, although it didn't originally carry a byline thanks to archive copies of the newspaper itself, we know when it was reprinted and when it wasn't, and we can see the newspapers attitude about these reprints shift. Over time, basically moving from well, since you people are asking again, we will bring this thing. I guess to Here- is our beloved holiday classic. Please enjoy it in the Spirit of Christmas and by comparison the nor add story is a save them Popular version goes like this in nineteen, fifty five sears robots
when he ran an ad in the Colorado, Springs Gazette Telegraph and that add red quote Haiti. Please call me direct on my Mary Ex Miss Telephone, just dial, em to dash six six eight one kiddies B dial. The correct number call me: oh my private phone, and I will talk to you personally, anytime day or night or come in and visit me it's years toy land and that was signed by Santa Claus. The number actually appears in two places, Mary Ex Miss morphs into M e, too six six, eight one as well gather Emmy and Mary turn into the first two parts of the first two letters that the exchange for the phone number for the most popular version of this story is that Emmy to six six, eight one with a typo connecting collars not to a special Santa Claus, call center at fears, but to the top secret red phone at cop
headquarters the one that was a direct line to the Pentagon, known only to top generals in the president. In this story, when the red phone started ringing off the hook, Conrad staff played along stories. At versions of this telling also cite a specific person. Having answered that phone, Colonel Harry, shout shout told the story him health in multiple interviews over the years in an interview that was recorded, the end of his life. He says that he answered the red phone thinking that it was the Pentagon or Colonel Partridge when he realized that the collar was not the Pentagon or Colonel Partridge. Shout thought that it was someone on his staff playing some kind of prank on him and he did not appreciate it at all, but then he realised that it was a child little girl trying to reach Santa. So he played along hearing the child's entire wish list and the fact their house at a chimney and her assurance
that she would leave food out for Santa Anna Reindeer, at least in the portion of the interview that's publicly available. He does it mention a misprint in an ad shouts. Adult children told the story a little bit differently in a story core segment that appeared on morning edition in twenty fourteen PAMELA Pharaoh, Terry than cure him and Rick shall who would have been about ten six and newly born when this all happened are in line with? fathers version when it comes to his being at first annoyed at this call, but the way they tell it the collar. from a boy whose mother eventually came on the line to tell shout about them is printed. Add in this We core version: the misprint meant that the boys call was one of many, so many They shall task to airman with answering the phone. Their story core account goes on to include a moment later that same Christmas season, when one of the man caught at headquarters had drawn Santa's sleigh on the Glass board that was used to track aircraft
Shops saw it and from that had the idea to tell a radio station that Conrad was tracking Santa on Christmas Eve Communication with the radio station probably came from Colonel Barney Oldfield, the public relations officer and not from shout directly there was indeed M Associated Press article on Christmas Eve, nineteen fifty five in which comrade assured Santa safe passage, the article So someone alarmingly explains that U S and canadian forces would be guarding Santa's flight from potential attack by Christmas. Haters may use
I don't remember the exact wording that it uses, but it's basically like we are protecting Santa from the enemies of Christmas using our armaments, I'm going to go with another Jack Skellington moment here. It seems pretty likely that there was a child who accidentally called con at in nineteen. Fifty five likely trying to dial a number that was in an ad. There was a December first one thousand nine hundred and fifty five article in the Pasadena Independent with a date line of Colorado Springs, which reports the youngster reversed two digits of a number set up to answer, queries about Santa and his deadbeat, dad
reached out is quoted in this piece is having replied to this child quote. There may be a guy called Santa Claus at the North pole, but he's not the one I worry about coming from that direction. I also tried to find evidence that this ad really did run in the Colorado Springs Gazette in nineteen fifty five, but the archive that I had access to. You only goes back to nineteen sixty, by which point me twenty six thousand six hundred and eighty one was the phone number for a cow. A Colorado springs with state aid. It Mary listings, everyone. even though there is that likely grain of truth in the starting point. This story has clearly blossomed and morphed a bit over the years in the earliest recorded accounts, the child reached an unlimited number, not the red phone, and since the entire point of the red phone was to have a direct uninterruptible lie between comrade and the Pentagon, it would not have even been connected to a public exchange where someone could dial it by accident
this also, not all that likely that an ad having a phone number and it would contain the same typo in two different places. I mean I can see some scenarios or that would happen, but it's more conceivable for a child's who, with fumble fingered the phone number one time, then, for the number two have been wrong in the ad twice and spark an avalanche of calls. The content and the Nay said, list of the naysayers suggested this ad was created in printed by coned, sometime after one thousand nine hundred and fifty five to add support to this whole story or the kind of nod to the whole story that it was not a picture of a dad that circulates around people like that, the mocked up ad, It's like retroactive, folk, lore Ec Proof and though we do have the account of Colonel Shop and his grandchildren, based on their childhood memories. So far, there is no
I've heard of any person, or certainly any hundreds of people coming forward to say the bay accidentally called Conrad and nineteen. Fifty five attempting to speak with Santa make it super clear here that I dont think the shout family was like intentionally making anything up. But when you tell the same story over and over again for forty something years or, however long it gets bigger over time, especially when you like having to do in front of an audience well, and there is also the telephone factor by which I mean the game of telephone yeah, we're leg it because they were children when this all went down. I am sure that story was also told to them by adults right as part of leg. You know Emily folk Lore and those details probably got sleepy alone away. Many things contribute to that. I think we ve all had those family stories that are like it seems a little different from the one or two twenty years ago, but no Armand where's. So, according to more adds owner.
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a radiogram that had been purportedly despatched to Chris Crinkle at the North pole. On Christmas Eve of nineteen forty eight, it said in part, quote your mission in connection with operation Noel Well awaited with considerable interest by department reaction. Your visit expected to be one of joy and goodwill to wide eyed children The community then went on to authorize Santa to communicate to all men, a quote united desire for peace on earth, and it authorize him to proceed down. All chimneys, though quote you are not repeat, not to omit consideration of even the smallest stocking. Apparently, the state Department gets them boss centre around. Let you, how does a chain of command even work, so air force? Seasonal can
the that same year, red quote our early warning radar net to the north, gives following spot positional report of objects to take detected heading southerly action, one unidentified sleigh powered by eight reindeer at fourteen thousand, be heading one. Eighty degrees, interceptors, alerted and vector, but unable contact estimated time of arrival over target twenty four hundred hours, twenty four December for so the combination of the military and Santa predates Colonel Shout and that whole story, and according who had two thousand right up in airman, Gesine after that errant com or calls to comrade in nineteen fifty five comrades tracking of Santa became an annual tradition pretty much immediately. according to this article in nineteen, fifty six public relations officer, Colonel Barney,
field asked Colonel Harry shout if they might set up a special phone line for Santa inquiries after the wild success of the previous year, factually didn't want to. But the media had already got wind of this idea. Looting visiting his home and getting his kids all excited about it. So he begrudgingly agreed and by the time nor admirably comrade a year later, this wasn't established tradition both right up. There was one of those things that, written many many decades after this originally happened, and there is some doubt about exactly how big a deal this was in nineteen, fifty five and one thousand nine hundred and fifty six on August. Second, one thousand nine hundred and fifty six article on colonel in the Pittsburgh Press is all about his public and media relations work on behalf of the military, an Conrad. It's really focused on an award he was receiving for handling a jet noise problem in Madison Wisconsin. But it also mentions that he was
see it now with Edward our Moreau and he had consulted on a short film called twenty. Four hour alert starring Jack web, which was basically a propaganda short for the air force. The Pittsburgh as article ends with shout saying how important it is for urban dwellers to quote feel himself was in league with and contributory to air defence, but it makes no mention of, haven't had anything to do with Santa Claus or any coned program to track Santa and that one thousand nine hundred and fifty five Christmas have been such a success with a nineteen Ec Santa Hotline already in the works it likely would have been mentioned. Given the subject of the article on he was being covered in the Pittsburgh Press, we should mention because he actually grew up in nearby Bessemer Pennsylvania, guess out, not only had shout done a bunch of media slash pr work for the military leading up to this point. It seems really weird. If the con add Santer tradition was already such a big deal.
But it would not have come up in the context of what they are talking about here, unless I wonder if they would have omitted it in order to protect the younger crowd. We have held the story of how it came to be without divulging some information sure I could make sense. I still have doubts, though this anyway, I mean that's once again similar to help people remember in air quotes the New York Times. Yes Virginia column as this instinct classic, even though it didn't become an annual feature for decades, and the sun was actually kind of grudgingly doing it at first, but it seems likely that caught at Santa tracking programmes had kind of a lower. In smaller start than the whole, under its of people called in nineteen, fifty five and we ve been doing it ever since progressed,
in which is how it has entered the popular understanding of all this nor at Santa Tracker was definitely spreading by the nineteen sixties, though, with nor at producing and sending vinyl records to radio stations to play as scheduled. Santa updates on the be signs were Christmas ox performed by the nor add commanders band. That to me, is perhaps the most charming thing in this entire. who said in nineteen Seventys and eightys, the focus turned to tv with similarly pre recorded Santa status updates that were replayed year after year. This is definitely what I remember from mild my childhood. I specifically remember the warning that that ended with all children go to bed immediately. But, but that are in with one year that, like I needed to brush my teeth or something- and I wasn't quite old enough to do that on my own and my mom was tidying in the kitchen and I was buried distress.
Bit. Nor add with telling me I needed to go to bed immediately, but, like Mama was not available to brush my teeth. A similar distress, confusion, concern because My mother and I would go to midnight mass usually, and I was like how can this be right, that this is a thing we're supposed to do? But this is a big man. The government is telling us that it was a conflicting directives that led to a little bit, we were very stressing he'll. Do I think I was I was still an anxious. Person is definitely an anxious child and I was very worried that I was not embed on time. That Santa would come to our house. I would not be in bed, we would not get any presence In the same era and nineteen, seventy one nor had spent about three thousand dollars on a nor add tracks, the Santa publicity film, with the evolution of the internet, Santa tracking, has of course become ever more come.
wags, starting with a partnership with AOL in the worldwide webs early years. A Santa cam network was also launched in ninety ninety eight, which was the Santa trackers first online here. At this point I mean really since the early years. This is unquestionably at least as much P, r for nor ad and others as it is about seasonal goodwill. There is merchandise you can buy. There are corporate sponsorships which are reportedly what pays for this today, although I have some questions like it's as a person who works at a job, it makes sense that may be the budget for the online Santa Tracker website is coming through corporate pot partnerships, but like are the corporate partnerships paying for the jet, take off their work, an attack by a minute? How does that work
but why it does it evidently, regardless of who is actually paying for all the things. It's a pr effort. There's a flashy website and twenty twelve nor add in Santa a winning combination was awarded the Silver Anvil award of excellence for reputation, management and brand management by the public Relations society of America is Santa a cut of any of this. That's what I want to know. I have questions to according to the pr essay, so in twenty eleven nor add, saw six hundred sixty four percent increase in website traffic because of Santa Tracker publicity, along with a thirty percent increase in social media traffic over just a month. This note ends with quote because of the nor add track Santa
Graham nor add, is a household names now more than ever. Nor add is universally recognised as their Premier authority monitoring the north american skies lack couple years. Gowan people got really upset that there was a nor add track Santa video in which there was a fighter jet assorting Santa, and his lay people got like really mad about the militarization of Christmas and other people were like wearily in this has been going on for decades. All of this rating when tv and online work has also been accompanied by pictures and videos and articles peppered through with references to all the high tech military gear? That nor add, says it's using two tracks Santa. So the descriptions of Santa Tracker are also a chance to sort of clue the public on what kind of technology nor add has at its disposal for twenty seven team.
includes, nor adds north warning system, which is a collection of forty seven radar installations in Canada, Unalaska, along with infrared satellites to detect Rudolf who's and a worldwide Santa cam network. That turns on the cameras about an hour before Santa enters a country and then turns them off again when he leaves and Canadian Nora pilots fly sea of eighteen fighter jets out of Newfoundland to welcome Santa to North America, and this is where I am like the corporate sponsorship pay for that, and isn't it take off? That's actually happening for real, I am more inclined to question that there really happen as one of the ways but the nor adds the story really diverges from yes Virginia. Yes, Virginia is all about Santa is real, emphasising imagination and faith and the intangible, but not suggesting that he is an in the flesh human person that the writer himself personally met at some
nor add, on the other hand, straight up says that the fighter jet pilots of intercept have intercepted Santa a bunch of times and Santa always waves because he likes to see the pilots today. The neurons track Santa website is in English, french, spanish, german, italian, japanese, portuguese. In Chinese. There are apps available to track him for Apple and Google play as well as about since on Facebook, Twitter Youtube am Instagram on STAR contracts, Santa and this there's a nor add track. Santa Alexis skill for awhile Google MAPS had an official partnership with nor add for the Santa Tracker, but that partnership ended in twenty twelve and Google put that work into its own Santa tracker I read an article that was like I tried to get into the bottom. I tried to get to the bottom of what happened between nor ad and Google. Was there a fight was their drama. Somehow,
no one really knows today the nor add track Santa CALL Centre has more than a thousand volunteers who answer calls every Christmas Eve they about the volunteers average. Roughly forty calls an hour, it's usually a two hour shift. They also answer questions but via email, lotta, kids, colony and ask and where's Santa is questions per day Santa and presents an Christmas and things like that, but that it is clear that regardless of the shaggy man, so the origin story, Colonel Shout up loving the nor at Santa Tracker. His children described it as the thing he was proudest of in his career and after his retirement. He would still help with Christmas Eve. Santa tracking colonel shalt died on March fourteen two thousand nine at the age of ninety one, and that is the history of why nor had tracks phantom every year,
still have some questions that, some of which will never be a third near opening. Any of our questions will be answered Thank you so much for joining us today for the classic. If you have heard any kind of key mail address, there may be a face, but you are ill during the worsening episode that might be obsolete. It might be doubly obsolete because we have changed our male addressed again. You can now reaches at history pod task that I heart radio, DOT Tom and we're all over social media at missed in history, and you can subscribe to our shadow on apple fog casts Google podcasting, I hopped radio app and wherever else who was in the pod casts stuffy miss than history, glasses, of production of heart radios. How stuff works for more pod happens for my heart radio visit thy Heart radio Appleton.
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