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Jim Bowie: Blades, Battles and the Alamo

2012-10-10 | 🔗

Jim Bowie is known as a hero of the Alamo, but he made his name in a duel-gone-wrong: He came away with several wounds, but also with a reputation as fearsome knife-fighter. So how did he become a Texan legend? And what's the story behind the Bowie knife?

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are an absolute delight so subscribed to the women on the iheart radio app on apple pie or wherever you get your podcast continue stuff you missed in history class from housetop looks like eleven welcomes the pie cast i'm carried out and i'm going to check the morning depleted back came back it's very happily i know i'm glad to be here in a good to see you again their duty we saw each other the absolute we ve seen each other and we are well i was on leave but it's good to see you in the studio not in this official capacity cracked so tell everybody a little bit about year exciting news well baby it's a girl her name is fairer and
she is crazy wonderful and were just getting to know her door of all ireland while you can say that if i had known all believe it i'm kind of biased but yeah we're just china and learn how to be parents with no ideal radio but you know you think i'm gonna try you are proud when i visited oh yeah he's a little hut of holding acting like we know we really i'm sure lots and lots of new thing while i was there till she was she was on her behavior very sleepy at that time he saw her pretty early on what awake now will much louder check in with her again that in honour of dublin as return lead you all know how much i love western history how much like talking about the frontier how many times
you have discussed outlined the entire it on the bank have we thought that this would be a really cool topic to to discuss its on jim billy and it's actually a suggestion from within our ron and allay but generally is really the epitome of that sort of frontier ledger anti pretty much move with american frontier from he was born not too long after at least and of course these best known to us as being a knife fighter being a folk hero being an alamo legend who died with eyes like william be traversed davy crockett and really even though he was living in the in the early eighteen hundred it's the twentieth century that kind of built on that legend the fifties and fixing to saw an explosion of bullying pop culture just as they did with with davy crockett you think about kids in
time running around in coonskin davy crockett hearts but there's all sorts of things john wayne the alamo there's a movie called the iron miss drift which i found a few clipped for on youtube and there a nineteen fifty is western tv show called the adventures of djibouti and if we only had always play crazy like this it would be pretty fun but we ve we gotta go ahead in and play it for this upstairs with must listen to the adventures of jim billy of all our albert but the more
and scholarship on dewey while it doesn't exactly downplay the bold and adventurous man angle it does draw more attention to his hot temper the slaves smuggling and the more complicated situation and pre alamo taxes between the text in the tea honours and the mexican government there will be talking about both sides of billy here the forger and the slave trade and the gator rustling knife fighter and i do have to say before we see further to this is the only subject that has ever lead me to blade magazine search confession is out in the pretty great when i think and and another point to mention not related to blade magazine is the pronunciation of purely because some of your pearly thinking because before their style that bowie knife in and well mary webster does say both pronunciations are correct the buoy family themselves pronounced it that way boolooroo
with lilies out a cylinder without you and that's it that's a good place to pick up because the first very ancestor came to maryland from scotland back in seventeen o five and they will its term moving right away from their over the generations they while their way down to georgia and that's where gems father reason serve with carl frances marian who is the swamp fox another former podcast subject during the revolutionary war and while recuperating from a favor slash and met his welsh bride and nurse and from then on the buoy started moving west and they had plenty of kids along the way james who is on the younger and reasons brood of ten total he was born seventeen ninety six in kentucky after the family had already passed through tennessee and before they made to missouri made clear lands cell timber or to farm turnips or just still whiskey so there is a mixed bag
family guts louisiana they were opposing catholics to meet the territory's requirements and they become modest enters mats we're jim and growing up he was especially close to his brothers reason junior and stephen and they had plenty of adventurers on the by you hunting and fishing jim grew to be six feet tall and one hundred eighty pounds a manly fine looking then according to his brother john that's pretty complementary from brother and they would hunt bears and apparently russell and rope alligators for final that was gems territory apparently wrestling out i thought john was into that is what i have another how they how the other billy brothers gator wrestling that believes first real tasted adventure away from home i mean all that sounds pretty adventurous came a fee
years into the war of eighteen twelve and as new orleans was preparing for a british attack james and reason junior enlisted as private in the militia they were really gung ho two to go there and fight you know these are vizors tons of a revolution more veteran but unfortunately for them they arrived after the battle had already happened after the british had been repelled which ironically and we discussed this than the bombardment of baltimore episode happened after the british and american had already made peace more distant out quite yet though the bully boys miss that opportunity but they did get a chance to stay in new orleans the little bed and experience high society there least whatever they could afford at the time and they they ultimately returned to the timber business you know clearing land floating and we're down the value of the new orleans and that really exciting kind of life private
them ready to look for some other form of enterprise them waited to rise beyond their their fathers modest planters status them can get rich quick scheme such a civil background here the african slave trade had been abolished in eighteen o eight but there was a high demand slave still in louisiana and mrs de be they need a labour for all the new plantations and what was at that time the way asked so slave smuggling became a big business sense african slaves were still arriving on ships that were bound first south america and the caribbean and they could be smuggled into the u s sometimes of course the smugglers would be caught and the contraband seized instead of sending the people back to africa though some states would then sell them an auction to fund the treasury and they would pay the person
and then in half of the purchase price as a reward yes oh there's there's the possible loophole there and the boys decided that this loophole would be a good way to eventually launder contraband slave they neither found a good a terrible were to apply to human being but that's what they were doing so they hooked up with the pirate jama feed who is another former pack has so jack on galveston island and lafitte here you know as a pirate feeling all sorts of contraband from from ships had all kinds of things than galveston island but he also did have this large slave population he would sell them at a dollar a pound but he wouldn't himself handle the transport or sales you know that the process of moving these people into the interior of louisiana to the plantations because that's where things got really risky because for one thing you your can
ten people for another thing the planters might not be willing to buy because they would be buying stolen property which of course could be confiscated from them ultimately so this is where the buoy brothers cannon they would buy slaves from the feet and jim would shreck groups of them groups of forty actually into the louisiana carrier and then one of the brothers would turn them in his contraband and then turn round and bid on them at auction so they will end up getting back half the purchase price as reward no matter how much the auction price was they were really only paying half of it so they got these
his deal and then they owned what were considered legal slave scene or not ones that were where a pirate contraband anymore so williamson davis who wrote three roads to the alamo estimated that each brother made about twenty one thousand dollars apiece and think they could have kept this game off a little longer to simplify its operation did stand business for a bit longer but they did decide to get out of it because it was clearly risky smuggling it was pretty unsavory at the time and some of the brothers had political aspirations that there were kind of thinking of their future that doesnt mean they decided to take the straight and narrow from from thereon out though they still maintained this very loosely give the idea of the law their next scheme was land fraud those that a kind of got away from smuggling people around before becoming part of the union days louisiana had been passed between spain and france but if you'd thought
he's in a land back into spanish days you're grant could still be honoured we problem was no one really knew how much had been given away where who owned it any of those things all you have to do is to make a claim was come forward with to witness those who would swear that they had seen you buy it here and in the pretty brothers figure this out the hard way they bought property or jim dead physically under a bad title and in eighteen twenty you know after a period of being furious about this that they decided that that this was gonna be their game they were gonna try this land speculation and congress had given grant holders spanish grant holders until the end of eighty twenty two to file their claims because there were ready just stop having to deal with this antiquated paper work and so billion as brothers started faking spanish document they would make up the name of fake friend
spanish saddlers like jacques decree or one daily all and they would faith documents from spanish governors that granted these made up man by eu frontage and they also forge deeds of fail you know so for instance it would be jim buying from daily on or something and all they really needed to deal at that point with those two documents in hand was bribe mister waite swear to have seen louise time did and it only took a hundred dollars for each of these two witnesses and once the land was legally in a boon his name he could of course tell it to to slaughter sometimes even getting squatters to be your witnesses because you'd make them a deal on land they had working and living on illegally once it in my name i thought you had a reduced price over the years buoy expanded this enterprise to arkansas to the brothers they want
careful either they use the same handwriting they made errors in spelling or logistics sometimes the officials would we up to this as you would imagine that they would the sheer number of claims that they made which incidentally came to be known as buoy claims for his claim made it hard for much too but there it really did in and david believes that fully participated in more of this fraud which a lot of people are doing at the time but he participated in more of it than anybody else and it really is because of the extent of the surviving document it is clear how how much do we did how much was successful it's one of the one of the mysteries it is something to keep in mind for the rest of the pipe has to cause he pretty much always has these deals going on through his life until near the end some degree of of land fraud going on that dreaming
time billy wasn't just managing these land ill he was doing all manner of other activities sometimes living with his brother at his by above plantation sometimes heading down to new orleans and enjoying high society there could even though he was this frontiersmen he was by all accounts quite charming to an infinity and could really impressed people but an eighteen twenty four he officially move near alexandria at the centre of what's now the state of law is the anna there he became friends with two prominent families the wells and their cousins the community's even courting a keen cousin cecilia wells but the wells and acute need most of whom had political offices or political aspirations were feuding with some of the other men in town the blanchard brothers doktor thomas maddox colonel robert alexander crane and major norris right so several people
do we got wrapped up in his friends political and personal disputes and soon i heard a major right was clamouring him around town a confrontation between the two and a hotel ended with right shooting buoy in the chest and an injured buoy pummeling right to the ground which is just amazing to me when you hear stories like that people get shot and then still somehow the air with all to take themselves up an attack that he's counted furious i mean that that's how i read it and in him he really did seem like he was in the process of beating right to death and in the process of trying to unclasped the knife by the time rights friends finally pulled billy offer them the hate it took so much fourth though to pull billy off of rights that he left behind a too
in right hand the vat can i growth has to look at the third or at least i hope so they could not have uncomfortable for either no no they did there was so much obliged coming from billy because it that lost tooth not from the gunshot that rights camp assumed he was gonna go die fortunately for vous either shot was not seriously it might have not even penetrated the scan it was just a bruise any man who had a broken reb but it just shake him up i mean as you can imagine and one of the reasons why had then too slow and dried had a fumbled with his knife which was class to his belt and so according to the legend this is the point where his brother gave him this long butcher type knife that he could just where in a leather sheath instead of some kind of clasped divide something he could
really quickly take out and do some serious damage where it seems like it should be easy but is not just getting out of bed and getting your days started trying to accomplish everything you need to do in your day that to do list as a lot easier when you're getting news stories music to lift your mood and preparing for the day ahead connected to the things that make you laugh and make you think or make you want to reach out and share with a friend every morning with us it's elvis joanne in the morning show listen to us on cue one or two or anywhere in the world on the i hurt radio app hey listeners i wanted to tell you about a new podcast from my heart radio called the women whose by rose red it is fascinating and deep dive interview show where rose talks to change makers in disruptors and she finds out what really drives them so she will speech of that what was your first stand and how do you navigate success and failure and really
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billy and right would have to meet again that it took a while and plenty of other alexandria men found time to schedule their tools with him in the meantime by summer of eighteen twenty seven after a few failed or cancelled tools between various parties one finally set for september nineteenth eighteen twenty seven near notches mississippi understand bar in the river the combatants for this particular jewel would be buoys friend samuel wells and doktor thomas but each guy in addition to bringing his second and his doctor brought along a bunch of friends who were relegated watch all this go down from this area there is gonna be trouble they knew they were essentially bringing to gangs to this isolated sandbar and they didn't want the honourable dual to be interfered with so after two rounds and no hit on either side that the former friends were were satisfied with
outcome of the dual they shook hands they made up they were actually in the process of the everybody go out and celebrate their renewed friendship with a glass of wine when pham funny who is one of boots ran challenged colonel robert crane to dual than in there they had had a pre existing feud crane and said he would kill any on site so curious to try and get that over with cash that most of the guys we're that this was not the is neither the time nor the place you to be challenging get another job but it was too late because most of these guys already had guns out even though cuneo clean lowered his own gun after the challenge after realising nervousness about idea buoy had already raised his gun and when crane believe gun pointed at him here imagine kicked off this
war is essentially on onest sandbar yeah there was another shot from crane puny and he bled to death buoy and chasing crane and clobbered him on the head with an empty pistol by this point buoys arch right also gotten on action and he shot buoy through the one and this is where it gets kind of crazy where are you ready to take up a notch this point does the blanchard brothers join in two and they start aiming at billy and they hit him and the thigh which it's not the gunshot wound to the to the chest they knocked him down at this point the thigh and once these on the ground one of the blanchard brothers and right pull out their stored keynes which i had a google sword keynes too but it is the sword disguised and a king they start stabbing him and beating him with their thord cans and
somehow but we managed to forced himself up grab right he's got out his knife by this point and stabbed right through the heart with his nice thing now major die and even then after such a horrifying conclusion to this fight billy was still being stabbed by one of the blanchard before everybody just realises chaos had happened calms down a little that it took only ninety seconds for all of this to go down to but it left puny and right dad buoy was shot through the long and the thigh he'd been stabbed in seven places and was not expected to to survive but the story became national news so it wasn't long before this guy who was thus known as a shady land speculator is two legend with a reputation as a skilled knife fighter so everyone wants
i like billy's at this point and i think we know where that had we do though we should say to there not a controversy over what buoys knife actually looked like you know if you if you look up a booming i've today it is the distinctive shape with a distinctive handle but according to james l bath and who is the past presidents of the american blade psmith society quote nobody knows who the hell made it and what it looked like others all sorts of legend tied up around this this knife apparently oh you gonna days your imagination i got the idea you think it looks like it it's a long butcher knife essentially that but traditionally they have a little hooked tipp that makes it look extra scary but clearly it did some damage in and after a fight like that after all of the the shaping of these land dealings it seemed like jimbo any added some new opportunity so at this point
text this is beckoning buoy and it's no wonder because there was land to be had there and we know how he like land mexico which had gained its independence from spain nearly two decades before this had installed a constitution and each in twenty four which gave mexican states a lot of independent power over like immigration policies so unsurprisingly the more frontier combined state of texas and call a wheeler were really welcoming to settlers from the u s you just had to accept catholicism and the laws of mexico which did forbid slavery and you could be grand large amounts of grazing and farming land mary can woman and your share was even larger and they had things like deferred taxes lower prices with the frontiersmen stream essentially and end up yet billy was interested sounded like that the perfect offered
many for him in and on his first europe most of which were spent in san antonio coming side that new oil inside of fully really came out he he played up all his business interests at home made him self out to his dream like kind of a grand man and befriended some of the town leading mexican families to including the very wealthy mexican vice governor of the area one martine divert mandy he did still have all this business interests and louisa those though he he had to head home for a little that but he left for taxes for real in january eighteen thirty with his friend half its ham and by late summer he had pretty much insinuated himself into interest antonia society had really charmed everybody here he was granted mexicans kurdistan ship which was condemned on him building a mill and he also became engaged to verify andy's beautiful daughter ursula
for allowing his daughter to marry buoy very many made his future son in law compile a document of his property and assets buoy apparently lied outrage especially here made himself younger and richer than he actually was so maybe in interest of living up to this supposed wealth or maybe it was just doing get rich quick obsession he started to settle on a new scheme just a few months after his april eighteen thirty one merest ursula he wanted to and the last legendary silver minds of san father ok so this really does sound like the craziest of his he'll get rich quick schemes but also of maybe the most romantic it's not quite forging spanish document that will we gotta fill people and on the legend albert so supposedly nearly a century before this
spanish missionaries had found silver or in this area need minded they had hidden it in caves all before the comanche destroyed the mission in seventeen fifty then it was supposed to all still be there waiting for for somebody like buoy to come and find it essentially but the present minds were in very dangerous territory so not too many people interested in venturing out that way but organised a small group of men to to locate the treasure in november eighteen thirty one on the way there though boys group which included his brother reason and his friend ham met up with a small party of comanche and mexican captive and one of the comanche my new hamon and they were finally ends the two parties stopped and talked for a little bit for parting ways themes normal enough
next morning at dawn though the mexican captive came raising up to the the buoy camp all all in a fast telling them that the previous day after the two parties had parted ways the comanche group had run into a party of telephony waco and now who said they were stocking boys man and planned on killing them in and stealing their horses and supplies though the command she couldn't do much about this but they did send their captive out to warn buoy about the third group stocking him but also to advise him to take cover immediately you know even gave them advice about where a good place to go would be boy though decided he wasn't gonna do that he was close enough to feel silver in and he was gonna push ahead to involve instead it ended up being a really really
move i missed the bathroom escargot p cordiality and this is the peat and sebastian pod catches a show of beaten i talk about our personal private lives just two guys i am comedian p coralie and i really biometric pete six years ago on a bus in toronto ass terrible iheart radio is number one for podcast zeno purpose man that you go like the step by step might have doesn't say anywhere i do in the highest pitch voice you have as fast as you can see there's other podcast out there that you probably listening to or watching listening i'm telling you right now this
he's comedy gold i was taken to show to listen to the page sebastian show on the eye heart radio app apple pie care or wherever you get your pipe half an hour we have some exciting me yeah i am wildly excited and people will have another opportunity to watch we cry at art yeah you set out its so called at its though not a calm situation at all our trip to paris last year was really successful so we're doing another similar trip this year but this time to rome and florence its may fourteen through twenty first twenty twenty and like last time it is with a company
defined destinations who is planning out this ultra for us yeah and during that week long trip we are gonna see some of the great art that we have talked about on the show many times including miguel angelos david we are going to go to tuscany we're gonna visit saint petersburg silica we are going to the sistine chapel so it's going to be a fantastic trip even get the whole list of places that we are going and information about looking at defined destinations dot com scroll down to the roman foreign strip of stuffy missed in history class or come over to our so media we have posts about it there too so the next morning the large party of native americans approach reason at this point attempt two parlay in their own language before the cattle can't shooting and with the cattle were hoping to kill the small group of man and they probably would have succeeded they probably
of quickly swarms them had we not spotted achieve by noticed in his buffalo horns so hand shot at the chief and unhorsed him the chief to the ground and was soon shot dead there and this unnerved and disturbed the war party enough to give the billy party time to dig in there was heavy fighting that went on for hours and by late afternoon the native americans had set fire to burn out louise man but they only used to collect their own dead and wounded ultimately about fifty of the native american warriors had been killed only one man of third party had been shot dead even though every single guy had been hit either by an arrow or by a bullet and only six of them were well enough to care for the others though if still looked pretty bleak for them even though they had survived this attack
lack of their animals were wounded to and they were stack far from far from home and nowhere to go so it took a whole week fair for them to recover for the animals to recover enough to head back to san antonio where of course from the comanche about this war party had also gotten back everybody in thin and including buoys wife ursula head not for dead so meanwhile well billy had been establishing himself and nearly getting killed the process in texas situation in the rest of mexico was changing the same that though we had moved mexico's president closed the borders of texas to you citizens but not europeans he was afraid that americans were flooding the state he was also trying to start collecting cuts many texans were not okay with these new rules and limitations nor were some tejano or hispanic texans during this term there
our group of men a mexican colonel and his army who had been sent in to disarm the region inability had i have good practice may this point with with bluffing a larger group of men he also have this father in law governor of air mandy relocate the texas and co wheeler capital away from central its territory but voice relationship with provinces and most of the taxi and supported general antonio lopez descend to anna who led the federalist in this resolution and buddhists man of action of course backed up his support and action oh he was able to block with just a very small group of men a mexican colonel and his army who had been sent in to disarm the region inability to have good practice by this point with with bluffing a larger the man he also have this father in law governor of air mandy relocate the texas and coahuila capital away from central its territory but
ways relationship with the very man was unfortunately about to end tragically programme that is part of food laurie while he was away on business and natchez he caught malaria he almost died of workers will all of that he didn't get word though until november eighteen thirty two that while he had been sick his wife chow old mother in law and father in law had all died of cholera two months earlier had ass though he was devastated by this late news rushed back to san antonio but no real family ties more in texas meanwhile mexico's political situation was getting even crazier than led an insurrection against the president and switched government ideals from federalists to centralists the situation in texas because
even more and that old with them taxi and still wanting to be a part of mexico but fighting to restore some of the old more liberal ways others wanted taxes to become its own republic with its own laws including legal i slavery buoy was in the latter camp so it all of these different goals different people trying to accomplish everything's a skirmish between maxine troops sent in to taxpayers and some of these rebels finally kicked off the texas revelation i october second eighteen thirty five
fall the taxi and also laid siege to san antonio and after that after the success there a lot of the revolutionaries thought that maybe the fight was over and one they went home to their their farms there ranches but fail to anna back in mexico proper was busy building up a massive army to fight both the taxi and end the opposing towners ultimately be small texans garrison that included buoy colonel travis and folk euro davy crockett bless them to harness women and children wound up at old mission settlement and ford called the alamo kenneth and jane did an earlier absurd on the battle of the alamo they went into a lot more details both about the political situation leading up to it and the fight but from billy's perspective it was
and if a boss you know he was the renowned fighter he was somebody who as i mentioned a minute get a minute ago had really thrived in underdog situations he was really stick of lake death bed sack on us maybe with typhoid maybe pneumonia tuberculosis service was not his momentum to fight even though was with these men who are willing to take a stand here so by the time santa anna and has vastly superior forces laid siege to the alamo buoy was in bed after thirteen days the mexican storm the old church slash fort on march sixty eighteen thirty six the fighting inside was particularly gruesome was very close quarters buoy was killed inside along with the rest of the garrison and this defeat inspired other taxes forces ever and when general sam houston met with anna larger forces six weeks later the tax havens called quote remember the alamo philanthropy
the very fact of marrying again and apparently brought their booty knives to battle with them ready to fight again in close quarters of course victory that battle eventually led to texas dependence and of course the alamo legacy has shifted a lot in the intervening years yourself so many articles on this just trying to look at the alamo from different angles and one of the biggest shifts came in the nineteen fifty is when all of this very crockett jimbo a sort of pop culture picking up instead of preventing the story of the alamo as the complete last stand by anglo texans only the narrative really shifted to include more the role of the eu to honour to in the defence that started to be emphasised more others come he lost his day it might be a little overemphasized people are trying to play that too much since there are also as many black americans president as there were ten on us by
rather the battle and while the discussion about it continued to be about freedom and liberties were new elements they came in to and grab racial elements that sort of thing it became a more complicated complicated story really meanwhile the heroes of the alamo became these pop culture sensations a wild west article by paul andrew hutton calls davy crockett the first baby boomers fat i mean i can see that it s a bit but fifty years which we started the upset by talking about kids in and cannot yet an engine billy plays into that too i imagine polyglot occurred during that time pretended to be these frontiers man but a fun factor closed all this out on this absurd that has included gruesome nay fight than the tooth
hand in the bloody battles the alamo david bowe we actually chose his name for both the knife and the man frozen our pronunciation ranch again for certain david bowe but it does make sense to david bowe would have been a child of the fifties and i couldn't i could see the the appeal especially for there are no somebody who's trying to make a career to in the united states to choose this all american have frontiersmen for for his stage name that's true i wonder what he would think of some of the shady all sides these personality it it adds to the cashier homer so ok then now we ve gotten this full circle from buoy to barely a gateway ready to get real with him
man i think about it it is less than their male the planet and my first lister mail from three turn out we ve gotten such a stack of postcards then and i did one with christian recently there was from a listener who had sent her cards all over her family strictest after coda that would have been one that would maybe kind of make friends with this but we ve got a few other theories and we should just get a shot out to those people christina the travelling one has sent his postcards from all over the world from strain in samara really the travelling when it's a good name for also kyle with our kyle his centre these really pretty puts a lot of them have been illustration of places for a law nor austria like he's had a great trip there in eighteen oh out of sight than
especially like this one of berlin from eighteen twenty eight it more historic looking men historical looking than a lot of the proposed earthly get it's pretty cool but one special one dimension in this is not just a postcard it's a three d model no i don't i urgently enemy we should get our scissors after this it's from listener colleen and it is up he s memorial ha which it in taiwan and i don't know if i have the motor scaled down all the more we should attempt at a small may wish to leave it in tat personal ruin the now that's true in the courts in the back though maybe i'll take a picture of it and put it on his back inside that seems like the better plan you can have liked defining it's boring
i have a lot to catch up on both where i just sort of skimmed through the listener male emails we'll have to go back and sort of red through those especially the suggestion because i saw there are some gray whiskers suggestions why was gone and the postcards yard was written letters in the latter case you gonna stop animal to we also need to think era in northern ireland yes she sent me a cool weeny baby sort of a momentum from london olympics eric and make friends with a little
london guard flash weeny baby lash hello kitty it is apparently in her look you along with the elephant that you gave her i thought it was it was kind of history appropriate right himself he also gave her the e3 bears out for my book joy so gets the bound and lots of fun postcards and will be definitely getting back to listener melchior now that the billina has returned i felt funny including emails and things an uncommon my guest afterwards by now that you're back we will be reading messages again on his shirt all right i swear history podcast discovery dotcom were also in twitter written history let it knew you had your own pattern i almost david
german daily costume as a kid who crockett a cracker or another david bowe h sure why not let us now and we'd love to see pictures of that year and if you want to learn a little bit more about some of the topics we talked about on today's high costs we haven't article called why do we remember the alamo on our website and you can add up by visiting our homepage debate of either we don't have the words dot com naughty but nice with rob shooter every monday three thursday i'll be joined by some of my fellow gossip porters and maybe even a celebrity or two to serve up
i love sports and i love my wife i will destroy you we haven't even started yet if you're the tape a fan who loves to debate jordan versus leubronn lambeau verses soldier field or even the fan lot verses major league you will love listening to our podcast the greatest we are some of our favorite comedian friends celebrities to come and constructively argue everything within the world of sport with my comedian and sports frenetic life megan gaily and my hilarious writer and comedian husband fiji tell it on our so listen follow the greatest i hurt radio apple pie curse or wherever you listen to point how old bunnies mrs ard marine you may know me from chelsea lately or as regina sinclair on insatiable i want to tell you but my comedy podcast will you accept this rose which is new to the eye heart radio podcast network we re cap every season at the bachelor franchise including the bachelor the bachelor at an bachelor in paradise we bring in bachelors too
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